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Cartagena News - May 2014

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  • IU-Green asked the council to promote gender equality in public procurement (31/05/2014)
    The mayor María Rosa Mateo has filed a motion requesting the inclusion of clauses relating to equal employment obligations of companies that choose to municipal contracts
  • Young people are close to the example of Andrew Lledo (30/05/2014)
    It was last Monday when participants Youth Guarantee program were in Cartagena athlete who told them his experience in the Grand Slam, as well as their physical and mental training for these challenges
  • Orality and Greek literature in the Roman Theater (30/05/2014)

  • The small players close the School Theatre finery (30/05/2014)
    They did Friday at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramón Alonso at a ceremony in the eleven schools attended the presentation of diplomas to the twenty-sixth edition.
  • Cartagena cited in Lisbon to support the immigrant entrepreneur (30/05/2014)
    Is that the main objective DELI brand program that was addressed last week at a meeting between representatives of the ten different cities participating.
  • A dozen known multinational Cartagena Hand fam trip (30/05/2014)

  • El Batel welcomes the interregional meeting XXXIII services otolaryngology (30/05/2014)
    The meeting of experts from Murcia, Valencia and Castilla-La Mancha was held today morning
  • Cartagena go to the fairs in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona and Bilbao (30/05/2014)
    City fail to sell these windows and cultural tourism and beach sun
  • Tourism and Culture this summer is allied to Cartagena meeting point (30/05/2014)

  • Conditioning of Siphon begins Monday at the junction with the N301 (30/05/2014)
    Once the layout and signaling works are completed, the works will culminate with a roundabout at the junction with the old road will begin Murcia
  • Hiking Trail in Las Lomas del Albujón (30/05/2014)
    Fourteen kilometers long paths and trails near the resort
  • 418,000 euros for the rehabilitation and improvement Marina Minor Islands (30/05/2014)

  • The high Caritas receives six thousand euros between March and woman is never too late (30/05/2014)

  • LLedó Sunday faces his second challenge in China 4Deserts (30/05/2014)
    The evolution of the Gobi March can be followed via internet
  • Imaz investor reiterates commitment Repsol in Cartagena (30/05/2014)
    The mayor received this morning the new CEO of the company
  • MC lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Culture for continued looting in hermitages of Mount Miral (30/05/2014)
    sure that the Consistory aware of the existence of the set that make BIC together with the Monastery of Saint Ginés de la Jara and adds that there is an aggravating administrative neglect
  • IU-Green claims that the PP excludes Navantia of EU funds "Reindus" (30/05/2014)

  • The Rhythmic Cartagena wins bronze at the World Aesthetic Group (29/05/2014)
    I got the last Sunday, the 25th, in the gym championship is a big step for this team in our city.
  • Woman March in solidarity with the dining Jesus Master and Shepherd (29/05/2014)
    The start of the race, the proceeds are spent annually to an NGO, was made this morning from the Plaza of Spain.
  • The culture of this region grows with the opening of an exhibition on the treasury of Our Lady of Mercy in Cartagena Arqua (29/05/2014)
    The Minister of Culture highlights the informational and educational resources that have been included in the new module 'La Ocean Sailing '
  • Open House to see Mercedes Treasury in Cartagena (29/05/2014)

  • Columbares Social Care and exchanged impressions on their projects (29/05/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor has today met Thursday with representatives of the association, which conducts activities in the rural area of ​​Cartagena aimed at promoting social inclusion
  • The Club held its Senior Prom living in Los Urrutias (29/05/2014)
    Caritas camp located in the resort of Mar Menor is again part of this day of living, which will take place tomorrow and attended by about 700 higher
  • The symposium starts with opioid drug dependence municipal plan (29/05/2014)

  • The Friends of the Cartagena Zarzuela Luisa Fernanda staged (29/05/2014)
    El Nuevo Teatro Circo is chosen to represent the frame on Saturday May 31 this dramatic comedy dyes and happy ending, which will feature a large cast of voices for the occasion
  • The four saints Cartagena, together again (29/05/2014)
    With the placement of the image of San Leandro in your niche, after restoration process, the four corners of the central street of Cartagena again be saved by the holy brothers
  • The Plaza San Francisco to Cartagena opened Sabor (29/05/2014)

  • Cartagena meets the criteria to become entrepreneurs City (29/05/2014)

  • Barreiro accepts the apologies of the president of the neighborhood association and waiver of legal action (29/05/2014)

  • Team Futsal Carthaginians and Romans amounts category in his first season (29/05/2014)
    Nestor Jorge Giuliodoro Molinaro / Areas of Public Affairs of the Federation troops and legions
  • IU-Green has not participated in the "paripé" (29/05/2014)
    with Pilar Barreiro has tried to hide the main exhibition Treasure Our Lady of Mercy will take place in Madrid
  • MC calls for the reallocation of the grant to the Peñas del Efesé to other councils as Culture and Tourism (29/05/2014)
    The 10,000 euros to the Sports Council has granted them extemporaneously, should be used entirely in the conduct of sports
  • IU complaint that "carcinogens and deficiencies in the construction elements endanger the physical safety of students and teachers in the school of José María de la Puerta" (29/05/2014)

