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Cartagena News - February 2014

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  • The older they know the ARQUA (28/02/2014)
    Thursday paid a visit to the national museum with detailed explanations of the work done and the pieces on display
  • The Children of San Isidoro parade in costume for Cartagena (28/02/2014)
    Dozens of children roamed the streets of the small town dressed as Olympic torches to celebrate Carnival
  • Manuel L. Alonso visit Cartagena municipal libraries and Sorrows (28/02/2014)
    On 4 and 5 March held meetings with students in grades 5 and 6 primary about his i>book Adventure/i>
  • Lledo Cartagena expected to bring five medals 4Desert (28/02/2014)

  • Humor Up in El Batel with marathon chirigotas (28/02/2014)
    Political presenters, sticks and sausages came together Thursday in the semifinals of this popular contest Carnival Cartagena.
  • The pilot Youth Guarantee program starts its journey (28/02/2014)
    This week there have been six sessions to capture the first 80 youths who participate in the project
  • The UCAM Symphony Orchestra plays Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev in El Batel (28/02/2014)
    The auditorium Sunday afternoon classical music Borja Quintas be filled with the baton and Pedro Valero piano
  • MC supports complaints by 18 workers of the Agency for collection management for the delay in paying extra December 2012 (28/02/2014)
    The Department of Finance Cartagena delayed without explanation or objective reason payment of such emoluments these workers
  • Residential Water cut in Buenos Aires (28/02/2014)
    The supply will be interrupted Tuesday morning for four hours
  • Woman takes a stroll by the legends of Cartagena (28/02/2014)
    The Department yesterday organized a guided tour through the old town with the story of some of the most unique stories of the city, in which 40 women participated
  • Education simplifies procedures, schedules and bonuses expands the first choice in nursery schools (28/02/2014)
    The Board of Governors approved this morning the regulatory basis for the admission of students for the 2014-2015 course
  • All set for the Grand Carnival Parade (28/02/2014)

  • Customers Market Santa Florentina have a reduced parking rate (28/02/2014)
    The Governing Board approved the specifications that will allow the public tender lift upgrading and operating the building basements
  • Older cite this afternoon Carnival (EXTENDED) (28/02/2014)
    Between parades and piñatas, will elect the Queen at the Pavilion Espada
  • Older cite this afternoon Carnival (28/02/2014)
    Among masks and piñatas, will elect the Queen at the Pavilion Espada
  • Disfrázate safely (27/02/2014)
    This weekend can enjoy the magic of Carnival
  • "Can not miss Cartagena nursing school" (27/02/2014)
    SPCT bet because the center attached to the public remains umu
  • The Governing Board is studying the tender Parking Market Santa Florentina (27/02/2014)
    In Friday's meeting also lease expiration of the arcades of John XXIII, an agreement for the separate collection of batteries and the admission criteria will be addressed Children in Schools
  • The Confraternity of Saint Ginés de la Jara, Cartagena pattern you choose as a preacher of the year to Santiago Díaz D. Left (27/02/2014)
    is the President of the Association Procesionista Cartagena
  • Archaeology live in the neighborhood of the Roman Forum (27/02/2014)

  • Carnival keeps moving the skeleton (27/02/2014)
    A choreographic representation of groups this year appeared on stage Wednesday in Plant Toys of the English Court before dozens of attendees
  • Sodicar launched an information campaign on diabetes (27/02/2014)
    Under the slogan EsDiabetes, buy it at Serio, the campaign starts on Saturday March 1 at the English Court, with free blood sugar checks and tips for coping with this disease
  • Funcarele places Cartagena as a leader in tourism Idiomatic (27/02/2014)
    Cartagena Foundation for Teaching Spanish Language and Culture has made foreigners studying Spanish in the city can get a diploma DELE
  • Ã RBES, Jews and Christians are cited in Cartagena Hand Award Hache (27/02/2014)
    Pedro Ruiz presented in The Enigma of scriptorium before hundreds of readers of this literary contest, whose jury is formed by the students themselves
  • Memories of amateur photography in Cartagena (27/02/2014)
    Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos yesterday presented his book that traces the history of the association AFOCAR.
  • The Half Marathon Sunday divert forces bus lines (27/02/2014)
    Between ten and midnight, the city will no longer go through the Paseo de Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria will do it for
  • MC asked the local government address the complaints of the neighbors afflicted by the skate of Carlos III (27/02/2014)
    The rest of the neighbors are seriously committed to noises skate until late, plus the collateral problems botelleo, skullduggery of drugs, truancy or even unhealthy
  • The Mysteries of medieval Toledo approach the Intercultural Center Hull (27/02/2014)
    The writer Pedro Ruiz García, visiting Cartagena on his participation in the Hache Award yesterday held a meeting Wednesday with thirty young to talk about his novel Enigma of the Scriptorium
  • Smiling Circus takes the stage of the College of La Concepción (26/02/2014)
    Dozens of elementary students interpret a function that pays tribute to Carnival and that they have designed through of Leisure of the Department of Social Services
  • Concha Lopez and his lizard walking libraries Cartagena (26/02/2014)
    It is organized through meetings author of the Department of Education.
  • The Entrepreneurial Initiatives Program Cartagena has established itself as a reference in the creation of innovative companies (26/02/2014)
    In the last edition of the year 11 innovative projects have materialized as a company, with a figure of 340,000 euros investment and the creation of 27 jobs work
  • Roads of the Asian Top and will treasure our gastronomy (26/02/2014)
    At the event, held from 6 to 30 March, 83 participating bars and establishments in the city, six more than last year, providing cover and drink for 2.50 euros
  • Hall and Caritas review their cooperation in social projects (26/02/2014)
    These include the socio-labor insertion Pence, by the recovery and reuse of second-hand clothes, and social commissary Loaves and Fishes
  • Santander delivers credentials to their fellows UPCT (26/02/2014)

