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Cartagena News - January 2009

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  • Guilds of women from all over Spain gather this weekend in Cartagena. (31/01/2009)
    They demand equality and female participation in all areas of the parades passionate
  • The City Council is on Monday to collect the tax for vehicles with frozen rates (30/01/2009)
    The fleet has increased by about 2,300 vehicles compared with 2008, lurking and 146,000 units
  • Table tennis and football's elite school for San Antonio Abad and Professor Tierno Galván (30/01/2009)
    The ADE (Close to Elite Sport) had a doubleheader yesterday with the county school
  • The First Commitment 2008 Volunteer Award lies in Candelaria Sánchez Gómez (30/01/2009)
    The jury, composed of technical experts and members of voluntary associations of Cartagena, has released the name of the winner after the meeting that have remained the same Tomorrow
  • The Youth Council celebrates 30 years of economic and social progress of Spanish democracy (30/01/2009)
    Continuing its campaign 'All for One', this morning has given a talk on the Constitution, their rights and their obligations to students IES Carlos III
  • I Petanque Championship City (30/01/2009)
    begins on Thursday 5 February and for two months, eleven teams from larger clubs in the municipality will vie for top spot
  • VIII-exposure Championship race pigeons City of Cartagena (30/01/2009)
    The expected participation of 400 specimens of 17 different breeds of Spanish pouter
  • The General Plan receives about 4,500 written in the period of public exposure (30/01/2009)
    The new design of the Barrio de San Antón and the implementation of the Coastal Act in the Azohía were the topics most frequently raised arguments to the document, which could have provisional approval for summer
  • Audi MedCup circuit about the competition and entertainment to Cartagena (30/01/2009)
    The port city will host the final race, which was awarded the trophy Caja Mediterráneo Murcia and decide the final award of the circuit
  • The Medcup Cartagena converted back to the world capital of sailing (30/01/2009)
    The port city will host the final race, considered the largest in the world.
  • The Cartagena PMD Martial Arts Club participates in the ADE (30/01/2009)
    Students Intercultural Center of Los Dolores and the Old Town on Wednesday afternoon went to these elite athletes in an event organized by the Department of Sports
  • Transferred to Severo Ochoa various protected species of Angel Bruna (29/01/2009)
    The neighbors had requested this change because of the refurbishment of the street
  • The City Council awarded the first works of the State Investment Fund (29/01/2009)
    There are seven projects in neighborhoods, while there are four in the process of awarding contracts and pending projects and eight open recruitment process
  • Balance of the public exhibition period and submissions to the General Plan (29/01/2009)
    Joaquin Mowing will announce tomorrow the details of the three-month exhibition at the Cultural Center PGMOU
  • Cartagena receives the Q of Quality for ten beaches (29/01/2009)
    The Councillor of Tourism and the general director of the Coast in Madrid yesterday received from the Minister the awards that have made the city of Cartagena in Spain with more beaches certified
  • Guilds of women from all over Spain gather this weekend in Cartagena (29/01/2009)
    Tomorrow Friday inaugurated the Third National Women's Congress and Portapasos Cofrades, at 20.30 hours at the Palace Hall
  • The T-LA Organizes Workshop Percussion (29/01/2009)
    The Youth Council wants to offer, this initiative for the night of Friday, the opportunity to learn music and to fill some free time
  • Presented in FITUR Audi MedCup (29/01/2009)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Tourism on Friday presented one of the most important events of the year to Cartagena
  • Tickets sold out in the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena to see Sayago Maripaz Paco Léon and living with a ghost in Are you there? (29/01/2009)

