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Cartagena News - August 2015

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  • La Aparecida begins the countdown for its festivities (31/08/2015)
    In honor of Our Lady of Sorrows, on Friday, September 4 were opened at 12 am and will be held until Sunday 13
  • The Ministry of Finance approves the 2014 accounts of the City of Cartagena (31/08/2015)

  • Thirty-five kilometers of devotion in the Pilgrimage of San Ginés de la Jara (31/08/2015)
    One year, three thousand pilgrims joined this traditional festival held on Saturday August 29
  • The Municipality entertains Ambassador Mexico (31/08/2015)
    Roberta Lajous is visiting the city of Cartagena, on the occasion of the arrival of the training ship Cuauhtemoc, who permenecerá in port, open to the public until Friday 4 September.
  • Additional 80 million in amendments to Cartagena (31/08/2015)

  • Polytechnic students succeed in Scotland (31/08/2015)
    It is no coincidence that in Edinburgh the best grades are always students UPCT
  • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor receives the Colonel Director of the AGA (28/08/2015)
    Juan Pablo Sanchez de Lara visited the Palace Hall to meet with Jose Lopez and Ana Belen Castejon
  • Lopez and Castejon parties in the ports of Santa Barbara de Abajo (28/08/2015)
    Accompanied by several councilors of the Municipal Corporation, participated in the traditional Night of the Pig, which is held within the program
  • 115 thousand euros for Carthaginians and Romans (28/08/2015)

  • The City Council conducts cleaning gullies (28/08/2015)
    Although not within the competence of the council, the mayor explained that the Segura basin has general budget, and efforts need to be undertaken to avoid future problems
  • The New Cartagena CAI opens its doors to the public before the start of the course (28/08/2015)
    On Monday August 31, from 19 hours, the Center for Child Care Ángel de la Guarda invite parents small and other groups about their facilities
  • New radar checks by Aug. 31 to Sept. 6 (28/08/2015)
    The local police reported the location of the devices to be located in different parts of the city, districts and beaches
  • Special opening of the library UPCT this Saturday (28/08/2015)
    About 6,000 users have been studied in this installation of the Polytechnic of Cartagena during the month of August
  • The September 1 enrollments XIV Cross Artillery open (27/08/2015)
    The event will be held on November 22 organized by the 73 Artillery Regiment and the support of the Department of Sports
  • The Mar Menor receive 45 million euros to revitalize (27/08/2015)
    Tourism Councillor explained the importance of receiving these funds as only have approved three ITIs in Spain
  • Andrés Lledó, the Spanish team in the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run 2015 (27/08/2015)
    The test starts on Saturday runs through the Alps in eight stages across four countries with a total length of 268 km, 16,310 meters of altitude positive
  • The Local Government Board approved on Friday the annual subsidy Carthaginians and Romans (27/08/2015)
    also approve the use of the chairs during parades and over in the ADLE
  • The Aljorra have a single school in a new location (27/08/2015)
    As demanded by the parents of the students, the mayor has moved to the Minister of Education their claims, the regional administration will atendidaspor
  • Javi Matia: "We will step up and, if they let us get another title" (27/08/2015)

  • The Community spends more than four million euros in building the new school Aljorra (27/08/2015)
    The Sanchez-Mora Minister reaffirms its commitment to "continue providing Cartagena of the best educational facilities"
  • Molinos Marfagones it receives September with its festivities (27/08/2015)
    be from 4 to 13 of this month when all kinds of activities to develop and for all ages
  • El Llano del Beal welcomes its festivals (27/08/2015)
    be tomorrow, Friday August 28 when their festivals are started with the opening speech at 22 am, ending on Sunday September 6
  • Beach Volleyball in La Manga (27/08/2015)
    On Sunday August 23 took place the Cartagena Natural Treasures Beaches-Championship
  • The Museum of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena offers Saturday night visit'The theater under the light of luna' (27/08/2015)
    The activity coincides with the last full moon of August and will know in depth the key of Roman civilization
  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena takes to contest the power (27/08/2015)
    The University seeks to save on the bill and reduce their ecological footprint by requiring at least 50% renewable energy
  • Hall and Community will coordinate to maximize the tourism potential (26/08/2015)
    This is one of the objectives set by the program that the Institute of Development today presented the Mayor of Cartagena and the Councillor for Tourism
  • The mayor heard proposals Vía Libre Cartagena on mobility (26/08/2015)
    Jose Lopez had a meeting this morning with representatives of leeway to take note of your needs
  • The Civil Guard detained a second time to a person engaged in the theft of irrigation equipment in Cartagena (26/08/2015)

