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Cartagena News - December 2014

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  • MC: "Two Pilar Barreiro reports confirm that violates the law in his role as president of the Municipal Council" (31/12/2014)

  • Tips New Year's Eve celebrations 2014 (31/12/2014)

  • Solidarity Christmas in the Risen Jesus (30/12/2014)

  • Peppa Pig, Carlos Latre and SORM niche in programming 2015 El Batel (30/12/2014)
    The Municipal Auditorium has already prepared many of the activities that go through your scenario over the next year
  • Associations Cartagena Over sixty gifts given away with elders (30/12/2014)
    Residents of nursing Sisters of the Poor were visited by representatives of 27 clubs.
  • Jose Luis Romero declared candidate for mayor of Cartagena Cartagena Izquierda Unida-Green (30/12/2014)

  • Magic, great protagonist of the Christmas activities (30/12/2014)
    Various measures enlivened the last weekend through different streets of Cartagena
  • Full Decentralization program asphalting of 45 streets in neighborhoods (30/12/2014)
    A failure to complete the work being carried out in the valley and Canteras, the rest have been completed and look restarted avenues
  • MC force the council to clean the Moorish Castle (30/12/2014)
    The cartagenera political formation just received notice from the Directorate General of Cultural Property (DGBC) reporting that following his complaint, the City has proceeded with cleaning the BIC
  • Illusion Mountains to crown its summit with hundreds of toys (29/12/2014)
    Companies, organizations and individuals have taken this morning the administrative building toys to contribute their bit to the municipal campaign that ends today
  • The arrival of the coldest day campaign reactive council to help homeless (29/12/2014)
    Like any other day of winter, Social Care volunteers roam the streets of Cartagena to shelter and shelter for those homeless who need
  • Top Christmas window displays of the city and have their recognition (29/12/2014)

  • The Governing Board approved grants worth 13,000 euros (29/12/2014)
    Included in the budget for 2014, shall be allocated among the Piñana Antonio Peña Flamenca, the grouping of à "muscle and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Green light for the modification of the regulations for the tax freeze and lowering rates (29/12/2014)

  • The piano, protagonist of extraordinary concert between strings and brass (29/12/2014)

  • Application period opens for installing bars on the beach (29/12/2014)

  • Emergency Services Tallante target to meet after suffering an unconscious motorcyclist accident (27/12/2014)

  • Touch Tour Dali's work at the Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena (27/12/2014)
    The activity has been designed especially for people with visual or hearing impairment, although it is open to everyone, and will allow participants to touch and feel the work Artist
  • The Tin Soldier completes the Christmas program of Nuevo Teatro Circo (26/12/2014)
    Adaptation Christian Andersen tale will be starring on December 27.
  • Repsol Racing Tour comes to Cartagena (26/12/2014)

  • The municipal campaign to collect toys enters its final stretch (26/12/2014)
    Companies, organizations and individuals take their toys on Monday to complete the mountain that has been growing in the administrative building on Calle San Miguel
  • Small Moma the first prize in the Windows of Christmas takes (26/12/2014)
    Of the 43 businesses that organized the city of Cartagena contest were presented, has chosen twenty showcases, among which will be chosen first, second and third award, and four runners
  • "The wave of vandalism in the Mediterranean urbanization extends to the New Cartagena" (26/12/2014)
    SPCT requires greater police presence in both neighborhoods
  • The Christmas Card Contest SER has already winners (26/12/2014)
    surrendered Tuesday at the Plaza de San Francisco prizes fifteenth edition of the competition, which organizes every Christmas Radio Cartagena collaboration with the council
  • MC says Pilar Barreiro has shielded Hidrogea (26/12/2014)

  • The Punic Wall unveiled the secrets of Archeoastronomy in Cartagena (26/12/2014)
    On Monday the conference organized by Puerto de Culturas, where they were released the results of studies on the influence of the stars in the construction of temples held in antiquity
  • The Cartagena Andrés Lledo and Patricia Llaguno shone in Sports Gala (26/12/2014)
    Lledo to overcome the challenge of four Desert and Llaguno sporting merit in paddle along this year, were honored Monday at the Awards Sports Merit in the region
  • IMPLICA2 shows the principles of international development cooperation (26/12/2014)

  • The jury of the windows preselected to 20 properties for final (26/12/2014)
    Of the 43 businesses that organized the city of Cartagena contest were presented, has chosen twenty showcases, among which will be chosen first, second and third award, and four runners
  • Culture proposes for this Christmas a family tour of contemporary art and the Cartagena early twentieth century (25/12/2014)
    Regional Museum of Modern Art organizes guided to the sample paths Modern Times visits.
  • MC opposes the process of bureaucratization p (24/12/2014)
    or respond to exclusive electoral interests of the Popular Party and have been approved by restricting the rights of workers and legal compliance
  • Students UPCT donate a hundred toys (23/12/2014)

  • The First Festival of Wshu triumphed in Cartagena (23/12/2014)
    The martial arts event held Sunday in Hall Cabezo Beaza and attended a hundred children aged 3 to 15 years
  • The Plenary Council shows its support for the cleaning of Defense (23/12/2014)

