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Cartagena News - December 2010

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  • The mayor meets with Patty Llaguno cartagenera world champion paddle (30/12/2010)
    It won the title last December 3 at the Mexico World Cup, along with fellow Iciar Montes, and has been recognized twice Sportswoman of year of the city of Cartagena
  • Public Works awarded the Beaza Cabezo roundabouts to be implemented in ten months (30/12/2010)
    With an investment of EUR 2.6 million will improve safety and traffic flow in and out of the industrial and commercial center Parque Mediterraneo
  • The City Council wants to reopen the Grape Jumillano (30/12/2010)
    Draw to contest their rent for 10 years for 600 euros per month
  • Tribute to Johnny in the final pre-tournament football benjamin base (30/12/2010)
    More than 500 people, including youth players of Cartagena, Arturo and Bidari, supported the young player of the EF Vistalegre suffering from a degenerative disease
  • The Dream of Jupiter seduces hundred children in the Archaeological Museum (30/12/2010)
    The theater group La Murga about the history of mythology to the kids with the representation that is repeated on 4 January
  • Campaign midseason fertilizer (30/12/2010)

  • The collection of toys comes to an end with more than 2,000 units (30/12/2010)
    Today Thursday calsificarán and January 3 will begin to be distributed through the applicants asciaciones
  • Real Cartagena is in luck because, at last, has its own line of merchandising products. (29/12/2010)

  • Pinwheel Park will open to the public progressively as the works are completed (29/12/2010)
    The restoration of the remains found in archaeological excavations will calmly and as determined by the expert
  • The Youth Council deliver 2,500 kilos of food (29/12/2010)
    up to January 8 will be collecting nonperishable food that will go through the parishes to poor families in the municipality
  • The collection of toys comes to an end (29/12/2010)
    This evening at 17.30 hours in the courtyard of San Miguel, the council's Social Care, Youth Festival and the Youth Council will close the campaign has achieved the goal of the 1500 toys
  • 22 fellowships awarded the mobility program Leonardo Da Vinci (29/12/2010)
    More than 130 young people clamored for internships in Italy, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic
  • SPCT: "The mismanagement and lax economic crisis deepens Barreiro gets Cartagena" (29/12/2010)

  • A Christmas Carol Recital close intimate acts of the festival of San Juan Evangelista Risen. (29/12/2010)

  • CENTIC coordinates a project that makes the tours accessible to persons with disabilities (29/12/2010)
    tourism portal is the first European certified accessibility
  • Baby in Real Cartagena (28/12/2010)

  • Local Police tracked on the Internet to organize illegal parties (28/12/2010)
    also put controls in place to detect drug use by drivers
  • Social Care will leave no child without toys this Christmas (28/12/2010)
    The Department has made this morning his campaign contribution to the Mountains to the illusion that ends on Thursday, exceeding the target of 1500 toys for disadvantaged families in Cartagena
  • The residents of Vista Alegre celebrate Christmas (28/12/2010)
    About 250 people participated in Sunday's day of coexistence offering sports activities for the whole family as the sack race or futsal championships
  • Kelme team won the Christmas Tournament IX grassroots juvenile (28/12/2010)
    A thousand fans enjoyed Sunday's final in which the CF Kelme won by 4 goals to 1 at Elche CF
  • Yoni arrives at "La Bombonera" (27/12/2010)
    This week has taken place in the staff room of Guimbarda Wsell Pavilion, the presentation of new plays for Real Cartagena, Yoni
  • 135 women will participate in the courses of the Department of Women (27/12/2010)
    This morning have released lists of accepted courses of Computer Science at beginners, intermediate and advanced, and a workshop on self-esteem and laughter therapy to begin in January 2011
  • A motorcyclist died this past weekend (27/12/2010)
    The victim ran off the road in the Plaza de Severo Ochoa and crashed into a lamppost
  • More than 2,000 people in the San Silvestre Cartagena (27/12/2010)
    David Sanchez is the joint winner of the race this year has hit record number of participants meeting at 1500 adults and 573 children on the street circuit
  • The Christmas flooded the streets of Cartagena (27/12/2010)
    Live music, parades, games and workshops for the whole family full of color the center of the city within the activities planned by the Department of Festivities until 5 January
  • The Mountain of Toys is growing in San Miguel (27/12/2010)
    Social Care to meet the expectations and hopes to reach 1,500 on 30 December
  • Christmas Celebration at Camp Municipal de La Vaguada (27/12/2010)
    300 people participated in the activities organizdas by the sports association and the neighborhood association
  • Christmas Concert by the Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena in the Plaza de San Sebastián (27/12/2010)
    Interpret the Toy Symphony with the collaboration of outstanding musicians as council members, athletes, teachers and municipal technicians
  • The living crib Los Belones attracts over a thousand people (26/12/2010)

