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Cartagena News - August 2014

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  • SPCT complaint new oledada of burglaries in Pozo Strait (31/08/2014)
    "The mayor has a submissive attitude when the Government Commission governs the PP"
  • SPCT flood risk alert Pavilion Albujón (30/08/2014)
    The council has not tendered the works of urbanization outside the pavilion that are in flood zone
  • SPCT Mining Sports congratulates its new stadium and new song (30/08/2014)
    Poet of Llano del Beal, Juan Martinez, wrote the hymn of the mining club
  • Marfagones Mills premieres September with his parties (29/08/2014)
    is held from 5 to 14 of this month with activities for everyone, such as cooking contests, cultural visits or musical performances
  • One more kilometer in the XXI Rise to Power Toad (29/08/2014)
    The route of this edition, to be held this Saturday 30, comprise a total of 9,600 meters, incorporating Source louse.
  • The Treasure of the Mercedes is promoted in hotels and restaurants in Cartagena (29/08/2014)
    Across coasters, chocolate coins, napkins and sugar packets will be released this thrown from the Department of Tourism and Hostec campaign
  • Gardens is able to reduce the killing of palms affected by the red palm weevil (29/08/2014)
    Comprehensive treatments that have been applied get down missing copies in the Historic Center from 6 to 2 percent in the last year
  • The Artillery XIII Cross opens its inscriptions on Monday September 1 (29/08/2014)
    The event organized by the Artillery Regimentio 73 in collaboration with the City Council held on 23 November
  • MC Barreiro and refutes claims that there were meetings with businessmen in Madrid interested in the multipurpose arena (29/08/2014)
    He believes that the reason for the lack of local government is in direct competition with existing infrastructure such as the Auditorium Theatre and Circus, with that there are "good relations"
  • SPCT complaint "municipal negligence in the Pozo Viejo Camino de Los Barreros Strait" (29/08/2014)
    "The locals support abandoned places, dirty solar and lighting of the last century"
  • UPCT libraries extend from morning opening hours (29/08/2014)
    Every day, 900 students used study rooms of the Polytechnic during the last extraordinary opening
  • Last night boat ride in Cartagena (28/08/2014)
    The City Council, through Cartagena Port of Cultures, organized this activity to be performed on Fridays during July and August this
  • Begins repairing damage to hundreds of municipal roads (28/08/2014)
    A contractor Cartagena City Council will be responsible for the next six months to meet citizens notices
  • Visit Councilman Carlos Garranzo Sports (28/08/2014)
    He did on Wednesday, June 27, at City Hall Wssell Guimbarda to tell his latest adventure Broad Peak
  • Recovered 70 solar panels allegedly stolen in the Region of Murcia. (28/08/2014)
    The National Police dealt a blow to a band dedicated to the theft of solar panels in our region
  • Cartagena held the first Chess Championship in the light of the moon (28/08/2014)
    will be this Saturday, the 30th, from nine in the evening until three in the morning, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  • New aid UPCT high level sports (28/08/2014)

  • MC finds the start of a public work in Perín before relevant tender (28/08/2014)
    previously started the award without administrative record or agreement, so the cartagenera political party sees a possible case of corruption and calls appropriate to cease those responsible
  • "Off the roundabout lighting Aljorra to save, it is foolhardy" (28/08/2014)
    SPCT requires the roundabout MU-602 at the entrance to La Aljorra again be running lighting
  • The Socialist Party DEMANDS diligence to the competent authorities (27/08/2014)
    For the ALSA (lines 20 and 22) bus stop using the service road as a way station for travelers in Playa Honda and Playa Paraiso as claimed by the residents of these towns
  • The Festival of Carthaginians and Romans 2014 tear in early September (27/08/2014)

  • The Festival of Carthaginians and Romans are the Goby Award 2014 (27/08/2014)