  • CD Algar, EF Aljorra, CD and CD Minera Dolorense, the best in the first third of the Local League (23/12/2014)
    The grassroots football championship, which last weekend held its eighth day, take a break for the holidays Christmas
  • You Approved modifying the Tax Ordinance of taxes and fees 2015 (23/12/2014)
    Meets Tuesday, first thing in the morning, in the administrative building on Calle San Miguel
  • "The PP again demonstrates its total disregard for the problems of unemployment, corruption and collapses in the Santa Lucia hospital" (23/12/2014)
    The municipal government team has refused to take action against such evils as well as solve other problems such as the accumulation of garbage in the Old Town, according to IU-green
  • Fifty shops participating in the fourth Christmas Shop Window Competition (23/12/2014)
    Shortlisted will on Thursday 25th and winners on the 26th, still delivering prizes on Monday December 29, 2014
  • The UPCT bonus of Lycar buses and can be used on weekends and exam period (23/12/2014)

  • A thesis UPCT calculates the distance between solar panels and covers that optimizes performance (23/12/2014)
    Separation and use of insulation gets cool the photovoltaic modules and improve production in the hottest months
  • Cartagena CFA Pretorianos this weekend moves to Swedish (Valencia) (22/12/2014)
    to dispute the second day of league
  • Full consider the appointment of Juan Carrion as Adopted Son of the city (22/12/2014)
    The corporation holds regular meeting on Tuesday, where thirty initiatives of local groups will also be discussed
  • Origami for Children in Luzzy Cultural Center Ramón Alonso (22/12/2014)
    Three specialists in this field teach the course on Tuesday from 11 am
  • Christmas 2014 is already in the streets of Cartagena (22/12/2014)
    Over the weekend there were several different activities in the Plaza de San Francisco and Heroes of Cavite, of which Cartagena have been enjoying family
  • 2015 Municipal budgets come forward in full (22/12/2014)
    After discussion today of the municipal corporation, the project presented by the government team has been initially approved lucky to have not run the amendments tabled by the opposition groups
  • Adopted the public job of the council in 2014 (22/12/2014)
    This decision, taken with the support of unions and approved today junta, is reaching 10 percent effective replacement, resulting in four places
  • IU-Green thanked the Councillor of Finance sincerity (22/12/2014)
    "recognizing that the PP has squandered during his tenure"
  • The City will subsidize the costs schoolbooks in need (22/12/2014)
    In total 47,000 euros will be allocated to meet the demands of 27 schools in the municipality, as approved today junta
  • The senior tourism returns to land this year on our beaches (22/12/2014)

  • A professor UPCT coordinates reference guide to build structural concrete in Spain (22/12/2014)

  • SPCT: "Barreiro hides the other historic and leave the more depressed area without Christmas lights" (20/12/2014)
    "Trade axis Merganser-Gisbert municipal support needed to survive"
  • IU-green presents partial amendments to the budget (20/12/2014)
    to make them truly social, supportive, egalitarian, participatory and create jobs
  • Department of Women opens the registration period for the English course and workshop Painting Textile (19/12/2014)
    Cycles, organized by the Department of Women, starting in January and those interested can register from Monday 22 December at 9 hours
  • The inflatable Dinopark again to delight the little ones this Christmas (19/12/2014)

  • Employment Adjustment Plan Tourism and consolidate the economic model of the city (19/12/2014)

  • The mayor wears his best wishes for Christmas to children and the elderly (19/12/2014)
    As is tradition at this time, Pilar Barreiro has visited the nursing home and small of the Creche
  • The Community and the UPCT collaborate on a project on efficient use of irrigation water (19/12/2014)

  • Convention UPCT to start the project Scholarship Job Placement (19/12/2014)

  • Christmas also reaches Municipal Archaeological Museum (19/12/2014)
    Activities designed are free and open access, except for children's workshops that require registration.
  • Older ended the quarter hiking program with a path Belenes (19/12/2014)
    Participants in this activity organized by the Department of Social Services visited the birth of the church of San Fulgencio, the Military Arsenal, the church of Santa Lucia and the Plaza San Francisco
  • "Marjaliza, head of the Punic, the company sold homes Puerta Nueva SA, which Barreiro was counselor" (19/12/2014)
    SPCT asks the PP to require Barreiro as well as to Thomas Gomez, resignation
  • Joaquín Reyes presents Que Me Aspen in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (19/12/2014)
    are still on sale last seats for the show of humor, which opens this Saturday at Cartagena
  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena approves the lowest budgets the last ten years (19/12/2014)
    The Social Council confirms the accounts UPCT 2015, 22% lower than in 2010
  • Solidarity Day with Alzheimer's patients in the Cathedral (19/12/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor participate in activities organized by the Cultural Association for Saturday December 20 at around Teatro Romano
  • IU-green open nomination process to the primary for mayor of Cartagena (19/12/2014)

  • On Monday municipal budgets are discussed (19/12/2014)
    Cartagena City Council will hold a special meeting at the Palace Hall
  • IU-Green asked to avoid the bad image of the old town which gives the accumulation of garbage (19/12/2014)

  • Rotary Club Cartagena Teatro Romano befriends honor of the Roman Theatre of Cartagena (19/12/2014)

  • IU-Green is interested in the fate of the proceeds from the parking Calblanque (19/12/2014)

  • Rosa Montero shared views with the members of the workshop Literary Corner (19/12/2014)
    The writer, who was in Cartagena participating in the meetings of Mandarache Award, attended Tuesday's close of reading workshop organized by Social Care
  • Mil entries spread through ADE (18/12/2014)

