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Cartagena News - February 2009

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  • Students of the Franciscans come to Cartagena FC (28/02/2009)
    lived a training of the players of the club and chatted with them in Cartagonova Stadium, within the activities of ADE
  • The City Council will be unemployed and will be updated on new technologies to the business of the District Our Lady of Charity (28/02/2009)
    With this project the City is fulfilling its commitment to revitalize this neighborhood of Cartagena, although the Urban Plan has not come forward
  • Limit 18 shorts contest for children under 18 (27/02/2009)
    It is an initiative of the Department of Youth to facilitate the participation of high school students in the fourth week Short of Cartagena, in the festival Much More May
  • The Mobile Classroom of the ADLE continues guiding their work in 14 schools (27/02/2009)
    intervention is planned with 900 students from 14 to 18
  • The school Four Saints, star of the ADE with table tennis (27/02/2009)
    The students in grades 5 and Primary 6 have shared time with Floymape-Ucam
  • Youth launches website Shares Floor (27/02/2009)
    Via Internet, young people between 18 and 35, may find a home to rent or share through the free service also offers advice to make the necessary arrangements
  • On Sunday rearranges the traffic on the Plaza of Spain by the works of underground parking (27/02/2009)
    the ring disappear, temporary lanes will be enabled and will move taxi ranks and bus
  • 400 program enjoyed municipal school Playing Athletics (27/02/2009)
    Sports Central Pavilion yesterday became the framework of celebration of racing, long jump and hurdles and javelin throwing, among other activities aimed at the smaller
  • Cut to traffic because of the XVI Media Marathon Ciudad de Cartagena (27/02/2009)
    The cut starts at 9.30 am and the race is expected to have a duration of approximately 3 hours
  • Conference on Responsible Consumption in Cartagena (27/02/2009)
    They are addressed to the general public know what their rights as consumers, from experts in the subjects they are treated
  • Death of former councilor Eladio Lidón PCE (27/02/2009)
    Member of Municipal Corporation between 1979 and 1987.
  • On Monday, the sports foundation stone placed in the Albujón (27/02/2009)
    Similar to be built in La Palma, has a budget of 1,059,000 euros and will be completed in eight months.
  • The collection of parking cards for residents of the ORA (27/02/2009)
    Next March 2 opens the time to pay the amount either by cash income or bank transfer.
  • The Cafe Cantante de La Palma takes a further year the atmosphere of Cartagena folklore (26/02/2009)
    cultural and festive initiative starts on Sunday 28 February and runs until March 29 with live performances and traditional food tasting
  • Remarkable action of the children of New Cartagena EF II International Tournament in Hernani Cup 2009 (26/02/2009)
    finished third and became the revelation of the football championship held in Porto on 23 and 24 February
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas achieved self-finance 64 percent of their expenses by selling tickets (26/02/2009)
    The Consortium Board has approved the balance of 2008 and 2009 investment will focus on the winch
  • XXIX edition of the Annual Awards of Sport Cartagenero (26/02/2009)
    Convened by the Department of Sports, the proposals can be submitted until Thursday, March 5 at the Municipal Sports
  • EL PSOE Valcárcel says the president and the company and have no excuse for not ensuring the continuity of zincs after the capital increase approved by the CNMV (26/02/2009)
    Teresa Rosique requests a hearing with the Minister of Industry to know what to do now regional government to ensure the proposed factory
  • The 'Fifth Brotherhood' maintains its support for processions despite the crisis (25/02/2009)
    The mayor delivered a check for 226,000 in the act of Easter Call
  • Seven new municipal officials take up a post (25/02/2009)
    The inauguration ceremony took place this morning at the Ceremonial Hall of the Town Hall
  • The CNMV approved the capital increase of Zinc Spanish (25/02/2009)
    The relocation of the factory Torreciega to Los Camachos must occur before August
