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Cartagena News - June 2011

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  • The Municipal Government is committed to matching staff of autonomous agencies with officials (30/06/2011)
    working conditions The agreement signed last April looked at the opening of a negotiation process with workers
  • Arrival of the first pieces of the catwalk del Barrio de la Concepción (30/06/2011)
    have been transferred to the company first hour TAMAR and, by crane, have been deposited in the bed of the Rambla de Benipila
  • Twenty-two finish over the course of memory training for those affected with fibromyalgia (30/06/2011)
    Municipal Institute Director of Social Services has come to the conclusion this morning in the building of the Miraculous
  • Wine and dance come together in La Palma (30/06/2011)
    Seminars, workshops and performances will be held from 2 to July 9 inthe Palmeral of Casas Grandes in the XIX National Festival of Foclore of the District of Cartagena
  • Summer of joy and transformation in the Slum Lady of Charity (30/06/2011)
    The months of July, August and September made championship games, films, radio programs, leisure travel and games
  • In summer extensive bus service to beaches (30/06/2011)

  • The Local Police will control access of pets to the beach (29/06/2011)
    From 1 July to 15 September will be a campaign of compliance, which may result in sanctions from 30 to 3,000 euros for Offenders
  • Report 17 riders during the campaign to control the local police (29/06/2011)
    The majority of complaints were to have expired ITV, not wearing a helmet or lack of compulsory insurance
  • The Language Exchange closes its doors until October (29/06/2011)
    More than two hundred people of different nationalities have been part of the exchange program organized by Linguistic Cartagena Youth Space
  • Start the XIX National Festival of Folklore of the District of Cartagena (29/06/2011)
    The presentation of the event will be held Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • Sympathy in the Municipal Corporation for the death of Ricardo Mulas (29/06/2011)
    The former Popular Party councilor from 1991 to 1995 died on Tuesday in a traffic accident
  • JSPCT show their support for the LGBT community (28/06/2011)

  • Social Care immigrants shows how public services (28/06/2011)
    Twenty people attended the first workshop on Active Citizenship that teaches basic skills for integration such as language, Spanish or sociopolitical system health and education system
  • The return of the night walks on the catamaran resort of Puerto de Culturas (28/06/2011)
    During the months of July and August are scheduled this activity already achieved great success last summer, in addition to tours of the Roman Cartagena, defensive systems, and the workshop 'Build Carthage'
  • Closing of the course of painting more (28/06/2011)
    The activity is part of the project's Volunteer Experience Chest and she has participated thirty people
  • Start of Senior Summer School (28/06/2011)
    1 to be conducted July 15 with training activities of memory, VideoForum, travel and other therapeutic workshops
  • Traffic Court Bridge Barrio de la Concepción by the relocation of the pedestrian walkway (28/06/2011)
    Thursday June 30 will be transported from the company two pieces TAMAR La Asomada.
  • New masons and painters come into the labor market in the hands of the ADLE (28/06/2011)
    Students in Initial Vocational Training Program run by the Agency on Wednesday, ending his training in the workplace after completion of 150 hours
  • Rescued fifteen swimmers during the first weekend of summer (28/06/2011)
    Local Police, Civil Protection and Rescue, were used to fund to meet some 800 incidents on the beaches, most reckless disregard for the prohibitions and jellyfish and other insects
  • Day to raise funds on projects Socioeconomic and Humanities (27/06/2011)

  • Covers all the squares of the Colonial Music and Summer Schools (27/06/2011)
    29 and 30 are held two information meetings for parents who have enrolled their children in playful training programs organized by the Department of Education for the summer period
  • The Island Escape Sailboat Wind Spirit and fill the center of cruisers (27/06/2011)
    More than 1,700 tourists, mostly British, arrived this morning at the port to board the last two cruises that visit us in June
  • More than thirty artists are added to the Cartagena Art Mar projecting their artistic creations on the cannelloni pasta (27/06/2011)
    The exhibition will open on July 9 in the gallery shop Gras Sale
  • The program concludes with 1,200 business community entities visited (27/06/2011)
    In the third phase of this activity, which seeks closer ties with businesses and inform them of the services of the ADLE, has managed to generate 81 jobs and internships for about 100 students
  • They continue the cleanup in the coves of the west (27/06/2011)
    Staff IMSEL, in collaboration with Civil Defence, last week launched the second phase of removal of trash on beaches inaccessible next to Cabo Tiñoso
  • Thirty people a close the pottery and modeling (27/06/2011)
    In the classes, taught by the sculptor Juan Jose Quiros, techniques for working with hand molds and around
  • End of final year Senior Computer (27/06/2011)
    In total, 150 seniors have participated in the six courses organized by the Municipal Social Services from April
  • Carmen Lara puts the finishing touch to the recitals of flamenco in St. Lucia (27/06/2011)
    Saturday during the month of June, the Plaza de la Marina has been the scene of the shows that have led the Ramp and Piñana Curro, a closed cycle this weekend with the dancer and his group flamenco
  • An suv reinforces the watchdog of beaches this summer (27/06/2011)

