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Cartagena News - December 2013

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  • New Year's Eve and New Year (31/12/2013)
    Tips for Victor J.
  • Stories for the little ones in the Plaza Juan XXIII (30/12/2013)
    On Thursday, Friday and Saturday brings together the storytelling of the Loft Theatre to entertain the kings of the house
  • The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra concert starring the New Year in El Batel (30/12/2013)
    On Wednesday, the Auditorium hosts this musical group has traveled the world with his classical music
  • Large doses of humor, drama and music in downtown Cartagena (30/12/2013)
    This week so young and old enjoyed the activities planned for this Christmas in the City
  • TELECARTAGENA assists in the campaign to collect toys (30/12/2013)
    Volunteers have begun today to package gifts that will be distributed to social action associations
  • El Parque de San Ginés already has his holy (30/12/2013)
    On Saturday the statue was placed in a ceremony attended by the Brotherhood of Romeros and aldermen of Celebration and Decentralization, Florentina Garcia Bernal and Nicolas à ngel
  • The Murcia U19 goes to the final in Cartagena (30/12/2013)
    This weekend class qualifiers in La Rioja, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands also participated disputed
  • Eleven other unemployed receive dual training in Germany (30/12/2013)
    The Kolping Foundation and selected ALDE Young Cartagena then be formed and will practice in the German bakeries and butchers country
  • Plastics Cartagena Romero returns to training (30/12/2013)

  • MC officials to win the battle of drinking water • (30/12/2013)
    She complained in March 2013 to the Labour Inspection
  • The House finally approved taxes for 2014 (30/12/2013)
    The Corporation has dismissed claims by two citizens
  • He died less than 16 years after going off a vehicle on the road from La Algameca (30/12/2013)
    The Local Police are investigating the circumstances that led tourism driving a 19 years slammed into a tree
  • A thesis defends the profitability of solar energy (30/12/2013)

  • SPCT street furniture proposed to adapt to serve elderly and disabled (30/12/2013)
    "The PP government team forget to put banks in remodeling gazebo San Francisco"
  • A girl dead and two injured in road accident past midnight in Cartagena (30/12/2013)

  • Cartagena hosts this weekend's championship soccer Spain Under-19 (27/12/2013)
    The selections of the Region of Murcia, La Rioja, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands during this time competing in the pavilion Wsell Guimbarda
  • The City Council requested that the Mediterranean park open every day of the year (27/12/2013)
    The local governing board today approved transfer this application to the Regional Advisory Board of Trade, which is the authority responsible for authorizing the shops can open on a holiday
  • The Queen Elizabeth docked in Cartagena with 2,000 passengers (27/12/2013)

  • Nearly 3,000 toys form the illusion mountain this year (27/12/2013)
    The Army, Red Cross, The English Court and Eroski are some of the entities that have come to San Miguel to deliver toys collected will
  • The V Route Fortresses first tour through the center of the city (27/12/2013)
    The popular race, to be held on April 5, and will raise the winch next to the Roman Forum Subdivision, as City Council and have agreed Navy
  • Agricultural UPCT shall inquire into the soft bone disease of broccoli (27/12/2013)
    The research, funded by the company Sakata, will focus on the involvement, as yet unknown, the fungus Pythium ultimum
  • Free guided visits to the exhibition Mysterion this Christmas (27/12/2013)
    The Roman Theatre Museum has organized for Saturday December 28 and January 4, lanes visits for the Byzantine tradition of the Orthodox Church
  • A Tale of Dickens in the Punic Wall (27/12/2013)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures continues its Christmas program with a theatrical tour on Saturday, based on A Christmas Carol
  • Magic Christmas in Cartagena (27/12/2013)
    Great Magic Gala in the Plaza de San Francisco, and the awards Holiday Card Contest, staged Thursday on street activities organized for these days Celebrations
  • The Moscow Ballet presents The Nutcracker in El Batel (27/12/2013)
    The ticket price is 35, 25 and 18 euros.
  • Alums party stands for Christmas (26/12/2013)
    Neighbors organize different activities these days as craft workshops, contests or carols visited by the Magi
  • Social Services delivers aid to nine institutions of social action (26/12/2013)
    Councillor for Social Care, Antonio Calderon, met this morning with these organizations to develop cooperation projects in different countries
  • More toys mountain growing in San Miguel (26/12/2013)
    A few days after the season finale municipal collection, several institutions and organizations such as the RAAA73 and Practiser have today delivered the collected materials
  • Tourism and Lycar offer visit the most emblematic of Cartagena for only 16 euros (26/12/2013)

