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Cartagena News - November 2014

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  • SPCT reporting a new incident wounded in the Mediterranean urbanization (30/11/2014)
    "The Government Delegation and the City are still act despite complaints from neighbors and SPCT"
  • SPCT claims a new wave of robberies in the Albujón and Miranda (29/11/2014)
    "The Headquarters of the Civil Guard should increase its numbers"
  • The Litigation Division of the Superior Court of Murcia resolved the demand for protection of fundamental rights filed by the Federation of Teaching CCOO (29/11/2014)

  • "The president of the neighborhood council of La Puebla has at least 1,500,000 reasons to resign" (29/11/2014)
    SPCT requires Celdrán and Barreiro to explain the municipal contract to a member of the leadership of the PP in Cartagena
  • Culture Cartagena organized a session of short films by local filmmakers (28/11/2014)
    The Film Archive Regional projects in the Cultural Hall CAM eight films selected, with free admission until all places
  • "O Cabezos and Bernal resigns or ceases Barreiro, or who resign three" (28/11/2014)
    SPCT alleged that Deputy Mayor version has changed 3 times since the outbreak of Punic
  • Guillamón: "The team knows what to do on Sunday to return to what it was" (28/11/2014)

  • Training and orientation, the most valued of Youth Guarantee (28/11/2014)
    This morning was held in El Batel the last meeting of the Coordination Commission of this pilot project, in which the results recorded in both phases, the strengths were exposed and weak
  • Awarded the stolen cable replacement in municipal lighting installations (28/11/2014)
    The Tenders Committee has selected the offer of Electrical Installations Moon after duly justify the floor made of almost 50 percent over the type of tender
  • On Monday began asphalting the Paseo de Alfonso XIII (28/11/2014)
    The works will affect the stretch between Plaza de Spain and Juan Fernández, who first suffer restrictions and then be cut for several hours
  • The old town back to the medieval period to the market (28/11/2014)
    This weekend thirteenth edition, which opened its doors today is celebrated.
  • X Drawing Contest Dolorense-Salesians (28/11/2014)
    i>The event will bring together nearly two hundred participants held tomorrow in Los Dolores/i>
  • The children of Moreno Clavel receive the title of Adopted Son (28/11/2014)
    In an intimate ceremony at City Hall, Pilar Barreiro has given them the recognition granted to his father, who died a few days before his appointment
  • Classroom Miguel Hernández opens in the IES Ben Arabi (28/11/2014)

  • The Icue Carnival, Carlos José Pérez, the image of Carnival 2015 (28/11/2014)
    The jury has given Friday announced the winner of the poster competition, which have submitted a total of 65 papers that have been exposed in the Casino
  • The FICC starts this Saturday Filmmakers Workshop Child for a Day (28/11/2014)
    Smaller learn while playing with film and manipulate 16mm films
  • The PSOE claims the AVE to Cartagena without further delay and arrival at the current station (28/11/2014)
    Development Socialist spokesman in Congress launches submit a joint proposal asking Rajoy PNL concrete actions it has planned for the AVE Cartagena
  • 80 poems choose the XXVIII International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmar (28/11/2014)
    Organized by the Department of Culture and the People's University, the winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 2
  • IV National Conference of Labour ERIE Humanitarian Intervention (28/11/2014)
    29 and November 30 will be held in Cartagena
  • Marist Alumni throw some hoops with UPCT Basket Cartagena (28/11/2014)

  • MC calls for the cessation of the president of the Neighborhood Board Perín, Nicholas Angel Bernal and García Vargas for award of contracts to finger (28/11/2014)
    During the plenary session held yesterday at Perín, the neighbors asked Antonio Madrid to resign for his responsibility for fraudulent allotment of works of asphalt that have led to a lawsuit against him and his bosses
  • On Saturday the ice rink opens with popular prices (28/11/2014)
    The Christmas attraction, hired by the City of Cartagena, was installed this year from inside a tent to save energy and raingear
  • Cartagena held on Saturday its first Interempresas Dragon Boat (28/11/2014)
    More than twenty teams, clubs and companies will participate in this competition that brings back this form to our city
  • Our greatest While hiking Espuña (28/11/2014)
    They have done Friday with a distance of about 9 km from the Sanctuary of Santa Eulalia until Arquerías.
  • Sergio Dalma presents her new album in El Batel (28/11/2014)
    Sabadell singer held and will review the best of his 25 years on stage, acting on 5 December at the Municipal Auditorium
  • The Slum Lady of Charity is updated in new technologies (28/11/2014)
    Neighborhood Association and the Youth Council organized a workshop on basic management of computer and internet, to be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to December 18 in the clubhouse
  • IU-Green asked that the council put houses municipal property in social rental service for terminally ill persons (28/11/2014)
    has also called for the Autonomous Community implement a temporary expropriation plan, similar to that of Andalusia, to ensure the constitutional right to home
  • Symphonic music and zarzuela, protagonists in El Batel in honor of St. Cecilia (27/11/2014)
    i>Special Concert/i> is the title of the action that the Band of the Musical Union Cartagonova will tomorrow Friday at 20:30
  • Flamenco and traditions star in the first literary contest (27/11/2014)
    With a gifted prize of one thousand euros, participants will present their work until May 8th.
  • Cartagena participated in the day of social integration of immigrants in Beniaján (27/11/2014)
    The meeting took place on Saturday 22 at the Center for Art and Community Action Station
  • Abbey Road Beatles honors with entertainment for young and old (27/11/2014)
    It's the band that will play the greatest hits of this legendary group on February 7 in two concerts, one child
  • Urbanism clarifies and qualifies concepts of the new General Plan (27/11/2014)
    After more than two years in force municipal technicians have revised the text to bring its application to the overall objectives of the standard and avoid dysfunctions
  • The ESPAC teaches a course on concept mapping and CmapTools tools (27/11/2014)
    Directed cops and controls, the objective of this training is to improve the design and explanation of projects and campaigns organized by the Local Police
  • Victoria for local senior rugby team (27/11/2014)
    The first and second team managed to win last weekend, although sub females and 18 were not so lucky and fell defeated
  • Cartagena serve as a European model in diversity in the local economy (27/11/2014)
    The DELI project being developed in the city as a case will follow the other participating municipalities, as well today assured the Council of Europe experts who know these days our initiative
  • Poetry competition winners Verses and Water receive their prize on Friday (27/11/2014)
    will be from 17.30 hours in the Hall of Caja Murcia.
  • The coordination of the security forces, key to fighting abuse (27/11/2014)