  • Almost a thousand athletes will participate in the XXII Cross Toad Source (26/08/2015)
    The event will be held in El Algar, on Saturday August 29, with reccorrido 113 and 9600 meters of altitude in absolute categories.
  • They call for the recovery of the Monastery of San Ginés (26/08/2015)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Deputy Mayor, members of the government team and numerous associations and residents attended the ceremony held for the fifth year
  • High female participation in the Championship of Beach Volleyball in Los Urrutias (26/08/2015)
    On Sunday August 23 there was a mixed tournament, in which predominated the feminine presence
  • A student creates a social network UPCT popular science (26/08/2015)

  • Lopez takes into account the demands neighborhood of Barrio de Peral (25/08/2015)
    The mayor has met with the Neighborhood Association this morning.
  • The Britannia docked at the Port of Cartagena (25/08/2015)
    The cruise arrived this morning before 8 am and sail this evening at 18 hours
  • Local Police recovered a stray dog ​​for a week (25/08/2015)
    The dog owner had reported her missing last Wednesday, and the officers recovered Monday in San Anton after locate the owner himself on the terrace of a house
  • The absence of government measures against botelleo provoke chaos and chaos this summer (25/08/2015)
    Francisco Mirror: `` Once again it is clear the lack of experience and planning of the new government by refusing to tackle the serious problem of botelleo' '
  • Local police prevented Sunday holding an illegal party in Playa Honda (25/08/2015)

  • Controls Local Police radar this week (25/08/2015)
    Agents are taking place from 24 to 30 August, the speed control of vehicles passing through the different municipalities, including beach areas
  • The Roman Theatre, under the moonlight (25/08/2015)
    A night tour by the work of Augusto in the old Carthago Nova will be starring on Saturday August 29 at 21:30
  • Two hundred people attended the Proclamation of San Ginés de la Jara (25/08/2015)
    Yesterday Monday, August 24 marked the start preparations for the feast of the patron of Cartagena
  • The week from 17 to 23 August resulted in over 50 incidents crowded (25/08/2015)
    Judicial Service of Traffic Police Local Police Cartagena has publicly statistics on the incidences occurred last week
  • They manage to increase antioxidants and nectarine sweetness extratemprana growing with 40% less water (25/08/2015)

  • Simulate a person is detained by his own kidnapping (25/08/2015)
    The detainee pretended to be kidnapped by foreign individuals to pay an alleged debt
  • Concentration by the recovery of the Monastery of San Ginés (25/08/2015)
    Mayor will head Tuesday, feast of the patron, the citizen concentration will take place at the monastery gates at 8 pm
  • Proclamation of San Gines 2015 (25/08/2015)

  • Cartagena celebrates the feast of San Ginés de la Jara (24/08/2015)
    On the occasion of various activities that will take place during the Monday, August 24 and Tuesday 25
  • Cartagena Local Police rescued three people from a fire in La Azohía (24/08/2015)
    On Friday August 21, the officers managed to save a marriage with her 16 year old daughter, who were trapped by the fire in your home
  • Massive farewell to Aureliano Gómez Vizcaino (24/08/2015)

