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Cartagena News - February 2015

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  • Mc matches the Abbey magistrate (28/02/2015)
    "If the Mayor Barreiro is distinguished from Valcárcel, is because it suits procedural and politically"
  • The innovative school Peñas Blancas opens in Tallante (27/02/2015)

  • Start a new edition of the program Aula Company (27/02/2015)
    CEEIC ALDE and organize these actions, which will be developed during the first half of the year, to facilitate the training of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Cartagena
  • The City Council support to four other businesses to revive the vicinity of the Plaza de San Francisco (27/02/2015)
    ​​ is included within a comprehensive package of aid and calls for subsidies approved the Local Government amounting to 946,000 euros
  • The child candle Region comes together this weekend in Los Nietos (27/02/2015)
    The Nautical Club of the town of Mar Menor hosts first regional test Optimist class, which is expected to involve about a hundred boats
  • The shops in Los Belones to collection of clothing, shoes and toys used are targeted (27/02/2015)
    City and Abraham Project, along with ACOBE, have launched a joint recycling campaign which will run until March 11
  • Culture It invites schools to discover the relationship between music and art with a dramatized tour the Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena (27/02/2015)
    The activity aimed at children 5-12 years develops Saturday and its central axis exposure Modern Times
  • The Rhythmic Cartagena Senior ranks 6th in world ranking of Aesthetic Group (27/02/2015)
    teams in the region have improved their position after attending last weekend at the end of the II World Cup held in Estonia
  • The Plaza de la Merced will host a great neighborhood meeting (27/02/2015)

  • The City derecognised in the Register three thousand foreigners in a year (27/02/2015)

  • The writer Llanos Campos visit libraries Cartagena (27/02/2015)
    The author, winner of Steamer last year prize, hold meetings on 3 and 4 March with primary pupils from several schools, where they will talk about his book Treasury Barracuda
  • ... (27/02/2015)

  • A Divinis, Capuz exhibition at the Museum of Roman Theatre (27/02/2015)
    The show revolves around the classic model in the work of religious sculptor, so close to Easter in Cartagena
  • UPyD advocates the use of the hospital Rosell and reiterates its commitment to public health (27/02/2015)

  • Vox in Cartagena demands the resignation of Pilar Barreiro (26/02/2015)
    Enrique Pellicer, acting as interim coordinator Vox in Cartagena, immediately asked to resign the mayor and deputy Cortes Pilar Barreiro.
  • New day Workshops Accompanying Family Gathered (26/02/2015)
    Since its inception in 2014 have gone through these sessions, organized by the Department of Social Services, a total of 134 people
  • Posted basis for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings in Monte Sacro and windlass (26/02/2015)
    The deadline for applications will open in the coming days.
  • Motera Day for students Narwhal with ADE (26/02/2015)
    High school students Polygon Santa Ana visited the Circuito
  • Local Police will ensure the smooth flow of the Media Marathon on Sunday (26/02/2015)

  • Orange presents its 4G services in Cartagena with an investment of nearly 3 million (26/02/2015)
    The commercial offer of Orange can enjoy high speed from smartphones, tablets and PCs by 85 percent of the population
  • Begin pathways Lid and Asia (26/02/2015)
    82 property involved in this edition which runs from Friday morning until 22 March
  • Course Two students get jobs Cleaning Hospital in St. Lucia (26/02/2015)
    The Councillor of Women has delivered Thursday diplomas to the 17 women who participated in this course, which could go two employment contracts
  • The Ilustrafun workshops invite unleash the creativity (26/02/2015)
    Illustrators national and international draft will impart the months ahead express workshops organized in collaboration with the Department of Youth
  • The girls Rhythm Club Carthago read the manifesto of International Women's Day (26/02/2015)

  • Full Culture checking the "Malco" Salzillo and delivers it to the California Guild of Cartagena (26/02/2015)
    The figure of the soldier who is part of the Processional way the kiss has been treated at the Center for Regional Restoration
  • MC Andres Ayala he blames the isolation that has condemned Cartagena to his work in Madrid (26/02/2015)

  • The ESPAC way to the Port Police officers (26/02/2015)
    This is the first edition of a course to be given to all staff of this body dependent on the Port Authority police intervention techniques safe, personal protection and first aid
  • One hundred students from the Polytechnic known collegiate experience Mechanical Engineers (26/02/2015)
    The Official College and Association of Industrial Engineers of the Region of Murcia (COIIRM) today held a meeting with future Masters in Industrial Engineering UPCT
  • Education awards more than 2,000 school meals and school supplies to families of students in Cartagena (26/02/2015)
    Investment Counselors of infrastructure in the port city is about 25 million euros in recent years
  • Rotary Club Cartagena announces a grant of between 860 and 1,000 euros for new students UPCT (26/02/2015)

  • This Sunday, Cartagena live another classic (25/02/2015)
    The Department of Sports Hon.
  • Architecture Students work in architectural rehabilitation of the area west of Cartagena (25/02/2015)
    Seventy students held on Thursday his first outing to the ancient schools of Tallante
  • MSF is 40 years of independent humanitarian action (25/02/2015)
    A photographic exhibition at the Ramón Alonso de Cartagena Luzzy Cultural Centre reviews its history and principles that have guided the work of this NGO created by medical and journalists
  • The City of Cartagena, at the VIII Conference Working RECI (25/02/2015)

  • The Teleco LAN Party 7 Cartagena will show, conferences and tournaments 1Gbps (25/02/2015)
    The tech event of the School of Telecommunications Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, was presented this medidodía in Antigones with important news
  • The Court of Auditors filed proceedings contract cleaning municipal buildings (25/02/2015)
    The living prosecution deemed to have been duly substantiated the alleged deficiencies found in their management by the city of Cartagena
  • The students Course Cleaning Hospital receive their diplomas (25/02/2015)
    Organized by the Department of Women, will be the mayor of this area, Clara Heredia, which deliver diplomas at a ceremony to be held on Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • The Teleco LAN Party offers this year the fastest network in the region and a series of lectures focusing on safety (25/02/2015)

