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Cartagena News - March 2009

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  • Iberdrola Renovables brings together for the first time in Cartagena to its board of directors (31/03/2009)
    The president of the Community and the mayor have been a member at the Palace Hall
  • 250 jobs in Spain attending Short Week (31/03/2009)
    short space of Mucho Mas Mayo festival in Cartagena, a workshop complete with Stop Motion
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas opens its doors at Easter (31/03/2009)
    Day 3 will be open day, the interpretation centers will remain open all week from Monday to Sunday and the Teatro Romano and the expanding tourist boat schedule
  • Arrested for stealing a bag at the bus station (31/03/2009)
    The man had stolen the bag to a woman when she was in the toilets of these facilities
  • UPyD denounces the collapse of the Emergency Rosell Hospital in Cartagena and the status of patients (31/03/2009)

  • Pujante considered "ridiculous" that the PP ensure that the increase in toluene at Alum is due to the painting of a sports (31/03/2009)

  • The selection of Cartagena under 23 faces Finland in a soccer friendly (31/03/2009)
    The meeting was held this afternoon at the sports complex La Manga Club, after practice that took place yesterday at the stadium Cartagonova
  • Daniel Ramon Madrid and Murcia, finalists in the festival include Guitar Strings & Metals (31/03/2009)
    The two finalists will hear in the closing ceremony, the 8th of May in the Auditorium of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, where are the winners of this Edit
  • Much More commitment to training in May with twelve workshops on new creative languages (30/03/2009)
    The festival, held from 4 to May 24, includes free choice courses for students of the UPCT and developments such as the celebration of the Night of Museums for the first time in Cartagena
  • Cartagena is supported by the Community for the 2017 Mediterranean Games (30/03/2009)
    The mayor and the municipal spokesmen have visited this morning Valcárcel to gather support for the candidacy of the port city
  • Workshop screenplays (30/03/2009)
    Organized by the International Film Festival of Cartagena, in collaboration with the UPCT, for those interested in film and students and the University UPCT Senior
  • Civil Protection device prepares special Easter on the beach (30/03/2009)
    During the holidays there will be 17 people watching for the safety of the swimmers in seven beaches in the municipality, which must be added the cleaning and maintenance performed Municipal Institute of Coastal Service
  • The new Naval Hospital surgery performed seven surgical procedures a day (30/03/2009)
    is the fourth surgery in Cartagena active in the hospital and receives assistance Ambulatory Surgery and Surgical Short Stay
  • Cut water Alumbres (30/03/2009)
    On Tuesday, from 9.30 am
  • Much More twelve workshops organized in May in search of a contemporary view of film, music, art, theater and dance (30/03/2009)
    The festival includes free credit courses for students of the settings UPCT
  • The Cartagena de Tarragona pay tribute to Charity (30/03/2009)
    As usual, the colony in the Catalan city of Cartagena on Saturday held this event in honor of the patron, which was attended by the Councillor for Sport on behalf of the City
  • "A thousand students learn to conserve the native flora" (30/03/2009)

  • The Community will support the provision of access to the archaeological park of the windlass (28/03/2009)
    The Ministry collaborates with the city of Cartagena in the development of the archaeological park project, with funding of over half a million euros
  • Arde a vehicle in a garage when it was started by owner (27/03/2009)
    A thermal imaging camera allowed firefighters quick access to focus, despite the heavy smoke, and extinguish the fire, preventing further consequences
  • Earth Hour, also in Cartagena (27/03/2009)
    The City joins initiative on Saturday to shut down for an hour and ornamental street lighting, climate change
  • El Cristo del Socorro picks up his story in the book Thirty-Three Hearts (27/03/2009)
    The official chronicler José Monerri was responsible for the presentation of this work takes a look at the 300-year history of the guild Cartagena
  • The Auditorium and Congress Palace, at a good pace (27/03/2009)
    The mayor has visited this morning the work of the cultural infrastructure, which will become one of the main axes of development of the city and will be completed after the summer of 2010
  • Early remodeling of the main streets, Comedy and Still Life (27/03/2009)
    this morning have begun preparations to carry out the bulk of the work, which will begin after Easter
  • Eight young musicians become semifinalists Rope Ropes & Metals Among festival (27/03/2009)
    Those selected in the first phase in this way to pass the final to be held on April 23, playing the second piece selected
  • Open the deadline to participate in Senior Fair III (27/03/2009)
    up to April 15 may register those companies and institutions related to services for seniors
  • The German company Toula Limanaios reinterprets the opera Tosca to shut Moving (27/03/2009)
    Titoyaya Brodas Gustavo Ramirez and animate the streets of Cartagena at the close
  • Increased police presence ahead of Easter (27/03/2009)
    Local Safety Board has set the device to hold processions, with an average of 217 local police officers the day and special attention to traffic works on the Plaza of Spain
  • González Tovar visited the headquarters of the California Guild of Cartagena (27/03/2009)