  • The Half Marathon Cartagena XVI Trofeo San Juan de Dios will be held on Sunday March 1 (25/02/2009)
    The organization expected to attend Sunday about 700 amateur runners who came from across the country, who travel the 21 kilometers of proof
  • The City Council held on 8 March, International Women's Day (25/02/2009)
    The Department of Women and People's University have organized a series of activities and workshops
  • The First Committee of the ADLE Microcredit studies three business projects to be located in Cartagena (25/02/2009)
    A sailing school and sports activities, wholesale and retail pet business and hospitality are the projects that pass to the opinion of the Board of Governors
  • The mayor gives the traditional side facade (25/02/2009)
    Its purpose is to facilitate the cleaning and beautification of buildings overlooking the Holy Week
  • Twelve women receive their diploma and Laughter Therapy Self Esteem Workshop (25/02/2009)
    Councillor for Women, Rosario Montero, were yesterday handed over the accreditation of this workshop, which has developed since 12 January
  • In compliance with quotas, first released excess of bluefin tuna caged in the Region of Murcia (25/02/2009)
    The Region of Murcia MARM receives 476,805 euros in aid for the fisheries sector
  • The Youth Council makes a journey through Spanish society after the 1978 Constitution (25/02/2009)
    The Youth Council yesterday held a talk within the campaign "All for One" in the IES Carthago Spartaria.
  • The Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine has tendered the environmental restoration of the coastal edge of Paradise Beach in Cartagena (24/02/2009)
    With a budget of over 759,000 euros, this was part of the Plan E government to boost the economy and employment, which was approved by the Council of Ministers last December 5, and it will create 12 jobs
  • Middle hundred volunteers showed the effects of drunken driving (24/02/2009)
    The campaign 'If you are driving, Yield Glass' was held last Saturday of Carnival, with actions and activities to educate youth about the dangers of alcohol wheel.
  • Bun Meeting in La Palma (24/02/2009)
    Lacemakers Association of Bolillo of Cartagena deputation organized this cultural activity to be held on Sunday, in which 600 participants have registered.
  • Social Care form to fifteen Waiters Restaurant (24/02/2009)
    The course, which closed on Thursday, is included in the training activities organized by the Municipal Institute of Social Services.
  • Fifteen Ecuadorian students are on a course of electricity and electrical assemblies (24/02/2009)
    Last Thursday received their diplomas accrediting the course, which is part of the activities of co-development projects promoted by Canar-Murcia Social Services.
  • The Cartagena CAVI 54 women attended the immigrants during the past year (24/02/2009)
    Pilar Barreiro The mayor stressed that the work of municipal services against gender violence is coming increasingly to women of other nationalities.
  • The Senior Day Center of El Algar also dresses Carnival (24/02/2009)
    Social Care Councillor participated last Friday in celebration of Carnival which was held at this center.
  • The call starts the countdown of the processions (24/02/2009)
    The traditional ceremony will be held on Wednesday on the balcony of the Town Hall.
  • Young Space offer a course on youth volunteering (24/02/2009)
    will last for 32 hours and is organized by the Institute of Youth in the Region of Murcia in cooperation with the city of Cartagena.
  • Municipal Playing Program Athletics (24/02/2009)
    will take place on Thursday morning at the Central Pavilion and it is an activity aimed at the kids with racing, long jump and hurdles and javelin throwing, among other activities.
  • The City publishes a Manual of Basic Drawing Archaeological Materials (24/02/2009)
    is aimed at researchers and students and submitted along with the number 8 of the magazine Mastia Municipal Archaeological Museum, which includes the developments that have occurred in Cartagena last year.
  • Mucho Mas Mayo Festival selected 43 proposals for the agenda of its fourth edition (24/02/2009)
    The selection has been done on the 161 artistic creations by young designers.