  • Denounced "the lack of interest" in the Christmas Swim across the Port of Cartagena by the regional television 7RM (26/12/2010)

  • The Living Crib of Belones marks the beginning of the holidays (24/12/2010)

  • The fishing ecopunto Cabo de Palos helps to preserve our coastline (23/12/2010)
    Councillor for the Environment and the Director General of Ports this morning visited the port facilities that can store up to 5,500 liters of aggressive waste to the marine environment
  • The Christmas V Soccer Tournament will bring together a thousand base of young football players (23/12/2010)
    Sports councilman this morning the fixtures for the Trophy which starts on Monday 27 and where 60 teams representing more than 20 Cartagena clubs and Countryside
  • Puerto de Culturas wide schedules and supply in the days of Christmas (23/12/2010)
    Tourist Boat and Fort Christmas in a special way to open a photographic exhibition showing the port, coastal batteries and fortresses
  • Real Cartagena is reinforced by Yoni (23/12/2010)

  • Development tender for 1.4 million euros a blueprint of the arterial network rail Cartagena (23/12/2010)

  • Family workshop to build Carthage (23/12/2010)
    From now until January 9 young and old can participate in creating a model of the Roman town in the classroom teaching of the Roman Theatre Museum
  • The ADLE School starts Workshop The Apeadero (23/12/2010)
    The course will start Monday, for two years will train 43 unemployed people under 25 years in trades like masonry, gardening, or carpentry to facilitate their integration into the world of work
  • Christmas Concert at the Archaeological Museum (23/12/2010)
    The soprano Ana Fernández acts tonight at the Voices of Parnassus concert scheduled for the entity
  • SPCT: "The mayor of Cartagena bet by candles as new street lighting system to save" (22/12/2010)
    Complaints that neighbors the way of carrying Albujón Gutierrez in a month without lighting
  • UPCT budgets for 2011 are reduced by 3.68% (22/12/2010)
    The Social Council of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena has approved in its meeting today, Wednesday 22 December, the budgets for the year 2011
  • Social Care Councillor check charities for Christmas (22/12/2010)
    From yesterday until Christmas Eve, the different sites visited by Antonio Calderon that they are handing out subsidies for their operation
  • The crisis does not stop the solidarity of the Cartagena (22/12/2010)
    About 2500 kilos of food were collected this morning at the fire station for people in need of Caritas Good Samaritan
  • A tender for the construction of a sports complex and an underground garage at the World 82 (22/12/2010)
    The Board of Directors declared admissible to the proposal from the Football Federation of Murcia which aims to realize the project and manage its operation
  • T signed for donors hopefully (22/12/2010)
    Today is delivered in Cartagena Radio Cadena Ser after being raffled among the 349 participants of the Marathon
  • Presentation Christmas V Soccer Trophy Soccer 5 and 7 (22/12/2010)

  • The mayor calls for unity against the crisis in his Christmas message (22/12/2010)
    Trust in the capacity of the municipality that has followed culminating projects and facing the challenges of 2011 with the opening of the Auditorium and Congress Palace and Parque del Pinwheel
  • Draw Christmas V Soccer Trophy Soccer 5 and 7 (22/12/2010)

  • The City Council extends the bus schedule to the Hospital of Saint Lucia (22/12/2010)
    On the occasion of the opening of Greater Maternal and Child Hospital will be provided uninterrupted service from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 22.15 pm, only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
  • SPCT: "The PP Pilar Barreiro citizenship presents its real plan to bring the crisis Cartagena" (22/12/2010)

  • Special bus hours for Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year 2011 (21/12/2010)
    The changes will affect the times of departure and closure of the service back and forth respectively on 24, 25 and 31 December and 1 January
  • Virtual reality to the public about what life was the necropolis in the IV and V (21/12/2010)
    A pioneering initiative in Spain late Roman site interactively recreates the Archaeological Museum of Cartagena through a window to the past
  • The Governing Board deals on Wednesday to build a sports complex in the World 82 (21/12/2010)
    is expected to approve the specifications for the contest that would include underground parking and a building
  • Local police working on the mountain of toys (21/12/2010)
    On Wednesday, San Miguel deposited those contained in the Security Park
  • Food Delivery Local Police and Fire to the needy (21/12/2010)
    will take place on Wednesday at the Park Security
  • The Bethlehem of the Albujón opens its doors for Christmas (21/12/2010)
    Councillors Social Care and Education were yesterday among the more than one hundred people attended the opening, which acted the Tuna de San Juan and the Choral Association XXI Century Women
  • Concert for Caritas solidarity in the Auditorium Regional (21/12/2010)
    The Symphonic Band will provide the Federation Region Band with musicians from Cartagena, and Pozo Estrecho Marfagones Mills
  • Álex de la Iglesia will shoot his next film in Cartagena (21/12/2010)