  • Firefighters attended in July gave all the improvements to the auditorium for the service requested (26/12/2013)
    The observations reflected in a report of July 3 were solved, as noted in an inspection conducted 23 days later
  • Citizens Movement confirms "serious consequences for the safety of people in the auditorium El Batel" (26/12/2013)
    have commissioned an external expert report to demonstrate the shortcomings
  • The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen remember in these intimate dates of our Lord's message of brotherhood and solidarity (26/12/2013)

  • The box office opens chirigotas contest on January 3 (26/12/2013)
    It will be from earlier in the year when they can buy tickets for this traditional festival of Carnival celebrated in El Batel
  • Kitchen and theater in the center for Christmas (26/12/2013)
    On Monday the clown Marcel Gross delighted with his show to smaller awards of Christmas recipes became Onda Cero
  • Firefighters conducted a dozen interventions by the wind storm (26/12/2013)
    Along with the local police, spent the day Christmas they removing trees, lampposts and rubble, downed by strong winds that have been blowing around the town in the past two days
  • A UPCT academic work becomes a social network cards Magic (26/12/2013)
    A student of Business Administration participates in the creation of a website selling trading cards
  • The local league goodbye until next year (24/12/2013)
    Vistalegre, Santiago, Dolorense, Esperanza, San Cristóbal, La Soledad, La Aljorra Féminas and Cartagena, the best championship in the first third of the championship where they told all their games Win
  • The local police found clothing delivered to Caritas by officers on the street (23/12/2013)
    The event, held today at the store Caritas, attended the council of Public Safety and Social Care, Mariano García and Antonio Calderon
  • Already smell Christmas in the streets of Cartagena (23/12/2013)
    Scheduled activities for these special days this weekend filled spaces that house them, and in the Plaza de San Francisco with performances for smaller
  • Social Services provides grants amounting to 27,000 euros for prevention of drug dependence (23/12/2013)
    Councillor for Social Care has signed cooperation agreements signed with the Collective of parents and friends on drugs The Council of Youth, Family Action and APAD
  • More courses and workshops in the Department of Women for the coming months (23/12/2013)

  • On the street the second number of the magazine Nova Karthago (23/12/2013)
    The fall-winter edition of the Journal of Commerce and Tourism has launched the City Council with the support of traders and restaurants, and is also on the municipal website
  • The dinosaurs are installed in Cavite Heroes this Christmas (23/12/2013)
    After the rain on Friday and Saturday, the children could already mounted Sunday this inflatable Jurassic Park, the council of Celebration today introduced to the media
  • A Bethlehem for children and adults in the Albujón (23/12/2013)
    The Senior Club of the town and the college Luis Vives, on Friday visited the Christmas assembly composed of more than 1,700 figures
  • Special hours for city buses on Christmas (23/12/2013)
    The changes will affect 24 and 31 December, when the last service will depart at 8 pm, and on 25 December and 1 January in the first departure will be at 8 am
  • Socialists for Cartagena claims that "the PP again tease Murcia with the new regulation of photovoltaic" (23/12/2013)
    "Once again, this government reminds us and shows us that promises one thing and does the opposite and as the saying, for example, a button "
  • The UPCT, ranking tenth in the Spanish Public Universities (23/12/2013)

  • A man aged 47 was killed when hiking in Cartagena (22/12/2013)
    emergency health services have failed to do anything to save a man was left unconscious as he trails
  • "The juniper dunes returns to La Manga" (21/12/2013)
    Member of Anse Ecologists in Action and have planted this morning 20 copies dune juniper (Juniperus macrocarpa) in the Mont Blanc of La Manga
  • The Socialist Party denounced the insecurity of travel on the fast track to La Manga due to power failure of more than 200 lanterns (20/12/2013)

