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Cartagena News - July 2016

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  • MC: Barreiro band changes from "capo" (29/07/2016)

  • Jose Lopez welcomes the new leadership of the School of Marine (29/07/2016)

  • Canoeing, painting and children's activities at parties Punta Brava (29/07/2016)

  • El Teatro Romano offers a story every day during the month of August (29/07/2016)

  • New location for the local police radars (29/07/2016)

  • Hostec honor to Santa Marta with a Mass and wreath (29/07/2016)

  • More reviewed nests and eggs located, but fewer chicks in the last campaign to control gulls (29/07/2016)

  • Successful presentation Overseas writer Ruben Santiago (29/07/2016)

  • AFORCA welcomes the transfer of the Watchtower to the municipality (28/07/2016)
    The association of friends of the castles and fortresses of Cartagena offers its enthusiastic collaboration providing historical documentation and advice for its value
  • The SEF and Navantia collaborate to perform unemployed youth labor practices in this company (28/07/2016)

  • The City Council begins to take the first steps in the study of the rehabilitation of the Cathedral (28/07/2016)

  • The full corporation is settled with the approval of half of the motions filed by local groups (28/07/2016)

  • Cartagena becomes the only Spanish city that does not allow local police to form in jihadist terrorism (28/07/2016)

  • Cosmetics from wine and pyrolysis of municipal waste, including microwave applications submitted in the UPCT (28/07/2016)

  • The Roman Theatre and the Forum will come to France thanks to promotional buses of Cartagena Port of Cultures (28/07/2016)

  • El Faro de Cabo de Palos, among the 20 most spectacular lighthouses of Spain (28/07/2016)

  • A group of young people enjoying this week of Galicia thanks to the T-LA Summer (28/07/2016)

  • PP: "Aznar will not meet the firm demolition order and only adapts the illegal works" (28/07/2016)
    The PSOE again called "exemplary" attitude of councilman who deceived the council works
  • Children of the Slum Villalba close July with family summer activities (28/07/2016)

  • The Cartagena Local Police rescues a dog that was abandoned more than a week on a balcony (28/07/2016)

  • The districts and councils in August enjoy a summer film (27/07/2016)

  • Santa Ana celebrated the great day of their holidays with ceremonies in honor of the patron (27/07/2016)

  • The Cartagena Local Police allegedly recovered 13 stolen products inside stores (27/07/2016)

  • Starts work to ensure the proper development of the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans (27/07/2016)

  • The company will execute the partial reform Marcaser Market Santa Florentina (27/07/2016)

  • The mayor announced his support for the residents of Mar Menor in their mobilizations in defense of the salt lake (27/07/2016)

  • "Culture pays the developer for a period in which he was unemployed as Deputy Mayor" (27/07/2016)
    The PP locates a contract signed in June for services to be rendered between April and July
  • The Cartagena Cathedral opens its doors with the celebration of Mass (27/07/2016)

  • The Old Cathedral of Cartagena today receives its first visitors and will remain open until Saturday (27/07/2016)
    The Bishopric allowed to enter the temple, declared of Cultural Interest, the last four days of each month, thus complying with the Law on Cultural Heritage Region
  • PP XVI celebrates its local Congress in an open event to all members and supporters (27/07/2016)

  • MC believes that the Municipal Council should focus on issues of interest to Cartagena (27/07/2016)
    Francisco Calderon advocates "not distract attention on issues that do not correspond, for limiting powers to Cartagena"
  • Music, sea star and museums August nights (26/07/2016)

  • La Aljorra held an open day with the Islamic community to learn about their activities (26/07/2016)

  • The project 20 games 20 causes support to charitable and social institutions of the municipality (26/07/2016)

  • President of the Community guarantees to the mayors of the Mar Menor not happen again what happened this year with the lagoon (26/07/2016)

  • The Batel Research Commission sees political responsibilities and techniques in the construction of the Auditorium (26/07/2016)

  • Citizens take the motion to the House that local police conduct training courses jihadist terrorism (26/07/2016)

  • MC propose to Parliament that the creation of a Commission of Inquiry on the accounts of the last five editions of the Sea of ​​Music (26/07/2016)

