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Cartagena News - January 2014

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  • The Aged Beers Four Saints visit Icue (31/01/2014)
    The Eternal Youth group toured the facility yesterday to see firsthand how this drink is made Cartagena
  • The ALDE got employment for 503 people in 2013 (31/01/2014)

  • El Batel be immersed in the heart of Ireland with Irish Celtic (31/01/2014)
    After the success of the Casino de Paris and throughout France, the crazy dancers of the company to continue its international tour, and act in March in Cartagena
  • El Batel pays tribute to the King of Rock (30/01/2014)
    With the premiere nationwide i>Elvis: A night in Las Vegas,/i> which makes a journey on April 4 for the best songs of this master of 70
  • Palace of Sports and Rosell new role in charge of the city (30/01/2014)

  • Small Strait Well, athletes for a day (30/01/2014)
    Yesterday's meeting between the kids in this school and Elcano and UCAM Cartagena clubs within Pograma activities occurred ADE
  • Salvage Cartagena Polytechnic and share research teams, underwater rescue and decontamination (30/01/2014)
    The agreement signed today also enables students UPCT training courses and conduct scientific tests
  • A hundred students from 50 primary and secondary plant garbancillos Tallante to avoid extinction (30/01/2014)

  • The Swimming Cartagonova, regional runner all winter (30/01/2014)
    34 swimmers leave Cartagena high club pavilion at comptetición held last weekend in Torre Pacheco
  • Why are there so many religions (30/01/2014)
    The Baha'i Youth Association organized a talk deliver the theologian José Luis Marques Utrillas
  • The Roman Theatre Museum in April host a course on the Second Punic War (30/01/2014)
    It's open enrollment period to participate in this seminar, the Museum has organized to mark the 25th anniversary of the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans
  • Sympathy at City Hall by the death of José Miguel Hernández Gómez (30/01/2014)
    Died of cancer at age 64, was a councilor for legislatures and mayors Antonio Simón Juan Martínez Vallejo
  • The Mentalist surprise audiences Blake El Batel (29/01/2014)
    Although everything you see on the 1st of February, will be the product of your imagination
  • The City donates 3,500 euros to Nursing Home (29/01/2014)
    is the revenue obtained by the canon of the chairs of the Three Kings, which annually goes to an institution of social action
  • Leisure and learning for elderly and disabled (29/01/2014)
    From January through June, more than a hundred activities are organized within the Program for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities in the Department of Social Services
  • Archaeological tastings begin at Plaza del Lago (29/01/2014)
    This is the first step to start the refurbishment of this central space, which will begin after Easter and will focus on enhancing its original appearance and woodland
  • Robert Plant perform at the Sea of ​​Music July 26 (29/01/2014)
    The former lead singer of Led Zeppelin will be responsible for closing the festival.
  • Fritters as before (29/01/2014)
    Thirty seniors today recreated the recipe for making traditional donuts, through one of the workshops included in the program of activities of the Department of Social Services
  • The concert Merche Beltrán Salvador and El Batel rescheduled (29/01/2014)
    Scheduled in principle February 22, finally held on 30 May, but the tickets sold are valid and retain numbering
  • Whereabouts Unknown Juanjo Artero brings the Nuevo Teatro Circo (29/01/2014)
    The work, included in the program of the Department of Culture, will be Thursday at 21:30 am
  • 320 students in 23 teams enjoy the artificial turf Polygon Santa Ana (29/01/2014)
    The mayor visited yesterday the modern facilities paid for by the City, College Football and Football Federation of Murcia
  • The Department of Safety Award GALACTYCO 2014 (28/01/2014)
    What receives for his work in support of LGBT group.
  • On February 15, the inscriptions will open in V Road Strengths (28/01/2014)
    More kilometers, 53; most places, 3750 and a new tour that incorporates the city center, in an event that annually raises more interest and satisfaction its participants
  • The Municipal Archaeological Museum reopens with new products (28/01/2014)
    After the works carried inside, back to his usual activity with more exhibitions and a new design of Teaching Guide Epigraphy America
  • The Garden City UCAM kids reach 154 goals in the local league (28/01/2014)
    San Cristobal in football 8 is meanwhile the fewest with only 3 goals in the championship that will
  • Cabezos: "The opposition does not want to know the truth, its only purpose is to overthrow the mayor" (28/01/2014)

