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Cartagena News - March 2011

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  • Á ngels The company opened the tenth edition Margarit Removal (31/03/2011)
    For the festival, which takes place from 1 to 9 April, will a score of leading groups in the world of contemporary dance
  • The Local Police will step up checks at markets (31/03/2011)
    On the occasion of the new allotment of seats, the service market will strengthen the inspection to check compliance with the requirements set
  • The VII International Congress will bring to Cartagena Football World Cup (31/03/2011)

  • Perín II Celebrates Cultural Week (31/03/2011)

  • On Friday, opening the period for admission to nursery schools, Pais and Cais (31/03/2011)
    1 to April 29 may submit requests for places for children between 4 months and 3 years, for the academic year 2011 / 2012
  • Opens the deadline for admission to nursery schools, Pais and Cais (31/03/2011)
    1 to April 29 may submit requests for places for children between 4 months and 3 years, for the academic year 2011/2012
  • Luis Eduardo Aute Poetry Classroom Carmen Conde (31/03/2011)
    will offer a poetry reading on Friday, April 1, at 20.00 pm in the multipurpose room of the Municipal Archives of Cartagena
  • The Civil Guard detained two people for the robbery at a facility in El Albujón (31/03/2011)
    expected to close the property owner to remove the daily collection
  • Secondary Students inaugurate the agri-food itineraries Thomas Farm (31/03/2011)

  • More than 300 students participate in the III 'Teleco Lan Party CT " (31/03/2011)

  • UPyD calls on political parties to make public the Cartagena campaign budget (31/03/2011)
    UPyD considers it fair that citizens can be critical to the job you are giving your money
  • Visitors to 'Cartagena Port of Cultures "was held in the first quarter of 2011 (30/03/2011)
    The Board meeting was led by Director General of Tourism and Chairman of the Board, Marina García
  • Surprised two trucks practicing peddling oranges and lemons (30/03/2011)
    have been located this afternoon by local police officers when they were parked on both sides of the road to La Palma
  • Scipio invites you to discover the secrets of a Roman banquet (30/03/2011)
    It's luxury guide dramatized tours that are held on Saturdays and Sundays at 12.00 under the program in honor of the Roman world in the tenth anniversary of Puerto Cultures
  • 1,500 children to see that not wasted a drop of water in Cartagena (30/03/2011)

  • Young people are interested in renting houses, but want to own (30/03/2011)

  • Meet Author on the à ‰ little Romana in Augusteum (30/03/2011)
    Elena Ruiz and Andrés Cánovas offered on Friday a conference on Roman sites in Cartagena Port of Cultures, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary
  • Deadline to pay the vehicle tax (30/03/2011)
    The receipts are not paid before March 31 on Thursday will carry a surcharge of 20 percent
  • Numbers participating in the semifinal of Entre Strings Woodwinds and Metals (30/03/2011)
    The Jury chose the ten finalists of the form to which appeared younger, totaling 31, which showed their quality at the gala held yesterday at the Auditorium the Conservatory of Music
  • The three new IMSEL ecotours signaled for the summer (30/03/2011)
    The itineraries range from the Cala Reona Carmolí, La Isla Plana Azohía, and from the latter to Tallante, the Rambla del Canar
  • Gotagotham arrive at school Mastia (29/03/2011)
    elementary students participate on Wednesday in the educational program conducted by the Department of Education in collaboration with Aquagest
  • The Port of Cultures centers offer to tourists Congress (29/03/2011)
    Spaces as Augusteum or House of Fortune, that these days hosting a tribute to the Roman world, may be employed to lectures and presentations of companies within the own sites
  • Begin entrance exams to the University for over 25 and 45 years (29/03/2011)

  • Everything is ready for the Second Road Strengths (29/03/2011)
    Staff Marine has rehearsal today signaling the track you will pass on Saturday about 3,000 trial participants civic sports organized by the City and Navy
  • UÅ¡ltimas places for the festival workshops Moving (29/03/2011)
    Culture organized by The event includes courses in hip hop and weekends contact the educational program
  • SPCT requires the mayor of Cartagena to clarify whether he is in favor of co-payment on health and education (29/03/2011)

  • Local Police recovered 400 kilos of mandarins (29/03/2011)
    The four occupants of the vehicle carrying the fruit fled upon seeing the officers and left him abandoned in La Palma
  • Segado: "The Socialist Party rejects the union if you sign agreements with the Popular Party" (29/03/2011)

  • SPCT bid to reorganize the municipal brigades as a means to improve the image of our streets and gardens (29/03/2011)

  • Just the course of memory training for older (29/03/2011)
    Forty people participated in this activity that promotes the fight against Alzheimer's and at the same time, a meeting point for the largest in the city
  • The history of Cartagena is about to elderly and disabled (29/03/2011)

  • Results of the twentieth day of the XVIII Local Youth Football League (29/03/2011)
    Category pre-baby A, almost ready to dispute the play off the title and consolation
  • Visit to the facilities of the Primary Care Clinic in Las Palas (28/03/2011)

  • IU-Greens claim to be working "hidden" in the excavations of the Roman amphitheater (28/03/2011)