  • Display the reality of immigrants promotes intercultural coexistence (18/12/2014)

  • The dinopark free inflatable opens its doors Friday (18/12/2014)
    Councillor for celebrations held at noon the symbolic opening of the enclosure installed in Heroes Square Cavite
  • The Risen Guild of NP engines for partnership prepares food collection (18/12/2014)

  • The Town Hall became the seat of donating blood for a day (18/12/2014)
    This morning started the seventh edition of this event organized by the City of Cartagena, Cadena SER and the Regional Blood Donation Center
  • On Friday begins ticket sales for Competition Chirigotas (18/12/2014)
    Tickets can be purchased at the desk of El Batel and through internet
  • Christmas activities for children and adults in the Archaeological Museum (18/12/2014)
    carol concerts, painting workshops and displays of the history of Cartagena in comic, makes up the offer for the holidays
  • The dean of the San Wildlife in the Region turns 33 (18/12/2014)

  • Route Stew Granny in Los Belones for Christmas (18/12/2014)

  • The Plastics Romero, visiting centers that participated in the MacroADE football (18/12/2014)
    A representation of the equipment was yesterday in three of the centers participating in the sports event held in November, included in the program organized by the municipality Cartagena
  • Rotary Club befriends honor of the Roman Theatre Museum (18/12/2014)
    The institution hosting the program designed to promote social responsibility of organizations, companies and individuals in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage
  • Agricultural presents 2014 wine harvest Thomas Ferro (18/12/2014)

  • IU-green qualifies the general budgets of 2015 as "useless, unfair, unbalanced and autistic" (18/12/2014)

  • The Minister of Public Works meets the Rector and headteachers (18/12/2014)

  • Madrid, Barcelona and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I Contest winners pastry with Carob flour (18/12/2014)
    Alumni hotel schools in these cities convinced of the qualities of their desserts in a very tight final
  • Archery breaks records in Cartagena (18/12/2014)
    The Fourth Roll Hall Regional League and National Postal Third was held at the Pavilion Jiménez de la Espada last Sunday 14. Collaborates the Department of Sports City of Cartagena
  • The miser Scrooge and Planetarium open Christmas in the Punic Wall (18/12/2014)
    Port of Cultures program during the weekend of Christmas activities for the whole family
  • The school of aljorra is not a priority for the government barreiro, parties if (18/12/2014)
    SPCT requires the municipal government to spend money grounds to seek a plot of 12,000 meters for college
  • Knowing the reality of immigrants improves coexistence (18/12/2014)
    This morning an institutional event will be held in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Cartagena in a manifesto read to commemorate Migrants Day
  • PSOE, IU and MC against budgets 2015 (17/12/2014)

  • The UCAM will expand its facilities in Los Dolores with new buildings (17/12/2014)
    The Planning Commission reported favorably the specific modification of PCMOU as it affects the classification of the land while maintaining its current buildable
  • The Cloister asks the Community UPCT the multi-year funding announced (17/12/2014)
    The highest representative body demands a more in line with the teaching and research needed to boost the financial horizon is defined Region
  • Rosa Montero and Clara Sanchez again become protagonists of Mandarache Project (17/12/2014)
    The meeting is the second to be produced in this initiative promoted by the tenth anniversary of the award.
  • Poetry stars in the encounter of diverse women through letters (17/12/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor attended Wednesday the activity takes place in the School of Agricultural and is included in the program of events with which the Day is commemorated Migrants
  • Autonomous Region Development and ally with the City Council to regenerate the windlass and Montesacro (17/12/2014)
    The three governments have signed an agreement this afternoon entail investment of 7.1 million euros for the construction and rehabilitation of buildings in these areas of Casco Historic
  • MC asked at the next plenary reopening the headquarters of the Local Police of Los Dolores (17/12/2014)
    The petition is motivated to increased insecurity in the Cartagena neighborhood, as evidenced by the recent robbery in the Social Local
  • IU-Green calls for full municipal show their revulsion at the situation prevailing in the Santa Lucia Hospital (17/12/2014)

  • The Cuarentuna of Cartagena shows its solidarity for the needy side on these special days (17/12/2014)
    The cuarentuna offer this holiday season two concerts to raise funds to benefit the Hospital Santa Teresa and Nursing Home
  • Toys for tickets to see the football game between Cartagena and Jumilla (17/12/2014)