  • Pedro Ruiz García close encounters Hache Award (26/02/2014)
    The author of The Enigma of Scriptorium Cartagena visit this week to meet with hundreds of teens
  • Alumni Teleco in finalizing UPCT launching an 'app' that helps entrepreneurs manage their business (26/02/2014)

  • Since the poster of the Holy Week of 2014 Alums known (26/02/2014)

  • Education and UMU study the use of public facilities to house the School of Nursing Cartagena (25/02/2014)
    They make a report to the technical and economic feasibility of the Centre
  • Older learn to laugh at life (25/02/2014)
    It is Laughter Therapy workshop, organized by the Municipal Social Services, which has been provided throughout this February
  • The cartageneras come together to celebrate Women's Day (25/02/2014)

  • The City, sensitized with Multiple Sclerosis (25/02/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor has today met Tuesday with EME and EMACC responsible for reviewing the activities organized for people with this disease
  • Enrique: "My motivation is to improve every day" (25/02/2014)
    Interview with Enrique Canovas totanero Ambit
  • Seventy-seven students from the AGA visit Cartagena (25/02/2014)
    These new students roamed this morning some of the most picturesque areas of the city such as the Roman Forum or the Naval Museum.
  • Innovation and positivism are cast in Cartagena with Promoting SMEs (25/02/2014)
    Hundreds of young businessmen and veterans came together in the second meeting held in El Batel.
  • Kolping Foundation and ALDE extend the deadline to apply for Dual Training in Germany (25/02/2014)
    Those interested in touring chef, technician hospitality, restoration technician, baker, food technician, butcher or lifeguard, have until February 28 to apply
  • Implica2 volunteers share their experiences in a blog (25/02/2014)
    Through this internet space, the six European other young volunteers show their work in collaboration with social projects while in Cartagena
  • Complete works Street Knight (25/02/2014)

  • Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos presents her book about amateur photography in Cartagena (25/02/2014)
    The event will take place on Wednesday at the Palacio Molina, chaired by the Councillor for Culture
  • Several teams are positioned as favorites to win the league grassroots (25/02/2014)
    Overcome the championship Ecuador, Garden City UCAM EF, EF Hope, AD San ​​Cristobal Vistalegre FC CD La Palma-Codelpa, EF and AF Cartagena Aljorra females remain unbeaten
  • Traffic restrictions Sunday Marathon Media (25/02/2014)
    The route of the test affect the morning to major roads in Cartagena
  • Pitching baskets with UPCT Basket Cartagena (25/02/2014)
    primary school students remained Garden City Monday meeting with players male and female basketball teams in town
  • SPCT accuses councilor of Education hurry for the photo but none for the works (25/02/2014)
    "Children of San Francisco Javier College are overcrowded due to lack of space"
  • Fellows of the chairs of Telefónica and Odilo in UPCT begin to develop innovative ideas (25/02/2014)
    Twelve students from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena this week begin its work in Network Technology Chairs
  • Mirror Lopez recalls a judge and a prosecutor have rejected their claims on New Door (24/02/2014)
    "Now it's put up the slam of justice," said Francisco Espejo
  • The group of photographers AFOCAR celebrates 25 years since their last exposure. (24/02/2014)
    What makes a show that opened last Friday at the Culture Councillor Palacio Molina
  • Margarita Dominguez and Peter Fontcuberta swimming close students of Miralmonte (24/02/2014)
    Among the activities the ADE program the Department of Sports
  • The circus comes to hand Cartagena smaller (24/02/2014)
    For two months, dozens of children have prepared a feature this week goes to various local social scenarios, such as morning Miranda
  • The Rosell and public safety in the councils, in the full current (24/02/2014)

  • The Salgueiro troupe returns to sit on the throne this Carnival (24/02/2014)
    Carmen María Escudero last Saturday became the new Queen of the holidays that began with the proclamation of the mayor of Women, Clara Heredia
  • The UPCT hosts the II Technical Conference on the Conservation of Tallante Garbancillo (24/02/2014)

  • Presentation of John & Jhon (24/02/2014)
    On Tuesday, the book by journalist and writer Adolfo Iglesias Almeria which features English teacher Juan Carrión presented at the Cultural Center Cajamurcia
  • On Tuesday starts in Cartagena Promoting SMEs (24/02/2014)

  • 70 students have access to the tests of fellowship UPCT MTorres-Chair (24/02/2014)