  • Local Police recovered 400 kilos Pozo Estrecho stolen mandarin (29/01/2009)
    The incident occurred on Tuesday at noon at the farm 'What Campero, "La Palma
  • The CATAD two dogs rescued alive from a mine shaft in the Gorguel (29/01/2009)
    The rescue took place yesterday morning and, apparently, were dumped by someone because, according to the evidence, could not accidentally stumble
  • The director of the Institute for Women in Cartagena attending the Third National Women's Congress and Portapasos Costalera (29/01/2009)
    El Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy hosts on Sunday morning until the congress under the theme 'Women under the throne.
  • Health care quality guarantee for all services of the Hospital Santa María del Rosell (29/01/2009)
    manager Murciano Health Service emphasizes the investment of more than nine million euros in the last four years in technology and furniture
  • The library opens Mediterranean IES (28/01/2009)
    The revitalization project was recently awarded a National Prize awarded by the Ministry of Education
  • MTV's concert will be a window open to 90 million viewers around the world (28/01/2009)
    The mayor has excelled in FITUR the importance of this event to be held in Cartagena on August 1
  • Two-art simulators improve training of students of the IES Bastarreche (28/01/2009)
    The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment has invested over 185,000 euros in the acquisition of such equipment
  • Traffic accidents in Cartagena fell by 21 percent in 2008 (28/01/2009)
    Municipal Traffic Bureau signaled the five tranches with the highest concentration of accidents in the city, which stood at the entrance to the Plaza de Severo Ochoa, roundabout Santa Lucia Road and Union Park parking Mediter
  • Processions in January in Cartagena (28/01/2009)
    The throne of Jesus' farewell on Saturday will shoulder part of the activities of the Third National Women's Congress and Portapasos Costalera
  • Four men arrested for burglary in the club ZM La Manga (28/01/2009)
    The alleged perpetrators, who were arrested in Los Belones had stolen a stereo and other objects within the local
  • Public Works removes a stretch of accident concentration with a new roundabout at the intersection of the hamlet of Cartagena in the Guide (28/01/2009)
    Director General of Highways take the roundabout which the Ministry has been built to improve road safety for more than three million and drivers who pass through annually by this intersection
  • The Pianist Antonio di Cristofano and director Giuseppe Lanzeta figures of the second subscription concert of the Symphony Orchestra in Cartagena (28/01/2009)

  • The Hall Occupational truancy prevention begins his journey (28/01/2009)
    Yesterday took place the opening ceremony of the facilities in which work will develop educational programs to control the dropout age of 14 and 15 years
  • Meeting of the winner of the 2008 Steam Boat Ana Alonso with young high school (28/01/2009)
    Ramón Alonso Cultural Center will host the visit Luzzy the coming days 2 and 3 February
  • School Sports Festival in Cartagena Circuit Speed (27/01/2009)
    around 2,300 schoolchildren from 52 schools in the municipality of Cartagena have participated this morning in the Cross School
  • Last days to register for the workshops organized Implica2 (27/01/2009)
    The program developed by the Youth Council includes skid animation learning and the development of creative mandalas, a mixture of art and meditation
  • Iuvenis Music celebrates its silver anniversary with several concerts throughout the year (27/01/2009)
    The coral Cartagena has developed a calendar for 2009 along with other choral groups in the region, as well as outstanding events such as Easter and Christmas
  • The City anticipates the grant to the Futsal Cartagena for payments to meet its most urgent (27/01/2009)
    Cartagena president Indoor Soccer team has met with the councilman of Sports and Deputy Mayor to pass on the difficult situation they are experiencing and the need financial aid to avoid bankruptcy technical
  • The water will get bonus to pensioners and large families who reside in communities with unique counter (27/01/2009)
    Aquagest return at the end of the year the amount of each of the beneficiaries
  • ANSE features more than 50 submissions to the Municipal General Management Plan of Cartagena (27/01/2009)
    The PGMO proposes a target of nearly half a million homes in Cartagena, of which 226,000 would be provided for planning developments
  • UPyD of Cartagena presents views on the General Urban Plan (Plan) (27/01/2009)

