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Cartagena News - October 2008

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  • More flow for traffic in La Manga (31/10/2008)
    The Mayor and the Minister Ballesta signed on Monday an agreement for the construction of two roundabouts in La Manga to alleviate traffic in this area.
  • The design of the new sports center of La Palma will also cultural activities (31/10/2008)

  • The mayor asked for more money to Cartagena in the state budget (31/10/2008)
    Last week, in his capacity as deputy, presented to Congress a series of amendments on water, rail and roads, among other issues of concern to the city .
  • Cartagena hosts the Meeting of Associations of Parents of Students of the Region of Murcia (31/10/2008)
    will be held on 16 November and it provides for the participation of about two thousand people.
  • The Mediterranean and sports complex to open its doors (31/10/2008)
    The Governing Board also approved the implementation of energy saving measures in the cultural center Luzzy Ramón Alonso.
  • Local Police special operation ahead of facing the day of All Saints (31/10/2008)
    The device police began Thursday in the cemetery of St. Lucia and St. Anton, with the influx of people, and on Saturday extended to all cemeteries the municipality.
  • Closing of the V International Tournament La Manga Club (31/10/2008)
    took place on Wednesday, with the victory of the English school Kevyn's Football Academy.
  • The Floymape about table tennis students (31/10/2008)
    Yesterday, we inaugurated the second edition of the ADE with the participation of students in the Mediterranean school of La Manga.
  • Film, Coffee and Senior Tertulia (31/10/2008)
    The activity is organized by the Department of Social Care and Caja Madrid.
  • The Autonomous Community of Murcia restore the environment-Atamaria Portman Road (Calblanque Regional Park), following complaints by ANSE (31/10/2008)

  • Cartagena UPyD supports increasing train from Cartagena to Murcia and change schedules for some services (30/10/2008)

  • Cartagena UPyD returns to denounce the private management of municipal nursery school (30/10/2008)

