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Cartagena News - June 2008

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  • IV Festival of Theater of the Sea, a touch of humor (30/06/2008)
    Great architects of humor, and Millán Salcedo or Terremoto de Alcorcón, with his performances enliven the night of 1 to 8 August in Cartagena
  • Healthy Ageing Program ends with visits to the spa Archena (30/06/2008)
    In this program, developed during the month of June, over 700 have participated over the town aged between 60 and 70
  • Reinforcement of the bus service to the beaches for the summer (30/06/2008)
    Starting tomorrow, buses will leave every half hour La Manga and the beach bus will, every hour and a half, Cala Cortina and El Portus
  • The 'Morena Clara' Malaga passionate in St. Lucia (30/06/2008)
    flamenco recitals cycle continues on Saturday with a performance by singer from Madrid 'Jesus Huts'
  • IU against the ban on the bike in pedestrian zones (29/06/2008)

  • La Manga Consortium improves accessibility to the beaches of this area and Cabo de Palos (29/06/2008)
    The execution of the works represent an investment of 175,000 euros
  • The amendment to the General Plan of Cartagena that enables the construction of 1,800 housing for young people in Mills Marfagones (29/06/2008)

  • A park of San Felix is named for Clemente Calvo Diego (28/06/2008)
    The City Council and the residents pay tribute to the late president in a decade, the neighborhood association in the neighborhood
  • La Mar de Músicas meet Asha Bhosle, Alpha Blondy, Ute Lemper, Benjamin Biolay, Milton Nascimento and Camille, in particular France (27/06/2008)
    The festival starts on Saturday 5 with the Orchestre National de Barbes and Café Tacvba
  • La Puerta de Murcia closed to traffic in the evenings to facilitate purchases in sales (27/06/2008)

  • The mayor meets with participants of the football camps 'Pegasus' (27/06/2008)
    The reception was held at the Ceremonial Hall of the Town Hall
  • XVI National Folk Festival in the District of Cartagena (27/06/2008)
    The event will be held from 9 to 13 July in The Palm of the Casas Grandes de la Palma, on the theme of the customs and rituals regarding death as a central
  • Social Services closer to citizens (27/06/2008)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services has reorganized their work units, increasing it to 16 and decreasing the ratio of people who are attending each
  • The City Council meets the license of demolition and dismantling of Zins (27/06/2008)
    The project was received for 20 days in the session and is expected to award over the next week
  • The new General Plan is an instrument of economic development (27/06/2008)
    The document is now ready and will be sent Monday to the General Directorate of Coasts to continue with administrative procedures that allow to put in place as soon as possible
  • IU accused the regional administration and local behavior "negligent" in their responsibilities to zincs (27/06/2008)

  • A park will be named San Félix Calvo Diego Clemente (27/06/2008)
    The City and the neighbors will pay tribute to the late president in a decade, the neighborhood association in the neighborhood
  • ... (27/06/2008)

  • 100,000 euros for shares of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cartagena (27/06/2008)

  • Death of Salvador Rosillo Moreno (27/06/2008)
    The funeral of the sports facilities manager of the PMD will be held on Saturday at ten o'clock in the morgue of Castillitos
  • The best "math" on a visit to Cartagena (26/06/2008)
    Councillor for Education has received this morning the participants in the National Mathematical Olympiad XIX
  • The correspondents receive a diploma for her work in schools (26/06/2008)
    Twenty young people have developed their work in secondary schools and in this school year UPCT
  • Toumani Diabaté, the great musician of the kora, replaced Hector Zazou in La Mar de Músicas (26/06/2008)
    Konono No 1 and Kasai All Stars will not come to the festival either by not granting a visa
  • 'Box of Time' at the Second Biennial of Vitoria-Gasteiz Leisure (26/06/2008)
    This innovative initiative of the City of Cartagena has been received with great interest by those attending the meeting being held these days in the capital of Alava
  • Social Services convened a number of competitions on the occasion of the Cultural Week Gitana XI (26/06/2008)
    The deadline for submission of the work ends on September 15
  • Jean Rollin wins the VI International Prize for the novel of diversity The Sea Lyrics to the book 'You broke the cuff' (25/06/2008)
    Publishing ElCobre in collaboration with the festival, has published the novel in Spain
  • Unlocking the proposed underground train on his arrival in Cartagena (25/06/2008)
    The three administrations end to finalize technical details in a meeting to be held next week
  • The indoor pool will remain in place pending her award (25/06/2008)
    Activities are suspended in August due to holidays and will resume on September 1
  • Cartagena includes six blue flags awarded to beaches (25/06/2008)
    is the municipality of the region with more distinction, that certify the quality of its waters and services
  • Cartagena UI shows its "total disagreement" with the rising cost of public nurseries (25/06/2008)