  • Assistance massive concerts and activities in one of the best editions of the Sea Music Festival (26/07/2016)

  • The UPCT extends 3 to 4 periods in which you can pay college tuition (26/07/2016)

  • The Roman Theatre Museum presents Ultramar, a book of microrrelatos of Cartagena Ruben Santiago (26/07/2016)

  • The Mayor visits the children of San Pablo Caritas Center and runs its facilities (25/07/2016)

  • Volunteers Cartagena field work, the tradition of the sea, still recovering maritime heritage (25/07/2016)

  • Sea Workshops and Summer Schools of Education come to an end (25/07/2016)

  • Tips on bottles of water to enjoy safe bathing (25/07/2016)

  • Saint Lucia recalled arrival by sea of ​​Santiago Apostle (25/07/2016)

  • The youth of the shuttle Employment report the resources offered by the Department of Youth (25/07/2016)

  • News Francisco Calderon, president of MC (25/07/2016)
    Any Given Sunday
  • "Play your own game is more satisfying. Fill more" (25/07/2016)

  • "The Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Lpez against water supply tariffs in Cartagena" (25/07/2016)
    Espejo "The mayor has forgotten to tell that the courts have taken another door slam their complaints"
  • MC Group Municipal clothes arrival of the image of Santiago Apostle in the commemoration of his feast (25/07/2016)

  • Santa Ana (Cartagena) filled with paint and color with the race Crazy Run (24/07/2016)
    The streets of the town shone in the dark at dusk thanks to the UV paint about 500 participants
  • Gonzlez Tovar: "The urban moratorium, the rapid implementation of measures indicating the experts and coordination between administrations, key to regenerate and preserve the Mar Menor" (22/07/2016)
    The secretary general of the PSOE-RM and general secretary of the PSOE Cartagena, Ana Beln Castejon, meet to discuss the end of the parliamentary year and mark the lines of work and coordination
  • C's asked at the next plenary all the details of the actions that the City will undertake in the Morera Baja (22/07/2016)

  • The session will start with Columbares a campaign to promote sustainable artisanal fisheries (22/07/2016)

  • Researchers UPCT offer solutions to optimize infrastructures Cartagena (22/07/2016)
    The Polytechnic University of Cartagena Mayor presents the first findings of the chair Municipal Infrastructure-City of Cartagena UPCT
  • Guru microwaves, at the international conference that begins Monday (22/07/2016)
    Two hundred experts will share their research on applications of microwave energy
  • The Sea Music curtain closes on Saturday with festive performances by Emir Kusturica and Bob Hund (22/07/2016)

  • "Big Blue documents prove the relationship programmer denies the Deputy Mayor" (22/07/2016)
    Mirror: "The government still does not explain why market Culture manages two municipal enterprise programmer"
  • The mayor shared the stage with singer Muerdo in the Sea of ​​Music (22/07/2016)

  • Manuel Padin: "The constructive and responsible opposition Citizens benefit of Cartagena" (21/07/2016)
    Citizens welcomes the announcement of the meeting between Coastal Authority and the Mayor of Cartagena to consolidate the mount of Las Casillas and restore the promenade
  • C's asked that the City assume management Torre Santa Elena in La Azoha to exploit its tourist appeal (21/07/2016)

  • The Sea of ​​Music on Friday inundate magic with the performance of Tindersticks and Damien Jurado (21/07/2016)

  • Old Town reduced and refinanced its debt and promotes initiatives for the recovery of the historic center (21/07/2016)

  • La Mar Chica closing their workshops with the approach of the smaller Swedish culture (21/07/2016)

  • Maldita Nerea, Funambulista and cartagenero group Loco Bill will take the music to the Amstel Fest Carthaginians and Romans (21/07/2016)

  • Elephant Hannibal stars in the next poster Carthaginians and Romans (21/07/2016)

  • The Cross of Cabo de Palos will frame the runners in a unique atmosphere oceanfront (21/07/2016)

  • El Batel hosted a cocktail with flavors of Sweden in honor of the country invited to the Sea of ​​Music (21/07/2016)

  • The Pirate Chiringo is already the best beach bar this summer (21/07/2016)

