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Cartagena News - June 2012

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  • Expedientan to store vegetable oils for discharges to sewer (29/06/2012)
    municipal technicians have checked this morning the origin of the waste reported yesterday Veronica Street neighbors and were caused by cleaning the containers
  • Culture dishes in various languages (29/06/2012)
    The Dream cruise Thomson taste tops I Taste Fair, which will be in port until Sunday
  • Concert of Chamber Orchestra of the Conservatory of Cartagena in Los Urrutias (29/06/2012)
    We will hear works by Vivaldi, Handel and Teleman
  • Local Police restrict Sunday night access to the Plaza of Spain and the Paseo Alfonso XII (29/06/2012)
    About thirty officers monitor the safety device to avoid traffic problems during the final of Euro
  • Confiscated over 800 items for sale street (29/06/2012)
    Among the items seized by the local police had CDs and DVDs as well as counterfeit designer clothing and perishable products
  • They call for a plaza of La Palma bears the name of Antonio Bolea Canyons (29/06/2012)
    Died in 2009, was a promoter of the Floral Games and Residents' Association and president of the Association of Irrigators of Campo de Cartagena
  • The eleven flags with the Q for quality and wave on the coast of Cartagena (29/06/2012)
    The mayor has raised this morning one of the hallmarks, accorded to the urban beach of Cala Cortina, keeping Cartagena as the Spanish town with more emblems of this type awarded by the ICTE
  • Port of Cultures starts summer schedule on Monday with guided tours (29/06/2012)
    have scheduled three different routes: Defense and Attack, Carthage, the Spa Theatre and The Pleasures of the Roman world
  • € 75,000 to promote public transport university in Cartagena (28/06/2012)

  • The lack of wind detracts from the first morning of the race Classic Sailing (28/06/2012)
    The boats have made a sleeve inside the bay, is expected to improve weather for sailing competition this afternoon Latino
  • The gymnastics season ends this afternoon (28/06/2012)
    Groups that make up the project Gymnastics Cartagena made a show this afternoon at City Hall
  • On Sunday, the shops open their doors Cartagena (28/06/2012)

  • Young people and can point to travel the T-LA (28/06/2012)
    Youth has opened the registration period for trips to Big Ben, to Aqualandia and the City of Sciences in Valencia
  • Last days to register for Summer School Seniors (28/06/2012)
    The inscriptions can be made until July 2, when they start courses
  • The Senior Theatre Workshop reach the end of the course (28/06/2012)
    The theater group La Puebla put the brooch on Wednesday to the season with the performance of the play A round body
  • The First Taste Fair on its opening brings hundreds of football fans (28/06/2012)
    The first visitors were able to taste the best gastronomy Cartagena overnight
  • On Friday, hoisted flags with eleven quality Q turístuica granted to the coast of Cartagena (28/06/2012)
    The mayor shall preside at half past ten distinctive placement given to the urban Palaya Cala Cortina
  • End of the course of the municipal schools of dance (28/06/2012)
    The gala was held last evening at the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy with participation of 200 dancers
  • The City Council published every three months on the website the status of implementation of the budget (27/06/2012)
    The Finance Committee also ruled the dissolution of the LDCs, with local festivals for 2013 and the reallocation of budget to carry out works in the Town Old
  • Catch the student entrepreneur (27/06/2012)
    Alumni of 4 of the ESO Employment Councilman show their ideas to mount a 24 hours service, a nursery in the home and a cable car in the mountains Cartagena
  • Popular Holidays in Galifa (27/06/2012)
    start Friday with a grand ball and cry, the activities of the festivities in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of the town of Cartagena, which will last until July 16
  • Closing Municipal School of Dance (26/06/2012)
    The gala will be held on Wednesday at the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy
  • All ready for the Cartagena Taste Fair (26/06/2012)