  • More bars are targeted this year's Top Road El Algar (27/11/2014)
    A total of 19 establishments participating in this year's event, which will also feature more and better prizes, and is held from 5 to 14 December in the cartagenera location
  • The Band Musical Sauces celebrates its traditional concert of Santa Cecilia 2014 (27/11/2014)
    will act on Saturday 29th at 19:30 in the New Theatre Circus.
  • Appreciation mayor of Antananarivo to Cartagena for its development cooperation (27/11/2014)
    Representatives of the NGO Baobab delivered Tuesday a letter to the mayor for economic cooperation provided for the Children's House in the capital of Madagascar
  • Collection of toys Christmas campaign 2014 (27/11/2014)
    New Generations this morning the solidarity campaign to collect toys on the occasion of the upcoming holiday season
  • Flowers against gender violence in the Market in El Algar (27/11/2014)
    Implica2 Volunteer Youth program and greater Day Centre Alfonso Escámez distributed free flowers that have developed on the Day Against Gender Violence
  • MC intends to submit to the Assembly the "Mirror Doctrine" to amend the articles of the Land Law of the Region of Murcia (27/11/2014)
    must see that the condition of councilor offender will be absolute excuse
  • The cuisine sneaks into the workshop of older A walk through the history of Cartagena (27/11/2014)
    Fernando Bathrooms Thursday has been commissioned to give a talk about the cuisine of the Mar Menor, within the program organized by the Department of Social Care
  • The architect Juan Antonio Molina donates a third of his library to the UPCT (27/11/2014)

  • IU-Green also leads to the Regional Assembly its request to reverse 300.000 euros to excavate the amphitheater (27/11/2014)
    At the request of the Municipal Group of the formation of the left, the regional deputy José Antonio Pujante defend an amendment to the Budget of the Autonomous Community for such investment is made
  • BirraSeries in FICC / 43 (27/11/2014)
    This Friday, the parallel activities within the festival, Carrots Café will take place in the first edition of this event in which he will talk about the links between cinema and television series
  • The IES Ben Arabi inaugurates the classroom Miguel Hernández (27/11/2014)

  • First literary research competition (26/11/2014)

  • The Trialbici arrives this Sunday at Cala Cortina with the Regional Championship (26/11/2014)
    Nearly fifty young and old participate this weekend in the competition will have 5 test areas
  • Cartagena supports English collective hand Connections (26/11/2014)

  • Experts teach Europeans manage diversity in the local economy (26/11/2014)
    They participated this morning at the round table held at the Museo del Teatro Romano hand DELI project in Cartagena participates along with nine other cities
  • Housewives of Abarán know the treasures of Cartagena (26/11/2014)
    About thirty of these women of the Association San Cosme y San Damián visit Tuesday along the most emblematic places of the city.
  • The Cartagena Trail put closure to the Regional Championship Races Mountain (26/11/2014)

  • A discussion on the role of law enforcement in preventing GBV (26/11/2014)

  • Conference on protocol transfers and income for people with mental illness (26/11/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor attended the opening of the conference, held Wednesday at the University Hospital St. Lucia
  • MC lead to plenary claims Supporters (26/11/2014)

  • IU-green complaint nuisances and service delays city bus line 2 (26/11/2014)
    Reasons easily remediable, are due to road works Captains Ripoll
  • IU-Green calls for awareness campaigns for the adoption of abandoned when purchased from the same animals (26/11/2014)
    Regional laws on the protection and defense of pets collect campaigns of this type
  • IU-green denounced the failure of legislation by the council with Four Cats Animal Protection Association (26/11/2014)

  • Traffic Court at the Center for installing the Medieval Market (26/11/2014)
    From the Local Police has warned users of the routes over which they can access the affected garages
  • El Castillo de la Concepción releases audio guides in several languages (26/11/2014)
    For two euros, tourists who want to know the strength can listen to explanations in Spanish, English and French, an initiative of Puerto de Culturas the question of improving care visitors
  • Promotion forward all funding AVE Murcia-Cartagena and triples the three-year investment (26/11/2014)
    A PP amendment adds 112 million until 2017 to pay for the work that ends in 2016
  • A UPCT work demonstrates that the AVE buried in Cartagena is economically viable (26/11/2014)

  • Troops have shot new president (25/11/2014)

  • Mercenary Troop Iberians already has new jute directive (25/11/2014)

  • Troops Baal-Hammon have formed the task force for their XXV anniversary (25/11/2014)

  • EF Algar, EF The Aljorra, CD and CD Minera Mediterranean A leading the pre-baby A category (25/11/2014)
    ​​ Frutería El Paso de Santa Ana, F8 ISM Plumbing Martinez, Alum CF and Polo Team at the top of the Local League Fans
  • Two Cartagena firefighters cross in two months the Atlantic rowing (25/11/2014)
    It's the new venture undertaking Emilio Hernandez and Jose Gonzalez, whose passion for the sea to them has led to embark on this project that began four years ago and now takes the practice
  • The immigrant community is preparing for the International Day (25/11/2014)
    Associations of the municipality and the City Council met in La Concepción to detail the actions of this program within the project Creating Networks
  • Traffic Court a stretch of Peroniño for Rush Sports Palace (25/11/2014)
    The work will take about three weeks and will force drivers to swerve to the roundabout Avenue Tentegorra
  • Cartagena raises his voice in the fight against gender violence (25/11/2014)

  • Some 10,500 foreigners may vote in municipal Cartagena 2015 (25/11/2014)
    The Statistical Office has opened the deadline so they can apply for European citizens and other countries with reciprocal registered in the municipality
  • The City informs young people Aljorra its cultural and leisure (25/11/2014)
    Columbares The headquarters of the association in the town, led a meeting Friday in young aljorreños Youth and technicians to expose the contents of the T- program La and how to participate in them
  • European experts teach you how to leverage diversity in economic development (25/11/2014)
    Wednesday will be held at the Teatro Romano Round Table of DELI Platform Project, which Cartagena participates along with nine other cities
  • Cartagena arouses the interest of Israeli experts in development and entrepreneurship (25/11/2014)
    The mayor Tuesday held a meeting with Daniel Shukurun and Isaac Chocron, located in the city participating in the International Congress of Nurseries Company held in The Batel
  • The municipal corporation transfers its condolences to the family of Juanico (25/11/2014)

  • Juan Medina and other teachers UPCT premiere platform free online courses Owlas (25/11/2014)

  • "The legal report of the secretary of full vindicates the opposition" (25/11/2014)
    "on the breach of law by the mayor in calls for plenary sessions"
  • Women of La Conception celebrate its Cultural Week (25/11/2014)
    They do an extensive program of theater, cooking contest and various tastings.
  • IU-green again left alone defending council funding by the Autonomous Community (25/11/2014)
    PSOE and Citizen Movement vote in favor, with the PP, that regional coffers continue to breach its financial commitments to Cartagena
  • Adopted by a majority extending deadlines for repayment of the advances of State (25/11/2014)
    The session aims to extend to 17 years the reinstatement of the 12 million euros in the remaining settlements in 2008 and 2009
  • The Vincentian sold in your store solidarity work of women at risk of social exclusion (25/11/2014)
    Over the next two weeks will be open on Queen Victoria, No. 16. The products were developed in the workshops of Lo Campano, House Child and Virgen de la Caridad
  • Cartagena this weekend danced to the rhythm of salsa (24/11/2014)
    He did it in the 8th edition of the International Salsa Congress, with the styles of bachata, cha cha cha and Kizomba, among others.
  • The lubricating base ILBOC will supply 40% of the European market (24/11/2014)
    is the goal that this plant located in tailings from September brand that is already at full capacity.
  • The drawing contest Dolorense-Salesians reaches its tenth edition (24/11/2014)
    The event will bring together nearly two hundred participants, will be held this Saturday in Los Dolores.
  • Cultural Semana Santa Ana (24/11/2014)
    Acts, which opened this morning Councilman Antonio Calderón, will last until Sunday November 30
  • Over Huercal Saturday visited Cartagena (24/11/2014)
    came accompanied by the Mayor and City Council of Social Affairs of the Andalusian village, they were greeted by Antonio Calderón at the Palace Hall
  • Salesians premieres artificial pitch (24/11/2014)
    The official opening of the new sports facilities took place on Sunday, one of the events organized by Salesian College for the bicentennial of San Juan Bosco
  • The authentic flamenco feeling in El Batel with Flamenco Feeling (24/11/2014)
    Sara Lezana, one of the best choreographers in the country, is leading this show where poetry, dancing and singing will unite to make us feel authentic flamenco
  • Training and debate were combined in the XXIII National Conference Football (24/11/2014)