  • Course is closing Basics of Cooking ALDE (25/02/2015)

  • In March the VII Municipal Petanque Championship (25/02/2015)
    The competition started on Tuesday with the kick off, by the Councillor for Social Care, in the fields of José María Lapuerta
  • Alums devoted his holy to the Virgin of Charity Week (25/02/2015)
    This year's tenth celebrates fifth anniversary of the image of the Virgin in the town of Cartagena, with a series of events that began on Ash Wednesday and will last until 20 September
  • The Mill roundabout opens to traffic Derribao (24/02/2015)
    This morning the paving of the square of 28 meters in diameter to regulate one of the most contentious road crossings was completed Siphon
  • The Teleco LAN Party 7 Cartagena comes packed with tournaments and news (24/02/2015)
    The technology fair will be presented on Wednesday to the media at the School of Telecommunications
  • MSF is 40 years of independent humanitarian action (24/02/2015)
    A photographic exhibition at the Ramón Alonso de Cartagena Luzzy Cultural Centre reviews its history and principles that have guided the work of this NGO created by medical and journalists
  • The CD Hacienda del Alamo and EF Albujón cadets, leaders in their category (24/02/2015)
    ​​ Sportsmanship was again common denominator in the course of the match played during the last day of the local league
  • The children's author Anna Mansó visit public libraries this week (24/02/2015)
    The author of The Birthday list will meet your child audience in Cartagena and Los Dolores
  • We Are Water will bring together more than 1,400 lawmakers in Cartagena (24/02/2015)
    From 11 to March 13 February will be held in El Batel Congress of Housewives, Consumers and Users, which will focus on the importance of hídiricos resources
  • Leo Harlem and Sergio Olalla bring their new show to Cartagena (24/02/2015)
    Trendingtronching, a half hour of laughter therapy as an actor, you can enjoy the June 12 in El Batel
  • The Half Marathon Cartagena Memorial Gregorio becomes Lorente (24/02/2015)

  • UPyD Cartagena reiterates the call for "immediate resignation" of Pilar Barreiro for his assignment in the "case Novo Carthago" (24/02/2015)

  • In the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood still Carnival (24/02/2015)
    On Saturday 28 different performances are organized in order to stimulate the associative and neighborhood fabric of the area
  • A under 14 arrested for severely threaten several teachers (24/02/2015)
    Two children, also aged 14, arrested for coercing another child to commit robberies within the school.
  • The students of the General Air Academy visit the Palace Hall Cartagena (24/02/2015)
    At the reception, Deputy Mayor of the City of Cartagena, Jose Cabezas has encouraged students to know the port city
  • "Barreiro must choose between leaving or that the Supreme's take a kicking" (24/02/2015)
    United Left-Greens believes "it is a shame to have a mayor with Cartagena as low ethical standards"
  • MC asks Barreiro to defend himself, but let outside Cartagena corruption (24/02/2015)
    This afternoon we met the decision of the Supreme Court subpoena press charges against the mayor of Cartagena Pilar Barreiro Alvarez
  • MC ensures that proves again in Parliament that "Barreiro and PP do not serve Cartagena, but it served" (23/02/2015)
    The cartagenera political training this morning a total of ten motions and four questions, "carrying a Again the initiative of the Plenary from the opposition "
  • Four and half hours from full to try motions, requests and questions (23/02/2015)
    The Municipal Corporation approves the appointment of Juan Carrion as Adopted Son of Cartagena by the Plan of Action for the Sustainable Energy and joining the regional consortium of Greenways
  • Santander delivers its credentials fellows UPCT (23/02/2015)

  • The UPCT offer a dual degree in Tourism with the Université Hassan II in Casablanca (23/02/2015)

  • European experts address the use of water in the UPCT (23/02/2015)

  • The UPCT work in drafting the white paper construction (23/02/2015)

  • The UPCT shows the applications of drones in agriculture (23/02/2015)

  • The ALDE remains open Clearance Computer ELIO (23/02/2015)
    The Agency recalls that makes available to the unemployed this free space that can be accessed on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-14 hours, job search
  • Enters college athletics San Fulgencio Well Strait (23/02/2015)
    Elementary students have lived downtown Monday one of the sports days of the ADE program with CAElcano
  • La Vela stars the weekend in Cartagena (23/02/2015)
    The Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena hosted the Gran Gala Sport Murcia candle and closed, with only two completed tests, the first test of Act II Trophy Regularity of Snipe.
  • Nine teams will dispute the VII Municipal Petanque Championship (23/02/2015)
    The competition starts on Tuesday with the kick off, by the Councillor for Social Care, in the fields of José María Lapuerta
  • El Niño, winner of 4 awards Goya, El Cine Returns to Center (23/02/2015)
    This Tuesday will be screened in two passes, at 18.00 and 21.00 hours, within the Nuevo Teatro Circo cycle.
  • Sport holds out his hand to the social integration (23/02/2015)
    The CEO of Physical Activity and Sports Councilman Friday evening shared with students of the School of Handball St. Lucia
  • The largest municipality also celebrated love (23/02/2015)
    The mayor attended Friday the traditional food of Valentine's Day, organized by the Federation of Associations and Centres for the Elderly in collaboration with the Department of Social Services
  • Recover juniper forests dwells on the ancient route of a road in the Regional Park Calblanque (23/02/2015)

  • Arrested store robber Chinese food (23/02/2015)
    The suspect threatened the clerk with a gun with blanks but modified for use
  • Álvaro Franco and Maria Jesus Gaona won in the UPCT (22/02/2015)
    The Athlete Cross Automenor Cartagena takes the Fun Run II of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena with a time of 16:29, while Mandarache participant completes the proof Cartagena 23 38
  • MC on the possible modification of the contract with UTE El Batel (22/02/2015)

  • IU-green select the application with which it will go to the municipal elections next May (21/02/2015)