  • The Association Alraso received Tuesday the mayor of Social Services (28/05/2014)
    I did last Tuesday at its facilities in San Juan Bosco complex for everyday of this group and the different activities carried out aimed at the immigrant population
  • The Path of the Strengths donates 43,000 euros to a good cause (28/05/2014)

  • Violinist Lina Tur acts by the SORM in Cartagena (28/05/2014)
    Interpret Sunday at El Batel pieces by Beethoven and Schumann
  • Exposure of the Cathedral for the benefit of our elders (28/05/2014)
    It will be this afternoon at 17.30 hours, when the delivery is made this collection shows that will go to seniors with special needs
  • Children's theater scene Prolam climbed El Gallo Hook (28/05/2014)
    Yesterday Tuesday staged this function on the same premises in the center of the activities taking place in the theater workshop organized by the Department of Social Services
  • The swimmer Cartagena José Nieto debut with the National Team (28/05/2014)
    The Spanish Swimming Federation has called you to participate in the Open to be held in Moscow from May 30 to June 1
  • Daisy and Ecological Washing win the drawing contest Ecolimpia (28/05/2014)
    The author of the film, Carmen Henarejos, Carmelite student has attended Wednesday, along with the other winners and finalists at the awards ceremony which was held in Palace Hall
  • The new Youth website now just a click coup (28/05/2014)

  • March Thursday woman sympathizes with dining Jesus Master and Shepherd (28/05/2014)
    The start of the race, the proceeds are spent annually to an NGO, will be from the Plaza of Spain, at 10 hours.
  • Cartagena analyzes the role of opioids with a scientific symposium (28/05/2014)
    Will this Thursday and Friday, 29 and 30, in the old Navy Hospital.
  • MC asks the intercession of the City to capture UPCT Community funds for the upkeep of the Hospital Corps (28/05/2014)
    The chipped in university building, with a bullring supported by scaffolding, make the showcase for UPCT 15,000 cruise passengers who visit Cartagena each year
  • V Strengths Path (27/05/2014)
    On April 5, 2014 the V Route Fortresses, organized by the Spanish Armada was held
  • Arts students of UP display their work (27/05/2014)
    Thursday opens at the Cultural Centre the exhibition, which includes drawings, paintings, sculptures and ceramics, and will be open until June 15
  • Resetting youth work Hand T-LA (27/05/2014)
    It is the course that is organized from youth with the aim of offering concrete professionals and volunteers in techniques of intervention with this group tools.
  • Ruzafa and Erbanova win the XTERRA National Cartagena (27/05/2014)
    I managed to last Saturday at the Cove in La Manga Club in a competition in which a total of 250 athletes.
  • Life Between Rails shows daily at a railway station (27/05/2014)
    It is the exhibition at starting this Saturday, May 31, the stopping of the Pearl District which is nestled in the green way of Cartagena
  • This weekend starts the playoffs to the title in Alevín B, A and Child Alevín (27/05/2014)
    Next week the remaining categories will join consolation match and also played for other teams in the local league football basis
  • Opens Wednesday Cartagena Taste (27/05/2014)
    The Food Fair will hold its third edition in the Plaza de San Francisco with musical performances and attractions that provide fun for the whole family
  • Andrés Lledo part to China this week with the challenge of 4Deserts (27/05/2014)

  • The Path of the Strengths donates 43,000 euros for social purposes (27/05/2014)
    Fifteen charities receive on Wednesday part of the revenue from registrations and donations from companies test held on April 5
  • The Rotary Club donates Cartagena fourteen electronic tablets for care homes (27/05/2014)

  • A tortada two hundred kilos closed the Cultural Week of Charity (27/05/2014)
    Last Sunday ended this cartagenera parties that brought together neighborhood activities for everyone, as the concentration of hundreds of motorcycles that was accompanied by a michironada
  • Merche presents his new album El Batel (27/05/2014)
    The Cadiz singer, one of the most famous voices of our country, will perform on Friday, accompanied by the promising young Salvador Beltran
  • Cultural Week XXXIII Vista Alegre (27/05/2014)
    The Cartagena neighborhood scheduled from 7 to 14 June activities for all ages and tastes, including popular games will be, lectures, music and theater
  • Citizens (C's) bursting onto Cartagena in European (27/05/2014)
    And it would get a few votes in a municipal councilor
  • Researcher Carlos Cartagena Polytechnic Colodro, national award college (27/05/2014)
    Engineer and Master in Telecommunication, is UPCT doctorate in developing part of Euclid satellite of the European Space Agency
  • Carthaginians and Romans have their Official Poster XXV Anniversary (27/05/2014)
    Nestor Jorge Giuliodoro, Areas of Public Affairs of the Federation troops and legions
  • Massive reception of the Fair Care Cartagena (26/05/2014)
    Hundreds of people visited the bus of the "I'm a nurse.
  • Saharawi Minister of Culture about his cause Cartagena (26/05/2014)
    What will this week at the conference taking place from Monday in the UPCT with several round tables and conferences.
  • Youth Exchange Rotary Club Teatro Romano studied Spanish in Funcarele (26/05/2014)