  • Programming Film Club Spring Hannibal (28/03/2011)
    On Friday, 1 April there will be the first of nine projections included in the program that runs from April to June
  • Cyndi Lauper, another international star in the Sea of ​​Music (28/03/2011)
    the myth of the eighties pop singer will perform on July 22 with a blues, a night that will also star the queen of soul Mavis Staples
  • The demand for places in the CAI undertakes to adopt criteria for selecting students (28/03/2011)
    The deadline for applications will open on 1 April and the scales are the same as for primary schools
  • 30 km of collectors expand the network of rainwater tanks in Cartagena (28/03/2011)
    The action also includes the expansion of the sewage plant Beaza Cabezo, with a storage tank of 10,000 cubic meters
  • The people of El Albujón and care for their parks Miranda (28/03/2011)
    In recent weeks, the neighborhood council has conducted an awareness campaign with posters that dominate the proper use of these spaces for the benefit of users of the same
  • I Goalkeeper Trainer course Federated in Cartagena (28/03/2011)
    On Friday, the action begins theoretical and practical training in the collaboration of the Department of Sports, which is aimed at sports technicians, trainers and coaches soccer
  • The CHS invests € 1.6 million to prevent floods in the wadis of the deputation cartageneras Beal (28/03/2011)
    Charo Quesada opened two shows, which will prevent erosion of the river and have fitted out as a walk
  • End of work on the ramp output from Cartagena to La Manga on the motorway CT-32 (26/03/2011)
    complement the redevelopment of the third lane to improve access to Cartagena and avoid withholding
  • More than 500 participants at the XXXI Competition Gymnastics Sets School Sport (25/03/2011)
    The presentation of diplomas was attended by the Mayor and the Councillor for Sports
  • Colonel Togores goodbye to the mayor (25/03/2011)
    The Colonel far Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment, Patricio Togores, is stepping down after serving the set time in command of this unit
  • Drug Talk opens to the public on the esplanade of the port (25/03/2011)

  • The government team criticized the president's presence at an event FEVE PSOE (25/03/2011)
    The spokesman, Joaquín Segado, denies that the municipal government has rejected an investment of 60 euros for a tram
  • The House of Fortune and pay homage to the Roman World Augusteum (25/03/2011)
    Along the Punic Wall Decumano and hosting activities today the tenth anniversary of Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas until 30 April
  • The campaign reaches Secure Trade Pozo Estrecho (25/03/2011)
    The initiative, which involved 180 stores and Pain and The Aljorra, seeks to establish closer contact between local police and merchants to expedite police response in case of incidents
  • Open Day of the nursing homes (25/03/2011)
    The director of the IMAS and Social Care Councillor will be touring on Saturday by seniors centers in the municipality of Cartagena
  • Miss Prudence teaches traffic safety (25/03/2011)
    The City of Cartagena has been chosen for the presentation of a new magazine for regional-run driver education, offering advice to children and adults
  • The horn of a ship in the port will exit to Route Strengths II (25/03/2011)
    The mayor and the Maritime Action Admiral gave the final details of the event held on 2 April and who have registered , exceeding all expectations, 2,904 participants
  • A statement setting out its proposals for remodeling the plaza of the King of eighty students of Architecture (25/03/2011)

  • A virulent Firefighters smother fire in a house in New Rosales (25/03/2011)

  • Thousand Cranes by Japan, also in Cartagena (25/03/2011)
    During the day Saturday, the youth resource center and store Saringhan invite implement the ancient Japanese legend that says who double 1,000 paper cranes will be granted the wish ask
  • The Supreme Court declared the legality of the expropriations of the Sacro Monte (25/03/2011)
    revokes an earlier ruling of a court in Cartagena and certifies the publicity given to the process and the jurisdiction of the Mayor for approval
  • Appears a Roman road and a wall in the passage Conesa (25/03/2011)
    The conservation of archaeological remains will be compensated with a recessed penthouse
  • City Council and unions sign social peace until 2015 (25/03/2011)
    The agreements with labor officials and rights equate to all city employees and allow flexible schedules and reconciling work and family life
  • Jesus Cantero and Fatima Reyes, Cartagena best athletes of 2010 (25/03/2011)
    Among the winners are also the route of the strengths as a sporting event, Marnys, as sponsor, Mandarache Athletic Club as a club and Elvira Sanchez, as an athlete disclosure
  • SPCT proposes the creation of a local board of tourist events (25/03/2011)

  • SPCT requires compliance with the ordinance of lots in the neighborhood of Sorrows (24/03/2011)

  • The Mill Music School building opens Marfagones (24/03/2011)