  • The school Hannibal National Award 2010 (21/12/2010)

  • The mayor lends a hand to Santa Claus to collect toys in San Miguel (21/12/2010)
    Barreiro has done this morning its contribution to the mountain that has begun to form in the courtyard of the new Administration Building and is expected to reach 1000 toys
  • The Board of Trustees held the last full year (21/12/2010)

  • Results of the ninth round of the Local League Soccer Base (21/12/2010)
    Competition fired successfully in 2010 to celebrate the holidays
  • The program Colleagues closing its activities celebrating the victory of Cartagena (21/12/2010)
    On Sunday, 150 young guests attended the club meeting at the Cartagonova, where they were met by the Councillor for Sports
  • This weekend has ended the traditional food collection campaign conducted by the Brotherhood of the Risen (21/12/2010)

  • Sixteen professional bartenders immigrants are already through to the Social Services (21/12/2010)
    The director of the Municipal Institute of Social Services closed the occupational training course presented diplomas to students from Morocco, Venezuela, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Russia
  • The students organized chocolatadas UPCT solidarity (21/12/2010)

  • Rosalie Garcia receives award Erotic Story Contest XI (21/12/2010)
    Youth Councillor has delivered the diploma to this young talent that accumulates only 16 awards contest fiction in the Mandarache
  • Students of the Polytechnic building a sound parable for Manifesta 8 (21/12/2010)
    Designed by sculptor Pablo Serret Ena will be exposed at the Parque Torres until 9 January
  • Full initially approved the amendment of the General Plan for the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena (20/12/2010)
    With the votes in favor of PP and PSOE and the abstention of the Citizens Movement, the last full year has given the green light to this initiative to build the new railway station in the city
  • The first phase of the Way of Syphon be sent shortly for recruitment (20/12/2010)
    While the works of this phase, covering the stretch between the junction of Mill Derribao and the bridge of the former railway line, are about to begin Infrastructure is already working on the second phase
  • Successful Aging and Disability Fair despite the rain (20/12/2010)
    More than 2000 seniors have participated over the weekend in the workshops of folk crafts and food and have shown their work in the plaza stands the John XXIII
  • The City Council council tax freeze for 2011 (20/12/2010)
    The mayor has announced that action taken by the municipal government to try to alleviate as far as possible the economic difficulties of Cartagena
  • The Civil Guard detained two people red-handed by the theft of automotive equipment (20/12/2010)
    were caught while fleeing the stolen material carrying a boom truck
  • SPCT propose that the increase of 17,000 meters for building in El Hondon is devoted to building public housing (20/12/2010)
    SPCT considers that this reservation would guarantee in the future to avoid land speculation
  • Implica2 motivates young IES Las Salinas del Mar Menor (20/12/2010)
    About 100 students will participate in joint initiatives of Cartagena as collecting toys for the illusion Mountains or food donation to Caritas
  • Activities Christmas in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad (20/12/2010)
    From this afternoon until 5 January, Christmas is about the neighborhood with a complete program that includes film, music, workshops, contests and games
  • The Association of Commercial Agents in Cartagena celebrated the feast of its patron saint, the Virgen de la Esperanza (20/12/2010)

  • Students and teachers of Jiménez de la Espada, satisfied with the first meeting in Norway Comenius (20/12/2010)
    This project, entitled Women in Our Culture, has the support of the Youth Council through IDEAS program and continues in February a meeting in Belgium
  • Meeting of young immigrant children in Cartagena FC players (20/12/2010)
    The players shared their experiences and vicissitudes in their sports careers to become professional
  • Local Police thwarted a burglary at a farm in Pozo Estrecho (20/12/2010)
    agents caught two men trying to steal steel beams and, before the police presence, began to flee in a truck without being made
  • The Department of Youth studying the reading habits of adolescents (20/12/2010)
    CT Young echoes of Pisa Report 2009, which places Spain below the OECD average and encourages programs promoting reading as the Mandarache
  • Rives asks for silence because "I believe that the truth hurts" (20/12/2010)
    Segado criticized the PSOE candidate for Mayor send silent and deny improved unemployment
  • Elcano students give life to the Birth of Jesus (20/12/2010)
    Friday represented a Living Nativity for young Virgin of Begoña ERC
  • Closure of the Workshop School Hostel (20/12/2010)