  • Inauguration of exhibition of models of the five architectural projects that choose to settle in the Santa Lucia (26/01/2009)
    The local residents will vote on the bill they like their neighborhood in the explanatory models of the projects located in local neighborhood social
  • Virtual tours to ancient Carthago Nova via the Internet (26/01/2009)
    Autonomous Region and City Council presented three scenarios Augusteum virtual, The Bar and the House Salvius, developed in advance of a larger project on an era of splendor of our city
  • Competition of poetry and painting of the women's association of Mediterranean Private (26/01/2009)
    The failure of both contests will be announced on March 7
  • Gordan Savicic Cartagena runs with Constraint City (26/01/2009)
    The Austrian artist was in town on Saturday to draw your map wifi with the help of citizens
  • Water cut in the block between Jacinto Benavente Paseo Alfonso XIII and (23/01/2009)
    The cut in water supply will begin at 9 am and will last approximately five hours.
  • Five architectural choose to settle in the Santa Lucia (23/01/2009)
    On Monday was inaugurated at the local office of Santa Lucia, the exhibition of models of the projects submitted to the festival of young talents Much More May.
  • The road between El Bohio and Mill Avenue Derribao and Juan Carlos I will be cut by works (23/01/2009)
    Sendas traffic disruptions will begin next Monday with a duration of between 5 and 10 days.
  • The Audi MedCup come to Cartagena from 14 to 19 September (23/01/2009)
    The port city is also the final stage of this fifth edition of the championship.
  • The mayor presented in Congress a proposition of law and twenty questions on the AVE (23/01/2009)
    The first municipal authority, as the national representative, will continue to defend the arrival of the railway infrastructure to Cartagena, as agreed with the government eight years ago.
  • The new headquarters will feature the latest technologies to improve the relationship with the city (23/01/2009)
    The Local Government Board has approved an agreement with Telefonica for the next three years.
  • Social Services as young and unemployed and dependent on trade (23/01/2009)
    This morning has closed one of these courses, which are formed fifteen students.
  • A local policeman was injured during the escape of an individual who was driving without a license (23/01/2009)
    The facts have passed this morning on the Paseo de Alfonso XII and has resulted in the arrest of the individual and the transfer agent to Rosell.
  • Start a new edition of the Reading Club (23/01/2009)
    This activity is included within the activities of the Language Exchange the Department of Youth, aims to promote reading books in other languages and further discussion
  • Opens the deadline for requesting the installation of bars on the beach (23/01/2009)
    From January 26 to February 13 interested parties may submit the request for seasonal facilities in the municipality of Cartagena
  • Audi MedCup circuit confirms five races in four countries (23/01/2009)
    end on 19 September in Cartagena
  • The mayor meets with the team sailing champion Spain child (22/01/2009)
    Cartagena team competed with 17 other clubs throughout the national territory in the High Performance Centre Maria Cristina, Los Narejos
  • ... (22/01/2009)

  • The City received two new mobile recycling centers (22/01/2009)
    The Region today presented these two vehicles in addition to that already underway in the city
  • La Semana Santa de San Ginés Pilar Barreiro as will herald (22/01/2009)
    The mayor of the hamlet of Murcia and the president of the Brotherhood of the Crucified Christ today visited the mayor to invite her to give the opening speech on 28 March
  • The new General Plan of Cartagena will destroy agriculture in the west coast, according to a report ANSE (22/01/2009)