  • PP Cartagena remember the rotunda of Paseo Alfonso XIII Captains Ripoll was conducted at the request of the neighbors (24/08/2015)
    Francisco Mirror: `` the construction of the roundabout was approved by the Governing Board and supported by municipal technical reports which supported the suitability of the obra''
  • The Mayor of Cartagena, Jose Lopez, trumpeted parties Torre Nicolas Perez (24/08/2015)
    On Friday 21 August the program was beginning what will be a few days together and festivities for residents.
  • Local Police Cartagena publishes the results of the breathalyser test campaign (24/08/2015)
    Of the 418 breath tests carried out from day 10 until 16 August, six were positive
  • Ubaldo Valverde, winner of the Eurovision Song XXII Spanish Mill Derribao (24/08/2015)

  • 0 to 100% in two years (24/08/2015)
    The UPCT Racing Team racing from tomorrow in the Formula Student Montmelo with its first electric car
  • Alberto Gonzalez and Carmen Evangelista expire in El Llano del Beal (23/08/2015)

  • Culture promotes the early conservation work'Palacete Versalles' Villa Calamari (22/08/2015)
    During this month and September, and after inspection by technicians Heritage, owners perform different actions in this house in 2012 declared BIC
  • Directors of CLH explained the mayor the activities carried out in the municipality (21/08/2015)
    Lopez has received this afternoon by the Deputy Mayor in the Town Hall, in the round of interviews held with responsible for large enterprises
  • Save the Rosell disputes the figures of the Ministry and calls for the resignation of the manager of SMS for ineffectiveness in their management (21/08/2015)

  • New speed controls the local police, from 24 to 30 August (21/08/2015)
    intalarán Devices EN13 parts of the city, neighborhoods and beaches
  • Seized 400 dangerous products in Mar de Cristal (21/08/2015)
    All they had danger of suffocation, poisoning or injury, according to network alerts from the Spanish Agency of Consumer Affairs, Food Security and Nutrition.
  • Cartagena Local Police rescues a dog in degrading conditions and neglect (21/08/2015)
    The intervention occurred in the Barrio de Peral at the request of an association of animal rights
  • Astrada and UPCT collaborate in the care, training and research on autism (21/08/2015)

  • The Tower of Nicholas Perez celebrates this weekend its festivities (21/08/2015)
    The mayor, Jose Lopez, will be asked to deliver the opening speech
  • Subscribers exception (20/08/2015)
    The season ticket campaign Plastics Romero Cartagena FS is booming
  • Water Court for Monday Source Cubas (20/08/2015)
    The service will be interrupted in the morning for four hours, in different streets of the urbanization
  • Visit of municipal works in Los Nietos (20/08/2015)
    Deputy Mayor with councilors Decentralization and Transparency has also noted improvements in accessibility for people with disabilities
  • The City Council wants to install a shipping any hotel in the city (20/08/2015)
    The measure would advance settings Cartagena as base port of departure and arrival of cruises
  • The Mayor and the Councillor for Sports are paid to Cartagena Futsal (20/08/2015)
    Both deputies have stuffed their chips and acquired their cards today to show support to the club
  • Juan Echanove directs the Women's Assembly, in the Batel (20/08/2015)
    Lolita, Maria Galiana and Pastora Vega are some of the names from this work, which has broken record audience at the Festival of Merida
  • Carmen, the Spanish Ballet of Murcia on Friday in El Batel (20/08/2015)
    Twenty-five artists on stage under the direction of Carmen and Matilde Rubio reinterpret the work of P. Merimee
  • UPCT launched a consultancy service to companies on Corporate Social Responsibility (20/08/2015)

  • Unions and opposition unity against the local government based on false arguments (19/08/2015)

  • Hall and HOSTECAR close positions on taxation and the occupation of public roads (19/08/2015)
    This morning the Councillor of Finance has met with the president of the hoteliers in a tone of willingness and openness
  • Ivy and earn Heredia III Perín Donkey Race (19/08/2015)
    The test took place last Saturday in a circuit of 15 kilometers in the vicinity of Peñas Blancas, with 1,400 meters of altitude
  • Two arrested for filing false complaints Police (19/08/2015)
    The aim of such reports aim to hide potential scams to insurance companies
  • Murcia, Cartagena and UCAM Lorquí played the Silver Caravel Youth (19/08/2015)
    Meetings, 45 minutes, will be held on Saturday at the Sports City Gómez Meseguer
  • Arrested pattern of the last boats of immigrants arrived at our expense (19/08/2015)