  • The Forces of State Security last year increased the number of crimes and arrests clarify (27/03/2009)
    The troop surge in Cartagena has led to increased police efficiency
  • The sport is in action in Cartagena I Intercultural Week. (27/03/2009)
    Municipal Sports Pavilion on Saturday hosting a football tournament organized by the City, the region and Bancaja
  • The Beethoven CP celebrates successful year Cultural Deportivo (27/03/2009)
    More than 500 students are participating throughout the course in various sports
  • End of film for the Reading Club Bag Languages (27/03/2009)
    Participants of this service could see the film in English of the book in which they have been working, 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'
  • The best dancers from Spain and Europe showed their skills in the Memorial Maria Mulas (27/03/2009)
    About 150 dancers took part in the gala, to benefit the Alzheimer's Association and District Cartagena
  • Pilar Barreiro relegated from his position as councilman Enrique Pérez Abellán (27/03/2009)
    The mayor has defended the work done by the mayor in the city of Cartagena for 18 years and has spent the powers of Public Way José Vicente Albaladejo and Security to Javier Herrero
  • Meeting Plaza of Human Rights (26/03/2009)
    The Department of Social Services intends, with this activity and to foster relations and coexistence among the residents of the area
  • The Institute of Cartagena Bernabeu achieved the first birth of a free man with surrogate retinoschisis (26/03/2009)
    The center of Cartagena in 2008 reached almost double the previous year cycles
  • The jury in the Fourth Week Short Cartagena choose the finalists (26/03/2009)
    Next week we will know the films selected to be screened on 20, 21 and 22 May in the Festival Much More May
  • The Local Agenda 21 continues to work towards a sustainable mobility (26/03/2009)
    Yesterday he met the bench headed by Councilman Sustainable Development to address the development of an Action Plan to enable citizens to move around Cartagena
  • Auto Dark of the California Guild (26/03/2009)
    california The Choir 'Francisco Zabala' reinterprets this jewel of the Renaissance master Tomas Luis de Victoria
  • The Department of Social Services has closed two courses for over 60 years, in which 25 people have participated (26/03/2009)

  • More than half of the draft Plan E are already in progress (26/03/2009)
    Councillor for Infrastructure today announced the third series of actions to be undertaken by state funds, focusing on the area of the town, widening and access to the city
  • Security Park hosts a course of practical application for local police (26/03/2009)
    The Criminal Code was amended Road Safety
  • About 2,000 people will participate in the wreath to the Virgin of Charity (26/03/2009)
    After the registration period, 45 groups have signed the Good Friday parade in traditional dress that look Cartagena to the rhythm of trumpets and drums
  • ... (26/03/2009)

  • Luis Javier Fernández and Andrés Navarro, Finalists Among Strings Percussion & Metals (26/03/2009)
    The jury issued its ruling yesterday in favor of these two young artists, who performed the two stages of its type on the same day
  • Sara García: "The PP uses the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena as a weapon and prevent you reach an agreement as soon as possible" (26/03/2009)
    recalls socialist lawmaker in Congress and Andres Ayala Pilar Barreiro to look for consensus among parties, "and not taking shortcuts and decide to finger"
  • IU + The Greens accused the central and regional governments to convert the status of zincs in a "labyrinth" (25/03/2009)
    says that the situation of workers is the same as four years ago "
  • Andrés Ayala Ave defends the arrival of Cartagena in a proposal rejected by the PSOE (25/03/2009)
    criticizes criticizes the Socialist Sara García resigned to there being no dates for work
  • The IES Las Salinas del Mar Menor held tomorrow's Day Down syndrome (25/03/2009)
    To do this, there will be three presentations to students by ASID, open day and charity market
  • The pedestrian street reaches the Quartermaster (25/03/2009)
    These days it is then paved after replacing its sewerage network and services
  • The first 45 students receive their diplomas Labor Project (25/03/2009)
    5 months have been receiving education and training in trade-dependent auxiliary, surface cleaning and furnishing of buildings and facilities "and access controller
  • The show area Mu: Dance the Region in their collection devoted to the fight against AIDS (25/03/2009)
    Dancers Kike Guerrero, Dori Sanchez, Isabel López, Virginia Murcia, Magda Jiménez Tania Guerrero and star on Thursday this date with contemporary dance included in the festival program removals
  • Cartagena pay tribute to the victims of terrorism on Saturday, April 4 (25/03/2009)
    evening will be held with the hoisting of the flag of Spain at the port, which will fly permanently, and the discovery of the sculpture The Zulo, to be placed Over the next few days
  • The Popular University organizes a lecture on the Law of the Unit (25/03/2009)
    The talk will take place on Thursday 26 March at 17.30 at the cultural center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The sports facilities at La Palma, a debate to be deported (25/03/2009)
    The radio program, involving different groups of the council of Cartagena, addressed various issues related to the upcoming sporting events and challenges faced
  • New York, through the lens (24/03/2009)
    Angel Fernández Saura today exposes more than one hundred images of the Big Apple in the cultural center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Espido Freire or the craft of writing (24/03/2009)
    Author Cartagena is teaching a course in creative writing within the program of organized activities for the month of March by the Office of Women
  • Cartagena UPyD denounces the wrong location of lampposts on a street in Quarry (24/03/2009)

