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Cartagena News - November 2008

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  • Two hundred runners competing in Sunday's South Trail (28/11/2008)
    Take a tour of 22 km with a vertical drop of 1,400
  • Snowmen in the heart of Cartagena (28/11/2008)
    The street of San Juan house this Christmas a leisure center with artificial snow
  • A management contract CAI and PAI of La Puebla, La Aparecida and the Albujón (28/11/2008)
    The Board of Governors approved the proposed construction of a new one for the 200 children in Private Mediterranean
  • The new School of Nursing will rise next to the General Hospital (28/11/2008)
    The Board of Governors approved the transfer in the region of a plot of 20,000 square meters
  • VII Medieval Market during the weekend (28/11/2008)
    The Mayor opened the cultural event which takes place from 28 to 30 November, with 120 booths of crafts and food will be distributed in ways emblematic of the historic old town
  • 149 000 euros to mark trails and put GR-92 (28/11/2008)
    Autonomous City and financed this action, complementary to the tourism
  • The City Council will hire the unemployed to improve gardens (28/11/2008)
    32 operators will be responsible for six months of repair and condition the irrigation of green areas
  • More than three thousand tourists arrive on Sunday nortemaericanos port (28/11/2008)
    cruise aboard the Voyager of the Seas will remain ten hours in the city
  • The manager of the Health Service of Murcia Cartagena opens tomorrow at the V Congress of the Society of Nephrology Murcia (28/11/2008)

  • Francisco José Mirror highlights the commitment to sustainable development of the Port Authority of Cartagena (28/11/2008)
    Director General of Planning, Evaluation and Environmental Control today delivered to the Port Authority the certificate of registration in the EMAS European Register
  • Tomás Hernández Molina Oliver wins Belmas with Rock of Mackerel (28/11/2008)
    jienense The poet's work stood out for its originality, good construction and force, according to the jury.
  • Closing of the female self-defense course (27/11/2008)
    Councillor for Women has presided over this morning in the Hall of Sorrows presented diplomas to 20 participants
  • The CD Primi-Sport Cartagena regional champion intellectual disability (27/11/2008)
    The port has dominated club I Regional Indoor Soccer League this group by winning the last game at San Javier, 6-2 Aideman
  • Called the Third Women Photo Contest & Photography (27/11/2008)
    Convened by the Department of Women, the deadline for submission of works opens Dec. 1 and remain until 13 February
  • A mini-stadium with artificial turf in the service of the city (27/11/2008)
    Sports councilor today introduced the project to be carried out in the Private Mediterranean and could be fully operational for the 2009/2010 season
  • The Infanta Cristina opens ARQUA (26/11/2008)
    The Infanta Dona Cristina has opened in the spring of Alfonso XII of Cartagena the new headquarters of the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (ARQUA)
  • Course management, teamwork and communication volunteer services (26/11/2008)
    is held from 26 to 28 November in the Faculty of Sciences of the Company with the assistance of the City of Cartagena
  • The delivery of the Hospitality Hall of Santa Teresa a check for 100,600 euros (26/11/2008)
    is the result of an agreement signed last Friday on the Social Care collaborating on the project board and lodging of persons 'homeless' who pass through Cartagena
  • Meeting between Neighborhood Associations and Immigrants (26/11/2008)
    was held with the aim of seeking proposals to improve the relationship between different cultures living in the city
  • 300 seniors and their families participated in the intergenerational walking (26/11/2008)
    From the Town Hall Square to the Polytechnic toured the city center on Saturday, ending the week's activities for the Promotion of Autonomy of Older People
  • Two committees will begin working to Cartagena to host the Mediterranean Games (26/11/2008)
    The information of Finance Committee gives its approval to start the paperwork for candidacy, 2017
  • Martial Arts Club welcomes students PMD Mare Nostrum (26/11/2008)
    The meeting is part of outreach activities to elite sports organized by the Department of Sports
  • The Infanta Cristina presides over the inauguration of the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (26/11/2008)
    The Ministry of Culture has invested 20.3 million euros in the implementation of this unique institution and pioneer
  • My Leap to the Institute, the first activity of Classroom Set of ADLE (26/11/2008)
    is aimed at students of 1 º ESO of public and private schools in the city
  • Last day to apply for internships abroad (26/11/2008)