  • The Cartagena Amstel Fest bring in concert Maldita Nerea and Funambulista next September 22 (21/07/2016)
    The crazy bill cartageneros complete the lineup of the new musical event amstel included in the official program of celebrations of Carthaginians and Romans
  • "Castejon wants to legalize pool Aznar, but it prevents other citizens" (21/07/2016)
    mirror "Defense of protected areas is pure postureo Deputy Mayor"
  • PP: "The company also managed municipal market programmer Folk Festival" (21/07/2016)
    Big Blue modifies its website to remove the name of hired by the City
  • The Civil Guard detained in less than 24 hours, two young people for assaulting a minor to rob it a mobile phone (21/07/2016)
    In Pozo Estrecho- Cartagena
  • Alberto Asarta, former head of UNIFIL, "I worry much the situation in Turkey" (21/07/2016)
    General Division in reserve today explains to students UPCT keys negotiations "must be abstracted from what they publish media "
  • PP: The company developer manages the municipal market in the Sea of ​​Music (20/07/2016)
    The Popular Party requested information on authorizations to Big Blue
  • Citizens Decentralization requests more information before supporting the Asphalt Plan for districts and councils (20/07/2016)

  • The fado singer Mariza takes the stage in the Sea of ​​Music on Thursday (20/07/2016)

  • Cartagena Port of Cultures proposes routes and dramatized tours to enjoy family history (20/07/2016)

  • The UPCT receive 70,000 euros from the Community to strengthen bilingualism of its faculty (20/07/2016)

  • The ADLE help the employment of young people in the shuttle Employment Cartagena (20/07/2016)

  • Barrio Peral The market will change location from Monday July 25 (20/07/2016)

  • La Mar de Barrios flooded with music and cultures Jose Maria de la Puerta (20/07/2016)

  • Citizens ask why Our Lady of Remedios still outside the European Cemeteries Route (19/07/2016)

  • La Mar de Letras activities held Wednesday with the authors of Swedish narrative as protagonists (19/07/2016)

  • Fashion and Earth Wind & Fire Experience encourage the port in the next concert of the Sea of ​​Music (19/07/2016)

  • The City Council receives representatives of Spanish Selection Senior Ladies Dragon Boat (19/07/2016)

  • Four companies already enjoy the Investment Grants in the historic center (19/07/2016)

  • The Cartagena Local Police recovers a high-end vehicle subtracted (19/07/2016)

  • MC Jeunesses claims the PSOE to promote, without delay and without complex, the debate on biprovincialidad in the Regional Assembly (18/07/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena reflects the needs Firefighting Service in Cartagena (18/07/2016)

  • The Navy celebrated the feast of the Virgen del Carmen in a military act (18/07/2016)

  • La Mar de Letras brings to Cartagena Martin Lexell, the Swedish translator of the Millennium Saga (18/07/2016)

  • A dozen passersby and homeless already enjoy their own summer school (18/07/2016)

  • The Cartagena Youth Symphony Orchestra opened with a concert at the UPCT (18/07/2016)

  • Local Police intervened in 14 accidents last weekend in Cartagena (18/07/2016)

  • The Cartagena Fishermen's Association donated 800 kilos of fish to charities city (18/07/2016)

  • The municipal MC Group participates in the events on the occasion of the feast of the Virgen del Carmen (18/07/2016)

  • The Plaza San Francisco will sound for two hours Stockholm airport in the Sea of ​​Art (15/07/2016)

  • Thirteen Saharawi children spend the summer with families cartageneras (15/07/2016)

  • Twelve students of the ADLE certify their urban maintenance training after his work in Los Dolores (15/07/2016)

  • The Cartagena Maria Rebollo, called by the Spanish handball team promises (15/07/2016)

  • Manuel Padin: "Jose Lopez has lost so many times against the Community no longer can recognize a victory" (15/07/2016)

  • The shore of the Mar Menor will host a sample of Express Theater (15/07/2016)

  • The Strategic Plan Grants will provide greater transparency and control to municipal aid (15/07/2016)

  • The Ministry of Defence approves the CDR of the submarine S-80 building Navantia in Cartagena (15/07/2016)
    This important milestone allows transition to production
  • Cartagena again has a symphony orchestra after 65 years (15/07/2016)