  • Vita Romanorum, a Roman city in the port of Cartagena (26/05/2014)

  • A tarraconese delegation visit Cartagena for experienced changes in trade and capital city (26/05/2014)
    will be received Tuesday at the Chamber of Commerce by Council of Trade and Tourism
  • Youth Guarantee program highlights Andrés Lledo example (26/05/2014)
    The ALDE, together with the Department of Youth and Sports, have organized a meeting Monday with the athlete, which will take place at 7 pm at the Youth Center Quarrying
  • UPCT Students may intern in the Zamora Group (26/05/2014)

  • Lledo Andrés prepares to leave for China (26/05/2014)
    The athlete will be released on Tuesday at the Teatro Romano details of the new stage of 4Desert taking you to the Gobi Desert
  • Integrated Student Center FP Cartagena Carlos III win the VII Olympiad in Informatics Region (26/05/2014)
    The CEO of Training Delivery and honorable mention awards of this initiative to promote teamwork of students and cycles formative Family Computing
  • A tent at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena remembers the Sahara conflict (26/05/2014)

  • The Cartagena Raul Martinez won the Cup of Spain Trialbici. (26/05/2014)

  • Cut water Portús Avenue (26/05/2014)
    The supply disruption will take place on Tuesday, May 27th in the morning, for about six hours, works in connecting the new drive to the grid, as reported Hidrogea
  • Young and old were cited in the Popular Cross Alums II (26/05/2014)
    Around five hundred people participated last Saturday in this sports event this year with a consolidated general test and two children
  • The children of Santa Ana EF amounted to the Regional League (26/05/2014)
    I managed to last weekend in the final round of the championship by defeating FC Cartagena 4-1
  • Back Cartagena flavor with fun for the whole family (23/05/2014)
    The Food Fair will celebrate its third year in San Francisco Square with musical performances and attractions for younger
  • Intergenerational Coexistence in Residence 'Virgen del Mar' Cartagena (23/05/2014)

  • Garre: "We must vote for the People's Party because it is the only one to ensure the future of the citizens of Cartagena and the Region" (23/05/2014)
    Community President spoke last night at a meeting in Cartagena, in Pilar Barreiro and Francisco Celdran
  • A student UPCT wins bronze at the National University Taekwondo Championship (23/05/2014)

  • CCOO denounces the state of infrastructure CEIP JOSE MARIA CARTAGENA DOOR (22/05/2014)
    CCOO denounces economic INVESTMENT NO from the Ministry of Education and City of Cartagena in the CEIP JOSE MARIA DOOR
  • 151,445 citizens may exercise their right to vote on Sunday in Cartagena (22/05/2014)
    Municipal Statistical Office will remain open during the European elections to inform citizens about the center where you have to vote and claims processing errors form
  • Spanish DELE exams come to Cartagena with Funcarele (22/05/2014)
    will be next Saturday, the 24th, at the premises of the Polytechnic University.
  • Swimming, cycling and running, one in three sports in Spain XTERRA Championship (22/05/2014)
    This Saturday is celebrated in La Manga Club sports event, a triathlon with the participation of 250 athletes.
  • Delivered plates recognition to retirees this year (22/05/2014)
    The event, on the occasion of the patron saint of civil servants, Santa Rita, was held this afternoon at the Palace Hall
  • School of Cartagena all the Municipal Beach Volleyball Final vie (22/05/2014)
    will be Thursday, March 22, at the beach of Puerto Bello in La Manga when this championship that takes place in the Program of Sports School Age takes place
  • Six students and boast of their diploma design and garden maintenance (22/05/2014)
    Employment Councilman delivered Thursday following the end of the workshop dedicated over 25 unemployed.
  • The cartageneras women living with housewives Santomera (22/05/2014)
    The Workshops were held on Tuesday, the 20th, organized by the Federation of Women of the village.
  • The Rhythmic Cartagena, prepared for the World Cup Cosmetic Group (22/05/2014)
    The senior team travels today cartagenero club Thursday for Russia to represent Spain in the competition, held from 23 to 25 May
  • El Batel laughs with laughter with Never Too Late (22/05/2014)
    TANIT Theatre Group of the Department of Women, climbed onstage Wednesday to perform this play to honor the female sex.
  • Back Cartagena Taste (22/05/2014)
    The Food Fair celebrates its third edition, presented Friday at the PFIC Hospitality and Tourism Cartagena
  • Adopted by the municipal contribution of 675,000 euros for the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena (22/05/2014)
    The City Council has given the green light to the transaction also involving the region and ADIF
  • The Governing Board authorizes the amortization of 10.5 million ICO credits (22/05/2014)
    will mean a saving in interest this year from about 300,000 euros
  • MC complains that there are no sidewalks in an area of ​​La Manga classified as "established residential" (22/05/2014)
    Neighbors environment of Salvator Mundi Church complain of neglect by the council, as lack of this basic service
  • IU-Green asked to review the "capricious, despotic and detrimental to the public interest" decision to take the station Mandarache (22/05/2014)