  • The Archaeological Museum displays the findings of recent excavations of the windlass (27/06/2011)
    municipal center prepares an exhibition that will open in early July along with various movie and music activities with a view to summer
  • SPCT proposed that council can compensate providers municipal taxes (27/06/2011)

  • The works of Ramón y Cajal extending to the junction with Calle Pedro Diaz (24/06/2011)

  • 40 groups will gather at the XVII Festival La Mar de Musicas Cartagena in an issue devoted to Italian culture (24/06/2011)
    More than half of the programming will premiere in Spain and nearly 40 percent of the concerts will be only La Mar de Músicas
  • La Mar de Musicas Cartagena brings only twenty concerts in Spain (24/06/2011)
    this morning presented the final program and news of the XVII edition of the festival dedicated to Italy, inlcuding the parallel activities of literature, film and art
  • SER celebrates its 30th anniversary in Cartagena Carles Fancine (24/06/2011)
    Hoy por Hoy was issued this morning from the old CIM in the presence of the mayor has promoted the various attractions presented by the city
  • Night bonfires and firecrackers without serious incident (24/06/2011)
    device deployed by Local Fire and Police prevented dangerous situations were recorded, despite the considerable number of interventions
  • Barreiro calls for increased aid and tax benefits to individuals, companies and shops Lorca (24/06/2011)
    As a deputy in Congress, the mayor has submitted amendments to the bill's future earthquake Lorca, which helps maintain the current force Decree Government approved after the quake
  • Fire Cartagena, special award from the audience Onda Cero (24/06/2011)
    The award was received last night in the CAM by the service chief, Francisco Gomez intervals
  • Major of The Day commemorates Albujón Association (24/06/2011)
    About 200 people gathered to celebrate the date, coinciding with the day of its patron, San Juan, and share with the neighbors table, tablecloth and many experiences
  • El Castillo de la Concepción surrenders to the magic of the stars (24/06/2011)
    Tonight medieval activities conclude the tenth anniversary of the Cartagena Port of Cultures, an astronomical observation from the fortress
  • Students celebrate graduation training courses (24/06/2011)
    The councilors of Youth and Education are the godmothers of the promotion of the degrees of social integration, socio-cultural, social and health care and education, the IES
  • Firefighters inspect more than 40 fires to stay safe tonight (23/06/2011)
    Half of them had deficiencies, such as being placed under power lines or near homes, so the move or clean the perimeter
  • Cartagena hosts the XVI Championship in Spain three-cushion billiards (23/06/2011)
    Eleven regional selections and more than fifty players participate from today until Sunday in the championship of one of the more complicated types of pool, and spectacular rendition
  • Opens Cultural Center box office Luzzy Ramon Alonso for the sale of tickets and passes La Mar de Músicas (23/06/2011)
    Box Office Hours will be Monday through Saturday from 10 to 14 hours
  • The school receives the Incarnation Entrepreneurial Spirit Award (23/06/2011)
    schools were also awarded Santa Maria Micaela, Narwhal and Ben Arabi
  • Collective Galactyco rewards individuals and entities (23/06/2011)
    Among the winners last night at the Casino was the council of Celebration for their support, guidance and good intentions with the group since its creation
  • Opened AFAMMER regional headquarters in La Palma (23/06/2011)
    The premises have been granted by the City of Cartagena
  • Verse and Fire in honor of Basil Galindo (23/06/2011)
    The People's University held last night at the Plaza Ortega Cano poetry reading with the ending of the course Bazaar Letters, UP, recalling the partner died last December
  • IES Los Molinos dismisses the course with the best of Dylan (23/06/2011)
    Last night at the Coyote room, pupils, parents and teachers celebrated the sixth edition of 'The Mills Summer Festival' dedicated this time to one of the emblematic figures pop-rock
  • La Mar de Músicas open an information center (23/06/2011)
    Banners and a booth with the material environment and Cartagena festival
  • SPCT is the "Youth of Socialists of Cartagena" (23/06/2011)
    youth organization of the direct SPCT Daniel Gomez Salcedo
  • The Local Police will increase surveillance during the Night of San Juan (22/06/2011)