  • Course criminal data protection in SPACE (28/01/2014)
    It takes place between today and Thursday at the premises of the academy in the Park Security
  • The Finance Committee favorably reported the dissolution of the Consortium Sports Palace Cartagena (27/01/2014)
    The body set up to build this infrastructure will disappear from the region and when work is nearly finished
  • A Song For Marion at the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena (27/01/2014)
    three passes of the film will be screened on Tuesday at 18:00, 20:15 and 22:30 to 4 inputs and 3 euros
  • Four walkers and joggers come to Aljorra occurred (27/01/2014)
    The Trail II the resort, which was held on Sunday, allowed participants to enjoy the scenery along country roads and mountain, while healthy lifestyle is encouraged through sport
  • José María Alvarez he got excited recognition Cartagena (27/01/2014)
    The poet attended Saturday the act of unveiling of a plaque in Puerta de Murcia, where tribute was accompanied by the Mayor and the Councillor of Culture
  • Pozo Strait takes its Cultural Center (27/01/2014)
    The Mayor opened last Saturday this modern infrastructure that will host the Santa Cecilia music school
  • Only one day to spend 3,000 euros (27/01/2014)
    The winner Character Trade, José Marco Beep, the award was spent Saturday with his family in appliances, electronics, and a communion dress
  • From Paris to Cartagena to perfect Spanish with Funcarele (27/01/2014)
    Twenty-eight Parisian students are from yesterday in the city to receive a crash course and see first hand our culture.
  • A firefighter cartagenero aspires to participate in the National 60 meter hurdles (27/01/2014)
    Juan Manuel Céspedes, athlete who plays for CA Benacantil won this weekend the Valencia Provincial Challenge with a time of 8.42 seconds, touching a low to participate in the Championship of Spain all
  • CHS conditioning a greenway on the promenade in Molinos Marfagones (27/01/2014)
    It is a complementary action of conditioning channel which was made in a length of nine kilometers
  • The Honorary Rainer Gadow focus holding St. Thomas UPCT (27/01/2014)
    Polytechnic University also present awards to teachers and students and new doctors will invest
  • CHS invests 800,000 euros in the recovery of the Rambla de Peñas Blancas in Cartagena (27/01/2014)
    The works have included increasing the drainage capacity of the channel, enhancing margins, cleaning and revegetation of the area and its conditioning for recreational use by citizens
  • The ALDE participates in the new Plan of Entrepreneurs of the Region 2014-2017 (27/01/2014)
    has been proposed not only to encourage new entrepreneurs but also keep businesses already established
  • SPCT: "The Regional Government in three years reduces aid for textbooks in more than 15 million euros" (27/01/2014)
    "The cut is a brutal attack on the weak economies of the families of the region"
  • Photowalk to promote Cartagena Treasures (24/01/2014)