  • "If we want to overcome the crisis in Cartagena, we will have to do without the support of the Regional Government" (24/11/2014)
    SPCT complaint gratification Pilar Barreiro before the abandonment of the Regional Government
  • 65 jobs opt to sign Cartagena Carnival 2015 (24/11/2014)
    The compositions will be exhibited in the Casino until Friday November 28
  • Quim Gutiérrez, in the French film The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles (24/11/2014)
    The film will be screened on Tuesday, at 18.00 and 21.00 hours in the Nuevo Teatro Circo, within the series The Return to Film Center.
  • José Juan Aniorte show us all the details on the windlass in the sixth edition of "Cultural" Future Cartagena (24/11/2014)
    The ceremony will take place on Tuesday at 20h in the classroom Cajamurcia Culture in Pedreño Home
  • SPCT calls for reforestation of the countryside Barranco del Feo affected by several fires (24/11/2014)
    The area affected by the fires still abandoned six months after the last incident
  • A popular cross for the whole family (24/11/2014)
    Big and small, young and grandparents, nobody missed Sunday to Cross Artillery, popular race for excellence
  • The City seeks new allies to the Neighborhood Entrepreneurs (24/11/2014)
    The project, whose strategy is already defined, will be presented today at the Second International Congress of Nurseries Company
  • The inputs of fertilizers and decommissioning of FICC are now on sale (24/11/2014)

  • Researchers UPCT patented a system for transmitting and receiving data without coverage on mobile (24/11/2014)

  • MC asked about the settlements of New Gate (24/11/2014)
    This is to be undertaken by the Company subsequent to those discussed in the judicial proceedings now before the Supreme Court, namely the settlement annuities 2012 and 2013
  • IU-Green asks to resign if Barreiro appreciate the good name of Cartagena (21/11/2014)

  • "Pilar Barreiro should resign or be stopped by Valcárcel after reaching his case to the Supreme Court" (21/11/2014)
    "A municipality paralyzed for 6 months, can cause irreparable damage," SPCT
  • Cartagena hosts the International Congress Monday Business Incubator (21/11/2014)
    The second edition reaches El Batel 25 and 25 November, with the aim of publicizing the different experiences in this sector.
  • Continues Saturday flamenco cycle Cartagena Jonda (21/11/2014)
    Dedicate your big day to the National Flamenco Arts Córdoba, on a day with roundtable, photo exhibition and performance of flamenco dancing
  • Lived Cinemas back to the early years of film in Cartagena (21/11/2014)
    is the exhibition that opened its doors this Friday at the Cultural Hall Cajamurcia, and marks the start of the 43th edition of the FICC.
  • Cartagena will run as a Cultural Landscape of Humanity (21/11/2014)
    This afternoon has been the executive committee to draw up a proposal and is composed of the City, Navy, Pust and the International Center for Heritage Conservation
  • Ignacio del Olmo considered a gift to be in front of the police station in Cartagena (21/11/2014)
    The new commissioner, who has compared his template with Real Madrid, has held its first official meeting with the mayor, who has put up on today City and security policy
  • Party in the Pavilion of St. Lucia to close Children's Olympics (21/11/2014)
    About 600 students from Hannibal schools, Our Lady of the Sea and Asdrubal took part in the sporting event that was held over this week
  • Santiago Diaz Left will be the harbinger of Easter 2015 (21/11/2014)
    President Procesionista Association of the Year is chosen so that next year marks the beginning of the holidays on Good Friday, as well communicated today's older brothers after visiting the Mayor
  • Future Cartagena signifies agreement to keeping the station in its current location (21/11/2014)
    Cartagena Future Partnership, through its Directive and in the light of recent local events, wish to state:
  • A walk in the Campo de Cartagena Mills (21/11/2014)
    The Elder workshop organized by Social Services, hosted a conference on the conservation of windmills Thursday by Javier Lorente
  • Albujón again have Bethlehem this Christmas (21/11/2014)
    After the fire in the parish hall, the neighbors have moved to install a birth and various dioramas belenísticos a disused warehouse loaned by their owners
  • The Book Apothecary José Mª Lapuerta also honored the children (21/11/2014)
    He did Thursday, they met 25 years since the declaration of rights, at an event where young recalled this symbolic date
  • Police operation against sexual exploitation in a night club Balsapintada (21/11/2014)
    The hostess club officers found eight women from Eastern Europe, who were forced into prostitution under duress
  • A montage of Moses Ruiz announced Cartagena Easter 2015 (21/11/2014)
    The competition organized by the City and Guild Board was presented a dozen papers
  • MC calls for the empowerment of a starting budget for the maintenance of breathalyzers `evidenciales' employed by the local police (21/11/2014)
    The Cartagena political party claims that, at present, three of which are available from service or on review some for months
  • The City shall assign land to Astus to a hospital (21/11/2014)
    The Local Government has also awarded the advertising operation, upkeep and maintenance of bus shelters and has awarded a grant of € 12,000 to the Good Samaritan Home
  • Open registration for a seminar on good practices in youth employment (21/11/2014)
    Those interested in participating in these sessions included in the pilot Youth Guarantee program managed by the City, have until Wednesday November 26th to sign up for free
  • The City will use the Christmas break to work in schools (21/11/2014)
    The Department of Education has planned to conduct performances in nearly thirty schools, which also works and repairs also carried out electrical maintenance work
  • ... (21/11/2014)

  • Success in football macroade (20/11/2014)

  • They start this Friday the XXIII National Conference Football UPCT (20/11/2014)

