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Cartagena News - January 2011

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  • The police catch a snatchers after robbing two women in less than an hour (31/01/2011)

  • The cover of the Sports Palace was completed with four layers (31/01/2011)
    Work of the base layer, the more complicated by the danger of execution, are almost finished and in three months the building will provide a modern look bright mercury drop
  • A procurement transformation Clinic del Barrio de la Concepción Health Center (31/01/2011)
    The implementation period is 18 months and involves an investment of over 2 million euros to service the area of Cartagena-West
  • The Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena will present contemporary art funds in the Autonomous Community (31/01/2011)
    The museum visits in 2010 increased 21.44 percent, representing, according to the counselor, "a reflection of the culture foundation we have built "
  • Troveros Cartagena represent Spain in Chile (31/01/2011)
    For the fourth consecutive year the Association Trovera José María Marín de La Palma participates in the International Festival held in Valparaiso on 4, 5 and 6 February
  • Real Cartagena II player in the Sports Fair (30/01/2011)

  • UPyD requires the Mayor and the government team to support and push back the short sea shipping (Short Sea Shipping) (29/01/2011)
    as an engine of employment in our city
  • The Risen Guild, chosen to represent the Holy Week of Cartagena (28/01/2011)
    traveling exhibition in the Pro-HOLY WEEK IN SPAIN (Valladolid), will take place in Lisbon
  • Ten years and two million visitors in Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (28/01/2011)
    The mayor has presented the program's tenth anniversary activities, including exhibitions, meetings with authors and for children a recreation of historical events playmobil city
  • Postponed the visit of David Monteagudo Mandarache Award (28/01/2011)
    readers' encounters with the author of the celebrated novel Weekend, scheduled for Feb. 1, are delayed to March
  • Cartagena, with options to become a center of academic football (28/01/2011)
    On Wednesday there will be an informational meeting for those interested in the seat of arbitration for Juan Fernández
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas celebrates its tenth anniversary, turning the past into the future (28/01/2011)
    The first cycle of activities will be held from February 18 to March 18 in the Punic Wall
  • The City Council, concerned about the families that depend on the continuation of large fairings (28/01/2011)
    The mayor, in his capacity as national representative, will submit to Congress a series of questions about the intentions of the future defense gun underwater and therefore Navantia Cartagena
  • Local Police surprised by stealing a car radio (28/01/2011)
    The events took place in the evening of Wednesday, when officers found the individual in full fatigues, who could not finish, coming to his transfer to the police station where he was detained
  • Green light for schools open to other cultures (28/01/2011)
    The Governing Board has approved a program aimed at the socio-educational integration of immigrant groups, involving the City and the Autonomous Community
  • Threat with scissors to the owner of a shop because not attending (28/01/2011)
    The detainee went to an establishment of Sorrows requesting a fix for your vehicle, but was offended by the indifference of employees
  • The T-The program trains technicians and actors (28/01/2011)
    is already open enrollment period for two specialized courses for professionals in the audiovisual sector to begin in March
  • Cruisers boiled (27/01/2011)
    The AIDAbella, with 2,000 tourists on board, is the first of 36 cruise ships that arrive in Cartagena in the coming months
  • Pearl District Scouts celebrate the Day of Non Violence (27/01/2011)
    will be on Sunday, on the esplanade of Mandarache, which form a large dove of peace with people
  • In March the City Petanque Championship III Senior (27/01/2011)
    It started on Monday to kick off the Councillor for Social Care in the first game held in the area of the district of Conception
  • Women Cofrades Steps Award 2011 awarded a fellowship Granada (27/01/2011)
    The association held on Saturday, the sixth edition of this award with a gala dinner at the Hotel Alfonso XIII at which the Councillor attend Women
  • The major are prepared for Carnival (27/01/2011)
    During the months of January and February, clubs try at their costumes and accessories shops in which collaborates Social Services
  • The mayor calls reporting cases of violence (27/01/2011)
    Politicians, citizens and officials show their revulsion at the Palace Hall by the violent death of a woman in Los Belones
  • Barrios ADLE unemployed receive their diplomas (27/01/2011)
    Councillor for Youth and Employment has closed the program which involved 24 unemployed Lo Campano, El Algar and the arrangements made Albujón gardening, painting and masonry
  • Barreiro question the Government's Office if you have a plan for Underwater Gun (27/01/2011)