  • Progress in the recovery of Tallante garbancillo (30/10/2008)
    The garbancillo of Tallante (Astragalus nitidiflorus) is a small plant of the legume family (peas, beans, chickpeas) that occurs only in the Campo de Cartagena
  • Halloween Night at the Youth Resource Centre (30/10/2008)
    Friday will be open from 22 hours to provide activities and workshops for young people, who also enjoy a passage of terror
  • The students can watch the matches free Peinsa Cartagena FS (30/10/2008)
    The campaign, 'Come with your friends' aims to promote the sport among school children aged 8 to 14
  • La Mar de Músicas participates in the Womex (30/10/2008)
    Cartagena festival directors will be at the fair of world music held in Seville from today until next Sunday
  • Success in the second edition of First Aid Course (30/10/2008)
    Organized by the Department of Sports, was held yesterday at the Central Hall with the participation of over fifty people
  • The Minister of Culture tried to "give the little card scam" with the Muram in the Assembly, as PSOE (30/10/2008)
    Teresa Rosique presented a motion asking the regional government to ensure the acquisition of the collection 'Marifí Plazas' and believes a veritable museum of modern art in Cartagena
  • A new course in the People's University (30/10/2008)
    Councillor for Culture opened yesterday afternoon Rosario Montero 2008-2009, with the presence of three hundred students of the courses and workshops taught
  • The municipal policies will affect mobility in public transport (30/10/2008)
    Yesterday Civic Commission met Pedestrian and Bicycle created by the council, which is responsible for working with local stakeholders to sensitize the public on this subject
  • Extending the deadline to apply for grants of aid for University Transportation (29/10/2008)
    may address requests to the mayor in the General Register of the City Council until November 6
  • In launching the second edition of the ADE with the participation of 2,000 school children (29/10/2008)
    Activities begin with a visit from college students to La Manga Mediterranean Municipal Hall Table Tennis
  • Poster Competition for the International Day against gender violence (29/10/2008)
    The prize is 400 euros and the publication of the cartel
  • Start the study to modernize the road Siphon (29/10/2008)
    The City Council has awarded the study of information between the F-35 and the company AP7 Prodesur SL, for a total of 51,000 euros
  • Go back to the competition between strings and brass (29/10/2008)
    The event, now in its twelfth edition, is aimed at young classical musicians from throughout the Region
  • Popular Parliamentary Group is committed to "sustainable mobility" in the Valley of Escombreras (29/10/2008)
    activity Escombreras Valley commuting generates more than 6,000 workers, most of them in your car
  • They advance the work of the Palacio de Deportes de Cartagena (29/10/2008)
    Yesterday began the installation of wood decks culminating prefabricated structure that has been fitted into the concrete since last April
  • XI Photo Contest Voluntary image of solidarity (29/10/2008)
    Organized by the Platform to promote volunteering in Cartagena, he may attend all stakeholders, with the exception of professional photographers, until 24 November
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas received the Silver Medal of CSSA (29/10/2008)
    The Spanish Association of Friends of Castles (CSSA) has honored the efforts of the consortium for conservation, restoration and distribution of fortified heritage
  • The Theatre Tenorio Circus comes to the hand of the California Guild (29/10/2008)
    The Lantern theater group will represent the work of Zorrilla next Friday night
  • Cartagena will host the 'MTV Murcia Night', "the biggest tourism promotion campaign has been conducted in the region," said Cruz (28/10/2008)
    The summer event will bring together some 35,000 people and have a potential audience of 90 million viewers more than a dozen countries
  • Cartagena will host a summer concert pop stars of the world (28/10/2008)
    The music channel MTV will issue these concerts in thirteen countries across Europe, in turn promoting the tourism benefits of the Region of Murcia
  • Local police strengthened its services in the face the day of All Saints (28/10/2008)
    There will be more bus services to facilitate public access to the cemeteries of St. Lucia and St. Anton, who extended their office hours to meet stakeholders
  • A Christmas lights to save (28/10/2008)
    budget is reduced by 90,000 euros a year earlier, while the lights, almost all low-power, will turn from 19 December and no overnight
  • About 2,000 American tourists get morning walk in Cartagena (28/10/2008)
    arrive at the port aboard the Zuiderdam cruise from Rome, which will be visited by the Deputy Mayor on his stay in the city
  • Promotion of industry, innovation and the university in times of crisis (27/10/2008)
    The Mayor and the Minister reviewed the main themes of Cartagena and display their full line after the meeting
  • The XVII International Book Fair has record sales and participation with 80,000 visitors (27/10/2008)
    The new location on Calle del Carmen has received the unanimous support of the public, booksellers and dealers
  • Adopted amendments to the Tax Ordinance for 2009 (27/10/2008)
    Full been given the green light, with the PSOE votes against, and citizens, the government team project involving the freezing of most of the taxes or a rise limit CPI
  • Bicity moved to the Polytechnic University (27/10/2008)
    The bicycle hire point that was in Jiménez de la Espada stop service on 1 November and will go to the campus of the Wall and Alfonso XIII
  • Suspended "A World In Your Place" by the weather forecast (25/10/2008)
    The organizers have decided to postpone the intercultural shows to be held on Sunday by rain and wind forecast
  • Success in the new project of Club Deportivo La Soledad (24/10/2008)
    The presentation ceremony took place yesterday at the soccer field Marfagones, coinciding with the reopening of the sports complex
  • Caught stealing two youths inside a vehicle (24/10/2008)
    An agent who was out of service alerted police after witnessing the events that took place last night
  • All citizens may know the details of the General Plan (24/10/2008)
    three months will be exposed to the public at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramón Alonso, and will also be available from the municipal website
  • Start the Local Youth Football League of Cartagena (24/10/2008)
    This weekend matches take place that give the output to the sixteenth edition of this championship will continue to pursue the 'fair play'
  • Moses Ruiz wins poster contest Easter 2009 (24/10/2008)
    represents an episode of the procession of Cristo del Socorro, Brotherhood which was dedicated to the contest in this issue
  • Cristina Losada landing today at the Book Fair (24/10/2008)
    Galician writer and journalist put its work on the Red Morphine Street Alternative Space Soap
  • Anfiteatro Romano Incorporated Foundation-Museum of Contemporary Art in the Region (24/10/2008)

