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Cartagena News - May 2012

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  • The call AMPAS esceulas organize summer (31/05/2012)

  • About 300 people will travel to Cartagena Marchamujer (31/05/2012)

  • The houses of the Campo de Cartagena disclosed (31/05/2012)
    Together with the Department of Tourism prepared a day of outreach in one of the malls in the city
  • A play will promote the integration of diversity in the classroom (31/05/2012)

  • The largest are kept in the course of energetic gymnastics (31/05/2012)
    Municipal Institute Director of Social Services attended the closing ceremony in which fifty retirees have learned techniques to maintain health
  • The launch Cartagena hotels deals for The Sea of ​​Music (31/05/2012)
    Establishments three and four stars in the city have decided to unify and adjust prices for the last ten days the festival
  • Sunday is closed to traffic the port area on the occasion of Triathlon (31/05/2012)

  • Cartagena hotels offer packages for The Sea of ​​Music (31/05/2012)
    unify and adjust prices for the last ten days the festival
  • Last days to register SERTRI 2012, which starts on Sunday in Cartagena (31/05/2012)
    Nine Spanish cities too welcome these popular triathlons Cadena SER organized by the Spanish federation
  • 2012 Spring Festival The Aljorra (30/05/2012)
    The town of Cartagena celebrates 1 to June 10 a series of activities spiced with music and typical food tasting Cartagena Field
  • Begin the work of the office be occupied by the local police in the Lake (30/05/2012)
    The upgrading works will last a month, although the old unit did not move there until after the summer
  • A group of Valencian architects interested in the transformation of the buildings in Cartagena (30/05/2012)
    All day have visited buildings like the Palace Hall, the Roman Theatre, the Auditorium and the Sea Wall, among others
  • Old refinance debt to save two million euros in interest (30/05/2012)
    The Board of Governors and the board of the municipal company give green light to the operation to be signed on Thursday
  • ONCE in Cartagena close ties with the City Council (30/05/2012)
    The National Organization for the Blind and the Department of Social Services have reached an agreement to promote the leisure and training for this group
  • More than five hundred people will point to Marchamujer (30/05/2012)
    The money raised will go to à pencils, the event will start tomorrow at 10 in the Plaza of Spain
  • The CD Isaac Peral proclaimed champion of the regular season in the lollipop category (30/05/2012)
    ​​ This weekend begin dueling for the play off the title and consolation in the categories of pacifier, baby and child B
  • Children exhibit their work alongside the work of artist Luis Fernandez (29/05/2012)
    Small participated during the Museum Night at the workshop that was held at the Teatro Romano
  • Delayed few weeks the opening to traffic of Captains Ripoll (29/05/2012)

  • Concerts, astronomical observations and encourage tours summer programming Cartagena Port of Cultures (29/05/2012)
    The events will run from June to August in both the morning and at night
  • End of energetic gymnastics course for more (29/05/2012)
    50 people have learned the keys to feeling good through exercise
  • Start of sample course to the Municipal School of Theatre (29/05/2012)
    infant groups, youth and adults put their acting skills on stage Ramn Alonso Cultural Center Luzzy
  • The EMACC install information stands on Wednesday by the World Day of Multiple Sclerosis (28/05/2012)
    The association will be placed 10 to 14 and from 17 to 20.30 at the door of Carrefour and El Corte Ingles to report their work and ask for financial aid to maintain services for the rehabilitation of this disease
  • Out to Therapeutic Spa Archena (28/05/2012)
    Fifty visit on Tuesday over the hot springs of the Murcian town, within the activities of Tourism Active and Healthy programmed by the IMSS
  • Hesperides Schools and St. Lucia have new logos (28/05/2012)
    The logos were submitted to the contest will be on display at both centers until June 8
  • Gripping Artists exhibit their paintings at the Cultural Center (28/05/2012)
    Social Care Councillor this afternoon inaugurated the exhibition Sensation, which people with Down syndrome and intellectual disability reinterpret painters such as Velzquez and Gauguin
  • Elementary School Cartagena participating in the third Mini market in the region (28/05/2012)
    Diego Councilman Ortega will attend the May 30 to Murcia to view sample
  • Councillor for Women at the meeting of Patchwork Armilla (28/05/2012)
    The growing interest aroused in Cartagena this type of sewing, Clare Hall has been invited to attend as last weekend the town of Granada in which has held the event
  • Fun youth in John XXIII (28/05/2012)
    Over 40 youth associations organized on Saturday in the plaza activities to publicize its work and to shake up
  • Russian, Bulgarian and Spanish, the world's best in Aesthetic Gymnastics (28/05/2012)
    senior World Championship of this sport, which was held this weekend in the Central Hall of Sports, is It closed Sunday with the awards ceremony and medals to the winners
  • Arrested for drunk driving, and his two companions, to resist violently (28/05/2012)
    Local Police agents arrested Sunday at the three occupants of a vehicle, when he noticed a suspicious circulating the roundabout at the Hospital Saint Lucia
  • Grandparents are updated with computers (28/05/2012)
    On Tuesday, closing the Computer Course for Seniors organized by the Municipal Social Services, which began on April 24 attended by 25 people
  • The City Council awarded 650,000 euros in grants to clubs and sports associations (28/05/2012)
    The Board also approves the Local Government direct aid and call for competitive tendering for other neighborhood associations and women and non-profit
  • La Palma opens an office with lots of art (28/05/2012)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Health inaugurated the new premises in which they have invested almost 800,000 euros
  • About 200 business people and entrepreneurs improve their skills and are trained in new technologies in Cartagena (26/05/2012)
    The European Business and Innovation and Local Development Agency concludes the sixth training program Hall Company, in which 1,500 people participated since 2009
  • Gymnasts from fifteen countries will gather in Cartagena this weekend (24/05/2012)
    Municipal Sports Pavilion hosts 25 to 27 May the XIII World Senior Championship Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, an event which will bring together 30 teams and 400 participants
  • Children and their parents back to the Roman Theatre after the Night of Museums (24/05/2012)
    The center director will receive on Saturday at 18.30 to see and comment on work done in the workshops organized for the event
  • Andrew Lled stops off in Adoration with ADE (24/05/2012)