  • El Renacer Ballet Kebana and are crowned as the best choreographed Carnival (24/02/2014)
    The first group did in the Adult competition and second in the small at a gala in which once again exceeded the level of previous editions
  • The Cartagena Lledo, second best in the Spanish Sahara Race (24/02/2014)
    Gotta sneak into 17th place qualifying thanks to the result for the 90-kilometer marathon crossed the finish line in seventh place
  • MC asked by a municipal backhoe works on a private estate (23/02/2014)
    The incident was reported by a group of hikers who witnessed what happened
  • Epic comeback to those of Guillamón Hospitalet (22/02/2014)
    L'Hospitalet 5-6 Bellsport Plastics Romero Cartagena
  • Members elect the new Local Council UPyD Cartagena led by Pedro de Elizalde (22/02/2014)

  • MC requires that the Department of Sports Successfully obtain information on the future of Efesé (22/02/2014)
    With the sale of the club and the uncertainty in Cartagena
  • Carthaginians and Romans taught the history of Cartagena (21/02/2014)

  • A new edition of the Year award Procesionista (21/02/2014)
    The board of the Association of Cartagena this morning visited the mayor to tell the final details of this year that will fail the March 3
  • The Development Agency will collaborate in maintaining the gardens of childcare (21/02/2014)
    Monday starts in Quarrying Occupational Center, the workshop Gardening and Urban gardens that are included in the program ALDE Barrios
  • Full address on Monday the partial payment of the Christmas bonus of 2012 (21/02/2014)
    changes will also be discussed in the board of directors of the company Casco Antiguo and the status of municipal Adjustment Plan, along with more than twenty initiatives of local groups
  • Goyo Jiménez presents Truth I mean, in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (21/02/2014)
    The monologist acts this Saturday 22 February at 21.30 hours
  • Juan Carrión presented Living is Easy With Eyes Closed in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (21/02/2014)
    The film included in the cycle of movie returns to the center, on Tuesday February 25 will screen
  • Cartagena this weekend starts its celebrations of Carnival (21/02/2014)

  • Political, business and local support in the AVE Mandarache (21/02/2014)
    COEC Chamber of Commerce and consider the best location for the high speed comes sooner to Cartagena
  • MC asked in Parliament that run Mirror embargoes New Gate preventively (21/02/2014)
    The judge in the case has been transferred and therefore its replacement now will have to study the whole case to agree on resources at risk to delay the judgment in time
  • Concha López Narváez Encounters at public libraries (21/02/2014)
    junior students will review primary author with his book Yes, I Am A Lizard, on 24, 25 and 26 February at the Cultural Center libraries, Manuel Puig Campillo and Rafael Rubio
  • In Search of Garbancillo Tallante (21/02/2014)
    sun and good weather today have accompanied the group of seniors who participated in the hiking activity organized by the Department of Social Services
  • The group of photographers AFOCAR celebrates 25 years since his last exhibition (21/02/2014)
    What makes a show that opened on Friday the Councillor for Culture in the Molina Palace at 19 pm
  • Green Light to ADIF to new AVE station in Mandarache (20/02/2014)
    The Development Ministry will soon initiate steps for bidding.
  • High Speed ​​Cartagena agreed that the city railway station is in the Mandarache (20/02/2014)
    The Minister of Public Works and Planning participates in the meeting of the Board of Directors of this company, chaired by Secretary of State for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development
  • Green Light to new AVE station in the Mandarache (20/02/2014)
    The Ministry of Public Works will begin shortly the steps for tender
  • The emotional training students overcome their fears (20/02/2014)
    It is the course that the Department of Women organized late last year to surpass oneself.
  • Moncho Borrajo I return to Cartagena, Quevedo (20/02/2014)
    After more than forty years in show business brings to the stage a new show that will be in El Batel October 4
  • Older walking Cartagena storey (20/02/2014)
    The biologist and paleontologist Alfredo Castilla has given a talk in the cycle A Walk Through the History and Culture of our City
  • Youth offers grants and grants for youth groups (20/02/2014)
    30,000 euros were allocated and the application deadline will end on March 10
  • The Committee on Industry visits the Diego Zamora Group (Licor 43) (20/02/2014)