  • Ask the Congress for more money for Parkinson's Reference Center (23/10/2008)
    The mayor informed the President of the Federation of Associations of People with Parkinson's Murcia that tomorrow will present amendments to the State Budget to increase the resources allocated to that end
  • The Department of Youth is committed to international mobility (23/10/2008)
    Cartagena Youth participate in an international exchange for the Festival of European Film Houlgate (France)
  • 2,000 athletes in the Cross of Artillery (23/10/2008)
    The organization extends the limit of entries by increasing demand and incorporates new categories and disabled canicross
  • Care for youth in family conflict (23/10/2008)
    The Department of Youth and Cartagena SERFAM today signed an agreement to work together in solving problems in this area
  • The Third Sector in social policy (23/10/2008)
    The Department of Social Services participated in the conference, organized by the CAM, for the past 21 to 22 October
  • CO5 The award will adapt to the new Land Law (22/10/2008)
    The Planning Commission ruled unanimously the resolution of the competition held before the entry into force of the law.
  • The update of taxes goes ahead with the abstention of the PSOE (22/10/2008)
    The proposal of the government team will be discussed next Monday at the full City.
  • Heard in 0809 is becoming one of the most important cycles of classical music on the national scene (22/10/2008)
    from 22 October until 13 June, Cartagena, Lorca and Caravaca de la Cruz will be the setting of the best performers of classical music scene today.
  • Hip-hop music and surfing for young people (22/10/2008)
    The Fall T-LA suggests these activities for this weekend.
  • Two young Moroccans arrested for an alleged robbery in the interior of a vehicle (22/10/2008)
    The incident occurred yesterday at noon in El Algar.
  • The XXVII Book Fair devotes one day to Morocco (22/10/2008)
    In anticipation of the next edition of La Mar de Músicas, which in its 2009 edition will be dedicated to this Arab country.
  • The City will focus efforts on Isla Plana and La Azohía to get more certificates Q (22/10/2008)
    The coastline of the west is the unfinished business that needs to be improved and will be achieved soon with the launch of the new treatment plant.
  • A world where your place of cultures repopulated the Port of Cartagena (22/10/2008)
    A total of 29 associations participating Sunday in the activities and workshops that will be developed with the aim of integrating the immigrant collective boxes.
  • I know the photo contest winners Watching The Game (22/10/2008)
    The contest has five categories, with a first prize and second prize each, and special schools.
  • XI Defense Culture (22/10/2008)
    are held during the months of October and November in order to raise awareness of the heritage and military history and the evolution of the Armed Forces worldwide.
  • Art by Yasmina Reza programming opens the Culture Department of Cartagena in the Nuevo Teatro Circo with Luis Merlo (22/10/2008)

  • Pujante calls "authentic nonsense" the route of the AVE include a connection to the Gorguel (21/10/2008)

  • The Prize Mandarache 2009 extends promotion of reading to all sectors of the population (21/10/2008)
    For this year incorporating several new features such as Young People's Literature Award Hache and Reading Clubs for all ages
  • The summer season is settled without drowned on the coast of Cartagena (21/10/2008)
    The report of the Surveillance and Rescue 2008 shows how increasing human and material resources and greater public awareness show a positive balance of this service
  • Valcárcel reiterates the Government's commitment to strengthen the financing of the University despite the "times of austerity" (21/10/2008)
    The President stressed that it has signed a supplementary agreement funding through 2011 totaling 24 million euros, of which about nine are for UPCT
  • I Soccer Tournament Friendship, success of sportsmanship and fair play (20/10/2008)
    was held last Saturday and claims fair play within the Local Youth Soccer League
  • Emotional tribute to Sergio Navarro in the Santiago neighborhood (20/10/2008)
    The recalled football Cartagena on Saturday the young footballer who died last May in an accident
  • Houses with parking on Main Street (20/10/2008)
    The Governing Board initially approved the plan Llagostera House special
  • More than 30 tons of cardboard and lightweight packaging is collected in Cartagena in the last four years (20/10/2008)
    The Local Government Board has approved the accession of the new Framework Cooperation Agreement between the Autonomous Community of Murcia and Ecoembalajes Spain, SA
  • The Governing Board accepted in part the allegations of the concessionary parking in the square of Spain (20/10/2008)
    new technical solutions be adopted to avoid the costly diversion of the sewer.
  • The City faces the crisis by freezing taxes and increasing subsidies (20/10/2008)
    Local Government Board has reviewed the tax ordinance 2009 which will keep 90% of prices, taxes and municipal taxes and subsidies to large families apply
  • Conference "Role of the Third Sector in social policy" (20/10/2008)
    will take place in the Hall of Cartagena CAM c / Mayor, 11 21 and 22 October
  • Cartagena became the municipality of Spain with more beaches certified with the 'Q' (20/10/2008)