  • The rain failed to R Back to Cartagena for Solidarity (17/12/2014)
    About two hundred people participated in Sunday's event organized by Primi Sport, with the assistance of the City, to benefit Red Cross
  • "Urbanizar Cala Reona is Calblanque, which Novo Carthago is to Lo Poyo" (17/12/2014)
    SPCT complaint "PP's attempt to leave everything buttoned up about losing in May"
  • Woman closing the course Pastry Chef devoted to Christmas (17/12/2014)
    The students of the workshop, which began a month ago, Thursday decorate Christmas sweets table as an end to this activity organized by the council
  • Fifty children enjoy a visit to Bethlehem in the Plaza San Francisco (16/12/2014)
    ​​ Attendees school children are from San Isidoro and Santa Florentina and have been able to have the explanation of Bethlehem at the hands of Juan Jose Quiros
  • Social Care distributes shelter and shelter in the winter nights (16/12/2014)
    With the collaboration of local police, Red Cross, ACCEM, Caritas Hospital Santa Teresa and La Huertecica
  • Meeting of various women through letters (16/12/2014)
    The activity takes place on Wednesday at the School of Agronomy in the activities of immigrants
  • The Hole apparent celebration and fun in El Batel (16/12/2014)
    The popular work come to Cartagena on January 28 and will run until February 1, 2015. The Quequé monologuista be the Master of Ceremonies
  • Brushstrokes at maturity, new exhibition of Chest Experience (16/12/2014)
    Various paintings were created by students of the workshop during the last year
  • Tourism Growing meetings in Cartagena (16/12/2014)
    More than 8,000 people attended the 58 conferences and business meetings held in 2014 in Cartagena.
  • The EF and EF San Ginés Dolorense 82 A, leaders in the junior category of the local league (16/12/2014)

  • The local police arrested a drunk driver driving in the contradirección (16/12/2014)
    The implied ignored instructions from agents and provoked a chase through various city streets
  • Water cut in the neighborhood of Los Dolores (16/12/2014)
    Hidrogea reported Thursday that the water supply is interrupted on several streets, for about twelve hours, maintenance work on the street Floridablanca
  • New opportunity for solidarity with the Blood Donation Marathon (16/12/2014)
    The Town Hall hosts this Thursday the seventh annual traditional event every year at this time, organize the City of Cartagena, Cadena SER and the Regional Blood Donation Center
  • Guarantee the safety of water in Cartagena (16/12/2014)
    The supply network receives ISO 22000 certification, food safety
  • SPCT: "The municipal budget for 2015 condemns Cartagena to follow in crisis" (16/12/2014)
    "Reducing investments shows disaster management Barreiro was"
  • A draw will decide the participants of the VI Road Strengths (16/12/2014)

  • MC is committed to removing punitive City Council chambers if he trust of Cartagena (16/12/2014)
    The law firm of Cartagena political formation has produced a report which casts many shadows on the legality of this type of traffic fines and reflects there is a clear tax collection effort
  • The Chest Experience teaches cooking quince (16/12/2014)
    Seniors belonging to the project conducted a workshop last December 11 in La Palma
  • The Castañeras of Our Lady of Charity visited the Hermanistas Poor (16/12/2014)
    The elders of the residence were treated to traditional roasted chestnuts and flowers, wedding
  • Alfonso Martínez Barbero and Torre Nazareth received their awards Voluntary Commitment (16/12/2014)
    The Mayoress gave them their awards at a ceremony in the Hall of CAM, in commemoration of the International Day of Volunteering
  • The Christmas spirit pervades the workshops of Leisure (16/12/2014)
    Children between seven and ten years engaged in different activities workshops end this year with a Feast of Friendship
  • IU-Green calls for 44 broken streetlights placed again in the so-called Pearl District Greenway (16/12/2014)
    Only 28 streetlights serving in the space of leisure, which are also important gaps in bins
  • Six hotel schools compete for the best pastry flour, carob (16/12/2014)
    The final will be held on Wednesday and can be seen live on the Internet.
  • IU-Green is interested in the conversion of the Plaza de San Francisco "in a place for leisure but not business made by the PP" (16/12/2014)

  • The UPCT is provided with a code of ethics and Transparency Portal (16/12/2014)
    The Governing Council approves values ​​such as commitment, dialogue, honesty, respect, responsibility and partnership governing the Polytechnic
  • SPCT demands to know what has been done with the money raised in Calblanque (15/12/2014)
    "You need to know the inventory of works and the ratio of winners"
  • José Luis Carbonell, new colonel Artillery Regiment 73 (15/12/2014)
    The mayor of Cartagena has received the incoming and outgoing barracks Tentegorra colonels
  • Rosa Montero and Clara Sanchez inaugurated the tenth anniversary of Mandarache Award (15/12/2014)
    The two award winning authors will talk with readers in Cartagena on 16 and 17 December
  • The FAVCC moved their concerns to the mayor (15/12/2014)
    Barreiro has received the new president of the Federation of Residents, Cristina Roca today
  • The Rhythm Club Carthago walks his victory mayor (15/12/2014)
    The mayor of Cartagena has received the team was proclaimed champion Spain last November
  • The Patchwork took note of decorative Christmas in Cartagena (15/12/2014)
    About two hundred people participated in Saturday's Second National Meeting held in the Pavilion Jiménez de la Espada throughout a festive day full of art
  • Alfonso Martínez Barbero and Torre Nazareth today receive their awards Voluntary Commitment (15/12/2014)
    The awards were granted to them by the Department of Social Services coinciding with the celebration of the World Day of volunteering
  • The I Carthago MTB Challenge takes the podium at the local athlete Ismael Sanchez (15/12/2014)
    On the mountain bike event, which this weekend was held, Anna Ramirez was the first, in the female category, to cross the finish line
  • The classic motorcycles roared at the Circuit de Cartagena (15/12/2014)
    Yamahas, Bultacos and ossas manufactured before 72 tested disputed two races on Saturday 13
  • The diversity focuses celebrating International Migrants Day (15/12/2014)