  • The New Cartagena College Football season goodbye with a big party (25/06/2008)
    The closing took place in the social center of Mediterranean Urbanization last weekend
  • Social Care Councillor visits the Tower Nazareth (25/06/2008)
    The school management, that welcomes people with AIDS, met yesterday with Antonio Calderon to set out the projects and needs of the
  • Rodríguez (IU) accuses the government team to "worry" of the consequences of the crisis (24/06/2008)

  • A young man arrested for alleged fraud and immigration (24/06/2008)
    The arrest occurred last Saturday when the young man paid with a counterfeit bill in a street setting Serreta
  • I Contest winners receive their prize CTPedia (24/06/2008)
    The Deputy Mayor Agustin Guillen has been in charge of presenting the awards
  • The schools displayed their work on the draft Entrepreneurship (24/06/2008)
    The ADLE opens tomorrow, Wednesday the exhibition with works by 700 young people, which will be open until Thursday at the Real Sociedad Economica de Amigos del País
  • Burns paints a ship on the road to La Aljorra (24/06/2008)
    The fire was large and that the ship contained inside large number of boats and solvent
  • The Santa Ana College Football goes on vacation (24/06/2008)
    entity celebrates the end of the course in the Hall of Sorrows with the participation of about 400 people, including students and families
  • The Night of San Juan leaves behind vehicles, containers and burning bush (24/06/2008)
    Firefighters intervened on 32 occasions and retreated several fires while police seized some fireworks in several institutions and individuals
  • The selection cartagenera farewell to football season (24/06/2008)
    The closing ceremony was held yesterday at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy with the participation of members of the lower grades, parents and football fans
  • The mayor marks the first year of his current term (23/06/2008)
    The creation of the Municipal Institute of Coastal Service and a commitment to a cleaner city, better controlled and more accessible, are the issues highlighted by Pilar Barreiro in the compliance review manifesto
  • The submarine Tonina could be at sea and visited by the future Plaza del CIM (23/06/2008)
    The City Council is studying the feasibility of placing the submarine gave them the Spanish Armada in the water rather than land, as they have made in Torrevieja
  • Ramón García Perez will receive the award Thursday Cartagenero of the Year 2007 (23/06/2008)
    The event was held at seven pm at the Palace Hall
  • The City Council will release a new specification for the service award ORA (23/06/2008)
    The new statement, restated the existing one, includes one of the points that the City received a contribution from the contractor in terms of volume of vehicles parked
  • 280 Cartagena unemployed receive social work training through the project work (23/06/2008)
    The initiative, designed by the Agency of Local Development and Employment, has received a European grant of 352,000 euros
  • The Governing Board approved local urban planning procedures for the construction of 1,200 houses (23/06/2008)
    The most important activities are located in El Hondon, La Loma de Canteras and Media Room
  • The central pedestrian works respect the start of sales (23/06/2008)
    The Local Government Committee today approved the actions that begin on July 10 from the square to the main street Icue and eight blocks affect Hull Cartagena
  • Pure flamenco with María José Pérez (23/06/2008)
    The young singer from Almería on Saturday offered one of the flamenco recitals being held every week in the Santa Lucia
  • Cartagena Key brings classical music to the most emblematic of the city (23/06/2008)
    The Mediterranean Music Festival, which celebrates its eleventh edition of 23 to 28 June, includes zarzuela, flamenco and, above all, opera, commemorating the 150 anniversary of the birth of Puccini
  • Adopted by the General Urban Plan of Cartagena on the Dock of Escombreras (22/06/2008)
    The specific modification can meet the new demands generated at the port
  • The phase II of the Old Town pedestrian was approved Monday by the Governing Board (21/06/2008)
    In the meeting also declared void the tender for the management of the ORA
  • El Auditorio de Cartagena, exhibited in Tokyo along with 19 other international projects (21/06/2008)
    The project architect José Selgas shares exhibition space with projects by Norman Foster or Frank Gehry
  • 'The book on wheels' makes a stop in Cartagena (20/06/2008)
    It is a campaign to promote reading today has distributed three thousand books pocket between the train and bus users in the city
  • Symposium on prevention of occupational risks for municipal officials (20/06/2008)
    Taught by Professor of Labour Law Antonio Vicente Sempere has developed this morning in Colao Alberto Estate
  • Rodríguez (IU) and Mercader Barreiro accused of wanting to "clean up their image" with the system Aries (20/06/2008)