  • Perico Sambeat a flamenco jazz project and Dizzy Gillespie outstanding students entering the Cartagena Jazz Festival (20/10/2008)
    replace formations Robben Ford and Jeff Lorber after canceling their tours
  • Cartagena UPyD calls cost cutting at the Hospital del Rosell no effect on the quality of health care to the citizens (19/10/2008)

  • Gypsy culture is open to the world (17/10/2008)
    The Mayor opened the eleventh week and highlighted the multicultural nature of Cartagena.
  • Music for children (17/10/2008)
    This Saturday begins at the Conservatory the Family Concert series planned by the Department of Education for this school year.
  • 590,000 euros to put the F-43 highway and access to Llano del Beal (17/10/2008)

  • Cartagena UI calls for the creation of an Economic and Social Council to stop the rise of unemployment (17/10/2008)
    Rate of "dire" employment policy conducted by the PP
  • Die Calderon entered the harbor of Cartagena and sighting an old copy off the coast of Cape Tiñoso (16/10/2008)

  • New Works in Santa Florentina market that will begin before Christmas (16/10/2008)
    already been awarded the second phase of the renovation of the building, once begun, will last between four and six months
  • González Tovar highlights investment of 41 million euros by the Government of Spain in the dock and the highway Escombreras (16/10/2008)
    REPSOL's total investment in excess of 3,200 million euros
  • Hall and employers are seeking solutions to problems in basic services of the circle of The Camachos (16/10/2008)
    Agustín Guillén met this morning with the heads of COEC, the Chamber of Commerce and Business Association Cabezo Beaza
  • César Núñez win the contest poster for the eleventh week of the Gypsy Culture (16/10/2008)
    The opening of the core activities of this week will take place tomorrow, by Pilar Barreiro and Antonio Calderon
  • The ADLE published a manual to facilitate the job search (16/10/2008)
    Although the crisis has increased the number of unemployed in Cartagena, the expansion of Repsol could be recruited between 2,500 and 5,000 employees
  • Music rondallas for closing the cultural event of the IMAS (15/10/2008)
    The cultural center received yesterday Ramón Alonso Luzzy rondallas sample of senior centers Murciano Institute of Social Action
  • Begin contacts to prepare a dedicated music Sea to Morocco (15/10/2008)
    The Mayor and the Councillor of Culture interview this afternoon with that country's ambassador at his residence in Madrid
  • Books to eat (15/10/2008)
    Seventeen restaurants in town participating in the XXVII Book Fair, literary menus offering their establishments
  • The New Cartagena FC presented the 2008-2009 season (15/10/2008)
    The ceremony was attended by about 400 people who enjoyed the parade of the different categories and displays polideportivas
  • The Med Cup regatta makes an economic impact in Cartagena for more than nine million euros (15/10/2008)
    Pedro Alberto Cruz announced that Cartagena will host this sporting event at least two more years
  • Knowing the culture of the Roma (15/10/2008)
    Social Care Councillor today introduced the activities taking place on the occasion of the eleventh week of the Roma Cultural
  • Presidents of the provincial courts across the country visiting Cartagena (15/10/2008)
    Thursday, 16 October, held a working meeting in our city, within the program of activities of the National Conference is taking place in Murcia
  • The City Council asked the Q for Quality for ten beaches maintenance throughout the year (14/10/2008)
    With the launching of the Municipal Institute of Coastal Services has doubled this summer's presence and the human and material resources to improve beaches .
  • City Council and unions scheduled negotiations on the new Agreement on Working Conditions (14/10/2008)
    The board, which today has begun to discuss its contents, will meet every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • The houses of the Book Fair take Calle del Carmen (14/10/2008)
    already have installed the 32 stands that make up the infrastructure of the Fair this year, and the Pavilion of the Fair and Alternative Space, which will host cultural activities in parallel.