  • Enabled a new pedestrian access and a lift to Torres Park Auditorium to La Mar de Msicaslos (15/07/2016)

  • Los Urrutias takes his festival program parchs a living and comedy shows (15/07/2016)

  • The activities of La Mar de Letras continue with a guided tour of the exhibitions of the Sea Art by Antonio Gmez Ribelles (15/07/2016)

  • Enjoysweeden collects the best pictures of Sweden in Instagram in an exhibition of La Mar de Arte (15/07/2016)

  • Development and the State Bar of Cartagena agree to increase mortgage instruments mediation (15/07/2016)
    Pedro Rivera Councilor meets with the president and the board of collegiate government
  • Local police reported the location of the radar controls for next week in Cartagena (15/07/2016)

  • Corner Sumiedo and El Caar celebrate their festivities in honor of Santiago Apostle (15/07/2016)

  • The mayor claims that the CARM not bet decidedly by the LAZ you need the Shire (14/07/2016)

  • Reality and fiction come together in the exhibition The Johanssen, La Mar de Arte (14/07/2016)

  • Soler deals with agencies and municipal entities optimization criteria on transparency (14/07/2016)

  • The municipal government continues to increase its collaboration with the UPCT and Student Council (14/07/2016)

  • The magical world of musical The Wizard of Oz will dream big and small (14/07/2016)

  • The ADLE asks the SEF a joint training program to fix windmills of Campo de Cartagena (14/07/2016)

  • From the kitchens of the ADLE the Caritas soup kitchen (14/07/2016)

  • The Cartagena gastronomic Flavoured Sea near the city freshness and quality of fish Aquaculture (14/07/2016)

  • A Sea Creations will note color with a market from Friday in the Sea of ​​Music (14/07/2016)

  • Leisure, sport and fun in the neighborhood of Our Lady of Charity throughout the summer (14/07/2016)

  • Family extends in the residence sleeps 18 people over'AMMA' Cartagena (13/07/2016)
    The Community has increased by 65 percent the squares to serve seniors in the municipality
  • Three names of the theater world in the summer offer workshops for professional actors and amateurs (13/07/2016)

  • Fourteen companies choose to contract replacing stolen cable and other public lighting elements (13/07/2016)

  • Tourists in Spain enjoy the accessibility of beaches cartageneras (13/07/2016)

  • The Department of Decentralization about sport the older of the councils (13/07/2016)

  • Torres Park will host the representation of the musical The Wizard of Oz (13/07/2016)

  • C's welcomes the publication in the BORM of the tender for the completion of the feasibility study of the ZAL Cartagena (13/07/2016)

  • Citizens criticizes the lack of foresight of the local government to prevent the botelleo Cabo de Palos Calblanque damage (13/07/2016)

  • MC will lead the plenary paralyzing investments Commonwealth of Taibilla Channel in the park Rafael Cerda (13/07/2016)

  • La Mar de Barrios connects the Sea of ​​Music with the cultural diversity of Jos Mara de La Puerta (13/07/2016)

  • "Lopez spends 1,500 euros of Cartagena in raising their cantonal flag in the Watchtower" (13/07/2016)
    Mirror: "A year ago demanded the resignation of a president to put a flag of Spain"
  • The Cartagena revived the story through Cantonal Uprising in its 143 anniversary (13/07/2016)

  • The Deputy Mayor requires the window reopens IMAS by the collapse of Building Forum (12/07/2016)

  • Students and teachers of the UPCT conform pediatric oncology area of ​​La Arrixaca (12/07/2016)

  • Mock rescue Levante Beach (12/07/2016)

  • "Lopez does not remember the Canton, he wants to revive it and use it politically" (12/07/2016)
    Mirror: "They have mounted a party serving the cantonal ideas'
  • Citizens complaint that the lack of communication between the City Costas and harms the residents of El Portus (12/07/2016)

  • The project 7 + 7 merges music and visual arts of local youth in the Sea of ​​Art (12/07/2016)

  • Indiana Jones returns to the scene to experience the adventure of archeology in Cartagena (12/07/2016)