  • The Directorate General of Highways install a new system of barrier protection for motorcyclists (24/02/2009)
    system is the latest generation plastics, along with two other protection, are being installed in over one hundred sections of the Regional Road Network
  • Reverte advocates a "special engagement" of the local police in cases of gender violence (24/02/2009)
    During the presentation, in Cartagena, a conference involving about 250 local police officers in the Region
  • The MARM invests half a million euros in the conditioning of the Rambla del Portus, from Cartagena in the hamlet of Galifa (23/02/2009)
    This project will employ 23 people and will benefit a population of about 210,000 people
  • Galifa, Ports and Santa Ana, first destinations of new mobile ecoparks (23/02/2009)
    The two new mobile recycling centers, in addition to that already had the City Council since July, will cover 36 districts and provincial weekly in the city
  • The tower will be refurbished as a restaurant Llagostera (23/02/2009)
    The City Council has taken to hiring the rehabilitation and operation of this diffi cult modernist set in the future public park in the Garden of Beads
  • The ADE program was about the first swim (23/02/2009)
    Margarita Dominguez and other athletes, they shared on Friday a day of training with the students of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Arrested two individuals after shoplifting Electronics (23/02/2009)
    Facts passed this morning and resulted in the arrests after a car chase from the establishment located in Alameda to the collision of the vehicle, also stolen, Bruna Angel
  • Water cut in Pozo Estrecho (23/02/2009)
    The cut in water supply will be Wednesday February 25 between 9 and 14 hours, about
  • Jurisdiction of the State on water (22/02/2009)
    The application of the Cartagena UPyD Municipal groups a motion on the exclusive powers of the State in areas of water will reach the next Full Council
  • The new mobile ecoparks begin on Monday Galifa route, Ports and Santa Ana (22/02/2009)
    The two new mobile recycling centers, in addition to that already had the City Council since July, will cover 36 districts and county weekly municipality
  • This Monday will be known to the processions of Holy Week Year 2009 (20/02/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor Agustin Guillen has received the Board of the association that bestows this distinction
  • Hundreds of children and adults enjoy the great adventure of the Star Wars (20/02/2009)
    The New Cartagena FC and the association of neighborhood residents yesterday staged a children's carnival in which students at all levels of the club were dressed as the characters in this film
  • The PAI of La Puebla and La Aparecida and the CAI of the Albujón will open in three months (20/02/2009)
    The Governing Board also authorized the establishment of day care Beaza Cabezo
  • All ready for the Grand Carnival Parade 2009 (20/02/2009)
    Thousands of people will be tomorrow Saturday at the central event of the Carnival, with 42 troupes and groups and seven choreographic jokes Regional Competition
  • The City Council can meet real-time collection of ONP (20/02/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved the new specifications for the tender for the concession of the ORA to the question of incentives for the company in charge of this final public service
  • Cut of water in the neighborhoods of El Limón and El Mojon in Isla Plana (20/02/2009)
    The cut will begin on Tuesday 24, at 9 am and will last approximately ten hours
  • Shortly begin construction of Day Care Center of Los Dolores (20/02/2009)
    The Region has already confirmed grants amounting to 442,000 euros for this work
  • Green light reparcelling sector 1 of the Partial Plan CC1 (20/02/2009)
    The estate, located north of Mandarache Center, can accommodate 4,500 homes in the future
  • The irony and humor of the Chirigotas filled the seats of the Teatro Circo (20/02/2009)
    On the last night we celebrated the two passes of the semifinals of the competition when the economic crisis and the mayor staged songs lyrics
  • E Work Plan of the State to postpone the approval of municipal budgets (20/02/2009)
    The spokesperson of the government team has shown the position of the same to a range of issues affecting the relationship between City Hall and central government and has come to talk the situation of zincs
  • The ADLE sign an agreement with the company Thyssenkrupp Xervon to form scaffolding erectors (19/02/2009)
    The agreement includes the commitment of the company to hire 60 percent of students to completion
  • Exposure Africa, home of words (19/02/2009)
    through the letters that make up the word Africa, the exhibition covers various aspects of culture, society and folklore of this continent