  • The president and the Minister of Health inaugurated a conference on UPCT for control and treatment of tobacco (22/05/2014)

  • The UPCT collaborates with Carthaginians and Romans (22/05/2014)

  • Stabilized the Orfeo Canyon fire that has burned 120 acres of brush (21/05/2014)
    Effective Fire Station tonight Cartagena monitor the wind does not rekindle the fire
  • Patxi López: "All this will change if we take a radical turn with a ballot on Sunday, because now more than the Socialist Party is never necessary" (21/05/2014)
    Patxi Lopez along with Rafael González Tovar and Isa and Ana Belén Casalduero Castejón photo met with the rector UPCT with unions and has participated in a rally in Cartagena
  • The plural left SIME try tomorrow with the operational capacity firehouse (21/05/2014)
    IU-Greens and SPCT are concerned because the fire of the Barranco de Orfeo presents numerous backgrounds
  • Gaspar Llamazares meets with members of the Save the Platform Rosell (21/05/2014)
    The national deputy of Izquierda Unida promised the representatives of the movement in defense of the health center and Public Health to carry out actions aimed at getting the Rosell not close
  • Alumni Association Four Saints shared pool with Margarita Dominguez (21/05/2014)
    Through the ADE of the Sports Department, shared the day on Monday with the swimmer and other elite athletes, as Paloma Dominguez and Peter Fotcuberta in the Mediterranean Sports Center
  • Canoeing and climbing with Youth T-The Spring (21/05/2014)

  • Extended until Sunday Shoepping exposure of the Refuges and the Roman Theatre (21/05/2014)

  • Driver education is also taught in summer (21/05/2014)

  • Funcarele and summon UPCT official examinations of Trinity College London (21/05/2014)
    24 to May 30 will be held in the Faculty of Business, tests in which 169 candidates will participate in order to earn a diploma English
  • After the registration period of the Heritage Classic Course, Tangible and Intangible (21/05/2014)
    Organized by the Museum of the Roman Theatre and UPCT, held from 14 to 16 July in the Auditorium of the Museum.
  • John Farina, singer revelation of 2013, in El Batel (21/05/2014)
    The Huelva artist winner of the National Competition Saetas Cartagena, submitted on June 21, their first album, Roet, with Antonio Ayala, Manuel Leon and Mamen Navarro
  • Secretary of State for Infrastructure announces top priority for the corridor between Murcia and Cartagena (21/05/2014)
    Rafael Catala has met this morning with the mayor exploiting his stay in the city and visited the site of the future city railway station
  • Valcárcel: "We must fight to bring infrastructure in Europe and the Mediterranean Corridor" (21/05/2014)
    Meeting in Cartagena with the Secretary of State for Infrastructure
  • More than 60,000 people enjoyed the Night of the Museums of Cartagena (21/05/2014)
    In this issue has highlighted the increase of foreign visitors and outside the region and the high level of participant satisfaction
  • The Dragon Boat Festival I get to Cartagena (21/05/2014)

  • € 52,000 for tuition scholarships and study grants (21/05/2014)

  • Medusa's Cakes, sweet dream of creative pastries (20/05/2014)

  • EF Esperanza, Santiago CD, AD The Trough, La Union CD, CD and CD Albujón JUVENIA earn their place in the playoffs (20/05/2014)
    Next week will start the playoffs to the title of the local youth football league.
  • The City uses internet to increase their effectiveness in controlling gulls (20/05/2014)

  • A Walk in the Catamaran Olé to celebrate the European Maritime Day (20/05/2014)

  • The Entrepreneur Cheque also encourage the creation of technology-based companies (20/05/2014)

  • MC asked in Parliament that the resumption of work on the stages of the Mediterranean Urbanization and Llano del Beal (20/05/2014)
    Players Sports Minera staged a sit in the last match and neighbors cut proposed expressway as La Manga protest action
  • The UPCT joins other institutions in collaboration with the Red Cross (20/05/2014)

  • Last training in the best company (20/05/2014)

  • The Fun Run I UPCT took over the Campus Muralla del Mar (19/05/2014)
    Around 200 athletes from all categories, gathered Saturday at the Challenge.
  • The San Francisco Javier College celebrates its half century of life (19/05/2014)
    I did last week with all kinds of activities such as storytelling or dancing.
  • Cartagena enjoyed the culture and entertainment of the Great Night of Museums (19/05/2014)