  • The stability and budgetary austerity allow you to make investments without raising taxes or increasing debt (15/12/2014)
    The draft municipal budget for 2015 amounted to 190.8 million euros
  • The National Police arrested six people for crimes related to prostitution and drug trafficking in a club hostess Cartagena (15/12/2014)
    The police operation was possible thanks to the cooperation of citizens through trata@policia.es mail
  • The biopic designer Yves Saint Laurent, in the cycle Cinema Returns to Center (15/12/2014)
    The movie is projected on Tuesday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena.
  • Haydn and Mozart concert will star the Extraordinary between strings and brass (15/12/2014)
    The Youth Council and the Conservatory of Music organized in collaboration with Repsol, this event is celebrated on December 30 at the Auditorium The Batel.
  • "II-Green shows how untrue PP councilors in the town meetings" (15/12/2014)

  • The chairs of Hidrogea and MTorres in UPCT selected research fellows (15/12/2014)

  • David Cervera FICC won the award for Best Short Film (15/12/2014)

  • Awarded engineer UPCT intelligent platform for student registration NFC (15/12/2014)
    The College of Telecommunications Engineers chooses the Final Project Alfonso De Gea as the best of Spain in Telematics
  • SPCT: The Politics of contract awards Barreiro is the triple "d" (13/12/2014)
    "Deficit, waste and handpick"
  • IU-Green calls for damage to roads that are causing claims against the council for years repaired (13/12/2014)

  • Meeting between counselor Francisco Barnabas and President of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Cartagena (12/12/2014)

  • SPCT invites its members and supporters to primary process ahead of the municipal (12/12/2014)
    "l next January 10 will be voted in the House of the People of Source Cubas
  • SPCT raises collect garbage highly saturated shopping areas twice daily (12/12/2014)
    "Merchants historic center consider that the measure would be very positive for the image of the city"
  • The Ministry of Development and the city of Cartagena begin work to boost area of ​​logistics activities of the city (12/12/2014)
    The Minister of Development describes the project "highest level to bring the county jobs, prosperity and wealth"
  • Thousands of needy children will enjoy toys this Christmas (12/12/2014)
    The mayor of Cartagena and members of the municipal corporation attended the traditional delivery of toys in San Miguel
  • El Peral section presents a book about his origins for its 125th birthday (12/12/2014)

  • Typical sweets and gifts can be purchased at the Crafts and Christmas Shows (12/12/2014)

  • Grant to lower the bus ticket students UPCT (12/12/2014)

  • Javier Cercas returns to Cartagena to present his latest novel (12/12/2014)

  • Recital Song with Filo de los Patios in the Mare Nostrum (12/12/2014)
    be held on Saturday organized by Peña Flamenca Cartagena
  • MC publicly denounces the ineptitude of those responsible for Urbanism in the city of Cartagena (12/12/2014)
    The cartagenera political party proves that this council has restricted public attention 4 hours a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 12-14 hours, which users seems totally inadequate
  • The AVE, the expansion of the Port and Rehabilitation Center, focus the interview between the Mayor and the Minister of Public Works (12/12/2014)
    Barreiro emphasizes the harmony and knowledge of Barnabas affairs
  • Dinner Gala for the X Anniversary of Club Deportivo Primi Sport (12/12/2014)

  • UPyD Cartagena City Council requests the contracts of former headman of La Puebla investigation (12/12/2014)

  • Alfonso Martínez Barbero and Torre Nazareth receive their awards on Monday Voluntary Commitment (12/12/2014)
    The awards were granted to them by the Department of Social Services coinciding with the celebration of the World Day of volunteering
  • The Albujón, Miranda and Las Lomas pareparan their holidays (12/12/2014)

  • It's Christmas Day Centres in El Algar and Los Dolores (12/12/2014)
    The older of the two centers received yesterday Thursday carols Councilman Social Care, who visited them to congratulate the holidays
  • Back Saturnalia to celebrate Christmas in a special way in the Roman Theatre in Cartagena (12/12/2014)
    Consist of family visits in which they learn how the Romans celebrated the festival of Saturnalia, coincident in time with the current Christmas
  • Diversity in Cartagena celebrates International Migrants Day (12/12/2014)

  • On Saturday Patchwork II National Meeting dedicated to Christmas is celebrated (12/12/2014)

  • The Ministry of Public Works boost urban regeneration of historic Cartagena (11/12/2014)
    The counselor Francisco Barnabas meets with President of the Chamber of Commerce to show its commitment to projects such as the AVE
  • "No resigns incompatibility does not pay because" (11/12/2014)
    According SPCT, "the resignation of President de La Ouebla hides an internal struggle for control of the PP in Cartagena"
  • Full Christmas activities slum Virgin of Charity (11/12/2014)

  • Our elders walk through the history of Cartagena (11/12/2014)

  • Comsolament Ensemble Concert, Music, the language of divinity (11/12/2014)
    In charge of the Association for the Study of Cathar Culture, will be held on Friday at the Youth Resource Centre
  • Opening of the Artisan Show and Christmas in the Plaza de José María Artés (11/12/2014)
    The official opening of the 16 houses that make up will take place on Friday at 13.30 hours
  • The works Players and Name arrive in 2015 at Nuevo Teatro Circo (11/12/2014)
    Actors size Ginés García Millán, Miguel Rellán, Amparo Larrañaga and Kira Miró rise to Cartagena scenario within the programming that has prepared the Department of Culture
  • Swedish and Turkish students visit the Palace Hall (11/12/2014)