  • The Alzheimer's taboo for families (24/01/2014)
    Sonia Galloso psychologist explains the keys to take this disease and care for the patient in the course of caring for people with Alzheimer's and bedridden of the Department of Women
  • The Brotherhood of Christ Refuge, STEP Award 2014 (24/01/2014)
    The Jury's removal of the tradition that prevented women from participating in their structures, thereby giving an important step to promote equality
  • A T-LA workshop to learn to laugh at life (24/01/2014)
    The class of laughter therapy is Friday January 31 in the Youth Resource Center.
  • The Committee on Finance on Monday dissolution studies Consortium Sports Palace Cartagena (24/01/2014)
    The body set up to build this infrastructure will disappear from the region and when work is nearly finished
  • Walking between almond blossom in Aljorra (24/01/2014)
    Sunday cartagenera council will hold its popular Trail II
  • Cartagena culminates in Fitur professional contacts with foreign and domestic markets (24/01/2014)
    During the day today, has also been presented in the Poster Fair Easter, and a representation of Carthaginians and Romans has traveled the parties stand to advertise
  • The City will work with the Second Meeting of Young Fraternities and Cofrades (24/01/2014)
    The Big Brother californium today visited the mayor to tell the latest details on this event to be held in Cartagena in late October
  • Two buses Lycar stroll image Cartagena Spain (24/01/2014)
    result of collaboration between the City and the carrier, and have begun to operate buses that run Madrid and the Costa del Sol showing our heritage outside the Vehicles
  • José Marco Beep spend 3,000 euros on Saturday shops in the city (24/01/2014)
    Consumer Councillor and director of Sabadell CAM area, delivered at 10.30 am at the Gates of Murcia, check that the winner of the draw Character Trade with the campaign will have to spend in a day
  • Youth helps local musicians ceding rehearsal rooms (24/01/2014)
    Twenty-four groups may be tested in juvenile facilities until June Canteras center thanks to this activity called Fourth Test Cartagena La Cantera
  • A new course opens A Walk through History of Our Town (24/01/2014)
    The auditorium of La Milagrosa Thursday welcomed the launch of a new edition of this activity led to greater organized by the Department of Social Care
  • Water dispensers MC fought for civil servants, they are already here (24/01/2014)
    She complained in March 2013 before the Labour Inspectorate and the city gradually replenished now installing drinking water dispensers in the municipal offices
  • Family businesses detect a turning point in the economic situation and expected to continue improving (24/01/2014)
    All variables show a positive business evolution, as shown by the barometer prepared by the Chair of Family Business and Campus Mare Nostrum Amefmur
  • More tourists train (23/01/2014)
    Mayor signs with President RENFE an agreement that includes special offers and promoting the city on the railways
  • Two hundred fry compete in the municipal stage Playing athletics (23/01/2014)
    This morning the trophy fought to advance to the regional championship will be in February.
  • In progress Comedy Contest XVI La Palma (23/01/2014)
    be developed at the Civic Center from February 1 to March 1 by the Cultural Association theater now with the assistance of the City of Cartagena and the Neighborhood Association
  • Pozo Strait opened on Saturday its Cultural Center (23/01/2014)
    After several years of work on Cartagena City Council concludes a modern infrastructure that will house the Santa Cecilia music school
  • On Tuesday the municipal Archaeological open after finishing your interior remodeling (23/01/2014)
    Fixed and ceiling, the exhibition center, which is among the seven most popular in the region, will reopen to the public and will do with the presentation of a Latin Epigraphy Tutorial
  • The soundtracks of Hollywood film music filled the Batel (23/01/2014)
    Symphonic Orchestra UCAM and coral Discantus offer a concert on Sunday with the most awarded and nominated in major international festivals scores
  • Fun Weekends with Cartagena Port of Cultures (23/01/2014)
    The tourism body has been scheduled for Saturday and Sunday of the months of February and March activities that help you discover the most significant sites and museums in the city
  • Twenty-eight foreign students land in Cartagena to learn Spanish (23/01/2014)
    They embark on an intensive one-week course organized by the foundation Funcarele.
  • The Social Council fails UPCT their awards for academic papers, drawings and stories about Cartagena science and technology (23/01/2014)
    The Ginés Huertas Motor Group and Repsol Foundation sponsor these awards
  • Leave enPaz the Kills, a thriller designed by and for teens (22/01/2014)
    Juan Ramón Barat visited Cartagena Hache Award finalist to meet young people have read her novel full of mystery, intrigue, fear and love
  • Playing athletics in the Central Pavilion (22/01/2014)
    The Department of Sports has organized for this Thursday the municipal stage of this competition in junior category, 23 schools participate in the municipality
  • The website Catad fits phones and tablets (22/01/2014)

  • Small Virgen del Carmen basketball practice with their idols (22/01/2014)
    Inside the ADE program of the Department of Sports, Basketball Club Cartagena UPCT this mode is to teach hundreds of children
  • The Artillery Cross donates 3,500 euros to the fight against cancer (22/01/2014)
    The number comes from the registration fees of the event organized by the army and the city of Cartagena
  • The beaches of Cartagena, protagonists in Fitur (22/01/2014)
    The mayor will collect on Thursday 11 Q Quality that put the town at the head of the Spanish councils more distinctions
  • Youth Comenius five nationalities sightseeing in the city (22/01/2014)

  • The ESPAC updating agents on the use of external defibrillator (22/01/2014)

  • Cartagena will be part of a Punic-Phoenician path (22/01/2014)
    Councillor for Tourism meets this afternoon at FITUR with municipal representatives of Cadiz, Ceuta and Ibiza
  • Cartagena UPyD regrets that preclude infrastructure "a real coming of Murcia-Cartagena AVE" (22/01/2014)