  • Fifty stores will participate in the contest window (20/12/2013)
    Will the January 2 when they discover what the winner of the contest held for the third consecutive year
  • Thirty traditional social organizations receive donations Hall (20/12/2013)
    Mayor Pilar Barreiro has today delivered in person assistance Nursing Home and Home for Children, during the visit made by this Christmas
  • A Faun us into Christmas Punic Wall (20/12/2013)
    This Saturday there will be theatrical tour to explain the Roman Saturnalia
  • UPCT Students raise more than a hundred toys (20/12/2013)
    Today is Friday has delivered toys donated by these young people who have been working with the Christmas charity campaign
  • The large Roman theater its opening days this Christmas (20/12/2013)
    The Museum is open Monday 23 and 30 December at regular hours, 10 am to 6 pm, and 24 and December 31 will be open by the morning
  • Council starts in solidarity UPCT collecting toys (20/12/2013)

  • Mirror documents demonstrates the falsity of an allegation of José López (20/12/2013)
    The councilman accused of acting mayor of MC smarting from its defeat in the Audience
  • The albiazules prompted to smile at the smallest Hospital of Saint Lucia (20/12/2013)

  • Rain prevents the inauguration of inflatables in Jurassic Park Cavite Heroes (20/12/2013)

  • The People's Party of Cartagena resumes his traditional Christmas meal (20/12/2013)
    The food will take place tomorrow in the lounge of the Botanical Garden (formerly Golden Lady) at 14.30 hours
  • The VI Marathon Blood Drive reached 316 donations (20/12/2013)
    This Thursday the traditional joint initiative organized by the SER at the Palace Hall, where 369 people, of which 47 are new donors and 30 were attended was held were marrow donors.
  • Christmas Food Conquerors of Iberia and Founders Barcas (20/12/2013)

  • Anse complaint restart development project Forest Princess-Atamaría (20/12/2013)
    Adjacent to the Regional Park of Monte-Calblanque The Ashes and Eagle Rock
  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena save 60,000 euros a year in electricity to the partial closure of rental buildings (20/12/2013)

  • Sixty-five young men interested in the dual training in Germany (19/12/2013)
    The ALDE Wednesday held a talk aimed at selecting 31 people to be trained and will practice for three years in the German country
  • Superheroes also collaborate with the mountain of toys (19/12/2013)
    This Thursday the Youth Council was delivered toys collected through these weeks the activities of T-La
  • A college basketball between Luis Vives and UPCT Basket Cartagena (19/12/2013)
    players college team conducted a meeting Thursday with the students of this school
  • Older sing Christmas (19/12/2013)
    Over two hundred people gathered at the salo of acts of Social Work of the CAM witness an example of Carols
  • Jimbo Fresh Andrés Lledo sponsor in its challenge of completing Desert 4 (19/12/2013)
    The cartagenera company dedicated to the production of fruit and vegetables will support the ultra-distance, with whose values ​​and way of working is identified
  • Christmas comes to The Day Centre Algar (19/12/2013)
    Social Care Councilman today visited the elderly center that congratulated the parties
  • The workshop biggest Discover Your City and Practices missing closure this year (19/12/2013)
    On Wednesday held the ceremony of this year diplomas in a ceremony attended by the Councillor for Social Care, Antonio Calderon
  • Music for everyone in the Christmas program of El Batel (19/12/2013)

  • A more grown Manolito Four Eyes travels Cartagena (19/12/2013)
    The author, Elvira Lindo, has been the first to participate in the youth meetings with authors and Hache Mandarache Award
  • Toplagio presents his video involving people with disabilities (19/12/2013)
    i>Ask me whatever you want,/i> was recorded on November 23 Town Hall Square with the collaboration of the SOI Foundation
  • The Municipal Tennis School launches between Cartagena league clubs (19/12/2013)
    So far of course already played two games that have confronted the students with specialized groups of Schools Santa Anta and Sea Crystal
  • Visit to institutions and delivery of grants to entities of social action (19/12/2013)
    Mayor and Councilman Calderón blessed Christmas to Nursing Home and Home for Children and deliver the Palace Hall in aid to organizations working with disadvantaged
  • Sabic joins the Red Chairs of the Technical University of Cartagena to optimize the production of plastics (19/12/2013)
    The company will fund research projects, training courses and scholarships, an award for best Thesis and a labor contract
  • Mysterion, Christmas seen by the Byzantines (18/12/2013)
    This is the new temporary exhibition of the Roman Theatre Museum will open to the public until January 13 with three icons Mariano Hernández
  • The City Council gave 15,000 meters for a comprehensive center Astrada (18/12/2013)
    The Governing Board has also awarded a grant of € 9,000 to the Association of Victims of Terrorism
  • The ALDE delivery diplomas courses Language (18/12/2013)
    Careers Councilman chair the event, which took place on Thursday at the headquarters of the Women's Nursery next to Mandarache
  • The Youth Council is working with Mountain Toy (18/12/2013)
    The mayor of this area, along with Social Care and Celebrations, attended Thursday at the administration building of San Miguel, the delivery of toys purchased with the proceeds in several activities of T-La
  • The Platform for Biprovincialidad belies Cabezos (18/12/2013)
    and reminds you of great support to the refund of the province of Cartagena which grossed Platform
  • The Board of Trustees approves the budgets of 2014 (18/12/2013)
    The UPCT 20% cut their operating expenses for 2014 and prioritize the teaching functions
  • The School of Agricultural UPCT Introduces New Wine Harvest Tomás Ferro (18/12/2013)