  • Hall and COPE have two Easter CD and magazine dedicated to The Standard Balbino de la Cerra (24/03/2009)
    2,000 units have been published each, will be distributed on Thursday after the afternoon show that the radio station issued for the occasion from the Aula de Cultura CAM
  • Move will be installed in high schools to bring youth hip hop company Brodas (24/03/2009)
    urban dance in the courtyards of the Mediterranean centers on Thursday and Ben Arabi on Friday
  • Moving is about the children (24/03/2009)
    700 children are introduced to contemporary dance company of Angels Margarit
  • A book traces the Cartagena most poetic of the twentieth century (24/03/2009)
    Presented at the Municipal Archives of the teacher's book Henares Francisco Diaz, one hundred years of poetry Cartagena (1907-2007)
  • Cut of water in some streets of Los Dolores (24/03/2009)
    The potable water supply will begin at 9 am on Thursday, March 26
  • An individual arrested for burglary in a vehicle (24/03/2009)
    The Local Police managed to arrest him yesterday afternoon in the street Soller
  • Adrián Vallés supports UPCT Racing Team (24/03/2009)
    The UPCT Racing Team (UPCT Motorsports) will be assisted by Adrian Valles, professional pilot and also GP2 test driver for Formula 1
  • Begin Day events in Cartagena International Theatre (24/03/2009)
    This coming Thursday and Friday, starting the commemorative activities organized by the Municipal School of Theatre, University Francisco Rabal Popular
  • The Criminal Code was amended Road Safety (24/03/2009)
    The Security Park hosts a course of practical application to local police
  • Pablo Cano, Marina Cañizares and Elisa Sandoval, finalists singing in between strings and brass (24/03/2009)
    auditions of other modalities will be developed during these days at the Conservatory of Music
  • McPhantom Miky and The Great American Paranoia (24/03/2009)
    The Argentine comedian, performer Comedy Club, will perform free on Thursday at the Youth Resource Centre within the activities of the program T-La
  • Results of the last day of the Football League and Amateur Base (24/03/2009)
    The next weekend is held the last day of league until after Easter
  • The UPCT host an information day on the adaptation to the European Higher Education in the ETSII (23/03/2009)

  • New York, through the lens ... (23/03/2009)
    Ángel Fernández Saura presents from tomorrow Tuesday a series of images of the Big Apple in the cultural center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The City Council has launched 9,000 direct action against unemployment (23/03/2009)
    This is one reason why the PP has been rejected in full the urgency of the Socialist motion requesting the commissioning of a social pact Employment
  • The plot of Antonio Arévalo host a Senior Citizen Club, a secondary school and an Adult Education Center (23/03/2009)
    The lack of students has led to the Ministry of Education phasing public school located in the suburb of San Ginés to convert it into most popular and necessary facilities in the area
  • Drop the case against burglary ANSE by taking photographs of the landfill of El Gorguel (23/03/2009)

  • Full PEOP approval of the amendment for the construction of the future Museum of Contemporary Art (23/03/2009)
    Among other issues on the agenda, also rejected the urgency of the opposition motions on actions related to health, infrastructure or education, in the government's team says it is working
  • Last day for payment of vehicle tax (23/03/2009)
    The deadline expires next Tuesday, March 31 on a car park which is around 146,000 units
  • 700 children are introduced to contemporary dance company with the Angels Margarit (23/03/2009)
    El Nuevo Teatro Circo host tomorrow Tuesday at nine schools to see the spectacle of Mudances Flexelf within the festival removals
  • The local police arrested three men for robbery with force and violence (23/03/2009)
    Two of them were detained in a private garage of Columbus Avenue, and a third, in Calle Doctor Jiménez Díaz, following a Flip
  • Talk about the nature of Senegal (23/03/2009)
    will be held on Thursday 26 March and is organized by the Nature Workshop at the University Popular
  • Pérez Abellán puts his resignation to the Mayor (23/03/2009)
    Public Roads Councilman has assumed full responsibility for the situation that has arisen in the award of several projects of the Plan
  • II Basic Training Course for Volunteer (23/03/2009)
    is celebrated on 25 and 26 March in the Graduate Hall School of Telecommunications and included in the Municipal Volunteer Program of the City of Cartagena
  • Cartagena has joined the campaign against child poverty (23/03/2009)
    Plan Promoted by Spain, the campaign was this weekend on the esplanade of Cartagonova, where citizens became supportive as goalkeepers Iker Casillas, the campaign image
  • Women Councillor congratulated yesterday on behalf of the City Council Belchí Josefa, a neighbor of Cartagena that met 103 years (23/03/2009)