  • MC claims that there is no official document setting out the agreement between City Hall and FC Cartagena in 2014 and 2015 (21/02/2015)
    The case was uncovered before the visit of labor inspectors, the Cartagonova during the game against Cacereno, where they asked contracts club workers, as well as donated by the city
  • Councillor says Personal Job Public Hall is absolutely legal (20/02/2015)
    To Suanzes demonstrations spokesman MC reveal their ignorance in human resources
  • Barnabas thanked his appointment as a preacher of Alum (20/02/2015)

  • First Day of Running and Spirituality Young Baha'is (20/02/2015)
    Saturday is celebrated in the Bohio and she wants to claim the respect for human rights and promoting the welfare
  • Manuel Pérez full of colors the Palace Hall (20/02/2015)
    The artist, with his collection The Empire of the Senses, opened the exhibition this afternoon at 19.30 until June 14
  • More than 150 professionals have gathered in Cartagena in the XXVII Congress of OPC (20/02/2015)
    The mayor closed Friday in El Batel Congress, under the slogan New Stage for Business OPC, has been held in the city since the Wednesday
  • The course Social Skills and Auxiliary Activities of Commerce ends (20/02/2015)

  • Chile, Guest of the twenty-first edition of the Sea of ​​Music (20/02/2015)

  • Student councils UPCT and UMU reject the introduction of degrees of three years (20/02/2015)

  • Unanimous agreement on the location of the ZAL in Los Camachos (20/02/2015)

  • On Monday there will be full at City Hall (20/02/2015)

  • Introductory course development cooperation Youth (20/02/2015)
    The Implica2 program of the Youth Council has organized this activity will be held in Student House UPCT
  • 225 students will participate in the V Olympiad Agrifood and Agroambiental (20/02/2015)

  • A new chair company provides scholarships, internships and the possibility of incorporating graduates UPCT (20/02/2015)
    Air Networks-UPCT promote projects related to Future Internet
  • 225 students participate in the V Olympiad Agrifood and Agroambiental (20/02/2015)

  • Cartagena is promoted in Navartur 2015 (20/02/2015)
    The council will announce tourism in the city through a booth at the fair held in Navarra this weekend
  • IU-Green asked the mayor to secunde the demands of citizenship (20/02/2015)
    And take the lead in the demonstration in defense of Rosell
  • Echoes of the Cartagena Easter come to Madrid (20/02/2015)

  • UPyD defends "the continued use of Rosell hospital in Cartagena" (20/02/2015)

  • MC calls for public job the City Council to annul 2014 (20/02/2015)
    And advocates a legal servancy
  • UI handled the resolution on the specifications of CATAD that Community law does not trigger (19/02/2015)
    The court only indicates the City Council that "the valuation of the improvements that bidders bid on contracts is changed
  • The sport is also to social integration (19/02/2015)
    The CEO of Physical Activity and Sports Councilman attend tomorrow February 20 at 17 am to see the development of the School Handball
  • Inaugurated the exhibition of models and photographs of submarines for the centenary of Underwater Weapon (19/02/2015)

  • The TACRC rejects 4Gatos enjoy any preference to manage Catad (19/02/2015)

  • The author of Heresy meets with members of the Intercultural Center (19/02/2015)
    David Lozano closes the cycle of meetings with writers who aspire this year's Literature Prize Hache
  • The Cartagonova is ready for the friendly U21 will play in Cartagena (19/02/2015)
    La Rojita will meet on March 26 to the Norwegian team.
  • The painter Manuel Pérez presented to the media The Empire of the Senses (19/02/2015)
    Councillor for Culture Murcia accompany the artist in the presentation Friday in the Exhibition Hall of the Town Hall
  • Archaeology and paleontology our biggest surprise (19/02/2015)
    The workshop of the Department of Social Services A Walk Through the History of Cartagena discovers an important cultural wealth
  • IU-green announces that the Ministry of Finance has canceled the specifications for the award of service CATAD (19/02/2015)

  • Cartagena, an ideal city for congresses (19/02/2015)
    So the defined Vicente Serrano, president of OPC Spain at the inauguration of the National Congress of Professional Congress which opened this morning in the Batel
  • SPCT claims that "the Ministry of Health has cut nurses at clinics Albujón and Palma" (19/02/2015)

  • Youth opens the application deadline for grants for youth groups (19/02/2015)
    Total amount of aid for this year is 40,000 euros.
  • El Refugio Civil War Museum becomes the scene of a World of Colors (19/02/2015)

  • Father of Chaos Theory attend a congress of Applied Mathematics at the Technical University of Cartagena (19/02/2015)

  • The reality of sub-Saharan migrants in the documentary The Land Between (19/02/2015)

  • Medieval inaugurates Cartagena Monographs Notebooks Teatro Romano (19/02/2015)
    Guillermo Martin's book will be presented this evening before the opening of the temporary exhibition on the configuration of the city in that historical period
  • Manuel Alcaraz, reelected director of the School of Civil and Mining with almost 90% support center (19/02/2015)

  • UPyD Cartagena prompting the local government to install a second park security in the west and north side of village (19/02/2015)

  • The City maintains its collaboration with Easter (18/02/2015)
    The Cheque processions will remain this year 183 thousand euros.
  • Alberto Garre and Pilar Barreiro held a meeting with businessmen of COEC (18/02/2015)
    The Confederation brings together about 60 sectoral and territorial associations of Cartagena and share their issues and requirements
  • The burning of Don Carnal Carnival culminates 2015 (18/02/2015)
    After more than a week of intense partying, comes the award and burning of Don Carnal and goodbye until next year
  • Cartagena have a Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy (18/02/2015)
    Her goal is to qualify for European funds to reduce by 20 percent their emissions of CO2 and other 20 percent increase the use of renewable energies by 2020
  • Two Madrid restaurants add to the Top Road VIII (18/02/2015)