  • The International Migrants Day brings together institutions cartageneras social action (18/12/2013)
    The act consisted of the reading of a manifesto at the headquarters of the NGO ACCEM, which has been attended by the Councillor for Social Care
  • The mountain of toys continues to grow Armada (18/12/2013)
    Social Care Councilman today visited the School of Marine Corps, which is installed one of the collection points, which are getting lots of toys
  • Last day to apply for property tax rebates in 2014 (18/12/2013)
    Large families have until end of year to ask for discounts ranging from 30 to 90 percent share of this tax
  • One of ballads hand Wednesday Lucerne (18/12/2013)
    This young cultural association organizes evening i>trovo Cartagena The/i> San Diego recite verses 17 and whose students Trovo School of The Union
  • Elvira Lindo opens literary meetings and Hache Mandarache Awards 2014 (18/12/2013)
    The author presented in Cartagena, on Wednesday and on Thursday, the latest installment of Manolito Four Eyes hundreds of students
  • A solidarity campaign a businesswoman Cartagenera food changes a massage session (18/12/2013)

  • SPCT denounces the neglect of the council before a discharge of sewage into Mediterranean urbanization (18/12/2013)
    "The council ignores the neighborhood complaints for a month"
  • The Roman Senate will have 25 legions (17/12/2013)

  • National Photo Contest: 'Emotions' (17/12/2013)
    'Emotions' is the name of the national photography competition, organized on the occasion of the Second National Youth Meeting brotherhoods
  • Councilman Social Care visit to Colonel RAAA73 (17/12/2013)
    During the meeting, which was also attended by the director of IMMS, Antonio Mula, thanked the installation of a collection point for toys in the barracks Tentegorra
  • The Home Betonia castañeras visit and residence Orpea (17/12/2013)
    In this traditional meeting organized years old offer handmade products
  • Albujón and The Vista Alegre-Mateos, the best in children's football category (17/12/2013)
    ​​ The Local Youth Football League was resumed this weekend in parentheses after the holiday weekend
  • A tender chairs Easter and advertising on bus shelters (17/12/2013)
    The BORM today released these two ads administrative concessions
  • The Asylum Store San Pedro Foundation Unveils project UPCT (17/12/2013)
    On the occasion of the delivery of the certificate of AENOR Quality was held Tuesday a day which was attended by the Minister for Industry, José Ballesta, among others
  • CANVI concert goes to City Garden (17/12/2013)
    CÃ cancer and life, an NGO of cancer, on Thursday organized a Christmas performance starring the Music School of the Musical Union Cartagonova
  • Tasting Christmas sweets in Aljorra (17/12/2013)
    The Cultural Association of Women in this town on Monday prepared a snack for all neighbors.
  • Craft exhibition on Byzantine Christmas at the Roman Theatre Museum (17/12/2013)
    Exposing icons presented Wednesday to the media under the name Mysterion
  • The mayor stands Employment, Infrastructure and Tourism as major milestones in 2013 in Cartagena (17/12/2013)

  • Government and business work together to promote employment (17/12/2013)
    Jobs Councilman Joaquin Segado, participated in the conference on Monday to support employment and business finance, held at the premises of CEEIC in Cabezo Beaza
  • The Municipal Hall dances to the rhythm of a solidarity zumba (17/12/2013)
    Some 250 people participated in this event last Saturday that organized the Sports Council in order to raise food for the needy
  • The global regulator approves UPCT teacher (17/12/2013)

  • Deliver course diplomas urban gardens (17/12/2013)