  • Begins to run an Entrepreneur Support Network Technology (24/05/2012)
    The objective of this initiative that helps the City Council and other public bodies is to support and inform entrepreneurs
  • The young people organized a Saturday full of activities (24/05/2012)
    Interasociativo participate in the meeting that 42 associations throughout the day will be workshops, exhibits and games in the Plaza de Juan XXIII
  • The Civil Guard detained two people for a mugging an old lady (24/05/2012)
    To commit robbery women accosted in the street and after struggling with her personal effects stolen it
  • The commercial nursery Cartagena AJE first results (24/05/2012)
    Two companies have already formed their employees through this service
  • Cartagena remains the municipality in Spain with more quality Q (24/05/2012)
    Minister of Industry and Tourism will present the 5th of June the eleven corresponding to distinct beaches of Cartagena, in recognition of its cleanliness and safety
  • An Introduction Diabetes opened talks organized by Sodicar (24/05/2012)
    Councillor for Health and the president of the association were in charge of opening the XXIX edition of Tuesday Talks Diabetes and Family
  • Assaulted a woman after arguing with her in a bar (24/05/2012)
    Police officers arrested the involved Local 49, which also wounded a witness who tried to stop the aggression
  • The Civil Guard intercepts a boat south of Cape Tioso (24/05/2012)
    It traveled a total of 11 males, possibly of Algerian origin and in good health
  • Dances and fun at the close of the School Theatre Festival XXIV (23/05/2012)
    About 3,900 students have attended school and Primary Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy to see representations of their peers
  • The CEIP Miguel de Cervantes, 50 years lecturing (23/05/2012)
    The College of The Aljorra held on Friday, the commemoration of its fiftieth anniversary, attended by the councilors of Decentralization, Culture and Education, representing City
  • Students in the course of Route Guidance, they have their diploma (23/05/2012)
    The councilman of Social Care gave them yesterday the accreditation of the course that has organized the Municipal Social Services
  • A representation of the Institute of Defence Studies from France visit Cartagena (23/05/2012)
    Councillor for Tourism has been commissioned to receive this morning at the Palace Hall to the group of 25 people found this institution during this week in the Region
  • City officials on Friday celebrated Santa Rita (23/05/2012)
    On the occasion of celebrations for the day of the patron, municipal offices will be closed to the public
  • The party in Las Lomas de The Albujn come to Ecuador (23/05/2012)
    27 On Sunday the activities will end with the Day of the Bike
  • 50 percent discounts to pensioners and members of the audience for zarzuelas The Bunch of Roses and La del Soto del Parral (23/05/2012)
    The works will be represented on Saturday and Sunday, respectively
  • The inscriptions begin Thursday Campaign Swimming in the Youth House (23/05/2012)
    Workshops, in its various forms, will be held from 11 to 29 June, led by an expert
  • The Miserable Life, at the Teatro Circo de Cartagena (22/05/2012)
    By the group now Teatro de La Palma, the performance will take place on Saturday at 21.30
  • He jumps a red light, while he broke a restraining order (22/05/2012)
    A unit of local police on Monday arrested an individual after intercepting his vehicle and check that it had no driving license, in addition to a restraining order the woman who was as accompanist
  • Maximum excitement in the category pacifier to proclaim the regular season champion (22/05/2012)
    Garden City UCAM Both EF, such as AD the trough and the CD have options Isaac Peral win the final victory in the Football League Local database
  • The largest of quarries exhibit their works (22/05/2012)
    Councillors Social Care and Employment have closed the workshops have been conducted throughout the year over Quarries
  • A course on Transport Policy completes the training of local police (22/05/2012)
    On May 28 and June 5 will be held in the ESPAC a training which will focus on legislation about dangerous goods and perishable, aimed at agents Attestations Section
  • "We have acted transparently and the opposition only harm the government seeks" (22/05/2012)
    The Town Planning, Joaqun Segado, responds to allegations of local groups around New Gate Residential
  • Clothes, toys and household items, major intrusion in the yellow containers (22/05/2012)
    Ecoembes City Council and prepare a campaign in order for citizens to recycle properly and used in each case, the appropriate container
  • Hospitality Santa Teresa seeks to raise funds with a march of solidarity (22/05/2012)
    Registrations can be made in schools, in the Municipal Sports Pavilion and in the center, located in the neighborhood of San Anton, the event is on Sunday at 10.30 am
  • The Slum Virgin of Charity celebrated its fiftieth anniversary this Saturday (22/05/2012)
    Neighbors have organized dances and workshops.
  • Cartagena create positive UPyD plan approval of payment to suppliers (22/05/2012)
    Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) this plan is necessary, but it has its negative nuances, both for citizens and for the City of Cartagena, and political accountability involved
  • Burned eleven dogs die in a fire at Mills Marfagones (22/05/2012)
    The blaze, which also injured a firefighter, originated in a shed in a fenced area, with great accumulation of junk and furniture, near the residence of Elderly Almendros
  • The People's University opened the registration period for the course of Emotional Wellness (21/05/2012)
    The workshop will be held on Thursday June 11 at 12:30
  • Opens the registration desk to participate in Marchamujer (21/05/2012)
    The Department of Women on Tuesday installed the table in front of the English Court overlooking the Alameda, where he remained until May 30
  • The SERTRI starts in June 2012 in Cartagena (21/05/2012)
    Nine Spanish ciudadaes host these popular triathlons Cadena Ser organized by the Spanish federation
  • The Book Fair Old and Used promotes culture in John XXIII (21/05/2012)
    The booksellers offer material discontinued and unique issues in the fair, which will be in place until June 3
  • The Slum over Latin America, the best dancers (21/05/2012)
    The group consists of Maria Dolores and Francisco won the first prize which was held on Friday for Senior Living Together in Los Urrutias
  • The neighbors of the Urba and New Cartagena premiere entertainment area on the promenade (21/05/2012)
    president of the Community and the mayor inaugurated this morning the burial of the Rambla de Los Dolores, The Barreros
  • Última test I Trialbici Mediterranean Area Open in Cartagena (21/05/2012)
    is disputed on Sunday May 27 at the mount of the Watchtower
  • The return of Summer Schools, Music and Colonial Road Safety Education Workshop (21/05/2012)
    The Department of Education launches three educational leisure activities for the summer, targeting children and youth aged 4 to 16 years
  • The City Council endorses the plan loan payments to suppliers (21/05/2012)
    The Mayor has signed transactions totaling approximately 35.7 million euros with eleven entities begin to transfer the money to suppliers from 31 May
  • The proclamation of Maite Defruc leads to the second week of festivities in Pozo Strait (21/05/2012)
    A number of members of the municipal corporation on Friday attended one of the key events of the spring festivals in Cartagena council, act in the they were also crowned the Queens 2012
  • The so-called Night of museums appeals to the Cartagena (20/05/2012)
    More than 47,000 people attend the various museum spaces, breaking the record of participants
  • Firefighters rescued a fisherman with a broken leg in Punta Gables (18/05/2012)
    The wounded had to be moved to the pier in Santa Lucia in a Civil Guard vessel
  • Students in the course of Customer's English ADLE practices begin on Monday (18/05/2012)
    Five students work for a few weeks in NH, Craft Center, the Hotel Los Habaneros and Ol Catamaran
  • They arrange road to Torre Pacheco Well Strait (18/05/2012)
    The Highways Agency removes the bumps in the road at the request of the neighborhood of the town
  • Declared a Cultural category of monument Calamari farm in Cartagena (18/05/2012)