  • Movie release for the elderly in the municipality (14/10/2008)
    The projection of the movie "Three women and a plan" has opened this morning in Mandarache theaters, the regional program "Cinema for more".
  • The work of maintaining the deadlines Auditorium (14/10/2008)
    Councillor for Infrastructure ensures that there is no added delay and expected that the future Convention Centre is operating in summer 2010.
  • Begin courses to the Department of Women (14/10/2008)
    First quarter training begins today with the first courses in accounting, computer, restore, and roll.
  • The Senior Citizens Club of Santa Ana successfully held its Second Socio-Cultural Week (14/10/2008)
    About 150 people have participated in cultural and leisure activities that have been developed over the last week in the council of Cartagena.
  • Local Police surprised three children who tried to access a store at Santa Florentina (14/10/2008)
    In addition, the troops stopped at the Avenue City of America to a person sought for justice for his imprisonment.
  • FADE Volunteers accompany and support those admitted to Rosell de Cartagena (14/10/2008)
    manager Murciano Health Service and president of the Foundation Aid, Development and Education signed a collaboration agreement.
  • ANSE try to save a Risso has entered the port of Cartagena (12/10/2008)
    Throughout the afternoon, an adult specimen of Risso has been in the military harbor of Cartagena Arsenal without having made the way to becoming open water, with In order to prevent her death
  • 'Overbooking' in the puppet show which opened the program Theatre School (11/10/2008)
    About 3,000 students from 28 schools have enjoyed the representation of 'Milky Way' at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Quiet on the second day in Cartagena orange alert (10/10/2008)
    In the morning, firefighters had been involved only in two downs facade
  • XI Gypsy Culture Week (10/10/2008)
    The history and customs of these people, actors of the activities organized from 14 October 17
  • 70 young people seeking help for Cartagena Erasmus (10/10/2008)
    The Department of Youth published a list of accepted and rejected and given a period of ten working days for the applicants to correct errors
  • The plenary agreed action on the negotiation of the Reform of Local Finance Model (09/10/2008)
    The three municipal groups also have supported the Tajo-Segura against the proposed reform of the Statute of Castilla La Mancha and of a social Europe and the 48-hour workday
  • No noteworthy incidents for the rain (09/10/2008)
    Rainfall has ranged between 25 and 42 liters in the last six hours
  • Last day to participate in the International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmas (09/10/2008)
    On Wednesday October 15 is the deadline to attend this prestigious award organized by the Department of Culture
  • The Town Planning Reaches the PSOE and Citizen Movement unanimously to approve the General Plan (09/10/2008)
    The plenum also has given the green light to the integration of the City of Cartagena in Cartagena for the Education Foundation of Culture and Spanish Language
  • Tourism Fiesta de La Manga del Mar Menor (09/10/2008)
    Success vociferous support and participation
  • The Cartagena de Tarragona analyze the Catalan cultural heritage (09/10/2008)
    The lecture, given by Federico Baillo, Cartagenero Cultural Circle member of Tarragona, emphasis was placed on the Catalan influence in speech
  • "On the turnaround experienced by the PSOE in Cartagena in relation to the unity of Spain and the Reformation of the Statute of Autonomy" (09/10/2008)
    Article from Rafael Sanchez Diaz.
  • The Koldo Royo and the band the Alicante Dei Suoni, XXVII latest additions to the Book Fair (09/10/2008)
    The chef will come on Saturday October 18, replacing Txumari Alfaro, who delayed his visit until the last Sunday of the Fair
  • Apprehended six illegal immigrants in Cartagena (09/10/2008)

  • Victoria Rodríguez (IU): "The priority in the terminal processes is caring for the sick" (08/10/2008)