  • Students visit UPCT SABIC (17/12/2013)
    about 15 engineering students have been able to see the facilities and visit the control center and the laboratory, where they have deeper knowledge of the systems used by the company
  • The Assembly urges the Government of the Nation to back Navantia in their quest to build LNG tankers and ships hotel (16/12/2013)

  • Full farewell to the year with a joint statement of tribute to Monerri (16/12/2013)
    The city council met today to put on the table near fifty initiatives, motions, requests and questions, which were to be discussed in full above
  • Young and old are cited in the library (16/12/2013)
    In this intergenerational encounter elders have participated Club Sector Station and the Slum Santiago and some college students Mastia
  • 24 hr to collect toys (16/12/2013)
    All day, until 28 December, will the collection point Practiser installed, which opened Monday.
  • Cartagena rhythm Carol (16/12/2013)
    The Masa Coral Tomás Luis de Victoria organized a series of concerts from 21 to 29 December to pay tribute to this popular song
  • First step in Cartagena Spain to coordinate projects Youth Guarantee (16/12/2013)
    Representatives of various pilot projects agree to establish a network to exchange information and experiences
  • Premiere in Spain's musical Am Cuba in El Batel (16/12/2013)
    The show with the best salsa and Caribbean music reaches Cartagena after a successful European tour of France, Italy and England
  • Opened the crib Arts Workshop (16/12/2013)
    Councillor for Social Care students visited
  • Seminar on aid to employment and corporate finance in Cabezo Beaza (16/12/2013)
    It will take place this afternoon at the CEEIC involving Councilman Jobs Joaquin Segado
  • The Belones prepares for Christmas (16/12/2013)
    The Pyramids Shopping Centre will host this weekend workshops and several Christmas decorations collection of clothing and toys
  • Rugby is also practiced in Cartagena (16/12/2013)
    It is one of the few Spanish cities hosting the Orange Rugby Challenge, which brought together dozens of youths on Saturday in the Zenith
  • Swats solidarity Cabezo Beaza (16/12/2013)
    Sunday closed in the Sports Centre Goon Cartagena Paddle Tournament for Charity
  • Ten years of the Chamber Orchestra filled El Batel (16/12/2013)
    The musical gala, held last Friday, was sponsored by Repsol
  • Storming a comericio at 7 pm at knifepoint (16/12/2013)
    SPCT reiterates the negligence of the council and the government delegation on citizen security in Mediterranean urbanization
  • A UPCT thesis develops a system for early diagnosis of arteriosclerosis automatically (16/12/2013)
    The investigated method allows the m = & ea cute; doctor can monitor the progress of the disease from a o = rdenador
  • Repsol and inclusive approach SOI Leisure Cartagena with intellectual disabilities (16/12/2013)

  • The Seventh Edition "Cartagena for Charity" closes brilliantly (16/12/2013)

  • Starts Toy Drive with the mayor (13/12/2013)
    From Friday until December 28 will remain open to different points installed collecting donations booted after its official opening in San Miguel
  • The Days Regional Youth Guarantee goodbye to Cartagena (13/12/2013)
    The Mayor, Pilar Barreiro, closed on Friday at the event held over two days UPCT that has received hundreds of experts to promote this European project
  • Concha Velasco and Bertin Osborne, among the artists who will tread the boards of the Nuevo Teatro Circo (13/12/2013)
    The Department of Culture has presented its program for the months of January to May 2014, with seven plays you combine commerciality and quality, familiar faces and prestigious authors
  • The Craft Show returns to Cartagena for Christmas (13/12/2013)

  • Youth Rotary Club visit the mayor (13/12/2013)
    The main objective of the meeting was to present this Friday the Student Exchange Program conducted by the association
  • How to spend $ 3,000 in one day? (13/12/2013)
    This is the question asked on Friday the winner of the draw Purchases character that is part of an orchestrated during the November campaign to promote employment
  • It's Christmas in Prolam (13/12/2013)
    Social Care Councilman Thursday inaugurated the ASTUS Bethlehem, accompanied by the President of the Association and the students and teachers at the school
  • The largest of Sorrows celebrate Christmas (13/12/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor visited the day center where neighborhood have been interpreted and tasted villancios Christmas sweets
  • Plastics Cartagena Romero puts his two cents in the municipal campaign to collect toys (13/12/2013)