  • I Intercultural Week in the municipality of Cartagena (23/03/2009)
    is held from 23 to 29 March with activities in various neighborhoods designed to raise awareness of different cultures living in the city and foster tolerance and solidarity
  • Waitress Appointment of Jesus and Mary in the house of Lazarus (23/03/2009)
    The Association of the Blessed.
  • Cartagena UPyD requires that the municipal government team and debug assume their political responsibilities (21/03/2009)
    For the award of projects to the son of Councilman Pérez Abellán
  • Cartagena Plan welcomes the campaign to stop child poverty (21/03/2009)
    A truck show with a picture of Iker Casillas located in the Municipal Stadium parking Cartagonova serve as a reference to the Cartagena become gatekeepers solidarity "Plan
  • The Company of Angels Margarit Mudances present at the festival Flexelf Removals Cartagena, a piece for all audiences (20/03/2009)
    The choreography will be on 23, at 19:00 h, free until all seats and 24 for schools.
  • The energy Erre que Erre speaks of love in the festival Removals (20/03/2009)
    The Room of Murcia based in Barcelona will be at 13:30 in Heroes of Cavite.
  • Ten Polygon streets Cabezo Beaza improve their firm (20/03/2009)
    The work is taking place these days, in the proceedings of E. Plan
  • Last steps to build the business incubator for women (20/03/2009)
    The Governing Board on Monday approved the budget of this project which will take place in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad.
  • Goalkeeper Iker Casillas looks solidarity in Cartagena (20/03/2009)
    On Saturday, there will Cartagonova on the esplanade of the Stop Child Poverty campaign.
  • The Seven Last Words of Handel, in the Church of Charity (20/03/2009)
    Concert Cartagena Chamber Orchestra in the anniversaries of the Holy Agony, Vera Cruz and Condemnation of Jesus.
  • The mode starts singing auditions and Metals Among Strings (20/03/2009)
    Six young performers involved in this prior to be held on Monday in the auditorium of the academy.
  • Moving into a trance with the French company Wanted Posse (20/03/2009)
    El Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena will host the spectacular part of the kings of the New Style.
  • Arrested two people for stealing vehicles in the Mediterranean Private (20/03/2009)
    were surprised when they tried to force the door of a car
  • The School of Industrial Engineering UPCT host an information day on the adaptation to the European Higher Education Area (20/03/2009)
    will be on Monday 24 March
  • Valcárcel show their "commitment and support" to entrepreneurs in Cartagena to maintain the economic projection of the region (18/03/2009)
    The head of the regional government receives the Gold Medal of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Cartagena
  • Cerdá stresses that it may be provided with 48 hours before the air quality in the Valley of tailings and Cartagena (17/03/2009)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water Technical Conference today released the demo of Project Management System 'Aries'
  • Double the number of students to be submitted to the entrance examinations for over 25 years in the UPCT (17/03/2009)

  • The CAI de La Aljorra has occupied 50 percent of their seats (16/03/2009)
    Although it started operations in September, this morning was officially opened by the Mayor of Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro, and by the Minister for Social Policy, Joaquín Bascuñana
  • The extension of Repsol turns the engine Escombreras regional industry (16/03/2009)
    The Mayor and the Minister for Enterprise have visited the works of the complex in Cartagena, the largest industrial investment in Spain with 3,200 million euros and 1,500 people working daily
  • Chat on Wednesday with the Space Bag Languages Young (16/03/2009)
    The first was held last week, attended by 16 people who spoke in German until the morning, being expected the same success in which will be held Wednesday at the Café Gallery
  • The region has in the Aljorra with a new child care center (16/03/2009)
    The CAI of the Cartagena council has the capacity for 94 children and running since September with half the seats occupied
  • Staff of the Military Emergency Unit of exercises in Cartagena (16/03/2009)
    Fire Cartagena and the Canine Unit of the Region of Murcia collaborated in conducting the exercises, aimed at the performance and response to major natural disasters
  • Marín Escombreras highlights the Valley as an engine of regional industry and generator of business opportunity for SMEs (16/03/2009)
    The counselor visits the redevelopment of the complex in Cartagena Repsol, the largest industrial investment in Spain, and that 50 percent of foreign companies running the project are the Region
  • Archaeologists and architects praised the speech made at the Teatro Romano de Cartagena (15/03/2009)
    Closing of the international conference on the recovery of the front stage was held in Cartagena
  • New traffic courts Angel Bruna by logging (14/03/2009)
    On Monday and Tuesday coinuarán tasks to replace the poplars by ball ficus
  • The San Cristóbal Slum Hut celebrates its neighbor Diego Muñoz Calvo with a street (14/03/2009)
    The City Council dedicated the street from the school behind San Cristobal, posthumously, in recognition of his generosity
  • 26,000 euros to the Cartagena Cycling Club to assist in the Tour of the city (13/03/2009)