  • Surprised two individuals trying to steal bikes Decathlon (22/06/2011)
    same day, on Monday, local police arrested two other individuals, one by an alleged robbery in a vehicle and one on which rested an arrest warrant a court in Palma
  • Application period for registration of Senior Summer School (22/06/2011)
    1 to be conducted July 15 with training activities of memory, VideoForum, travel and other therapeutic workshops
  • Nine students of the ALDE Español form in the School of Dublin (22/06/2011)
    After completing the basic English course taught by the Agency of Local Development and Employment practice what they learned during two-week stay with host families in the Irish capital
  • The Municipal School of Gymnastics take for the 2010/11 academic year closed (22/06/2011)
    At the exhibition held on Tuesday took about 750 pupils, representing different rhythmic gymnastics schools in the city
  • XVI Billiards Championship in Spain in Cartagena (22/06/2011)
    Eleven regional teams participating in this sporting event, specializing in three bands, which opened on 23 Councillor for Sports, and held until June 25 at the Hotel Alfonso XIII
  • IES Los Molinos takes the best from Bob Dylan to fire the course (22/06/2011)
    This evening, at the Coyote room, pupils, parents and teachers celebrated the sixth edition of 'The Mills Summer Festival' dedicated this time to one of the emblematic figures of pop-rock of the 60
  • La Palma hosts the regional headquarters of the Families and Women in Rural World (22/06/2011)
    The opening of local AFAMMER take place this afternoon in the presence of National President, along with officials and aldermen of the City of Cartagena
  • La Virgen de los Remedios looks Molina restored Palace (22/06/2011)
    the image back in the days to its original location in the cemetery of St. Lucia, after three and a half months of painstaking work in the municipal restoration workshop
  • The People's University dedicated to Basil and Fire Verso Galindo (22/06/2011)
    La Plaza Ortega Cano hosts poetry reading tonight with the ending of the course Bazaar UP Lyrics, recalling the partner died last December
  • The City Council appreciates the work of volunteers at the Night of Museums (22/06/2011)
    Thursday in a ceremony to be held at the Palace Hall, will be granted accreditation to young people who helped with this activity much more in May festival, and as in the campaign Cartagena Lorca
  • Music and humor in the most crowded farewell Space Sound (22/06/2011)
    Twelve hundred people enjoyed the Saturday night at City Hall Plaza with a performance by The Graffiti Classics, a brooch luxury of classical music events consolidated Spain
  • El Puente del Barrio de la Concepción and Peroniño are already open to traffic (21/06/2011)

  • Fire and Civil Protection warn of risks in the bonfires of San Juan (21/06/2011)
    them away from walls and trees do not burn plastics, and off with dirt, are some recommendations from the list compiled by prevention services, which also report on how act in case of burns
  • Residents of Los Popos celebrate their (21/06/2011)
    14 to June 26 made a number of local social activities like chats over the Internet or the history of Cartagena, as well as theater, music, dancing, bingo and quizzes caliche, ludo or petanque
  • UGT complaint with the labor inspectorate actions of the head of academic management unit UPCT (21/06/2011)

  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit is embodied in murals (21/06/2011)

  • The T-Visit the Mining Park of La Union (21/06/2011)
    The activity, which is included in the program organized by Youth, will take place Saturday with a visit to the mine Groups Vicenta and tour the park on the mining train
  • Eighty young people closed down the course of the Intercultural Center (21/06/2011)

  • Arrested for driving a stolen car without a license (21/06/2011)
    Local Police surprised Sunday to a 20 year old traveling at high speed and reckless by Los Mateos
  • The new head of the Guardia Civil will work on preventing theft in the field (20/06/2011)