  • The ADLE rewards the entrepreneurial spirit of students in 4 of the ESO (26/06/2012)
    Employment councilor, Diego Ortega, will receive tomorrow at 10 am at the headquarters of the Agency of Local Development and Employment
  • Javi Matia: "fortunately, I'm here again" (26/06/2012)
    Cartagena tab Futsal top scorer in the history of albiazul Club, with one hundred seventy goals in his boots.
  • The Willows Music Group plays on Thursday at the Municipal Archaeological Museum (26/06/2012)
    The concert will begin at 20 hours, will be a tribute to Frank Sinatra, Abba, Tom Jones and The Beatles
  • The music of Nino Bravo will arrive in El Batel in early July (26/06/2012)
    Four singers bring voice to the songs of the late artist from Valencia
  • The Federation of Carnival announces poster contest 2013 (26/06/2012)
    The deadline for submission of papers is open until October 26 and the jury will award a single prize of 1,000 euros
  • The prepared Urrutias intense two months of holidays (26/06/2012)
    The festivities begin on Saturday, at 23 hours, with the opening speech by the Councillor for Tourism, Palazón Carolina
  • Four accidents with seven minor injuries during the weekend (26/06/2012)
    Most malpractice occurred and for not respecting the right of way
  • Water sports and excursions to the T-LA Summer (26/06/2012)
    Youth promotes the sport and leisure travel for July, August and September
  • The Finance Committee begins the process of absorption by the City PMD (26/06/2012)
    also dictate local festivals for 2013 and the reallocation of budget to carry out works in the Old Town
  • The Roman Theatre Museum program guided tours of the exhibition of Pedro Cano (26/06/2012)
    The months of July and August, Sundays and Thursdays, you can contemplate with explanations and details the artist shows the IX Mediterranean White, whose framework the room temporary exhibitions the museum
  • New band of bugles and drums in The Aljorra (26/06/2012)
    Aljonova participated Sunday in the festivities of the Albujón, which was blessed by the priest
  • The Folklore Festival of La Palma will focus this year in Cartagena bowling (25/06/2012)
    The council of Celebration, Florentina Garcia will present tomorrow afternoon with President of the folk group La Palma, Pedro Antonio Gomez, the details of the festival begins June 30
  • Port of Cultures wide schedule their interpretation centers on Sunday (25/06/2012)
    The Punic Wall, the Castillo de la Concepción, Barrio Roman Forum, the boat tour and panoramic elevator open Mondays also in Summer
  • Barreiro points out that the military can choose displaced school and school children together (25/06/2012)

  • The Socialist Party is in addition to parent-teacher demonstrations CEIP San Isidro de Los Belones against cuts in public education (25/06/2012)

  • They reach the first ships of the Fourth Week of Sailing Classic (25/06/2012)
    The Mayor and the Minister inaugurated the Village at the port, which is expected to dock until Thursday about 40 sailboats
  • The Night of San Juan is settled with assistance from the Fire 34 (25/06/2012)
    The device deployed by Local Fire and Police prevented a serious incident
  • Demonstration Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Batel COATO (25/06/2012)
    On Wednesday, June 20, at the premises of "Batel" located in the port of Cartagena was a presentation of Oils Limited Edition Coato
  • González Tovar unveils the new structure of the PSOE in Cartagena will have 6 groups and other local Coordination (23/06/2012)
    PSRM general secretary stressed that this is a political decision and Cartagena and aims higher proximity, closeness and working with people and neighborhoods and county
  • UPyD requires the Deputy Mayoress, his involvement to solve the arrival in Cartagena of the third way of the Mediterranean corridor (23/06/2012)
    UPyD believes that PB intended to exclude the Murcia region of the implementation of European gauge clearly ignoring projects future of our region
  • Cartagena supports the Collective UPyD Galactyco (22/06/2012)
    Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) wants to contribute, from Cartagena, defending the rights of equality among people who take our Constitution
  • INFO designates the Cartagena AJE as an office file processing ENISA (22/06/2012)
    Young entrepreneurs and will further support to finance their projects
  • The Senior Citizens Club of Santa Ana is celebrating its 25th anniversary (22/06/2012)
    Theater, street musicians, retreats and a trip to Elche, up activities from Thursday to Sunday, will conduct the largest to commemorate the quarter century leading running the club
  • Stimulating the memory of the elderly, improving their quality of life (22/06/2012)
    Social Care Councillor closed yesterday on the course memory training, including in programming over the City, which has developed between April and June La Milagrosa
  • The Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, who will perform at La Mar de Musicas launch a call hunger (22/06/2012)
    The band, whose members met at a refugee camp in Guinea, has released a new video to coincide with the Day International Refugee
  • Week of the Guitar is back with more training, concerts and a new exhibition of Luthería (22/06/2012)
    The festival, which begins on Monday June 25, looks to consolidate in order to extend the years its range of activities
  • The festivities in honor of San Isidro enter the final stretch (22/06/2012)
    The village youth night held today and prepare for the fires of tomorrow
  • Verse and Fire puts an end to the workshops of the VHS (22/06/2012)
    The UP clausuara season and its literature program Bazaar Letters
  • Published the final list of the Municipal Children Schools (22/06/2012)
    Parents have until July 4 to enroll their children in the nursery in which they are admitted
  • Firefighters begin to inspect the bonfires of San Juan (22/06/2012)