  • The Day Center Dolores, in the absence of equipment (24/03/2011)
    The mayor has visited this morning the work completed in the building that has 34 seats and also houses the center's facilities for the elderly
  • A fountain, playground and wooden benches adorn the renovated Plaza de las Palmeras (24/03/2011)
    The mayor has visited today the City Hall remodeling that has taken place in this garden for the enjoyment of residents of Tentegorra
  • Log in to service the new variant of Tallante (24/03/2011)
    has 2.5 kilometers long and three roundabouts that will prevent a necessary step for this population
  • Carthago Nova film opens in theaters (24/03/2011)
    Movie theaters Cartagena Mediterranean Area screened on digital animated feature from 25 to 31 March, a day pass for all public and special price of 3 Euro login
  • Martirio acts in La Palma sold-out (24/03/2011)
    Popular coplista review its long history in programming Singer Coffee
  • The regional government completes construction of the new variant of Tallante in Cartagena (24/03/2011)
    It is an operation carried out in one of the main communication routes of the coastal zone of the Region, Cartagena and Aguilas, and benefits more 1.5 million drivers a year
  • Talk Arsenal León fictionalized in Augusteum (24/03/2011)
    start on Friday activities Cartagena Port of Cultures on the Roman World
  • Bethlehem Gopegui shows teens how to say no to resignation (24/03/2011)
    Author Madrid today closed a cycle of seminars Manderache Award exchanging views on his novel Desire to Be Punk with hundreds of students
  • More than 80 women are in New Technologies for easy access to the workplace (24/03/2011)
    The Councillor for Women today presented diplomas to the students who have completed éxtito courses organized by the city since last month January
  • Last days to pay the vehicle tax (24/03/2011)
    Bills not paid before March 31 will carry a surcharge of 20 percent
  • The day that Isaac was born, a lively work on whether or not having children (24/03/2011)
    Félix Gómez, Diana Palazón, Cinthia Martin Ricard Sales and the star this Friday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena
  • Mourning football veterans in Garden City (24/03/2011)
    The depute party Friday in the municipal field between Cartagena and Valencia FC FC
  • Ready to Forts Trail II (24/03/2011)
    The latest data from military civic sporting event on 2 April will be presented Friday at the Palace Hall by the mayor and chief Admiral Maritime Action
  • Let's talk about drugs, new exhibition of the Caixa Foundation in Cartagena (24/03/2011)
    The exhibition will remain open until 23 April, will be inaugurated on Friday in the courtyard of the Heroes of Cavite
  • FEAPS distinguishes Social Care council for the employment of disabled (24/03/2011)
    The words, by creating employment for person with disabilities, will be presented during the Awards Gala XV Laurel at 12.00 in room acts of the CROEM
  • IU-Greens asked the council to agree with Defence to improve the road from La Algameca (23/03/2011)

  • The site of Santa Anta premiere home for the elderly (23/03/2011)
    The center, which opened its doors on February 1, seats 86 people and has a day center and tech assistive devices
  • 1,000 school support the Cartagena FS Reale in MacroADE (23/03/2011)
    Municipal Sports Pavilion today hosted a special edition of the Sports Outreach program of à ‰ lite, in which young students have attended a computer display of Cartagena Futsal
  • On Thursday we elect the Annual Awards of Sport XXXI Cartagenero (23/03/2011)
    The jury will meet starting at 20.30 hours at the Municipal Stadium Cartagonova
  • The mayor works visit on Thursday Marfagones Molinos, Los Dolores and Tentegorra (23/03/2011)
    These are actions already completed as a music school, a day center for adults and a public square
  • The local police is updated on the city's tourist information (23/03/2011)

  • Félix Faure becomes part of the sound archive of Easter (23/03/2011)
    Today is being submitted on CD with the Proclamation of 2010, which was conducted by the rector of the UPCT, published a year and go eight, COPE Cartagena with the cooperation of the City and UCAM
  • Cartagena adds another residence with 64 beds and day care center for 22 users (23/03/2011)
    is situated in the residential estate Santa Ana and has cost 10.5 million euros
  • Brahms and Haydn, Symphony players with Murcia in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (23/03/2011)
    Cartagena on Thursday held the third subscription concert of the orchestra, with a program that will display in Murcia Uruguayan director Roberto Montenegro
  • Úšltimos days to submit projects to Much More May 2011 (23/03/2011)
    On Friday, the deadline for the open call for young talent festival organized by the Department of Youth
  • Detainee two individuals for violating the Immigration Act (23/03/2011)
    Local police found that individuals employed illegal immigrants at a bakery in La Aljorra
  • SPCT claims that the Rincon de la Soledad is in a sorry state of neglect and danger (23/03/2011)
    so you ask your urgent fix
  • IU-Greens requires the regional government to pay "immediate" debt to UPCT (22/03/2011)

  • The PP argues that the Council is not located in a municipal building to strengthen its independence (22/03/2011)
    "That Rives tell us what group evicted from the Graduate to locate the board," said Jose Cabeza
  • Cartagena and La Union, a step in bicycle (22/03/2011)

  • Caught stealing 20 kilos of copper tube (22/03/2011)
    The individuals were arrested inside a house in the center that was seized
  • The pleasures of ancient Carthage in the Roman World Tribute (22/03/2011)

  • 120 university seminars begin Entrepreneurship Outreach (22/03/2011)
    up to April 14 will participate in the conference which aims to promote technological entrepreneurship and develop the creative and leadership capacity of youth
  • The authors' new architecture of Cartagena is presented to professionals in the region (22/03/2011)
    The College of Murcia on Saturday organized a tour of José Manuel Chacón Interpretation Center of the History of Cartagena, the Punic Wall and CIM
  • The Crown of Thorns, the Easter Poster 2012 (22/03/2011)
    Work will be accepted from May 3 until June 17 and the issue forced the Crown of Thorns is the Californios
  • The walk Alfonso XII, an example of the two Cartagena de Pilar Barreiro, according SPCT (22/03/2011)

  • The Government delegate visits the Plan E and El Pozo Estrecho Albujón (21/03/2011)
    The Government of Spain has invested 1.9 million euros in these two towns to run 4 works and create 55 jobs
  • The Minister of Culture highlights the relevance of modernism in Cartagena during his first meeting with the Commission Beltrí (21/03/2011)

  • The first stone of the bike lane between Union and Cartagena (21/03/2011)
    The Minister of Public Works and Deputy Mayor preside on Tuesday 22 March, the act which begins the first phase of the second tranche of 2.5 km linking hope with the Abrevadero
  • Local police takes action to avoid dangerous traffic at the entrances to Parque Mediterráneo (21/03/2011)
    Given the large volume of vehicles transiting the area, will create a pedestrian crossing the street Raised in London and will be given to this street address Avenue Brussels
  • Inform women and people of the correct use of domestic gas (21/03/2011)