  • "The Town Planning villa is located in the area of ​​influence of the Natura 2000 Network" (22/01/2014)
    SPCT chronology requires that all environmental processing of the file is displayed villa
  • Psicologalemany constitutes delegation Solvers in Cartagena (22/01/2014)

  • Martínez: "Valcárcel and regional government have given a full response after the meeting with the platform 'Saving The Rosell'" (21/01/2014)

  • Marist Alumni TAFAD and shared time with Andrew Lledo (21/01/2014)
    The students were on Monday with the athletes, in their last meeting before leaving Jordan was to begin the challenge of the 2014 Grand Slam 4Deserts
  • Hispania students become athletes for a day (21/01/2014)
    Inside the ADE, has today organized this activity in which athletes Elcano Athletics Club and Athletic Club Cartagena UCAM have practiced this discipline with students
  • The AF Cartagena strong leader in the category females (21/01/2014)
    Heavy rain fall in the day on Sunday led to suspension of most anticipated games
  • The People's University organizes free courses for young (21/01/2014)
    In Cre @ arteempleo, students will learn different techniques to enter the working world and in Create a comic: Introduction to the graphic novel, develop their creativity.
  • Fitur Tourism expand contacts with tour operators (21/01/2014)

  • The presidential advisor receives the councilor for the Public Safety of the City of Cartagena (21/01/2014)

  • The Sports RAAA73 and contribute to the fight against cancer (21/01/2014)
    Tomorrow, January 22, delivery will be done at 9.30 am on the 3,500 euros raised in the cross Artillery
  • Cartagena pays tribute to poet José María Alvarez Á (21/01/2014)

  • Four companies bid conditioning Siphon Road (21/01/2014)
    The Contracting Committee today opened the envelopes of administrative documents, so that the process of awarding the work begins
  • Juan Ramón Barat meets young readers Hache Award (21/01/2014)
    is the second candidate to win this literary contest that visit Cartagena.
  • Anecdotes of the first ladies, Wednesday in Cartagena Polytechnic (21/01/2014)

  • The wall of the atrium of the Roman Forum will be released later this year (21/01/2014)

  • The Maritime Rescue Centre in Cartagena coordinated assistance to 240 people during 2013 (21/01/2014)
    The 20 centers coordinated Salvage 5,121 performances throughout Spain with assisted 13,090 people
  • They claim that "reduces the Regional Government for this course, 73.3% the budget to combat truancy" (21/01/2014)
    Only 7 schools and 3 primary schools have requested the grant to such brutal cuts
  • Congresses in Cartagena every month until 2015 (21/01/2014)
    By April, May and October, the Convention Bureau, who will also attend FITUR, closed up to three conferences in a row and will be held in various venues in town
  • A thesis UPCT accelerates the calculation of power from wind farms (21/01/2014)

  • The Bling Ring assault the Nuevo Teatro Circo (20/01/2014)
    i>Cinema/i> cycle again i>returns to the center/i> last Tuesday with Sofia Coppola film
  • Social Services, present at the festival of San Antón (20/01/2014)
    This Department has participated in these celebrations with activities such as the Intercultural Day, promoting social action and the different cultures of the residents of this neighborhood
  • Hall and Renfe together to promote the city (20/01/2014)
    The local governing board has approved the proposal Monday of a collaboration agreement between the two entities, aimed at promoting tourist arrivals by train to Cartagena
  • Barreiro: accuse me without proof of something I've never done (20/01/2014)
    The mayor of Cartagena under announces that prompted the prosecution to demonstrate what they say and denies ever pressured or money order to any employer
  • The platform 8 March Cartagena supports "THE TRAIN OF LIBERTY" (20/01/2014)

  • A hundred students began visits to institutes UPCT (20/01/2014)

  • San Antón Animal blessing on your big day (17/01/2014)
    Hundreds of neighbors celebrate his pattern throughout the day with the traditional dancing octopus and vermouth.
  • Radio Control Racing Club Nautico Los Nietos (17/01/2014)
    This weekend the National Micro Magic Trophy class tournament with a score of boats entered
  • The People's University launches course photo editing (17/01/2014)
    i>Image Processing: Retouch with Gimp/i> will run from January 29 to February 28.
  • Over 200 youngest phase disputed municipal Playing athletics (17/01/2014)
    Some 21 schools held this championship starts around 10 pm in the Municipal Sports Pavilion
  • This Sunday will be buses and the Mediterranean Park every half hour (17/01/2014)
    The Department of Transportation extends this service to throughout the year, including holidays, to provide workers and visitors access to this mall which will open 365 days
  • Authorized the sale of land in the town of Los Belones cartagenera (17/01/2014)