  • The Association of housewives raise 1,200 euros for Nursing Home (22/06/2012)
    Caritas has also received funds that have been raised with the performance of The Imaginary Sick
  • The nocturnal visits to the Roman Theater continues this Saturday (22/06/2012)
    The event will be held at 21 am, there will be two more passes on Saturdays in July and 21 July
  • The Socialist Party joins Cartagena morning at the conclusion of the "LGBT Pride Day" (22/06/2012)
    socialist activists and supporters claim the LGBT marriage equality without equal and cuts
  • The City will save four million euros in contracts for cleaning, garbage and gardens (22/06/2012)
    The mayor announced the agreement with FCC during the visit to the biogas plant in Mina Regent, with which they solve an environmental problem and will extra income
  • The municipal government established a strategy for sustainable mobility Cartagena (22/06/2012)
    The Governing Board also dismissed the Hansa Urbana for a stay of execution of the rehabilitation work of the Monastery of San Ginés
  • The First Taste Fair brings Euro Cartagena port (21/06/2012)

  • It tripled in ADLE Social Microcredit applications for company formation (21/06/2012)
    Microbank City Council and La Caixa, maintain the agreement to finance viable projects to people who can not access finance through the normal channels
  • Captains Ripoll opened to traffic (21/06/2012)

  • Two fellows of the mobility program Leonardo da Vinci find jobs in Prague (21/06/2012)

  • Combined 2nd Competition - Equestrian Hooks Regional League (21/06/2012)
    On Sunday June 24 is celebrated the 2nd Combined Competition in Regional League organized Hooks Equestrian Club Cartagena hitch in their intalaciones of the District of San Cristobal
  • The Swimming Trophy XXIII brings in a new category for swimmers of all ages (21/06/2012)
    The sporting event will be this Saturday at 17 hours in the pool of the House of Youth where 350 swimmers compete
  • The Roman theater gets a Certificate of Excellence Trip (21/06/2012)
    Users of the popular travel websites have given the theater a rating of 4.5 out of five points
  • The Spanish Day is celebrated on Friday at the Palace Molina (21/06/2012)
    Following the announcement of the Cervantes Institute, the Foundation of Cartagena for the Teaching of Spanish Language and Culture develop a open house and raffle books
  • Paint shops closed, and patchwork escutura for more (21/06/2012)
    On Wednesday an exhibition of works made in the Milagosa
  • The Manga opens its summer season with fire and music (21/06/2012)
    Neighbors, along with the departments of Tourism in Cartagena and San Javier, have organized an evening party on Saturday
  • Students in the cooking lessons, bar and restaurant demonstrate their knowledge (21/06/2012)
    tastings offered entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector with a view to recruitment
  • The local police began a campaign to control taxis (20/06/2012)
    From today until June 27, officers will review documentation, licenses and fees, performance that take place when vehicles are in the stops to avoid interruption to taxi drivers while working
  • On Thursday, opening the inscriptions of the summer swimming season at public swimming pools (20/06/2012)
    During the months of July and August there will be intensive courses in the pools of the Youth House, and The Well Aljorra Strait, in morning and later
  • Fifty European teachers participate in Cartagena in Our School Garden Project (20/06/2012)
    Coordinated by the college of La Asomada will be received Thursday by the Councillor for Education at the Palace Hall
  • Calderon: "The city of Cartagena supports the Anti-AIDS Committee and will maintain its commitments" (20/06/2012)

  • The waiting list has to CEEIC to consider expanding the courses in marketing and search engine optimization (20/06/2012)
    Employment councilor, Diego Ortega, and the director of CEEIC, Ã ngel Martinez, inaugurated this morning the two courses offered in collaboration with CECARM
  • Celebration announces the award of grants for parties amounting to € 80,000 (20/06/2012)
    neighborhood associations and nonprofit groups have until July 25 to apply for these grants
  • The magic of the stars just on Friday night at the Castillo de la Concepción (20/06/2012)
    The astronomical observation has organized Cartagena Port of Cultures throughout the month ending on day 22
  • The festivities of the Albujón Ecuador reach their coexistence with older (20/06/2012)
    Neighbors held tomorrow night and Friday the Rocks Youth Day
  • Students in the cooking lessons, bar and restaurant demonstrate their knowledge (20/06/2012)
    This afternoon at La Milagrosa offer tastings to entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector
  • The caterers come together in the first Fair Cartagena Taste (20/06/2012)
    Councillors of Tourism and Commerce, and Mariano Garcia Palazón Carolina on Thursday presented this initiative with the participation of 19 restaurateurs in the city
  • Music and color star in the closing ceremony of Gymnastics (20/06/2012)
    Family, friends and fans attended yesterday the central pavilion to enjoy the show that made the students of the Municipal School of Rhythm, with which it closed the year 2011 / 2012
  • The Roman Theatre and UPCT organized this summer a course on equity (19/06/2012)
    The classes, taught archaeologists, historians and cultural workers, will begin on July 26
  • New e-commerce training workshops (19/06/2012)
    Organized by CECARM, in collaboration with the ADLE, were opened on Wednesday CEEIC
  • Course Students will practice in retail sales center (19/06/2012)
    Monday received their diplomas from the IMSS director, ending the theoretical stage to move to the labor practices of 80 hours to be carried out
  • The German Ambassador to Spain is committed to bringing tourists from his country to Cartagena (19/06/2012)
    Reinhard Silberberg has shared with the mayor this morning ideas to boost tourism in the city
  • School of ten schools in the municipality win the competition grows in Safety (19/06/2012)