  • A new cityscape emerging across the northern access to the city (11/12/2014)

  • Premiere of musical storytelling John the Fearless, on the ice (11/12/2014)
    The Loft Theatre Company cartagenera versionará Sunday the classic tale of the Brothers Grimmm within the Christmas program of the Department of Celebration
  • Case president of the Neighborhood Council of La Puebla (11/12/2014)
    IU-Green asks the PP to allow a commission of inquiry chaired by the opposition
  • The Navy opens its collection points for the campaign No Child without toys (11/12/2014)

  • IU-Green allegation that the city belittles the representatives of workers (11/12/2014)

  • ... (11/12/2014)

  • SPCT: "The board of local government is partly responsible for contracts awarded president director" (10/12/2014)
    "Mr. Cabezos today gives at least surreal explanation for contracts awarded by the City to the President of the neighborhood de la Puebla "
  • Cartagena Pretorianos CFA starts this weekend's national competition at home (10/12/2014)
    Y against one of the most soggy Eastern Conference teams
  • MC at the next plenary prompted the creation of a Commission of Inquiry on Contracts for the Neighborhood Councils (10/12/2014)

  • Javier Cercas returns to Cartagena in the X Anniversary Prize Mandarache (10/12/2014)
    The writer, winner of last year, will present his latest novel, i>The Impostor,/i> 600 readers at the meeting i>Lying Truth/i>
  • The mayor stated in Valladolid heritage and urban experiences of Cartagena (10/12/2014)
    Barreiro has been invited by the organization to participate in the meeting "Spanish Future" organized by the El Norte de Castilla and the Development Bank of Latin America.
  • José Luis Romero confirmed his candidacy for the primary IU-green to head the list for the municipality of Cartagena (10/12/2014)

  • The origins and urban transformation of Barrio de Peral in a book (10/12/2014)
    Friday presented at the Museum of Military commemorative publication of the 125th anniversary of the neighborhood, designed by Javier Olmos
  • The chestnuts of the Virgin of Charity slum return for Christmas (10/12/2014)
    As usual at this time have distributed chestnuts and performed songs in schools and senior centers to bring the spirit of the holidays
  • The Table Tennis approaches à PICES in Cartagena (10/12/2014)
    UCAM CARTAGENA team players making a demonstration of Table Tennis to members of à PICES through ADE (Approach Sport à ‰ lite) program
  • The classic bikes will be tested at the Circuit of Speed (10/12/2014)

  • For a long sweet Christmas (10/12/2014)
    A hundred elderly people have participated in the workshops of traditional pastries for the holidays organized by the Department of Social Care
  • MC may attend the regional and national elections joined ICSC (10/12/2014)
    According to Councilman José López, "only from below, from the municipalismo can regenerate democracy"
  • The National Competition finalists will Saetas voice to marrajas processions (10/12/2014)

  • The International Kolping Foundation seeks to train 25 youth in Germany (10/12/2014)
    Selected Práticas made for three years paid in the hospitality industry and cuis.
  • Fifteen unemployed have participated in the Barrios-ADLE and Occupational Workshops Programs (09/12/2014)
    Both programs consist of 15 unemployed students over 30 years experience in the construction industry
  • The Club Martial Arts emerged triumphant Cartagena National Hapkido (09/12/2014)
    The Cartagena team won several gold medals for the Championship of Spain of this modality that Sunday was held in Alicante
  • Cartagena celebrates her I Vuelta for Solidarity for Red Cross (09/12/2014)

  • For the first time father and daughter will represent Don Carnal and Doña Lent (09/12/2014)

  • "St. Lucia is abandoned by the municipal government of the PP" (09/12/2014)
    SPCT demands the implementation of a comprehensive plan for depressed workers' quarters
  • Jaime Cayetano Molto not be submitted to the primary IU-green in Cartagena (09/12/2014)

  • IU-Greens rejects dredging the sea port of Los Urrutias (09/12/2014)
    And less aggressive alternatives proposed for the area
  • European film starring the third day of FICC / 43 (09/12/2014)

  • They patented an oven that reduces casting molds minutes for artwork (09/12/2014)
    The system developed by researchers at Cartagena and Canary saves time, energy, costs and risks and can be applied in many industries
  • New Morning young Athletics Cartagena (08/12/2014)
    The athletics track of the port city hosted the Second Day Sunday Club Championship Juvenile Murcia
  • SPCT complaint Calle Cuatro Santos takes all the bridge littered (07/12/2014)
    "It is outrageous that garbage is not collected in the heart of historic bridge in the Constitution"
  • Agreement between the Ministry, the City of Cartagena and the educational community to build the new school Aljorra (07/12/2014)
    Downtown, three educational lines and which will involve an investment next four million euros, will be built on a plot over 7,000 square meters ceded by the Consistory
  • SPCT complaint the second altercation in five days in the Mediterranean Urbanization (06/12/2014)
    "The Government Delegation and the City are still act despite complaints from neighbors and SPCT"
  • MC reporting deficiencies in the newly released `ancla' the Way roundabout Siphon, which already has been an accident (06/12/2014)
    Her small size, with the size of the anchor and a number of absurdities such as a curb ramp makes or absence of previous soundtracks, make the roundabout in danger
  • The Cartagena, Kevin Moreno, champion of Spain and the Copa del Rey Jet Sky F1 (05/12/2014)
    The Cartagena athlete has achieved a historic double in the premier class of motorboating
  • Alfonso Martínez Barbero and Torre Nazareth awards Voluntary Commitment (05/12/2014)
    The Department of Social Services has chosen these awards coincide with the celebration of World Day
  • The music will be featured in the nineteenth Charity Gala Hospitality Santa Teresa (05/12/2014)
    The ceremony will be held on Friday, December 12 at 21 am in the Auditorium The Batel of Cartagena
  • More than a thousand children participate in the School Cross (05/12/2014)
    The Circuito de Cartagena has welcomed this morning to 51 schools in the city
  • The Governing Board extended to 200,000 euros repairs in schools during Christmas (05/12/2014)
    The tasks barcarán 54 performances in 35 preschools, elementary and municipal kindergartens
  • Christmas from our elders (05/12/2014)
    Over 20 activities complete an intense December for older Cartagena
  • Carols and festive atmosphere this afternoon start of Christmas in Cartagena (05/12/2014)