  • The U21 will play a friendly on March 26 in the Cartagonova (18/02/2015)
    La Rojita will face Norway selection.
  • Cartagena be integrated into the regional consortium of greenways (18/02/2015)
    The objective is to qualify for EU funds for the recovery of the old railway line between Cartagena and Totana
  • Back opera El Batel with A Masked Ball (18/02/2015)
    The work of Giuseppe Verdi, a mixture of jealousy, revenge, love and death set in the assassination of King Gustav III of Sweden, will take the stage of the Municipal Auditorium 25 February
  • The Coordinator of Associations of San Antón plans activities for the neighborhood (18/02/2015)
    The Women's Day, the bonfires of San Juan and Migrants Day, are some of the celebrations planned in its annual calendar
  • Responsible for IMAS visited the Senior Center Cartagena I (18/02/2015)
    Accompanied by Councilman Social Care, Managing Director and CEO of IMAS Seniors yesterday toured the center's facilities located at Juan Fernandez
  • Iu-v required to create a commission to study the breach of conditions by the company that manages the auditorium (18/02/2015)
    The objective is to have guarantees to terminate the contract and recover governance Auditorium
  • MC asked in Parliament for the use of the Municipal Counsel and own town, to defend the interests of councilors in criminal proceedings (18/02/2015)

  • The Path of the Strengths today circumvents their dorsal (18/02/2015)

  • Celebration opens the deadline for incribirse in Floral Offering to the Patron of the City (18/02/2015)
    The procession took place on Good Friday afternoon, with participants dressed in the typical costume Cartagena
  • The 27th National Congress of OPC is already in Cartagena (18/02/2015)
    Tomorrow Thursday inaugurate in the Auditorium The Batel and will be an opportunity to show their potential as Ciudad de Congresos
  • UPyD Cartagena criticized the "lack of transparency" in the Consistory and proposes an "audit of municipal accounts" (18/02/2015)

  • An international journal publishes a mandarin pruning system developed by researchers at Agronomists (18/02/2015)
    Research, developed jointly with the IMIDA and the Polytechnic of Valencia, reduces up to 13% the time required for the collection
  • Water cut in the Eixample to repair a fault (17/02/2015)
    The court on Wednesday will register between 13 and 17 hours in Juan Fernández, Alfonso X, María Luisa Selgas, Peace and Francisco Celdrán
  • The CD Algar highlighted in the youngest category A (17/02/2015)
    Most categories were rested for last weekend League grassroots occasion of the Carnival
  • Mayor Bando dictates the traditional Easter Façade (2015) (17/02/2015)
    Between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday shall be deemed granted licenses works for cleaning and decoration of buildings unprotected
  • The Cartagena Medieval shown in the Roman Theatre (17/02/2015)
    The exhibition is temporary.
  • The students of Mastia implement Healthy Eating (17/02/2015)

  • The Call of Processions held Wednesday at the Palace Hall (17/02/2015)
    The countdown to Easter Cartagena begin with the agreements of the councils of the fraternities and subsequent municipal authorization from the balcony of City Hall
  • David Lozano Garbala close encounters of Hache Prize in Cartagena (17/02/2015)
    The zaragozano author is the last of the candidate's literature prize in visiting the port city, which will be Wednesday and Thursday
  • The writer of children's stories, Raquel Lopez meets his public (17/02/2015)
    The author of Twenty Grandparents Are Too has faced nearly two hundred children, from Marist and Beethoven
  • A study recreates the topographic evolution of Cartagena from 11,000 years ago (17/02/2015)
    Last night was presented at the Museo del Teatro Romano by Sebastian Ramallo
  • Course Safety and Rescue Confined Spaces in ESPAC (17/02/2015)
    The training is taught Tuesday and Wednesday morning, by specialized service personnel Fire Hall
  • Berto Follow Us in El Batel (17/02/2015)
    Catalan comedian Berto Romero presents his new show on Saturday at the Municipal Auditorium
  • UPCT Researchers designed a prototype exoskeleton replaced crutches and wheelchairs (17/02/2015)
    The new model will be tested soon in the nursing home and hospital Cieza paraplegic Toledo
  • MC asked the government team accounts for granting the Auditorio El Batel the UTE Sonora-Gestípolis (17/02/2015)

  • Cati Face Berruezo, new Mayor Nazarene Easter (16/02/2015)
    Is Marraja, the Association of the Holy Burial, and for 16 years he has been president of the Board of Ladies Guild.
  • SPCT complaint sidewalks deficiencies in access to hospital from the neighborhood Santiago (16/02/2015)
    "The lack of sidewalks and weeds generate security problems for users"
  • Health earmarked more than 600,000 euros to the construction of the Health Center of San Anton in Cartagena (16/02/2015)
    Catalina Lorenzo The Minister stressed that this action "is approaching the health of all citizens of the region and reflects a commitment to primary care "
  • In the Realm of the Senses, Manuel Pérez, it fills the Palace Hall (16/02/2015)
    Friday the painting exhibition of this murciano artist, who despite his age has developed a strong track opens
  • MTB Grand Prix Los Dolores got on the Roldán (16/02/2015)
    Ismael Ruiz Sánchez and Aurea were the first to reach the finish in Sunday's race held in Cartagena, as part of the Open de Murcia 2015
  • The Return To The Center Theater New Theatre Circus (16/02/2015)
    The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared be the first of the projections on Tuesday February 17
  • The new Health Center of San Anton attend to 25,000 inhabitants (16/02/2015)

  • Andrés Lledó their experience in sports feat of 4Deserts2014 (16/02/2015)
    The athlete performs its first meeting after winning his challenge to the students of TAFAD.
  • Raquel López visit local libraries (16/02/2015)
    Author and storyteller of children's literature will present his book Twenty Grandparents are too many students to Cartagena
  • Taekwondo high level in the tatami the Central Pavilion (16/02/2015)