  • The theater group is staging Dawn works of Muñoz Seca and the brothers Alvarez Quintero à (19/06/2012)
    The largest group that coordinates the Municipal Social Services represented in Dolores Gomez and Things Wide La Manga.
  • Local Fire and Police intensify its work with a view to Midsummer (19/06/2012)
    His performances focus on controlling the sale of fireworks and bonfires installation in hazardous locations
  • The Clinic Miranda trasalada the local social work (19/06/2012)
    Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, and while the works of adequacy of this infrastructure, about two months, consultations will be passed on local social facilities, located in the annex
  • They begin the registration for workshops for children of La Mar Chica (19/06/2012)
    recycling Free courses, letters, art focused on the more children during the month of July at the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy
  • One hundred people enjoyed Elsa and Fred in Film and higher Tertulia (19/06/2012)
    Psychologist Maria Irigoyen Argentina gave a talk last week to thread the screening of the film Elsa and Fred, in the film program organized by the Municipal Institute of Social Services
  • Summer Workshops for children in Cartagena Port of Cultures (19/06/2012)
    Build Roman City and Small Spies, offering up interpretation centers during the months of June and July
  • UPyD shows its solidarity and support for the Association of Friends of the Saharawi people of Cartagena (19/06/2012)

  • Opened in CIM sample of the workshops of the council of Women (19/06/2012)
    The exhibition will run until Saturday, June 23
  • Bolilleras of Cuesta Blanca, Quarries and the ports of Santa Barbara meet at the Mills Marfagones (19/06/2012)
    One hundred women participated in a relationship in which showed the work throughout the year
  • The table tennis UCAM Cartagena circumvents the economic difficulties and still winning titles (18/06/2012)
    The team players, who have won for the fifth consecutive year, the title of Champion League of Women Superdivisión have discussed the situation of the club this morning Mayor
  • Safety in Cartagena will be reinforced with 50 local police officers a day during the summer (18/06/2012)

  • Table games to promote coexistence between older (18/06/2012)
    The Club of Greater New Cartagena held on Thursday the closure of the championships of Ludo, dominoes and anise that took place last week, with the collaboration of the IMSS
  • Rear Admiral Charles de Gaulle praised the cuisine and history of Cartagena (18/06/2012)
    The Mayor will receive on Monday at the controls of the French naval group, whose endowment of more than 2,000 people will rest in the city until 21
  • The collective Galactyco EnOrgulleCT announces the arrival of 2012 (18/06/2012)
    Gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals out to the streets Sunday to publicize the activities that take place this week in the city
  • Major visited the Mar Menor in its latest hiking trail (18/06/2012)
    On Friday the quarter closed on Friday of March, within the Tourism Active and Healthy program, organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • Arrested by the burning of ten containers (18/06/2012)
    has numerous police records.
  • Closed the nineteenth Soccer League Home Base of Cartagena (18/06/2012)