  • Cycling, swimming and athletics in the City of Cartagena Triathlon III (20/06/2008)
    From Cavite Heroes Square can be seen all three tests, including 750 meter swim, 20 kilometer bike and 5 km walk
  • More than 60 people will ensure the safety of citizens during the night of San Juan (20/06/2008)
    Local Police and Fire Departments have set up special equipment because of the bonfires of San Juan the next day 23 June
  • Three million euros to improve the infrastructure of schools (20/06/2008)
    The works were made known to the Municipal School Board, which gave the green light to the three non-school days of the school calendar for next year 2008/09
  • The state of our beaches, through Internet and mobile (20/06/2008)
    The website of the City provides all the information contained in the fifteen positions Civil Protection already in operation, which will join seven others from Day 1 July
  • Arrested a guy trying to rob the OMIT of Sorrows (20/06/2008)
    The local security alarm alerted the local police who found the boy trying to force the door with a screwdriver
  • The ADLE get funding for a new school workshop and a workshop of employment (20/06/2008)

  • The Rhythm Club Cartagena is three posts in the final at the World Aesthetic Canada (19/06/2008)
    After a creditable performance, the Cartagena won the thirteenth place, winning the championship in Finland, the cradle of this new sport
  • The cross-cultural centers, bridges between immigrants and the society (19/06/2008)
    Social Care Councillor closed yesterday the school year of intercultural centers at the Municipal Institute of Social Services
  • The used oil is collected in the region will be used to produce biodiesel (19/06/2008)
    The Region expects to remove about 60,000 liters to the end of the year in the campaign to collect cooking oil launched by the Ministry of Sustainable Development
  • 34 breath tests positive in the June campaign Local Police (19/06/2008)
    Tests conducted by agents in the town reach $ 804, of which 129 were made as a result of traffic accidents, resulting in six sometimes exceeded the rate allowed
  • Good response to Much More May at the Third Conference of Best Practices of Youth to be held in L'Hospitalet (19/06/2008)
    The Festival of Cartagena has been invited to present their experience in this forum dedicated to the culture, and youth participation
  • Bollywood star Asha Bhosle will perform for the first time in Spain in La Mar de Músicas, a festival dedicated to French culture (19/06/2008)
    The inauguration will be borne by the Orchestre National de Barbes and Café Tacvba
  • Victoria Rodríguez (Izquierda Unida) ensures that the president of the foundation that manages the UCAM "under suspicion" (19/06/2008)