  • 40 brave challenge to cold in the VI Swim across the Port of Cartagena (20/12/2010)
    The swimmers, including the oldest 77 years, toured the 200-meter test on Sunday in the rain and freezing temperatures
  • Municipal Sympathy for the death of the former councilmen Joseph Campbell (20/12/2010)
    had been delegated to the Interior and Local Police with Mayor Juan Martínez Simón
  • Real Cartagena in the third marathon of blood donation (17/12/2010)

  • Carthaginense Citizen Initiative (ICCT) convenes tomorrow, Saturday 18, at 12.30, a rally in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Cartagena (17/12/2010)
    "In Cartagena, and our future, not the FERRMED in Murcia
  • Defense Delegates visit the Palace Hall (17/12/2010)
    have participated in an annual meeting to be held these days in the Region
  • The last full year 2010 will discuss the new train station (17/12/2010)
    Meets Monday at noon in the Meeting Room of the Town Hall
  • The FICC film shows us what is done in our land (17/12/2010)
    The second round of regional courts and the acclaimed documentary about the fight against Alzheimer Pasqual Maragall presented today at the International Festival Cartagena Film
  • The Mayor opened the IV Fair for the Elderly and Disabled (17/12/2010)
    A total of 43 associations of the elderly account for more than 20 booths that can be visited until Sunday at the Plaza Juan XXIII
  • FC Cartagena apex and celebrate a day of coexistence (17/12/2010)
    The council has received this morning at the stadium Cartagonova members of the association, within the program activities organized by the Department ADE
  • Arrested after assault with a knife to a disco-janitors (17/12/2010)
    Another employee of the establishment was the one who grabbed the man, who apparently was accompanied by another that got away, until the arrival of Police Local
  • The Albujón opens The Bethlehem Web page (17/12/2010)
    The Bethlehem of the local association Cartagena on Thursday unveiled its new web portal that will provide all the information about the entity, such as the opening of Bethlehem to be held on Monday
  • Threat to his roommate with a knife and injure themselves to be arrested (17/12/2010)

  • End of Course waiter immigrants organized by Social Services (17/12/2010)
    Social Care Councillor will chair on Monday the closure of this action job training with the awarding of diplomas to students
  • 32 women could say goodbye to unemployment through the workshop Care Unit of the ADLE (17/12/2010)
    The students have received diplomas this morning have been ongoing for a year involved in caring for dependents Quarrying Occupational Center
  • The mayor says the crisis has failed to stop at Cartagena (17/12/2010)

  • Michael Sparks, the new director of the School of Architecture and Building Engineering (17/12/2010)

  • Manuel Alcaraz, new director of the School of Civil Engineering and Mining (17/12/2010)

  • The Cartagena Risen Guild held its plenary council officers for re-election of its Board of Officers (17/12/2010)

  • Public Works streamlines communications in the Campo de Cartagena between the towns of Las Palas and Tallante (17/12/2010)
    It takes place a performance improvement path, extension of the apron and construction of two roundabouts, which is close to completion
  • The Albujón goes out by local social (17/12/2010)

  • Good news for Real Cartagena (16/12/2010)

  • Closure of the workshop Care Unit of the ADLE (16/12/2010)
    The 32 students who have been trained workers for a year with this course will receive their diplomas on Friday in the Hall of the Artillery Park
  • XX Meeting Easter crews Mills Marfagones (16/12/2010)
    is held on Sunday in the courtyard of the neighborhood association, with the participation of five groups in the region and this year's Torreagà crew was invited ¼
  • 90 women approach new technologies with the courses to the Department of Women (16/12/2010)
    Councillor for Culture and Women, Rosario Montero, delivered this morning the diplomas of computer and accounting courses to 90 women between 30 and 45 years
  • The new Local Police vehicles are equipped with GPS (16/12/2010)

  • The Mediterranean Association of La Manga, winner of the II Crib (16/12/2010)
    Also births have received awards presented by the Board of Sacred Heart and the Virgen del Carmen, which along with the rest of this study can be visited at the Mall Mandarache to 6 January
  • More than a hundred agents monitored daily in the city Christmas (16/12/2010)

  • Charity Rives: "The problem of AVE is in the Ministry but in the administrations of PP" (16/12/2010)

  • PSOE: "The City has outstanding 24 million euros to suppliers and social organizations" (16/12/2010)

  • The People's University in the land of Miguel Hernández (16/12/2010)
    part of the program and now we, the UP on Tuesday organized a trip to Orihuela to commemorate the centenary of the poet
  • "The municipal cleaning service forget access roads to the IES El Bohio" as the party complaint Cartagenera (15/12/2010)