  • Public Works will install streetlights in Cartagena shock to improve road safety (22/01/2009)
    These lamps, already installed in other sections of the Regional Network "with excellent results," combine safe lighting of the road to reducing injuries in accidents
  • The students of San Isidro and Santa Florentina know about elite futsal (21/01/2009)
    was one of the first days ADE (Close to elite sports) this year
  • Gordan Techformance Savicic (21/01/2009)
    The Austrian artist draw up a map of Cartagena wifi with the help of citizens
  • Five arrested in a junkyard of La Palma (21/01/2009)
    Local Police activated in December a special safety devices in the area to the demands of the residents at the continuing thefts have been occurring in recent months
  • Ala Drift Films Seeks for a series of mystery (21/01/2009)
    The Cartagena audiovisual production will shoot the series, called Link, from March in various parts of the Region of Murcia
  • The City of Cartagena Morocco participates in development cooperation projects (21/01/2009)
    A delegation from the Municipal Institute of Social Services has traveled to the Moroccan regions where the general actions
  • Cartagena City Council hosted a briefing on European projects (21/01/2009)
    was held yesterday with the participation of the region and representatives from seven municipalities, and in order to raise awareness of community support for actions in various municipal areas
  • The Socialist Party is committed to asking the City Assembly and the regional government to ensure the decontamination of soil zincs (20/01/2009)
    Teresa Rosique stressed that "it is time for regional government, it is now up to President Valcárcel activate any actions necessary not to disappear from the region these 250 jobs and this project ".
  • A walkway on the Rambla and urban sports area, including the last four projects submitted to MAP (20/01/2009)
    These are 63 works to be financed by the Special Fund, worth about 36 million and a half euros, of which 9 will be in the center and 54 in districts and councils
  • The mayor greets workers zincs (20/01/2009)
    The works council held a meeting with the first local authority to which they have moved the malaise that is causing the lack of solutions from management
  • A trip in time through the fossil (20/01/2009)
    Exposure secrets hidden in the Rock: Fossils of the Region of Murcia, his first stop in Cartagena to show what life was like on Earth 200 million years ago
  • Pere Ros and his group Banchetto Musicale Cartagena bring the sounds of the Renaissance (20/01/2009)
    be at a concert in the Roman Theatre Museum, on Thursday 22 January, in the cycle Ecos0809
  • Throttling morning fire in an apartment building on Calle San Fernando (20/01/2009)
    Firefighters aided and abetted his nine people were inside and had no serious injuries despite inhaling smoke produced abundant
  • The mayor shall submit to the Congress a series of initiatives to require the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena (19/01/2009)
    Pilar Barreiro said that the city is out of the plans of the Ministry of Development and that's a death sentence for all Cartagena
  • The Municipal Service of Logopedics and psychomotor, a new larger headquarters (19/01/2009)
    Carmen Conde The old school was remodeled to house the service, which is also located in the Hall for the prevention of occupational absenteeism and dropout rates and the Bank of Textbooks
  • Firefighters rescued a man from a fire at his home in Los Nietos (19/01/2009)
    The events did last Friday, while the rescued was sleeping, and inhaled smoke but did not lose consciousness at any time
  • X Isidoro Máiquez Theatre Festival (19/01/2009)
    be held from 13 to 19 April organized by the Cultural Association of the district of Conception and the theater group Algameca
  • Third National Congress of Women and Portapasos Cofrades (19/01/2009)
    Organized by the Association of Brethren of Cartagena Women in collaboration with the Association of the kiss (Guild California) and the Association of Stmo.
  • Salvador Gómez Peña and Miguel Angel Garcia of UCAM Cartagena Regional Champions Heptathlon (19/01/2009)
    Over the weekend we played the Winter Regional Championships Combined Events in the renovated track Ensanche Cartagenero
  • The return of family concerts with the Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena (19/01/2009)
    Day 31 marks the second program by the Department of Education during the present school
  • FC Cartagena Primi-CD pays tribute to his great career Sport by sport (19/01/2009)
    Before kickoff yesterday of Cartagena and Atletico Madrid B in Cartagonova, Both teams made the hall of honor for young members of that club
  • The Musical Archive of the Region will have the legacy of composer Benito Cartagena Laurent (18/01/2009)
    His legacy consists of scores and recordings, among other things, shall be deposited in the Music Documentation Centre to ensure its conservation, study and dissemination
  • Sauces again enjoy an expanded and renovated local, after 20 months of work (17/01/2009)
    The Mayor opened the facility last night, which among other improvements, has a large rehearsal room for band music
  • Education Speech Therapy Service moved its psychomotor and a new larger headquarters (17/01/2009)
    The Mayor opened the new headquarters on Monday in the old school Carmen Conde, which also will launch the Hall Occupational preventing truancy and dropout
  • Ball by San Fulgencio Galilean (16/01/2009)
    The deputation of Pozo Estrecho Cartagena has honored its patron with a tasting of this traditional dish
  • IU Responsible meet with the Works Council of zincs (16/01/2009)

  • "The best place in Cartagena to honor the victims of terrorism" by UPyD (16/01/2009)

  • The reissue ADLE Agenda for Self-Employment (16/01/2009)
    The Agenda contains all the business and legal aspects that may be of interest to new entrepreneurs
  • Young people from several countries participate in the volunteer program of the Department of Youth (16/01/2009)
    remain in Cartagena until July to work on projects, coexisting with other cultures and practice languages
  • The taxi Plaza Castellini will move to the beginning of the Calle del Carmen (16/01/2009)
    The mayor has received this morning the new president of Union Radio Taxi Cartagena, Bernardo Garcia, who has taken the concerns of the sector to the economic crisis
  • The youth homes Marfagones Mills, in the absence of the proposed development (16/01/2009)
    have also been approved by the Governing Board of field assignments for Bolillo Museum in La Palma, stormwater works in El Algar and expansion of the sewage plant Cabezo Beaza
  • Ceesepe illustrator and painter, a leading figure of the Movida Madrilena, the poster of The Sea of music, especially Morocco (16/01/2009)