  • Social Care distributes 90,000 euros between associations and healthcare institutions (05/12/2014)
    The money comes from a remnant of various programs of the Department to be employed to subsidize soup kitchens and services to the needy and disabled
  • El Mercado de Santa Florentina opens this Saturday, Constitution Day (05/12/2014)
    Monday 8 Feast of the Immaculate closed, as reported by the Department of Commerce
  • They Employ and a half million euros to repopulate Atamaría (05/12/2014)
    In the project the city of Cartagena participates with ANSE order to reforest with cypresses cartageneros areas devastated by fire two summers ago.
  • The Punic Wall discover the secrets of Archeoastronomy this Christmas (05/12/2014)
    A conference on this new science, give way to the activities that have been prepared for these smaller parties, including planetary and children's theater, from Cartagena Port of Cultures
  • IMPLICA2 and UPCT organizes a seminar on the lands of Garbancillo of Tallante (05/12/2014)
    The course is free and students UPCT participate, get free credits / ECTS
  • The visits to nursing homes completed the training of students of the ALDE (05/12/2014)
    In the activity, developed this week, fifteen students doing the specialty of geriatric care, within the Joint Employment Training Program developed by the Agency participated
  • The great mountain of toys begins the countdown (05/12/2014)
    Various collection points have already been opened, such as the Eroski, El Corte Ingles and Practiser, which were visited by the mayor of Social Services and the coordinator of the Department
  • Troops Baal Hammon act in Batel (05/12/2014)

  • Three festive groups make a donation to Caritas (04/12/2014)

  • Cartagena Firefighters learn techniques of vertical rescue (04/12/2014)
    This material have been used recently acquired for this type of intervention
  • The mayor receives the new policy ananda (04/12/2014)
    Current president of the Association, María Jesús Toledano has moved its main concerns him the first mayor
  • The racing circuit hosts a new edition of School Cross (04/12/2014)
    This Friday, beginning at 10 am, this activity included in the 2014/2015 School Program organized by the municipality will be held
  • The comedian and actor Enrique San Francisco returns to the stage of the New Theatre Circus (04/12/2014)
    This Friday will be in Cartagena Enriched with his show.
  • The project invites Rewine recycling and responsible consumption of wine (04/12/2014)

  • Hall and traders promote a contest of Christmas window (04/12/2014)
    The registration period is open until December 15th and decor of the establishment must maintain a minimum between 16 and 31 December
  • The City adapts its fleet to alternative fuels ecological (04/12/2014)

  • This Christmas Bring You Mile Cruise (04/12/2014)
    The association of traders in the Eixample area raffle a journey through the Mediterranean with the participation of all purchased at local places
  • Mountains To Illusion returns to bring toys to all the children of the town (04/12/2014)

  • Woman missing since yesterday in Pozo Strait appears alive (04/12/2014)
    A neighbor found conscious at the site of the Yerbera
  • "The council does not comply with the ordinance of solar in the plot of the future Health Center San Antón" (04/12/2014)
    SPCT requires the council to clean the valley and plot your property
  • Local Police and Civil Protection looking for a woman missing in Pozo Strait (04/12/2014)
    The tasks are coordinated by the Civil Guard and incorporated them this morning a helicopter body
  • Ski and Snowboard with the TLA in Sierra Nevada (04/12/2014)
    Youth program activities Fall closes with this tour that will take place on Sunday December 21
  • They conclude Entrepreneurship workshops for university (03/12/2014)
    Most interested students are studying Industrial Engineering, followed by students of Economics and Business and Engineering in Telecommunications
  • The traditional market of San Nicolas will again be held in La Manga (03/12/2014)
    The esplanade of Cavana host on Saturday December 6 posts artisans
  • MC clarifies the Government of Pilar Barreiro procedures has brought this term (03/12/2014)

  • The Square of Spain and the street Cabrera add to the refurbishment of the city (03/12/2014)