  • Cartagena celebrates 25 years on the Rights of the Child (20/11/2014)
    School was quoted today in the Town Hall with Education, Social Care and Unicef, for reading the manifesto memorial.
  • The youth of La Palma premiered its new headquarters Saturday (20/11/2014)
    Located in Negral street Industrial Estate, Youth Platform organizes activities after 10 hours, including games, inflatables and dance workshops
  • Tourism and fishing cofraternizan Saturday at the Roman Theater (20/11/2014)
    They do this through a conference organized within the project PescaSos, and whose potential target fishing activity within this sector as an opportunity for the Mediterranean coast
  • Winners between strings and brass show their talent in Murcia (20/11/2014)
    They did Wednesday in the second promotional concert as a prelude to the event itself.
  • SPCT proposes to amend the General Plan of buildings to shield the South Bank of the Mar Menor (20/11/2014)
    Mont Blanc The agreement should have continuity in the Mar Menor and the Gorguel
  • Tuesday began the first phase of redevelopment of Calle Alfonso XIII of Sorrows (20/11/2014)

  • Five hundred school approach to football with Plastics Romero (20/11/2014)
    Today arrived at seven colleges MacroADE who organized the Sports Council gave this club is for kids to have to master this discipline
  • The Government delegate receives the new Commissioner of Cartagena (20/11/2014)

  • The City Council will have until 2031 to return to the state advances erroneous 2008 and 2009 (20/11/2014)
    The move will allow 500,000 euros cash to city coffers
  • Closure of Children's Pavilion Olympics in St. Lucia (20/11/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor attend the ceremony Friday in this event where students participated in Hannibal schools, Our Lady of the Sea and Asdrubal closed
  • The world's leading synthetic stone young scouts in Cartagena Polytechnic (20/11/2014)
    UPCT Four students were selected in the last edition of the 'Cosentino promotes'
  • The FICC turns 43 editions growing days, activities and projections (20/11/2014)

  • IU-Green is alone in opposing the council to pay a debt that is not theirs, but of the Autonomous Community (20/11/2014)

  • Guided by the heritage and new architecture cartagenera (20/11/2014)

  • The opposition parties are calling for the council to adhere to legislative initiative by the municipality of Mazarrón (20/11/2014)
    For the maintenance of Rosell as a second general hospital of Health Area II
  • The opposition groups claim that the government team PP breaks the law with regard to the call for full (20/11/2014)
    What stipulated by the current legislation is holding at least one month, but in the nearly eleven months after have taken place only eight
  • Soul jazz band Incognito held in Cartagena Jazz Festival 35 years of life presenting his last album "Amplified Soul" (20/11/2014)
    The concert starts at 21:30, is selling his last hundred tickets
  • The prevention of gender violence was screened in Mr. Witt (20/11/2014)
    The Department of Youth and Women Wednesday organized a session of short against violence in young couples in the establishment of the San Roque
  • Marfagones Mills Band honors the patron saint of musicians (20/11/2014)
    The musical group María de la Soledad has developed a program that will take place on Friday 21 at 21 am at the Ramon Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Two papers to grade UPCT committed to increasing the number of 'efficient trees' in Cartagena (20/11/2014)
    The Populus nigra Alameda San Anton capture the same year 9,000 CO2 emitting vehicles
  • Middle thousand schoolchildren in the football macroade (19/11/2014)

  • SPCT Ms. Barreiro required to disclose the total amount of the contract with Dalkia. (19/11/2014)
    "The air conditioning skip Aljorra was awarded to Lofersa-Dalkia Group in July 2009"
  • MC believes that demonstrations Mirror on The Hondon "are opportunistic and lack credibility" (19/11/2014)
    "In addition to health recognize the prejudice of Cartagena"
  • The City will promote a bike path that will connect the campus UPCT (19/11/2014)
    The proposal has been submitted by the university and have a length of about two miles
  • The relatives of the patient, also in EMAE clinical examination (19/11/2014)
    One of the peculiarities of this multipurpose health center where the patient receives an interdisciplinary care from all fields.
  • MacroADE Futsal at the Central Pavilion (19/11/2014)
    About 500 elementary school students will participate in the meeting with players Plastics Romero
  • Older deliver the benefits of the Fair to Good Samaritan and Torre Nazareth (19/11/2014)
    The councilor responsible for social care and older clubs, visited Wednesday both social action organizations to hand over the money to be earned in the latest edition of the Fair
  • Enter plucked strings and brass in Cartagena with the first promotional concert (19/11/2014)
    The winners of the last edition soloists took the stage at the Conservatory of Music, as a prelude to the event itself, and did so accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra
  • Cartagena flavored Mar served 414 kilos of fish (19/11/2014)
    is the balance of the first Gastronomic held in October, with activities Pescasos in which nearly 4000 people participated
  • Perpetual Fire on the contemporary Roman Theater (19/11/2014)
    Cartagena hosts from Thursday, the 20th, this sample collection ICA, being the fourth exhibition which takes place from Routes project that will travel throughout the Region
  • Presents the municipal UPCT your sustainable mobility that includes connecting the campus with bike lane (19/11/2014)

  • Gender-based violence in the social networks (19/11/2014)
    The Association of Housewives held on Thursday a course in collaboration with the Department of Women's Hall of Cartagena at the Cultural Centre of Caja Murcia
  • Sample Choral El Batel (19/11/2014)

  • Woman walk from market reports on GBV (19/11/2014)
    Today technical Hall moved to Zenith, and throughout this week so will those of Sorrows, the Mediterranean Construction and San Felix.
  • The Muses Carthago Nova again (19/11/2014)
    The Roman Forum Area Saturday offered the only opportunity to see the murals that appeared in the latest excavation of archaeological site
  • New Neurological rehabilitation center in Cartagena "We rehabilitate their welfare" (19/11/2014)
    Three young entrepreneurs in the region of Murcia mount a center in which a new form of rehabilitation is developed, the "Rehabilitation of Wellness"
  • Ecologists in Action rejects the "in situ" of contaminated soil storage (19/11/2014)
    Ecologists in Action shows his rejection of the claims of the City of Cartagena to treat and store "spot" soils contaminated by heavy metals and radioactive waste
  • The Period Market for the first time brings to Cartagena a Medieval Tournament (19/11/2014)

  • IU-Green calls for the council enabled bathing for dogs on the beaches of municipalities (19/11/2014)
    The formation of the left, who were receptive to the Beaches for Dogs Platform in Murcia, said that local ordinances violate the provisions of regional laws
  • Education puts the Language and Communication Center of Cartagena available to the educational community in the municipality (19/11/2014)
    The CPR will organize a total of 45 activities, including seminars, training courses or working groups during the first quarter of the year 2014 -2015
  • Culture and the City of Cartagena organized in the Roman Theatre Museum exhibition'Fuego Perpetuo' (19/11/2014)
    The exhibition, which is included in the 'Routes' initiative of the Ministry, includes works by Lamazares, Pividal, Munuera and Llambias
  • The Rights of Children, the core of the work of Leisure (19/11/2014)
    On the occasion of the commemoration of the November 20 Day of Children's Rights, Social Care program is developing sessions and workshops on this subject aimed at children between 7 and 10 years old
  • The Magic tele Panda reaches Cartagena with his musical (19/11/2014)
    The little ones can play, sing and dance with Panda, Nico and his friends to the show that offers the TELECARTAGENA Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center in collaboration with the Municipality
  • UPCT CICOP receives International Award for the dissemination of the cultural heritage of Cartagena (19/11/2014)