  • SPCT condemns murder of a woman from Los Belones (27/01/2011)

  • Concentration of revulsion at the violent death of a woman in Los Belones (27/01/2011)
    will be held Thursday at 12 am at the Palace Hall, convened by the Mayor
  • The Socialists condemn the murder of a young woman in the Belones (27/01/2011)
    and show their solidarity with the families and friends of the victim
  • Yoni sanctioned and televised game (26/01/2011)

  • A woman found dead in a home in Los Belones (26/01/2011)
    The Guardia Civil are looking for the alleged perpetrator
  • The young Norwegian exchange with Jiménez de la Espada, delighted with Cartagena (26/01/2011)

  • The Association of Beaza Cabezo PP highlights efforts to maintain security and traffic on the site (26/01/2011)

  • Fifty more practice healthy mind in a healthy body (26/01/2011)
    since this morning participating in the Energy Fitness Course organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • The works of Juan Fernández and Ramón y Cajal be ready in spring (26/01/2011)

  • V radio edit Competition Know your sport (26/01/2011)
    Organized by the Cadena SER and the Department of Sports, opens on Thursday and will feature sixteen clubs in the Football League Base Local
  • The Mayor visits the youth housing Mills Marfagones (26/01/2011)
    Accompanied by the Town Planning, Pilar Barreiro check on Thursday the state of the works carried out Cartagena SL Young, whose first stone was laid last October
  • Forty unemployed are trained as cooks and waiters (26/01/2011)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services develops courses Bartender Kitchen and Restaurant-Bar in the building of La Milagrosa, culminating with a high percentage of placement companies from Cartagena
  • The UPyD Candidate for mayor of Cartagena begins the points of contact with groups and associations AAVV visiting the Virgin of Charity (25/01/2011)

  • IU-Greens requires the regional government to keep the 21,868 hectare reserve in Cape Tiñoso (25/01/2011)

  • Real Cartagena received a visit by the ADE (25/01/2011)

  • Norwegian students share language, cultural and aesthetic practices in Cartagena (25/01/2011)
    The students, who are sharing with students of the school Santa Lucia and CIFP IES No. 3, have been received this morning by the Councillor for Youth in the Palace Hall
  • A classic Agatha Christie, in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (25/01/2011)
    The Mousetrap, are played by actors Mary Castro and Manuel Baquero, and will be performed on Wednesday, with locations of 20 and 15 euros
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas showed the best of the city in FITUR (25/01/2011)
    On the occasion of the fair last week, could see a representation of the wide range of cultural tourism in Cartagena through the stand of the Region of Murcia
  • Maria Duenas, star of the MAPLE project at IES Elcano (25/01/2011)

  • SPCT: "The Quarry Diaz, a hamlet not typical" (25/01/2011)

  • Cartagena cleaner, quieter means, modern and effective (25/01/2011)
    Submitted Lhicarsa the new machine will also improve the care of wards and councils
  • AJE notes that "tourism has become one of the main economic engines of the municipality of Cartagena" (25/01/2011)

  • Results of the eleventh day of the XVIII Local Soccer League Base (25/01/2011)
    The AD Barrio Peral is placed at the top of the bottle and the cadet category, the younger and adult respectively Championship
  • Our seniors are introduced into new technologies (25/01/2011)

  • Local Police teaches more protection from abuse and crime (24/01/2011)