  • The Municipal Government of Cartagena expressed his displeasure at being excluded from the statement of support AVE (18/08/2015)

  • Cartagena IU-Green requires responsibilities for fire Rosell (18/08/2015)
    And Claim it Rosell immediate reopening of all its services
  • The young Russian talents show their drawings in the Castillo de la Concepción (18/08/2015)
    Yesterday afternoon the contest, where artists unveiled their work done over many Spanish cities trip was held
  • The lyrical and jazz landed at Fort Christmas (18/08/2015)
    Friday August 21 concerts become the strength of the hand port of Cartagena, Port of Cultures
  • Water cut in Isla Plana Thursday (18/08/2015)
    it affect an area of ​​the town and will last about eight hours
  • The Apollo Theater and El Algar is included in the tourist routes of Cartagena (18/08/2015)
    Deputy Mayor has assured the director that will continue to support the preservation and maintenance of its facilities and the dissemination of their activities
  • Local police breathalyzer thirteen cases detected last week (18/08/2015)
    Around the same time 32 accidents were recorded, none of them with fatalities
  • Beach Volleyball Trophy at the Festival of Isla Plana (18/08/2015)
    ce The championship is held for the first time brought together ninety players last weekend
  • The Federation troops and legions Festero elects the honorary Town Crier year and 26 parties Carthaginians and Romans (18/08/2015)

  • A student and a teacher UPCT create a transparency and communication services in urban works (18/08/2015)
    The company SIOUX updated weekly with photos and maps the progress in the construction of the North Coast of Murcia and manages questions and complaints
  • Cartagena concludes in the first edition of Escipión''Ruta by historical recreation group Artifex (17/08/2015)
    The secretary general of the Ministry of Culture and Spokesperson attends the arrival of the Roman Theatre of the expedition that serves as a basis for scientific study of experimental archeology
  • Cabo de Palos and Punta Brava celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Assumption (17/08/2015)
    Saturday August 15 were many places that celebrate this holiday.
  • Twenty Russian artists draw Cartagena (17/08/2015)
    Youth are art students, from Russia and the port city is among the cities that have visited
  • Hot Mix in the dunes of Cabo de Palos with Tour Top 40 (17/08/2015)
    Celebrations Councilman Juan Pedro Torralba, was in the event that the City of Cartagena collaborated
  • Culminate this afternoon in Cartagena Via Scipionis (17/08/2015)
    Volunteers activity that recall the experimental archeology that started from Amposta 15 days ago, will be received in the Roman theater by the mayor, Jose Lopez
  • Food coexistence in the Senior Club of La Azohia (17/08/2015)
    Until Social Local councilors Quality of Life and Social Services City of Cartagena approached
  • Alum fired its festivities until next year (17/08/2015)
    The mayor, Jose Lopez, Deputy Mayor, Ana Belen Castejon and council of Celebration, Tourism and Social Services attended various activities of the festival program
  • Students of the Master in Industrial Electrical Engineering become a buggy (17/08/2015)

  • Alternative Socialist-SPCT claims a wave of robberies in the Albujón (15/08/2015)

  • The City of Cartagena makes works in their schools (14/08/2015)
    Taking advantage of the summer, the Department of Education is carrying out works to provide comfort and functionality when re-entering students in the next academic year
  • The Deputy Mayor welcomes the adoption of six initiatives in full (14/08/2015)

  • The full approve a joint motion to request the opening of the general hospital Rosell (14/08/2015)