  • Cartagena inherit the historical legacy of Cartagena José María Jover (27/08/2014)
    On Wednesday, the widow of the historian and the mayor signed the transfer agreement the municipality of the library of the late Son of the city.
  • The mayor urged the Autonomous Community to solve the security problems in bus stops (27/08/2014)
    Barreiro has spoken with the general direction of transport for deficiencies in other Playa Honda and the municipality are resolved
  • MC claims a new rupture of a wall in San Ginés de la Jara where intruders have returned to creep (27/08/2014)
    The cartagenera policy formation demands are met once and for all with the Law on Protection of Artistic Heritage of Region Murcia, being the aforementioned monastery BIC
  • SPCT reporting security issues in street lighting Los Nietos (27/08/2014)
    Single Cables and open records streetlights Los Nietos
  • The School of Telecommunication taught this course two bilingual degrees with 70% of the contents in English (27/08/2014)

  • The brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara, Cartagena pattern develops its activities with successful participation (26/08/2014)

  • Tunics, togas and much more in the camp office (26/08/2014)
    Festival of Carthaginians and Romans 2014
  • Fire Cartagena rescue a hiker 150 kilos I could not get out of a cave (26/08/2014)
    The 27 years had hurt her ankle to enter the cavity and was taken to port zodiac where you will not note any fracture
  • SPCT demands better security for bus stops Township (26/08/2014)
    Deficiencies Stop Playa Honda is not an isolated case
  • PescaSos stops in Cabo de Palos to educate residents and tourists (26/08/2014)
    29 and August 30 theatrical activities have been organized a workshop recipes and a photographic exhibition about fishing
  • Music and Sports to celebrate the holidays of Four Saints (26/08/2014)
    From August 22 to September 7 activities of all types, designed for young and old, in the Parque Juan José Cano organize
  • Visits to the Palace Hall on ahead half an hour (26/08/2014)
    Guided tours of the old town hall will begin at ten o'clock to fit the schedule of cruises
  • The Community promotes the conservation of architectural heritage in Cartagena with the restoration of the facades in seven properties (26/08/2014)
    The real object of the intervention are placed in the streets Doctor Tapia, Carmen, Montanaro, Villamartin and Jara and Plaza San Francisco
  • The aerobics and zumba beaches goodbye until next summer (26/08/2014)
    Eight Cartagena beaches enjoyed these activities to be closed down by last Saturday, day 23, and as part of Sport program in the Arena
  • La Aparecida celebrates the silver anniversary of the Pilgrimage of Pasico (26/08/2014)
    be this Sunday, March 31, when this traditional festival is held within a framework of activities, from 29 August to 7 September, as Juanico Benefit Concert
  • Senior University UPCT renews its offer comprehensive training (26/08/2014)

  • SPCT supports concentration in defense of the Monastery of San Ginés de la Jara (25/08/2014)

  • Lola Vega wins the XXI Spanish Song Festival Mill Derribao (25/08/2014)
    The Cadiz achieved first place in the final last Saturday, 23, in a contest in this year eleven young performers have participated in Andalusia
  • A more miles in twenty Rise to Power Toad (25/08/2014)
    The route of this edition, dsiputará Saturday 30, comprise a total of 9,600 meters, incorporating Source louse.
  • Small bind to the side of Hannibal and Scipio in the Roman Theater (25/08/2014)
    From 5 September and throughout the month, is scheduled this activity to learn more about the Second Punic War and thus celebrate 25 anniversary of this holiday Romans and Carthaginians
  • MC calls for the creation of the Archaeological Ruta del Mar Menor (25/08/2014)
    would include, among others, to make pools "garum" Los Nietos, a Roman palace in Cala Flores, Victoria Cave or Roman cisterns El Algar
  • A student of Master UPCT analyzes the seismic performance of buildings (25/08/2014)
    Lorca's earthquake resilience doubled regulations require that the building structures
  • "The Naval abandoned, closed Rosell" (24/08/2014)
    SPCT proposes to open a resort in gerontological Naval facilities
  • "The Jordanian neighbors and Cobaticas Calblanque are abandoned by the PP" (23/08/2014)
    10 days ago SPCT warned that the conflict was served with neighbors
  • "The PP privatize the Department of Youth" (23/08/2014)
    SPCT denounces award of advisory services and classrooms free internet access to a company for 2 years
  • A thesis UPCT promotes the development of a biological neuroprocesador to control robots (22/08/2014)