  • Middle hundred volunteers will show the effects of drunken driving (19/02/2009)
    The campaign 'If you drive, the Vase Yield' will be launched this Saturday from 11 pm to 4 am, with actions and activities aimed at educate youth about the dangers of drunken driving
  • Sports delivered 1,500 euros to the AECC for the collection of the San Silvestre (19/02/2009)
    Councillor for Sports, who presented the check, announced its intention to renonvar this collaboration in future editions
  • Mandarache participants will also have an award (19/02/2009)
    six awards have been established supplementary reading Mandarache Award for young people entered teaching departments and non-teaching
  • Ecoparks at the door of house (19/02/2009)
    Three mobile recycling centers will travel weekly 36 districts and county for waste collection
  • Course Guides Cultural Tourism and Ecotourism Sierra Minera de Cartagena and La Union (18/02/2009)
    will have a duration of 108 and is designed for active workers for their expertise as tour guides
  • Welcome to Youth Space UPCT Erasmus. (18/02/2009)
    On the occasion of the arrival of these foreign students, the Youth Space will install an information desk on the Stock Exchange Languages and services of the Department of Youth
  • Coastal Authority opens new office in Cartagena to serve the public (18/02/2009)

  • Photo Competition IV Interpretation Centre and Mina The Fundación Sierra Minera Matildes (18/02/2009)
    may be submitted any person, individual or groups who are not professionals and who resides in the vicinity of mining saw Cartagena and La Union
  • A book about bullying and relationships closes the cycle of meetings Mandarache Award (18/02/2009)
    Author Care Santos, with his book Ask the moon, was the last of the three finalists to visit Cartagena in their participation in the New Award Hache
  • Carnival Party for young people on Friday at the Youth Resource Centre (18/02/2009)
    T-The program has also prepared a series of adventure activities for the day Sunday
  • The writer Care Santos explains the smaller the book I want to be High (18/02/2009)
    Students of four schools in Cartagena on Thursday to attend this meeting at the cultural center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Tourism distinguishes the quality of the companies in Cartagena (17/02/2009)
    The event honored 51 companies in the city, including shops, information centers, guidebooks, tourist transportation, taxis, corporate sports and leisure activities and services Security
  • Up to 161 projects by young authors have submitted to the convening of the Festival Mucho.Más.Mayo (17/02/2009)
    On 21 February a professional selection committee will select the projects included in the 2009
  • The great adventure of the Star Wars comes to New Cartagena (17/02/2009)
    The New Cartagena FC and the association of neighborhood residents have organized a children's carnival in which students at all levels of the club will be dressed as the characters of this Film
  • Arrested for trying to steal a street shop Carmen Conde (17/02/2009)
    The incident occurred this morning when officers were required by many locals to hear shots in the showcase
  • Arrested for trying to steal on the street Carmen Conde (17/02/2009)
    The incident occurred this morning when officers were required by a resident of the area
  • The City Council 85% cure the deficiencies in the street in less than a day (16/02/2009)
    Up until last Friday, had arrived at the town hall records 1,768 incidents, of which they had resolved a total of 1,509
  • The second emergency door is located in the Hospital Universitario del Rosell (16/02/2009)
    Nicolás Ángel Bernal has been made in the plenary this morning to become operational once the new General Hospital, the Rosell will continue to operate as a second hospital
  • El Barrio de la Concepción and grandchildren will have a public school for the next school year (16/02/2009)
    Councillor for Education has responded to the motion of the socialist municipal group on the college Fernando Garrido, Quarry, during the plenary of the Corporation City
  • Movies for Seniors at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy (16/02/2009)
    The Pursuit of Happiness starts new program to promote and Caja Madrid City Council, which includes an invitation to coffee and conversation
  • The 22 participants of the Leonardo Da Vinci already in Europe (16/02/2009)
    Young people today have gone to Lisbon, Prague, Potenza, and Krakow to learn the relevant language and carry out specialized work practices
  • The City Council requests the Government to reconsider the requirement to post signs in all the works of Plan E (16/02/2009)
    Full has also supported a new European regulation of the olive oil sector