  • The refurbishment of the Royal Street and the square of the CIM, action star of the third package of works that the City sent to MAP (16/01/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved this morning the largest group of projects submitted for funding by the State Fund: 31 performances in total, valued at more than 17 million euros
  • The RPM Coyote becomes one more year in the platform to support novice groups (16/01/2009)
    On Jan. 25 the deadline for music groups throughout the region submit their demos
  • Continue the period within Classroom courses Sets (16/01/2009)
    are pending conclusion of those a workload of 12 hours
  • The Government Delegate treated with neighborhood representatives Cartagena (15/01/2009)
    ... public safety at a meeting this morning
  • Valcárcel supports the location of the sculpture The Zulo in Port (15/01/2009)
    The president of the Autonomous Community of the dock area considered ideal for displaying this monument that summarizes the memory and solidarity of the people of Cartagena to the victims of terrorism
  • The swimmer Margarita Dominguez, awarded special medal for Sports Merit (15/01/2009)
    The distinction has been awarded by the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation for its gold medal in the European Championship 25-kilometer open water
  • PSOE requires the regional government said in the Assembly if they have corrected all irregularities reported in Rosell and confirmed by the judicial inquiry (15/01/2009)
    Teresa Rosique recalled that the PP "prevented the establishment of a Special Commission of Inquiry in the House PSOE's proposal to clarify the irregularities reported in the Digestive System Service Rosell "
  • Valcárcel today inaugurated the new plant in La Aljorra, which has a treatment capacity of 6,500 cubic meters of water per day and which has invested nearly ten million euros (15/01/2009)
    The president of the Autonomous Region of Murcia stands as "reference work" in water treatment and reuse
  • The delegate of the Government presented 20 new agents in practice of the National Police in Cartagena (15/01/2009)

  • Eduardo Mendoza choose Mandarache Award with a romance in ancient Rome (14/01/2009)
    The author of 'The amazing journey of Pomponio Flato' visited Cartagena for a meeting with participating in this award
  • Two new social skills courses will train 30 people from the town (14/01/2009)
    This morning I have started two new courses in plumbing and home economics at the premises of the association Rascasa
  • Meeting of gangs in the Aljorra January 17 (14/01/2009)
    will be in the Civic Center plaza from 17 hours and will involve seven teams
  • The flute of James Martin stars in the first subscription concert of the Symphony Orchestra in Cartagena Murcia (14/01/2009)

  • 43 students have participated in the Healthy Employment Project (14/01/2009)
    was developed in 2008 in the fields of carpentry, screen printing, landscaping and building maintenance
  • The Spanish football under-21 play a friendly at Cartagonova (14/01/2009)
    will face on 10 February at the Norwegian and on this occasion today visited the facility managers and technicians of the Spanish Federation of Soccer
  • The T-LA hosts more than seventy activities for this winter (14/01/2009)
    There will be workshops on Street Dance and music, trips to Toledo and Cordoba, weekend skiing in Sierra Nevada and a Scalextric Championship, among other proposals
  • AMUSAL has its headquarters in Cartagena on 15 January (13/01/2009)
    Pilar Barreiro and Constantine have confirmed their attendance Sotoca
  • Local Police agents arrested the author of several shots in a hard bar of Sorrows (13/01/2009)
    The incident occurred early this morning and as a result there are two people injured, one stab wound and another gunshot
  • Eduardo Mendoza presents his latest novel in the award Mandarache (13/01/2009)
    The author of 'The amazing journey of Pomponio Flato "held several meetings and book signings in Cartagena
  • Cartagena postponing the organization of the International Congress of Carnival (13/01/2009)
    Although it was supposed to be the seat of Congress in 2010, the Carnival Cultural Committee decided to postpone the celebration last night when they pass the effects of the current economic crisis
  • MAP green light to the first eleven State Fund projects (13/01/2009)
    The ministry has approved the first list of projects prepared by the city, among which the resurfacing of the old N-332 and improving streets and lighting in districts and councils
  • V Meeting of Women of Cartagena (12/01/2009)
    The registration period is open to any woman in the city of Cartagena, ends on Wednesday 14 January
  • Exposure of the General Plan is entering its final stretch (12/01/2009)
    Ten thousand people visited the public exhibition of the Plan and about 30,000 have accessed it through the website
  • Ten films, most of them European, make up the new cycle Hannibal Cinema Club for the months January to March (12/01/2009)

  • ANSE requests the City of Cartagena to set aside the Partial Plan Villa Buenos Aires and transfer the youth housing project at the center of the city (12/01/2009)
    The Association has objected to request that the housing provided in a rural area near Mills Marfagones be built in the same city
  • Successfully complete the centenary of football in Alum (12/01/2009)
    Saturday concluded the celebration with a Gala Dinner attended by players, coaches, officials, fans and characters in the history of football club
  • Cartagena UPyD criticizes the explanations offered by Councilman Finance (11/01/2009)