    Euroexperience-ADLE program, twelve-week, will be held in Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland
  • Awareness and prevention against abuse of women (25/11/2008)
    The City Council today commemorated the International Day against gender violence with the reading of a manifesto to the doors of the Town Hall highlighting actions to end this social evil
  • Post office moves its Barrio Peral (25/11/2008)
    ... time during the renovation and expansion of the Submarine Street office, No. 63
  • Participants in the V Congress Musealisation at the Palace Hall (25/11/2008)
    Following the inauguration and the first presentations, the participants in this congress were received by the late José Vicente Alba and Rosario Montero
  • VII Medieval Market in Cartagena (25/11/2008)
    From 28 to 30 November, celebrates this cultural event, with 120 booths of crafts and food will be distributed in ways emblematic of the historic old town
  • The urbanization Castillitos have 25 new points of light (25/11/2008)
    On Thursday, turn the power of lighting columns were installed in five streets in the area, including action in the municipal investment plan in districts and councils
  • IV Deportivo Cartagena Trophy Charity (25/11/2008)
    The proceeds will be held on December 19, involving a combination of popular characters, will go to the House of Elders and the AECC
  • The classical orchestra L'incontro Cartagena Fortunato brings the works of the great geniuses of music (25/11/2008)
    The training will perform on Saturday November 29 in the auditorium of the UPCT, in the cycle ECOS 0809
  • Youth campaign launches AIDS is not a Game (24/11/2008)
    will be presented Tuesday in a press conference to be held at the club Suit 40
  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival concludes with a more public issue (24/11/2008)
    Bugge Wesseltoft and Diane Schuur closed on Saturday, a festival which has been more than six thousand people
  • The Association for Heritage Interpretation centers visit Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (24/11/2008)
    Visitors wanted to see the facilities, the means and resources that have been used for the enhancement of the heritage of Cartagena
  • The City Council on Tuesday joined the international celebration of the Day Against Violence Against Women (24/11/2008)
    The Mayor and the Councillor for Women participate tomorrow in the act of reading the manifesto by the president of the Regional Federation of Associations of Women
  • Lola Herrera and Juanjo Artero give us 'dance lessons' at the Teatro Circo (24/11/2008)
    Both actors star in the play Six Dance Lessons in six weeks to arrive tomorrow at Cartagena, and which are for sale the last 20 Tickets
  • Agriculture spends more than two million euros in the expansion of the sewage plant in Cartagena Beaza Cabezo (24/11/2008)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Cartagena visit the works of water control reservoir of the plant with a capacity of 10,000 cubic meters
  • The mayor puts musealization Cartagena as an example of archaeological sites (24/11/2008)
    Pilar Barreiro has inaugurated this morning the V Congress highlighting the projects already underway, such as the Teatro Romano, and those to come, and Hill Amphitheater Windlass
  • Born in Cartagena's first fencing tournament (24/11/2008)
    took place last Saturday and was attended by about eighty shooters from various parts of Spain, including computer components Cartagena
  • New deposit regulate wastewater contributions Cabezo Beaza (23/11/2008)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Agriculture and Water visit on Monday the expansion works of the WWTP
  • The Government of Murcia studying the business opportunities arising from major investments in the Region (22/11/2008)
    The Institute of Development and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Cartagena travel Puertollano (Ciudad Real) to assess their business model
  • Great success of the inaugural concerts of string and Metals Among (21/11/2008)
    Three of the winners of the previous edition to play again next December with the Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena
  • The mayor wants more funding for municipalities (21/11/2008)
    insists that the State Budget are short on social benefits and suggested that the central government established a helpline to municipal entities as it has done with financial
  • Ruta Modernista by the Old Town of Cartagena (21/11/2008)
    Galactyco Organised by the association and the T-LA, the activity will take place this Sunday, free of charge
  • Carthaginians and Romans continue to take place in late September (21/11/2008)
    The mayor has been informed by the president of the Federation troops and legions of certain matters relating to Parties
  • Open one of the most advanced sports venues in the region (21/11/2008)