  • Victor Avenue Beltrí enhance your look by planting cypress, palm and olive trees (22/08/2014)
    Until August 28 is open for submission of tenders worth around 326,000 euros
  • Music, contests and sports parties Algar (22/08/2014)
    was held from August 30 to September 21 with activities for young and old.
  • Nicolás Pérez Tower honors its patron with dancing and chocolate (22/08/2014)
    The residents of this town pay tribute this Friday and Saturday, 22 and 23 August, with different activities like the traditional procession
  • MC calls for the installation on the highway road signs to indicate directions to the Hospital of Saint Lucia (22/08/2014)
    Currently drivers are with the plight of not finding a single sign showing you what exit to take to get to the hospital
  • Eleven young Andalusian performers compete tonight at the XXI Spanish Song Festival Mill Derribao (22/08/2014)

  • New theatrical evening visit the Roman Theater (22/08/2014)
    will be on Saturday 30 Aulaeum when the activity is organized, Cradle Will Rock, in which the great Roman architect Vitruvius teach the public the Museum
  • The Treasures of Music continues tonight at the Fort Christmas (22/08/2014)
    Themes Serrat, Sabina, Miguel Rios and Raphael will be mixed with Latin rhythms Friday in the old port fortification of Cartagena
  • The women of Cartagena lose on penalties Caravel Silver (22/08/2014)
    Alhama team was done with the trophy after the tie 1-1 on kicks from nine meters.
  • "Culture privatizes public service MURAM despite the failure of the previous award" (22/08/2014)
    SPCT denounced the privatization wave of the PP utilities Cartagena
  • Carthaginians and Romans: "We Cartagena on day six thousand cruise (21/08/2014)

  • FC Cartagena Cartagena FS and seek to bring the sport to the Cartagena society (21/08/2014)

  • 3x3 Basketball Tournament in the first El Algar (21/08/2014)
    Will this Friday 22 and Saturday 23 when this competition in the categories of senior, promises, child and participate minibasket be held
  • The most gastronomic festivals in Santa Barbara Ports Below (21/08/2014)
    From 22 to 31 August the town celebrates cartagenera these popular celebrations with varied nightly tastings and sporting events and contests
  • Record of cruise passengers in a single day in Cartagena (21/08/2014)

  • Dance, tastings and sports parties Llano del Beal (21/08/2014)
    From 29 August to 7 September the festivities covering activities of all kinds and for all tastes are held
  • The Local Police prevent juvenile macro party Friday in Isla Plana (21/08/2014)
    Hundreds of young people have been summoned by social networks to Paco's Party, which is unauthorized and in previous years has generated dirt and discomfort
  • Wagons and carriages are prepared for the 30 miles of San Ginés Pilgrimage (21/08/2014)

  • Cartagena and Real Madrid played the Silver Caravel Youth in Cartagonova (21/08/2014)
    The meeting will be held on Saturday 30 August.
  • SPCT alert condition with the Rambla del Albujón (21/08/2014)
    Weeds and debris accumulate on the runway just 500 meters from Albujón
  • MC believes the lights of La Manga remained idle for some unpaid bills with Murtrafic (21/08/2014)
    police statements so indicate, thereby affecting the "gibberish that exists in the services provided by the local police because economic priorities of Mrs. Barreiro "
  • Science Students podránhacer Company practices Carthaginians and Romans (21/08/2014)

  • 24 and August 25 will take place commemorating the patron saint of Cartagena, San Ginés de la Jara (21/08/2014)