  • É ‰ Cartagena success of athletes in the championship of Spain Taekwondo club (15/12/2010)
    Young people competed with more than 600 athletes and returned home with 2 golds, 7 silvers and 14 bronzes
  • IX Christmas Tournament Soccer 7 Alevín Cartagena FC (15/12/2010)
    sporting facilities Cabezo Beaza Estate will host the day 26 to 250 kids who participate in the tournament this year, for the second consecutive year, returns to international
  • IV Fair Resources and Services for the Elderly & Disabled (15/12/2010)

  • The Mandarache-nominated work, Waiting for Robert Capa, will be filmed in 2012 (15/12/2010)
    The author has found more than 600 young people in the auditorium of the UPCT where he presented the work that tells a thrilling story of love under bullets
  • How was La Manga between 1963 and 1980 (15/12/2010)
    The Municipal Archives of Cartagena presents an exhibition of more than 70 photographs donated by Antonio Solano Oliver and which shows the evolution of coastal urban
  • Health invested over 400,000 euros in the Primary Care Clinic in Mazarron Camposol (15/12/2010)
    The Minister of Health stressed that "with the opening of this new office will meet all basic needs of this population Primary Care Area Health Cartagena II "
  • Urban extends from 46,000 to 63,000 meters for building the environment in the Railroad Station (15/12/2010)
    The Planning Commission approves the change inform the General Plan to allow funding of the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena
  • Youth announces the fourth competition in Europe What do you know? (15/12/2010)
    Is designed for students of secondary schools in the municipality and the deadline for registration is 22 December
  • The Socialist Party demands the resignation of Salvador Marín "for his cowardice in Cartagena" (14/12/2010)
    Socialist candidate for mayor says Rives Caridad Barreiro also should be held accountable because "Valcárcel or she has no business or misled the Cartagena"
  • Susana Fortes Encounter with 600 students in the auditorium of the UPCT (14/12/2010)
    The first finalist 2011 Mandarache talk about his novel Waiting for Robert Capa
  • "Blockbuster" at the Playas de Castellón (14/12/2010)

  • Local Police handled 120 complaints to dog owners who lacked Microchip (14/12/2010)

  • Fans can attend the party free of Cartagena Reale with Playas de Castellón (14/12/2010)

  • Social Services improves customer service in its new headquarters of the Graduate (14/12/2010)
    Mayor this morning visited the facilities in which they have invested over 200,000 euros to regroup the 70 officials of the Department
  • Urban ruled Tuesday amending the land of the railway station for the arrival of the AVE (14/12/2010)
    The finance committee also will meet tomorrow for the nomination of various public spaces
  • VI Swim across Christmas in the Port of Cartagena (14/12/2010)
    Proof, with a distance of 200 meters, is held Sunday at noon with departure from the stairway Real and ENROLLMENT is provided free of charge
  • Luis Calandre ceases to be a back street (14/12/2010)

  • The Community and the City of Cartagena invest four million euros in the renovation of the street Doctor Luis Calandre (13/12/2010)
    The Presidency and Minister of Public Administration and the mayor of the town today visited works
  • Exhibition of Nativity School Contest II (13/12/2010)
    Fifteen finalists from as many schools make up this exhibition which is open until January 6 in the Commercial Park Mandarache in morning and afternoon
  • A story of love and war in Waiting Robert Capa, the first work-nominated Mandarache (13/12/2010)
    Hollywood director Michael Mann wants to film the work of Susana Fortes, tomorrow will present and sign copies in the Hall of Cajamurcia
  • Installed two domes Canteras Astronomical Observatory (13/12/2010)
    In addition, the Youth and Training Centre will have 3 telescopes, telescope night, a lot, a radio telescope and other high-tech material to promote the hobby of astronomy
  • The Federation of Parkinson resumed the struggle for Cartagena Reference Center (13/12/2010)
    The president of the Federation this morning visited the mayor to seek their support in the implementation of the construction of facilities that should be working from 2006
  • One hundred students from the AGA at the Palace Hall with Mayor (13/12/2010)
    Accompanied by their teachers, have been this morning in Cartagena where they could greet the first municipal authority, which has been given a booster metopa
  • San Silvestre 2010, a joint appointment and healthy for Sunday 26 (13/12/2010)

  • The second phase of works in the local office of Isla Plana begin in early 2011 (13/12/2010)
    The project was approved last Friday by the Board of Governors and is a continuation of the first step towards improving facilities and creating a point of meeting with the Neighborhood Association
  • Awards Ceremony Children's Painting Competition on the UPCT (13/12/2010)