    So the mayor has defined the complex Mediterranean after the visit he made this morning at facilities designed for about 3,000 users and two indoor pools
  • The Doors pedestrianising meet the deadlines Murcia (21/11/2008)
    The City Council plans to award the company works Faustino Marín, the third in the list submitted to the contest, after missing the first two by economic problems and for failing requirements, respectively
  • The new chief of staff Admiral, at City Hall (21/11/2008)
    Fernando de Querol said it will continue on the same line of work than their predecessors
  • The highlight of the jazz musician-mail, Bugge Wesseltoft, and the impressive voice of Diane Schuur closed tomorrow Cartagena Jazz Festival (21/11/2008)
    On the stage of the Nuevo Teatro Circo fifteen artists have gone in this twenty-eighth edition of the festival
  • 2,000 athletes participating this Sunday at the Cross of Artillery (21/11/2008)
    Several streets of downtown will be closed to traffic along the route of proof
  • Free workshops for children and young people in Las Lomas del Albujón (21/11/2008)
    are aimed at children and teenagers from 7 to 14 years and will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons
  • End of Sample Master Choral José Espinosa (21/11/2008)
    will take place tonight with a concert that put the finishing touch in Casino
  • The City Council launches a bike registration on-line (21/11/2008)
    The goal is twofold: to review the existing bike park in the town and to help locate them if they were stolen
  • Bascuñana children visit the center's 34 Children's Home of Cartagena (20/11/2008)
    The children are aged between 0 and 7 years old
  • The Chamber Choir 'Iuvenis Music' of Cartagena presents your hard (20/11/2008)
    The choir has recorded this album to mark the 25th anniversary of its founding, an event that marks the next year
  • The Regional Federation of Taewkondo triumphs in the National Championships (20/11/2008)
    Selection of Technical and Child Exhibition, composed mostly young athletes from Cartagena, and the regional team Cadet Combat, competed last weekend in Alicante
  • The child prodigy of the blues, Joe Bonamassa, Perico and Flamenco Sambeat accompanied by his Big Band, Jazz Festival in Cartagena (20/11/2008)
    Both act tomorrow, Friday 21 and are on sale the last fifty tickets for the concert
  • Commemoration of International Day against gender violence (20/11/2008)
    The Department of Women has scheduled 22 workshops abuse prevention for the month of November
  • The birth of the first youth organization of the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans. (20/11/2008)
    The president of Youth Council, Manuel Soler, on Friday received the necessary documentation of this new grouping
  • More than 7,000 users already using the Bicity (20/11/2008)
    User registration is increasing at a rate of one hundred people a month
  • A world of students, the perfect tool for learning about other cultures (20/11/2008)
    The book A World of students, published by MS, will be distributed free in primary schools and secondary schools in the municipality of Cartagena
  • Visit the ADE to Peinsa Futsal (20/11/2008)
    college students Alfonso X of The Union participated in a team training Cartagena
  • Cartagena pay tribute to victims of terrorism with a sculpture of Victor Ochoa (20/11/2008)
    Two years ago the mayors of Cartagena of democracy working in this idea he wants to stage the unity of political parties
  • Twelve young Cartagena, exchange in Europe (20/11/2008)
    Latvia and France have been the targets of the participants in the youth mobility scheme promoted by the Cartagena Youth Space
  • The regional government is pleased by the release of the fishing vessel 'City of Cartagena' held in Malta (19/11/2008)
    The Ministry of Agriculture and Water and the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine have collaborated with the Maltese authorities to expedite the process of return of the crew
  • Six thousand euros for the Regional Food Bank (19/11/2008)
    Social Care Councillor has delivered this money to the charity organization to help needy immigrants
  • The Municipal Archives marks the anniversary of the Spanish flu in Cartagena with an exhibition (19/11/2008)
    The exhibition contains documents, newspapers, maps and other publications of the years 1918 and 1919
  • About 250 professionals will participate in the Congress of archaeological sites Musealisation (19/11/2008)
    This is the fifth edition of this international event under the title Archaeology, historical discourse and local paths held in Cartagena from 24 and 27 November
  • Start Classroom Program Sets the ADLE (19/11/2008)
    Monday starts on November 24 with the courses and Socio-Cultural Orientation
  • Start a new course in Social Skills (19/11/2008)
    Association will be held in Rascasa until 3 March
  • Manos Unidas is organizing a solidarity paella for a project in the Congo (19/11/2008)