  • The Moscow Ballet Summers dismisses El Batel with Sleeping Beauty (20/08/2014)
    Tchaikovsky's work will feature Cristina and Alexei Terentiev main names with director Timur Fayziev
  • Medusia Dortmund win twelve hours of futsal in Los Urrutias (20/08/2014)
    The tournament last week to six in the evening was held to six in the morning
  • Coming cruisers! (20/08/2014)
    Six thousand three cruise passengers return Thursday to fill the streets and establishments of Cartagena
  • The Cartagena regatta maritime relations Oran recover centuries (20/08/2014)
    The test, which will connect the cities on both shores of the Mediterranean, will bring together thirty vessels depart on September 4 from Club Regatta Cartagena
  • MC report a broken wall on San Ginés de la Jara where intruders have returned to creep (20/08/2014)
    The incident took place just a few days taking advantage of the halt in the work of restoration of the monastery
  • Eleven students of the National Occupational Training Center of Cartagena perform labor practices in Italy (20/08/2014)
    participate in the European training program 'Leonardo da Vinci' improving the professional skills of the participants, all unemployed and some with little or no work experience
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures Augusto pays tribute commemorating the two thousandth anniversary of his death (19/08/2014)
    Today August 19, 2000 years later, the city of Cartagena pays tribute to the first emperor
  • Treasures of the music continues at Fort Christmas (19/08/2014)
    Themes Serrat, Sabina, Miguel Rios and Raphael, on Friday they will be mixed with Latin rhythms in the old port fortification of Cartagena
  • Eleven young Andalusian performers compete in the XXI Spanish Song Festival Mill Derribao (19/08/2014)

  • Ana Belén Castejón be the new Socialist spokesman in the city of Cartagena (19/08/2014)

  • "The city of Cartagena encourages your animal abandonment rate policy" (19/08/2014)
    SPCT Murcia says the service is free and very expensive in Cartagena
  • The European Business and Innovation Centre of Cartagena advises entrepreneurs hundred so far this year (19/08/2014)
    The CEEIC has processed records of financial aid for new businesses for over 500,000 euros
  • The 2nd edition of Apollo Rock Festival will take place on August 30 in El Algar, Cartagena (19/08/2014)
    is organized by the Apollo Theater Circus Sociocultural Association
  • El Batel relive the best sketches of MontyPyhton (18/08/2014)
    L'OmImprebís Producciones Yllana and unite to make us laugh on Friday August 22 with the best of the most important group of comedians in history.
  • Sport and sun in the Beach Volleyball Tournament in La Manga (18/08/2014)
    The event, with 48 participants, was held on Saturday and Sunday on the beach Sirens
  • Cartagena Féminas Alhama FC will play with the first Silver Caravel Women (18/08/2014)
    The Sports Department fulfills its commitment to host the trophy as a reward earned promotion to the second division, which takes place on Thursday 21 August at the Cartagonova
  • El Llano pours in its tenth Cross Road Miner and his second Walker (18/08/2014)
    Both tests this weekend will be played and conjugarán old farm landscape with the mountains that surround the town
  • MC requested the names of those responsible for the installation and subsequent dismantling of luminaires Perín (18/08/2014)
    Notes poor judgment in the Department of Infrastructure, since after spending 120,000 euros in placing the turned off and dismantled
  • UPCT researchers highlight the efficiency and productivity of water use in irrigation of the Region of Murcia (18/08/2014)

  • SPCT claims sports facilities for Miranda (18/08/2014)

  • Cartagena UPyD asks the City Council to solve odor Pozo Strait (17/08/2014)

  • "It is necessary to review the state of our parks woodland to prevent accidents" (16/08/2014)
    SPCT proposes a municipal plan that is unemployed in the municipality
  • SPCT proposes to build bike lanes exploiting the road network of the transfer (15/08/2014)
    "The City Council and the Community of Irrigators must sign an agreement to maintain the road network"
  • "With Barreiro will not get the AVE to Cartagena" (14/08/2014)
    SPCT asked the mayor to recognize that there is no money
  • Andres Lledo 500 kilometers to complete the Grand Slam 4Deserts (14/08/2014)
    The Cartagena athlete is preparing for his next challenge, first the arid Atacama Desert and then the icy wilderness of Antarctica
  • The City Council was to report and raise awareness on conservation Cartagena cypress (14/08/2014)

  • Beach Volleyball senior at La Manga with Sol II Tournament (14/08/2014)

  • "No asphalt, no sidewalks, no hits in the XXI century" (14/08/2014)
    SPCT requires the PP to dowry basic infrastructure to Diaz Quarry
  • The companies supporting the 25th anniversary of the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans (14/08/2014)