  • The new walking trail for the greenway runs over Barrio Peral (21/03/2011)
    Fifty people made the journey of 10 miles on Friday March 25th in the Active and Healthy Tourism Program of the Municipal Institute of Social Services
  • Security Park opens a new building for the Local Police Brigade (21/03/2011)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Justice inaugurated this morning the new facilities that will serve to train 52 new brigades, and in which 970,000 euros have been invested
  • Continue joint tour of Jesus Christ Superstar (21/03/2011)
    youth group Teatro Municipal School becomes the stage with the famous musical works and does so in Sewell, on behalf of the Board of the Brotherhood of the town Pasionarias
  • Gopegui Bethlehem closes a cycle of seminars Mandarache Award (21/03/2011)
    On Wednesday 23 and Thursday March 24 will find hundreds of readers with Desire to Be Punk
  • Security Park Cartagena unveils a new building to expand services to Citizen Security Brigade (21/03/2011)
    The building, with an area of ​​1,587 square meters, is equipped to have a permanent liaison with the Emergency Coordination Centre and network of municipal traffic control
  • The ECAC decided in 2010 to 89 percent of complaints received (21/03/2011)
    It is clear from the report produced by the body, much of the 367 resolved complaints were pending, 2009, and most relate to property tax rebates for families of number
  • 200 officers and agents of the police in the region will be updated in criminal matters (21/03/2011)
    On Wednesday and Thursday are held in the Espace de Cartagena a conference on the latest reforms
  • Tribute to the Roman world in the tenth anniversary of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (21/03/2011)
    The Councillor for Tourism and Culture port manager on Tuesday presented the planned activities to honor the next period of the history of the city
  • SPCTpide responsibilities Segado (21/03/2011)
    after the archaeologists who excavated the Moreria confirm the "damage to archaeological remains on the winch"
  • The Roman Soldiers of the Risen encourage Cartagena (20/03/2011)
    Soldiers of the Risen Romans have encouraged early Sunday with parades in the city
  • The Community allocated 134,000 euros to accommodate terminally ill with AIDS and train young slum (20/03/2011)
    The grant corresponded to the Shop-Asilo San Pedro, Cartagena
  • The office of the valley waiting for the furniture (18/03/2011)
    The Minister and the Mayor visit the center whose works are completed and open to the public by summer
  • ONCE places the municipal website among the most accessible of Spain (18/03/2011)
    Only seven municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants exceed Cartagena.es as the portal with fewer barriers for people with disabilities
  • Tribute to Local Police Pozo Estrecho (18/03/2011)
    Neighborhood Boards Pozo Estrecho, La Palma, La Puebla and La Aparecida have today held an act of recognition for the work done by staff over the past year
  • The mayor receives the Ambassador of Jordan in Spain (18/03/2011)
    was a formal meeting at the Palace Hall, Zaid Al Lozi advantage is in Cartagena to participate in the forum on the Middle East UPCT
  • Start lifeguards during the ADLE (18/03/2011)
    More than a hundred people have been submitted for testing to qualify for the 13 places of this training, which will give the Agency from 21 March and 20 May
  • Stewart Copeland, drummer of The Police, opened La Mar de Músicas (18/03/2011)
    In advance of the festival, which this year is devoted to Italy, have advanced the names of ten of the forty acting training from 8 to 23 July in the city
  • The City invested 1,300,000 euros in the renovation plan for local social (18/03/2011)

  • SPCT proposes policies to support local entrepreneurs, as a formula to generate employment (18/03/2011)

  • XXXI Competition Gymnastics Sets School Sport (18/03/2011)
    participate more than 750 gymnasts between the ages of 4 and 17 years of various city schools
  • The growing demand ELIO job search program to increase its working hours (18/03/2011)
    More than 70 users have benefited in the first quarter of this space ADLE that about Internet tools such as the unemployed
  • A park rescued from the rubble to the residents of Los Mateos (17/03/2011)

  • The Museum of Glass Santa Lucía recovers the artisan tradition of the neighborhood (17/03/2011)

  • Marchapanda 2011 (17/03/2011)
    With the cooperation of the City, the association ananda held Sunday April 10 the twentieth edition of its traditional sport-joint activity aimed at the whole family
  • Cartagena, present at the great deal of state on the Mediterranean corridor (17/03/2011)
    The mayor stressed the importance of being on the network of rail passenger transport and goods that will make the economic development of the next 50 years
  • Cartagena in 2010 takes over two thousand liters of used oil (17/03/2011)
    The program of selective collection of used cooking oil, launched by the City Council in 2008 in more than 30 points in the county, has managed to double the number of gallons collected Just two years
  • Chico González Tovar requires more vigilance to The Camachos "before a new wave of robberies" (17/03/2011)
    popular deputy has requested a meeting with officials of the industrial zone of Cartagena
  • Arrested a young man with cases pending in a court of Murcia (17/03/2011)
    Local Police officers also identified an alien illegally in Spain, that ran extremely slow
  • Begin Between Strings and Metals 2011 (17/03/2011)

  • The delivery Artillery Cross IX 2,500 euros to the Fight Against Cancer (16/03/2011)
    Councillor for Sports and Colonel Chief Artillery Regiment 73 have donated this amount to the president of the association in Cartagena to use the money to research and counseling campaigns
  • A place for neighbors recovered Los Mateos (16/03/2011)
    Mayor visit Thursday Olives Park has been refurbished again as public recreation area
  • Municipal Stadium scoreboard Cartagonova release (16/03/2011)