  • The ALDE selected 31 young to perform the dual vocational training in Germany (13/12/2013)
    seats are offered in the field of Hotel and Catering.
  • Café Quijano, Merche and India Martinez opened the Spanish Music of El Batel (13/12/2013)
    His performances are interspersed in the months of January, February and March 2014, within the general program of the auditorium
  • The Orange Rugby rugby challenge brings the base to Cartagena kids (13/12/2013)

  • The UPCT drives the audiovisual sector with the creation of a center to develop educational videos deliver R & D and training professionals (13/12/2013)
    The Center for Digital Content Production facilities will sound, voice, control, post-production, research and marketing
  • Examples of Austria and Finland satisfied in the Days of Youth Guarantee (13/12/2013)
    This afternoon the conference on political action are closed against youth unemployment, which have been held since Thursday in the old CIM
  • El Batel celebrates ten years of the Chamber Orchestra (13/12/2013)
    At 19.30 today, Friday the doors will open to the public for this special concert starring one of the winners between strings and brass.
  • The portapasos of Mercy are launching a National Competition Saetas (12/12/2013)

  • The Social Care Councillor visits the apex. (12/12/2013)
    The mayor Antonio Calderon and CEO of Disability, John Brown, have traveled the Day Center of Santa Ana for workshops and activities organized
  • Visit the CEO apices Disability (12/12/2013)
    In his tour of the facilities of Santa Ana was accompanied by Councilman Antonio Calderón
  • How were the holidays of our grandmothers (12/12/2013)
    Anecdotes, recipes toys and other times told by the older students Marfagones Molinos San José Obrero
  • Celebrations animate the streets at Christmas with activities for the whole family (12/12/2013)
    Three Kings decommission, as every year, the festivities, distributing 20,000 teddies and 6,000 kilos of candy in the parade will travel on January 5 whole city center
  • The zarzuela and opera give the report in El Batel (12/12/2013)
    Attendees will hear this Sunday to Ana Maria Sanchez, one of the best Spanish voices in this lyrical musical event honors the Chamber Orchestra
  • The look firefighter passing through the Philippines (12/12/2013)
    Firefighters in Action NGO takes stock of its passage through the island after Yolanda typhoon that destroyed the area.
  • Shopping Lots of Character € 3,000 on Friday between local customers Cartagena (12/12/2013)
    Sabadell campaign-CAM and the City will also provide $ 500 for the best photograph of the shops in the city, in a ceremony that took place on patio Administration Building San Miguel
  • Guadalest and Calpe, next destinations Program T-La (12/12/2013)
    The tour will depart on Sunday from the Youth Resource Centre
  • SPCT-Clias demands that basic supplies are not cut to families in difficulty (12/12/2013)
    The moratorium on evictions must be met by banks, is not human to let people on the street in winter
  • The CEEIC helps design the commercial action of technology companies created in the Polytechnic (12/12/2013)
    Free marketing plan to spin off UPCT
  • The City increased its social endowments (12/12/2013)
    The Governing Board approves grants received from the region and the state for basic services and development of Roma
  • Fishermen Anse Cartagena and ask for compliance on diving in the reserve of Cabo de Palos (12/12/2013)

  • Experts European and Spanish opens today in Cartagena Youth Days Warranty (12/12/2013)

  • Dressage Championship at the Equestrian Club Maipe (11/12/2013)
    on Saturday and Sunday will be developed on the premises of the road to La Palma
  • Ends Gardening workshop to promote employment (11/12/2013)
    The Agency for Local Development and Employment has organized this initiative in which nine students have done internships in the gardens of the Nursing Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor
  • The Navy joins campaign Toys City Council (11/12/2013)
    Admiral Arsenal has delivered the first of the institution in this initiative in participating for the second year
  • Las Canteras Conference on Coexistence of the work will close the Bethlehem was armed (11/12/2013)

  • The Roman Theatre invites us to spend a Roman Christmas (11/12/2013)
    During the holidays the Museum organizes guided tours to tell how our ancestors celebrated this time through the character of Augustus
  • Education and Employment for discussion at the Regional Conference on Youth Guarantee (11/12/2013)
    More than 200 people will participate on 12 and 13 December in this conference organized by the City and the Autonomous Region, held at the Faculty of Business UPCT
  • La Palma seeks poster for Easter 2014 (11/12/2013)
    The deadline for the submission of original will be open between December 16 and February 14
  • Cartagena this bridge received 14 percent more tourists in 2012 (11/12/2013)