  • The plenary debate on Thursday the General Plan of Cartagena (08/10/2008)
    At the meeting the socialist group will find their new representatives in the commissions, agencies and enterprises
  • A chair will encourage entrepreneurship among university students (08/10/2008)
    will conduct research and training projects to encourage young entrepreneurs
  • Pepin Liria farewell to the arena for the benefit of ananda (08/10/2008)
    Part of the proceeds from the race to be held in Murcia on the Pillar will go to the association of children with hearing impairments
  • The Youth Resource Centre will open on Friday night to provide entertainment options for young people (08/10/2008)
    It is a pilot whose launch was announced during the presentation of the activities planned by the Youth Council in the T Fall-LA
  • Senior Information (08/10/2008)
    The courses try to familiarize yourself with the major computer and teach basic concepts of the Windows environment and internet navigation
  • Young Space announces a grant for Collaborative Language Exchange (07/10/2008)
    will last for three months and applicants should dominate, at least one other language other than Spanish.
  • Implica2 announces two new workshops for young volunteers (07/10/2008)
    The Youth Council has organized through this program Expres-Arts courses with the body and Abrazoterapia to be held during the last quarter.
  • The municipal building of San Miguel could be fully operational next summer (07/10/2008)
    The mayor has visited today the new administrative headquarters is designed to give better service to citizens and be a part of revitalizing the old town.
  • The XXVII Book Fair moves to the street Carmen and triples the number of stands (07/10/2008)
    In addition to book signings and meetings with authors, the event includes exhibits, workshops, concerts and shows.
  • The City of Cartagena, present at the Commission on Integration and Social Cohesion FEMP (07/10/2008)
    Social Care Council member has come to the meeting of this Committee, an event that is held every two months and that this time will discuss the phenomenon of immigration.
  • Begin a German course to the public for the unemployed (07/10/2008)
    Organized by the People's University and funded by the SEF, will last 200 hours and includes internships
  • The XIX Conference on Cultural Heritage in the Region of Murcia start out with papers on paleontology (07/10/2008)
    From today until November 4 will be analyzed and studied the interventions on the regional heritage
  • Intercepted five boats with 54 Algerian immigrants (07/10/2008)
    Nine others were arrested after ground
  • The City Council will create a business incubator for women (06/10/2008)
    This initiative, which will complement the work of the Local Employment Center for Women, has a grant of 594,000 euros
  • The recovery plan of the district of Santa Lucia conditioned Plaza Molina (06/10/2008)
    The works will be awarded for an amount of 45,000 euros to bring the Autonomous Community
  • A walkway on the archaeological remains of the windlass will provide access to the Health Center of Old Town (06/10/2008)
    This work is the result of a collaboration agreement between the Ministry of Public Works and the City of Cartagena, whose draft has been approved today by the Governing Board
  • The City contributes to social and professional integration of mentally ill and drug addicts (06/10/2008)
    The mayor has signed an agreement with apex and the Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Murcia to carry out activities of social integration and employment of these people
  • La Manga have four roundabouts to provide greater traffic flow (06/10/2008)
    Local Government Board has approved the agenda was the signing of an agreement with the Autonomous Community to have roundabouts in the next two years
  • The old school will host a classroom Carmen Conde to prevent truancy (06/10/2008)
    Local Government Board has also approved the creation of credit to build the Center for Child Care Mediterranean Urbanization
  • Detainee three minor damage in a dozen vehicles (06/10/2008)
    The incident occurred on the streets Doctor Luis Calandre, Painter and San Leandro Balaca
  • The local police have a new building in the Security Park (06/10/2008)
    The facility expansion will create space to house the Brigades of Public Safety and Civil Protection and other departments
  • A man arrested on suspicion of robbery with violence (06/10/2008)
    The detainee allegedly stole two women threatened with large scissors on the road to La Union, at the height of FEVE
  • ANSE celebrates World of Birds in Tentegorra (Cartagena) (04/10/2008)
    ANSE held tomorrow, October 5, the World Bird Day
  • The Sports Hall Industrial Estate Beaza Cabezo starts walking (03/10/2008)
    The Mayor opened the facilities in which they have invested 1.8 million euros
  • Construction of water pipes on the road to San Felix (03/10/2008)
    On the night of Monday to Tuesday morning there will be detours and alternative cuts in the works
  • The Ministry of Development in Murcia illuminate the start of the motorway to Cartagena (03/10/2008)
    The Development Ministry will invest about two billion euros
  • Rodríguez (IU) said that the advance of the Cartagena PGOU does not guarantee protection of the coast (03/10/2008)