  • Ten young volunteers Cartagena form in Europe (20/06/2011)
    European Voluntary Service, which provides the Department of Youth, allows them to learn while helping working in organizations in other countries of the Union
  • 970 items seized in May for the illegal hawking (20/06/2011)
    Among the items seized by local police, had clothing and counterfeit perfumes, as well as numerous audiovisual material and perishable products
  • Restored version of The Leopard and A Special Day in La Mar de Músicas (20/06/2011)
    The tapes will be screened in the afternoon.
  • The Albujón begins the festival of San Juan 2011 (20/06/2011)
    18 to June 26 made an extensive program of activities that include days dedicated to children, women, seniors and, of course, your employer with traditional bonfires and fireworks
  • Choreography full of light and color crowned the end of the course of the Municipal School of Dance (20/06/2011)
    El Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy welcomed on Friday the closing ceremony which was attended by 125 students of all ages, and was attended Councilman Sports
  • Carthaginians and Romans awarded to the youth of the Intercultural Center for immigrants (20/06/2011)
    Three schoolchildren were the winners of the Collage of Culture Week 2011 organized by the Federation troops and legions to capture the holiday spirit
  • Curro Piñana and Kabbalists delight of enthusiasts in St. Lucia (20/06/2011)
    They appeared on Saturday night in the Plaza de la Marina, in the cycle of concerts to celebrate organized for June
  • Communiqué Peña Hell Cartagenero (20/06/2011)

  • Jugglers, magicians and craftsmen missing closure to Cartagena Medieval (17/06/2011)
    This weekend ends the scheduled activities at the Castle de la Concepcion, in the Tenth Anniversary of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas
  • Two arrested for theft of jewelry in a home (17/06/2011)
    The suspected robbers, including a child, wearing several chains, gold bracelets seals and hidden inside a car that was intercepted by local police while driving in a reckless
  • Closure of the Municipal School of Dance (17/06/2011)
    is held this afternoon at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Four Dutch ships in Cartagena monitor the flow of drugs by sea (17/06/2011)

  • The municipal groups and their assignments are lowered personal (17/06/2011)
    Full City Council also approves the remuneration of councilors who are kept as in the previous term
  • Consider unacceptable pressures Viudes (17/06/2011)
    Ecologists in Action measures are unacceptable pressure Viudes Angel Adrian, president of the Cartagena Port Authority (CPA), aimed at the obligatory construction of Container Terminal at El Gorguel
  • Students of Architecture presented the ideal home of Ferran Adrià (17/06/2011)

  • Forty women completed the Workshop on Promoting Intercultural Centers (17/06/2011)
    Most from Morocco and Nigeria, have formed part of the course aims to inform and train foreign-born immigrants living in our city
  • The Governing Board appoints four coordinators of the City Council (17/06/2011)
    has also been given the green light to the composition of the Bureau of Contracting
  • In starting the summer market in the Plaza Bohemia (17/06/2011)
    The first posts were installed on Wednesday and is open from five in the afternoon until 2 am
  • The local police started a campaign to control the use of helmets (17/06/2011)
    20 to June 26 controls motorcycles increase, especially in town, to also monitor speeding, overtaking and ITV offside
  • SPCT will launch in September the forum "alternatives" to promote solutions to the crisis from a progressive optic (17/06/2011)

  • CCOO obtains an absolute majority in the Committee for Enterprise NAVANTIA Cartagena (16/06/2011)

  • La Mar de Músicas screened for the first time in Spain, Passione, director and actor John Turturro (16/06/2011)
    In the documentary film, which can be seen free on 16 July at the Nuevo Teatro Circo, group appears Almamegretta acting on the that day festival
  • RU New Cartagena closes the season (16/06/2011)
    Sports, music and merendola for students and players of the Club, will be the ingredients of the closing ceremony to be held Friday at the municipal sports center in the neighborhood
  • The Auditorium and the arcuate, elected best development projects in the Region (16/06/2011)
    Councillor for Culture pick tonight award given by the magazine Actualidad Económica also has awarded the businessman José Martínez Nieto Cartagena and the company SABIC
  • Students of the ALDE make reforms in the stadium Cartagonova (16/06/2011)
    From Tuesday have been doing masonry work, painting, plumbing and electricity for the maintenance and adjustment of the services of these sports facilities
  • Residents of San Felix celebrates in honor of its patron (16/06/2011)
    Dance, lottery, sports competitions, costumes, games and activities for children, complete an extensive program of 17 to 26 June
  • The Albujón raises 1,500 euros for Lorca (16/06/2011)