  • MC criticizes the poor condition of hits to Cartagena (17/01/2014)
    Order set a deadline for cleaning accumulated in the old sterile Potasas
  • Gk students present their projects & IDE (17/01/2014)

  • A Walk in the Walls of Cartagena with T-The Program (16/01/2014)

  • Twenty women learn to value at maturity (16/01/2014)
    Healthy Starts Mature workshop, one of the program activities the Department of Women, in which the AMAMUJER project involved the VHS
  • Six thousand kilos of tar to bachear city (16/01/2014)
    Between now and Friday morning in municipal contracts fifty fix potholes in the roads of the city and the counties
  • The Hypochondriac Murderer loose in Cartagena (16/01/2014)
    Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel is the author of the crime novel, a finalist Mandarache Award, in which this year more than 4,000 young people participate, and next to Hache Network Reading Clubs
  • Schubert and Wagner opened the Cycle of SORM El Batel (16/01/2014)
    The Municipal Auditorium on Friday welcomed the first of six concerts of the Symphony Orchestra of Murcia offer inside your compost cycle of the season from January to June
  • The Red Chairs starts generating job opportunities in the UPCT (16/01/2014)
    Many students are interested in scholarships while Odilo and four students are incorporated into Moelia
  • 150th Anniversary Exhibition of the line Cartagena Murcia (16/01/2014)

  • The youngest of Playing athletics come together Thursday (15/01/2014)
    Some 21 schools held this championship that starts around 10 pm in the Municipal Sports Pavilion
  • Start the workshop of the Department Healthy Mature Women (15/01/2014)
    This Thursday starts this free activity, which aims to teach women to know each other better during their transition to adulthood
  • Young people enjoy the snow with Winter T-LA (15/01/2014)

  • First Impressions in the Byzantine Wall (15/01/2014)
    This Friday January 17 opens up this exhibition of the artist Miguel à ngel Quiñonero
  • Ramon Alonso shows Luzzy Legacy Cartagena (15/01/2014)
    An exhibition of the painter Juan Pedrero Martínez, which opens this Friday, January 17th, invites the public to explore the hidden corners this city and its hidden treasures
  • MC calls for the cessation of the neighborhood of El Algar for breach of the Rules of Participation (15/01/2014)
    Recalls that has not been reached to hold a minimum of four plenary sessions per year, and some were called incorrectly
  • 95% of the university community is connected to the wifi network UPCT (15/01/2014)

  • More foreign centers of Cartagena Port of Cultures tourists (15/01/2014)
    These increase the Russian and American, while the Roman Theatre and remains by far the most visited site
  • Deadline Extended to apply for dual FP in Germany (14/01/2014)
    The Agency for Local Development and Employment by the Kolping Association, offered thirty places for unemployed forming in some specialty and in German
  • The Union Vistalegre-Los Mateos and New Cartagena, the best in baby B (14/01/2014)
    Local youth football league this weekend resumed after the Christmas break with more than a hundred meetings
  • Eight hundred small sing with the soldier in El Batel (14/01/2014)
    This morning the Auditorium hosted two sessions in the musical i>The Magic Time Toys,/i> organized by the Theatre Loft, with a renewed end of story classical
  • Muñoz Rengel presents The Hypochondriac Murderer readers Mandarache Award (14/01/2014)
    The Malaga writer will be in Cartagena with hundreds of youth on 15 and 16 January
  • Meeting of David Trueba and Juan Carrión in UPCT (14/01/2014)
    The director of Living is easy with eyes closed and the English teacher who inspired the story of the film, will exchange views with the public on Tuesday, January 21
  • Cartagena sneaks in the podium Cup Spain Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (14/01/2014)
    The past weekend was held in Igualada Phase II Classification for the World Cup finals in May
  • San Anton becomes biker at their parties (14/01/2014)
    The January 19th edition of the eighth motoalmuerzo that takes place in this neighborhood to encourage neighbors and curious organized
  • Cartagena Polytechnic imparts a master for safety directors (14/01/2014)
    The title of the Integrated Security Management is recognized by the Ministry of Interior and is realized in blended from March
  • Martínez regrets that the PSOE wants to take away half of Cartagena quality care in St Lucia (13/01/2014)
    For deputy spokesman of the regional PP, divide Cartagena to meet the emergency would be a big step backward in health care in the area
  • The mobile phone complaints focused on the OMIC during 2013 (13/01/2014)
    This sector collects about 1,259 inquiries and complaints, of a total of 4,524 recorded last year in municipal oficinal
  • The Tourist Photowalk expands to nearly double the number participants (13/01/2014)