  • More than 200 people will participate in Cartagena at a conference on education and youth employment (10/12/2013)
    Regional Conference 'Building the Youth Guarantee.
  • It's Christmas in Cartagena (10/12/2013)
    With the bridge of the Constitution, the streets are lit up with Christmas decorations and ice rink and Bethlehem were opened for those who have stayed home for the holidays
  • Chestnuts cake and carols in The Day Centre Algar (10/12/2013)
    The Slum castañeras Virgin of Charity in the morning and have shared their joy with the largest center cartagenera council
  • The best fry I will be in Spain Christmas Tournament Illusion Sport (10/12/2013)

  • The VI Blood Donation Marathon returns for Christmas (10/12/2013)
    The 19th of December will take place this joint initiative which will run throughout the day on the ground floor of the Town Hall through the chain and be in collaboration with the City of Cartagena
  • Wounded stab saves his life by the intervention of the local police (10/12/2013)
    Turnstile who practiced his thigh before the arrival of the ambulance was prevented from bleeding, doctors who treated him in the emergency
  • UPyD proposed reform of the Constitution "as the best way to defend" (06/12/2013)

  • Garlic Potatoes cabañil fired Cultural November Aljorra (05/12/2013)
    concluded on Sunday after five weeks in which offers theater, music, dance and sport have not missed
  • The monument is now Volunteer Park San Ginés (05/12/2013)
    This Thursday presented the new location of this work that pays tribute to the solidarity exercising Cartagena as Sara Cabezas and Spanish Cancer Association
  • A dozen business entrepreneurs open Eroski (05/12/2013)
    Its opening has been provided by the rental of premises, at very affordable prices, under the agreement signed between the Agency of Local Development and Employment of the City and the Mall
  • Racing shoes in Cartagena Speed ​​Circuit (05/12/2013)
    Twelve hundred fifty students were given centers appointment this morning at the Cross School, organized by the Department of Sports
  • Spanish Travel Agencies are familiar with Cartagena (05/12/2013)
    Last weekend visited the city thirty agents, invited by the Department of Tourism together with wholesale Wala, within the activities to promote our city as a tourist destination
  • Students finish their landscape maintenance practices in the nursing home and Quarry (05/12/2013)
    After completing his education and training, on Wednesday, December 11 will receive their certificates of professionalism
  • Firefighters are updated in rescue techniques in traffic accidents (05/12/2013)
    For two weeks, the service template Cartagena firefighting training module takes to keep their knowledge, both theoretical and practical
  • Local Police advised to go on foot or by bus to Cartagonova (05/12/2013)

  • El Mercado de Santa Florentina opens its doors on Constitution Day (05/12/2013)
    Opening hours during this festive Friday, December 6, will be the usual 8 am to 3 pm
  • La Caixa delivery € 6,000 for the soup kitchens celebrate Christmas (05/12/2013)

  • Guillamón: "The meeting in Ferrol is a trap game" (05/12/2013)

  • UPyD held in Cartagena on Friday the Constitution Day with a ceremony in the street (05/12/2013)

  • The first toy collection points are open (04/12/2013)
    Besides Eroski and El Corte Ingles, the campaign enabled other spaces will be installed from December 13
  • B La Sala El Batel is full of kids to see Factory Fontaine (04/12/2013)

  • 's Go to the Punic Wall with older (04/12/2013)
    It is one of the activities of the program to Aníbal De Peral, organized the workshop of greater Discover your city and customs
  • Solidarity to blow zumba (04/12/2013)
    The Sports Council organizes the Master Class I of the sport on Saturday December 14 at City Hall in order to raise food for Caritas
  • Joy and symbolism to announce the Carnaval 2014 (04/12/2013)
    The festivities, which begin Feb. 22, and have image and characters of Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma, which will be recreated by Emmanuel Martinez and Laura Thomas Céspedesl
  • The Monument Volunteer finds its place in the park of San Ginés (04/12/2013)

  • The castañeras carry their homemade sweets Center Day of Sorrows (04/12/2013)
    The grandparents welcomed the visits of the chestnut of the Virgin of Charity neighborhood, bringing their products to sample baskets
  • Pruning of trees affect traffic on a section of the former National 301 (04/12/2013)