  • The Photography Competition Ingenuity at the Service of Beauty and has winners (18/05/2012)
    The Municipal Archaeological Museum director Enrique Escudero de Castro and the head of Eroski delivered today, Museum Day, the prizes to the authors of the images that have been chosen by the public and the jury
  • The local police learn on line about accident reconstruction (18/05/2012)
    The ESPAC yesterday welcomed the submission of the Level II Course, part of the learning path in terms of traffic to get a diploma specialist for the officers who completed
  • Sons of the clouds, produced by Javier Bardem, closes the film series The Sea Music (18/05/2012)
    Ã documentary film Alvaro Longoria, who will be screened on July 27 at the New Theatre Circus, is about the perpetual problem of Western Sahara
  • Bach, HÃ ¤ nin and choral music in the Night of Museums (18/05/2012)
    The coral University of Murcia and the Early Music Workshop of UMU will perform tomorrow at the Plaza de la Merced and the temporary exhibition hall ARQUA
  • The San Juan Evangelista is twinned with the White Pass (18/05/2012)
    The Risen Guild Lorca receive morning to attend Mass and after the Palace Hall where they will meet the godmother of the cluster of raised, Councillor for Culture, Rosario Montero
  • The battered women receive legal assistance during the whole week in the Department of Women (18/05/2012)
    The City Council and the Bar Association for the tenth consecutive year renewed its commitment to domestic violence
  • The mayor defends the municipal management of the University District (18/05/2012)
    You have recovered a degraded environment where they have built 300 homes, has recovered and archaeological heritage which the City already logged nearly 7.5 million
  • Well Strait celebrates spring (18/05/2012)