  • III Blood Drive Marathon at the Palace Hall (13/12/2010)

  • The Community provides access to employment for young graduates trained by the UPCT (13/12/2010)
    The Ministry of Universities, Research Enterprise and develop business cooperation projects between the CEEIC, UPCT and Business Association Cabezo Beaza
  • End of Year Concert to close the Year of St James (13/12/2010)
    california pooling of Santiago has organized in collaboration with the City a concert on December 30 in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • 69 university scholarships enjoy transport (13/12/2010)
    The Board of Governors on Friday approved the award of grants this year amount to 14,000 euros
  • The Association of Commercial Agents in Cartagena celebrates the feast of its patron saint, the Virgen de la Esperanza (13/12/2010)

  • Cartagena Popular Party held its traditional Christmas lunch with hundreds of members (13/12/2010)

  • UPyD clearly requires the City Council in the municipal accounts and elimination of redundant positions (11/12/2010)

  • Real Cartagena goes to Guadalajara (10/12/2010)

  • Complete works of Doctor Luis Street Grille (10/12/2010)

  • Christmas in Cartagena 2010/11 (10/12/2010)
    The Department of Celebration has organized for the holidays a number of activities for the whole family, especially children, opening with the opening of Bethlehem and close to the Three Kings
  • Celebration, Social Care and Youth together for a better Christmas (10/12/2010)
    This year, the councils have joined forces to optimize resources and provide a schedule that, despite the crisis, bring joy and happiness characteristic of these dates to all Cartagena
  • A footbridge connects four meters wide and Avenida Pio XII del Barrio de la Concepción (10/12/2010)
    The work will be executed in the coming months at no cost to the City as improved draft Luis Street Grille
  • The King's Plaza reopens to the public (10/12/2010)
    The mayor and council shall Infrastructure power to the light this evening at 19.30 hours, and tomorrow there will be a day of entertainment activities for all ages
  • Activities of entertainment on Saturday in the Plaza del Rey (10/12/2010)
    Tomorrow Saturday 11 December, all day, you can enjoy a day of workshops for all the public during the public reopening of the Plaza del Rey
  • The City Council restored the steps of the proposed Sea Wall by Victor Beltrí (10/12/2010)
    consolidate its structure and return the original look of the early XX
  • Flagship of Moros y Cristianos de Murcia held a day of living in Cartagena (10/12/2010)
    The mayor has received this morning the president of the Federation, Alfonso Gálvez, and treasurer, Felix Tortosa, who has also contributed to the visit will occur next March
  • Threat simulated a gun to a woman and her children (10/12/2010)
    It seems the individual had no relationship with her, but her ex-husband, and at the time of arrest, the police officers noted that he was drunk Local
  • The mayor defended the right of employers to decide Cartagena on their infrastructure (10/12/2010)
    The XII Workshop for Business Leaders, organized by the COEC and the Chamber of Commerce was inaugurated with a speech in favor of regional integration and unity
  • Water cut in Ramón y Cajal and Urbincasa (10/12/2010)
    Monday Aquagest interrupted water supply in several blocks in the area for work to improve the network of water supply
  • The certificate contains the AUDIT UPCT ANECA for five centers (10/12/2010)

  • Report your child for breaking and entering (10/12/2010)