  • Great excitement at the conclusion of the contest Chirigotas (16/02/2009)
    It has become the main attraction of the Carnival of the city, as evidenced by the long queues since early morning have built up in the ticket booth in John XXIII
  • Interesting chopped bullfight at La Palma (15/02/2009)
    The hamlet of Cartagena de La Palma will host a bullfight with picks, which will take place on March 15
  • Cartagena Interdestination chair the Quality of the tourism industry (15/02/2009)

  • Inauguration of painting exhibition at the South Pole Palace Hall (14/02/2009)
    27 pictures in which Francisco Solana is a pictorial journey to the South Pole in search of the purest light of the world
  • UPyD Cartagena presented a request to the government team and the group Municipales (13/02/2009)
    to adhere to the non-legislative proposal requesting that the water policies are exclusive powers of the state
  • Carnival 2009 kicks off on Saturday with the election of the Queens and the opening (13/02/2009)
    The Mayor will attend this first event of the Carnival holiday, until Feb. 24 will fill the streets of Cartagena of joy and fun
  • Three young Cartagena made thanks to their European Voluntary Youth Space (13/02/2009)
    These days traveling to Italy, Germany and Uruguay for socio-cultural activities, training and leisure
  • The Community rehabilitate publicly owned 250 homes in the neighborhood of six hundred (13/02/2009)
    400,000 euros will be invested in foreign adequacy of housing and the environment of the Plaza of Human Rights and the street Greece
  • The film stars the Senior Carnival parades (13/02/2009)
    February 20 The day is celebrated on the municipal flag Jiménez de la Espada's party every year on social care area prepares for the biggest in the city
  • Housing, employment and mobility, the most respondents in the Youth Space (13/02/2009)
    Youth Council member has submitted the 2008 annual report of this service aimed at meeting the needs of the youth population of Cartagena, which have spent nearly 8,000 Users
  • Valcárcel receives President of the Port Authority of Cartagena, Adrian Angel Virtues (13/02/2009)

  • The mayor will be the first woman who touts the Easter processions (12/02/2009)
    Margarita Balibrea Aguado will hold this year for his party the appointment of Nazarene Mayor
  • Detainee two individuals for burglary in several homes of Sorrows (12/02/2009)
    were surprised yesterday afternoon on the terraces of these buildings from the street Sabadell
  • The forest interior, a trip to nature and the wisdom of the forest (12/02/2009)
    Cartagena is the first city in the region to host this touring exhibition of the Welfare of the CAM, the cultural center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Visit the Roman Theatre in English organized by the Language Exchange (12/02/2009)
    This is the second visit to the Museum which houses the memorial will be held on Saturday mornings
  • II Transit Race Carnival, to be held on Saturday, February 14 (12/02/2009)
    At 12 pm when you place the warning signal and the start of the race
  • The campaign to collect toys this year achieved a record of 2,465 units (12/02/2009)
    With this amount, double the previous year, 1,206 children got a toy this Christmas
  • The Time Box maintaining the commitment to young people in the neighborhoods (12/02/2009)
    In its sixth edition, the new edition offers an alternative free time 120 young people from five regional areas of the city
  • The cameras of the English Court help to identify an individual (12/02/2009)
    had broken two mirrors of two vehicles on the street Admiral Baldasano
  • Avant-garde contemporary art come to Cartagena in 2010 (11/02/2009)
    The Minister of Culture and the mayor have been presented in the European Biennial Manifesta ARCO, which next year will call in the Region of Murcia
  • Hamlet, a duel between Shakespeare and Juan Diego Botto (11/02/2009)
    The function can be seen tomorrow Thursday 12 February at 21:30 hours in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The City shall collect the fines and infringements of citizens of other municipalities (11/02/2009)
    The Committee on Finance and Interior also ruled favorably Cartagena's accession to the Regional Public Transportation Authority
  • Ricardo Menéndez Salmon reflects on the evil and the human condition in his book The offense (11/02/2009)
    who authored the 2007 revelation in this morning's novel with hundreds of readers Mandarache Award
  • Cartagena lived celebrated the grand festival of football (11/02/2009)
    The Spanish Under-21 tied to one against Norway at a meeting held yesterday in a packed stadium Cartagonova
  • Hall and Aquagest teach the responsible use of water to the school (11/02/2009)