  • Researchers UPCT miners recover soils contaminated with pig manure biochar and waste marble (14/08/2014)
    The Seneca Foundation funds a research plan to reduce negative environmental impacts of land affected by mining waste
  • Twelve hours of football on the beach in Los Urrutias (13/08/2014)
    The tournament will run from 6 pm Saturday until 6 am Sunday.
  • The City of Cartagena Group Folcórico La Palma travels this weekend to Santander (13/08/2014)
    There will participate in the International Folklore Festival which will also involve groups of Pontevedra, Mexico and Serbia, among others
  • The City shall participate in the European project conservation Cartagena cypress (13/08/2014)
    The Governing Board will address this and other issues at a regular meeting held on Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • IU-V requests that the debt is not recognized by the desalination plant tailings (13/08/2014)

  • The proclamation, by Antonio Calderon launched Alums parties (13/08/2014)
    The mayor of Social Services was commissioned to proclaim the celebrations last night in Cartagena town, running moving words the story of this corner
  • On Friday, new night boat ride on the bay of Cartagena (13/08/2014)
    The City Council, through Cartagena Port of Cultures, organized this activity that has developed on Thursdays in July and in August will be held on 15 and 29
  • Winners UPCT two students by the notes of his double degree at Napier University of Edinburgh (13/08/2014)
    Awarded by the notes of his double degree at Napier University in Edinburgh
  • "The Salt Marsh becomes Lo Poyo botellodromo weekends" (12/08/2014)
    SPCT requires the municipal government to preserve the natural space
  • The Shopping Night II expanded the summer for a day's supply of Belones (12/08/2014)
    12,000 people returned to be captivated by bars and shops in the city of Cartagena, through this event organized in collaboration with the City of Cartagena
  • The proposed TLA beat the heat in Aqualandia (12/08/2014)
    The program of the Youth Council has organized a visit to the water park for the Sunday, August 24
  • The FC Cartagena and Torrevieja CF Pagan Memorial Ginés be played (12/08/2014)
    soccer trophy, now in its seventh edition, is held on Friday at the Sports City Meseguer Gomez
  • Older Quarry celebrated their day with the festivities (11/08/2014)
    About 150 Club members meet in this day of living in which they enjoyed a variety of activities such as board games or family gave raffle
  • The Mallorca gets the Silver Caravel after beating Cartagena (11/08/2014)
    It was with this trophy in the match at the Cartagonova last Friday, the 8th, with a score of 0-3
  • Hidrogea undertook the renovation of the storm drain Cavite Heroes (11/08/2014)
    With this action, which began Monday, will try to prevent the accumulation of water produced at the City Hall Square in times of heavy rain
  • The City maintains special cleaning services in Punta Brava and Los Urrutias for removal of jellyfish (11/08/2014)
    TRAGSA, company in charge of anti-jellyfish on the beach placed network has already repaired the break causing the incident that has affected this Mar Menor area during the weekend
  • The Community repairs antimedusas networks and works in cleaning swimming areas in Los Urrutias (11/08/2014)
    The operative to control the maintenance and repair of networks in the Mar Menor is composed of six ships, two of which are working today area
  • The Fort Christmas to the sound of the great classics (11/08/2014)
    The Bandegoma rocked those attending the concert Friday 8 wherein Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Bob Marley slipped their successes
  • Music and sports enliven parties Alums (11/08/2014)
    From Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 the festivities that include all kinds of activities to honor the patron will be developed and the Virgin
  • The Roman Theatre also visit this August under the moonlight (11/08/2014)
    Saturday 16 will be conducted in two passes at nine nine thirty at a price of 10 euros
  • Leiva presents his new solo album El Batel (11/08/2014)
    Having supported The Rolling Stones in Madrid, the singer arrives this Saturday at Cartagena to present Gunpowder, his second work
  • Among the innovations for the 25th Anniversary, the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans will have spectacular events start and end programming. (11/08/2014)