  • Alfonso Roca and Carlos Perez-winning Image Ten of Cartagena (16/06/2011)
    The photo contest organized by Puerto de Culturas failed Awards this fifth edition equipped with 800 and 400 euros respectively, and three second prizes of 100 euros each
  • The Roman Theatre in Cartagena is promoted in Euskadi (16/06/2011)
    Its director, Elena Ruiz, delivers a lecture this afternoon at the Roman Museum of Oiasso Irun
  • 73 RAAA is proclaimed champion of the Tournament Officials Futsal (16/06/2011)
    The closing of the tournament and awards ceremony was held Wednesday at the Municipal Sports Pavilion with the assistance of the participating teams
  • The fight against the red palm weevil will be a new effective, cheap and without environmental impact (16/06/2011)
    The tool, which this morning has been tested in several palm Heroes of Cavite, is an insecticide that is injected directly into the torrent sap, killing the weevil when you bite leaves
  • The Corporation is organized on the first floor of the legislature (16/06/2011)
    Friday will notice the formation of political groups and adopted their assignments and the financial rewards of the council and various committees information
  • Try a new system to combat the red palm weevil (16/06/2011)
    apply this morning in the palm of the Heroes of Cavite
  • The LGBT Pride Week Cartagena this year will be devoted to AIDS (15/06/2011)

  • Sold more than eighty percent of the credits in the Sea of ​​Music (15/06/2011)
    Among the most popular concerts highlight the Cyndi Lauper, Julieta Venegas and Omara Portuondo and Chucho Valdés
  • Theatre solidarity by housewives of Cartagena (15/06/2011)
    Members of the association become actors with the trap, based on a play by Agatha Christie, in the classroom of the CAM, to benefit the Sisters of the Poor Asylum and the victims of Lorca
  • The Academy of Margarita Lover dance for a good cause (15/06/2011)
    The collaboration between the Academy and grabbed Margarita Amante began in 2007 and since then have done different charity events working for the integration of the group of young people with Down syndrome
  • Sound Spaces farewell with The Graffiti Classics (15/06/2011)
    The Town Hall Square will provide a framework on Saturday the last concert of the 2011 edition of this musical series
  • Water cut in quarries and quarries Diaz (15/06/2011)
    Aquagest interrupt the water supply on Thursday June 16 from 9:30 am and for up to four hours due to maintenance work and improving the net
  • The collection of containers increased by four percent during the first quarter (15/06/2011)

  • The proceedings of aid dependency are streamlined with the crisis (15/06/2011)
    A technical committee of social services assesses the implementation of Law in Cartagena, where some 2,700 people benefit from economic benefits, homes, telecare and day centers
  • Lithuanian Merchants promote the sport and culture Nordic Cartagena (14/06/2011)

  • Arrested for allegedly firing a gun after a family feud (14/06/2011)
    Local police had to intervene Friday in Aljorra to notice a neighbor who alerted the discussion, found the prisoner drunk
  • The local police seized 201 cannabis resin acorns (14/06/2011)
    stopped last Friday in Pozo Estrecho four individuals for a crime against public health, Statements were also two mobile phones and a bag with 10 grams of marijuana
  • More than 700 students showcased their talents at the close of the Municipal School of Gymnastics (14/06/2011)
    Gymnasts from 18 centers in the municipality will participate in the event to be held in the central pavilion of Guimbarda Wssel
  • The Murcia songwriter Lloyd Cole Maez changes by Carmen Consoli (14/06/2011)
    The concert is included in the schedule of La Mar de Músicas, becomes Sunday July 17 due to technical problems
  • The Academy of Margarita Lover dance for ASID (14/06/2011)

  • The group introduced the Pride Galactyco Cartagena 2011 (14/06/2011)
    Councillor for Youth and the president of the Association shall make the program of activities for 20 to 25 June to mark Gay Pride Day
  • The Americans pointed to Bicity (14/06/2011)

  • Set up the new Local Government (14/06/2011)
    will meet as usual, every two weeks, the secretary shall be mowed and his spokesman Joaquin, Francisco Espejo
  • Finish Leisure Spaces Social Care (14/06/2011)
    The IMSS will close on Thursday at Miranda, Santa Lucia and San Ginés Strait, and on Friday Aljorra, these workshops in neighborhoods that have included children and adolescents
  • The Gold of Lithuania yacht arrives in Cartagena to promote the Eurobasket 2011 (14/06/2011)