  • Celdrán ensures that the Popular Party and Arias Cañete are a safe bet for the fisheries sector (19/05/2014)

  • Cartagena grows twice the Spanish average registered with Social Security (19/05/2014)
    This was highlighted Friday Jobs Councilman Joaquin Segado, to take stock of the latest published data.
  • Sentenced to ten years the driver that hit a police force in the trough (19/05/2014)
    The man had fled an accident and was driving recklessly before being intercepted
  • IU-Green claims that "Cartagena we pay the fire service to the port authority" (19/05/2014)
    "despite the huge profits of the same"
  • The Community held tomorrow in Cartagena European Maritime Day (18/05/2014)
    The presidential adviser and Jobs highlights the regional event has been included in the official program of the European Commission, which is visible to the Region
  • Painting Exhibition of users of Social Senior Center Cartagena III (17/05/2014)

  • Internal in prisons in the region visit the Naval Museum of Cartagena Sponsored by the Templars of Jumilla (16/05/2014)
    The Lieutenant Junior Grade Diego Quevedo Carmona, expert in the submarine arm and the life of Isaac Peral, illustrated the boarding of underage Peral Submarine
  • The Archaeological joins the party museums with family workshops (16/05/2014)
    It will be this Sunday, International Museum Day, when carried out several games that will challenge young and old about his knowledge of history
  • Talk with Mom up this Saturday at New Theatre Circus (16/05/2014)
    María Galiana and Juan Echanove star in this theatrical work in which the story of James, a man whose life bouncing and change completely counted.
  • XIX Cultural Week slum Virgin of Charity (16/05/2014)
    Monday begin the days of living in which the neighbors involved and will last until Sunday May 25
  • Las Damas del Carmen celebrated the appointment of new members (16/05/2014)
    The mayors Antonio Calderon, Clara Hall and Fatima Suanzes received their medals Thursday during a Mass celebrated by the association in the church of Santo Domingo
  • The Early López lads demonstrate their tables on stage (16/05/2014)

  • Ninety unemployed are in the areas of hospitality and sales (16/05/2014)
    The ALDE develop these courses as a collaborating center of the SEF, which provide participants with certificates of professionalism
  • No full agreement on Hospital Rosell (16/05/2014)

  • The Youth CTM claimed recovery of the Cathedral (16/05/2014)
    They will meet tomorrow in front of the Roman Theatre Museum to support the temple recover the memory that never should have lost
  • IU: "The PP again betray Cartagena and vote against the bill that neighbors want to take the assembly" (16/05/2014)
    Despite opposition from Cartagena PP, if the law will reach the regional parliament as it goes to be approved in the coming days in the Mazarrón Town Council
  • USE gets 3 delegates who were elected in union elections in Halcon security and surveillance company, SL (16/05/2014)

  • New rankings place the UPCT in the first group most productive universities (16/05/2014)

  • The European Maritime Day is celebrated with a workshop of naval Innovation (15/05/2014)
    Will this Monday 19, from 9.30 pm, when the Port Authority receives this day of conferences with different representatives of the Region and the European Commission
  • The writer Carmen Serrano presents Mama Has Said That I Do not Want Me (15/05/2014)
    will tomorrow, the 16th, when the Valencian author present his essay in the Youth Center of Cartagena at 18 hours.
  • The UPCT Solar Team, selected to represent Spain in the biggest competition of efficient vehicles in Europe (15/05/2014)

  • David Eme El Batel during The Night of Museums (15/05/2014)
    The Cartagena songwriter Private submit their debut album Melody on this special night of Saturday, May 17
  • Launch the program Undertaking with Lean Start Up (15/05/2014)
    Between May and October this course organized by the ALDE and CEEIC aimed at entrepreneurs to develop new business models will be developed
  • Music, laughter and moral in the comedy Never Too Late (15/05/2014)

  • Swimming, cycling and running live in Spain XTERRA Championship (15/05/2014)
    next Saturday will be 24 when Cartagena celebrate this sporting event which will include a total of 250 athletes.
  • Summer Schools open for longer hours and more ages (15/05/2014)

  • Entrepreneurs Polygon added to the project to promote youth employment (15/05/2014)

  • MC wants urgent restoration work carried out in Cartagena Station to prevent spoilage (15/05/2014)
    Political education complaint your state of neglect as well as the removal of the inner canopy Station assumes no protection for passengers and workers to Rain
  • The Plural Left Cartagena to show the reality of the old town on a guided visit to "The Hidden Cartagena" (15/05/2014)

  • Education will offer three titles of Basic Training at the Polytechnic of Cartagena IES (15/05/2014)
    Professional Training Director maintains a working meeting with the leadership of the center to try offering in Electrical and Electronics, Vehicle Maintenance and Manufacturing and Assembly
  • The PSOE person as civil plaintiffs in the case "Novo Carthago" (15/05/2014)