  • Spanish police charged six people for illegally catching and marketing of a basking shark in Cartagena (14/08/2015)
    Research thanks to information provided by animal welfare organizations started
  • The PP defends the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena on schedule 2016 (14/08/2015)
    The spokesman stressed that each day of delay in the arrival of the AVE will be the responsibility of Mr. Lopez and his government
  • The MURAM offers special tours (14/08/2015)
    The Museum shows the activity Touching dreams of Dalí and El Palacio Aguirre in view of all, completely free
  • Local Police Cartagena publishes the location of the radar controls (14/08/2015)
    Will those made during the week of 17 to 23 August
  • A student at the School of Teleco achieved Distinction 25 (14/08/2015)

  • Water cut in Pozo Los Palos (14/08/2015)
    Hidrogea reported that the supply is interrupted on Monday for about five hours in the villages located in the southwest
  • More than two thousand tourists visit the city and its shops (13/08/2015)
    The Port has received two cruise ships will remain until mid afternoon in Cartagena and has filled the main streets of the Old Town
  • Continue nocturnal rides tourist boat Cartagena Port of Cultures (13/08/2015)
    Those who were unable to enjoy the rides at sunset by the bay of Cartagena, may do so on 14 and 28 August
  • A Cartagena participate in the Cadet World Taekwondo Championships (13/08/2015)
    à ‰ l is Úbeda Juan Antonio Saura, a boy of 14 who after numerous achievements in this sport, will travel to South Korea next August 23
  • The mayor asks Hansa Urbana allowing visits to the Monastery of San Ginés (13/08/2015)
    With this decision, embodied in a letter to the company, the mayor collects requests for entities related to the defense of this property
  • The exoskeleton that researchers develop UPCT this fall will be tested in the Region of Murcia (13/08/2015)

  • One of the priorities of the government team will organize municipal services (13/08/2015)
    The mayor and union representatives SIME Wednesday exchanged views on the inherited organizational chaos and the need to provide solutions
  • A score of Belarusian children visit the Palace Hall (12/08/2015)
    Small are during the summer with host families in Cartagena.
  • Hall and Hostec work together in the ordinances that affect the sector (12/08/2015)

  • Sport honors Ginés Pagán in his eighth Memorial football (12/08/2015)
    The event, organized for Sunday 16 August, at 19.00 hours, will face the FC Cartagena CD in the Ciudad Deportiva Minera Gómez Meseguer
  • Minor Outlying Islands enjoyed Futsal Championship III Women (12/08/2015)
    Seven teams from different parts of the Region of Murcia on Sunday battled
  • The Civil Guard intercepted eight illegal immigrants who wanted to reach the coast of the region by boat (12/08/2015)
    In Cabo de Palos
  • The People's Party calls for immediate rectification Cartagena Mayor Jose Lopez (12/08/2015)
    Mirror "Mr. Lopez's statements are not typical of a mayor Again, Mr. Lopez is portrayed and makes clear his moral and political category."
  • Socialist-SPCT Alternative proposed that the street be updated with relevant names Cartagena (12/08/2015)