  • More users looking to share car parking in the summer (14/06/2011)
    Cartagena is the third city in Spain with the largest number of users in this service, which has already reached 752 people
  • Caught shoplifting clothing Murcia Door (13/06/2011)
    The incident took place on Friday, just one day later, on Saturday, local police also intercepted another individual who had just steal a bicycle in Los Dolores
  • The mayor distribute competences (13/06/2011)
    The new municipal government will have seven areas, which are incorporated Suanzes Fatima, Francisco Espejo, Mariano Garcia, along with the veterans, Joaquín Segado, Nicholas Angel Bernal, Rosario and Antonio Calderón Montero
  • More than 4,000 spectators to applaud the grassroots (13/06/2011)
    The 2010-11 season of the Local League, involving a total of 254 teams from 37 clubs, held its closing ceremony Saturday at Municipal Stadium Cartagonova
  • An emotional Henry Nieto Navarro received the double crown mural of the Roman Senate (12/06/2011)

  • The Roman Senate grants Cartagena Murada Double Corona Enrique Nieto (12/06/2011)
    in a ceremony presided by the Minister of Culture and accompanied by the Rector of the UPCT
  • Four years to get growth curtailed by the crisis (11/06/2011)
    Pilar Barreiro faces his fifth term as head of the municipality in which social support and maintain the new model will boost tourism in the city and support for industrial investment
  • Closure of the eighteenth Local Youth Football League (10/06/2011)
    Competition organized by the Department of Sports check closing with a ceremony on Saturday 11 June at 19.00 pm in the Stadium Cartagonova
  • VI Cultural Week Molinos Club over Marfagones (10/06/2011)
    The Municipal Institute of Social and Life Club has organized exhibitions, competitions, musical performances, theater and dance competitions during days 14 to 20 June
  • IU-Greens reject the installation of a lubricants plant in Cartagena (10/06/2011)

  • Traffic Court at the intersection of Avenida de Murcia, Ronda Union City (10/06/2011)
    This restriction of vehicles will start first thing in the morning of Monday, June 13, due to construction of storm sewers installed in the area
  • Cruisers take over from the Americans (10/06/2011)
    bars and downtown businesses have received this morning at about 1,200 tourists who have come aboard the AIDAvita, the first of five cruise ships that visit us in June
  • The brothers Piñana in the festivities of Barrio Peral 2011 (10/06/2011)
    As in recent years, flamenco, children's activities, dance, music and contests, will not miss the celebrations of 13 to 19 June this year premiered new space outdoor Greenway
  • Summer School in Quarry (10/06/2011)
    The Youth Council is assisting the cooperative Promote, which provides sports activities, workshops and games during the month of July for children from 4-12 years
  • The new Municipal Corporation takes over on Saturday at noon (10/06/2011)
    The ceremony will be broadcast live over the Internet and a CCTV at the Palace Hall
  • Sayula and Polillón, the first to arrive in Ibiza (10/06/2011)
    The twenty participants in the traditional boat race yesterday left the port of Cartagena, at about ten o'clock, and within 24 hours they have completed the 170 miles separating them from San Antonio
  • Closing of the program of Parents School (08/06/2011)
    The closing took place Tuesday at the Palace Hall, attended the 33 AMPAS who have participated in seminars, lectures and conferences to support their children's education
  • Driver Education students already have their cards rider (08/06/2011)

  • About one and half million euros for improvements in schools (08/06/2011)
    Municipality and Autonomous Region will be launched this summer and needed urgent work, although there have been projects in the pipeline to give priority to rebuilding the city Lorca
  • Fernando de Querol goodbye to the mayor (08/06/2011)
    Rear Admiral Chief of Staff of the Maritime Action Force has been assigned to Rota
  • The results of the election district to district (08/06/2011)
    The City Council has made public the data from each of the tables in the last municipal elections, which are available through the municipal web
  • The film Carthago Nova 7RM be delivered by the Regional Day (08/06/2011)
    On Thursday 9 June at 15.10 hours you can see the animated feature that runs through the Roman city of the first century AD also soon be issued by TVE
  • The Cartagena-Ibiza loose ties in more supportive Edition (08/06/2011)
    About 30 boats will leave the port on Thursday at the XXIII edition of the regatta, 2,000 euros for registration for those affected by Lorca and this year can be traced through Internet
  • Cartagena investment excels in water and responsible water consumption (08/06/2011)
    Industry experts gather at the Water Summit AEAS, the new Auditorium, to discuss, from 8 to 10 June, developments and issues in management and supply of this resource
  • The coverage of the remains of the Roman Quarter Pinwheel ends (08/06/2011)
    Today is standing inside the structure, the absence in the coming weeks, the finish of the cover with a perforated plate that will give your appearance end
  • A performance by Jose Carlos Martinez inaugurated the Auditorium and Congress Palace (08/06/2011)
    The building houses these days, the first conference before the official opening ceremony, whose date has yet to be determined but will have a dancer's choreography Cartagena and current director National Ballet
  • The most modern carrier fleet in Cartagena nortamericana (07/06/2011)