    The charity event is in collaboration with the Business Association of Cabezo Beaza
  • A look at the stars (19/11/2008)
    The People's University on Monday organized a night out to watch the Leonids, an appointment that will repeated in December in a conference on the Star of Bethlehem
  • Lhicarsa begin the revegetation of the landfill after allegations Gorguel ANSE (19/11/2008)
    ANSE warmly welcomes the start of this work has been possible thanks to the allegations made in recent days, and that "have demonstrated the failure of the project restoration "
  • The Roman Theatre Foundation receives input energy company Saras for the projection and dissemination of the Museum (18/11/2008)
    After signing the cooperation agreement by the president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, the energy company invested 360,000 euros to important cultural action
  • The Government delegate visiting the Technical University of Cartagena (18/11/2008)
    González Tovar UPCT noted that the new center will take care of the Military Academy University of San Javier
  • The Socialist Party began a new era in Cartagena (17/11/2008)
    With the launching of a Manager and the dissolution of the 5 groups
  • Musealization the turnstile and the Roman Amphitheatre will be the Puerto de Culturas priorities for next year (17/11/2008)
    The mayor and Pedro Alberto Cruz presided over the meeting this morning of the Governing Board of the Cartagena Puerto de Culturas consortium
  • The rehabilitation of two new rooms of the Casino retrieves the splendor of the building (17/11/2008)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Culture have visited this morning the two newly renovated rooms
  • The restoration recover the noble rooms of the Casino de Cartagena (17/11/2008)
    Work carried out under the Master Plan prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has returned to its original appearance and Noble Hall Chess Hall building
  • Combinat promotes Senior Volunteer (17/11/2008)
    The Department of Social Services is still committed to the elderly through the establishment of a solidarity program that includes accompanying activities, computer support and assistance to the outdoors and hiking
  • More than 50 local police officers are updated on Driver Education (17/11/2008)
    Agents involved throughout the region today and tomorrow in a conference given by experts in the Park Cartagena Security
  • I Volunteer Commitment Award 2008 (17/11/2008)
    The City Council has launched the first edition of an award that seeks to publicly recognize the work of those who work selflessly for the neediest in the city
  • Arrested a man for stealing money from a pharmacy Calle Juan de la Cosa (17/11/2008)
    had threatened the three employees of the shop, saying he had a gun under his shirt
  • More than 50 local police officers are updated on Driver Education. (16/11/2008)
    More than 50 agents participated Monday in a conference in Cartagena
  • Week Empowerment Development Senior (14/11/2008)
    Organized by the City and the CAM, encompasses a series of workshops and activities that take place between 17 and 22 November.
  • The FAVCAC makes its headquarters in a social meeting place and cultural (14/11/2008)
    Mayor inaugurated this morning the headquarters of the Federation of Neighbors in Santa Lucia, a facility equipped to offer courses and to hold any kind of cultural activities.
  • Meeting of Associations of Parents of Students of the Region of Murcia (14/11/2008)
    The goal of this conference is to influence the quality of education and participation of parents in teaching their children.
  • The municipal government's negative opinion of the State BUDGET (14/11/2008)
    base this consideration in the rejection by the state government of all the amendments submitted by the mayor, requiring infrastructure improvements for the city.
  • The City of Cartagena II participates in the Regional Conference on Sustainable Development and Local Agenda 21 (14/11/2008)
    The Cartagena, together with other municipalities, has been the most advanced in this line of work.
  • Share Parking over a thousand users (14/11/2008)
    The service offered by the City of Cartagena, through its website, has exceeded expectations during the month of October.
  • The new star of jazz, Lizz Wright, in Cartagena Jazz Festival (14/11/2008)
    The double bill Saturday night is completed by Incognito acidjazz.
  • Costas arrange access to the Tower of Santa Elena in The Azohía (14/11/2008)
    In addition to this case, the Local Government today gave the green light to the transfer of land of 1,000 square meters to build the headquarters of the Association of Telephone of Hope.
  • Begin inaugural concert of the competition between strings and brass (14/11/2008)
    will take place on 17,19 and 20 November in Lorca, Cartagena and San Javier.