  • Morocco will be the guest country at the 2009 edition of the festival La Mar de Músicas (19/06/2008)
    This evening was made in Cartagena the fourteenth edition of the festival, which begins July 5 and for which there is already secured the full in some concerts such as Rubén Blades or Enrique Morente
  • Adif technician performs a mock emergency at the freight station Escombreras (19/06/2008)
    The action consisted of a hypothetical fire in an area close to the tracks to spread the risk of rolling stock parked
  • Sustainable Development receives the latest equipment to monitor air quality (19/06/2008)
    This technology allows precise accuracy of weather 48 hours in advance and serves to prevent air pollution episodes
  • The solution to the burial of the AVE line in Cartagena, closer (18/06/2008)
    On Wednesday June 25 paraticipará City Council at a meeting with Renfe Development to address this issue
  • The selection of Cartagena is imposed in juvenile X Tuft Memorial José Albacete (18/06/2008)
    The Children and cadet categories were not so lucky in the tournament that was held last Saturday and finished in sixth place
  • 'The book on wheels' goes to Cartagena (18/06/2008)
    It is a campaign to promote reading to hand out pocket-three thousand books on Friday between the train and bus users in the city
  • The House approves the statutes of the Foundation of the Roman Amphitheatre and Museum of Contemporary Art (18/06/2008)
    tabi Corporation has given the green light to the accounts of the Local Digital Television and Society Old Town, and several opinions of the Planning Commission
  • Verse and Fire closes Bazaar Free Popular University (18/06/2008)
    The poetry reading, entitled 'A one voice', will terminate the course tomorrow and open the summer period Water Workshops
  • The culture and music, vehicles for integration between peoples (17/06/2008)
    The musician Jordi Savall was responsible for closing yesterday afternoon, the official commemoration of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, an event chaired by the mayor and held downtown Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The local police arrest a young woman for stealing in the market Cabo de Palos (17/06/2008)
    The detainee, a Bulgarian national, was also allegedly robbed inside a house together with other people
  • Cartagena Key brings classical music to the landmarks of the city (17/06/2008)
    The Mediterranean Music Festival, which celebrates its eleventh edition of 23 to 28 June, include zarzuela, flamenco and, above all opera, with commemorating the 150 anniversary of the birth of Puccini
  • Windmills of the Region, in a book (17/06/2008)
    It brings together nearly 300 buildings of its kind in the region, whose uniqueness is that its lateen sails are traditionally used in craft
  • The City Council and Hostec strengthen ties for the future of hospitality in the region (17/06/2008)
    The mayor has received this morning the new president of Hostec, José Antonio Nieto, and its Board of Directors to discuss issues of interest and the future Tourist Center Qualification (CST)
  • Tourism financed 600,000 euro to build a sports complex on the Mar Menor (17/06/2008)
    the new sports center will serve the towns of La Manga, Cabo de Palos and Los Belones
  • School on two wheels (16/06/2008)
    500 students have received this morning your rider card, representing students who have participated in the Municipal Road Safety Education Program and has been closed today
  • Jordi Savall's concert will shine to the commemoration of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (16/06/2008)
    The musician and ambassador to the EU has been received by the mayor and this evening will give a concert of early music at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • X Lacemakers Meeting of Bun in the Aljorra (16/06/2008)
    Organized by the Cultural Association of Women of the Aljorra, cooperate with Prolam installing a product market
  • Socio-Cultural Week III Mill Marfagones (16/06/2008)
    The program activities include theater and literature evenings, party or masquerade rociera
  • The music of the 80 returns to the stage (16/06/2008)
    Students and teachers of IES Los Molinos held on Wednesday the third edition of the Mills summer festival, which will perform songs from this era
  • Colleagues program held its end of year (16/06/2008)
    On Saturday, workshops were conducted at the Port of Cartagena to highlight the work of a performance that promotes intercultural coexistence between people, and that will continue next month in October
  • 1,300 players participate in the closure of the local youth football league (16/06/2008)
    The event took place last Friday in Cartagonova Municipal Stadium, where he presented the awards to the best teams, fair play and sports players
  • The Municipal Corporation held full on Wednesday 18 June (16/06/2008)
    The session will be held after half past nine in the Palace Hall
  • Yesterday at sea were intercepted eleven other Algerian immigrants (16/06/2008)

  • End of program workshops colleagues (13/06/2008)
    will be held Saturday at the forecourt of the port within Divertirama
  • Cartagena received a Silver Broom as one of the cleanest cities (13/06/2008)
    The association ATEGRUS these awards given each year to highlight the work of institutions working to improve street cleaning
  • Barreiro waiver of his salary as mayor and shall receive compensation for attending the town meetings (13/06/2008)
    The matter has been ruled unanimously by the Finance Committee has also given the green light to the accounts of Casco Antiguo and the municipal Digital TV
  • The speed Circuito Permanente de Cartagena receives 66,000 euros to promote motorcycling and motorsport (13/06/2008)