  • Apply the results of a thesis at the Polytechnic of Cartagena in the design of large dams (11/08/2014)
    The Jose Maria Carrillo research has been used to design a dam being built on the river Advertise in Ecuador
  • Cobaticas neighbors and Jordanian Calblanque take 15 days without water (11/08/2014)
    SPCT considers unacceptable the situation faced
  • Conflicts appear first collection Calblanque (10/08/2014)
    SPCT complaint Cobaticas neighbors and are being discriminated against Jordanian
  • Over 3000 cruisers fill the old town of Cartagena (08/08/2014)
    Today Friday Azura, P & O Cruises, has done it again at the port, taking advantage of their passengers visit to tour the most important places, as well as local City
  • "The award of the food shows that Rosell is a Health Center" (08/08/2014)
    SPCT complaint "with the contract awarded only 40 people can attend"
  • Sports and music are cast in the celebrations of the Carmolí (08/08/2014)
    The residents of this town have it all set to celebrate the festivities taking place on Sunday 10 to 17
  • Water cut in the area of ​​Alameda de San Antón (08/08/2014)
    As reported Hidrogea, Tuesday August 12 the water supply is interrupted for six hours at a stretch of that avenue and several adjacent streets
  • The Sea of ​​Music, awarded one of the Pencho Cros Awards (08/08/2014)

  • The first verses of Trovalia 2014 were heard in Isla Plana (08/08/2014)
    The eleventh edition of the International Festival of Improvised Oral Poetry began on Thursday at the gate of the Church of the Virgin of Carmen in Isla Plana before hundreds of people
  • The Belones II celebrates his Saturday Night Shopping (08/08/2014)
    More than fifty local establishments have signed up to this Feast of Commerce that brings different deals and discounts up to 70%
  • On Golden Pond with Lola Herrera and Hector Alterio, El Batel (08/08/2014)
    Room A of the Municipal Auditorium hosts the Thursday, August 14th play starring the great gift of theater
  • IU-V complaint please try to UCAM in the use of sports facilities (08/08/2014)

  • The Civil Guard detained a dangerous robber after committing a robbery at a home in Llano del Beal (08/08/2014)
    Rapid intervention has prevented the consummation Meritorious theft
  • The Manga shows her healthy face (07/08/2014)

  • Alum publishes his story to benefit the needy of the town (07/08/2014)

  • There are still seats for the concert Friday at Fort Christmas (07/08/2014)
    Night Tickets for this performance can be purchased at the web portal of Cartagena Port of Cultures, and the price of 20 euros, and including the arrival on board the Tourist Boat
  • Carlos Garranzo returns to Spain this week your challenge of Broad Peak (07/08/2014)
    Go back home after getting ascend above 8,000, just 20 meters from the main summit
  • The Kids Band, the musical family summer reaches El Batel (07/08/2014)
    A musical for young and old to enjoy and has the best songs of composer Andrés Murcia Meseguer and collaboration Angy Fernández
  • Dances and children's activities to celebrate the festival of Campillo de Adentro (07/08/2014)
    The proclamation, this Saturday, will be borne by the Councillor of Celebration, prior to the election of the Queen and the Ladies of the Festival and the Palmetto Gold Delivery
  • IU-Green supports the demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people to be held next Monday in Cartagena (07/08/2014)

  • IU-green back to see how the PP appropriates one of its initiatives (07/08/2014)
    The formation of the left and last year asked the removal of posters advertising the facades of listed buildings, which was rejected by the same team municipal government now endorses the proposal
  • "The council awarded in 2013 83.75% of the works and services without public bidding" (07/08/2014)
    SPCT complaint that "the negotiated procedure is unfair, expensive and opaque"
  • The UPCT Free Polish lessons taught to students who go to Poland next year (07/08/2014)

  • The Sea of ​​Music, awarded by the Cante de las Minas Foundation for its work in promoting music (06/08/2014)
    Councillor for Culture gather Thursday afternoon the award in the hall of the City of La Union
  • Begin training workshops Ilustrafun (06/08/2014)
    It is the first national conference of illustration that the city hosts four training courses on the subject for novices and veterans
  • Road Kitchen and Enjoy, Heart, comes to La Manga (06/08/2014)
    Organized by Philips, the event will be on Thursday at the Plaza Bohemia, which will be presented at the Councillor for Public Safety, a semi-automatic defibrillator to contribute to cardioprotection beaches
  • About 200 disabled spend the summer in downtown Las Colonias in Isla Plana (06/08/2014)