  • The Medieval Cartagena is displayed at the Teatro Romano (16/02/2015)
    Tuesday an exhibition that delves into the historical reality of the city at that time, in terms of topography, settlements and everyday life presents
  • SPCT claims that the PP will invest only 13% of the budgeted at the Health Center San Antón (16/02/2015)
    "After ten years of promises, the new Health Center of San Anton is a module of pediatrics"
  • Fantasy and color staged the great Carnival Parade (16/02/2015)

  • The UPCT and Engineering Academy connect young talents with the best companies in Europe (16/02/2015)
    The Politécnica de Cartagena joins the Academy Cube complete platform oriented training
  • Pedro Antonio Garcia will lead the project UPyD for mayor of Cartagena (14/02/2015)

  • Councilman Joaquin Mowing Castejón says that "socialists can not give lessons to the PP when it comes to creating jobs" (13/02/2015)

  • The Carnival of Cartagena colored paints weekend (13/02/2015)
    From tonight until Sunday activities will not stop.
  • The lighthouse of Cabo de Palos is 150 years old (13/02/2015)

  • Open within the seminar José Capuz and time (13/02/2015)

  • The Miralmonte college athletics approaches (13/02/2015)
    The ADE Program Thursday organized an activity involving athletes and monitors Elcano Athletics Club and UCAM Cartagena
  • More foreign visitors nationals in Cartagena, Port of Cultures in 2014 (13/02/2015)
    The consortium takes stock of the past year he got self-financing by 89 percent percent due to the increase of tourists in interpretation centers
  • MC denounces the way business of the Government of the People's Party and its related business (13/02/2015)

  • The classrooms are taken the day off to celebrate the School Carnival (13/02/2015)

  • Over 4.8 million for 60 residential places for people with mental illness in the region of Cartagena (13/02/2015)

  • Agreement UPCT to promote FP and training in workplaces in Cartagena (13/02/2015)

  • The Albujón and Las Lomas prepare its carnival (13/02/2015)
    Over the last two weekends of February, the residents of these towns celebrate their festivities are scheduled later to not coincide with the main events of Carnival in Cartagena
  • UPCT and multinational SolidQ develop projects related to Business Intelligence and Big Data (13/02/2015)

  • First steps in the design of the anti-rumor red (13/02/2015)
    At a meeting this week, municipal advanced strategies to try to break down stereotypes and prejudices related to immigration
  • Taekwondo for the weekend (13/02/2015)
    Cartagena is home to the National Championship.
  • The new tour will pass Cartagena Revolver (13/02/2015)
    Carlos Goñi band present Babylon, his new album, the May 9 in El Batel
  • Cartagenero taste in the end of the Regional Contest Chirigotas (13/02/2015)
    The Beniaján are the only outside in the starting tonight takes place in El Batel be the Best Chirigota 2015, among which are The Robinsons Island, The Chochonis, Los February and Singuangos
  • National Police involved 510 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container of bovine hides from Colombia (13/02/2015)
    After more than a year of research
  • The Carnival of Higher already has his new Queen (13/02/2015)
    Rosa María Abensa, the troupe The Barbarian neighborhood of San Ginés, was crowned Thursday on the big party held at the Central Pavilion, which brought a thousand people
  • "The decision of the court in the" conflict "with whom the Batel confirms that it was all a pose Barreiro" (13/02/2015)
    SPCT requires the council to rescue auditorium management
  • The Night of Museums takes attendance (12/02/2015)
    The organization of this event that promotes Cartagena City Council met this morning with representatives of museums, interpretive center and exhibition spaces to outline edition 2015
  • The students of CEIP Luis Calandre learn how the City works (12/02/2015)
    Councillor for Education explained to children aspects of the departments, what it is and why they are important
  • Arde a passenger in the car park of Peak (12/02/2015)
    According to the owner the fire originated by putting the ignition key.
  • The UCAM-Cartagena about high school students to Table Tennis (12/02/2015)
    Young 1st ESO Salesians have practiced this sport in the Specific Municipal District of Peral Pavilion thanks to the ADE program
  • The ALDE invest more than a million and a half euros for a job in the Cartagena (12/02/2015)

  • 57 companies choose to build the Medical Center of El Llano del Beal (12/02/2015)

  • In Search of the soundtrack of Route Fortress (12/02/2015)
    Be strong is a new competition aimed at young people, where musicians from throughout the region will present their models from 15 February to 15 March
  • The Minister of Fomento the greatest patron of the Fishermen's Association of Cartagena meets (12/02/2015)

  • "The saving of 191,000 euros in the cost of doctor's Llano give reason to SPCT in his criticism of the negotiated procedure" (12/02/2015)
    SPCT estimated at over 3,600,000 euros the extra works of 2013 and 2014 to continue awarding a finger municipal works
  • IU-Green calls for ending the inactivity of the government team of PP against the scourge of high unemployment in Cartagena (12/02/2015)

  • A young cartagenera leaves voluntarily to Lithuania (12/02/2015)
    Yaiza García be until September in Vilnius, where he will work with children at risk of social exclusion, with the help of volunteer program of the Department of Youth
  • The Local Police Cartagena intensifies its presence in parades School Carnival (11/02/2015)
    Remember all drivers the importance of prudence and respect for road rules.
  • Al charging vehicle tax (11/02/2015)
    The Autonomous Agency for collection management Cartagena has issued nearly 139,000 receipts, for which the City paid about 13 million euros
  • Three fellows investigated for ten months in the Chair Hidrogea-UPCT (11/02/2015)

  • Cartagena, regional champion in the final of Playing Athletics juvenile category (11/02/2015)