  • More than sixty small school Hispania practice table tennis (20/02/2014)
    Yesterday were the male and female teams UCAM-Cartagena within the ADE program of the Department of Sports
  • Lledo continues its fight for the top positions in the Sahara Race (20/02/2014)
    In the fourth stage held this Wednesday, the Cartagena athlete remained as number 2 in the UK who participate in the Challenge 4 Deserts
  • Cambridge record a UPCT PhD for his research in wireless sensor networks (20/02/2014)
    David Rodenas has achieved during his thesis, morning reads Teleco, pioneering mainstream video monitoring low cost
  • The youngest of the Narwhal achieved third place in the regional Playing athletics (19/02/2014)
    The Pavilion Cabezo Beaza Cartagena hosted the final this morning that hundreds of kids have participated in 18 municipalities in the region
  • Prolam visit to Cartagena sculptor Juan José Quirós (19/02/2014)
    I made this morning in an activity in which participants have seen the artist's studio, who have been able to meet in person
  • Start the tenth edition of Hall Company for training entrepreneurs (19/02/2014)
    back this lecture, from 4 March to 29 April, which is organized from ALDE and CEEIC.
  • Cartagena Polytechnic University and the Museum starring Tuesday (19/02/2014)
    The lecture, held at the Enrique Escudero, from March 4 to April 3, is free until all seats, pre-registration will be open until 28 February
  • Self-employment and Comic in courses for youth UP (19/02/2014)
    The two training activities began on Tuesday and will run until April 29
  • The economist Luis Miguel Andrés, new manager of Old Town (19/02/2014)
    The board of the municipal corporation has proceeded this morning to his appointment with the task of economically revive the historic center and pursue their business promotion
  • "The Streets of Cartagena have to be a cry in defense of Rosell" (19/02/2014)
    SPCT The board will participate in the rally "For a 100x100 Rosell"
  • "Enough of lies Rosell For a 100 x 100." (19/02/2014)
    The Teaching CCOO Federation supports the demonstration
  • Picture Association AFOCAR celebrates its 25th anniversary with an exhibition (18/02/2014)
    opens Friday at the Palacio Molina at 19 hours.
  • The Finance Committee studies the partial payment of the bonus 2012 municipal officials (18/02/2014)
    At the meeting, which took place on Wednesday, you will notice the progress of the Plan of Adjustment and the spending rule at 31 December 2013
  • Hundreds of Benjamins dispute Wednesday the regional Playing athletics (18/02/2014)
    The Pavilion welcomes Cabezo Beaza this activity in the participating schools in 18 municipalities in the region
  • The UPCT presents the government delegate his Masters in Integral Security Management (18/02/2014)

  • The city is decked out with lights carnival (18/02/2014)

  • Dura struggle in juvenile category A to play the playoffs to the league title (18/02/2014)
    AD San ​​Cristobal, La Palma-Codelpa CD, EF Aljorra and Cartagena FC in Group I and Vistalegre FC, JUVENIA CD, EF balsicas and Sports Union in group II have chances of qualifying
  • The study on the implementation of the Neighborhood Entrepreneurs will be ready this quarter (18/02/2014)
    commission work behind this project has met this morning at the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena
  • More spacious and close, the residents of La Palma enjoying their new library (18/02/2014)
    This morning the mayor ran the new facilities that house several rooms, one for children, and that is right in front of the school and the institute
  • The Cairo University rector delivered a medal UPCT (18/02/2014)

  • City buses repass along the Avenue of America (18/02/2014)
    Since lines 8 today, 7 and 14 stop at the station.
  • The Chancellor's Staff and directors of centers and departments visit UPCT Operations Center Maritime Surveillance and Action (18/02/2014)

  • The Marriage of Figaro, the best of Mozart in El Batel (18/02/2014)
    The work, considered one of the great creations of the composer, will pass the Municipal Auditorium this week
  • The Arts Workshop leads to higher Arsenal and Submarine Base (18/02/2014)
    During Friday's session, participants in this activity organized by the Department of Social Services, also visited an exhibition of Byzantine Wall Painting in the room
  • Lledo now enters the third stage of the Sahara Race (18/02/2014)
    Of the 185 athletes who started the first 4 Deserts Challenge, the Cartagena peaked at 25 during the first stage, on Sunday, becoming the second in Spanish Directions
  • Paul Caparros Excellent debut with Bologna Badminton, won it all (17/02/2014)

  • Infrastructure repairs potholes José María Arts (17/02/2014)
    The damage of the square are being repaired by the council to prevent falls
  • The ELDI, failing to move the equipment, laboratories focus UPCT (17/02/2014)
    The Minister of Education, the mayor and the chancellor of the University today visited the building located on the third and final phase before it opens its doors
  • El Nuevo Teatro Circo projects the French film My Happy Days (17/02/2014)
    The film will be seen on Tuesday in three sessions at 18:00, 20:15 and 22:30
  • "Families in difficult situations", slogan of the X Conference of the Family in Cartagena (17/02/2014)

  • The fair trade triumphs in Cartagena (17/02/2014)

  • Carnival prepares to elect their Queen (17/02/2014)
    tickets for the Grand Gala on Saturday held at the Sports Pavilion Central Now Available
  • The Minister and the Mayor praised the 'extraordinary' facilities UPCT (17/02/2014)
    Pedro Antonio Sánchez and Pilar Barreiro today have met the new Laboratory Building, Teaching and Research and have made a tour of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • Cartagena hosts this week's national congress Interflora (17/02/2014)
    Florists quote all Spain from 20 to 23 February will be given in the city where demonstrations and floral decorations that will be released to the general public the chance of floral art held
  • Suspended last function Hecuba technical problems (17/02/2014)
    tickets will be changed for the session 20:00 ho money is refunded
  • Mary Wells celebrates 20 years in music in El Batel (17/02/2014)
    The new tour of Seville vocal group will go through Cartagena on Saturday April 26 to review the best of his career at a concert
  • The library of La Palma change of venue (17/02/2014)
    The Mayor will visit on Tuesday its new premises in the old doctor's office of the town
  • Night of arrows in the House of Folklore of La Palma (17/02/2014)
    Last Saturday I portapasos Piety organized the first round of the National Competition Bolts for the 50th anniversary of his Virgin
  • The squares of the V Route Fortresses flew in just an hour (17/02/2014)
    Before 11 am on Saturday had completed enrollment of 3,750 general test.
  • The Hesperides PFIC collaborates with Boluda Maritime Corporation for continuing training for its marine (16/02/2014)
    They may act as Senior Naval Mechanics on merchant ships of up to 6,000 kw
  • Youth opens the Fourth Test La Cantera local musicians (14/02/2014)
    Until 24th February, the deadline will be open to participate in this activity, enabling youth of the town have a local to play at the Youth Center Quarries
  • A score of young Italians learn to be entrepreneurs in Cartagena (14/02/2014)
    These days students are reunited with the municipality within Comenius Regio Project Tomorrow Entrepreneurs whose local agents are ALDE, UPCT and Isaac Peral
  • Starts Saturday School Young Entrepreneurs of the ALDE (14/02/2014)
    The Salesian College students attend a workshop to learn how to succeed in the future with your work.
  • The City Council asked the Gold Medal of Merit for Labour Juan Carrión (14/02/2014)
    The mayor has made a proposal to the governing board and explained it in person to Cartagena teacher, during the visit he made to the academy today English Carrion has in Cartagena
  • The circuit of Marathon Media is already approved and in good standing (14/02/2014)