  • Francisco Mirror says the community is implementing the monitoring and control measures for the proper functioning of Mina Regent (13/03/2009)

  • The City Council encourages Cartagena to attend the demonstration in defense of the Tajo-Segura (13/03/2009)
    buses will be free to attend the event, which will come from the headquarters of the Irrigation Association of Campo de Cartagena
  • Counting stars against light pollution (13/03/2009)
    Dark Sky Campaign, the Astronomical Association of Cartagena and the Museum of Science and Water Murcia invited to participate in this retelling of stars on 16 March at the campus UPCT
  • The new secretary of CCOO county hopes that large firms generate more jobs in Cartagena (13/03/2009)
    Juan Pedro Martínez García has been received this morning by Mayor Pilar Barreiro, at the Palace Hall
  • Those interested in rehabilitating their homes can still apply for a grant of the Autonomous Community (13/03/2009)
    The Youth Space has been reported that the deadline is March 25 and the economic value of such aid can reach 24,000 euros
  • Listening to the XII edition of the competition between strings and brass (13/03/2009)
    Proceedings of the eighty young performers attending this event for classical music began with the singing mode
  • A new vehicle health partner to move sick and elderly day centers in the city (13/03/2009)
    Caja Madrid has officially delivered today to the City Council this vehicle adapted, the result of the agreement signed between them last November, which will be run by Social Services
  • II Contest: What do you know Europe? (13/03/2009)
    Organised by Youth to join the International Day of Europe, the registration period ends on 25 March and is aimed at high school students
  • The CD Primi Sport gets 13 medals in the Regional Championships in Athletics (13/03/2009)
    All tests were held last Wednesday of Cartagena very good results in a championship held in Murcia, about 540 athletes with intellectual disabilities
  • Participants in the Symposium on the Roman theater scene, visiting the Palace Hall (13/03/2009)
    Councillor for Culture, Rosario Montero, met the group accompanied by the director general of Fundación Teatro Romano, Elena Ruiz Valdez, and Professor Sebastian Ramallo
  • Last days for large families applying for the rebate IBI (13/03/2009)
    This year has increased the number of beneficiaries and discounts depending on the category can reach 90 percent of the tax
  • The SEPRONA confirms the irregularities reported by ANSE due to poor past performance of Regent Mine dump (13/03/2009)

  • The Pearl District Scout Group celebrates its 40 anniversary (12/03/2009)
    Will that be a day of living this Sunday in Los Urrutias camp, which is invited anyone wishing to participate
  • The house focused Responsible Consumption Days (12/03/2009)
    conferences were closed yesterday in which experts in various fields have informed citizens about their consumer rights
  • ... (12/03/2009)

  • The Dock of The Gorguel would employ more than 1,600 workers (12/03/2009)
    According to the chairman of the Port Authority of Cartagena
  • World Theatre Day 2009 in Cartagena (12/03/2009)
    The celebration of the event includes tributes and activities related to the world of theater, organized by the Municipal School
  • II Ruta de la Tapa de Cartagena (12/03/2009)
    25 Cartagena establishments eligible to win the prize for best cover of this second edition of the competition
  • 133 pensioners and large families who have a general accountant and bonus have applied in the water bill (12/03/2009)
    Aquagest City Council and this year have been devised a method to apply the discount, available at the offices of the concessionaire Service
  • The Department of Culture sets out on the first floor of the cultural center Ramón Alonso Luzzy the pictorial exhibition Meninas, Concha Hernandez Belando (12/03/2009)
    The artist combines colorful paper collages oil paintings of all types and sources to recreate the exquisite ladies
  • Pools Pozo Estrecho La Aljorra and become the star sports projects Plan E (11/03/2009)
    Both performances exceed 3 million euros investment and allow the sport of swimming to reach more people
  • 350 XXIX school participating in the rhythmic gymnastics competition ensemble (11/03/2009)
    took place yesterday in the central pavilion sports
  • A place to practice the new urban culture (11/03/2009)
    The City has the sports facilities to be built in six months on the street Carlos III
  • The City implemented 14 projects of sports facilities throughout this year (11/03/2009)
    All works, except one, were carried out in districts and county, surpassing the 5 million total investment, state funds from the Plan E
  • Course of inclusion of persons with disabilities in recreation and leisure (10/03/2009)
    is organized by the Department of Youth in collaboration with the Regional School of Leisure and Recreation in the Region of Murcia
  • The Championship of Spain Bike Trial is held in Cartagena (10/03/2009)
    will take place on Saturday in the Park Mediterranean and is expected to involve hundreds of athletes from around the country
  • Celebration opens the registration period to participate in the wreath to the patron saint (10/03/2009)
    The councilor has announced significant developments in the celebration of this year, in which any person may bring flowers to the Virgin of Charity before the parade
  • Leisure Spaces expands the number of activities and neighborhoods for the course 2009 (10/03/2009)
    Social Services will focus on the intercultural children involved in this social prevention program that develops between March and December
  • XXV Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition Workshop School Children's House (10/03/2009)
    Social Care Councillor today opened an exhibition of the works that have been done in this institution over the past 25 years
  • 3,500 adults will enjoy this year's program at La Manga Spa (10/03/2009)
    This Sunday begins the first of the 17 turns that make up the supply for this year, with the participation of some 200 largest in the city
  • More than 30,000 pavers in one month (10/03/2009)
    Work tiling and paving of the roadway have been completed Murcia doors ahead of schedule and is now working forward with the installation of power and pipes
  • Cartagena awarded more than 5.3 million works to expand the cruise terminal (10/03/2009)