  • The new Astus Multisensory Room will serve over 260 children (24/01/2011)
    The Mayor opened the room in a tribute to the promoter of the initiative, the Cartagena Pedro Palo Berry, Chuti
  • Social Services returned the vitality of our older (24/01/2011)
    Basic Computer Courses, gymnastics and memory training up the program to the council Senior Social Care offers from 24 January to March
  • Ends the third edition of the Barrios Program ADLE (24/01/2011)
    Councillor for Youth and Employment on Thursday handed diplomas to the students of Lo Campano, El Algar and El Albujón who have participated in training activities of the Agency
  • Lhicarsa releases continue to maintain clean equipment for the city (24/01/2011)
    The mayor will be on Tuesday at the presentation of new vehicles for street cleaning and solid waste collection will take place on the esplanade of Zenith
  • SPCT says that "the inefficiency of the municipal government gives reason months later" (24/01/2011)

  • There will be youth in the Second Test Route Strengths (24/01/2011)
    The organization decides to rescue the many requests received
  • The PP of Cartagena and the School of Charity Fathers stressed the need for coordination of all to reach more people in need (22/01/2011)

  • Photography exhibition "Discovering Shapes" (22/01/2011)

  • UPyD denounces the gentleness of the mayor and his government team against discrimination in the Autonomous Region (21/01/2011)

  • The Forts Trail II about to meet the quota of registrations (21/01/2011)
    The anticipation has been such that in just 48 hours there have been 2,100 higher for the general test
  • Open Enrolment for the sixth edition of The Week Short Cartagena (21/01/2011)
    Those interested can sign up until 18 March at the popular shows of outdoor films arrive in May to the streets of the city
  • III Municipal Petanque Championship Senior (21/01/2011)
    Starts on Monday to kick off the Councillor for Social Care in the first game held in the area of the district of Conception
  • Students of the occupational classes of the Mediterranean and Santa Lucia Institutes involved in the ADE (21/01/2011)
    Have you met this morning the work developed by players and coaching staff of F: C.
  • The Workshop School students practice in companies Hostel (21/01/2011)
    Ten professional landscaping, masonry, carpentry and facilities work for a month in six states Cartagena, through the action of the Agency of Local Development and Employment (ALDE)
  • The PP of Cartagena and the Board of FAPA join forces for education (21/01/2011)

  • UPyD week claimed the Museum of Cartagena on the premises of the Palais de Molina as a permanent display of our heritage (21/01/2011)
    UPyD reminds the mayor has already made a proposal to reduce the payment to be made from the municipality and, after a year, has fallen on deaf ears
  • The Local Police will teach more protection from abuse and crime (21/01/2011)

  • Seven traffic lights for cyclists to encourage the use of alternative transport (21/01/2011)
    The City Council and advances in its commitment to mobility within the program bicycle network of bike paths that already has more than 35 kilometers of track cycling trails in Cartagena
  • The undertaken with knives with a friend who was of Drinking (21/01/2011)

  • Docks with a knife a couple to steal a bottle of gin (21/01/2011)
    Local police stopped the young offender, which took place on Wednesday in the area of the station, thanks to the description given by the attacked
  • The People's Party Cartagena rewards for being a reference in tourism promotion, the project Auditorium and Convention Center (21/01/2011)

  • Conference on Prevention of Delinquency Business (21/01/2011)
    Organized by the ADLE and CEEIC, held on 4 February and is to report on developments following the reform of the Delinquency Act
  • Water cut in Juan Fernández (21/01/2011)
    Aquagest carry out maintenance work on Monday in the municipal system, which will cause the interruption of supply in a stretch of the road for about seven hours
  • SPCT proposes the creation of a council of economic and tourist promotion of the municipality (20/01/2011)
    SPCT bet because Cartagena has its own stand at the next edition of FITUR
  • Lola Hernandez criticized the disappearance of the Family Meeting Point Cartagena (20/01/2011)
    Y "always be the weakest, the victims of bad budgets allocated"
  • The Great Tennis Trophy CajaMurcia Region brings 180 international players (20/01/2011)
    Councillor for Sports and President of the Regional Federation of Tennis presented this morning the XXV edition of the ATP Futures which starts on January 29 and distributed 40,000 euros prize
  • Starts moving to San Miguel Collection (20/01/2011)
    The change of venue will last two days that will continue to serve the public in the street Caballero
  • Ramón Ruiz wins Ginés Martínez Huertas "A achievement and Effort" (20/01/2011)