  • Countdown to the Festival of La Azohía this August (06/08/2014)
    The festivities tear Thursday, 7th, and will run until Friday 15 with activities designed for neighbors, young and old, summer entertain this month
  • The best tribute to Queen in El Batel (06/08/2014)
    i>Momo,/i> the best tribute band of Londoners, review your career this Saturday from 9 to 21.30 pm
  • Opens his doors Sample Product Monasteries Spain (06/08/2014)
    The Fair, which was inaugurated on Wednesday, comes to Cartagena for the first time with hundreds of handmade delicacies like booze, buds, empanadas or sobaos.
  • The Sea Trade and prepares the meeting held in January in Cartagena (06/08/2014)
    A representative of the organization of the International Congress of shipping companies today visited the city to learn about the environment in which to celebrate the event
  • Camp Festero adapting to 25th Anniversary (06/08/2014)

  • A marathon day of futsal in Minor Islands (06/08/2014)
    The Municipal Sports Centre Tennis Minor Islands hosted the sporting event now in its sixth edition and the categories of Youth and Cadets participate
  • Two hundred people competed in the 3x3 Basketball Los Urrutias (06/08/2014)
    last Saturday was celebrated with new features such as the inclusion of women in traditional categories and skills contest
  • The Manga on Sunday held its sixth Master Volleyball (06/08/2014)
    Throughout the day, a total of 200 people gathered at this championship that was organized at mile 3 of this beach got
  • "The quality of tourism is not only measured with blue flags" (06/08/2014)
    SCPT requires the installation of a bus stop in playa Honda
  • The Cartagena and the Silver Caravel Mallorca dispute (06/08/2014)
    The sporting event, held Friday at the municipal stadium Cartagonova, has tickets on sale at popular prices of between 5 and 15 euros, while for Subscribers will be free
  • Environment LIFE initiates European project to preserve the forests of cypress Cartagena (06/08/2014)
    The habitat is typical of North Africa and in Murcia has its unique representation in Europe
  • UPyD requests the City of Cartagena involvement in the implementation of Community environmental legislation (06/08/2014)

  • Opening of Exhibition of Products of the Monasteries of Spain (05/08/2014)
    will be tomorrow, Wednesday, Day 6, on the esplanade of the port of Cartagena when this exposure at 11 am presented with the Councillor of Commerce
  • Cartagena continues to lead in Spain on beaches with Q Quality (05/08/2014)
    The 12 Cartagena beaches lie to the Region as a third community, adding to the 10 blue flags placed at the head of Cartagena in the Spanish municipalities Mediterranean
  • Planning begins a campaign to adapt to the norm of the Historical Posters (05/08/2014)
    This is the first phase undertaken by the Department of Planning for signs and posters of the Historical buildings adapt to the rules that protect
  • The safety of swimmers at full capacity with the Ballad Plan (05/08/2014)

  • The Odilo-UPCT chair carries all eBook libraries Colorado (05/08/2014)
    Graduates and trainees Polytechnic manage books in the cloud and access virtual 'e-books', audios, videos and its publisher
  • SPCT proposes the implementation of a municipal license of the unemployed (05/08/2014)
    The proposal should be extended to workers with wages below the minimum wage
  • New UPyD Cartagena coordinator (04/08/2014)
    Sergio Martinez appointed new coordinator UPyD in Cartagena
  • Sanchez and Jimenez, runners-up in the Open City Cartagena XV (04/08/2014)
    The couple Futvoley School La Manga managed to sneak into second place in the final on Sunday at the beach competition Cavanna
  • Iván Ferreiro's performance in El Batel was postponed to October 10 (04/08/2014)
    The tickets purchased for this event, scheduled for Friday, August 8, valid for the new date without making any changes at the box office
  • Playing in the sand combines sport and fun among young (04/08/2014)
    It is one of the novelties of the Municipal Program this summer continues this August with free sports workshops every week in La Manga
  • A guided tour to commemorate the death of Augustus (04/08/2014)
    It will be on Tuesday, August 19 when a tour of the Museum of the Roman Theatre, the Roman Forum and Neighbourhood Augusteum organized.
  • The T-LA organized an astronomical observation of the Perseid shower (04/08/2014)
    It will be on Tuesday, August 12 when this activity was done to enjoy firsthand the phenomenon known as the tears of San Lorenzo
  • Seventh consecutive monthly drop in unemployment in Cartagena (04/08/2014)
    In July there have been 225 fewer unemployed, half a point above the national average
  • Colombia, Chile, Cuba and Puerto Rico in addition to Trovalia 2014 (04/08/2014)