  • Awarded the construction of a third lane in the A-30, off of Cartagena (10/03/2009)
    The works have a lead time of twelve months
  • ANSE calls for urgent approval of the Conservation Plan of the Roman quarries of Cartagena. (10/03/2009)

  • The Cartagena in Tarragona in addition to recognition of the architect Victor Beltrí (09/03/2009)
    Cartagenero Cultural Circle in Tarragona last Friday held a conference on modern and eclectic architecture of Cartagena
  • Parks and Gardens poplars replaced by ficus Bruna Angel Ball (09/03/2009)
    Woodland Avenue will have a uniform, after cutting down the sick ones that started this morning
  • In progress fitter Courses scaffolds ADLE (09/03/2009)
    Today has launched the first edition of them in collaboration with the company Tyssenkrupp Xervon, will train 15 students
  • Injured with a concussion in Cartagena, by a fall while playing indoor soccer (09/03/2009)

  • Begin Responsible Consumption Days (09/03/2009)
    Experts in various fields inform citizens about their consumer rights
  • United Valdés Diego Wins Poster Contest II Women's Day (09/03/2009)
    The jury has chosen the poster Coruña among the 18 candidates who have submitted to this second competition organized by the Universidad Popular
  • Creative Cooking Course, T-The Program of Alternative Leisure (09/03/2009)
    The workshop will be held Wednesday and Thursday afternoon at the Hotel School, within the activities of the program T-La
  • Start the course of Personnel Management and Teamwork (09/03/2009)
    to be developed throughout the week organized by the youth council, is free and those who finish get two free credits
  • IU + Greens Cerdá calls for the appearance of the face of increasing toluene and benzene in Cartagena (09/03/2009)

  • Arrested two people for stealing a DVD and money to a third party (09/03/2009)
    The weekend also has resulted in the identification of two other individuals for stealing two bottles of butane to a dealer
  • Agreement between Potitécnica University of Cartagena and the Certification Authority of Valencia (09/03/2009)

  • More than 450 applicants qualify for one of the fifteen places firefighter of the City of Cartagena (09/03/2009)
    Firefighters have celebrated their patron today, with a Mass at noon in the Charity and Spanish wine in the Dama de Oro
  • 25 seniors learn the tricks of the computing (09/03/2009)
    The courses began last January and for 40 hours, the elders have learned the secrets of the Word and Power Point programs
  • El Nuevo Teatro Circo hosts Dinner for general work in which Miguel Narros becomes the end of the Civil War nonsense (09/03/2009)