  • The Kids & Us universe lands in Cartagena with a new philosophy of learning English (12/07/2016)

  • The residents of La Magdalena enjoy cultural and leisure activities until September in honor of his patron (12/07/2016)

  • The red flag flutters Cartagena Uprising Cantonal Castle Watchtower (12/07/2016)

  • The Sea Music starts with the opening of two exhibitions (12/07/2016)

  • Cartagena will receive this year to 690 students thanks to Immersion Language Course UIMP (11/07/2016)

  • Underway special campaign to check the condition of vehicles (11/07/2016)

  • The celebrations of El Palmero kicked off with music and dance (11/07/2016)

  • The weekend leaves almost 300 police actions nine relief services in the municipality (11/07/2016)

  • Citizens as positive that the Cantonal Uprising commemoration but expects acts not politicize (11/07/2016)

  • The UPCT is developing optical techniques to improve detection of planets (11/07/2016)
    The director of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands took part today in a summer of Astronomy at the Polytechnic of Cartagena
  • La Mar de Letras kicks off on Wednesday with the literary course of Viking runes to the Millenium Saga (11/07/2016)

  • Sports and Tourism fill the coast of sporting activities this summer (11/07/2016)

  • Music and tradition in the final of the National Folk Festival XXIV (11/07/2016)

  • The Castle of La Atalaya will wave a red flag Tuesday in tribute to the victims of the Cantonal Cartagena Uprising (11/07/2016)

  • "When you know you are not believing he acts as if he lied" (11/07/2016)
    Police Commissioner alert on a course UPCT on the effect of 'false guilty' when detecting truthful testimony
  • A device of the local police reinforced Sunday market surveillance at Cabo de Palos (11/07/2016)

  • The Cartagena Local Police intervened Saturday at a gas station robbery in the neighborhood San Cristobal (11/07/2016)

  • The Museum of Roman Theatre in Cartagena celebrates his eight years with routes and themed tours throughout the summer (11/07/2016)
    More than 100,000 people have passed during 2016 this emblematic become the most visited museum in the region and one of the Popular Spain
  • The revision of the Municipal General Management Plan of Cartagena will be exposed to the public until September 12 (11/07/2016)

  • Technological Campus Mare Nostrum camp concludes with a route UPCT catamaran (09/07/2016)

  • The University Center of Defense, attached to the UPCT, graduating 62 engineers in industrial organization (08/07/2016)

  • Social Services organized a summer school for transients and homeless (08/07/2016)

  • Citizens expects the new Minister of Development bet more than its predecessor by the ZAL Cartagena (08/07/2016)

  • A company of Amsterdam offers paid engineers UPCT practices (08/07/2016)

  • The Procurement services awarded horizontal and vertical signaling and traffic control systems (08/07/2016)

  • A dozen children enjoy learning at the School Road Safety Cartagena (08/07/2016)

  • Cartagena Iberian dance to the rhythm of percussion at the Big Night of the XXIV National Folk Festival Folklore (08/07/2016)

  • Julieta Venegas, Manel, Antonio Orozco, Lola Herrera and Veronica Forqu in Cartagena (08/07/2016)
    Cartagena does not lose its cultural pace in August, and the audience The program Batel another edition "Summers Batel"
  • Zero barriers in twelve cartageneras beaches (08/07/2016)

  • Local police made next week a special campaign to check the condition of vehicles (08/07/2016)

  • Virgen de la Caridad and Jos Mara Lapuerta will have artificial turf fields (08/07/2016)

  • Cartagena rememorar the July 12 Cantonal uprising with a set of acts (08/07/2016)

  • Local Police announced the location of speed controls for next week (08/07/2016)

  • One hundred national and international experts joined the Congress of Modernism in the Mediterranean Basin (07/07/2016)

  • New students trained in cooking thanks to the ADLE will practice Cartagena restaurants (07/07/2016)

  • The Assembly supports the restoration of the station Avenida de America, as required MC (07/07/2016)

  • Document of the Review of the Municipal General Plan of Cartagena now available (07/07/2016)

  • Citizens welcomes the Cartagena taken the first steps to constitute the Bureau of Local Employment (07/07/2016)