  • Arrested an individual for a crime of domestic violence (12/08/2015)
    The incident occurred at dawn on Monday in the area of ​​Los Gutierrez Albujón.
  • The City Council will remedy the proliferation of tiger mosquitoes in the Algameca Girl (12/08/2015)
    Councilman Area Health Tuesday was inspecting the area, where they were carrying out spraying work, which repitarán on a weekly basis
  • Two students mounted a model that simulates the implementation of large industries (12/08/2015)
    One of the students has been signed by Tecnicas Reunidas thanks to the experience gained during the project
  • The Cartagena Peña Flamenca unveils its concerns to the mayor (12/08/2015)
    Jose Lopez met Tuesday with the board of the entity in the office of the Town Hall
  • Miguel Poveda presents his new work in El Batel (11/08/2015)
    Under the name sonnets and poems for Freedom gives voice to the verses of Quevedo, Rafael de León García Lorca, Borges, Miguel Hernandez, Pablo Neruda and Joaquín Sabina
  • A dramatized visit the Roman Theatre show from another point of view (11/08/2015)
    The Museum is organized and will be on Thursday 13 at 21.30 under the name Aulaeum, down the curtain.
  • The Mastervoley VII was played at La Manga (11/08/2015)
    The pairing of Alfonso and Edu won champion in this sport event was held Sunday at the beach Deer Island in the snack Lebeche
  • The Menendez Pelayo International University aspires to become a national benchmark (11/08/2015)
    The president of the institution, together with other directors, held Tuesday a meeting with the mayor and the mayor Ricardo Segado at the Palace Hall, in which they discussed prospects Future
  • Cartagena UPyD denounces the precarious situation of workers of Cartagena Port of Cultures (11/08/2015)
    Magenta training urges the local government to get involved directly in improving the working conditions of workers in Cartagena Port of Cultures
  • The Judicial Cartagena Traffic Police recorded more than 80 incidents during last week (11/08/2015)
    Post statistics from 3 to 9 August and reported that, driving under the influence of alcohol can mean imprisonment and withdrawal of driving license if
  • They get stop the physical and mental fatigue in elderly patients with a nutritional supplement (11/08/2015)

  • Those responsible for Cartagena ISEN show their project to the mayor (10/08/2015)

  • Los Belones celebrates its third night of night shopping (10/08/2015)
    The III Shopping Night, on Saturday August 8, was a success attended by dozens of local residents and vacationers from around
  • The XLIV Trophy Silver Caravel face FC Cartagena with Albacete (10/08/2015)
    It will be on Saturday August 15 in the Cartagonova stadium where both teams will meet in a friendly match as a preliminary to the league
  • Perín lives butt your parties (10/08/2015)
    The donkey went back up to the bell tower, a year, and neighbors on Saturday enjoyed a festive day in which there were floats, music, and fireworks
  • Controlled and extinguished the fire occurred today at the Hospital of Saint Lucia (10/08/2015)

  • El Batel welcomes Flushing Plus with Ana Obregon Delgado and Tete (10/08/2015)
    Fabiola Toledo and Elisa Matilla complete the cast of the play.
  • Starts alcohol campaign in the entire municipality (10/08/2015)

  • Minor Islands and has extended and refurbished marina (07/08/2015)
    The Minister of Development, Deputy Mayor, Councillor of Greater decentralization and delegate Transparency Portal and Office mayor inaugurated this morning the completion of the works
  • 40 Hot Mix The tour arrives at Cabo de Palos (07/08/2015)
    The esplanade of Las Dunas host the August 15 a big party with free admission.
  • Al recovery rate hawking in markets (07/08/2015)

  • An American university professor of information to a UPCT to investigate gear (07/08/2015)
    The Rochester Institute of Technology Alfonso Fuentes chooses to launch a research by the world's largest maker of gear cutting machines
  • Trovalia began his career with a great show in Cabo de Palos (07/08/2015)
    On the night of Thursday, started the festival dedicated to the world of folk verse in the presence of audience, among which Deputy Mayor Ana Belen was Castejon
  • Recognition Implica2 for their commitment to cleaning up the seas (07/08/2015)
    The program of the Youth Council has been honored by the work of volunteers in the project of International Coastal Cleanup
  • New radar controls Local Police (07/08/2015)
    already have determined the points where speed controls will take place during the week of 10 to 16 August
  • One hundred kids enjoy camp urban Salesians (07/08/2015)

  • The Deputy Mayor and Councillor of Commerce visit the Mercado de Santa Florentina (06/08/2015)
    Ana Belen Castejón wanted to approach this morning to the facilities of the Municipal Market to check what state are
  • Ten artists will participate in the XXII Festival of Song Spanish Mill Derribao (06/08/2015)
    The national contest will take place the weekend of 21 and 22 August in Cartagena town, where you will enjoy the passion of the singers and you can taste dishes
  • Salvage performs medical evacuation of a crewmember of the fishing Belmonte Hernandez 30 miles SE of Cartagena (06/08/2015)
    has been transferred to the Hospital Santa Lucía de Cartagena
  • Cartagena Local Police has made 416 interventions so far this summer (06/08/2015)
    These actions were aimed mainly to provide assistance to the elderly, and most have been conducted in beach areas
  • Paradise Beach and has its clubhouse (06/08/2015)