  • The official school of Civil Engineers highlights the urban development that has experienced the Cartagena PP (20/01/2011)

  • The Youth Council collected 4,300 kilos of food to Caritas and parishes (20/01/2011)
    The IES St. Lucia and the Polytechnic have been rewarded for their greater contribution to a trip to the ice rink in Elche assigned by the program T-La
  • Cartagena Tourism is growing in double the national average (20/01/2011)
    Mayor FITUR highlighted today at the city's importance in the context of the Region of Murcia, becoming a reference for its wide and varied tourism
  • Last hours of casting for The Spark of Life (20/01/2011)
    Having overcome the onslaught of the early days, ending at 13.00 hours collecting data from the previous applicants extra for shooting in Cartagena for the new film by à lex of the Church
  • Cartagena increase its eleventh beaches Quality Q (20/01/2011)
    took place yesterday at the stadium of Real Madrid's Night Q, at which the Councillor for Tourism picked up the award with the ICTE has distinguished San Ginés for quality tourism
  • More than a thousand young people run the Cross School 2011 at the racetrack (20/01/2011)
    Students from 48 area schools participate Cartagena and Friday morning from 10.00 am in this new edition to the test organized by the Department of Sports
  • Four homes rehabilitated in The Straits available to families in need (19/01/2011)

  • Cartagena, in the subway of Madrid (19/01/2011)
    Coinciding with the celebration of FITUR in the capital, the port city will also promote the issuance of a notice in stations and trains until 31 January
  • The Port Authority of Cartagena evasive to the request for details of the jobs that would create the new terminal Gorguel (19/01/2011)

  • The most and least less, op-ed competition for young people (19/01/2011)
    is called by the program Implica2 of the Youth Council to promote social participation, critical and fluidity of opinions
  • The Path of Strength will rise this year to Calvary (19/01/2011)
    This is the main novelty of civil-military test, which celebrates its second edition on April 2, increasing the number of participants to 2,500, can now register today through internet
  • Segado collected this afternoon the prize awarded to the Palace Hall as an example of efficient construction (19/01/2011)
    The restoration of the historic City Hall has been awarded the Quality Awards IV Building in the Region of Murcia
  • Community support of the rehabilitation of a housing group in Cartagena (19/01/2011)
    "There are four homes that will be used for social purposes, which will serve the residents of the Strait of San Ginés," remarked the director of the Institute Housing and Land
  • The barrage of extras on the first day covers the needs of The Spark of Life (19/01/2011)
    The producer of the film à lex Church thanked the massive response from the Cartagena and has announced it will hold the casting until Thursday at noon in response to people waiting in line
  • UPyD denounced the traffic chaos that is taking the lack of planning Councillor for Citizen Security in the Plaza Severo Ochoa (18/01/2011)
    one of the main gateways to the city
  • Avalanche of extras to go on The Spark of Life (18/01/2011)

  • The submission in Fitur of The Spark of Life (18/01/2011)
    was scheduled for Friday but will be later to provide assistance to the act of the Minister of Culture, which has been one of the pioneers of this initiative
  • The mayor visited the rehabilitated housing in the Strait (18/01/2011)
    Pilar Barreiro also run social premises of the Strait and El Llano and has had an extension and improvement works
  • The Reale is aimed at the sales (18/01/2011)

  • Two new roundabouts will crown the work of interceptor drains in Round City of Union (18/01/2011)