  • The crew of the Charles de Gaulle is in Cartagena (18/06/2012)
    The military, which will be in town until June 21, have walked through the center of the city and filled terraces and shops
  • Pedro Cano at the Teatro Romano offers his personal view of the Mediterranean (18/06/2012)
    The painter blanqueño Cartagena provides a look at the cities of Alexandria, Cartagena, Istanbul, Majorca, Naples, Patmos, Sicily, Split and Venice
  • The Steering Committee of CLH visit the Repsol refinery in Cartagena (15/06/2012)
    José Luque, director of the Industrial Complex, showed the most responsible for the logistics company new facilities
  • The district of San Antón is preparing for the Night of San Juan (15/06/2012)
    Championship football, ludo and parades, among the activities organized for June 23
  • The top AIDAvita passenger port 1262 (15/06/2012)
    is one of the four cruise ships that will call this June in Cartagena
  • Students of IES Mediterranean, in the orbit of the books (15/06/2012)
    The center has coordinated the project MAPLE promotion of reading with six institutes over other parts of Spain
  • Antonio Ros wins the weekend in one of the cottages of ACETUR (15/06/2012)
    The association of rural tourism Cartagena Field organized the contest to promote this type of tourism in the city
  • Thirteen checkpoints inaugurate the bathing season in Cartagena beaches (15/06/2012)
    shall serve until September 15 and join the two already operating from 1 June, and Zeus Galúa
  • Park Road Education dismisses the course (15/06/2012)
    During the closing ceremony held this morning, councilors of Education and Public Safety have made delivery of membership cards to students who have participated in course activities
  • The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle anchors Sunday against Cartagena (15/06/2012)
    The Mayor will receive on Monday at the controls of the French naval group, whose endowment of more than 2,000 people will rest in the city until 21
  • Women's Workshops are closed with an exhibition (15/06/2012)
    On Monday there will be the opening of the exhibition which will run until 23 June at CIM
  • The director of the AGA colonel, pleased with his visit to San Javier (15/06/2012)
    Juan Antonio Ortega Vásquez today visited the mayor to say goodbye to the first municipal authority before leaving for his new post
  • Declared a Cultural Monument in category "Grand Hotel" of Cartagena (15/06/2012)
    The Governing Council has declared a cultural monument in the building category 'Grand Hotel' Cartagena
  • Change in the schedule to the public (15/06/2012)
    Due to the entry into force of the summer-time municipal employees
  • Almost 750,000 euros for the supply of drugs in the health area of ​​Cartagena (15/06/2012)

  • The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport completes the restoration of the Cathedral of Cartagena (15/06/2012)
    The involvement of the Cathedral of Santa María la Vieja, conducted by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain (EICP), possible future retrieval as a place of worship
  • The Roman Theatre in the light of the moon (15/06/2012)
    continue dramatized nightly visits to the monument and show a great reception from the public
  • The Chupinazo begins Friday at the festival of the Albujón (14/06/2012)
    Neighbors have prepared cultural, sports and entertainment from 15 to 24 June
  • Closure of the nineteenth League Championship Local Grassroots (14/06/2012)
    will be held Saturday at the Municipal Stadium Cartagonova with the parade of the 37 participating clubs and the awards ceremony
  • The City Council placed more than 80 municipal buildings QR codes (14/06/2012)
    Users can scan the image with your mobile phone and access information of the building, schedule and tourist information
  • Employees at Repsol Cartagena Refinery to donate € 9,000 soup kitchens (14/06/2012)
    Over 1,000 people participated in the initiative
  • The immigrants get their first job after passing through the SARA project (14/06/2012)
    Of the 23 women who started the latest edition of the project in collaboration of the ADLE, 16 are already working
  • Pedro Cano restates in Cartagena Nine Mediterranean (14/06/2012)
    opens Friday at the Roman Theatre Museum's exhibition, which is organized by the Roman Theater Foundation Pedro Cano Foundation, sponsored by the City Council, the Autonomous Community and Cajamurcia
  • ARQUA pays tribute to Julio Mas, first director of the Museum and Submarine Archaeological Research Centre (14/06/2012)
    On Friday the event will take place which will proceed to the donation of his archive and library staff by their successors, which will act the presence of the Councillor of Culture
  • Futsal club members and fans excited about the new Cartagena project (14/06/2012)

  • The AIDAvita arrives on Friday passenger port 1262 (14/06/2012)
    is one of the four cruise ships that will call this June in Cartagena
  • The cleaning manifold Gisbert end street two days ahead of schedule (13/06/2012)
    The road, which remained cut off in the morning for the maintenance of Aquagest, has reopened to traffic today
  • The Albujón XXXI Prepares for Pilgrimage of San Juan (13/06/2012)
    The event, one of the oldest in the municipality, will be Sunday June 17
  • Roberto Sanchez: "We remain very much alive" (13/06/2012)
    "Acting President" and was presented this morning in which Roberto Sanchez is his first appearance before the media
  • A conference on the Santa Lucia ended the course Discover your City and its Customs (13/06/2012)
    The forty seniors who have participated in this activity at the Municipal Institute of Social Services, received their diplomas yesterday during the closing ceremony presided by Director IMSS, Antonio Mule
  • Closing of the course in the Park Road Education (13/06/2012)