  • The new voice of the copla, Diana Navarro, in the Batel (18/05/2012)
    Flamenco present his latest album.
  • Method Cardiofnico more show for the Night of Museums (17/05/2012)
    The strange and beautiful musical extravaganza comes Germain on Saturday Diaz Castillo de la Concepcin in two 30-minute concert
  • Youth opens the register at the international seminar Itinere (17/05/2012)
    The lectures will be in Cartagena on 13, 14 and 15 June
  • Opens Registration for the Swim Course Monitor of the ADLE (17/05/2012)
    Applications for this training, aimed at 15 students, may be submitted from 21 to 24 May at the offices of the Agency
  • Social Activities in Barrio San Anton (17/05/2012)

  • Implik2 forward an excerpt from his latest musical on the Night of Museums (17/05/2012)
    The cultural association represent a small part of the work can not stop within the framework of the activities will be held on Saturday, using the scenario of the Square Lake
  • Las Lomas del Albujn celebrates its patron saint (17/05/2012)
    Around the feast of the Ascesin are scheduled dances, a concentration of bolilleras, the First Dog Show and other activities taking place in the town of 18 to 27 May
  • Early Lopez students succeed on stage (17/05/2012)
    The boys have played in the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy the musical tale Puss in Boots
  • Friday of March for the Spring of the Old Source (17/05/2012)
    The IMSS has organized for May 18, a route of 11 kilometers and medium difficulty, Route 38, with the participation of top 50 who will leave first thing in the morning from the ramparts of Zenith
  • A book on tips commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the association (17/05/2012)
    was presented yesterday in the building of the UNED and documents the center itself and of all who are part of this organization dedicated to rehabilitating people with chronic mental illness
  • Alfonso Lopez Torres, a mayor a Time (17/05/2012)

  • Segado ensures that the City collect the 3.5 million euros of gains for the University District (17/05/2012)

  • Birth of a new sports club in Cartagena (17/05/2012)

  • Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Sciences of the Company (17/05/2012)

  • The School of Agricultural Engineering held tomorrow the graduation ceremony of students (17/05/2012)

  • Visit UPCT protocol to the Secretary General of PSRM (17/05/2012)

  • XXIX and Family Talks Diabetes (17/05/2012)
    Organized by SODICAR, aim to sensitize the population about the importance of prevention and education in this disease
  • Ends the course of reconstruction of traffic accidents (16/05/2012)
    The classes, which were taught at the School of Public Safety of the City of Cartagena, have been made over the Internet
  • The pastry shop of Social Services comes to an end (16/05/2012)
    The retirees learned new baking recipes
  • The largest known Aguirre Palace (16/05/2012)
    Retirees of the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood and Los Mateos visited the work of modernist architect Victor Beltr
  • Two experts teach entrepreneurs to promote your business on the Internet (16/05/2012)
    New Technologies Councilman opened today in the CEEIC the course in which Javier Gomez and Cristina Alczar instruct on social media marketing techniques and social networking
  • The City Council will measure the degree of satisfaction of those attending the Night of Museums (16/05/2012)
    400 surveys will be conducted in order to know the valuation of the public and improve the work in future issues
  • Don Quixote, Alcoholics Anonymous and others, on Saturday at the Circus Theatre (16/05/2012)
    are now on sale tickets to see both storytelling
  • Marathon to close the ongoing activities of the Municipal School of Theatre (16/05/2012)
    During the months of May and June will be held Clara Award Henares, and represent plays, both classical music, involving groups of children, youth Adult and School
  • The Directors and Deans of the Centers for UPCT urge the Regional Government to ensure fair financing, safe and appropriate Regional Public University System (16/05/2012)

  • Restored image of the Immaculate in the square of Laughing (16/05/2012)
    The Restoration municipal workshop has withdrawn this morning the scaffolding then re face and various parts of the image deteriorated by the passage of time
  • The Municipality applies new technologies to save on air conditioning (16/05/2012)
    Starting today, starts in the administration building a new climate control system that will allow city employees to activate the devices individually through your computer
  • Malasombra is done with the Trophy Colao (16/05/2012)
    The boat out from the rest throughout the regatta Sail America that was held on Saturday in waters Cartagena
  • The Garden City Solitude and UCAM, champions of the regular season pacifier (16/05/2012)