  • SPCT proposes to hold an extraordinary plenary session (18/01/2011)
    to express the unequivocal will of Cartagena in defense of the incorporation of our town to the line Ferrmed
  • Results of the tenth day of the Local League Soccer Base (18/01/2011)
    The competition resumed in force after the holidays
  • Prepared Route II Strengths April 2 (18/01/2011)
    Endorsed by the success of the first edition, the second will be presented to the media Wednesday at the Palace Hall
  • Radar control districts and county (18/01/2011)
    Local Police started a campaign to curb the rise in speed detected in some cruises
  • Intercepted a boat with thirteen immigrants (18/01/2011)
    The boat had been detected by the SIVE
  • Entremares has been awarded the "Best SME Absolute Category" in the Telefónica recognized Ability Awards (18/01/2011)

  • The Traffic Bureau is expanding its schedule to the public (17/01/2011)
    Starting Tuesday, the center of the local police, which in 2010 handled over 5,500 requests, treated in the service of other council departments
  • 061 Fire and rescue techniques using new cases recreating real (17/01/2011)
    This morning was held in the Security Park, a simulation of the rescue of victims in a traffic accident and falling down a well, which have involved more than 30 personnel
  • Cartagena presented in the upcoming FITUR Alex de la Iglesia (17/01/2011)

  • The members of the PP denounced the lack of information of the neighborhood of Isla Plana, governed by the PSOE (17/01/2011)

  • Collective Photographic Exhibition in Cartagena UNED (17/01/2011)
    Twelve friends come together in light "LOOKS" I Sample photo of Cartagena UNED, to expose thirty-six photos
  • Youth maintains the activities of T-La with half the budget (17/01/2011)

  • Press UPCT rejection of the aggression suffered by the Minister of Culture (17/01/2011)

  • The Technical University of Cartagena expresses its strongest condemnation of the aggression suffered by the Minister of Culture (16/01/2011)

  • SPCT condemns the attack on Minister for Culture Pedro Alberto Cruz (16/01/2011)
    SPCT wish you a speedy recovery and that the perpetrators are arrested and tried
  • The party expresses its unanimous rejection Cartagenera before the attack the Minister of Culture and Tourism (16/01/2011)

  • Team UPyD Government requires a new Mobility Plan to park and ride in several areas of the city (14/01/2011)
    to reduce noise and dust
  • ANSE, WWF and Greenpeace denounce a 98% reduction in the future marine reserve of Cabo Tiñoso (14/01/2011)

  • Youth Red Cross and Caritas Youth highlighted the efforts of the PP government of Cartagena to maintain social assistance (14/01/2011)