  • SPCT bid to boost measures to facilitate the participation of residents in municipal management (04/08/2014)

  • A cyclist has died after colliding with another vehicle on a service road of Diversion (04/08/2014)
    Rntre La Palma and Torre Pacheco
  • A student poses a Road tram project as improving mobility in the city of Cartagena (04/08/2014)

  • The Institute of Social Action Murciano extended concert sleeps 67 with Virgin del Mar Cartagena residence (03/08/2014)
    The managing director of the Institute for Social Action Murciano visits the residence, recently extended
  • The Governing Council finally approved the new campus in Cartagena UCAM (01/08/2014)

  • MC points out that with the acquisition of new vehicles to the local police recognized that the fleet was obsolete (01/08/2014)
    The new vehicles will be classified as A 13, which will mean greater control by ITV stations
  • Reach Cartagena Sample Products monasteries of Spain (01/08/2014)
    The exhibition has already traveled a dozen cities, can be visited from Tuesday 6 to August 10 in the forecourt of Puerto and Cabo de Palos from 12 to 17 this month
  • Dancing, sports and playgrounds in the Feasts of Perín (01/08/2014)
    Activities for young and old in this schedule of festivities of the town that develops Cartagena and Friday 1 to Sunday, August 17
  • Los Nietos this August celebrating their Patron (01/08/2014)
    2 to be 17 this month when the residents of this beach cartagenera enjoy different activities such as musical performances, children's games or competitions
  • Back the Night Shopping in Los Belones (01/08/2014)
    It will be on Saturday August 9 when this Trade Festival which is now in its second edition to be held and who have signed more than fifty establishments
  • Snapshots this year expand the exposure of twenty years of the Sea Music (01/08/2014)
    In The Sea Festival, hosted by the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, and can enjoy a dozen photographs of Pablo Sánchez Valley this edition.
  • The Manga Sunday celebrates its sixth Master Volleyball (01/08/2014)
    Throughout the day, the hours from 9.30 to 20 hours, a total of 200 people gathered in this championship which is organized in km 3 of this beach will
  • Futsal Championship this Saturday in Minor Islands (01/08/2014)
    The Municipal Sports Centre Tennis smaller islands hosting this sporting event now in its sixth edition and the categories of Youth and Cadets participate
  • The new Captains Ripoll include bike lanes and the median change for wider sidewalks (01/08/2014)
    The Governing Board has given the green light to the project in this broad avenue, which has been agreed with the locals and with which practically Hull complete remodeling of Cartagena
  • IU-Green calls for the city of Cartagena support the maintenance key public service post (01/08/2014)

  • In August closed Classroom Free Internet Access Youth (01/08/2014)
    Municipal Network WINGS that the Department has distributed by districts and councils, will reopen its doors on a regular schedule from September 1 parti
  • € 52,000 for scholarships for 80 students from low-income UPCT (01/08/2014)

  • A truck with rosemary and lighthouse of Cabo de Palos will image this year's Pilgrimage of San Ginés (01/08/2014)
    Daniel Salome, author of the table face to put Poster 31 edition of the Pilgrimage, today delivered the Oil Brotherhood of Romero in the Town Hall, in the presence of the Councillor for Celebrations
  • The futvoley returns to La Manga with the XV Open City Cartagena (01/08/2014)
    The Beach Cavanna becomes is weekend in the final home of the championship, which is organized by the Spanish Association Futvoley collaboration with the City of Cartagena

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