  • Culture and the City of Cartagena announce the contest that chooses the best music students from the region (18/11/2014)
    Students of Professional Music Education have until December 19 to register for the eighteenth edition of 'Between strings and brass' , an event that last year brought together 150 participants
  • Local entrepreneurs collaborate on educational and vocational reintegration of our youth (18/11/2014)
    They do this through the Youth Guarantee pilot program, which has served 120 of them, 44 of which have been made consistent labor practices to their profile and qualifications
  • Cartagena meets our elders in their commitment to healthy aging (18/11/2014)
    The Open University hosted the fourth Tuesday Traveling Day The Welfare State;
  • The City is preparing for the development of Christmas (18/11/2014)
    Fire, Police, Civil Protection and local technicians come together Tuesday at the regular meeting held before the holidays to coordinate the actions of the program, such as Cavalcade
  • Begin the remodeling of the Plaza of Spain (18/11/2014)
    The project will focus on improving accessibility and make the stay more pleasant inside.
  • The grassroots commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Rights of the Child (18/11/2014)
    At all meetings of the local League of Cartagena a manifesto was read by the referee and team captains
  • Pich economist Valentin defends UPCT presence ADE graduates in the current economic times (18/11/2014)

  • Perpetual Fire at the Museum of the Roman Theater (18/11/2014)
    On Wednesday be presented to the media the temporary exhibition, the work of several authors, which will run from November 20 to 19 next January
  • Prevention of GBV projects in Mr. Witt (18/11/2014)

  • High occupancy is expected by the VIII International Salsa Congress (18/11/2014)
    Some 550 people will participate in the workshops of this event this weekend is held in the Auditorium of Tender and includes shows with the best dancers of the moment
  • MC calls to end the "off" on the fast track to La Manga for the high risk of accidents involved (18/11/2014)
    The Cartagena political party denounced the failure of the Road Safety Plan for this area, which had an investment of 365,998.51 Euro
  • Fire in the crib assembly Albujón (18/11/2014)

  • The elderly will walk with the walking program of Social Services (18/11/2014)
    More than fifty older participated last week in the routes, one at Sierra Gorda and Barranco Orpheus, and the other to the Moorish Castle and Glass Factory in St. Lucia
  • Court of water in the area of ​​Tallante, Galifa and El Portus (18/11/2014)
    Thursday, as reported Hidrogea, the supply will be interrupted for 20 hours per repairs to gates Beacon of Bolo
  • "Give all the laps you want, but roundabouts are safer" (18/11/2014)

  • Fire in the parish hall Albujón when riding a traditional nativity (18/11/2014)
    City of Cartagena Firefighters quelled the incident recorded about half past seven p.m.
  • The Discalced Carmelites Valdelentisco visit the mayor (17/11/2014)
    The prioress and sub-prioress of the cloistered convent located in the deputation of Tallante in the old N332, have informed Barreiro Jubilee award to his temple may earn up to October 2015
  • Cartagena hosts a conference on the viability of the welfare state (17/11/2014)
    The lectures will be held on Tuesday at the auditorium of the UNED, intervene where the Councillor for Social Care to discuss the care of older people from the city of Cartagena
  • The Primisport, runner-up for the intellectually disabled basketball (17/11/2014)

  • The mayor highlighted the close involvement of Archbishop Azagra to Cartagena (17/11/2014)
    After the death of Bishop Emeritus Sunday, Pilar Barreiro today remembered the work was practicing in our city even after retiring
  • The Town Hall will be lit blue for World Diabetes Day (17/11/2014)
    In this color dyed on Friday joining Sodicar activities to commemorate this date, such as walking and reading the manifesto in the Regional Assembly
  • NH Rooms were transformed into an art gallery (17/11/2014)
    Cartagena this weekend hosted the sixth edition of ArtHotel exposure than a dozen galleries around the country
  • Cartagena and Murcia triumph in the Phase I of Spain Cup Aesthetic Group (17/11/2014)
    Region teams boarded drawers podium in all categories of gymnastics competition this weekend was held in Sagunto
  • MC demands a dignified and decent lighting for the residents of La Aparecida (17/11/2014)
    Half the streets of Cartagena council take eight months in the dark
  • Cartagena City Council expresses its regret at the death of Bishop Azagra (16/11/2014)
    The prelate was Adopted Son of the City, a title earned by its profound humanity and closeness to the people's problems
  • . "Ms. Barreiro concerned about their problems ignores the parents Aljorra" (16/11/2014)
    Members of the IU-Green coalition SPCT involved in the concentration of a single platform for college
  • Intercepted in Portugal a concrete mixer truck with 2.1 tons of hashish destined Spain (15/11/2014)
    The international police cooperation has allowed the drug seized in the Portuguese town of Tavira, before being transferred to our country through Huelva
  • Barreiro meets with the president of the Island Council of Minorca and the mayors of Mahon and Ciudadela (14/11/2014)
    The mayor of Cartagena is located on the Balearic island to participate in a conference on restoration of historical centers
  • The City is working with FADE in supplying water to rural populations in Cameroon (14/11/2014)
    A project of development cooperation, 300 Yaounde area have a drinking water well, thus preventing diseases such as malaria
  • On Monday Cuatro Caminos roundabout in Sebastian Feringa will be removed (14/11/2014)
    The works are undertaken on the avenue affect this stretch, so the vehicles will be diverted to the roundabouts of San Vicente de Paul and Tentegorra
  • SPCT: "The Roman Theatre of Cartagena foundation awarded Dalkia Lofersa-group maintaining its facilities in February 2011" (14/11/2014)
    . "The deputy mayor of Cartagena sr has at least 54,000 reasons to withdraw from the political forefront"
  • The Local Youth Football League joins the 25th anniversary of the Rights of the Child (14/11/2014)

  • Court Street Tibidabo Sorrows (14/11/2014)
    The route will be closed to traffic between 17 and 23 November for the renovation of water infrastructure in the neighborhood
  • Open registration for a seminar for youth counselors (14/11/2014)
    Until Tuesday 18 may target free stakeholders, celebrated on Friday 21 within the project Youth Guarantee NH Ciudad de Cartagena
  • Continue with more leisure Cultural November Aljorra (14/11/2014)
    Inflatables, magic performances, bikes and motorcycles and theater make up the program this weekend in this town for young and old to participate
  • The largest of Dolores met Quiros and his work (14/11/2014)
    As part of the Club's activities within the Recreation Workshop, visited the artist workshop this Wednesday Cartagena
  • The Town Hall today is dyed blue for World Diabetes Day (14/11/2014)
    will be this afternoon from 18.30 pm with a rally at City Hall Plaza organized by Sodicar as fourth gear and reading manifesto
  • Day and creating self-employment for students cooeprativas Employment Training Program (14/11/2014)
    The session was taught by the legal adviser of the Cooperative Union Murcia
  • Colors to improve academic performance (14/11/2014)
    40 learning professionals in the country this Saturday UPCT an innovative methodology in education
  • Classes begin Unit Operations ALDE Kitchen (14/11/2014)
    It will be next Monday, the 17th, when starting this course aims to train the unemployed to facilitate their return to work
  • On Tuesday promotional concerts begin between strings and brass (14/11/2014)
    As a prelude to the contest as such, this performance is held at the Conservatory of Music with the four winners of the last edition
  • MC discovers that a company chaired by José Antonio Alonso and represented by Jose Fidel Saura spent years taking care of the maintenance of the main municipal precincts (14/11/2014)
    Legal services and policy training cartagenera have prepared the letter of the Punic personación operation
  • The Cat Power Stars emblematic events of Cartagena Jazz Festival presenting his latest album Sun (14/11/2014)
    Saturday night will also be starring Hannah Williams English
  • UPCT and five other European universities entrepreneurs exchange (14/11/2014)