  • A five percent more tourists in Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas (14/01/2011)
    The consortium takes stock of 2010 which stays put in value the medieval Castillo de la Concepción and premiered Website
  • San Anton completed his holidays with the baptism of animals (14/01/2011)
    On Monday, the traditional event held that, as every year, will attend the Mayor and other members of the Municipal Corporation
  • Pozo Estrecho Sunday celebrates the patron saint San Fulgencio (14/01/2011)
    The Mayor will attend and participate each year with neighbors in the celebration and enjoy the traditional Galilean balls
  • Education program for ten plays during the current school (14/01/2011)
    The representations, which are characterized by their thematic variety and gender, will take place between January and May at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Past and present merge in Bad Moon Prize finalist novel Hache (14/01/2011)
    front of some 600 students, Rosa Huertas has presented his work that connects young and old with the story of poet Miguel Hernández Alicante
  • Access to the new Pavilion will cost 230,000 euros The Albujón (14/01/2011)
    The Governing Board approved the project with another of expropriation of land for a roundabout in Los Camachos and the signing of an agreement on digital certification for entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Barrio Peral Several streets will be affected on Tuesday as a water cut (14/01/2011)
    is due to maintenance work carried out and will cover two blocks Aquagest, besides the streets Sagunto and Submarino
  • Practice Joint Fire and 061 (14/01/2011)
    will be held on Monday in the Security Park rescue exercises victims of traffic accidents and falls within the wells
  • The mayor takes office as president of the Commonwealth Tourism del Mar Menor (13/01/2011)
    In his speech highlighted Pilar Barreiro The infrastructures have been built in recent years and ongoing projects that seek to promote quality tourism
  • The Film Club is back with new programming Hannibal (13/01/2011)
    Friday January 21 begins the first of the ten films to be screened until March in a new schedule, at 20.00 hours in the afternoon at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The Governing Board will consider an agreement to promote inter-firm Digital Certification (13/01/2011)
    At its meeting to be held on Friday at the Palace Hall, will also work to improve access to the flag of the Albujón
  • Looking for a thousand extras for à lex movie of the Church (13/01/2011)
    On Tuesday, the casting will begin in the Palace Molina de Cartagena
  • IV Painting Competition on Private à ngel Flores Mediterranean (13/01/2011)
    Those interested can submit their work, free theme, until 22 February
  • XX Poetry Contest Women's Center of Urban Mediterranean (13/01/2011)
    The deadline for papers is open until 15 February and the first prize winner will get 300 euros and a trophy
  • Rosa Huertas talks about the poet Miguel Hernández with readers Hache Award (13/01/2011)
    The writer presents Bad moon in the auditorium of the UPCT, a tribute to poet oriolano work with competing in the contest of young adult literature
  • The architectural elements of the city wearing the Carnival Poster 2011 (13/01/2011)
    February 26 tear a festival full of news, now beginning to get ahead during the poster presentation and the characters of Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma, which this year be expressed in verse
  • The first phase of CAI Mediterranean Urbanization will be ready in March (13/01/2011)
    The Councillor for Education and Culture have visited this morning the work of the Center for Child Care which will have about 200 seats and will serve also to New Cartagena, Media Room and San Anton
  • IU-Greens Cartagena requested that the prison of Saint Anthony to become the cultural center (13/01/2011)

  • The Women's Center of Urban Mediterranean commitment to culture (13/01/2011)
    With the cooperation of the City, the women's association has called the twentieth Poetry Contest and the fourth Painting Competition à ngel Flores, which will be decided on March 5
  • Emergency Repair in Serreta (13/01/2011)
    The brigade municipal fix so many tunnels will be closed to traffic late Friday
  • SPCT: "The new school of La Aljorra is projected on a flood zone" (13/01/2011)

  • The Brussels mayor defends the presence of the Port of Cartagena on the Mediterranean corridor (12/01/2011)

  • Death of former councilmen Julián Contreras Planning (12/01/2011)
    Team Edil Mayor Government Minister Jose Antonio Alonso, has long suffered a long illness
  • Councilor Salvador Marín chairs the Governing Board of the Cartagena UNED (12/01/2011)

  • Water Court on Friday in El Algar (12/01/2011)
    Aquagest interrupt the supply from early morning on several streets of the council for maintenance Cartagena
  • The Collection Agency moved to San Miguel (12/01/2011)
    Over 20 employees make up its staff next week will occupy a floor offices of the municipal building
  • Students Health Celador course, proud of their diplomas (12/01/2011)
    At the ceremony, the Councillor for Employment has encouraged them to joining the workforce, highlighting the growing demand that has been occurring in the health sector
  • UPyD claims that the waste of resources of the government team on large sites will wreak havoc on municipal finance (12/01/2011)
    compounding the effects of the crisis in our city
  • The Symphony Orchestra opens Murcia Nuevo Teatro Circo season (12/01/2011)
    Under the baton of maestro Knee, offers the first of a series of four concerts that interprets masterpieces as Kozertstà ¼ ck for four horns by Schumann
  • Astus learn to control emotions (12/01/2011)
    The Department of Education and the AES-Cartagena assist the Association in the series of talks on emotional intelligence provided by the renowned psychologist Daniel Gil'adi
  • First subscription concert of the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia in the programming of Culture in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (12/01/2011)
    La Orquesta Sinfónica de Murcia stars in a series of four concerts
  • The Ministry of Public turns on the lighting of access to Cartagena in the A-30 (11/01/2011)
    González Tovar indicated that proper lighting is key to ensure the safety of drivers
  • The children's hospital visit to the Royal (11/01/2011)