  • Celebration opens the deadline to participate in the Patron wreath (16/03/2011)
    From now until April 4, groups interested in forming part of the traditional Good Friday parade organized by the municipality, can register at the Cultural Center
  • The promise of the Spanish tennis tournament vying Regional Assembly in Cartagena (16/03/2011)
    Between 15 and 19 March, disputes the XXIII edition of the sporting event which passed the likes of Albert Costa and Rafael Nadal
  • The students of the workshop Care Unit and have their diplomas (16/03/2011)

  • The working committees of the PP in Cartagena have traveled the entire municipality (16/03/2011)
    making a total of 58 sectoral meetings with about 700 people
  • Real Cartagena and Totana Capuchin joined by Haiti (16/03/2011)
    The charity match on the occasion of the "Move for Haiti" will be held on Monday, April 4 at 21:00 pm in the Pavilion Manolo Ibañez de Totana
  • Cut of water in the Llano del Beal and The Chaparros (16/03/2011)
    On Thursday, the supply will be interrupted in the area for maintenance work undertaken by the Commonwealth of Taibilla Channels in the shell of the Union
  • Enagás has invested in the Region of Murcia 283 million euros in the last four years (16/03/2011)
    The Government Delegate to the Region of Murcia has visited Cartagena regasification plant
  • Teachers of German romanticism cycle open spaces in the ARQUA Sound (16/03/2011)
    The soprano Ute Beckert and pianist Frank Wasser offer this Thursday, March 17, an opera recital with great versions of authors such as Schubert, Mozart and Tchaikovsky
  • Results of the eighteenth round of the Local Youth Football League (16/03/2011)
    Garden City UCAM CD EF and Algar, the best in the form of Football 7 League title contenders
  • IU-Greens accused Barreiro "command rather than govern" (15/03/2011)
    criticizes the attitude of the Mayor with a recommendation of the Ombudsman
  • The students of the workshop Care Unit receive their diplomas (15/03/2011)

  • Mystery and suspense in Fin-nominated novel Mandarache (15/03/2011)
    Close to five hundred young people have received this morning in the auditorium of the David Monteagudo UPCT presenting his debut with the hook that has achieved more than 90,000 readers in our country
  • The City Council opted for more flexible management model for the Auditorium (15/03/2011)
    Full approves the project to pursue in free competition and endowed with 600,000 euros to meet its start-up
  • The local police to serve the tourists (15/03/2011)
    actors who regularly perform their duties of supervision in the center of the city will participate for 22 and 23 March in a training course given by Puerto de Culturas
  • Delivery of the Cross IX check Artillery (15/03/2011)

  • Try to take 150 kilos of electrical cable from a junkyard (15/03/2011)
    Two youths were arrested Monday by local police in the vicinity of the Ajorra
  • La Semana Santa de Cartagena rides in subway and train (15/03/2011)
    Tourism has made a 20-second spot images of the city and its processions, which will air in March and April through the channels of the Madrid Metro and the AVE of Valencia
  • New Classroom seminars Enterprise ADLE (15/03/2011)
    8 activities are planned for the months of March, April and May, aimed at entrepreneurs and business people who want to learn and enhance their entrepreneurial skills
  • Team UPyD Government requires a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the XXI century (14/03/2011)
    UPyD considered essential mobility plan open to all proposals of social partners and all the neighbors @ s de Cartagena
  • IU-Greens calls for an "immediate" the president of the Port Authority (14/03/2011)
    highlights the decline in port traffic and critical personnel management
  • David Monteagudo presents a novel means End-nominated Mandarache (14/03/2011)
    will be at 10.30 am in the Board Room of the Campus de la Muralla del Mar, prior to his encounter with the readers of the contest
  • Maria Dolores Saura and Matthew Ripoll win contests Poetry and Painting of the Center for Women Mediterranean Private (14/03/2011)
    The work of both events have been equipped with 300 euros and a commemorative trophy
  • Pens of Juan Martínez Pedrero in the gallery bezel (14/03/2011)
    On Friday inaugurated the exhibition that runs through the datalles Cartagena architectural buildings of the early twentieth century, opening that was attended by the mayor
  • Classical Music for all public spaces Sound 2011 (14/03/2011)
    The City returns to bet on this series of concerts that will bring different scenarios musicians Cartagena Spanish, German, British and Italians, between March and June
  • A new system allows to know the waiting time at bus stops (14/03/2011)

  • Information campaign on consumer day (14/03/2011)
    The Consumer Association of Cartagena, with the collaboration of the Council, installed on Tuesday an information booth in the Plaza Juan XXIII to bring information to the public about their consumer rights
  • XII Máiquez Isidoro Theatre Festival (14/03/2011)
    Cultural Association Barrio de la Concepción this contest to be held from 5 to 10 April in the local neighborhood association
  • Melero live painting makes its mark at the Palace Hall (14/03/2011)