  • Film Festival, present in the Night of museums with an exhibition and a screening of shorts (16/05/2012)
    The exhibition will open on Saturday at 20 am in the bar Plazza, while at midnight you can see the festival short winners in the Plaza de San Sebastian
  • CCOO: "The Cartagena UNED blocked by lack of income" (16/05/2012)
    "The huge debt that the government have with the Associated Centre of the UNED in Cartagena, block operation, affecting more than 6,200 students enrolled"
  • 22 unemployed are formed in Business English with ADLE (16/05/2012)
    Monday began the course you have submitted hundreds of applications and ending on July 12
  • Jesus Garcia: "We want that small can be passed that are great for the players' (16/05/2012)

  • Yerma is canceled in the boat's unwillingness to Silvia Mars (16/05/2012)
    The work was scheduled for Thursday May 17 and, when stopped, the ticket money will be returned at the desk of the New Auditorium and Theater Circus
  • "50 Years of the Common Agricultural Policy in our food" (16/05/2012)

  • Start the countdown to the Fourth Night of the Museums of Cartagena (15/05/2012)
    The mayor appears on Tuesday along with the directors and officers of the 15 public spaces that participate in the event on Saturday
  • Cartagena UPyD supports workers of the Municipal Sports who believe no job to stay from June (15/05/2012)
    Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) believes that this situation is the result of poor management that has depleted the PP resources of the City
  • Francisco Hernandez Cop and the vocalist Encarnacin Fernndez join the Night of Museums (15/05/2012)
    Cartagena artist exhibition opened on Saturday the Light of the southeast, in the gallery bezel, where, then, will also perform the flamenco singer
  • About two thousand tourists come to Cartagena aboard the Noordam (15/05/2012)
    The cruise of Holland America Line, has now stopped in the city, giving its passengers the opportunity to access museums and resorts, in addition to walking, shopping and drink on the terraces
  • On Wednesday inaugurated the workshop on social networks (15/05/2012)
    The courses will be held on 16 and 17 May in the Polygon Cabezo Beaza, CECARM organized in collaboration with the ADLE and CEEIC
  • From school to small entrepreneurs (15/05/2012)
    The mayor praised the proposals of the students in 6 of Primary School Our Lady of Sorrows, thanks to the EME program created two cooperatives, whose products displayed at the fair in Murcia
  • The local police intervened in fights, thefts and alleged fraud during the last weekend (15/05/2012)
    Most of the performances were recorded on Friday and Saturday
  • A day of living in Los Urrutias close more activities (15/05/2012)
    The Department of Social Services has organized Friday a program of events at Camp Caritas in the town of Mar Menor, with the participation of over 1,200 clubs the city
  • SPCT urges the City of Cartagena to collect property tax from the property owned by the Church (15/05/2012)
    SPCT Pilar Barreiro required to submit an initiative in the House of Representatives to end this anachronism
  • The bars are preparing for the First Night of the Walking (15/05/2012)
    Establishments organize a new edition of the route of the lid, which begins tomorrow and coincides with the Night of Museums, which is this Saturday
  • The writers Antonio Rafael Reig Orejudo and discuss their latest novels in The Night of the Museums of Cartagena (14/05/2012)
    A activity Mandarache Award to be held in the Interpretation Center of the Punic Wall
  • The local police are about to nurseries with the program Educapipol (14/05/2012)
    agents approach their work to smaller, so they make use of them if lost or need help
  • The plan approved by the full payment to suppliers, which may be charged in June (14/05/2012)

  • The students develop their entrepreneurial spirit by creating their own mini-companies (14/05/2012)
    The Mayor visits the school on Tuesday, Our Lady of Sorrows, where it develops an experience of this type framed in the EME
  • Conference on the Roman Theater and the windlass in the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (14/05/2012)
    Elena Ruiz and Jose Miguel Noguera Valderas will go there on Wednesday to discuss the two most recent deposits of Cartagena
  • People with disabilities develop their skills in workshops that facilitate respite care (14/05/2012)
    Organized by the CAM with the assistance of the City of Cartagena, are held on weekends at Willow Park
  • Fire on the sixth floor of the Sea Wall, Cartagena (14/05/2012)
    Two seniors and their caregivers are injured after escaping the accident which originated in the dorm of marriage
  • Arrested after docking at gunpoint a gas station in Los Belones (11/05/2012)
    used a simulated gun to intimidate the cashier and be done with a booty of over a thousand euros.
  • Teach bartenders to be tourist agents (11/05/2012)
    Monday opens at the Teatro Romano a course organized by the Centre for Tourism Qualifications in collaboration with the City of Cartagena
  • Carlinhos Brown returns to Cartagena to act on the closure of the Sea of ​​Music (11/05/2012)
    Kusturica's punk opera will open the festival, which this year celebrates the coming of age, to be held in the city from 19 to 28 July.
  • All set for the bike festival on Sunday (11/05/2012)
    The number of entries and is around 3,000 and is still Friday afternoon and all day Saturday to grab a dorsal, in Decathlon as installed in the cab John XXIII
  • Near the end of seven university training for Entrepreneurs (11/05/2012)
    UPCT students have participated over the last four months in training activities organized by the University, the ADLE and INFO, taught by experts in marketing and entrepreneurship
  • The credit agreement for payment to suppliers will be full on Monday (11/05/2012)