  • The older they stage La Puebla Come, brothers à lvarez Quintero (07/06/2011)
    The play, which started this cycle and has the support of the Municipal Institute of Social Services, is shown Wednesday at the local social Cartagena council
  • Cartagena collective solidarity with the Cystic Fibrosis (07/06/2011)
    Last Wednesday the city held in the National Day of Donor Organs and Tissues with an information campaign that helped the city of Cartagena and a Gala Flamenca
  • Closing of the workshop Discover Your City and Customs (07/06/2011)
    Social Care Councillor has been commissioned today to terminate this activity aimed at older who started last March 29, organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • Fiestas de San Antonio in Tallante (07/06/2011)
    The deputation Cartagena celebrates its patron with marches, routes from the top, dances and ballads
  • The new director of the Self in Cartagena is presented to the Mayor (07/06/2011)
    Antonio Rosa, 43, comes to town after running for ten years, the station chain in Ceuta
  • Feast of the Ascension in Las Lomas del Albujón (07/06/2011)
    The program includes activities for all ages
  • Therapeutic Journey to the Lower Sea Mud (07/06/2011)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services now has a group of greater than I pay for a healthy day
  • The Belgian ambassador predicts an increase in trade with Cartagena (07/06/2011)
    During his visit today to our city, Johan Swinnen held a meeting with the mayor and praised the quality of our infrastructure, mainly the Port
  • The cadet Franciscans AD F-7, the first Champion Cup Tournament (07/06/2011)
    this week will be played during the final stages of qualifying Tournament Cup closing ceremony which will take place on Saturday at Municipal Stadium Cartagonova
  • Arrested for burglary in an industrial area (07/06/2011)
    Local Police officers intercepted him as he fled on a bicycle trailer
  • Larceny in a supermarket Carlos III (07/06/2011)
    The man was struck by an off duty officer when they tried to take several cans of cream
  • The Mayor gets behind the wheel of the aircraft carrier George HW Bush. (06/06/2011)
    This is the most modern ship of the U.S. Navy will call for a few days off the coast of Cartagena
  • Special traffic before the visit of seven thousand sailors (06/06/2011)
    restrictions mainly affect the Paseo de Alfonso XII and the dock in San Pedro
  • Students learn safety Carthago CEIP (06/06/2011)

  • The Corporation and the Board of Directors closed session (06/06/2011)
    The two bodies have held this morning their last meetings of the legislature in order to approve previous minutes
  • 538 vehicles were reported in May for exceeding the speed limit (06/06/2011)
    Local police reported last month a total of 9762 vehicles traveling at a speed exceeding the legally prescribed
  • The first visitors to enjoy the Teatro Romano in the light of the moon (06/06/2011)
    About thirty people toured the archaeological site at night, with the initiative to be held every Saturday of June
  • The AEAS Water Summit, the first congress of the auditorium (06/06/2011)
    The event will make the Capital Cartagena Water 8 to 10 June
  • Solidarity concert for the benefit of Lorca (06/06/2011)
    The Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena, with the assistance of the City Council and Caritas, has organized an action in solidarity with the victims of the earthquake, which will take place June 25 in the auditorium of the UPCT
  • The ramp opens St. Lucia flamenco performance before hundreds of spectators (06/06/2011)
    Saturday saw the first performance cycle that takes place during the month of June at the Plaza de la Marina neighborhood Sailor Cartagena
  • The program of Parents School is ending (06/06/2011)
    On Tuesday June 7 will be the closing ceremony at the Palace Hall, attended the 33 AMPAS who have participated in seminars, lectures and conferences in support of education children
  • Record of participation in the City of Cartagena Triathlon VI (06/06/2011)
    Matthew Pesquer and Mabel Gallardo were the winners of the competition on Sunday, surpassing the entries of recent years with over 280 triathletes
  • Driver Education students receive their membership cards (06/06/2011)