  • The Cross Artillery already have poster for its fifteenth edition (07/07/2016)

  • Toms Martnez Pagn be the harbinger of San Gins de la Jara 2016 (07/07/2016)

  • "Lopez must give explanations that he would be demanding if he were in opposition" (07/07/2016)
    Mirror: "PSOE and MC work as if they belonged to two different sides and not a government for the city"
  • The political groups will have access to the complete file Friday service in municipal exhibition halls (07/07/2016)

  • The City continues to show its support for Astus with an approach to their day care center (07/07/2016)

  • Pern take its festivities floats, theater and traditional games (07/07/2016)

  • "I want my house to work alone" (07/07/2016)
    A summer course UPCT program robots teaches students between 12 and 16 years
  • The high business participation in public tenders favors saving 174,593 euros to the municipal coffers in 2016 (06/07/2016)

  • The Regional Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena full on Saturday their rooms cartoonists of all ages (06/07/2016)
    The meeting 'Drawing on the Muram' will take place throughout the morning in this space of the Ministry of Culture and is open to artists and painting enthusiasts of any level
  • The City Council gave to ACCEM a local for the development of the social aims of the entity (05/07/2016)

  • Castejon launches the Bureau of Local Employment with employers, unions and universities (05/07/2016)

  • Citizens requires already implemented actions to prevent flooding in Los Nietos and Mar de Cristal (05/07/2016)

  • The OMIT Los Urrutias attends every Tuesday and residents of the area (05/07/2016)

  • The ADLE closed on Wednesday Occupational Training course Basic Operations Kitchen (05/07/2016)

  • The City of Cartagena commitment to research in collaboration with public universities in the region (05/07/2016)

  • A masterclass teach notions Friday photographic composition solidarity in exchange for food (05/07/2016)

  • Boat tours with live music and visits to the neighborhood of the Roman Forum enliven summer nights in Cartagena (05/07/2016)

  • Francisco Calderon visited the facilities of APAD to know their work against drug addiction (05/07/2016)

  • The XXI edition of the local amateur football league Cartagena comes to an end (05/07/2016)

  • On Friday there will be a masterclass on the composition in photography (04/07/2016)
    will be given by photographer Jose Benito Ruiz also present his latest book Photography author
  • C's refers to its regional and local groups work the PGOU to enrich its content and its legality (04/07/2016)

  • Social Services provides the Huertecica with 132,800 euros thanks to the signing of an agreement (04/07/2016)

  • Diving, sailing and underwater medicine, including the supply of summer Sea International University in Cartagena (04/07/2016)

  • Teachers and students agree Indians UPCT (04/07/2016)

  • Kick off summer schools for older (04/07/2016)

  • MC: The Provincial Court gives the reason, once again, Jose Lopez (04/07/2016)

  • The Spanish Song Festival Molino Derribao approaches the final (04/07/2016)

  • Historical Festival Theatre in Cartagena started out (04/07/2016)

  • Festive evening in Cabo de Palos to present awards of La Ruta del Pescador (04/07/2016)

  • The Municipal School of Theatre got off the stage until next year with a gala farewell (04/07/2016)

  • MC holds the Second Day of coexistence and cleaning the battery Fajardo (02/07/2016)

  • The ADLE closed on Tuesday Occupational Training course Basic Operations Kitchen (01/07/2016)

  • One thousand children enjoy today of summer schools and soup kitchens in eleven schools (01/07/2016)

  • Cartagena will respond to social needs with the approval of the Municipal Plan on Disability 2016/19 (01/07/2016)

  • Cartagena Port of Cultures proposes a story for each day (01/07/2016)

  • The Youth Council initiated a campaign to boost youth employment (01/07/2016)

  • Championships, children's workshops and a motorcycle rally at parties Galifa (01/07/2016)

  • The Spanish Song Festival celebrates Molino Derribao his second gala Saturday qualifying (01/07/2016)

  • The municipality of Cartagena is at the head number of defibrillators (01/07/2016)

  • Local Police Cartagena enables a citizen service point in the Plaza Bohemia (01/07/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena calls "surreal" the inability of local government and the SEF to convene the Bureau of Employment (01/07/2016)


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