  • Awarded the mejoeres stews, Asian and minis gin tonic Ensanche (11/02/2015)
    Trade Councilman Mariano Garcia, along with the president of Greater Comercial La Milla, Esperanza Bermejo, have delivered the awards of this II Route Spoon, accompanied by AstáicoShop and Amstel
  • Alicia Giménez Bartlett, First Prize nominee Mandarache 2015 (11/02/2015)
    The writer of detective novels today in Cartagena presents his latest work, nobody wants to know where will be starring Inspector Petra Delicado
  • XII Conference on Nursing Nephrology (11/02/2015)
    are held on February 21 at the Santa Lucia Hospital of Cartagena.
  • La Carrera Popular UPCT back with its second edition (11/02/2015)
    It is celebrated on 22 February with a city tour of 4.3 kilometers for general and 2.2 for children corridors.
  • Racing karts with T-La (11/02/2015)
    The leisure time program of the Department of Youth has scheduled a championship on the premises of the Tejeras
  • Seniors celebrate Carnival 2015 (11/02/2015)
    More than a thousand people will meet Thursday at the Municipal Sports Pavilion to witness the performances of the groups, à la Reina and celebrate the traditional dance of Piñata
  • The City and El Corte Inglés renew their commitment to the City Tourism (11/02/2015)

  • The Library launches a platform for selling eBooks UPCT (11/02/2015)

  • Cartagena Pretorianos -VS- Cehegín Wolves (10/02/2015)

  • Casco Antiguo refers to the Prosecutor new documentation on New Gate (10/02/2015)
    The municipal company tries to open a new avenue of judicial claim of debt to the developer for the University District for the commission of crimes allegedly committed by their partners
  • The 27th National Congress of OPC reaches Cartagena (10/02/2015)
    From 18 to 21 February will be held in the Auditorium The Batel cycle companies organizing conferences and shows potential as a congress city Cartagena
  • The Minister announced the tender for the new school Aljorra and expansion of the School of Languages (10/02/2015)
    Pedro Antonio Sánchez and the Mayor this morning visited the PFIC Hesperides where they held a meeting and highlighted the significant investment made in recent four years in education in the municipality
  • Fourteen groups Region XIII Cartagena Chirigotas Contest dispute (10/02/2015)
    The contest starts on Wednesday in the Auditorium of El Batel with the first semifinal
  • A fire drill tests the evacuation of the Administration Building (10/02/2015)
    The exercise was successful, according to Deputy Mayor in five minutes left empty public officials and the Town Hall at San Miguel
  • EF San Ginés 82 A and CD Dolorense walk firm for the title in children (10/02/2015)
    During the weekend the day 13 youth football league organized by the City of Cartagena played
  • Funcarele looking for families to host foreign students for a week (10/02/2015)

  • The UPCT welcomes Indian students fifteen (10/02/2015)

  • The opposition is satisfied with the fact that time has proven him right in his denunciations of the "Case New Gate" (10/02/2015)
    The three municipal groups (PSOE, IU-Greens and Citizens Movement) held that although three year delay, the Company Casco Antiguo has decided to go to the Prosecutor in defense of the rights of the City
  • Roberto Aliaga meets his public municipal libraries (10/02/2015)
    The author Cartagena visit this week to share with students in kindergarten impressions on your book collection I'll tell you a secret ?, in the program of meetings organized by the Department of Culture
  • Financial support for the construction of the new School of Architecture and Building (10/02/2015)

  • The Mandarache Award welcomes its first candidate, Alicia Giménez Bartlett (10/02/2015)
    The writer of detective novels in Cartagena presents the latest installment of the Inspector Petra Delicado 11 and February 12 in the auditorium of the UPCT
  • The rector of the UPCT welcomes the commitment of the regional government to establish a plan for financing public universities (10/02/2015)
    The Minister of Education has opted for a homogenous position of universities in the region on the implementation of the '3 + 2 '
  • Education invested more than four million in the new school of La Aljorra to unify the two existing (10/02/2015)
    The Minister and the Mayor of Cartagena held a working meeting to discuss the project and visit the PFIC Hesperides, which is a reference to regional and national level
  • The Carnival reaches of Leisure with The Thrill of Colors (10/02/2015)
    Children Miranda groups, Four Saints, The Aljorra and La Concepción have two months developing the preliminary activities that culminate with their respective parties during the coming days
  • Education secures funding to build UPCT School of Architecture (10/02/2015)
    will entail an investment of seven million in order to complete the infrastructure network of the Polytechnic
  • Woman approaches the cartageneras through a new web portal (10/02/2015)

  • The PP says that "no other government in our democracy larger budget devoted to education that the Government of Rajoy'' (10/02/2015)

  • Barreiro conveyed its support to the rocks of Cartagena (09/02/2015)
    The City will continue subsidizing the biggest club in the city, as is legally possible, and displayed dispiuesto to cooperate in finding new supporters and sponsors
  • Space Free Artistic Expression of the Museum Night VII (09/02/2015)
    The Department of Youth opens the deadline for participation of young artists
  • The Yerbera, an example of growth in the livestock sector (09/02/2015)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro with mayors of Decentralization, Infrastructure and District, and the president of the neighborhood visited the cheese factory this morning
  • Gold for Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Cartagena (09/02/2015)
    Teams city drawers podium clean sweep in all categories of Phase II Cup Spain held this weekend in San Javier
  • Uganda Natumayini brings to Cartagena African tribal music, gospel and war dances (09/02/2015)
    Tuesday act in the New Circus Theatre, a charitable initiative to push through humanitarian projects in their home country.
  • The ESPAC teaches a course Integral Fire and Respiratory Protection (09/02/2015)
    Framing in training for accident prevention in companies, the course will be held on 10 and 11 February at the premises of the School of Public Safety of the City of Cartagena
  • Cristina Diaz stands as Queen of Carnival with his fantasy inspired by the film (09/02/2015)
    The holidays have started this weekend with the show of choice Queen Adult and Child, the latter title that went to the young Rosana Garcia, who delighted the audience with their design Cinderella
  • Educating intelligent children, emotionally (09/02/2015)
    The Popular University organizes a workshop for parents and teachers, whose enrollment period is now open
  • José López will be the candidate for mayor of Cartagena by MC (09/02/2015)

  • IU-Green allegation that residents of La Palma pay tax surcharge stepping out of receiving notification of voluntary payment (09/02/2015)

  • Roberto Aliaga stars in the early 2015 Encounters Author (09/02/2015)