  • Do not tell me films, an exhibition of the film as a starting point (10/12/2010)
    Included as part of the International Film Festival of Cartagena, contains various artistic disciplines and will be open until January at the Cultural Hall Cajamurcia
  • Young people are growing less important to bottle (10/12/2010)
    Unemployment, racism and youth violence are the greatest precupaciones of young people between 14 and 25 years, according to a study reported by the Centre Virtual Reality Department of Youth Youth
  • 120 university seminars Entrepreneurship Outreach (10/12/2010)
    Organized by the ADLE, INFO and the UPCT Bancaja, have been developed at the Faculty of Sciences of the Company from 10 November to 2 December day of its closure
  • The two domes of the Astronomical Observatory of quarries already in Cartagena (09/12/2010)
    Made in Italy, the siting of these will begin on Monday and will crown the remodeling of the council Youth Center
  • The success of the exhibition Do not tell me the engine warms Movies FICC 39 (09/12/2010)
    Those responsible for the Cartagena Film Festival have been this morning with the mayor to have him informed of the schedule of this year, which begins Sunday, and their ideas for the future
  • The mayor opens Friday Day of COEC for corporate leaders (09/12/2010)
    is held at the Faculty of Sciences of the Company and the closing UPCT borne by the president of the Regional Assembly and the Minister of Universities, Business and Research
  • Puerto de Culturas accessible website debuts with the seal of quality (09/12/2010)
    The mayor has presented this morning the new website will, among other services, schedule a comprehensive visit to Cartagena, book tickets online and view content accessible to people with disabilities
  • The City will construct a new footbridge over the Rambla de Benipila (09/12/2010)
    The project will be approved tomorrow by the Local Government settlement next to the stairs of the Sea Wall
  • People with Down syndrome may be independent Cartagena ASID through an apartment donated by the CAM (09/12/2010)
    The councilman of Social Affairs, Antonio Calderon, attended the signing of the agreement between the CAM and ASID to carry out the project I live my own life
  • The campaign Verde Green I Love You arrive in El Algar (09/12/2010)
    Tuesday will be held at the Civic Center a day to promote waste recycling at home, promoted by the Autonomous Region in collaboration with the City of Cartagena and Thaderconsumo
  • Results of the seventh round of the Local League Soccer XVIII Base (09/12/2010)
    Soccer Schools San Ginés, New Cartagena, Torre Pacheco dominate the pre-baby category A
  • Threatened with a knife to a partner after an argument in a bar (09/12/2010)
    Local Police on Friday arrested an individual for alleged involvement in a crime of threatening to stab the inside of an establishment situated at Ramon y Cajal
  • Agriculture organizes educational exhibits 'Flora endangered North African: the Cartagena jara' (09/12/2010)
    will remain until 31 December on the premises of the Directorate General of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity
  • Cartagenera Party denounced "the arbitrary designation of representatives to the Board of the Port Authority" (08/12/2010)

  • Seizing a gun to a man who threatened his wife and his father (07/12/2010)
    The son of the couple had alerted the police that his father had introduced her mother in the car by force and I was going to campaign for his grandfather
  • ASID will have a floor for your project I Live My Own Life (07/12/2010)
    Through the signing of an agreement, the MAC will give him a home in the heart of the city in a ceremony held Thursday in the Classroom entity Culture
  • 118 entrepreneurs and executives learn to improve their business skills (07/12/2010)
    The European Business and Innovation Cartagena (CEEIC) and the Agency of Local Development and Employment of Cartagena (ALDE) to a close the series of seminars with great success Aula Company participation
  • Spruce wood for the environment Auditorium (07/12/2010)
    The adaptation works outside the building entering its final stretch with the installation of the platform of 20,000 square meters
  • An accessible route favors the 'Tourism for All' in Cartagena (07/12/2010)

  • Social Care gives 116,200 euros to organizations that work with immigrants (07/12/2010)

  • The Cartagena Patty Llaguno wins two golds in the Mexico 2010 World Paddle (06/12/2010)

  • The Roman Theatre Museum extends hours during the bridge (05/12/2010)
    open Sunday through Tuesday from 10 to 18 hours, and Wednesday, from 8 to 14 hours
  • Control of alcohol in view of the Christmas lunch and dinner (05/12/2010)
    Local Police will deploy the first phase of the campaign between 9 and 21 December
  • UPyD denounced the exorbitant price of water and waste services (04/12/2010)

  • Luis Fonseca (Reale Cartagena): "If we pay as in the past few weeks, everything is fine" (04/12/2010)

  • Rescue dog units in Spain and Denmark are meeting this weekend in Cartagena (04/12/2010)
    Canine Rescue Unit of the Murcia Region X Conference organizes international rescue dog units
  • The City Council is attached to the computer networks of the Autonomous Community and the State (03/12/2010)

  • The rector of the Universidad Catolica del Norte, Chile, visit UPCT (03/12/2010)

  • Thousands of hugs and a big open hand on the International Volunteer Day (03/12/2010)
    400 youths have been dealt Hugs for Everyone at the event organized by Youth, which culminated with the reading of a manifesto in defense of volunteerism in the Town Hall Square
  • The Center for Child Care in Pozo Estrecho opens its doors to visits from parents and neighbors (03/12/2010)
    94 children, ages 4 months and 3 years old, enjoy the modern facilities of the center this morning visited the Councillor Education
  • Christmas atmosphere for days the bridge of the Constitution (03/12/2010)
    This night will be lit in the center of Christmas lights until Wednesday, the Bethlehem Municipal works are well advanced and the handicraft market of Alameda opened its doors on 6
  • Smith hopes that the latest measures Zapatero, proposed two years ago by the PP, help create jobs in Cartagena (03/12/2010)