  • About 7 million passengers a year will benefit from new bus stops in Cartagena art (14/03/2011)
    José Ballesta Councilor and Mayor Pilar Barreiro put in place technology devices Murcia, first in Spain, a total installed of 364 public transport links
  • The traffic returns to normal in the rotunda of Severo Ochoa (11/03/2011)
    The restrictions on movement continue in the round now Union City, where work progresses stormwater network
  • Cartagena, Alcobendas and compare their policies Barakaldo Youth (11/03/2011)
    The only three municipalities that are certified ISO 9001:2008 in activities of the areas of Youth, held last Friday its first working meeting in the Madrid suburb
  • The mayor receives the Ambassador of Egypt in Spain (11/03/2011)
    The meeting was this morning at the Palace Hall for a formal visit to Ayman Abdulsamie advantage is in Cartagena to participate in the forum on the Middle East UPCT
  • David Monteagudo presents his blockbuster novel End-nominated Mandarache (11/03/2011)
    On Monday 14 March at 20:00 hours will hold a meeting open to the public in the classroom Cajamurcia to present the book that has sold over 90,000 copies
  • SPCT committed to a comprehensive plan for recovery of property of the municipality (11/03/2011)

  • On the hunt for the 'bargain' in the Rain (11/03/2011)

  • Open doors at the wall to close the tribute to the World Punic (11/03/2011)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures, part of the initiatives to celebrate its tenth anniversary, will open on March 13 the doors of the Punic Wall to be visited throughout the day free
  • Workshop on Development of Natural Essences with Implica2 (11/03/2011)
    will be held on 26 March and held at the Orchard Park Pius Environmental Mining Park Foundation, which works with this action organized by the Department of Youth
  • The football field will be artificial turf Alumbres (11/03/2011)
    The Governing Board today approved the signing of an agreement with Repsol to undertake the renovation of the sports infrastructure, which investment will be borne by the company based in Escombreras
  • The Mayor opened the 320-year history of the brotherhood of Relief (11/03/2011)

  • PP: "Molto lies on the PP vote in local funding and hides an alliance with nationalists" (10/03/2011)

  • Repsol and the City Council build a artificial turf field Alumbres (10/03/2011)
    The Governing Board which meets on Friday will also enable the budget to equip medical clinics of La Palma and La Vaguada
  • Local police rescued from a brawl in less than two years (10/03/2011)
    agents prevented the girl's father, 120 kilos of weight and obviously intoxicated, fell over her crushing
  • Surprised with a shopping cart full of manhole covers (10/03/2011)
    The local police on Monday arrested an individual who, apparently, was devoted to placing caps and construction material to sell it later
  • The City Council operates a new public park behind the UNED (10/03/2011)
    The Planning Commission finds information also welcomed the expansion of buildable land from railway station to fund the arrival of the AVE
  • Marchapanda celebrates its twentieth anniversary (10/03/2011)
    Sunday April 10 this sporting event will take place finish in the solidarity that Mandarache esplanade with music, wine tasting and raffle prizes
  • Arrested after traveling at high speed through the streets of Aljorra (10/03/2011)
    The involved riding in a stolen vehicle, loaded with eight cans of diesel, also stolen
  • IU-Greens Barreiro asked to explain their rejection of a funding initiative on local IU (10/03/2011)

  • The Archaeological Museum prepares for the flamenco art of Ana Mochón (10/03/2011)
    The young singer from Granada, which last year dazzled at the Cante de las Minas, perform on Friday March 11 with a concert tribute to Women in Flamenco
  • Tribute to the women workers in the Barrio de la Concepción (10/03/2011)
    The day of Friday, March 11, 2011 the residents will commemorate the day with the reading of a manifesto, a round table, several monologues and a play
  • The Cartagena de Madrid celebrate the traditional Mass in honor of Charity (10/03/2011)

  • Young people develop a Best Practices Manual to curb unemployment (10/03/2011)
    is the result of three months of work by participants in the Youth Encounter 2010 where they discussed ideas and strategies to combat youth unemployment in Europe
  • Moving celebrate its ten years with 20 street performances and audience (10/03/2011)
    Mudances, Nats Nens Brodas and Other Dance, are just some of the major companies in the festival will be held in Cartagena from 1 to 9 April
  • The trip over the Union Mine Park was postponed for further berths (10/03/2011)
    In response to the avalanche of applications received, the Municipal Institute of Social Services has postponed the visit on Thursday March 17 and, finally, part 112 people, more than twice the estimated
  • The City Council is preparing the opening of the auditorium, providing financial funds (10/03/2011)
    The Finance Commission finds welcome the designation of an item of 627,000 euros for the second half of this year
  • Forty-four people accessing the service in February Car Share (10/03/2011)

  • SPCT claims that the access road to the lots of the top of the winch passes over the wall of Dean (10/03/2011)

  • Fraternities are committed to maintaining the brightness of the processions despite cut the check (09/03/2011)
    The mayor highlighted the affection with which the grant is awarded municipal Holy Week this year, the crisis has been lowered 10 percent
  • Festival in style on the Carnival of Our Lady of Charity (09/03/2011)
    The groups and neighborhood groups held a parade on Sunday, jokes and dance displays, activities that involved the collaboration of the Department of Social Care
  • The Palace Hall opens its doors to the living portrait of Melero (09/03/2011)
    Mutadid The sample with which the artist returns to Seville, Cartagena, opens on Friday March 11 and will be open until 7 June at the exhibition hall of the Town Hall
  • Essentia Nostra recovers the origins of the Brotherhood of Christ of Socorro (09/03/2011)
    The exhibition opens on Thursday 10 March at the Palacio Molina and opens the cycle of activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of the institution refounded in 1961
  • The Planning and Finance committees will meet on Thursday (09/03/2011)
    Both sessions, preparatory to full municipal, being held in the morning in the Administration Building San Miguel
  • ... (09/03/2011)