  • Intercultural Center closing the year with a big party (13/06/2008)
    The event, presented Councilman Social Care, will take place next Monday at the Salesians
  • Day league among teams of volunteers from the city (12/06/2008)
    Implica2 The program maintains its philosophy of promoting intercultural relations through sports
  • More than 3,700 students have participated in the Municipal Road Safety Education Program (12/06/2008)
    The closure will take place on Monday June 16 at 10 am at the Angel Park Bruna Traffic
  • The Planning Commission finally approved the Plan setor Part 2 of the CC1 (12/06/2008)
    The new growth area of Cartagena, located opposite the industrial estate across the road from Torreciega, will house approximately 4,000 dwellings in buildings of up to sixteen plants
  • The Committee on Finance and Interior meets Friday (12/06/2008)
    Among other things, dictates the change in the remuneration of the mayor and the accounts of the Old Town and the Digital TV
  • 1,300 older enjoyed a day of living in Los Urrutias (12/06/2008)
    On the occasion of the closure of the leisure workshops have been conducted throughout the year
  • XXI Trofeo Ciudad de Cartagena swim (12/06/2008)
    About 400 swimmers will gather on Saturday June 14 at the municipal pool in the Youth House
  • V International Youth Soccer Campus Pegasus (12/06/2008)
    hundred youth from around the world will have the opportunity to enjoy football with the best athletes through this campus, won the Fair Play Award at last year Cartagenero Sports
  • A concert by Jordi Savall will shine to the commemoration of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (12/06/2008)
    The musician and ambassador to the EU will participate on Monday in events organized by the city of Cartagena to celebrate the coexistence and integration between cultures
  • The ADLE obtained a grant of 122,000 euros for orientation activities and job placement (12/06/2008)
    Within OPEA program was developed nearly a thousand performances with unemployed SEF
  • The Finnish engraving gives way to the photograph of the Frenchman Bernard Plossu (12/06/2008)
    On Friday June 13 is the last day to visit the exhibition 'Frost Flowers' at the Palace Hall, which from July 8 will host a photographic exhibition framed in the festival La Mar de Músicas
  • Al collect receipts for the positions of the markets of the summer (12/06/2008)
    From 13 June to 3 July you can make payment in the negotiated market, which hopes to raise around 100,000 euros for this item
  • Ruta Segway around town with the program T-LA (11/06/2008)
    La has organized the Youth Council for this coming weekend and will pass through the port, the sea wall and Park Towers, among other places
  • Start the Brotherhood Week California (11/06/2008)
    Guided tours, children and confratermnización celebrations, along with lectures and concerts, which integrate
  • Sustainable Development works to add value to the Navy's Carmolí collaboration with UNV volunteers Volcam (11/06/2008)
    The project offers training sessions and field trips focusing on cleanup activities and awareness
  • Cartagena hosts a seminar for non-EU entrepreneurs (11/06/2008)
    is held Thursday in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation and aims to identify business opportunities in this sector of the population
  • Semana Cultural de Molinos Marfagones (11/06/2008)
    cultural heritage of the region of Cartagena will have a prominent place in the Cultural Week, with several lectures and visits
  • An individual arrested for stealing and intimidating the owner of a bar (11/06/2008)
    The incident took place last Saturday, the day on which the local police also proceeded to confiscate a vehicle with plenty of free material and non-prescription medicines bill
  • Divertirama.08 invites you to enjoy family (11/06/2008)
    Organized by the Department of Social Services, the activity takes place on Saturday in the port plaza
  • The more children learn how to save the planet (10/06/2008)
    The Department of Education closed Wednesday morning, with a fun show, developed environmental programs in several schools in this school year
  • Day of living of seniors in Los Urrutias (10/06/2008)
    On the occasion of the closure of the leisure workshops have been conducted throughout the year
  • The creative power of Carmen Conde arrives at the National Library (10/06/2008)
    On Thursday, June 13, opens the exhibition of the centenary of his birth, which can be visited in Madrid until 17 August
  • Great audience at the concert Capullo de Jerez (10/06/2008)
    About 1,000 people attended the concert flamenco singer offered the last Saturday in the Market of Santa Lucia, after being suspended last week because of rain
  • The platform 'Learn' recorded more than 120 people during its first month (10/06/2008)
    Thanks to this online training platform, the City of Cartagena has already delivered several degrees and has made several classroom courses
  • The regional team Murcia, Spain runner-up in Greco-Roman wrestling (10/06/2008)
    Cartagena welcomed on Saturday the Championship of Spain Olympic Wrestling School
  • The deadline for contributed papers to 'Tecnoneet 2008' is open until next June 22 (09/06/2008)

  • National Prize for European SEF program for training in industrial quality control (09/06/2008)
    The goal has been the development of learning materials in four languages, to professionals who perform non-destructive testing
  • Intercepted a boat with nine immigrants (07/06/2008)