  • The Night of Museums 2014 the participation of artists opens (14/02/2014)
    The deadline for submission of proposals, which are then selected and displayed in the Free Space Artistic Expression of the Plaza del Rey, will remain open until March 14
  • The Platform for Biprovincialidad meets Pujante to ask IU-Greens support the restoration of the province of Cartagena (14/02/2014)
    Congressman says his training has "a clear position regarding the recognition of the uniqueness of Cartagena, which has to be clearly expressed in the next reform of the Staff Regulations "
  • One hundred fifty school students today concluded visits to Cartagena Polytechnic (14/02/2014)
    The number of schools, 57, and students, more than 1,800, who know the academic offerings and facilities UPCT exceeds that of previous years
  • Aspiring Dual FP in Germany can sign up on February 26 (13/02/2014)
    About twenty young people have attended this morning to talk on the supply of 44 places available in the region.
  • Opens Friday traffic America Avenue (13/02/2014)
    The scheduled start at noon pass the new road vehicles, while the underground parking will take a few days waiting to obtain the appropriate licenses
  • The mayor will visit on Friday the popular Juan Carrión Academy (13/02/2014)
    will be at 11 am when Pilar Barreiro tour the facilities at this center who founded the teacher who inspires i>Living is easy with eyes closed/i>
  • The caliche, bowling and bocce born in Rome (13/02/2014)
    On this issue has deepened the conference held today in the cycle A walk through the history and traditions of our city, organized by the Department of Social Services
  • Artillery Commanders visiting the Security Park (13/02/2014)
    Accompanied by the Councillor for Public Safety have toured the facilities Local Police, Fire and Civil Protection
  • Roberto Aliaga will be starring in the next Meet Author (13/02/2014)
    A total of 368 students in third and fourth grade accompany the author on 17 and 18 February in the Library and Cultural Center in Pearl District
  • El Alma de Javier Moreno shows us how we are inside (13/02/2014)
    It is one of the novels nominated this year for Mandarache Prize and author presenting this Wednesday and Thursday at young readers in Cartagena
  • Mil celebrate Valentine older (13/02/2014)
    The Botanical Garden hosts a meal tomorrow Friday-dance organized by major associations, in collaboration with the City of Cartagena, to commemorate Valentine's Day
  • Leo Harlem and Dani Delacámara, the best comedy in El Batel (13/02/2014)
    In his new tour of theaters and auditoriums will stop at Cartagena on May 2, where they will attempt to answer the question Can a human being enduring, endlessly laugh for 90 minutes?
  • Read erotic illustration through the T-LA (13/02/2014)
    That is the goal of the introductory course has been organized for next Saturday, March 22 with a fee of 15 euros
  • The Governing Board is studying the sales plan for 2014 (13/02/2014)
    In Friday's meeting is expected to approve a package of grants to cultural institutions
  • MC criticizes the neglect of the departments of Infrastructure and Security in the residential Casablanca (13/02/2014)
    Located between El Bohio and polygon Santa Ana, neighbors reported a state of neglect in public parks and gardens of the environment, while paying a " IBI very high "
  • On Saturday, registration will open in the path of the Strengths V (13/02/2014)
    There will be 3,750 seats to be ordered online and a waiting list to fill the gaps
  • Withdrawn one ficus which had caused a rupture of water without water Lapuerta José María (13/02/2014)
    The sample of nearly 20 meters high had to be cut by the city hired to repair the line could Hidrogea
  • The UPCT his master taught in English to attract business twenty students from India next year (13/02/2014)
    200,000 young Indians studying abroad each year, but only 155 make it in Spain.
  • Teach the elderly to prevent falls (12/02/2014)
    This morning held a workshop organized by the Department of Social Services
  • The St. Thomas Association of the Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen II prepares his Ascent of Mount Calvary. (12/02/2014)