  • Course Introduction to Computers for Seniors ends (09/03/2011)
    Thursday ended this action is included in the larger program organized by the Municipal Social Services for the months January to March
  • The City Council renews its website Easter (09/03/2011)

  • Meeting literary Marisa López Soria at People's University (09/03/2011)
    part of the activities of the Women's Day
  • Open the deadline for submission of bids for purchase of plots in the windlass (09/03/2011)
    March 29 is the last day on which interested parties may submit their application to participate in the competition for the individual sale of these plots
  • Featured Sport Primi winners of national championships in laos UCAM Table Tennis (09/03/2011)
    Cartagena athletes won six silver and bronze medals in the competition held in Almería
  • The mayor makes the Bando traditional Easter Façade (09/03/2011)
    On the occasion of the arrival of Lent, the City Council aims to provide homeowners in the city, the cleaning and decoration of facades to improve the aesthetic buildings
  • IU-Greens requests the Naval hospital becomes a social and public health center (08/03/2011)

  • UPyD stresses the need for a public nursing home in the current Naval Hospital (08/03/2011)

  • The world of science come to Cartagena aboard Movilab (08/03/2011)
    The mayor on Tuesday will present this interactive workshop initiative organized by the CSIC, Fundación Repsol, the Foundation FECYT Padrosa and with the collaboration of Department of Education
  • Firefighters honor their patron in the church of Charity (08/03/2011)

  • La Caravana Mapfre about a thousand children to ride safely (08/03/2011)
    The road safety education initiative is aimed at children aged 9 to 12 years and permancerá installed until next Friday 11 on the Stadium parking Cartagonova
  • In starting the IV Program Spa (08/03/2011)
    Social Care Councillor opened Monday at the Hotel de la Manga Entremares this action aimed at launching a therapeutic activity which beneficianlos over 55 years of city
  • The woman recalled in his day that the struggle for equality must still continue (08/03/2011)

  • New tourist bus tour of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (08/03/2011)
    From this week comes from the spring of Alfonso XII and includes a new phrase which collects user feedback
  • The local police claim to nine stores that sell alcohol after ten (08/03/2011)
    Last year was thirty-five complaints to facilities of "Chinese" did not meet the ordinances and are subject to fines of 400 to 1200 euros
  • The Call gather the family on Wednesday at the Palace Hall processions (08/03/2011)
    The traditional event, which starts the countdown to Easter, will be held at half past eight pm
  • Hache receives Award Eliacer Cansino, last National Prize of Literature for Children and Youth (08/03/2011)
    The writer will be on Wednesday with hundreds of young readers that make up the jury for this prize
  • SPCT claims that the specification for the sale of plots of the windlass does not include the transfer of low (08/03/2011)
    "which entail the destruction of archaeological remains and ask that the parcel 8 is incorporated into the archaeological park"
  • Results of the seventeenth day of the XVIII Local Soccer League Base (08/03/2011)
    Cartagena FC in pre-Benjamins C, EF Torre Pacheco in pre-B and EF benjamines San Ginés in pre-benjamines A, the best in the form of Football 5
  • Rosario and Maria Dolores García Montero, named to honor members of the Housewives (08/03/2011)
    The awards were delivered on Monday at the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • More than 500 applications for courses ADLE (08/03/2011)
    The 106 places available for this semester are divided into basic English training activities, lifeguards, tour guide and conferences, health and social care information
  • End of course higher energy gymnastics (08/03/2011)

  • Fifty more will discover the Mining Park of La Union (08/03/2011)
    participate tomorrow, Wednesday 9 March at a new event organized by the Municipal Institute of Social Services within the program and Healthy Active Tourism
  • Sixth edition of the Course of innovative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in R + D + i (07/03/2011)

  • Marshall leaves his mark on the original lineup of La Mar de Músicas 2011 (07/03/2011)

  • Cartagena will host the Second Conference on Family Relations (07/03/2011)

  • The turnstile, living testimony of the history of Cartagena (07/03/2011)
    Archaeological Park, which began to be visited this summer, archaeological remains recovered from the second century BC to AD XVI as the wall of the Dean, the tempo or the mill-Italic chapel hill gives its name to
  • Firefighters are displayed by your employer (07/03/2011)
    Staff Cartagena body showed citizens the material and expertise available to the intervention of casualties
  • Sports announces the Annual Awards of Sport XXXI Cartagenero (07/03/2011)
    Proposals are due by Monday 21 March at the Municipal Sports
  • Five hundred lace makers gather in the Pavilion of La Palma (07/03/2011)
    Within the commemoration of International Women's Day and International Peace
  • David Sánchez Romero wins the Media Marathon de Cartagena (07/03/2011)
    Sewer athlete was the fastest in the eighteenth edition of the race, despite the cold and clouds, managed to reach the 642 participants, nearly a hundred more than last year
  • ... (07/03/2011)

  • PP Young committed to the advancement of Cartagena (04/03/2011)

  • The Indoor Sports Hall of La Palma will also host cultural activities (04/03/2011)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism and the Mayor of Cartagena inaugurated the center in which they have invested 1.6 million euros
  • More than 4,000 people marched through Cartagena in the Carnival parade (04/03/2011)