    Have you developed a interactive educational CD to be distributed in schools as a support and organize visits to the sewage facilities
  • Sabic confirms the directors of Enterprise and Employment to keep their production in Cartagena (11/02/2009)
    The company says that despite the adjustments being made at the international level because of the crisis, the resort of La Aljorra will see the least affected
  • Half a hundred women received their diplomas in computer and accounting courses (10/02/2009)
    Rosario Councilwoman Montero has been responsible for granting accreditation at a ceremony held today at the Palace Hall
  • 300 pigeons competing in the Race Expo VIII in the Lomas de El Albujón (10/02/2009)
    The event was held in Cartagena deputation from 2 to 8 February
  • Kitchen romantic for Valentine with the program T-LA (10/02/2009)
    In two days, participants will learn to develop a simple and delicious menu to surprise the couple
  • Social Care publishes 2,500 copies of a resource guide for disabled (10/02/2009)
    A total of 27 associations of the region have participated in the preparation of this document whose aim is to publicize the work of the same and encourage volunteering
  • The City Council renewed for one year, the eighth of its fleet (10/02/2009)
    The latest additions, four cars and a truck coming to replace vehicles with over ten years old
  • An agreement between the City and Regional Revenue Agency will allow the collection of fines to citizens of other municipalities in the Region (10/02/2009)
    The Committee on Finance and Home Affairs will also seek the nomination of a place in lighting and a street in the polygon The Belones
  • The Mayor, Honorary Member of the Association of Women Brethren of Cartagena (09/02/2009)
    Part of the Board of this association has gone to the Palace Hall today to present him some gifts
  • The issue XXIV Ruta Quetzal BBVA will stop in Cartagena in July (09/02/2009)
    is the third time that this issue visit the port city
  • Students of the Istituto Europeo di Design collaborate with another architectural project in the district of Santa Lucía of Cartagena (09/02/2009)
    A delegation of 26 students have visited Cartagena this weekend, invited by the festival of young talents Much More May
  • 7000 Statistics of census registration refers to registration campaign in schools (09/02/2009)
    The Ministry of Education opened the application period between February 16 and March 3 for 3, 6 and 12 years
  • Star Trek on the eighth anniversary of the Franciscans (09/02/2009)
    college students Cartagena Immaculate enjoyed last week's Planetary Astronomy Association Murcia
  • Rosique requests the Minister of Industry in the Assembly to explain the real situation and the former General Electric (09/02/2009)
    The Socialist deputy requires the regional government to work to secure 700 jobs and investment involved in the time of purchase by Saudi petrochemicals group
  • The Casino de Los Dolores celebrates its centennial (09/02/2009)
    The Mayor opened last Friday, the celebrations at the headquarters of the institution, with the unveiling of a plaque
  • Repsol and the City assist in the repopulation of green spaces in Alum (07/02/2009)
    Today, Saturday culminated a performance which involved 170 students from local college with the planting of 130 trees
  • Public Works initiated the refurbishment of six roundabouts in the Campo de Cartagena (07/02/2009)
    With this action is to increase road safety in low visibility areas
  • Los Vivancos, 7 brothers, music, circus arts and flamenco (06/02/2009)
    will act tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 7 in two passes, at 19:30 and at 22:30 am in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The complaints to the Ombudsman may be submitted at the City Council (06/02/2009)
    The mayor has received this morning the visit of Jose Pablo Ruiz Abellán, with which it has agreed to translate into a collaboration agreement the approach of this new regional institution of Cartagena
  • The proposed municipal government building next to the Casa del Mar to expand facilities ARQUA (06/02/2009)
    The building, owned by the State, is now abandoned and in poor condition and his rehabilitation would end that problem and give space the museum to locate a laboratory or research center
  • The Socialist Party believes that the desalination plant tailings' day to day reveals the great lie of the Popular Party " (06/02/2009)
    Begoña García Retegui reminded that this plant" has not yet even a drop of water "
  • The City Council sets the January 31, 2010 as the deadline for the transfer to San Miguel (06/02/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved the agreement with the UPCT to allocate the building of Sister Francisca Armendariz to Residence Hall.