  • An agreement with the Community provides almost 400,000 euros to help in the home and dependent care (06/06/2008)
    respite care service receives a major boost by the municipality, with an extra contribution of 300,000 euros
  • Tower Nazareth, thirteen years helping AIDS patients (06/06/2008)
    The guesthouse, located in Santa Ana, celebrated on June 9, coinciding with the day of the Autonomous Community, the thirteenth anniversary
  • The City improved management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (06/06/2008)
    By signing an agreement with ERP, which will pay the Consistory EUR 40 per tonne of such waste to collect in the city
  • Arrested for destruction in the stairs of the tunnel Gisbert (06/06/2008)
    Local Police Station transfer to an individual who was taking pieces of the railing
  • The CTpedia I already have competition winners (06/06/2008)
    The first prize has gone to for Alejandro Egea Vivancos and the latter has succeeded Antonio García Hernández
  • The change appearance Informajoven (06/06/2008)
    The Institute for Youth in the Region of Murcia has awarded a grant of € 100,000 to carry out the refurbishment of its facilities in the Paseo de Alfonso XIII
  • Youth information about schools (06/06/2008)
    The Department has awarded 15 scholarships of correspondents as many students from different institutes with the aim of disseminating information of interest among students
  • Aid to secondary schools for extracurricular activities (06/06/2008)
    The Local Government Board has approved grants worth 20,000 euros to a total of 15 institutes of the city
  • Youth supports the activities of 52 youth groups in the municipality (06/06/2008)
    aid ranging between 800 and 4,000 euros
  • End the largest edition of 'The Box of Time' (06/06/2008)
    It's been eight months of dedication to community efforts to conclude Friday with a great activity holiday in Los Mateos
  • The Governing Board ratified the agreement with unions on the RED (06/06/2008)
    Every one of the officers attached to the system will perform 180 hours of overtime per year
  • Liquor Factory 43 will move to Los Camachos (06/06/2008)
    Occupying a plot of over 34,000 square meters in the industrial park, with a project that includes not only the manufacture of beverages, but the tourist attraction
  • The City hopes to bid out the bullring after the summer (06/06/2008)
    The necessary sector reparcelling CC1 for the municipality owns the land that currently prevents the contest to be convened
  • Cartagena accommodating new training courses for local police officers in the Region (06/06/2008)
    The City Council will sign a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of the Presidency
  • School Parents dismissed the school year (06/06/2008)
    The closing ceremony was held at the Military History Museum with a lecture on the role of grandparents in Education
  • Today at 11.00 hours the government team appearance (06/06/2008)
    The spokesperson will notice in the Press Room of the Town Hall of the most prominent of the governing board meeting this morning
  • Travel Expo Zaragoza and Port Aventura (05/06/2008)
    The Youth Council has opened the application period of both activities for the months of August and September respectively
  • VII International Tournament New Cartagena Interschools Football (05/06/2008)
    Tomorrow presents this sporting event to be held on 7 and 8 June
  • Information campaign for the control of stepping stones (05/06/2008)
    Local Police is launching a pilot project which started in La Palma using the new terminal that just premiered Blackberry agents
  • Islamic Ceramics Cartagena Lorca arrives in an exhibition (05/06/2008)
    The exhibition shows a selection of fifty pieces collected over more than twenty years of excavations in this county Murcia
  • Cartagena Women Cofrades organize the Third National Congress Costalera (05/06/2008)
    is held between 30 January and 1 February next year and will focus on the integration of women in the work of the Holy Week brotherhoods
  • More than 200 vehicles have passed through the controls of the local police in the past two months (05/06/2008)
    The campaign, which began on March 26, has been present in different parts of town promoting safety
  • Descends from widespread drug use in Cartagena (05/06/2008)
    The Fourth Conference on Drug Dependence Municipal Action held from yesterday until tomorrow at the Cultural Hall of Cajamurcia, Pedreño Home
  • UI shows its "disagreement" with the "ultra-conservative conspiracy" against Citizenship Education (05/06/2008)