  • El Batel Cartagena presented to executives from leading Spanish associations (12/02/2014)
    It will be in the i>Innovation Forum of associations Korazza 2014,/i> to be held tomorrow in Barcelona
  • The award puts finishing touch to Christmas Window Dressing Competition III (12/02/2014)
    Three share first prize florists who have received at a ceremony held today at the Chamber of Commerce, along with the other winners
  • The musical Thumbelina gets on the Nuevo Teatro Circo (12/02/2014)
    It will be on Saturday, March 8 at 17.30 hours.
  • Great Rumba Night with Chicane and The Hungarian in Batel (12/02/2014)
    The auditorium hosts the March 7th the past, present and future of the genre with its two joint tour exponents
  • New president of the Legion of Mars and Minerva (12/02/2014)

  • Jobs Councilman Friday Segado receives participants of Comenius Regio Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (12/02/2014)
    It is Italian students and teachers whose partners to Isaac Peral, UPCT and ALDE
  • Al collect vehicle tax until March 31 (12/02/2014)
    Rates remain frozen while decreasing by almost 2,500 units the number of cars, motorcycles and trucks of municipal register
  • SPCT claims a wave of thefts in recent weeks Miranda (11/02/2014)
    Mranda neighbors are concerned about the growing insecurity suffering
  • The new cover of the Los Barreros be ready in a few weeks (11/02/2014)
    It was said today the Minister of Education to explain that these works will be short-term emergency character
  • Kudos to the teacher Juan Carrión (11/02/2014)
    The mayor highlighted the work of the English teacher, both for their dedication to the students as per their social commitment to Cartagena
  • Violeta Monreal, piranha and Toad are with small Cartagena (11/02/2014)
    This morning I did through meetings organized by author Municipal Libraries Network with colleges of the trough, San Ginés de la Jara and Carthage .
  • Regional Playing Athletics Final at the Central Pavilion (11/02/2014)
    corresponds to the juvenile category and will be held on Wednesday morning with teams of 19 municipalities
  • Andrés Lledo part to Jordan to participate in the first test of 4deserts (11/02/2014)
    Sports Councilman wished luck to Cartagena athlete, who will participate in the race Sahara starting within five days
  • Employment and training for 45 unemployed Canteras (11/02/2014)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Education, Universities and Jobs have presented three initiatives that will last 12 months and allow their participants to obtain a Certificate of Professionalism and receive a salary
  • XV Theatre Festival Isidoro Marquez and I Monologues Competition (11/02/2014)
    Organized by the Cultural Association of the Barrio de la Concepción, held from March 31 to April 6 at the Association of Residents of that neighborhood and closes February 15 The deadline for proposals
  • The new president of Cartagena AJE takes up office (11/02/2014)
    Ã Alvaro Valdes claimed this morning that follow the same line as its predecessor to bet on the young entrepreneur and businessman Cartagena and through the promotion of employment
  • Juan Tamariz is the Nuevo Teatro Circo with Makin 'Magic (11/02/2014)
    Magician The show will be March 15, with tickets at 20 euros and 25 are now on sale
  • 400 VET students receive information and skills to find employment (11/02/2014)
    The Minister of Education, Universities and Employment and the Mayor of Cartagena involved in the day FP Young, where young people come into direct contact with companies and business groups
  • Award Ceremony of the Christmas window competition (11/02/2014)
    will take place on Wednesday at the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena
  • Javier Moreno in Ecuador visit Cartagena Mandarache Award (11/02/2014)
    The present writer Murcia Alma readers more than 800 days in the House and the auditorium Pedreño UPCT
  • Residents of Los Dolores asking Barreros and MC proposed improvements in your environment (11/02/2014)
    Member of the Board MC "comb" districts and county in search of neighborhood complaints, to try to solve them with the passivity of Local Government
  • 400 students in vocational education Cartagena receive information and skills to find employment (11/02/2014)
    The Minister of Education, Universities and Employment and the Mayor of Cartagena involved in the day 'FP Young', in which students come into direct contact with companies and business groups
  • Start the sixth edition of the Municipal Senior Petanque Championship (11/02/2014)
    Track Marfagones Mills on Monday hosted the kick off with the tournament was opened and was given by the council of Social Care and Sports
  • Basic course in digital photography with the T-La (11/02/2014)
    It is celebrated during the second half of February and entries can be made at the Youth Resource Centre
  • The Youth Correspondents they update (11/02/2014)
    Twenty students of the institutes of the municipality met Friday to exchange experiences on its information to young people in their respective centers
  • The Community and the City put three new mixed employment and training programs for up to 45 people (11/02/2014)
    The Minister of Education, Universities and Employment and the Mayor of Cartagena presented three initiatives that will last 12 months and allow to obtain a Certificate of Professionalism and receive a salary
  • SPCT held that damages the Barreros CP were produced on a Sunday night (10/02/2014)
    SPCT claims that fall under the heading of maintenance of schools in the city of Cartagena budget is causing the destruction of San Francisco Javier CP Los Barreros
  • The two experts looking ALDE engineers Atmosphere Control and Fire (10/02/2014)
    A company has come to the agency to cover two jobs with a very specific profile, which includes 10 years of experience and a high level of English
  • Eduardo García Carrión assumes the presidency of the Celts Mercenaries (10/02/2014)