  • Provide battered women's municipalities had more legal (06/02/2009)
    The Board of local government has adopted to expand the agreement with the Bar, and other agreements in the fields of Youth and Trade.
  • The Major Film program again every Tuesday at Cartagena (06/02/2009)
    The Department of Social Services will sign a new agreement with the agents involved to give the film a 50 cent one day a week for over 65 years.
  • Repsol and the city of Cartagena assist in the repopulation of green spaces in Alum (06/02/2009)
    This Saturday is the culmination of a performance in which 170 students have attended the local school with a total planting of 130 trees.
  • Los Vivancos show in the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena 7 brothers his show with music, circus arts and flamenco (06/02/2009)
    The Brothers will be on Saturday February 7 in two passes: 19:30 and 22:30 hours.
  • Cartagena again with a new dance festival Removals (06/02/2009)
    16 national and international companies will gather in this cultural event held in Cartagena from 14 to 28 March.
  • Open Enrolment for courses for the use of the Youth Space (06/02/2009)
    are held between February and May, free of charge and in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • € 170,000 Futsal Club Cartagena 93 (06/02/2009)

  • The Casino de Los Dolores celebrates 100 years (05/02/2009)
    Mayor discovered a plaque on Friday at the headquarters of the institution.
  • The ALDE launches 32 workshops in response to strong demand for training (05/02/2009)
    In the second half of last year the agency placed 125 people, twelve companies have been created by municipal actions diffusion of entrepreneurship
  • The redevelopment of the Plaza parking lot in Spain lead to changes in traffic in the area (05/02/2009)
    This project will involve the relocation of the taxi and two bus stops, and will be closed to traffic quadrant Square
  • Youth calls for new courses and training activities for this year (05/02/2009)
    The offering consists of a total of seven specialized courses for training of 200 instructors and youth workers
  • Open the application deadline for courses in informatics ADLE (05/02/2009)
    Starting Friday stakeholders may address the Agency of Local Development and Employment to access these free courses early and middle level
  • Students of the Istituto Europeo di Design collaborate with another architectural project in the Santa Lucia (05/02/2009)
    A delegation of 26 students visiting Cartagena for two days, invited by the festival of young talents Much More May
  • The governing body looks to extend the agreement with the Association of Unemployed People over 40 years (05/02/2009)
    Meets tomorrow at the Palace Hall proposals to inform its findings will be reported in subsequent press conference
  • The Government delegate support parliamentary initiatives involving new cultural investment in Cartagena (05/02/2009)
    González Tovar said that Cartagena is a cultural reference point in Europe should continue to receive support from the various administrations investor
  • The mayor meets with the Ombudsman of the Region of Murcia (05/02/2009)
    In formal visit after his official appointment last December.
  • The ADE program with Table Tennis (05/02/2009)
    Students of schools and San Félix Vicente Ros shared a training session with the women's team HIMOINSA UCAM Cartagena.
  • Yuste and Felisuco Josema, between fear and humor in a couple of fear, the mystery of Ira Vamp in the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena (05/02/2009)
    Sold out tickets to see the couple television tomorrow at 21:30 h.