  • Sunday dance with the XIII Regional Groups Choreography Competition (06/02/2015)
    be on Sunday February 8 at the Central Pavilion Sports Wssell Guimbarda.
  • Last day to register for access to higher University (06/02/2015)

  • The School of Agricultural UPCT drives a national Agroalimentaria Olympiad (06/02/2015)
    The director of the School of Agriculture at the Public University of Navarra visit ETSIA to emulate its outreach programs
  • The City Council allocated this year more than 360,000 euros to NGO projects (06/02/2015)
    The Local Government has approved the rules of the competition are subsidies alongside other for holding festivals, which will allocate 85,000 euros
  • Culture to learn how to build a better world (06/02/2015)
    Continue this weekend activities Cartagena Port of Cultures to build a refuge of peace through art and creativity of the smallest
  • The young artists have until March 6 to join the Night of Museums (06/02/2015)
    The Board of Governors approved the convening of free expression, aimed at amateur
  • Back Theatre Cycle Pozo Strait (06/02/2015)
    Saturday February 7 opens and this year has decided to leave more space between the works.
  • The jury visit nine bars to assess the best stew, Asian or mini gin and tonic (06/02/2015)
    The Road II Spoon is about to know who is the winner.
  • Andalusian Voices in the last semi-final of the National Competition Saetas (06/02/2015)
    Saturday February 7 will be held at 22 am at the House of Folklore of La Palma.
  • UPyD Cartagena requires the Consistory "urgent solution" to pests that invade pine processionary located in municipal parks and schools (06/02/2015)

  • MC requested the replacement of historic fountain in the Plaza of tulip in Los Dolores (06/02/2015)
    Before the reforms announced in the neighborhood and by means of a written, neighbors called the fountain square ornamented this respect, being part of historical heritage of the people, concerned that the PP has ninguneado "putting the shovel&q
  • On Tuesday a fire drill will be held at the Administration Building (06/02/2015)

  • The Partnership Coordinator Aljorra program activities until June (06/02/2015)
    During the first semester of training sessions will be held and will be held to update the resource guide, and the development of intercultural bibliographic
  • The students of Luis Calandre enjoyed a day of Taekwondo (06/02/2015)
    The ADE program of the Department of Sports organized Thursday in the central pavilion activity approach to martial arts, where they could practice the techniques with authentic teachers
  • IU-green continues to show their opposition to the privatization of Port of Cultures for 50 years (06/02/2015)
    The formation of the left has requested information on issues relating to working conditions of staff, access prices interpretation centers and accounts results and budgets Consortium
  • The PP is prepared to explain to society the leadership of the City of Cartagena (05/02/2015)

  • The City of Cartagena has promptly claimed all debts to the Autonomous Community (05/02/2015)

  • Carnival 2015 is here (05/02/2015)
    Saturday February 7 gives the starting signal to the Gala Queen Child, Adult Gala Queen and the Proclamation, among other activities
  • Cartagena, home of the National Taekwondo Championship (05/02/2015)
    be on Saturday February 14 from 8 am to 20 pm in the Central Hall of Cartagena
  • Ending the Conference on Gender Violence (05/02/2015)

  • The Mandarache Award welcomes Alicia Giménez Bartlett (05/02/2015)
    The writer of detective novels in Cartagena presents the latest installment of the Inspector Petra Delicado 11 and February 12 in the auditorium of the UPCT
  • The young Norwegians are made to the Cartagena customs (05/02/2015)

  • A score of English students visit the Palace Hall (05/02/2015)
    The Institute Los Molinos makes its traditional exchanges with foreign students.
  • First year derby teams Region (05/02/2015)
    Cartagena Pretorianos CFA and Cehegín Wolves on Sunday February 8 will meet at 12 am in the field of Rugby Macher
  • IU-green studying seek rescission of the contract with the company operating the auditorium El Batel (05/02/2015)

  • The municipality hide that, according to the Court of Auditors, the Autonomous Community owes 440,000 euros (05/02/2015)
    United Left-Greens demands immediate claim of executive administrative or judicial case
  • The new music production techniques in Linux, in a course of TLA (05/02/2015)
    Collaborates the NMEC Association and will be held on 9, 11 and 13 February in the Neighborhood Association of Santa Lucia
  • The Polytechnic holographic designs and versatile antennas sanitary applications and security and logistics (05/02/2015)

  • MC denounces the "fallacy" on the quantity and quality of work meetings (05/02/2015)

  • "20 Guardia Civil agents Galifa take 48 hours before the demonstration against insecurity" (04/02/2015)
    SPCT requires no permanent increase and film agents in the area
  • More than 90 professionals participate in a conference in Cartagena health management (04/02/2015)

  • Sauces liven up the traditional dancing Vermouth (04/02/2015)
    The musical group will participate in the Carnival under the patronage of the City of Cartagena
  • In 2014 the National Police fought effectively against international trafficking networks (04/02/2015)
    323 people on board 19 "boats" managed to reach the coast of Cartagena mainly from Algeria.
  • The Trail III Aljorra, more than a sporting event (04/02/2015)

  • The registration period for the VI Road Strengths opens (04/02/2015)
    From Thursday February 5th until the 17th of this month, those interested can sign up via the website of the route, and participate in the dorsal draw to be held on February 18
  • Awareness and work together to end violence against women (04/02/2015)

  • The Margallo closed the Conference on Transition talking about foreign policy and Jihad (04/02/2015)
    The mayor was in charge of presenting the paper on Tuesday Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in the old CIM, with which organized conference was closed down by by the Regional Assembly and the UPCT
  • Lines 1 and 2 are already circulating the new hybrid buses (04/02/2015)

  • On this day, MC has learned of the filing of a claim for unpaid municipal grant from the first quarter of 2014 Gestípolis (04/02/2015)

  • SPCT believes that the conflict with the winning of Batel is a bad version of the film "What Lies Beneath" (03/02/2015)

  • VI Anniversary Day Centre "Alfonso Escámez" (03/02/2015)