  • UPCT demonstrates the suitability of the pine and cypress to revegetate contaminated soil miners (06/08/2015)
    Isabel Parraga's thesis confirms the viability of endemic cypress plantation in old Cartagena rafts Sierra Minera
  • More than three thousand tourists landed in the streets of Cartagena (05/08/2015)
    On the morning of Wednesday, a British cruise ship has arrived at the port where it will remain throughout the day until 18 hours
  • They reach the festivity of Alum (05/08/2015)
    begin on Tuesday August 11, in honor of San Roque and end on Sunday 16
  • Sixteen concerts form the Cartagena Jazz Festival (05/08/2015)
    A year back the event, which celebrates its 35th anniversary and will be held from October 31 until November 22
  • El Burro again raise this year's Bell Perín (05/08/2015)

  • The Roman Theatre Museum Cartagena has surpassed one million visitors and achieved a record result in July (05/08/2015)
    In the first seven months of the year increased the public by 9.4 percent to stand at 102,762 people
  • Try the garbancillo Tallante be declared 'Plant 2016' (05/08/2015)

  • 536 persons have found employment in Cartagena was a result of the policies of the Popular Party (04/08/2015)
    Out of 100 people who have left the unemployed, 60, are in Cartagena
  • The mayor shortly visit the neighbors of Llano del Beal (04/08/2015)
    The first municipal mayor has met with leading representatives of the Neighborhood Association of Santa Barbara and heard their main needs
  • Environment saves the problem of the proliferation of mosquitoes in Calblanque (04/08/2015)

  • Cartagena Local Police reports on the location of the radar this week (04/08/2015)
    Since the points where the speed control 2 to August 9 shall be known
  • The City Council will seek a venue for the Musical Union Cartagonova (04/08/2015)

  • Cartagena seeks its place in the landscape of the thriller (04/08/2015)
    This is intended to be achieved through the organization of the conference that will take place next on 11 and 12 September in the port city
  • La Manga hosts the VII Championship Mástervoley (04/08/2015)
    It takes place this Saturday at the beach Lebeche in Deer Island.
  • Starts repainting road markings in the Plaza Bastarreche (04/08/2015)
    The work will take place from Tuesday to Thursday, at night, to minimize the inconvenience to drivers
  • The council takes up the collective housing project for disabled ASID (04/08/2015)
    Deputy Mayor met on Tuesday morning with the president and the manager of the association, a first contact in which they have addressed future joint actions
  • ښ recent days to pay the IBI (04/08/2015)
    Wednesday August 5 is the deadline for voluntary payment of this tax, as well as garbage and sewage rates in La Manga, autotaxi parking and pedestal
  • Local Police intervened in 35 traffic incidents last week (03/08/2015)
    blood alcohol and minor accidents, are among the interventions made between July 27 and August 2
  • Nearly fifty shops will participate in the III Shopping Night Los Belones (03/08/2015)
    This was stated by Deputy Mayor and Councillor of Greater Trade, Ana Belen Castejon in the presentation of the third edition of this event, which will be next Saturday 8th August
  • Effect HAPPY arrives at Fort Christmas (03/08/2015)
    Antonio Hidalgo will lead the concert to be held this Friday and organizes Cartagena Port of Cultures
  • Xavi Sahuquillo and José Gutiérrez, champions XVI Open City Cartagena (03/08/2015)
    Athletes seized futvoley Championship, with the collaboration of the city of Cartagena and has been played this weekend in beach Cavanna in La Manga
  • The new dock Captains Ripoll bus is underway (03/08/2015)
    On one side of the avenue has been installed, from August 1, the header stop lines 1, 3 and 14, previously located in the Plaza Bastarreche

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