  • CECARM open the registration period for two workshops on marketing and positioning (13/06/2012)
    The CEEIC ADLE and collaborates in the realization of both courses to be held on 20 and 21 June in the premises of the Industrial Estate
  • The regular season champions adds new (13/06/2012)
    This week we are celebrating the final stages of the local football league basis, with the dispute of play off the title in the various Host Sites
  • European Volunteer, internships abroad, the secrets of youth employability (13/06/2012)
    International experts, technicians and entrepreneurs use the seminar ITINERE involved in seeking solutions to youth unemployment
  • Water Court on Thursday Quarries (12/06/2012)
    will last eight hours and will affect homes in the High Street, Aliaga and notice a drop in pressure in the upper area of ​​Quarry and The Roses
  • The festivities begin Friday Torreciega (12/06/2012)
    There will be concerts, workshops for children and championship games and other activities from 15 to 24 June
  • Los Molinos Marfagones celebrate Cultural Week (12/06/2012)
    The largest part in courses, workshops and competitions until 17 June
  • The Senior Club of Vista Alegre is proclaimed champion bowls (12/06/2012)
    Today was held the awards ceremony and closing ceremony of the Fourth Municipal Petanque Championship, with a ceremony which was held in the largest local in the neighborhood of Concepcion
  • Local police launched a series of safety tips for the summer (12/06/2012)
    The increase in transfers to the beach areas because of the arrival of summer, agents makes an impact on a number of warnings to avoid problems Traffic and bathing areas
  • The mayor is proud of Cartagena Basket (12/06/2012)

  • To collect property tax and other taxes amounting to 62 million euros (12/06/2012)
    Among them is garbage and sewage from the Manga, the taxi license and tables and chairs, whose term ends on August 6
  • Lysistrata, Aristophanes, for the theater group of the University Senior (12/06/2012)
    The final representation of the end of the course will take place on Friday in the Hall of CAM
  • New pathways to youth employability are discussed in Cartagena (12/06/2012)
    Wednesday begins ITINERE seminar that brings together international experts, technicians and entrepreneurs use
  • The activities to celebrate Gay Pride Day vindicate the equal marriage (12/06/2012)
    Galactyco The group has prepared several cultural activities, entertainment and workshops for children will be held from 17 to 24 June
  • Students CEIP The trough and the Home for Children, fit to run (12/06/2012)
    Last week participated in a conference organized by Road Safety Education Local Police
  • La Mar de Musicas, also suitable for children (11/06/2012)
    makers have developed a program of workshops in painting, literature, music and recycling for 23 to July 26 the youngest to become involved in African edition of the festival
  • Food solidarity for the Saharawi People (11/06/2012)
    La Paz Travel Association has organized a Sunday in Galifa activity aimed at raising funds to improve the lives of children from refugee camps
  • The College of Commercial Agents of Cartagena celebrates morning its second open house (11/06/2012)

  • Elsa and Fred, in Film and Tertulia for more (11/06/2012)
    Thursday will be screened at the Cultural Center this tragicomedy Argentina, within the program organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • Technical Council of Palos de la Frontera and the Andalusian visit the ADLE (11/06/2012)
    have chosen the Agency of Local Development and Employment has been chosen as an example of good practice in the areas of employment and training.
  • The Ministry of Education gives the ADLE € 75,000 for two projects Leonardo (11/06/2012)

  • The Department of Youth United Left-Greens of Cartagena in solidarity with the evicted families (11/06/2012)

  • Forest fire in the Sierra de la Muela municipality of Cartagena (10/06/2012)

  • The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport Cultural Heritage recovers part of the Mercedes that was in Gibraltar (08/06/2012)
    ARQUA has been transferred to the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology Cartagena
  • ACETUR promotes rural tourism draw for a weekend in one of the hotels they have in the Campo de Cartagena (08/06/2012)
    The association has placed a stand today in the Eroski shopping center and with the support of the Department of Tourism are you know about this type of tourism that is increasingly on the rise
  • The greatest decode all maps (08/06/2012)
    About fifty retirees have participated this morning in an urban-oriented activity that has organized the Department of Social Services in collaboration with Marine
  • About thirty immigrant women acquire social skills (08/06/2012)
    IMSS director on Thursday visited the classroom of the Workshops for the Advancement of Women to deliver to the participants for their respective certificates
  • Antonio Mínguez: "This Club is not Antonio Minguez, is every one of you" (08/06/2012)
    After nineteen years, the "president" is stepping down as head of Futsal Cartagena, an entity that has marked a turning then the family Mínguez
  • The major Arts Workshop, visiting the corners of Elche (08/06/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services on Tuesday organized a cultural tour around the city of Alicante, which involved 25 elderly
  • Arrested while attempting to defraud two individuals by the method of tinted tickets (08/06/2012)
    Prisoners posing as senior political representatives of the government of Mali
  • Cartagena refinery, known for its environmental commitment (08/06/2012)
    Granted by the Autonomous Community of Murcia
  • The festival of La Aljorra enter the final stretch with a night of crumbs (08/06/2012)
    On Thursday celebrarn Children's Day which was attended by a thousand small
  • Solidarity Mójate Crossing III by MS (08/06/2012)
    Held on July 8 in Playa Paraiso in the Mar Menor, an act aimed at the participation and the proceeds going to research this disease
  • Education launches campaign to collect used textbooks (08/06/2012)
    The council calls for solidarity and asks students to surrender their books to others when no longer needed
  • The bars in the Sea of ​​Music will open competition (08/06/2012)
    The Board of Governors approves the specification together with multiannual expenditure for cleaning medical and cultural institutions subsidies
  • Teach counseling skills to older walkers (07/06/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services held a talk and a workshop in which works a Marine captain
  • The decline of American Avenue has been cut for four hours today (07/06/2012)