  • The residents of La Palma and La Vaguada see their new offices this year finished (11/01/2011)
    Major progress made by both projects can stand and see the two buildings, which have been designed with the idea of being able to be extended in case of produced a significant increase in population
  • The Brussels mayor defends the presence of the Port of Cartagena on the Mediterranean corridor (11/01/2011)

  • V Motoalmuerzo Peña Motera K-1 X The Lao (11/01/2011)
    party activities within the district of San Anton
  • Two new accesses can walk to the Hospital of Saint Lucia (11/01/2011)
    Work on the sidewalk that the City has been built from the new stop FEVE already been completed and will shortly be undertaken other than give access from the vicinity of the funeral of Serfusa
  • The construction of seven houses of public promotion in La Palma (11/01/2011)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Public Works this morning have put the first stone of the residential group to be located in a municipal plot of 1,132 square meters
  • IU-Greens believes the audience "a ruinous business" because of its high cost (11/01/2011)

  • The students in the course of the ADLE Health Celador receive their diplomas (11/01/2011)
    The ceremony, chaired by the Councillor for Employment, will take place on Wednesday at the Palace Hall
  • The Association of Amas de Casas, Cartagena Consumers and Users include the new opening of the city to the sea through Royal Street (11/01/2011)

  • Public Works began construction of a new advocacy group of public housing in Cartagena (11/01/2011)
    José Ballesta: "The goal is to provide a decent home for those citizens with fewer resources and also facilitate their full social integration
  • Cut traffic by Severo Ochoa works for three weeks (10/01/2011)
    Local Police has begun this morning the court signaling that affects users of this roundabout Aquagest works carried out to channel rainwater in the residential Virgin of Charity
  • The plenary adopted the report of Management Audit (10/01/2011)

  • It stresses that "the indirect management model will make the most cultural and artistic to the Auditorium and Congress Palace" (10/01/2011)

  • Úšltimas tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar (10/01/2011)
    With live vocals and an elaborate staging, the representation of the Municipal School of Theatre will arrive on February 19 at Teatro Circo and allocate the revenue to charity
  • 1,000 kilos of food in the stadium solidarity Cartagonova (10/01/2011)

  • Official Press Club Real Cartagena (09/01/2011)

  • The 39th Trofeo Carabela de Plata FC Cartagena faces against PSV Eindhoven (07/01/2011)
    The flagship tournament is held on Wednesday 12 January at a price of 5 euros for adults, while children get in free and paid
  • Cut Severo Ochoa traffic of works in channeling storm of the District Virgen de la Caridad (07/01/2011)

  • The privatization cost of the Auditorio de Cartagena 8,491,946 euros in grants over the next 5 years, according SPCT (07/01/2011)

  • The Documentation Service UPCT extends its opening hours from Monday 10 January (07/01/2011)