  • The School Theatre Festival XXIV exceeds its representations Ecuador (11/05/2012)
    Hundreds of students have already enjoyed the plays they interpret their peers on stage at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramon Alonso, within this initiative organized by the Department of Education
  • Solidarity will be on Saturday in the street I Afibromarcha (11/05/2012)

  • Ã pices published a book to celebrate its 20th anniversary (11/05/2012)
    After the presentation, which will be Wednesday from the UNED, will open an exhibition of his work
  • Local Police improves its knowledge about the use of tachographs (11/05/2012)
    Officers attending a course organized by the School of Public Safety to operate this equipment measurement
  • Andrew Lled, the Ultraman of deserts, the Intercultural Center (11/05/2012)
    Athlete Cartagena yesterday had a meeting with young people from the centers of the immigration program of the IMSS, an activity organized by the Sports Department through the ADE
  • New play area in quarries, thanks to the environmental recovery of the promenade (11/05/2012)
    The CHS has invested 1.6 million in the restoration of an urban stretch of 860 meters, which is now more secure and can be used by area residents as entertainment
  • The City Council will improve the training of officers with 84 courses (11/05/2012)
    The Governing Board has also approved this morning the signing of agreements with sports clubs to facilitate self-management of municipal facilities
  • Cartagena has a new play area thanks to the environmental recovery of the Rambla de Canteras (11/05/2012)
    The Segura basin has invested 1.6 million in the restoration of an urban stretch of 860 meters, which is now more secure and can be enjoyed by the residents of the deputation Cartagena
  • David Marin: "We want to make a good image and look for a small consolation to a fall and finished" (10/05/2012)

  • The Minister of Health and Social Policy visits the Tower of Nazareth (10/05/2012)
    The councilman of Social Care, Antonio Calderon has accompanied Maria Angeles Palacios during the tour in which they have been found that this house has become the home to people with AIDS
  • Cartagena demand UPyD online publication of all assets of the City Council and leased properties to optimize its use (10/05/2012)

  • About 150 athletes will compete in Cartagena in the third round of the Cup of Spain Sea Kayak (10/05/2012)
    is the first time that this event, which takes place on June 9, is organized in the Region
  • The art exhibition opens city officials of Santa Rita acts (10/05/2012)
    Councillor for Culture opened the exhibition on Tuesday at the Cultural Center, giving the starting signal for the activities planned by the City Council Personnel Board to celebrate her mistress
  • See Your City, visiting the Mar Menor (10/05/2012)
    A group of forty largest on Tuesday made a tour of the General Air Academy, the Spa of the Incarnation, the Virgin of Pasico and La Union
  • Civil Engineering of the region celebrate their patron visiting the windlass (10/05/2012)

  • Night of the Museums hosts a show short films directed by women (10/05/2012)
    will take place in the Plaza de San Sebastian and will be attended by the directors and Cecilia Mabel Lozano Ibez
  • The Kings look to Germany mermanas your calsificacin for London Olympics (10/05/2012)
    Between 15 and May 20 will be measured alongside other sailors in the waters of Boltenhagen
  • Cartagena's population stagnates by the exodus of immigrants (10/05/2012)
    Statistics publishes data on January 1, 2012, reflecting a slight decrease in 212 people, placing the census 217,998 people
  • Seniors with mobility problems, and visiting the old snack (09/05/2012)

  • 6Abierto of Action, Night of the Museums of Cartagena (09/05/2012)
    Under the leadership of and à ngel Domix Gonzalez Garrido, this international exhibition of Action Performance or Art bring artists of recognized Poland, Portugal and Spain
  • The work of the Nursing Home will be completed in November (09/05/2012)
    The mayor and several religious of the Sisters of the Poor have visited the building, which will live from 65 seniors next year
  • Hall and Entrepreneurs studying measures to revive the productive (09/05/2012)
    Tax exemptions and streamlining of procedures, are the main initiatives of local government facing entrepreneurs establish zones that generate the creation of enterprises and therefore employment
  • The mayor congratulated Moneo by the Prince of Asturias of the Arts (09/05/2012)
    The renowned Spanish architect, author among others of the Museum of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena, has been awarded in recognition of his career
  • On Monday changed the route of Line 1 that depart from the Plaza de Alicante (09/05/2012)
    Work on the plaza Bastarreche and delays that has been occurring since then have led to the company and the City Council to temporarily change their route
  • The City of Cartagena in June inject almost 36 billion euros into the local economy (09/05/2012)
    The figure corresponds to 5,000 bills of about 1,000 municipal providers included in the loan guarantee ICO
  • Unanimity in Planning for official protection duplex Mills Marfagones (09/05/2012)
    The Committee favorably reported the detailed study that will diversify the supply of housing for youth at the Finca Buenos Aires
  • The People's University presents the work of students in the sculpture studio (09/05/2012)
    The exhibition will be open until May 23 at the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy
  • The older vintage games to teach students the school Azorin (09/05/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services is conducting numerous activities between seniors and youth to foster intergenerational relationships
  • Lectures at the Polytechnic and information in the Plaza de Juan XXIII, to celebrate Europe Day (08/05/2012)
    Youth has prepared several activities to commemorate tomorrow, Wednesday the day
  • § Llorena Montserrat Palacios Barber and act in the Civil War Shelters during the Night of Museums (08/05/2012)
    Both musicians will be two performances that will combine the sounds of bells, sewing machines and voice.
  • The Reale missing closure to the season this weekend (08/05/2012)