  • The program decides, the ADLE, ends (07/06/2012)
    About 6,470 students from the Schools and District of Cartagena have received counseling throughout the year
  • Workshops for Citizenship bet on coexistence in the city (07/06/2012)
    The hundred people participated in this action by the Municipal Institute of Social Services, have received their diplomas today during the closing ceremony held in Building The Graduate
  • The board of the City collects 1,868 euros for Caritas (07/06/2012)
    The city has been one of the many tables that have petitionary installed for the alms of Corpus Christi
  • The Ilergetes named Thomas Martinez Pagan "Ilergetian of Honor" in its Twentieth Anniversary (07/06/2012)
    Troop Carthaginesa Ilergetes Warriors of Indíbil awarded the title 'Honorary Ilergetian 2012' Thomas Martinez Pagan twenty years after its foundation
  • The Third Path Strengths eight thousand euros split between four charities (07/06/2012)
    The Navy in collaboration with the city this morning have given the proceeds to La Casa Cuna, Caritas Good Samaritan and St. Teresa of Hospitality
  • Saturday open market in Santa Florentina and Gisbert (07/06/2012)
    Despite being a public holiday, the settlers opened to the public to facilitate their purchases of weekend
  • Pottery Workshops and Painting of the UP exhibit their works (07/06/2012)
    The exhibition, inaugurated on Wednesday at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramon Alonso, will be open until June 22
  • Entry into force of the ordinance regulating the sanctioning power of the City (07/06/2012)

  • 140 students of the courses of the Department of Women collect their diplomas (07/06/2012)
    Councillor Clare Hall have been given official certificates of computer training and care for elderly
  • Education publishes lists of admitted Municipal Children in Schools (07/06/2012)
    There have been 672 requests for new entrants to the course 2012/2013, of which 480 have been admitted
  • The largest theater group in Los Dolores Dawn acts (06/06/2012)
    Thursday represented in the local neighborhood social and Grilled works of Wanting Things
  • Lecture and Workshop Program Guidance TAS (06/06/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services has organized two activities aimed at the greater of 7 and 8 June
  • The Cartagena Film Festival opens the registration deadline for short film contest (06/06/2012)
    Work can be submitted until September 10 at the festival office, located on Calle Gisbert, or through their website
  • Among sweets and books (06/06/2012)
    Lola Gutierrez, a market trader who manages Santa Florentina Atlantis Editions will publish Between Bays, his second novel, which is set in Cartagena
  • Arrested an individual on which weighed a search warrant (06/06/2012)
    The individual was found on Tuesday by the local police exercising begging at the door of a retail
  • Alms Caritas Day (06/06/2012)
    Councillor for Culture desk chair on Thursday demand made of the City, to be located next to the Palacio Consistorial along all morning
  • The Union AD CF and proclaim the trough of the regular season champions in the pre-youngest category B (06/06/2012)
    This week will be played around in the play off the title and consolation in the category pacifier, baby and child B the way in the youngest category pre-B
  • The decline of American Avenue be cut on Thursday for four hours (06/06/2012)