  • The PP requires the president to withdraw its neighborhood threats and insults to the mayor of Cartagena (15/05/2014)

  • Recovered two guns of the eighteenth century and ruins from Roman times (15/05/2014)
    The guns were in a junkyard and Roman remains in a warehouse of Cartagena
  • Professional health sector come together this week in Congress CEDEST (14/05/2014)
    cleaning, decontamination and sterilization in hospital care that is the subject of this conference addressed from Thursday with the Councillor for Health, Ã ngel Nicholas
  • Cerdá: "Vote the PP is the best guarantee for agriculture in our region" (14/05/2014)

  • Social Care joins the Inti Raymi (14/05/2014)
    Coordinate this multicultural event to be held on 21 June was the purpose of the meeting between Ecuador and Bolivia consuls and the mayor Antonio Calderón
  • The cooking competition housewives already winning (14/05/2014)
    This Cartagena Association awards the top three dishes and a special dedicated to the presentation.
  • Sport shows its caring side with the race for the Hospitality (14/05/2014)

  • All set to live the great Night of Museums in Cartagena (14/05/2014)
    Fourteen 106 hours to enjoy activities at museums, landmark buildings and squares of the city, an extensive program involving city hall, bars, restaurants, hotels and galleries Art
  • Cartagena second municipality of Spain in blue flags (14/05/2014)
    Still the first of the Mediterranean, with ten awards, two more than last year
  • The City out to tender works to improve access to schools in La Manga (14/05/2014)

  • The von Trapp family visit Cartagena with The Sound of Music (14/05/2014)

  • Local police confiscated 76 counterfeit products (14/05/2014)
    The intervention took place yesterday at the flea market neighborhood Peral
  • Starts port installation Romanorum Vita (14/05/2014)
    Innovative sample Obra Social La Caixa reflect everyday life in Roman times and is open from 26 May to 1 July
  • PSOE and IU-green asking for legal protection to Secretary General of the Whole (14/05/2014)

  • Entrepreneurs Cabezo Beaza know the Youth Guarantee (14/05/2014)
    Thursday Ecuentro participate in a working with Councilman Jobs
  • Social Education students wear the Miraculous (14/05/2014)
    Students of the University of Murcia have known the building aantigua Mercy House where the offices of the Department of Social Services
  • The registration period opens for Congress on Greek Literature in the Roman Theater (14/05/2014)

  • Cartagena City Council continues to support the victims of terrorism (14/05/2014)
    The Mayoress of Cartagena renewed the cooperation agreement with the Chairperson of AVT
  • Officials honor their patron saint with a varied exposure (14/05/2014)
    Councillor for Culture inaugurated Tuesday in the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy sample, which includes works by employees of the City
  • Riding a business beyond its borders (13/05/2014)
    A Cartagena reach tens of immigrants who are committed to become entrepreneurs outside their country each year.
  • Small school Vicente Medina mounted their own cooperative (13/05/2014)
    They do this through the EME project, undertake at my school, which is to design your own business in the classroom.
  • Traces the history of the shoe on the Refuge and Museum of the Civil War (13/05/2014)

  • Courses protocol, organizing conferences and personal brand in El Batel (13/05/2014)
    The auditorium hosts its second edition Summer School to be held from June 26 to July 11
  • The Local Police uses Autocad to reconstruct traffic accidents (13/05/2014)
    14 to May 27 will be held in the SPAT II level course, which aims to teach agents management tools for drawing sketches and planes
  • Moment of silence and flags at half mast in Cartagena for the murder of Isabel Carrasco (13/05/2014)

  • Sound of Music comes to Cartagena on his farewell tour of Spain (13/05/2014)
    On Wednesday, the musical will be presented in the Auditorium El Batel, a press conference to be attended by the Councillor for Culture, Loreto Valverde actress and producer work
  • Caritas receives a financial donation Congress Femesprum (13/05/2014)

  • Exhibition of paintings, sculptures and models of Santa Rita (13/05/2014)
    Councillor for Culture opens this afternoon at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Centre the exhibition, which includes works by employees of the City
  • CD Algar, balsicas EF, CD and EF Albujón Vistalegre-Los Mateos qualify for the play off for the title (13/05/2014)
    The local football league enters its final stretch to crown the best and championship sports
  • A paper boat capable of carrying 18 kilos wins a contest at parties Campus Alfonso XIII (13/05/2014)