  • Five groups vying for the final tonight Chirigotas Contest (04/03/2011)
    With the full capacity of the Teatro Circo, yesterday played the first stage of the competition full of humor that emerged triumphant in Los Singuangos, Las Chochonis the Beniaján Chirigota, The Salibillas and Los Achopijo
  • Rosario María Dolores García Montero and named to honor members of the Housewives (04/03/2011)
    The awards will be delivered on Monday at the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • The Mayor opened the fourth program of Spa (04/03/2011)
    will be on Monday 7 March at 14.00 hours at Hotel Entremares of Manga to begin a therapeutic activity that will benefit over 55 years of city
  • El Cantante de La Palma Cafe reopens its doors (04/03/2011)

  • Andrés Guerrero discuss their stories with students Cartagena child (04/03/2011)
    Extremadura writer participates on 8 and 9 March in the author's encounters organized by the Department of Culture in municipal libraries
  • Keys to a good relationship (04/03/2011)
    Organized by Astus be held next Tuesday in the auditorium of the former CIM
  • Upon completion of the paddle tennis courts and access to the Polideportivo de La Palma for the inauguration tomorrow (03/03/2011)
    This work, financed entirely by the Plan E have cost 200,000 euros
  • Tomorrow starts a new Social Center funded by the Plan Albujón E (03/03/2011)

  • The PP reminds Rives was the municipal government who decided where and how to invest the funds of the Plan E (03/03/2011)

  • Two golds for the CD Primi-Sport in the nineteenth Swimming Championships in Spain (03/03/2011)
    Juan Pedro Martinez and Victor Delgado got the medals in freestyle and back during the competition for people with disabilities held in Cádiz
  • Workshops, courses, theater and literature to commemorate Women's Day (03/03/2011)

  • The greatest celebrate Carnival 2011 (03/03/2011)
    About thirteen hundred people attend the festival on Friday organized by the Department of Social Services to celebrate this year's Carnival, which this year dedicated to Sports
  • More than 3,000 students enjoy the Theatre School Campaign (03/03/2011)

  • The Mayor and the Minister inaugurated on Friday the Pavilion de La Palma (03/03/2011)
    Located near the school Santa Florentina, has been conditioned to host cultural events, in addition to the strictly sports
  • The month of February with a smaller increase in unemployment since 2005 (03/03/2011)
    stockings-year improvement Cartagena in Spain and the Region
  • Café Cantante de La Palma 2011 (03/03/2011)
    Cooking & contemporary music will be typical protoganistas Flolklore in the House of La Palma during the weekend of March
  • Firefighters celebrate their patron with exhibits and demonstrations in the Heroes of Cavite (03/03/2011)
    On Sunday there will be an exhibition of equipment, drills and a zip line from the top of the Town Hall
  • 64 firms get their distinctive Cartagena Commitment to Quality Tourism (02/03/2011)

  • The social facilities are renewed to meet the energy saving (02/03/2011)

  • II Fair Trade Outlet in Cartagena (02/03/2011)
    will take place from 11 to 13 March at the Plaza Juan XXIII with 39 stands that exhibited a wide range of fashion products, footwear, jewelry, home or craft at a good price
  • XVIII Half Marathon City of Cartagena, San Juan de Dios Trophy (02/03/2011)
    Sunday is celebrated this test repeated course will count with the collaboration of local police and fire services, and already has more than 700 registered, the number will increase to day 4 March as the deadline
  • Change the picture to their Facebook profiles to commemorate Women's Day (02/03/2011)
    Youth Space, the Informajoven and program T-La will each week a picture of a famous woman has been characterized by their perseverance, resourcefulness, courage , or will power to overcome difficulties
  • New local police seizures in markets (02/03/2011)
    Among the items seized are 581 DVDs, 407 CDs, along with clothing, jewelry and perishable products
  • The students visit the AGA UPCT (02/03/2011)

  • International Relations welcomes Erasmus students (02/03/2011)

  • Detainee when stealing the metal structures of the former headquarters of The Guide (02/03/2011)
    Local Police caught red-handed on Monday to two individuals who, loaded with hammers and a radio, trying to take without permission the beams of the building
  • Program Reale ADE and Cartagena, a success (01/03/2011)

  • The Municipal Institute of Social Services goes to the Fair IV Entreculturas (01/03/2011)
    The event, with free admission, will be held from 4 to 6 March in the grounds of Torre Pacheco, for the integration of immigrants in the Region of Murcia
  • Archaeological Museum is closed on Wednesday by the works of Ramón y Cajal (01/03/2011)
    jobs that are undertaken to reach this street will be paved accesses
  • Imagination reigns in the winning of Writing and Drawing Competition School Carnival 2011 (01/03/2011)
    This morning have given awards to those selected in both forms of competition, in which the first prize of Writing, has gone to Nuria Abad, and Raquel Rubio Drawing
  • The recklessness, the main cause of the accident in our town (01/03/2011)

  • The Year Processions becomes austere by the crisis (01/03/2011)
    The award will be given an institutional event without dinner and the money saved will go to charities
  • St. Lucia celebrates its Carnival (01/03/2011)
    Workshops, jokes, parades, costume contest and tasting paella up the program
  • Results of the sixteenth day of the XVIII Local youth football league (01/03/2011)
    Ecuador After passing the competition, the partial classification of fair play campaign is very close to the various categories
  • Alfredo Gómez Cerdá meets schoolchildren in Ramón Alonso Luzzy (01/03/2011)
    The author discuss the book El Tigre who was afraid of chickens on days 1 and 2 March in the program organized by the Department of Culture in the network Municipal Library
  • I Punic Symposium organized by the General Staff of Hannibal and Princess Court Himilce (01/03/2011)


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