  • Cartagena, the Mediterranean town with more blue flags (06/06/2012)
    Only in the Galician coast Sanjenjo outnumber in Spain nine beaches in Cartagena awarded by an international jury
  • 70 businesses are started in the last two months with city express licenses (06/06/2012)
    The Town Planning and Environment emphasizes the goodness of the measure promoted by the City of Cartagena to provide facilities for entrepreneurial initiatives
  • On Saturday comes the music of the Teatro Circo You Do not Stop (06/06/2012)
    The performance will be borne by the Cultural Association Implik2 and will benefit from the Diabetic Society of Cartagena and the Region
  • The second day of the Regional League Hooks, June 24 (06/06/2012)
    will be held at the Club of couplings of Cartagena, in the Barrio San Cristobal in Dolores
  • One of the Senegalese writers will be in the Sea of ​​Music, candidate for the Prince of Asturias Prize for Letters (05/06/2012)
    Cheikh Hamidou Kane has written books like The guardians of the temple and the ambiguous adventure
  • The streets Soller, Mahon and Ciudadela, closed to traffic for a month (05/06/2012)
    To mark the start of construction of future urbanization of San Ginés Park
  • The ADLE starts his swimming instructor course (05/06/2012)
    The morning classes will begin June 6 at the Youth Resource Center
  • Students Germans, Poles and Turks approach the history of Cartagena (05/06/2012)
    The IES Mediterranean welcomes students from various countries within the Comenius project port cities as meeting places
  • The Roman ladies returned to the windlass (05/06/2012)

  • Young entrepreneurs are networking in karts (04/06/2012)

  • Social Care publishes lists of applicants for public housing promotion of La Palma (04/06/2012)
    Starting today, interested parties have 10 days to submit the required documentation
  • The Association of Commercial Agents of Cartagena celebrates its second open house (04/06/2012)

  • Controlled bush fire on the hillside of San Julian (04/06/2012)
    The fall of a high voltage power pole caused the fire, in which participated Fire extinguishing Cartagena and Arsenal and a helicopter of the Community
  • Aquagest clean inside the collector street Gisbert (04/06/2012)
    The special security measures required by this act, and the location of wells, is what has caused the traffic court in this way from now until June 15
  • Line 6 and reaches the residential Buenos Aires (04/06/2012)
    From June 1, ALSA has ordered the departure and arrival of five buses to the new residential area on weekdays and four on weekends, to meet the needs and of the first residents
  • The ESPAC organizes a course on History and Culture of Cartagena (04/06/2012)
    The objective is to improve the skills of local police officers about the city and municipal ordinances, especially the drive of the Historic
  • Hospitality Santa Teresa and the Good Samaritan are part of the Solidarity Network Food (04/06/2012)
    Social Care Councillor managed accession on Friday in Murcia with the General Directorate of Pensions, Assessment and Inclusion Programs and participating companies and organizations
  • The harbor is filled with athletes in the I-VII Sertri Cartagena City Triathlon (04/06/2012)
    Proof, 500 incritos, was successful participation and organization
  • The festivities begin with the very lively Aljorra (04/06/2012)
    Until June 10 have organized all kinds of activities
  • The association of women in rural areas meets in La Palma (01/06/2012)
    AFFAMER held this morning its V Congress, which has been attended by the mayor Pilar Barreiro and Councilwoman Women, Clara Heredia
  • The Mediterranean IES collaborates with three other European centers in the Comenius project (01/06/2012)
    The project involves German, Polish and Turkish, teachers and students will meet on June 2
  • The ESPAC is organizing a CPR (01/06/2012)
    The courses are taught 5th and June 7th Regional Society of Intensive Care Medicine at the Hospital of Saint Lucia
  • The Beltrí Modernism is exhibited in Barcelona (01/06/2012)
    From today through the weekend, Cartagena will attend the Fair VIII Modernist Barcelona through a pamphlet published by the City Council and the Commission Beltrí on the works of Catalan architect
  • The mayor appreciates the services provided to 22 retired (01/06/2012)
    The usual delivery of plaques of appreciation to staff who have retired in the last twelve months was held this morning at the Palace Hall
  • Lack of insurance, driving without an MOT and not wearing a helmet, major violations of motorists (01/06/2012)
    In the motorcycle surveillance campaign has been conducted DGT in collaboration with the local police, have been reported 37 motorists of about two thousand vehicles checked
  • Marchamujer raises 4,540 Euros for tips (01/06/2012)

  • Old Town announces the public sale of municipal plots the Turnstile (01/06/2012)
    May purchase the entire package or batch, giving preference to choose the offer that all the solar and hotel use
  • The judge accepts the precautionary measures requested by the Old Town to New Gate (01/06/2012)
    The court has ordered the freezing of credit extended by the company and its bank balances and more than 80 houses, garages and several local and Solar
  • The primary and secondary students sold their initiatives in the third Mini Market in the Region (01/06/2012)
    Diego Councilman Ortega went to see the show in which two thousand schoolchildren marketed products had been made for several months
  • Cut Rachel wins the drawing competition Ecolimpia (01/06/2012)
    The fifth-year student of the College The trough has been chosen from among the ten finalists for their work Take care of the planet, an allegation, in a tone of humor, on the need to care nature

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