  • The Vistalegre EF-Los Mateos, first regular season champion fry A (08/05/2012)
    CD La Soledad, the EFB Pinatar, EF San Cristobal, CD and AD Mediterranean Franciscans obtained a passport to the playoffs for the title
  • The Brotherhood of Rocio Pilgrimage Cartagena celebrates its annual (08/05/2012)

  • Nothing But A Minute contest wins Microstories (08/05/2012)
    The jury awards the work of Antonio Castillo from the other four finalists to be the one that best fits the proposed topic
  • The bike festival less than two thousand participants in a week (08/05/2012)
    Until Saturday registration can be formalized in the Decathlon store in the shed and the Plaza de Juan XXIII
  • The IES Los Molinos de Cartagena is twinned with the city of Cadiz Conil (08/05/2012)
    Cartagena Teachers Institute, visited last week with his counterpart in Cadiz, which also celebrated its tenth anniversary together
  • Fifty Social Education students visit La Milagrosa (08/05/2012)
    The councilman of Social Care will receive the university on Wednesday upon his arrival in the city, where they come to learn about related institutions Child Protection
  • On Wednesday, gather information from Finance Commissions and Urban Development (08/05/2012)
    The loan for the payment to suppliers and final approval of the detailed study for the construction of duplex at Finca Buenos Aires, focus sessions
  • Carlos and Begoa Gold Salem become the inspiration for a young writer (07/05/2012)
    Both have received from the hands of the mayor and Hache Mandarache Awards 2012 in a fun gala for the first time was held in the Auditorium and Conference Centre The Batel
  • The PSOE warns of damage will the toll highways for Tourism of the Mar Menor (07/05/2012)

  • Open Enrolment for workshops on social networks (07/05/2012)
    The courses will be held on 16 and 17 May and organized in collaboration with CECARM ADLE and CEEIC
  • The local police learn the use of radar equipment and Multacar (07/05/2012)
    The ESPAC facilities host a course on these subjects that is conducted in two sessions, today 7 to 9 May, lasting four hours each
  • The Trunk of Experience teaches baking to the elders (07/05/2012)
    Social Care Councillor today visited the workshop organized by the Municipal Social Services, will hold a second meeting on May 14
  • Workshop caregiver support of dependents (07/05/2012)
    The Televida taught, 8 and May 15 in Building La Milagrosa, in collaboration with Social Services and the IMAS
  • Running the Road III cover The Belones (07/05/2012)
    A total of 23 establishments participating in this initiative to be held from 5 to 20 in May, giving drink lid 2 euros and a half
  • The student Olympic UPCT, Joel Gonzalez Bonilla, new absolute European champion Taekwondo (07/05/2012)

  • The Agribusiness Forum Lorca debate on the management of agricultural products (07/05/2012)

  • College students out by bike Asdrubal Cartagena (07/05/2012)
    Social Services has arranged for Wednesday the socio-sports activity with the participation of twenty students from primary school in The Campano
  • Black Pearl wins the Ugly Trophy Sailing Perico America (07/05/2012)
    Saturday started the season at the port of this sport with a hard fought race in which the Malasombra Patacha and finished second and third place respectively
  • ... (06/05/2012)