  • The People's University extended to thirty workshops sleeps English (13/01/2014)
    Afianza your English for beginners English conversation and Conversa are courses whose enrollment is still open for this school year
  • The latest details in the Plaza de San Francisco (13/01/2014)
    ​​ In February or March the new look of this public space with the placement of benches, information signs, more streetlights and a statue of Augustus will be completed, and the installation of the kiosk-bar
  • Citizens Movement presents action against the filling of posts of Secretary General of the Whole, Comptroller and Director of the Office of Municipal Government of the City of Cartagena (13/01/2014)
    Remember that there are more than 140 posts without regularizing include these three posts, maybe the three of more important in the functioning of local government
  • The kids had fun with garbancillo Tallante (13/01/2014)
    On Saturday the Plaza Juan XXIII hosted various children's activities and stretch the course of environmental education on the conservation of this species
  • MTorres multinational quarter in addition to the technological Red Chairs of the Technical University of Cartagena (13/01/2014)
    The company will fund innovative research, courses, prizes for the best Thesis and training grants for students of Industrial
  • Pozo Strait celebrates San Fulgencio and San Antón (10/01/2014)
    The cartagenera council held on Thursday, tasting traditional Galilean balls and blessing of animals and rollicos on Friday
  • The T-LA will ski at Sierra Nevada (10/01/2014)
    It is one of the activities scheduled for this winter edition and will be held on Sunday January 19th for 60 euros registration
  • The Quijano brothers climb El Batel to present his new album (10/01/2014)
    The legendary musical group The Lola perform this Saturday in the Auditorium with the rhythms of Volume i>Origen, Bolero/i>
  • The IMAS has 38 public squares in residence 'Los Almendros' Cartagena (10/01/2014)
    The CEO of Seniors, Enrique Pérez, check the residential complex which also has sheltered apartments
  • Cartagena closed 2013 as the town with the most popular races in the region (10/01/2014)

  • "Do you support the PP of Cartagena and La Union macropuerto Gorguel despite the environmental damage it causes?" (10/01/2014)
    SPCT necessary clear statements on this theme and Barnabas Barreiro
  • Organized to promote one Photowalk Treasures Cartagena (10/01/2014)
    January 25 participants will visit the Punic Wall, the neighborhood of Roman Forum and the Roman Theatre to take pictures that will be disseminated through social networks.
  • The Roman Theatre Museum exhibition expands Mysterion until Feb. 10 (10/01/2014)
    The sign, a view of Christmas through the Byzantine icons, can be found also in a series of free guided tours scheduled on Saturday mornings
  • The wine made art in the Ramón Alonso Luzzy (10/01/2014)
    Cartagena yesterday inaugurated the exhibition displaying the works in the Third Meeting of painting and wine will be open until February 18
  • Juan Carlos Navarro, the new Secretary General of Citizen Youth Movement (10/01/2014)

  • A thesis UPCT develops a formula to model faster medical and topographic 3D images and 4D (10/01/2014)

  • 90% approved of the People's University in access to Intermediate (09/01/2014)
    This year the course to enter this cycle and that gives this center will start on February 3 and the registration period begins on Monday January 13th
  • Women organized a visit to a workshop Archena and maturity (09/01/2014)
    programming Start new deal this year the Department and focuses this January on health.
  • Games and workshops Plaza Juan XXIII on Garbancillo Tallante (09/01/2014)
    The activity will be held on Saturday morning as final practice course on environmental equation IMPLICA2 program
  • The Cuban Dirty Dancing was released in El Batel (09/01/2014)
    'm from Cuba/i> on Friday in Cartagena starts his tour to Spain to delight salsa, mambo and reggaeton
  • MC states that the local police patrols are walking because there are fourteen broken cars (09/01/2014)
    notes that useful units must make makeshift taxis to transport troops who walk with start and end of each shift
  • The UPCT extends the time of their libraries and study rooms until February 7 (09/01/2014)