  • Moment of silence and flags at half-staff in Cartagena for the murder of Isabel Carrasco (13/05/2014)
    ​​ The City Council this afternoon will be added in the Hall to the call made by the FEMP Palace
  • Cartagena AFIBROCAR awareness about Fibromyalgia in his World Day (12/05/2014)
    He did this morning reading the manifesto which was held at the gates of the Regional Assembly.
  • City Phase atletimos Sports School Age (12/05/2014)
    Winners centers dispuntarán the regional final on May 23 in Lorca
  • Traditional festivities in Las Lomas del Albujón (12/05/2014)
    Activities for all tastes compose the program of celebrations in honor of the Ascension of the Lord, to be held from 16 May to 1 June in the city of Cartagena
  • Water cut in Llano del Beal Strait of San Ginés (12/05/2014)
    Work for installation of a flow meter will cause on Wednesday May 14 an interruption in the water supply in the four-hour, as has reported Hidrogea
  • Older toured the Monte de San Ginés with Friday March (12/05/2014)
    A group of 35 people held on Friday Route 55, including hiking in the program organized by the Department of Social Services
  • The comic craft design and star in the sample of students of the UP (12/05/2014)
    This Monday opened its doors this exhibition at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy which runs through May 25.
  • The City Council presented in TSJ documentation on General Plan Amendment 113 (12/05/2014)
    We have also provided reports of municipal technicians who support the legality of the steps taken
  • Allegations of MC on Contentpolis force the PP to require the producer Andrés Vicente Gómez 60,000 euros (12/05/2014)
    The cartagenera political formation to be reported back to city coffers 450,000 euros a grant for the failed project of the City of Digital Content " Contentpolis "
  • I Alums Celebrates Tapas Route (12/05/2014)

  • The Popular Cross of Alum is consolidated with its second edition (12/05/2014)

  • IU-Greens asked the Electoral Commission to urgently resolve the obstruction of the extraordinary plenary PP on Rosell (12/05/2014)

  • Apices light covers shoe giant blank Shoepping (12/05/2014)

  • IU-Greens and SPCT become citizens claim to support the maintenance of the railway station (10/05/2014)

  • Between strings and brass closes its 2014 edition loudly leaving the bar (10/05/2014)

  • The plural left neighbors explained Alums how they affect decisions made in Europe (09/05/2014)

  • Exposing The Mercedes ARQUA doors open on May 29 (09/05/2014)

  • Apices will color one of the giant shoes Shoepping (09/05/2014)
    The work will form part of the collection to be displayed in other cities
  • San Anton celebrated Saturday their Cruces de Mayo (09/05/2014)
    Various activities and authentic coloreran the populous neighborhood of Cartagena
  • Exhibition of courses and workshops VHS (09/05/2014)
    Monday inaugurated a sample in the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Athletics and Table Tennis star in a new weekend Cartagena Sport (09/05/2014)

  • The mayor invites you to visit Cartagena participants at the Annual Congress of FEDADi (09/05/2014)

  • City officials are preparing to celebrate St. Rita (09/05/2014)

  • The City temporarily cedes old college Tallante for an innovative educational project (09/05/2014)
    A social cooperative parents want to create a respectful school environment and development and empower students
  • Citizens (C's) of Cartagena started the election campaign for the European elections (09/05/2014)

  • The Civil Guard and tax authorities hit back against drug trafficking in the region of Murcia (09/05/2014)
    were seized 135,000 doses of high purity cocaine
  • IU-Greens requires Barreiro to convene the extraordinary plenary session on Rosell and (09/05/2014)
    The formation of the left believes that because of the support of the petition with over 70,000 signatures, said city should move to Auditorium El Batel to enable citizens to attend
  • The plural left open the campaign in Cartagena (09/05/2014)
    Member of United Left-Greens and Clias perform the traditional putting up posters in a panel located on the climb to the University
  • Successful completion of the operation to "Eli" (08/05/2014)

  • The Mandarache and Hache Awards finalists reveal their next year (08/05/2014)

  • The Huertecica Rascasa and take stock of their employability programs (08/05/2014)

  • The Genteel Dances unpublished work put the finishing touches on between strings and brass (08/05/2014)
    Tomorrow Friday is closing in El Batel the XVII edition of the musical contest of young talents, organized by the Youth Council with the Conservatory of Music in Cartagena
  • The City Council convenes grants for the operation of neighborhood associations (08/05/2014)
    The deadline for applications is open until May 26.
  • Denounce the deterioration of air quality in Cartagena noted by laOMS (08/05/2014)
    criticize the lack of action of regional and local government air quality alert while scientific evidence of serious effects on the health of citizens.
  • Iu-green requires the council antipollution measures after damning report from the World Health Organization (08/05/2014)

  • The Carthaginians and Romans website celebrates its first year (08/05/2014)

  • Play-off for third (07/05/2014)

  • Success influx in the first round of Engineering Campus UPCT (07/05/2014)

  • Young researchers Cartagena encourage college students to get started in R & D + i (07/05/2014)

  • Between strings and brass will unveil its winners this Friday (07/05/2014)

  • The management of public schools cited in Cartagena (07/05/2014)
    be this Thursday through Saturday when his Federation celebrate these days.
  • Cartagena hosts over three thousand in one day cruise (07/05/2014)