  • Cartagena Entrepreneurs make networking (14/11/2014)
    The CEEIC Adle and organize a new round of Classroom Connection Enterprise program, which has proven successful experience of Carlos Delgado, former executive of a multinational
  • Traffic recorded this year in Cartagena 350 accidents unless 2013 (14/11/2014)
    The loss ratio is below the average of previous years as well as reducing the number of penalties.
  • JS Urban Furniture bus shelters will maintain and operate its advertising (14/11/2014)
    The Spanish company has been selected among the five had submitted bids.
  • Eight thousand Austrian higher next year will come to La Manga and Mar Menor (13/11/2014)
    Councillor for Tourism participates in a promotional trip in Vienna for counseling attract senior tourism
  • Two days to learn the secrets of Home Casseroles (13/11/2014)
    The workshop, organized by the Department of Social Services, came to an end Wednesday.
  • Digital professions attract many students UPCT the Open Day of Red.es (13/11/2014)
    Teachers and entrepreneurs have about his experiences in the use and design of digital tools
  • Cartagena hosts the Spain Basketball Championship for the intellectually disabled (13/11/2014)

  • UPyD asks municipal groups that do not lead defendants in the electoral lists (13/11/2014)

  • IU-green wonders all contracts Dalkia has been obtained from the town hall (13/11/2014)
    For the formation of the left only 1% of the consistory of possible links with companies and entrepreneurs in the frame of Operation Punic Deputy Mayor who boasted Cabezos it is getting very large
  • Al Di Meola, considered one of the greatest guitarists in history, in the Cartagena Jazz Festival (13/11/2014)
    Singer-songwriter Jo Harman will be responsible for opening night on Friday, 14
  • Young aljorreños expose their needs and concerns (13/11/2014)

  • Explanation of the position of Juan Luis Martínez in the full April 2005 (13/11/2014)
    I'm fully absent from April 2005 for policy coherence
  • Health yesterday triggered protocol for a suspected case of Ebola in Cartagena, but the initial results are positive for malaria (13/11/2014)
    The patient was transferred to the Virgin Arrixaca Hospital where he remains admitted to isolation
  • MC believes that there are irregularities in supply contracts with the City of Cartagena DALKIA (12/11/2014)

  • CCOO complaint computer outage from the Ministry of Education in the contest transfers (12/11/2014)

  • Education invests € 30,000 in repairs and improvements in the CEIP Virgin of Begoña, Cartagena (12/11/2014)
    The Department will improve safety in the center with the replacement of perimeter fences, which is impaired, a performance that will be ready before end of the year
  • IU-v and SPCT Cabezos accuse of lying in connection with the Punic city hall frame (12/11/2014)
    Cayetano Jaime and Juan Luis Martínez claim that the PP "are playing Russian roulette, incorporating the bedroom every day a new company plot "
  • Last days to pay the IAE, stepping stones, trash and sewage La Manga (12/11/2014)
    November 20 is the deadline for the collection of these taxes voluntarily, also including the installation of ATMs.
  • Cartagena will host the 2015 Training day II of Spain Convention Bureau (12/11/2014)
    Our city has managed to be chosen to host this event that will bring those responsible to Congress offices across the country
  • The group debuts GALACTYCO Faith and Spirituality area with a national meeting (12/11/2014)
    Religion and Homosexuality go hand in hand in this series of talks and lectures the next 28, 29 and 30 November which brings together representatives of LGBT in Spain
  • Schoolchildren learn to conserve the planet Earth The Union (12/11/2014)
    More than 1,200 children through the Municipal Theater Campaign, will enjoy this representation of the Loft Theatre on November 26 and December 3
  • The sophistication of Jacques Morelenbaum with his "Cello Samba Trio" and together with his wife Paula in the Cartagena Jazz Festival (12/11/2014)
    The concert will be tomorrow November 13 at 21:30 am at the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • Local Police celebrates its patron saint, San Leandro (12/11/2014)
    This Thursday will be the traditional Mass in honor of the saint, at 11 am at the Basilica of Charity
  • Professors of the Technical University of Cartagena are operators Sabic (12/11/2014)
    The chair of the multinational presented Thursday its paid internship program for students UPCT
  • The Roman Forum Area converts visitors into citizens of an Empire (12/11/2014)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures is organizing author visits and workshops for children to learn about the latest developments and findings of the archaeological site
  • IU-Green asked to invest in the Amphitheatre 300,000 euros to allow opening to tours (12/11/2014)

  • The Ministry of Industry is organizing a conference on the digital sector professions at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (11/11/2014)
    take place this Thursday as part of the "Professional Digital"
  • Companies in the Region continue their commitment to internationalization (11/11/2014)
    It was the central theme of this Tuesday fourteenth Day for Entrepreneurs Leaders to be held in El Batel.
  • EF Torre Pacheco, EF New Cartagena, San Ginés EF 82, EF Alums and FC Cartagena, leading classification (11/11/2014)
    Teams with three straight wins leading local football league based on their categories
  • Students of the General Air Academy visit campuses UPCT (11/11/2014)

  • Jose Cabezas: `` The opposition does not want the AVE to Cartagena for electoral reasons " (11/11/2014)
    Cabezos remember Mandarache option was a government proposal supported by most local groups
  • Most of the local political parties signed a political agreement to maintain the station in its present location after the next elections (11/11/2014)
    The signature notarized, told representatives of the PSOE, IU-Green, MC, SPCT, EQUO, PCAN and Citizens PP being absent agreement, and can UPyD
  • Healthy habits in diabetic talks focus Sodicar (11/11/2014)
    Inside the Diabetic Week XIII in Cartagena, is organized from Monday a series of lectures in addition to other awareness activities
  • Pastry Chef The students learn to decorate their Christmas sweets (11/11/2014)
    Thirty women have begun Tuesday lessons of this course organized by the Department of Women, to learn techniques like fondant decorated cupcakes or cookies in
  • Convened the sixth edition of the Voluntary Commitment Award (11/11/2014)
    Until 1st December may submit nominations for this award, organized by the Municipal Volunteer Program of the City of Cartagena
  • The City joins the alms for the fight against cancer (11/11/2014)

  • The spinoff UPCT ISSUES test smartphones for DoCoMo, Japan's leading telephone operator (11/11/2014)