  • Kurt Elling, cultural icon in America and the most important one of the male vocal jazz in Cartagena Jazz Festival (13/11/2008)
    The double bill is completed by tomorrow outstanding students of the great Dizzy Gillispie
  • Los Dolores soon have a police barracks in the Castillito (13/11/2008)
    The City Council and the Autonomous Region in the coming days will sign an agreement worth € 400,000 to carry out this action to strengthen security in the western part of the City
  • Local Police celebrates its patron saint, San Leandro (13/11/2008)
    Six agents receive the congratulations of the Board of Governors for outstanding performances during the past year
  • Omara Portuondo gives 'Thank you' for Lifetime (13/11/2008)
    Cuban singer acts tonight at the Cartagena Jazz Festival, accompanied by Martirio
  • The 'II Technical Workshop on development and environmental management of golf courses' meeting in the region to more than 350 people (13/11/2008)

  • Reverte appeals to the common effort of citizens and government to help victims of violent crime (12/11/2008)
    The Minister of Presidency and Public Administration stresses that the Victimology provides the best course of action for the treatment of groups affected by violence
  • VI Salto Trophy Turf Barriers Cartagena City (12/11/2008)
    participate more than fifty horses in five different types of tests, aimed at both children and beginners as professionals
  • XIV Trofeo Juan Fernandez, Class Cruiser RN (12/11/2008)
    is held in Cartagena last weekend of November
  • Young Space Zaragoza explained his project of comprehensive care for youth (12/11/2008)
    Participate, with other entities in the Days of Youth and City held on 12 and 13 November in Aragon
  • Omara Portuondo, tomorrow in the Cartagena Jazz Festival (12/11/2008)
    Cuban singer, who presented his work 'Thank you', will meet in the morning with reporters at the Palace Hall accompanied by the Councillor of Culture
  • 250 older participants of the activities of Cinema, Coffee and Tertulia (12/11/2008)
    The activity is organized by the Department of Social Care and Caja Madrid and took place yesterday at the Cultural Center 'Ramon Alonso Luzzy'
  • The City maintains its effort to host the Mediterranean Games in 2017 (12/11/2008)
    The next plenary will include the formal request for creation of the Cartagena 2017
  • Move a scooter (12/11/2008)
    The Department of Sustainable Development has introduced several new services muniicipales transport system, the Segway, an electric scooter that could be used to get around town
  • Thirty women migrants may be formed for insertion in the labor market (12/11/2008)
    The 'Convigual - coexist in equality', in collaboration with the Obra Social La Caixa, is organized in two phases of six months, with training activities and practices Business
  • The City Council collects around 2,450 euros in annual cancer alms (12/11/2008)
    Social Care Councillor has chaired this morning the petitions contained in table installed in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Presents the seventh edition of the Diabetes Week (12/11/2008)
    14 to November 20 is celebrated this event organized by the City of Cartagena and the Diabetic Society of Cartagena and its surroundings
  • The Department of Women is organizing two courses on equality and education opportunities (12/11/2008)
    Both will take place next December, and will last ten hours
  • Begin installation work of Bethlehem (12/11/2008)
    Part of the parking spaces of the Plaza de San Francisco will be booked from morning to carry out the preparation of the Nativity, which opens on December 19
  • Reach Cartagena one of the world's largest cruise (11/11/2008)
    The 'Navigator of the Seas', by 311 meters long, has brought on board more than 2,600 tourists, who have filled the streets of the city
  • The Council already has the first vehicle in its own healthcare partner (11/11/2008)
    The Caja Madrid has donated this vehicle to Social Services for older people moving to the city day care centers
  • The City of Cartagena is working with the AECC in its annual alms (11/11/2008)
    Social Care Councillor will chair tomorrow petitions contained in the table on the Plaza City Hall
  • Death of South African singer Miriam Makeba (10/11/2008)
    A heart attack has been 76 years today at the famous artist who participated in the XII edition of La Mar de Músicas 2006
  • Convert to Cartagena in the province must be a social demand (10/11/2008)
    The mayor of Cartagena has conveyed this idea to representatives of the Platform for Biprovincialidad with which today met and have asked institutional support for this initiative
  • Bancaja will work with the City in celebration of Intercultural Week (10/11/2008)