  • The Alicante Domene, winner of the Tour of Cartagena XXX (06/06/2011)

  • Funeral of the deceased priest (06/06/2011)

  • The Mayor gets behind the wheel of the aircraft carrier George HW Bush (06/06/2011)
    This is the most modern ship of the U.S. Navy will call for a few days off the coast of Cartagena
  • The Governing Board approved the list of admissions in nursery schools (03/06/2011)
    be published Monday in the different schools and parents will have a period of five days to claim
  • Tips and colors to celebrate the World Environment Day (03/06/2011)

  • Arrested for driving without a license less (03/06/2011)
    driving in a van with another young man of 23 on which consisted of an arrest warrant and was immediately brought police.
  • The course starts ADLE Rescue and Basic Life Support (03/06/2011)
    This training begins Monday, will take place during June and will involve 16 unemployed
  • Driver Education students receive their membership card (03/06/2011)

  • Fifty more are hiking over the Barranco de Orfeo (03/06/2011)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services has organized this activity now takes place within the city program, Healthy Active Tourism
  • ICCT: "The Futsal Cartagena dying before the political passivity of Murcia" (03/06/2011)
    The Autonomous Community is funding the trip Murciano Lugo fans, but does not pay subsidies Futsal Cartagena
  • The Senior Club Straits Well, first prize in the Dance (03/06/2011)
    Social Care Councillor yesterday presented prizes and Petanque Championship Dance Competition, during a day of sharing that took place yesterday over clubs the municipality in Los Urrutias
  • Build the city of Carthago Nova in the Museo del Teatro Romano (03/06/2011)
    It is a summer workshop designed for families to be held the week of June and July
  • Local Board pending in the City (02/06/2011)
    Government Team meets on Friday to approve the lists of children admitted to schools and care centers and points for children
  • Spring 2011 Events The Aljorra (02/06/2011)
    parade, live music, exhibitions, sports, football, killing or contests, make up the multitude of activities for all tastes and ages will be held from 3 to 12 June
  • The City Council is about to coastal bays (02/06/2011)
    The Institute of Coastal Municipal Services has begun this week cleaning the beaches inaccessible to the west, in the bay of Cabo Tiñoso, and will continue next week and Cape Calblanque Suit
  • Open Enrolment for Summer Schools in PAIS and CAIS (02/06/2011)
    During the month of June, those interested can enroll their children in schools that will take place in July at the centers and points of childcare in the municipality
  • The U23 Elite XXX Tour returns to Cartagena on Saturday (02/06/2011)
    More than a hundred cyclists will participate in the trial, on June 4, you only need a stage starting and finishing of the Alameda de San Antón and will travel 150 miles up to ports mountain and the slopes of cedacero
  • In June, Flamenco performances in St. Lucia (02/06/2011)
    The taste of flamenco song again on Saturday night at the Plaza de la Marina, with evenings organized by the cultural association The Pina in collaboration with the Department of Festivities
  • The best of Catalan folk pop, Antonia Font, La Mar de Músicas (02/06/2011)
    The Mallorcan substitute for Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars who cancel their European tour in July
  • The works of ASID are set out in the Youth Resource Centre in June (01/06/2011)
    Forty-six artists with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities in the Association have participated in the exhibition which opened last weekend at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Vista Alegre celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Cultural Week (01/06/2011)
    The Visal cultural group has organized 11 to June 18 free cultural activities, including lots of music, with a great evening flamenco, and rock singer-songwriter night, as well as drama and children's entertainment
  • Cartagena celebrates World Environment Day (01/06/2011)
    This Friday, June 3, the esplanade of the Pier will host information booths and activities for all ages, all looking to raise awareness of good environmental practices
  • The Roman Theater to shine again in the light of the moon (01/06/2011)
    Like last year, night tours will be organized in small groups and tours, every Saturday of June
  • Students of Occupational Trainer course and have their diplomas (01/06/2011)
    Twenty have been unemployed for five months this performance training at the Municipal Institute of Social Services

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