  • The T-LA organized for Sunday Iconography Sacra activity (10/02/2014)
    Cemetery of Our Lady of Remedies, Necropolis Necropolis Torreciega and will visit the Archaeological Museum to learn the funeral rites of different ages
  • The wind blows the module cover child of a school in Los Barreros (10/02/2014)
    85 Classes for students aged 3, 4 and 5 years, will resume Tuesday in other classrooms center
  • The Vocational School Carlos III hosts the 2014 fair Young FP (10/02/2014)
    Mayor and employment minister will attend on Tuesday announced the development of this project which aims to improve the employability of young people
  • The newly expanded House of Folklore of the Palm opened (10/02/2014)
    Last Friday the Mayor inaugurated new facilities in the late nineteenth century served as a warehouse and stables in an annex to the Casa space
  • The College of Industrial Engineers, and Pust create a Chair to promote employability (10/02/2014)

  • Violeta Monreal and Care Santos this week visiting public libraries (10/02/2014)

  • The Summer Camp Sodicar awarded by the Foundation SED (10/02/2014)

  • Mil Cartagena I run the Mile Urban Partnership (10/02/2014)
    La Huertecica Collective, along with the Sports Council, yesterday organized this event in which hundreds of families, and participated in races in such diverse activities like Zumba
  • Operators Catad capture a dangerous dog in the trough (10/02/2014)
    In coordination with the local police, managed to locate and collect the animal on Sunday that several people had attacked and bitten one
  • Strong wind causes over seventy interventions Firefighters without injury (10/02/2014)
    Ã uprooted trees, downed signs, antennas, plates and dishes, and three small fires, one in Galeras, balance a very eventful night in the Municipal Park Security
  • Bulo red alert in the social networks for temporary (10/02/2014)
    Civil Defence denies that the city of Cartagena has issued a statement advising citizens whatsapp hide in their homes and suspending schools
  • MC asked at the next plenary by the new official chronicler of the city (08/02/2014)

  • More dual training places in Germany (07/02/2014)
    The ALDE Kolping Foundation and 44 other young people looking to train and perform remunerated in the German country practices
  • Hiking, and astronomy carnival this weekend with the T-LA (07/02/2014)
    Program the Youth Council held on those days activities for everyone, including a workshop of astronomy, carnival and other guided bike routes between other
  • Pablo Lopez upload your piano to El Batel (07/02/2014)
    The New Artist 2013 visit Cartagena on 16 May to present their debut album Eleven stories and piano
  • Last seats in free courses for young people in the People's University (07/02/2014)
    It is still open enrollment period for Create Comic and Cre @ rtempleo, which aim to facilitate the employment and develop our creativity
  • The House of Folklore of the Palm premieres tonight its extension (07/02/2014)
    The Mayor opened the new premises, built by the City of Cartagena folk group, which has organized one for Saturday open house for the public in general
  • After the registration period for the business meeting Promoting SMEs (07/02/2014)
    Although attendance is free, those interested in attending this meeting, which took place on February 25 in El Batel, must register through Internet
  • Laughs secured by Bertin Osborne and Paco Arevalo in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (07/02/2014)
    There are still tickets for the two functions Two Caraduras in Crisis, on Saturday at 18.30 and 21.30 hours
  • Mod, medieval knight or scout for a day, with Cartagena Port of Cultures (07/02/2014)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the serious deficiencies in streets and sidewalks making the school zone of La Manga (07/02/2014)
    1500 for students who daily reach College and Institute
  • This Sunday I leave the livestock held Azohía (07/02/2014)

  • Cartagena UPyD requests installation of an aquarium in Cartagena (07/02/2014)

  • The Campus Engineering UPCT aspires to be a technological pioneer event in Spain disclosure (07/02/2014)

  • The Brotherhood of Saint Ginés de la Jara, Cartagena pattern choose your Guild Guild of the year and honor (06/02/2014)
    Distinctions individuals and organizations that contribute actively played social work vital to our city granted
  • The Day Centre Algar blows the candles on his fifth birthday (06/02/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor attended Thursday to acts which have taken place in the center to commemorate the anniversary, including music and has been an exhibition
  • Photography and painting come together in the Multiverse (06/02/2014)
    Enrique José Carlos Navarro presented Ã'íguez and this shows with large doses of lyricism and abstraction that will run until June 15 at the Palace Hall
  • One hundred maritime experts will come in October to the National Congress of Naval Engineering (06/02/2014)
    The president of the Association of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Luis Vilches, visited the mayor to tell the latest event details
  • Start the tarmac of the Paseo de Alfonso XII (06/02/2014)
    The works will be executed by the Port Authority and generate traffic delays in the area for more than a month
  • The shops in Cartagena encourage recycling (06/02/2014)

  • Overnight stays in hotels in Cartagena rose more than 13 percent in 2013 (06/02/2014)
    The city is the urban destination that has grown in the region and travelers to stay
  • The Archaeological Museum honors its former director Pedro San Martin (06/02/2014)
    What makes an exhibition that shows some of the projects and personal belongings of the architect become arqueólogoy that has opened its doors today
  • 120 dance students will make a benefit performance of Snow White in El Batel (06/02/2014)
    The festival, organized for the third consecutive year Nuria Mas Dance Studio, will be held Saturday in Conference Room A of the Municipal Auditorium
  • The Archaeological Museum pays tribute to Pedro Cartagena San Martín, who discovered the Roman Theater (06/02/2014)
    The retrospective has been assigned by the College of Architects of the Region entity dedicated a recent tribute
  • A motion to MC replenishment light in Santa Ana serves to activate the work of the Department of Infrastructure (06/02/2014)
    The power line several streets of this town is already installed, as reported by neighbors
  • The Tales and plants, stars of A Walk Through History (06/02/2014)