    the grantee with 15,000 euros this activity will take place from 23 to 29 March 2009
  • The City defends the treatment and management of waste in the municipality of Cartagena (10/11/2008)
    municipal spokesman, Joaquin Mowing, explained that recent rains have caused a small shift in land cover waste
  • Follow the explanations of the General Plan and entities (10/11/2008)
    The Town Planning faces its second week of interviews, focusing now on boards and neighborhood associations
  • The Cartagena overflowing with flowers on the altar of Santa Maria (09/11/2008)
    Municipal Corporation completed its voting to the Four Saints in a massive celebration in honor of the Virgen del Rosell
  • ANSE complaint that "the failure of the slopes of the landfill at the Gorguel causes garbage output abroad" (09/11/2008)

  • The PSOE will be asked to explain in the Assembly Cerda ordered the case opened to the dump Regent Mina (08/11/2008)
    The Socialists will transfer all information on this matter to their MEPs to submit a complaint to the European Union
  • The Med Cup generated more than 9 million euros for the city of Cartagena (07/11/2008)
    Studies and surveys developed by the Chamber of Commerce show that Cartagena is ready to organize an event of this type, as well will be the next two years
  • IU criticizes the PP for "turning a blind eye" to the increase in gaseous pollutants (07/11/2008)
    says that "over half" of greenhouse emissions produced in the Valley Escombreras
  • The city honors Saturday at the Virgen del Rosell and Santi Quattro (07/11/2008)
    The Diocese Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Pla preside at the traditional ceremony to be held in the church Santa Maria de Gracia
  • The Murcia from the mid-nineteenth century as seen by Jean Dieuzaide (07/11/2008)
    The Palace Molina hosts an exhibition of photographs realizdas fifty in the region and are a historical document of the society of the time
  • XII Sample Choral Teacher Jose Espinosa (07/11/2008)
    Fourteen coral del Campo de Cartagena participate in this event held around the feast of St. Cecilia
  • The Club Peinsa The Union of wheelchair basketball for the first time participating in the ADE (07/11/2008)
    Yesterday he was visited by college students Our Lady of Sorrows and Concepcion Arenal Central Pavilion Sports
  • The energetic American guitarist Mike Stern and the famed gospel group Take 6, the second day of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (07/11/2008)
    The two artists up tomorrow at Nuevo Teatro Circo scene after 21.30 hours
  • 25 immigrants learn how to start their own company (07/11/2008)
    yesterday received diplomas at the Palace Hall, after passing a training course of eight weeks
  • The Six Hundred becomes quarry of juveniles FC Cartagena (07/11/2008)
    The popular club district of Cartagena, with five teams entered in the Local League, hope rises like the base in the city football
  • The mayor, a special guest on the show dancer José Carlos Martínez (07/11/2008)
    On Saturday 8 November, the Palais Garnier in Paris hosts the final performance of Les Enfants du Paradis ballet, choreographed by the artist Cartagena
  • The Cehiform shows the region of the fifties from the perspective of the French photographer Jean Dieuzaide (07/11/2008)
    The exhibition 'Photographs of the Region of Murcia', which opens this afternoon, remain open until Jan. 9
  • 200,000 euros to rehabilitate the headquarters of the Brotherhood of the porbeagle in Cartagena (07/11/2008)

  • Society of Oblivion, Araceli Martínez (06/11/2008)
    Murcia artist has created a video installation for screening at the Pavilion Autopsy
  • Hip hop night at the Youth Resource Centre (06/11/2008)
    were finally concluded on Friday after being suspended twice due to bad weather
  • The birth of a new space for art in Cartagena (06/11/2008)
    Autopsies Pavilion, a civic building of the eighteenth century, is recovered as exhibition space and will be devoted to more pop art show in the Region of Murcia
  • Two arrested for a crime against road safety and car theft (06/11/2008)
    One of the iplicados had an arrest warrant from a court of Madrid
  • On-going Olympic Solidarity Study (06/11/2008)
    About 30 fibulae, common library, participated yesterday in the opening round of this initiative to help the less fortunate in other countries also can study
  • The municipal electric bikes in the Fair of the Science and Technology of Murcia (06/11/2008)
    From today until next Sunday is celebrated this event is to bring citizens to the scientific advances that improve our quality of life
  • Electronic music by Matthew Herbert Cartagena Jazz Festival opens (06/11/2008)