  • Fifth Anniversary Day Centre El Algar (03/02/2015)
    The CEO of Elderly of the IMAS, Enrique Pérez Abellán, accompanied by municipal technicians, participated in events
  • The mayor greets the students of National Defence Course XXXV (03/02/2015)
    Her activities have now made a visit to the Naval Base in Cartagena
  • AF Cartagena, a prominent leader of the women's category (03/02/2015)
    ​​ The team was involved in the weekend during the day number 12 local youth football league
  • It's Carnival in El Corte Inglés (03/02/2015)
    The mall offers a taste of costumes and accessories in collaboration with the Federation of Festivals.
  • Start the election of Procesionista the Year 2015 (03/02/2015)
    The president of the Association organized every year this award announced after his meeting with the mayor, the winner of this edition, number 33, will be released on 16 February
  • Laugh with the TLA program (03/02/2015)
    Youth Risoterapia organizing a workshop to be held on Friday, February 13 at the Youth Resource Center.
  • The City retains the annual subsidy to the company that manages the Auditorium (03/02/2015)
    The council has argued against the injunction of the dealership in administrative litigation
  • "Lack of foresight or electoral calculus?" (03/02/2015)
    SPCT claims that after ten years of delay, the health center of St. Anton is delayed by a cable
  • The Stewardship Entity Garbancillo collaborates with Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente Foundation (03/02/2015)

  • The Mayor opened on Wednesday Technical Conference on Gender Violence (03/02/2015)
    Various presentations at the hands of professionals will star in the Faculty of Sciences of the Company of Cartagena on 4 and 5 February.
  • The unemployment grows less in Cartagena in Spain and the rest of the region (03/02/2015)
    Data recorded in January reflect the smaller increase in the past nine years in a statistically bad month
  • Back Again The Film Center in the New Theatre Circus (03/02/2015)
    From 17 February to 24 March, six new films will be screened Tuesday.
  • The Canton Avenue address will double from Thursday (03/02/2015)
    The City Council takes this measure to facilitate entry and exit of vehicles from the Eroski shopping center and school Atalaya and thereby relieve Peroniño and Sebastian Feringa
  • They test in Cartagena the latest technology to detect leaks (03/02/2015)

  • MC warns of the harm that would ZAL of Murcia to Cartagena and its region (03/02/2015)

  • Primi Sport adds its first successful season in Cross Country (03/02/2015)
    Last weekend highlighted the performance of Cartagena team in the Championship of Spain of this modality for people with intellectual disabilities, played in Zafra
  • Health has invested in Cartagena 204 million euros in the last legislature (02/02/2015)

  • A dozen Indian students arrive this month to Cartagena Polytechnic to study Architecture (02/02/2015)
    The UPCT has prepared a special training schedule three months internships.
  • UPyD Cartagena opposes the arrival of the AVE to the port city under current conditions (02/02/2015)

  • The historic battle for cartagena party in fitur (02/02/2015)
    Nestor Jorge Giuliodoro
  • The Christ of Medina looks and restored (02/02/2015)

  • Visitors to the Roman Theatre in Cartagena continue to grow (02/02/2015)
    During 2014 experienced an increase of 10 percent to 161,000 people.
  • More than 20,000 people will be addressed in the new health center Cartagena West (02/02/2015)
    President of the Community, Alberto Garre, the Minister of Health, Catalina Lorenzo, and the mayor of Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro inaugurated this morning the extension of facilities
  • President inaugurates Cartagena Garre new Health Center Barrio de la Concepción, which involved an investment of 2 billion euros (02/02/2015)
    The Chief Executive noted that the opening of this new center "is the living example that the Health care is a priority of the regional government "
  • The program of major trails walked with two interesting routes (02/02/2015)
    El Mirador del Roldán and Rambla del Horno Ciego - Perín have opened a semester that will be carried out 19 tours, organized by the Department of Care Social
  • Education works in the declaration of the institute Santa Lucía de Cartagena as an educational center of considerable attention (02/02/2015)
    This IES already has other measures to address their special needs, such as lower ratios
  • MC insists on installing cameras to monitor the Monument to Procesionista to a new aggression (02/02/2015)
    The mayor Lopez recalled that the regular plenary session last December, the PP rejected the proposal Citizen Movement take deterrent measures to prevent the mischief that suffer these Nazarenes bronze
  • A large paella to help El Salvador (02/02/2015)
    About one thousand people tried Sunday paella organized each year by Manos Unidas to fund the implementation of solidarity programs
  • Occupational Training Center of Cartagena will become a national reference in the formation Chemistry (02/02/2015)
    The Minister José Gabriel Ruiz announced that new cataloging involve an injection of state funds of about one million euros
  • Culture restores the image of Our Father Jesus of Medina, sculptor Juan González Moreno (02/02/2015)
    The intervention, which has developed over the past seven months, allowed reveal important details of this size, made in 1940, as the original color of the hands
  • Mile Solidarity The Huertecica got the better of sport (02/02/2015)

  • The EF Santa Ana presents his sticker album (02/02/2015)
    400 players from 26 teams making up this school with the collaboration of the Department of Sports appear photographed It
  • The artist Juan Mariano arrives in Byzantine Wall (02/02/2015)

  • Strong winds brought down trees and signs (02/02/2015)
    Cartagena Firefighters attended during this weekend 29 notices, including fire and there was also care for sick
  • Big cartageneras and Andalusian voices shared the stage in La Palma (02/02/2015)
    Saturday was held at the House of Folklore the first qualifying round of the National Competition organized by the portapasos Mushrooms of Mercy of the Brotherhood Marraja collaboration with the council
  • Civil Protection attending a birth in a house in the Calle del Carmen (02/02/2015)
    The nurse municipal ambulance service helped mother was surprised by the rapid birth of her son early Saturday
  • José Carlos Lopez Joaquin Caparros and triumph in La Aljorra (01/02/2015)
    Mandarache Athlete Cartagena due in the 20km.

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