  • Log in to rob a house breaking the door with a carpenter's hammer (03/12/2010)
    The incident took place on Sunday in a neighborhood of Cabo de Palos, where local police arrested the complainant after being reported by a witness
  • Poetry recital at the Student House (03/12/2010)
    My Body Says, My mouth speaks ... My heart feels, is the function representing theater groups in the University Senior School and Municipal People's University
  • Identify the thief from a car while having fun in a pub (03/12/2010)
    The man, who resisted arrest by the local police had removed the vehicle interior day in La Manga and had filed the police report
  • Cartagena wins the World Heritage City of Alcalá (03/12/2010)
    This award recognizes the work of cities, organizations and individuals in the recovery of cultural heritage and its value
  • ... (02/12/2010)

  • Mario Augusto Ossorio leave Real Cartagena (02/12/2010)

  • Antonio Duréndez, new dean of the Faculty of Business of the UPCT (02/12/2010)

  • Jose Martin Lopez wins Painting Contest People's University (02/12/2010)
    The jury's decision was announced Wednesday during the inauguration of the exhibition at the Speed of Lightning in the Cultural Center, which lists the works presented the contest which was held on Tuesday
  • The Adventures of the Seas docked in Cartagena (02/12/2010)
    With nearly 1,200 passengers, the cruise passes the day today at the port and tourists visiting the city, its heritage and commercial establishments
  • Sport and Society, joined by ananda Solidarity Calendar 2011 (02/12/2010)
    1,000 copies have been printed and sold for the modest price of 3 euros, a performance for which this non-profit association has enjoyed the cooperation of the Department of Sports and FC Cartagena
  • UPyD reiterates its support to the claims of the residents of the Barrio Santiago against the illegal clearing of forests adjacent to the new hospital (02/12/2010)
    UPyD-Cartagena and previously denounced the illegal status of the works in the mountains near the Barrio Santiago .
  • Hugs caring for all in the International Volunteer Day (02/12/2010)
    The Youth Council has prepared for Thursday Hugs its traditional march in which 400 high school students participate giving hugs the center of the city
  • 194 reported in November vehicles speeding (02/12/2010)
    Local police made last 34 controls in several ways the municipality with the radar on loan from the General Directorate of Traffic
  • UPyD denounces the abuse of training courses for unemployed people who had as cleaning practices of the New Hospital of St. Lucia (01/12/2010)
    The Agency of Local Development and Employment should provide explanations for the actions undertaken by the service contractor cleaning, the company LIMCAMAR
  • Money laundering experts participating in a conference in UPCT (01/12/2010)

  • Students Mines Road and celebrate the festival of Santa Barbara (01/12/2010)

  • Young people from different nationalities propose solutions to youth unemployment (01/12/2010)
    Enhance social networks, promote entrepreneurship and facilitate access to first job, are some of the main conclusions of Youth Meeting 2010
  • The mayor takes the prize to Cartagena World Heritage granted Alcalá de Henares (01/12/2010)

  • Cartagena taxi drivers are upgraded with a new logo (01/12/2010)
    with the City Council also study the implementation of a service taxi tourist routes early next year
  • About 130 young people apply for grants Leonardo Da Vinci (01/12/2010)
    The selection of the 22 fellows will begin on December 9 with the language test
  • Miguel Sandín opens Encounters Hache Author Award (01/12/2010)
    The author of Madrid, which brings the contest organized by the Youth Council Pania his work record, offered on Wednesday a press conference after his meeting with young readers
  • Triumph of the CD Primi-Sport in Spain XVI Petanque Championship (01/12/2010)
    were held last weekend in Granada with the participation of 34 clubs across the country and the representative Cartagena singles took the gold medal
  • City, Caritas and Hospitality Santa Teresa coordinate efforts by the homeless (01/12/2010)
    With the arrival of the cold and rain, voluntary social institutions roam the streets of the city to provide shelter for the homeless in the municipality, a campaign that will last all winter
  • Open day in Pozo Estrecho CAI (01/12/2010)
    will be held on Friday 3 December with the assistance of the councilors and Josefa Montero Rosario Maroto
  • PP: 2005 Pajín arguments used to delay the National Reference Center for Parkinson " (01/12/2010)

  • The founding of the city, in the Carthage film (01/12/2010)
    It opens on Thursday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo free entrance until full capacity
  • Painting Exhibition At Fast Speed Runs (01/12/2010)
    Organized by the People's University, collected the works submitted to the contest held on Tuesday and was opened this afternoon at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Xavier Nieto, new director of the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (archaea) (01/12/2010)

  • Start the amateur football championship XVI Cartagena (01/12/2010)
    The tournament opens in the renovated seat of municipal field Zamora Juan à ngel

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