    The 28 th edition of the festival opens tomorrow night with a show that complete the extraordinary pianist Danilo Pérez with saxophonist Lee Konitz
  • The Laboratory of Art Young presents a video installation in Cartagena de Araceli Martínez (06/11/2008)
    'Oblivion Society' was inaugurated this afternoon and will remain until December 6 at the Pavilion Autopsy
  • The program opens Implica2 registration deadline for the workshop Abrazoterapia (05/11/2008)
    which will be held on 21 November
  • The Government of Spain in Cartagena invest EUR 89 million and 211 works and projects in the submarine S-80 (05/11/2008)
    The Government representative stressed the commitment of these investments involve the improvement of communications in the region of Cartagena, industrial and port development and environmental conservation and cultural heritage
  • The CHS investigating the possible contamination of groundwater by seepage from the landfill "The Gorguel" (05/11/2008)
    The research was done at the request of ANSE
  • The program resumes Colleagues workshops for youth in urban and provincial (05/11/2008)
    are developed in the evening and weekend activities revolve around sports, music and theater
  • The T-LA teaches study (05/11/2008)
    Youth is launching a study skills workshop to be held every Friday of the month of November
  • The Minister of Public Works met with the rector to drive UPCT (04/11/2008)
    ... university transport by road and rail
  • Salma Asbasti and Maria Alcázar receive their prize in the exhibition Dinosaurs (04/11/2008)
    Delivery laptop and video camera has benefited from the presence of the Councillor for Education and the Mediterranean Area manager
  • Water cut in the field of Cartagena (04/11/2008)
    will take place this Thursday due to work on Channel Air Bases and will last all morning and part of the afternoon
  • Last entries for Bebo and Chucho Valdes (04/11/2008)
    Cartagena Jazz Festival has already sold over 150 tickets for 50 euros to see almost every concert of the festival
  • XIII Theatre Festival and Culture of the Campo de Cartagena (04/11/2008)
    The Neighborhood Association has organized the Aljorra an extensive program of activities in the theater and the shows will have a starring role
  • A united euro per hour of study (04/11/2008)
    The City has participated since morning in the Olympic Solidarity Study VI, in which each participant can spend your hours of study money for charity projects in southern countries
  • The Cultural Association 'Theatre Now "has organized the XI Comedy Contest' La Palma' (04/11/2008)
    ... where they can participate in groups, companies and associations nationally and internationally
  • Begin Courses Outreach Entrepreneurship (04/11/2008)
    Organized by the ADLE and the Polytechnic University, start today with the goal of enabling young people to have a career
  • The Municipal School of Theatre presents Notre Dame de Paris (04/11/2008)
    The musical is the 15th of November at the Cultural Center and the collection will go to victims of Hurricane Ike
  • Twenty-two people can do internships abroad (04/11/2008)
    Euroexperience-ADLE program, twelve-week, will be held in Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland
  • Nature Workshop Back to the People's University (03/11/2008)
    The next Friday, November 7 will be inaugurated this workshop, which is now in its fifteenth year and serves as a meeting point for lovers of nature
  • Creative Writing Course Home (03/11/2008)
    What Espido Freire taught writer in the activities to commemorate the March 8 Women's Day and the registration period will remain open until 15 December
  • Bicity unveils winter schedule (03/11/2008)
    Starting today, begin to operate the new winter schedule of the municipal bicycle rental
  • The Informajoven comes to colleges and universities (03/11/2008)
    The Department of Youth calls for the fourth consecutive year, the Youth Correspondents scholarship in which students may participate in the municipality of 15 to 27 years
  • Sotoca highlights the role of IES San Isidoro in promoting educational projects (03/11/2008)
    The Minister of Education attended the events celebrating the 25 anniversary of the center in Cartagena
  • Detainee two individuals for theft of vehicles inside (03/11/2008)
    Those involved had forced two stolen cars and stereos
  • Sectoral meetings to explain the new PGMOU (03/11/2008)
    Mowing begins this afternoon round of interviews with the Federation of Neighborhood Associations
  • Signed an agreement for the construction of two roundabouts designed to ease traffic congestion at La Manga (03/11/2008)
    Before next summer will be built the first two roundabouts at the entrance to the tourist

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