  • Fifty older learn to train your memory (06/02/2014)

  • Mil people I run this Sunday Milla Urbana Solidarity (06/02/2014)
    The race, which aims to disseminate the work of the social Huertecica to combat drug abuse, will begin at 9.30 am, an hour earlier than expected
  • Cartagena UPyD calls for the new fire in tailings be clarified (06/02/2014)

  • Future Cartagena meets COEC to lend their support on the major issues of concern to the city and county (06/02/2014)
    The association has asked Pedro Pablo Hernández entrepreneurs appear to explain the benefits that would Biprovincialidad for CARM
  • The director of Urban ALSA goodbye to the mayor (05/02/2014)
    Rafael González met this morning with Pilar Barreiro to present the new management structure of the company
  • Cartagena cited Thursday with Robert Redford (05/02/2014)
    Cinemas Neocine Mandarache welcome this afternoon preview of When all is lost.
  • Cartagena January live with less unemployment of the last 8 years (05/02/2014)

  • The Archaeological Museum recalls the figure of his former director Pedro San Martin (05/02/2014)
    What makes an exhibition that pays tribute to the work of archaeological and architectural recovery, such as the Roman theater heritage.
  • Study on the average German ALDE (05/02/2014)
    Va targeting the unemployed with minimal knowledge of the language and the inscriptions are open until February 12
  • One hundred high school students begin the course on Philosophy and Literature UPCT (05/02/2014)

  • Augusto gets his place in the Roman Forum Cartagonova (04/02/2014)
    This afternoon has been installed in one corner of the Plaza de San Francisco a replica of the statue of the emperor found a few meters in the windlass
  • The director general of the Ministry of Economy Innovation praises the effort UPCT by "linking universities and companies" (04/02/2014)
    Maria Luisa Brown has visited the new Laboratory Building, Teaching and Research (ELDI) UPCT
  • The Sea of ​​Music will celebrate 20 years with Norwegian flavor (04/02/2014)
    Russian Red, Calle 13, Ane Brun and Omara Portuondo will take the stage for this festival to be held from 18 to 26 July.
  • Instituto Bernabeu held in March its first Forum in Cartagena (04/02/2014)
    Teen pregnancy, abortion and menopause are some of the topics discussed in this forum, which is scheduled to take place around Women's Day and presented responsible the mayor of the Institute
  • Hall and social action organizations unite against the crisis with a pioneering program in the region (04/02/2014)

  • The Carnival is celebrated this year with more jokes and choreography (04/02/2014)
    The program of activities will start on Saturday 22 February with the proclamation of the mayor of Women, Clara Heredia
  • Three other cartageneras embark on the adventure of European Voluntary (04/02/2014)
    This, funded by the Erasmus + Programme and coordinated by the Department of Youth Service continues to focus on training young people gain experience in other countries
  • Sold the first 500 entries of Robert Plant at a reduced price (03/02/2014)
    Cartagena City Council extends this offer to another 300 more for the concert of former Led Zeppelin vocalist offered in the Sea of ​​Music, the July 26
  • Seventy-seven children gathered at the First Circuit School Chess occur (03/02/2014)
    Yesterday the first of the eight tests to be played in different schools was played.
  • The mayor joins the tribute to Javier Azagra (03/02/2014)
    Pilar Barreiro this afternoon to attend the screening of the biographical documentary Emeritus Bishop of Cartagena and adopted son to be held at the College of The Marist
  • Between strings and brass exceed your expectations with 151 participants (03/02/2014)
    The competition organized by the Youth Council and the Conservatory of Music in Cartagena, will in its seventeenth edition with young people from across the region
  • Details Úšltimos coordination programming Carnival Tuesday presents (03/02/2014)
    The Joint Committee of the City and the parties met this morning at the San Miguel Building
  • Cartagena is the first to receive the best ham in Castilla y León (03/02/2014)
    Welcomes the Day Monday Ham and his marriage to publicize this product from Segovia.
  • Cartagena hosts the premiere of When All is Lost (03/02/2014)
    Free tickets for the event on Wednesday at the cinemas Mandarache can be collected at the Real Club de Regatas in exchange for a donation intended Salvage Red Cross
  • Fernández Garrido 75 years trumpeted the box "muscle (03/02/2014)
    The former procesionista the year in 2005 was commissioned last Friday to begin the program with which the group celebrates its anniversary
  • The pianist totanero Murani accompany Murcia Symphony El Batel (03/02/2014)
    The SORM offered Wednesday at the Municipal Auditorium in Cartagena the second concert of its Fertilization Cycle
  • Continues the cycle The Cinema Center back to Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi (03/02/2014)
    Alex's last film of the Church can be seen Tuesday morning by three passes and tickets to 4 and 3 euros
  • Photography and painting come together in the Multiverse (03/02/2014)
    Enrique José Carlos Navarro presented Ã'íguez and this shows with large doses of lyricism and abstraction that will run until June 15 at the Palace Hall

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