  • Public Works enhances the safety of pedestrians on the crossing of the Urrutias with the installation of speed bumps (09/03/2009)
    The action responds to the request of the Association of Residents of Punta Brava, which sought a solution to speeding
  • The Language Exchange Tertulia begins on Wednesday in German (09/03/2009)
    It is a new activity to take place every Wednesday and is open to anyone wishing to practice this language
  • Music Baroque sv Mvsica Highness The resonate on Thursday in the church of Charity (09/03/2009)
    The Aragonese go to Cartagena in the cycle ECOS0809 to interpret the work of Giacomo Carissimi, Jephthah
  • The ADLE and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs, together for business development in the region (09/03/2009)
    Both entities have signed a collaboration agreement for the promotion of entrepreneurship and start-up business opportunities
  • The feast of football celebrated Women's Day (09/03/2009)
    The party held yesterday at the stadium selection Cartagonova between Cartagena and Murcia AFCT Féminas resulted in a 3-0 win for the visitors
  • XLIII convened the edition of Jacobean Floral Games (09/03/2009)
    Work may take the form of poetry, of Santa Maria del Rosell, or prose, on the footprint of St. James in the first century in eastern Andalusia
  • Cartagena.es plays a year with more than eight million pages viewed (09/03/2009)
    The new Internet portal has won several awards and has been ranked fourth in the Alexa ranking of municipal web
  • The Socialist Party calls on the Assembly to support the candidacy of Cartagena to host the XVIII edition of the Mediterranean Games (08/03/2009)
    Antonio Martínez Bernal stressed that the Community can not be excluded "from such an important decision not only to Cartagena, but for the whole region and for the Region
  • The writer Javier Tonda brings mime performances and children's book to the library of the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy (06/03/2009)
    The school will meet the next 9 and 10 March.
  • The reality of women, in 62 images (06/03/2009)
    Mayor this morning attended the award ceremony and opening of the exhibition of selected photos in the Photo Competition III Women and the Regional Assembly.
  • Workshop School Hostel meets the first two months up (06/03/2009)
    ADLE This initiative will train over two years to 45 unemployed people in trades such as carpentry, plumbing, landscaping and masonry.
  • Opens the deadline for Occupational workshops in the Barrio Virgen de la Caridad (06/03/2009)
    9 to March 13 may be present in the ADLE applications to participate in courses that will serve to train while improving the infrastructure neighborhood.
  • The City Council prepares budgets austere and active measures against the crisis (06/03/2009)
    The mayor has commissioned the team of government measures to curb public spending and protect all those who are in need, especially the unemployed whose number grows dramatically.
  • On Monday cut access to the street Arsenal Real (06/03/2009)
    For months, workers must use the entrance of the Avenida Pío XII.
  • Parks and Gardens poplars replaced by ficus Bruna Angel Ball (06/03/2009)
    Woodland Avenue will have a uniform, after cutting diseased specimens from next Monday.
  • League match female on the occasion of celebration of Women (06/03/2009)
    is held on Sunday Cartagonova after the meeting between FC Cartagena and the Neighborhood.
  • The ADLE begin in July a new orientation program for employment and self (06/03/2009)
    to this project, which aims to carry out more than 1,200 performances with the unemployed in the region of Cartagena, has applied for a grant of 122,000 euros.
  • The MARM positively assess the pipeline Cartagena-Puertollano (Ciudad Real) (05/03/2009)

  • Cobacho and the Minister of Health studied the future of the School of Nursing, Cartagena and other issues of Health Sciences (05/03/2009)