  • Between 2012 and Ropes & Metals has winners (04/05/2012)
    This night have revealed the names of young talents who have risen to the first prize in each of the seven modes of the competition, at the closing ceremony which was held at the Municipal Auditorium The Batel
  • The taxi drivers happy with the initiative of the tours (04/05/2012)
    The mayor has met with the president of Union Radio Taxi Cartagena, Isidoro Estupi to talk about the issues affecting the sector
  • Fellows of the Leonardo da Vinci perform their first month of placement abroad (04/05/2012)
    The 22 young people are working in companies of Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal will end the practice on 17 June
  • The radar hunting a motorist to 168 kilometers per hour (04/05/2012)
    Local police caught him on Wednesday afternoon while traveling at more than triple the speed limit on Avenue Victor Beltr
  • 439 vehicles were reported in April for speeding (04/05/2012)
    Local Police last month made 31 controls on the roads of the city, which spent a total of 9,206 vehicles, most of which respected the speed setting
  • Local Police practice in thirty seizures so far this year (04/05/2012)
    Among the items seized there a thousand counterfeit DVDs and CDs as well as clothing, jewelery and perishable products
  • The Marchamujer raise money for this year à pencils (04/05/2012)
    The march will be released on May 31 from the Plaza of Spain and will address Tentegorra, where there will be activities throughout the day
  • Once upon a time in Cartagena .. (04/05/2012)
    Night of the Museums program a show with the first film images of the city accompanied by live music of the period
  • El Mercado de Santa Florentina joins the Cruces de Mayo (04/05/2012)
    Traders and City Council have joined together to celebrate the holiday with a cross which is one of the jobs market where there will be tasting products
  • The cycle race is already over 500 registered (04/05/2012)
    Applications may be submitted until May 12 in the Decathlon store, and on Monday at the Plaza de Juan XXIII
  • The Ministry of Finance approves the Adjustment Plan of the City of Cartagena for the next ten years (04/05/2012)
    This will allow a loan to the session with which to enforce the debt to suppliers estimated at some 37 million
  • You start guided tours of the Roman Forum to publicize the secrets of the site (04/05/2012)
    Archaeologists and restorers of site pieces explain to visitors that have not been exposed and areas not yet visited
  • The Roman Theatre, the District Forum and other centers are open Monday to cruise (04/05/2012)
    Port of Culture has announced that, despite the fact that Monday is rest day for resorts will open on 7 uninterrupted occasion the arrival of two cruise ships with 2,000 tourists on board
  • Older and smaller strengthen ties through activities Informayor (04/05/2012)

  • Carlos Salem and Begoa Gold collected on Monday in the Audience Award and Hache Mandarache (04/05/2012)
    Both writers will attend to the media at 11 am, before the show
  • 150 high school students visit tomorrow Agrifood Research Station 'Toms Ferro' (03/05/2012)

  • The audience joins its programming The Three-Cornered Hat (03/05/2012)
    The work will interpret Morpheus Theatre Classic 8 and June 9
  • Shops, hotels, bars, art galleries and associations join the Museum Night IV (03/05/2012)
    have organized for the May 19 cover a route, exhibitions, cultural activities in the street and have set special rates for attract visitors and get them overnight in the city
  • Last year used the bus about 400 thousand passengers more than in 2010 (03/05/2012)
    One of the lines used was the one that goes to the Hospital of Saint Lucia
  • The Sail America will take the port of Cartagena from May to October (03/05/2012)
    The St. Lucia Yacht Club today presented the 2012 Sailing Calendar America 21 spans, which will vie for 15 trophies classic sailing on Saturdays and eve of public holidays
  • Afibrocar holds its first Solidarity March (03/05/2012)

  • The ADLE opens the deadline to register for the course of Occupational Health and Safety (03/05/2012)
    Applications may be submitted at the headquarters of the Agency of Local Development and Employment until 10th May
  • Cartagena teams of Aesthetic Group, among the ten best in the world (03/05/2012)
    Cartagena clubs to qualify for the finals of the Junior World Championship, held in Varna from 26 to 29 April
  • IU-Green asked the regional government should reject the storage of toxic waste in Cruz Chiquita (02/05/2012)

  • Food, music and many activities in the Cruces de Mayo (02/05/2012)
    The bars join the Easter brotherhoods and neighborhood associations to celebrate this weekend, the holiday
  • The Gunners commemorate the May 2 (02/05/2012)
    The Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment No. 73 celebrated the lifting of Daoz and Velarde against Napoleon's troops, with its traditional parade at the Port of Cartagena
  • The Youth Space in Italy defends youth employability (02/05/2012)
    From today until May 5, participates in a European seminar on this topic held in Varese, a project in June will have a second session in Cartagena
  • The students come on stage in School Theatre Festival XXIV (02/05/2012)
    Eleven schools participate in the event to be held during the month of May at the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy
  • May Cross of the Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus the Risen (02/05/2012)

  • Thirteen students of the course will Dynamism Child placements (02/05/2012)
    empelo councilor and director of the ADLE have given diplomas today at eighteen young people who have successfully completed the training activity organized and subsidized by the Agency
  • Teams based soccer league fighting for playoff positions for the title (02/05/2012)
    The pacifier category of group I and pre-baby A group III, the most competitive to get a passport for title fight end
  • The Museum Night honors Theo Angelopoulos (02/05/2012)

  • Captains Ripoll, closed to traffic a month by the works of parking (02/05/2012)
    The measure affects two lanes down from Plaza de Bastarreche to Paseo de Alfonso XIII
  • Classification Horse Carriages the 1st Regional League (01/05/2012)


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