  • Forum on business opportunities (05/02/2009)
    was held on February 26 organized by the ADLE and INFO and will involve several business and social organizations in the region of Cartagena
  • English Theatre School (05/02/2009)
    The Lingua Arts will stage the works The Country Mouse & the City Mouse and Banality Show, at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The mayor receives the Champion of the Queen's Cup table tennis (05/02/2009)
    The UCAM Cartagena Himoinsa did last January with his tenth World Cup, in addition to another ten league titles
  • 130,000 euros of financial support for the celebration of Carnival (04/02/2009)
    The mayor has delivered this morning of the annual subsidy to the chairman of the Committee of Carnival, Carmen Sanchez
  • Local Police incorporates seven new vehicles to its fleet (04/02/2009)
    Among these include two hybrid half electric and half motor fuel, less polluting, which is an improvement in the environmental field
  • The Gate pedestrian is facing its last phase Murcia (04/02/2009)
    Today, they have begun the work of paving the road on the stretch between Castellini and street plaza Quartermaster
  • Street dance course with the program T-La (04/02/2009)
    The activity is held on Saturdays at the Youth Resource Centre in time from 17:30 to 19:30
  • XI Comedy Contest of La Palma (04/02/2009)
    A total of 20 works from all over Spain have been submitted to the amateur theater shows to be held from 1 to 21 February at the Civic Centre council cited
  • First steps to unlock the Spanish situation Zinc (04/02/2009)
    This evening was held the first follow-up meeting between the local and regional administrations and business
  • The Civil Guard surprised a person with many effects from theft (04/02/2009)
    stolen effects, most machinery and tools are valued at approximately $ 10,000
  • Public Works adapting new regional bus fleet for the disabled (04/02/2009)
    The vehicles with specific platforms for access by disabled people
  • Zincs address says that it remains committed to move forward with the project of a new facility (03/02/2009)
    City Council, Regional Government and Committee today agreed with the directors of the company hold weekly meetings in a monitoring committee to expedite the implementation up of the project
  • 'The era of Rodin' opened in April, the Museum of Modern Art, Cartagena (03/02/2009)
    Cartagena This sample exhibited in works such as 'The Thinker' and will run until September at the Palacio Aguirre, Annex and the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • The Popular University organizes the drama class of the Clown Ages (03/02/2009)
    take place on Friday in the auditorium of the Escuela Municipal de Teatro Francisco Rabal
  • Start the semifinal stage of the competition RPM Coyote 2009 (03/02/2009)
    Twenty bands will compete throughout the region over the months of February, March and April to take the first prize of 4,000 euros and a mini tour
  • Members of the allocation of patrol "Infanta Cristina" decorated by the United Nations for its contribution to UNIFIL (02/02/2009)
    The ship will be relieved by the patroller 'Winner' and is scheduled to return to their base in Cartagena in the middle of next week
  • The writer Ana Alonso shares with high school students the secrets of his novel (02/02/2009)
    was winner of the Steam Boat 2008 with his book 'The Secret of If'
  • Local Fire and Police involved in a fire in the Pearl District (02/02/2009)
    The events took place in the Sunday night in a home with a person inside who could go out to the terrace
  • The City of Cartagena will be responsible for providing water to Los Camacho and Blessed (02/02/2009)
    Mayor Pilar Barreiro held this morning a working meeting with his counterpart in La Union to address some of the projects that affect both cities
  • Santa Lucia, a neighborhood with its own light, winner of the contest for Much More May (02/02/2009)
    architectural intervention will focus on Consititución Square and will take place between 4 and 24 May
  • Rodríguez (IU): Saharan dust blind common sense Segado Joaquin " (02/02/2009)

  • The bases of Cartagena can watch football for free Norway Spain Under-21 (02/02/2009)
    Tomorrow go on sale Tuesday entries friendly between two teams, played Feb. 10 at the stadium Cartagonova
  • Commemorative Poster Contest March 8 Women's Day (02/02/2009)
    Work compete for a prize of 600 euros and can be submitted until March 2 at the headquarters of the UP in the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • To be extended until March the exhibition on fossils of the Region of Murcia (02/02/2009)
    The exhibition, scheduled to end on February 26, may visit at the Municipal Archaeological Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro until March 15
  • The return of family concerts with the Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena. (01/02/2009)
    On Saturday held the second of those programmed by the Department of Education during the present school

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