  • The Trough, greener, with the help of neighbors (04/12/2013)
    To this Friday organized a planting of trees and shrubs in the vicinity of the Eco Park, an activity that helps the Department of Environment
  • The Cartagena sport boasts its momentum in the Batel (04/12/2013)
    's best athletes, clubs, associations, schools and sponsors received their awards in a ceremony filled agile and anecdotes
  • SPCT "The council recognizes that the management of the auditorium is a burden to Cartagena" (04/12/2013)
    "The Palace of sports: 22 million euros of public money managed by a private company"
  • Cartagena joins 60 municipalities and agencies to make the most accessible cities (04/12/2013)
    Councilman Employment and Mobility Segado Joaquín attended yesterday in Madrid to the establishment of the Network of Cities for Accessibility, chaired by the Queen.
  • Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena lengthen the shelf life of pomegranates to almost 100 days (04/12/2013)

  • Cadena SER again consolidates its programming to an audience of over 4,500,000 listeners daily (04/12/2013)
    SER, you bet this season by consolidating their programs, continues to lead the Spanish radio listeners 4,564,000 daily
  • AMEFMUR want to attend Cartagena (03/12/2013)
    Developing a program related to this type of family emporesa activities has been one of the strengths of the meeting held this afternoon with the mayor
  • Bad weather starred in Sunday's championship grassroots (03/12/2013)
    The EF St. Lucia, the first leader of the newly released youth category
  • Students and teachers from several universities analyzed the Erasmus program UPCT (03/12/2013)

  • The Menendez Pelayo encourage Immersion courses in linguistics Cartagena (03/12/2013)

  • Countdown to the campaign to collect toys (03/12/2013)
    Starts on 4 December with several fixed collection points and from December 13 will be installed in other spaces the various entities that work
  • Cartagena Chamber Orchestra will celebrate its tenth anniversary in El Batel (03/12/2013)

  • The Youth Platform La Palma celebrates 25 years (03/12/2013)
    During this time the group have gone through about 400 youth who participated in leisure activities and free time, especially in nature
  • The Convention Bureau donates 800 euros Congressional SEMER the Little Sisters of the Poor (03/12/2013)
    The manager of the Foundation, Maria del Rosario Montero, presented the check to the Sister Superior of the congregation you will better to spend Christmas elderly
  • Sara Cabezas and collect Cancer Society Award for Voluntary Commitment (03/12/2013)
    Monday also gave the volunteers collective award of the Spanish Association Against Cancer
  • The Archaeological Museum closes a month works (02/12/2013)
    From 3 December to 8 January repairing the roof of the building will be undertaken
  • Welcome to Barca Capital (02/12/2013)
    Historical Festival of Carthaginians and Romans Cartagena wholeheartedly support the hometown team, the FC Cartagena, and greet fans and players of FC Barcelona
  • The Best Price, Giuseppe Tornatore, Tuesday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo (02/12/2013)
    The film, starring Geoffrey Rush, will screen in two passes, at 18.00 and 21.15 hours
  • The opening of Bethlehem, lighting and ice rink announced Christmas in Cartagena (02/12/2013)

  • Spain rubs the podium at the World Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (02/12/2013)
    Cartagena last weekend became the seat of the first phase of this sporting event which ends next May in Russia
  • The Cartagonova, ready for the Cartagena meeting with Barcelona (02/12/2013)
    Municipal Stadium submit their best for the game of knockout phase of the Copa del Rey to be held Friday
  • 222 kilometers of solidarity in II Kings Crossing (02/12/2013)
    This is a Red Cross initiative in collaboration with 12 ayuntamientoa region and club GR 2012
  • Cartagena launches a European pilot project to promote youth employment (02/12/2013)

  • Antonio Piñana, father, and has its place in Cartagena (02/12/2013)
    A near the Conservatory of Music at Holy Trinity neighborhood public space, leading from noon name great artist who recovered the songs of Cartagena
  • Sara Cabezas collected this afternoon Voluntary Commitment Award (02/12/2013)
    The event will take place at 19:30 am in the Hall of CAM in the High Street
  • The artist Curro Piñana ends Tuesdays at the Archaeological Museum (02/12/2013)
    More than 200,000 people packed the room last Friday November 29 to attend the performance of flamenco and poetry
  • The Roman Theatre extends its hours for the public on the bridge of the Constitution (02/12/2013)
    The 6th, 7th and 8th December will remain open until 18 pm and day 9 until 15 hours

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