  • MC calls for the annulment of the partial plan Hondon (11/11/2014)
    Cartagena's political party is in a position to say that none of the actions carried out there comply with the law
  • Dinamiza your place this weekend returns to the center (10/11/2014)
    The stage is the Plaza del Rey, with musical and dance performances to attract residents and tourists to this point and boost trade in the area
  • Licor 43, a family business that has been around the world (10/11/2014)
    In a small factory in Cartagena to expand by more than 70 countries thanks to this drink that is already one of the top selling liquors in the Spanish market.
  • The mayor closed on Tuesday for Business Leaders Conference XIV (10/11/2014)
    The event will rotate on the financial support of business internationalization and developed in the municipal auditorium of El Batel
  • Older La Puebla staged the brothers Alvarez Quintero (10/11/2014)
    The performance of the play Puebla Women, held in the clubhouse, was given by theater group always with the collaboration of the Department of Attention Social
  • UPyD regrets that the local government did not show his face against the constant rise in unemployment in Cartagena (10/11/2014)

  • Starts during Christmas Pastry Chef at the Department of Women (10/11/2014)
    The demand for places forced to double squares, with shifts morning and afternoon
  • Nicole Kidman is Grace of Monaco in the cycle returns Cinema Center (10/11/2014)
    Tuesday again this cycle the Nuevo Teatro Circo, with projected at 18.00 and 21.00 hours and tickets to 4 and 3 euros
  • Giving thanks to the Virgen del Rosell and Santi Quattro (10/11/2014)
    The municipal corporation renewed last Saturday at the Church of Santa Maria Borrasca vote of Santa Catalina, a tradition that dates back to 319 years
  • Credits to students UPCT being sworn Film Festival (10/11/2014)
    Students donate their study hours in the library
  • Lledo able to overcome the challenge of 4Desert a creditable fifth (10/11/2014)
    The harsh weather of Antarctica have been unable to Cartagena athlete, who on Saturday will come back to Spain with the pride of having gone through four deserts more Hard planet
  • Gen Juan Ramon Garcia, first in the Cross of San Leandro (10/11/2014)
    Club racer Mandarache Cartagena ended in 21 minutes solidarity event organized by the local police, held on Saturday in the vicinity of Park Security
  • IU-Green asked the council to a private legal action in Operation Punic (10/11/2014)

  • The Jazz Festival returned to seduce his audience this weekend (10/11/2014)
    Zara McFarlane, Chano Dominguez, Child Josele did on Friday and Branford Marsalis and Snarky Puppy, played them on Saturday.
  • MC calls for the immediate resignation of Barreiro after the declaration of bankruptcy in New Gate (09/11/2014)
    This will act to Cartagena lose more than two million that society owes Old Town
  • IU-green demand immediate settlement of a square neighborhood Peral abandoned for years (09/11/2014)
    The square is full of shortcomings Cosntitucion as fallen dead trees, killed by the red palm weevil, weeds and unwanted vegetation, dirt
  • SPCT claims that "the passivity of Barreiro could end in disgrace in Private Mediterranean" (08/11/2014)
    "The climate of insecurity is growing, last night there was another incident with injuries"
  • MC calls for better identification of the Four Saints for tourism, taking advantage of the reform of the Alley of Solitude (08/11/2014)

  • An art fair again will sneak into the rooms of a hotel in Cartagena (07/11/2014)
    is the sixth edition of ArtHotel, to be held next week, from 14 to 16 November at the NH Ciudad de Cartagena, and host a dozen galleries around the country
  • The Corporation renewed its vow of Santa Catalina Borrasca (07/11/2014)
    The council made an offering in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin and Four Saints Rosell, a tradition tradition dating back 319 years
  • Plastics Romero thousand tickets distributed in schools (07/11/2014)
    The football team has been invited by the municipal ADE to school to attend the meeting on Saturday in Segovia
  • ASID awards social responsibility of institutions with their awards (07/11/2014)
    El Corte Ingles, the Salesian College, La Opinión de Cartagena, the cultural association El Grito de Fuente Alamo and writer Serafin Piñeiro this morning received this recognition
  • The committee Navantia concerned about a possible reduction in their workload (07/11/2014)
    Workers ask the shipping company manufacturing engines continue to perform at Cartagena and request the assistance of the Mayor
  • Cartagena ASID awards the "supportive friends" of people with Down syndrome and their families (07/11/2014)
    Association distinguishes El Corte Ingles, the Salesians, the daily La Opinión de Cartagena, the association 'The Scream' and writer Serafin Piñeiro for your feedback
  • Willows Concert to benefit the Little Sisters of the Poor (07/11/2014)
    The performance will take place on Saturday, November 8th from 20:30 at Marist
  • The improved weather conditions give a respite to Lledo Antarctica (07/11/2014)
    The six ultra-distance Cartagena remains in general once the third stage of the final round of the 4Desert
  • Branford Marsalis, considered one of the world's best musicians, and the band Snarky Puppy in Cartagena Jazz Festival (07/11/2014)
    double tomorrow night Saturday, November 8 at the Auditorium El Batel Program
  • New Connection Classroom time program of the ALDE Company (07/11/2014)
    With a duration of two hours, the presentation will take place on November 13 in the building of CEEIC.
  • Deadline for submission of posters for the 2015 Carnival Contest (07/11/2014)
    November 14 is the last day to work at the headquarters of the Federation of Carnival located at the Graduate School
  • 82 500 thousand euros clubs municipal subsidy is distributed (07/11/2014)
    The Governing Board also approved the project to complete the sewer in the Borricén
  • IU-v criticizes the policy of promoting tourism in the municipality does not follow a defined project (07/11/2014)
    "but the demand for private interest"
  • IU-Green asked about the possible involvement of the municipality with more than 60 companies investigated in the "Operation Punic" (07/11/2014)

  • Martial arts sneak into the classrooms of Mare Nostrum (07/11/2014)
    With ADE students in 5th and 6th Primary Thursday had the opportunity to practice this discipline at the Central Pavilion
  • The City will use social media to avoid rumors about immigration (07/11/2014)
    Several Councillors are coordinated to work on the implementation of this anti-rumor system whose purpose is to prevent negative attitudes towards diversity
  • SPCT: "The aggrandizement of the mayor would cost 3,200 euros citizens" (07/11/2014)

  • Mil invitations distributed at various schools in the city (06/11/2014)

  • Sports Councilman denies privatization or management changes pavilions (06/11/2014)
    Ortega remembers that facilities spent two years working with the system now question
  • Ten years of Primi Sport exposed at the Casino (06/11/2014)
    What makes a painting exhibition that pays tribute to this Association and whose opening takes place this evening from 18 pm
  • Paddle Championship and a solidarity party for Cartagena VIII Charity (06/11/2014)

  • Cleaning Day at Perdiguera Island with Tla (06/11/2014)
    Youth Program and the Friends of Sail America have organized this activity will develop Sunday from Los Nietos
  • The crisis increases the number of drug addicts treated at The Huertecica (06/11/2014)
    Demand for these past months is greater, up 4% of people who come to the centers and services offered by this group.
  • Chano Dominguez and Child Josele together jazz and flamenco in the third session of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (06/11/2014)
    Zara McFarlane, called "the last hope of vocal jazz" opens the night
  • Press Release mayor José López (MC) (06/11/2014)