  • Talk on volunteering Implica2 (05/03/2009)
    will be on Friday at the Carlos III Institute by local volunteers
  • Segado presented in Parliament the rehabilitation of the Town and its dynamic effect on the local economy (05/03/2009)
    The Town Planning has traveled to European capitals to participate in a conference with other international representatives
  • The Sexual Information Advice for Young turns 16 (05/03/2009)
    Youth Space This service was first implemented in the Region
  • The racing circuit becomes a focus of tourism for the city (05/03/2009)
    Representatives of the facilities had a meeting with the Mayor and Councilman of Sports to present the 2009 calendar and news of the circuit has just received approval International
  • The House calls on the people of Cartagena to manifest themselves in defense of the Tajo-Segura (05/03/2009)
    The Municipal Corporation has approved a joint motion to uphold the revocation of this infrastructure is not in the demonstration on March 18 in Murcia
  • The occupational class takes its first results absentee (05/03/2009)
    The 25 students are being trained in masonry and are learning to build a well
  • More than 1,800 visitors in the exhibition The Interior forest (05/03/2009)
    Downtown Luzzy Ramón Alonso has already received over 1,800 visits to see the exhibit "Forest Interior, opened recently.
  • The volunteers of the Casa del Niño celebrate the 25 anniversary of the Workshop School (05/03/2009)
    The events begin on Monday with a Lenten Retreat at St. Anthony Parish
  • The Instituto San Isidro de Los Dolores celebrates its 25 anniversary (05/03/2009)
    On this occasion yesterday received a tribute at the SER Sports program attended by leading athletes in different specialties Cartagena
  • 45 students in the project Labor, business practices (05/03/2009)
    With over 120 hours of focus in the areas of trade, security and cleaning
  • Orange alert for strong winds of up to 90 kilometers (05/03/2009)
    The forecasts of the Meteorological Agency maintained until three in the afternoon tomorrow
  • Cartagena in Brussels will present their experience in the rehabilitation of the Old Town (04/03/2009)
    The Town Planning, Joaquín Segado, has traveled to European capitals to participate in a conference with other international representatives
  • The municipal exhibition halls are also held on 8 March (04/03/2009)
    The Byzantine Wall and the Palace Molina host between tomorrow and Friday, the opening of two exhibitions and a talk
  • A home in Cartagena, Lejarraga work of Martin, a finalist in the X Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism (04/03/2009)
    The 34 works selected are spread throughout the country, but three built in the Netherlands, China and Germany, and consist mostly residential buildings or cultural
  • The Spaniard Rafael Pascual to win the Women and Photography Competition III (04/03/2009)
    On Friday, March 6 will be held the awards ceremony and the inauguration of the exhibition of photographs selected in the Regional Assembly
  • The Community gives the architect Carmen Hernandez, 1-1-2 and Brethren of Cartagena Women 'Premios March 8' (04/03/2009)
    The delivery of these awards from the Institute for Women will be held on Sunday at the Auditorio Victor Villegas
  • Course of Astronomy at the University People (04/03/2009)
    Classes begin this afternoon with the aim of fostering a love for knowledge of the Universe
  • The birth of the magazine My Barrio to report the activities of the Coordinadora del Barrio de la Concepción (04/03/2009)
    La Coordinadora, consisting of a dozen neighborhood associations and organizations, has organized many cultural activities, sports and entertainment for 2009
  • The best dancers from Spain and Europe will show their skills in the Memorial Maria Mulas (04/03/2009)
    The gala benefit, which is dedicated to the Alzheimer's Association, held on Saturday March 21 and will involve about 150 dancers
  • Only one-quarter of large families have requested so far in the IBI bonus (04/03/2009)
    The exceptionally term stays open until 31 March
  • Parks and Gardens processionary combat the pest in pine (04/03/2009)
    The humidity recorded during the autumn and winter has led to a proliferation of caterpillars
  • Sotoca Cartagena encourages employers to invest in training their workers (03/03/2009)
    The Minister Inaugurates First Day of Training and Enterprise to raise awareness of the potential training
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas search history in photographs (03/03/2009)
    cultural entity launches the fourth edition of the photography contest, with a first prize of 1,500 euros
  • Nature Workshop at People's University (03/03/2009)
    Thursday will be provided at the Cultural Center and will focus on seabirds in the region's protected areas
  • Young Space publishes brochures for prevention of breast cancer and testicular (03/03/2009)
    explain in detail how the self-examination and detect abnormalities in the face of the prevention of these diseases
  • Great success among university entrepreneurship program dissemination of the ADLE (03/03/2009)
    Tomorrow Wednesday begins the second edition of these courses, launched in collaboration with the Red UPCT and PuntoPyme and aimed at students or graduates of the Polytechnic University
  • The T-LA invites you to relax with the course of pilates (03/03/2009)
    In addition to pilates, be taught relaxation techniques and massage for all Saturdays in March
  • Escape to Cordoba with the T-LA (03/03/2009)
    The trip will take place from 3 to 5 April, with a registration fee of 125 euros, including accommodation and half board
  • Lowers the number of young from Cartagena to drugs and alcohol (03/03/2009)
    This is one of the data which emerges from the Municipal Plan for the prevention of drug abuse that council today introduced the Social Care
  • More than 30% of the dependents of Cartagena and receive their financial aid (03/03/2009)
    The Minister of Social Policy has stressed that the Region of Murcia is one of the most advanced in the implementation of the Law Unit
  • This year over 65 years become the film (03/03/2009)
    The municipalities of Cartagena, Molina, Eagles, San Javier and Lorca have renewed the agreement with Social Policy 'Over Film', by which over 65 years may attend the movies every Tuesday for 50 cents
  • The regional government reiterates its support for Spanish Zinc to implement its new project by ensuring its viability (03/03/2009)
    Universities and Research Company reaffirms commitment to purchase five percent of the capital increase if you have the guarantees of the project and maintained jobs
  • El Cantante de La Palma Café opens its doors (02/03/2009)
    opened Saturday's edition of this traditional music and food shows each year the council held in Cartagena, coinciding with the festivities of Santa Florentina
  • The Albujón will this year its indoor sports (02/03/2009)
    The mayor has today laid the foundation stone of twin facilities to those already held in La Palma, the result of Sports Facilities Plan and financed by Autonomous Community Hall
  • Recruitment works overtime to take forward the works of Plan E (02/03/2009)
    The City continues to awarding the actions to be financed with state funds, which overlap with the municipal construction plan in Districts and Councils
  • Young Space renews its Feeds (02/03/2009)
    Young people now have the ability to access all services in the area just a mouse click
  • The Museum of Glass Santa Lucia glazed attempt to recover the tradition of the region (02/03/2009)
    Glass Association of St. Lucia this morning visited the mayor to acknowledge the impending construction of the museum within the Plan works
  • Water Court in Los Madriles Isla Plana (02/03/2009)
    morning will begin Tuesday at 9 am, for about 7 hours
  • The T-LA March filled with sports and leisure (02/03/2009)
    guitar, rock climbing, paintall, hiking and Pilates are offered in the Recreation Alternative for this month
  • Opens the registration period for orientation seminars Classroom Sets (02/03/2009)
    will last 10, 15 and 30 hours depending on the workshop
  • The general director of Sports lays the foundation stone of the sports center of the Albujón (02/03/2009)

  • The ADLE initiates Phase II Work Project (01/03/2009)
    There are three courses on warehouse management, building cleaning and care for the elderly, the unemployed aimed at disadvantaged

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