  • The Community reduced by 53 percent the price of the bus to university bond between Murcia and Cartagena (11/01/2009)
    The Public Transport Authority and the Directorate General of Universities subsidize a new line more flexible and convenient for the university community
  • One hundred homes will be rehabilitated in the Barrio de Santa Lucía de Cartagena (10/01/2009)
    The Ministry of Public Works and Planning to invest over € 500,000 through the Department of Housing and Architecture
  • Sale of recruitment the burial of the avenue in New Cartagena (10/01/2009)
    has a budget of over ten and a half million euros and an execution period of 18 months
  • The charities receive 24,000 euros to serve the needy (09/01/2009)
    In addition to this sum of money, Social Services continues to implement the device to assist the homeless.
  • In February, Registration Opens Labor Project (09/01/2009)
    The ADLE three core courses to provide theoretical and practical training for the unemployed.
  • Social Services in Morocco participates in development cooperation projects (09/01/2009)
    A delegation from the Municipal Institute of Social Services Moroccans travel to regions where the general proceedings.
  • Cartagena Basketball honors Salvador Rosillo (09/01/2009)
    will a series of sporting events on Sunday January 11 in Hall Virgen del Carmen.
  • The City Council allocated 2 million euros to the North Access lighting and the urbanization of the City of Justice (09/01/2009)
    The Board of Governors has approved construction projects for the city worth 11 million euros through the fund state will allow the continued employment to 323 workers
  • Open the deadline for submission of short films from the festival week shorter Mucho Mas Mayo Cartagena (09/01/2009)
    up to January 30 may submit projects for the entire festival
  • The launches ALDE Workshop School Hostel (08/01/2009)
    For two years will be in various trades to 45 unemployed people under 25 years to facilitate their entry into the world of work
  • The Church of San Diego removes barriers to the installation of a large ramp (08/01/2009)
    The book is the result of the agreement between City Hall and ONCE INSERSO to improve accessibility to buildings and mobility of citizens
  • 160 women attending health centers for the victims of gender violence in 2008 (08/01/2009)
    The campaign of information and advice on domestic violence Women's Institute arrived this morning at Cartagena on a bus that can be visited on 8, 9 and 12 on Calle San Juan
  • The Musical Composition Contest XVII of Villa de Pozo Estrecho Pasodobles nears its final phase (08/01/2009)
    On Saturday, he will announce the winning entry from among the five finalists selected in the event that, in this edition, there have been 35 compositions, one from Korea
  • Report a burglary ANSE by taking photographs of the landfill Gorguel (Cartagena) (08/01/2009)
    The Director of ASEAN has been subpoenaed to testify as a defendant in a complaint "false" and accused of taking photos from within the landfill
  • The Aida Cara opened the cruise tourism season in Cartagena (07/01/2009)
    The German ship's 1,200 passengers spent the day visiting our city Reyes
  • Paco Leon and Clara Segura sold out his work are you there? (07/01/2009)
    The two actors will go to the boards of Nuevo Teatro Circo on Friday January 30, within the cultural programming
  • Reach Cartagena Campaign Against Gender Violence Institute of Women (07/01/2009)
    Councillor for Women will be in charge on Thursday to inaugurate the bus Adrenaline activities information will remain close to the Plaza Juan XXIII also on 9 and 12 January
  • Cartagena UPyD criticizes the different Council Tax increase for the year 2009 over the CPI for the year 2008 (06/01/2009)

  • Los Reyes Magos de Oriente landed in Cartagena (05/01/2009)
    This afternoon tour the city in their carriages distributing 7,000 kilos of sweets and 12,000 stuffed in a rode this year, as new, starting one hour before
  • "The criterion should be the need, not the people" (03/01/2009)
    article UPyD view of Cartagena on the priority criteria for municipal projects under government funds for economic revitalization in cities
  • The Women's Institute is promoting a campaign against gender violence (02/01/2009)
    A bus information through the streets of Cartagena on days 8, 9 and 12 January
  • Local police reinforced their presence at Christmas (02/01/2009)
    agents have arrested three men late on in proceedings that are part of the campaign launched on 22 December to improve public safety during these dates
  • Steal thousand kilos of copper material a company in La Palma (02/01/2009)
    Local Police have arrested two individuals carrying such material in the back of his van
  • Great New Year concert by the Orchestra of Kiev (02/01/2009)
    is held tonight at the Teatro Circo organized by the Department of Festivities
  • The Cartagena unveils new municipal sports facilities (02/01/2009)
    This Saturday is celebrated with the refurbishment of sports facilities after the reforms carried out in recent months

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