  • A walkway will provide access to the Health Center of Old Town (03/10/2008)
    The Board of Governors approved on Monday an agreement on this issue with the Ministry of Public Works.
  • New rules of the game for football season (03/10/2008)
    Football clubs met with the Councillor for Sports and the College of referees to hear amendments to the Regulation.
  • Nineteen artists from different countries seek their "common areas" in an exhibition can be visited today (03/10/2008)
    can be visited at the Palace Hall.
  • Start the year 2008/2009 in the Women's council (03/10/2008)
    Mayor attends the presentation ceremony Monday of the activities offered by the council for the coming months.
  • The mayor on Monday signed a cooperation agreement with apex and the Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Murcia (03/10/2008)
    The goal is to develop labor insertion for mentally ill and drug addicts.
  • A musical puppet theater opens for school (03/10/2008)
    About 2,700 students from 28 schools will enjoy this show from 6 to 10 October in two morning sessions.
  • New Fall Programming Teatro Circo Cartagena (03/10/2008)
    The best of the national theater scene at the time, as Art, In bed, Six dance lessons in six weeks and the dinner will go through the stage of the Nuevo Teatro Circo until December .
  • Cartagena Jazz Festival (03/10/2008)
    With new name, more international, the event celebrates its twenty-eighth edition, is one of the fall cultural events highlights of the city.
  • The Finance Committee meets on Monday (03/10/2008)
    Among other issues the City Council will consider the accession to the Foundation to manage Spanish courses for foreigners.
  • Bebo and Chucho Valdes, Lizz Wright Matthew Herbert, Kurt Elling, Omara Portuondo, the artists of Cartagena Jazz Festival (03/10/2008)

  • The City Council has earmarked more than 146,000 euros for social projects related to the immigrant population in Cartagena (03/10/2008)
    Social Care Councillor has delivered this morning of aid to a total of 23 partnerships
  • The Socialist Party calls on the mayor to "tie" the commitment of the Ministry to the National Parkinson's and do not demagogue this issue for the sake of the sick. (03/10/2008)
    Teresa Rosique welcomes the announcement by the Ministry to ensure as little three years the implementation of the Reference Centre
  • Amazing police chase of a child that ran with a motorcycle at high speed (03/10/2008)
    The detainee, who was injured, ran over an agent after skipping several traffic lights and collided with a curb.
  • The City offers influenza vaccination to their employees (03/10/2008)
    The campaign will run from 7 to 31 October
  • The Roman Theatre in Cartagena stars in the region tourism promoted in Ireland (02/10/2008)

  • The major also go up on Fridays (02/10/2008)
    The Department of Social Services organizes walking routes for this group.
  • The occupational organizing a workshop ADLE installer of solar thermal systems (02/10/2008)
    The course consists of 250 hours and the registration period ends on Thursday, October 9.
  • The Sports Hall of Cabezo Beaza starts walking (02/10/2008)
    Mayor opens Friday facilities in which they have invested 1.8 million euros.
  • The City Council has earmarked more than 146,000 euros for social projects related to the immigrant population (02/10/2008)
    On Friday there will be the delivery of aid to a total of 23 associations.
  • The Government delayed until 2012 the implementation of the National Reference Centre in Cartagena Parkinson (02/10/2008)
    The start of construction back to suffer further delays, according to the Ministry of Labour's response to the national deputy mayor Pilar Barreiro.
  • The "ancient" town-hall received their tribute (02/10/2008)
    This tribute held yesterday afternoon was the culmination of the activities organized to mark the International Day of Older Persons.
  • Pilar Barreiro participates today in the People XIII Intermunicipal Union in Vitoria (02/10/2008)

  • Every Tuesday, cinema (02/10/2008)
    Those over 65 years in the municipality of Cartagena will go every Tuesday except holidays Mandarache in theaters at a price of ten cents Entry
  • The new General Urban Plan connects the town of Cartagena with its districts and county (01/10/2008)
    The proposal, which includes a plan infraestrucuras with new roads and bypasses, will be debated in plenary on Thursday October 9
  • Agreements with four companies for the students of the Occupational Training Center of Cartagena engage in practices (01/10/2008)


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