  • Los Reyes Magos already in Cartagena (05/01/2011)
    Your Majesties, this evening out during the rides, have arrived in the morning to the port where a large number of children were waiting to greet them and provide them with their requests
  • Youth football tournament in the festival of San Antón (05/01/2011)
    This weekend, the championship is held in the football rules 7 and 11 football involving juveniles, children and cadets of 5 clubs in Cartagena
  • The Community promotes the rehabilitation of the historic center of Cartagena, in the Regional Housing Plan (05/01/2011)
    It will improve safety and living conditions as well as accessibility and energy efficiency of 120 homes and buildings
  • Arrested for disturbing the peace in the bus station (05/01/2011)
    In his flight, the individual broke one of the gates and lashed out against a user of the terminal, which had to be attended by a blow to the Rosell
  • Students of Occupational FP center will practice in Cartagena Repsol Lubricants (05/01/2011)
    The agreement signed with the firm will engage in practices that students in this course
  • Alex de la Iglesia works in Cartagena (04/01/2011)
    The famous director and president of the Spanish Film Academy is now in the port city choosing scenarios for his next film
  • The Finance Committee approved the initiation of procedures for the management of the Auditorium and Congress Palace (04/01/2011)
    Having met this morning, also gave the green light to the memory for the management of municipal Laboratory
  • Cartagena Firefighters smother fire in the Plaza Athene (04/01/2011)
    The misplacement of an electric fryer has been what caused the fire, which affected only one person had to be attended by smoke inhalation
  • The mayor and the director of Arqua join forces to boost tourism and cultural development of Cartagena (04/01/2011)
    Xavier Nieto was presented this morning at the first municipal authority and has been prepared to present the museum is nationally through scientific events, conferences and cultural activities
  • Urban Development has given the green light to the amendment of the Special Plan of Excellence Campus UPCT (04/01/2011)
    Gathered this morning, the Planning Commission and Infrastructure Information has finally approved this action the result of collaboration between City Hall and Autonomous University
  • The football show your face more solidarity (04/01/2011)

  • The press thrashed Real Cartagena (04/01/2011)

  • Los Reyes Magos prepare for his arrival in Cartagena (04/01/2011)
    Their Majesties arrive tomorrow early in the Port to receive the letters and petitions from the smallest, who gladly receive the gates of the Town Hall
  • The Port of Cultures website, the first European tourist portal with quality certificate (04/01/2011)
    The project s Tourism for All, coordinated by the Info with the cooperation of the City of Cartagena, the Foundation Digital Catalia Eleven and has received the prestigious certification Euracert
  • V final whistle Soccer Christmas Tournament base (04/01/2011)
    Councillor for Sports, Alonso Gómez, closed and handed the championship trophy to EF Torre Pacheco, who won the juvenile category
  • Presentation Beto (03/01/2011)
    This week has taken place in Central Hall, the presentation of new plays for Real Cartagena, Beto
  • Urban green light will change in the Special Plan of Excellence Campus UPCT (03/01/2011)
    On Tuesday, the Commission meets in Town Planning Information San Miguel Building for final approval of this activity
  • SPCT patient complains that the new maternity hospital in Santa Lucia receive food daily hospital Vinalopo (03/01/2011)
    SPCT says the cuisine of the new hospital does not work, and is only used to reheat food that comes from the facilities Alicante hospital
  • The New Year is settled without incident highlights (03/01/2011)
    Cartagena Local Police took stock of the activities of the last night of the year 2010, 15 Notices bellonging without any evidence of severe
  • New Year's Concert at the Teatro Circo (03/01/2011)
    The Department of Celebration has organized a concert tonight by the City of Elche symphony orchestra, including classical pieces by Ravel, Mozart and Strauss, among others
  • The mayor congratulated the paddle cartagenera Patty Llaguno (03/01/2011)
    The athlete has received a plaque recognizing his title of World Champion, got the 3rd of December in Mexico, along with fellow Iciar Montes
  • Steal a car and police are surprised circulating in forbidden direction (03/01/2011)
    agents intercepted the vehicle on Fish Street towards the Plaza de la Isla, and managed to find one of the two occupants fled on foot when to Los Mateos
  • The El Colegio Luis Vives celebrates 40 years Albujón (03/01/2011)
    have collaborated in collecting toys, organized by the city of Cartagena, as a starting point to a full anniversary year of exhibitions, workshops, ceremonies and competitions in schools
  • The CD Minerva, V Trophy winner Cadet Christmas (03/01/2011)
    It has won the title after winning on penalties (3-2) to efsane Gines in the municipal Playa Paraiso
  • Beto, third signing of the Cartagena Reale (01/01/2011)


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