  • Homes for The Cabanyal and agribusiness center in San Ginés de la Jara, former TFG Architecture UPCT (06/11/2014)

  • Women and Youth walk again together against gender violence (06/11/2014)

  • IU-Green councilor accused of lying woman on an issue as sensitive as battered women (06/11/2014)

  • Cartagena Firefighters rescue a dog from a mine shaft The Union (06/11/2014)
    The animal had been thrown from a height of 22 meters and was delivered to an animal shelter
  • Lledo continues to sixth after the second stage of Antarctica (06/11/2014)
    The Cartagena athlete remains at the top of the qualifying challenge this quarter 4Deserts after completing this final race of 21 kilometers
  • Court Street Conesa Calderon Sorrows (05/11/2014)
    The renovation of the street Alfonso XIII will move for a week this way, you will not disrupt the celebration Thursday market
  • The School of Hospitality shape future professionals in the tourism industry (05/11/2014)
    Nearly five hundred students are in some cycles or certificates of this vocational training center in the field of cooking, catering and guidance.
  • Sixty-seven entered in a national contest with carob flour confectionery (05/11/2014)
    The call to question this traditional product relaunch the Campo de Cartagena has attracted the interest of 17 hotel schools
  • Healthy Eating and Diabetes slogan Week activities Sodicar (05/11/2014)
    Theatre, conferences and free retinal and blood glucose measurements, up the program prepared by the association to mark the World Diabetes Day, celebrated on 14 November
  • Ten students from the second phase already employed Youth Guarantee (05/11/2014)
    Go to a good job is one of the objectives of this pilot program today celebrated the delivery of the diplomas of this last call with 47 young
  • Associations Aljorra value their Second Meeting of Neighbors (05/11/2014)
    The findings will serve to outline the event to be held next year
  • Only concert in Spain Gregory Porter at the Cartagena Jazz Festival (05/11/2014)
    The great singer will perform on Thursday, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia
  • Cartagena welcomes young Operation Smile Tenerife (05/11/2014)
    A dozen boys with Down Syndrome visit our city Wednesday on his weeklong trip by the Region of Murcia, in collaboration with the Rotary clubs
  • The kids of St. Lucia and Los Mateos already have a School Handball (05/11/2014)

  • Decorate your Christmas Patchwork (05/11/2014)
    The Department of Women organized the Second National Meeting to be held in Cartagena on Dec. 13 with an exhibition of work, and a Christmas card competition
  • The great Gregory Porter joined for the first time in Spain by the sound of a symphony orchestra in the Cartagena Jazz Festival (05/11/2014)
    One of the great concert of vocal jazz with the Symphony Orchestra of Murcia
  • Lledo premieres Challenge of Antarctica sixth (05/11/2014)
    The Cartagena achieved this position in the first stage of Deception Island 4Deserts after about 70 km and 8 hours of journey
  • IU-green denounces serious deficiencies in the counseling service for abused women (05/11/2014)
    The formation of the left has denounced the lack of attention to several women about the lack of a psychologist and the City Council has demanded immediate rectification of this problem
  • "The government privatized Barreiro nine sports facilities in the town" (05/11/2014)
    SPCT states that the bill will cause service problems and additional costs in the future
  • IU-green again require the mayor to take the businessman accused of a "bite" to the courts (05/11/2014)
    The formation of the left holds the same position in January this year, when the complaint was held regarding the employer the request for a fee of 600,000 euros by Pilar Barreiro
  • An engineer UPCT takes GE Oil & Gas in Scotland students from the Polytechnic scholarships 19,000 € (05/11/2014)
    Multinational selected Thursday to two of the fifty candidates a year of practical manufacturing equipment for oil extraction
  • Educating Family reinforce social integration in Our Lady of Charity (04/11/2014)
    is the agenda of Abraham Project along this course will serve 30 children in this neighborhood by school support classes and as a meeting between parents and children
  • Sportsmanship and fair play on the second day of the Youth Football League (04/11/2014)
    More than a hundred games last weekend took place in this tournament with about a thousand goals
  • The DELI project gets underway in Cartagena with the establishment of its platform (04/11/2014)
    Managers of public and private bodies in town were cited Tuesday that began its journey in a commitment to diversity in the local economy in this European pilot program
  • The mayor announced the closing of the investigation into alleged pressures builder (04/11/2014)
    The prosecution had opened criminal investigations at the request of Barreiro
  • Unemployment experiencing lower rise in October since 2008 (04/11/2014)
    Employment Councilman says 162 unemployed are not good news, but the trend is still positive
  • Conclusion of the second and final phase of the pilot Youth Guarantee (04/11/2014)
    Participants in this program will receive their diplomas ALDE Wednesday in a ceremony to be held at the Palace Hall
  • Ten years of Mandarache Award (04/11/2014)

  • 162 newly unemployed more in Cartagena (04/11/2014)
    IU-Green accuses the PP of being more aware of the vote and the courts that the fight against unemployment
  • Rotary Club Cartagena Roman Theatre begins the second solidarity campaign to collect recycled glasses for the Third World (04/11/2014)
    is a new social action that promotes our club and hopes to collect more than two thousand units
  • 86% of agronomists UPCT find work within a year after finishing the race (04/11/2014)
    Two out of three graduates by 2010 employed UPCT
  • Work begins on Captains Ripoll (03/11/2014)
    traffic will climb to Bastarreche square cut for several weeks, until the completion of construction
  • Cultural Week Starts Over Slum Lady of Charity (03/11/2014)
    I will from Monday 3 to Friday 7 November with all kinds of activities including championship games, bocce or cultural visits
  • On Tuesday Cartagena is DELHI Platform Project (03/11/2014)
    It will involve municipal officers with responsibility for various public and private bodies in order to promote cultural diversity as an asset in the development of the local economy
  • The film Grace of Monaco, opens a new cycle of The Film Center Back (03/11/2014)
    Tuesday November 11 projections Tuesday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo resume with two passes at 18.00 and 21.00 hours and tickets to 4 and 3 euros
  • Neighbors Aljorra continue their November Cultural (03/11/2014)
    Contests, Parties for all ages and sports programming is complemented Slum, and who have assisted hundreds of people
  • Lledo Ushuaia is now awaiting the start of his final challenge, Antarctica (03/11/2014)

  • MC warns that if the City does not install artificial turf on the promised football field La Esperanza, the Six Hundred will become a ghetto youth excluded (03/11/2014)

  • UPCT offered to train Moroccan universities in research techniques (03/11/2014)

  • Health care and transferred to the hospital very seriously injured biker in Cartagena (02/11/2014)

  • MC proposes installing cameras as a deterrent to the nth vandalism against the monument to Procesionista (01/11/2014)
    Recently, the local police seized the rods of the Nazarenes who at that moment held in their hands two guys
  • Lukas Trautmann closes the list of drivers H43 Team Nobby Talasur Blumaq (01/11/2014)


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