  • The Municipal Archive of Cartagena and offers about 450,000 digitized documents (03/12/2014)
    A notarial them sixteenth century were soon joined whose agreement was signed this morning in Murcia by Mayor
  • Start the restoration of the 28 volumes of notarial protocols Cartagena sixteenth century who have spent decades unopened (03/12/2014)
    The Community, the City of Cartagena, the UMU and Notarial College of Murcia collaborate in this work to make available to This documentary heritage society
  • El Teatro Romano reaches the highest number of visits in a year since its opening (03/12/2014)
    So far 2014 has registered more than 155,000 visitors, 12 percent more than in 2013
  • One in seven Cartagena are disabled (03/12/2014)
    The First Survey on Disability in Cartagena is a unique study at regional level and covering people with disabilities, caregivers and institutions
  • Gemeliers act in late December in El Batel (03/12/2014)
    Young Seville presented their first album, What best is venir¿, entering at number two on the charts
  • Theatre, music and activities for the whole family returned to Cartagena for Christmas (03/12/2014)

  • IU-green signals the alarm that produce the unemployment data in Cartagena (03/12/2014)
    While in the region the number of unemployed low 836 people in our city rises 440
  • SPCT launched a food bank to help working families in difficulty (03/12/2014)

  • USE win union elections at Repsol Petróleo, SA, Cartagena, obtaining 7 members of the council (03/12/2014)

  • Girl 15 years very serious after outrage in La Aljorra (02/12/2014)

  • Full declares its support to cultural diversity as a means of social integration (02/12/2014)

  • Forty higher in the workshop of Christmas sweets (02/12/2014)
    Attendees learned to make donuts and rolls Easter, who then tasted chocolate
  • The walk of Alfonso XIII will be cut tonight at nine (02/12/2014)
    Asphalt Work is continuing Avenue between Spain Square and Angel Bruna
  • The Local League Juanico remembered with a minute of silence in the playgrounds (02/12/2014)
    In the sports section, following the results produced during the day last weekend, the category females gets exciting for equality of the top finishers
  • Sandro Luna, winner of the 28th International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmar (02/12/2014)
    Prestigious poets like Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Vicente Gallego, Eloy Sanchez and Blanca Andreu have selected the poems of the Catalan writer from over 80 contestants
  • IU-green: "The PP refuses to fight corruption in Cartagena" (02/12/2014)

  • Segado November unemployment rate as a bad thing in a positive step (02/12/2014)
    Unemployment rises by 2% in November, but is 10% lower than two years ago
  • The notarial sixteenth century will be restored and digitized (02/12/2014)
    The City participates in an agreement with various entities that enable the conservation and consultation of these documents containing important information about life in the city in that epoch
  • T-LA teaches finance projects through Crowdfunding (02/12/2014)
    crowdfunding workshop will take place on Friday, December 19, from 16.30 to 20.30 in the Youth Resource Center in Cartagena
  • The Roman Theatre extends its hours and days of opening for the bridge of the Constitution (02/12/2014)
    open Sunday afternoon and Monday, up to 14 hours to allow the visit.
  • The mayor and members of the Municipal Corporation, at the funeral of Bishop Azagra (02/12/2014)
    Mass will be celebrated this evening by Bishop Lorca Planes in the Church of Santa Maria
  • MC calls for greater attention to the neighborhood of San Anton, after turning tour (02/12/2014)

  • The Regional Championship Trialbici triumphed on Sunday in Cala Cortina (01/12/2014)
    Seven people were the winners in their respective modes where more than fifty athletes enjoyed the Trialbici
  • Sport and solidarity shook hands in the eighth edition of Cartagena for Charity (01/12/2014)
    Exhibits paddle of the world champions Patty Llaguno and Eli Amatriain was the great center of attraction of the event that was held this weekend the GoOn Center Industrial Estate Cabezo Beaza
  • Today at 20 am will be closed to traffic on Paseo de Alfonso XIII for asphalting (01/12/2014)
    The cut will affect the stretch between Plaza de Spain and Juan Fernández, in the direction towards Plaza de Alicante
  • Student Employment Program-Training ALDE headquarters reported AMUSAL (01/12/2014)
    During the visit, which took place last Thursday, the legal counsel of the Association informed young people about the benefits of industrial societies at the time creating a business
  • Two Perfect Mothers in the film series of Nuevo Teatro Circo (01/12/2014)
    The movie starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright can be seen on Tuesday in two passes at 18.00 and 21.00 yhoras, with entrances to 4 and 3 euros
  • Start a new program of intercultural coexistence in the historic center (01/12/2014)
    Cartagena is one of 40 Spanish territories that will develop the ICI driven Social Project does Caixa, work through the City Council and the Foundation CEPAIM
  • Cartagena devotes its Second National Meeting of the Christmas Patchwork (01/12/2014)

  • PSOE, IU-Greens and MC calling for the creation of a commission to investigate the relationship of the council with Operation Punic (01/12/2014)

  • The UPCT opened new conference on disabilities "Game, art, entertainment and sport: the natural inclusion" (01/12/2014)

  • Open the ice with popular prices (01/12/2014)
    The Christmas attraction, hired by the City of Cartagena, this year has been installed inside a tent to save energy and raingear
  • National Radio Tuesday dedicated a special program to UPCT (01/12/2014)

  • SPCT expects the remodeling of the Plaza of Spain respects pergolas Lorenzo Ros (01/12/2014)

  • IU-Green calls the House to reach a compromise that has not been allocated in the next electoral lists May (01/12/2014)
    The offer to join the commitment is extended to those parties municipal implantanción now have no representation in the Consistory

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