  • School become actors in the XXVI School Theatre (07/05/2014)
    This morning the Councillor for Education, Joseph Marotta, presented the XXVI School Theatre starting this Friday May 9
  • From Congress in flip flops and bathing suit with SEonthebeach (07/05/2014)
    It is the first digital marketing beachworking Spain returning the 20 and 21 June at La Manga in its second edition.
  • The UIMP Cartagena organized a forum on dispute resolution (07/05/2014)
    The course, aimed at professionals related to this matter, held on 15 May at the Faculty of Business UPCT
  • Javier Cercas and Juan Ramón Barat collected in Cartagena and Hache Mandarache Awards 2014 (07/05/2014)
    will be tomorrow, Thursday, at 11.30 am, when held in El Batel this gala will be attended by about 1,400 readers.
  • MC criticizes the management of industrial waste in Cartagena (07/05/2014)
    Political education complaint accumulation of plastic next to a petrol station in one of the main routes into the city, with potential fire hazard
  • A worker died while working on a farm in Los Urrutias (06/05/2014)

  • The ITV police vehicles are in order and full insurance coverage (06/05/2014)
    Public Safety Councilman belies the supposed loss of fines reported by MC
  • AFIBROCAR Cartagena awareness of Fibromyalgia (06/05/2014)

  • Daily life of young European volunteers (06/05/2014)
    Those interested in this program firsthand can come this Thursday at the Cultural Hall of CAM for their testimony.
  • The CEIP San Francisco Javier prepares its 50th anniversary (06/05/2014)
    During the week students and teachers at the school held many events planned for the celebration
  • The league keeps the excitement ahead of the play off for the title (06/05/2014)
    The Championship grassroots this past weekend resumed after the Easter holidays and the dispute Cup Tournament
  • The promotion of a healthy life begins in schools (06/05/2014)

  • The Aljorra I organized in June its March BTT (06/05/2014)
    Councillor for Sports, Diego Ortega, this morning the First Marcha BTT to be held on June 8 during the festivities of the council
  • The Cross and the Regional Xtreme canoeing will be the star tests Playa Paraiso (06/05/2014)

  • Virgen del Carmen and Narwhal, top finishers in the Second Municipal League Athletics Intercentros (06/05/2014)
    The final phase was played this morning on the premises of the Eixample
  • Nearly 5,000 schoolchildren from the region gathered at the Engineering Campus occur (06/05/2014)

  • Unemployment in Cartagena in April recorded the biggest drop since 2006 (06/05/2014)
    In the municipality there are 1,606 fewer unemployed than a year ago
  • Cartagena offers this August a vacation Illustrated (06/05/2014)

  • MC calls for the resignation of the mayor Security for serious dejaciones in the exercise of its jurisdiction who discredit for the office (06/05/2014)
    Report an officer of the local police has been caught enrolled in various sporting events outside Cartagena, being on call and charging for it
  • European teachers quoted in Cartagena for a healthy life (05/05/2014)

  • The City Council invites sports clubs and grants for entities (05/05/2014)
    600,000 euros in aid will be granted.
  • Local Police complete their training with a program of traffic (05/05/2014)
    The School of Public Safety receives the course is taught this week on scenario simulation, design and representation, as well as a planimetric study of accidents
  • Peral neighbors will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the baptism of his neighborhood (05/05/2014)

  • MC asks users to return the premium charged water to citizens in 2013 (05/05/2014)
    The political party does not want the water service concessionaire and the city again in overcharge rates
  • The T-The route starts on Garbancillo and volcanoes Tallante (05/05/2014)
    This free event, organized in collaboration with the UPCT, is scheduled for Sunday May 11 and requires pre-registration at the Youth Resource Centre
  • Athletics and Table Tennis star in a new weekend Cartagena Sport (05/05/2014)

  • Thousands of Cartagena celebrated the Cruces de Mayo in style (05/05/2014)

  • HR experts advise students UPCT in Employment Week (05/05/2014)

  • Six youth at risk of school drop form in Lisbon (05/05/2014)

  • Hundreds of students participate in municipal Athletics Final (02/05/2014)
    They will next Tuesday this week after qualifying in the preliminary stage of the second edition of this league that hosts the Municipal Athletic Track
  • Suspended representation Revenge of Petra, El Batel (02/05/2014)
    Due to serious health problems of one of the artists.
  • All ready to celebrate the Crosses of May 2014 (02/05/2014)

  • Cartagena dawns with shoes on (02/05/2014)

  • Five new places for older people at the center of Dolores day in Cartagena (02/05/2014)

  • Scrapbook and action movies with the T-LA (02/05/2014)

  • Local Police School organizes a course on accident reconstruction (02/05/2014)
    Classes will be held on 6 and 8 May in the School of Public Safety of the City of Cartagena
  • New paintings appear in the banquet hall of the Roman Forum (02/05/2014)
    The finding was reported by rushing the excavations at the archaeological site of the winch with recovery walkway century BC therethrough

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