  • Presentation of the VII International Tournament New Cartagena Interschools Football (05/06/2008)
    Tomorrow presents this sporting event to be held on 7 and 8 June
  • National Olympic Wrestling Championship (04/06/2008)
    About 300 athletes participating Saturday in the sports event to be held at the Central Pavilion Sports
  • Preparing the National Women's Congress Cofrades (04/06/2008)
    Cofrades Women's Association on Thursday visited Cartagena Deputy Mayor Agustín Guillén
  • The flotilla of minesweepers of NATO takes a breather in Cartagena (04/06/2008)
    The naval base in the city beginning today to receive the crew of seven vessels in our port will remain until 13 June, two days after the change annually produce their commander
  • A street level and to serve the public (04/06/2008)
    PM40 group, composed of ten unemployed people over 40 years, will start tomorrow its monitoring of compliance with the bylaws and custody of public property throughout Cartagena
  • The women of the county increasingly interested in its formation (04/06/2008)
    About 130 women have received their diplomas today of Accounting and Infrormática courses organized during the first half of the year by the Department of Women
  • Amphibians and Reptiles of the Region of Murcia (04/06/2008)
    The talk will be held on Friday, June 6, inside the workshop of Nature of the People's University
  • The property tax collection until 5 August (04/06/2008)
    is also the period within which payment of a taxi license, occupation of public with tables and chairs and garbage and sewer rates in La Manga del Mar Menor
  • The role of grandparents in closing the education program of Parents School (04/06/2008)
    The ceremony was held at the Military History Museum, will receive their certificates of participation to members of the AMPA's
  • A successful participation in the tent Cool-ture (04/06/2008)
    For a week, carp Cool-ture in Cartagena has been the showcase of the latest artistic creations and cultural initiatives in the region
  • On-going monitoring device and Rescue on beaches (03/06/2008)
    Civil Protection today presented the new human and material resources are there in this summer, with a total of 72 people, two own ambulances, three new vehicles and the ground water in addition to those already in use
  • A local guide facilitates the integration of immigrants (03/06/2008)
    The Immigration Resource Guide includes a complete list of associations and organizations that work with this group in the city
  • More than 900 children are targeted to the Summer Schools, Colonial Road Music and Education (03/06/2008)
    About 200 have been excluded on a waiting list.
  • All set for collaborating agents PM40 (03/06/2008)
    On Wednesday, Councilman Public Roads in the Park Los Juncos the new integrated service for unemployed people over 40 years
  • IV Municipal Action Conference on Drug Dependence (03/06/2008)
    are held on 4, 5 and 6 June and will address issues of prevention and increased consumption of so-called 'drugs without substance ", as the Internet or mobile, each increasingly common among young people
  • Brotherhood Week California (03/06/2008)

  • The local police arrested a drunk driver with a minor in the vehicle (03/06/2008)
    The event took place in the district of Conception and the detainee had a court order prohibiting him from driving motor vehicles
  • The owners of a farm in La Palma retain an individual who tried to steal a colt (03/06/2008)
    The involved was eventually arrested by local police during the weekend also went to police station for stealing four other individuals inside a car
  • Resource guide for immigrants (02/06/2008)
    Social Care Councillor presents tomorrow the publication that contains information on partnerships and activities of the municipality aimed at this group
  • Agents with the office in your pocket (02/06/2008)
    Municipal Police officers will from tomorrow with a new tool: a telephone terminal that will give some of incidents and real time information without having to move to the police base
  • Delegation of the Government and Mayor cooperate in solving the problems of the municipality (02/06/2008)
    Barreiro González Tovar and highlight the good tone and who want to maintain harmony between the two institutions
  • Presentation of the technical resources of the Civil Protection Rescue Plan Beaches (02/06/2008)
    will be Tuesday in the Esplanade of Heroes of Cavite
  • The details of the design and construction of the Town Hall, collected in a book (02/06/2008)
    The Department of Culture has published the book 'Design, construction and structural problems in the City Hall of Cartagena', written by José María Rubio Paredes
  • Suspended Capullo de Jerez concert because of rain (02/06/2008)
    The flamenco singer offered his recital on Saturday in the same place, the Lonja de Santa Lucia, about the same time
  • Opens the deadline to apply for financial aid for young travelers (02/06/2008)
    The deadline to apply for these grants is 16 June and can be made via Internet
  • "Murcia Photojournalism 2007" in the Byzantine Wall (02/06/2008)
    Shadow The exhibition contains graphic information about the events of the past year
  • Galicia and Andalusia carried the Championship of Spain of Combined Events Regional Federations (02/06/2008)
    The sporting event took place this weekend with a public conditioned by the presence of rain
  • A fire causes evacuation of residents of a building in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (02/06/2008)
    Fire in which species have involved two fire crews began at 2:00 am today, Monday
  • The Housing and Land Institute formalizes the deed of sale of 19 homes in Cartagena (01/06/2008)
    The aim of this initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport, is to facilitate access to housing for families with low income

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