  • Juanfran and Tano reinforcements Futsal (08/01/2014)
    Juanfran returns to Cartagena
  • A renewed tin soldier climbs El Batel (08/01/2014)
    800 students enjoy Tuesday of i>The Magic Time Toys,/i> organized by the Theatre Loft, within the municipal theater program
  • Youth premieres correspondents in schools and colleges (08/01/2014)
    Informajoven has formed during this Christmas to make public the activities organized by this organization in their schools
  • Clias: "The PP starts as just the previous year, cutting rights" (08/01/2014)
    Clias Murcia considered "an attack the government measure"
  • Historical year visiting the Roman Theatre (08/01/2014)
    145 thousand tourists toured the site and mueso in 2013, 16 percent more than in 2012, making it the most visited museum in the region and one of the first nationwide
  • Free marketing plans to spin off UPCT (08/01/2014)
    The European Business and Innovation Centre of Cartagena helps design the commercial action of technology companies
  • Ramon Alonso Luzzy hosts the Third Meeting of Painting Wine (07/01/2014)
    This Thursday opens the exhibition gathers works in which twenty artists designed different labeled bottles with wine as a material
  • The more participatory Christmas Cartagena (07/01/2014)
    Celebrations makes a positive assessment by the large audience that was recorded in the entertainment activities in the Plaza de San Francisco and Heroes of Cavite and the Three Kings, the busiest of the History
  • The Archaeological Museum will reopen later this month (07/01/2014)
    Since early December have been carried out in the false ceiling works to improve safety and appearance and provide more natural lighting to the site
  • Opens the deadline to apply for the installation of bars on beaches (07/01/2014)
    The call also affects the positions hire sunbeds, umbrellas and boats and sailing schools
  • Three Kings 2014 (05/01/2014)
    During the ride the local police and the Kings do not want that at any moment the children crawl inside the ride, so that there is no incident
  • Patty Llaguno protagonist at a party for underprivileged children (05/01/2014)

  • Citizens Movement claims that the lighting of the administrative building was lit on Christmas (04/01/2014)
    Remember it's a waste of light when you are promoting energy saving measures from the session itself
  • Career solidarity 14 km through the mountains of Perín (03/01/2014)
    On Sunday January 5 at 9:30 pm from A.VV.
  • The miser Scrooge teaches younger the Punic Wall (03/01/2014)
    Dozens of children and their parents have come this morning the Museum facilities through a theatrical tour of Cartagena Port of Cultures.
  • The Kings Market offers unique handmade gifts (03/01/2014)
    The lobby of the Nuevo Teatro Circo hosts this event organized by Cactus Events and runs until Sunday with 13 posts
  • Dozens of people line up at the box office competition chirigotas (03/01/2014)
    Today is the first day to buy the tickets for this event in El Batel, Nuevo Teatro Circo and Internet
  • Three florists share first prize in the Christmas window (03/01/2014)
    Flori and Pedro Reyes, Los Dolores, and Oasis of Cartagena, are winners of the competition organized by the Department of Commerce
  • The Dancing Roscón open on Monday the feast of San Anton (03/01/2014)
    The castizo Cartagena neighborhood celebrate its traditional festivities until the 19th day, which will not miss grilled octopus and typical donuts
  • Buses every 15 minutes for the Three Kings (03/01/2014)
    Lines of San Felix, Pearl District, the valley and Santa Ana Polygon expand Sunday services between three o'clock and ten o'clock nt
  • 1,700 children will thank Reyes Toy Drive (03/01/2014)
    About thirty social organizations have already withdrawn 3,156 toys donated by various organizations and citizens to be delivered to small
  • Giant King cake on Saturday in front of the Town Hall (03/01/2014)
    over two thousand free rations were distributed in Cartagena COPE and promoted by the council, which will be accompanied by Antonio Gimeno 100 Chain and magician activity Abel
  • All set for Sunday at Magi (03/01/2014)

  • Citizens Movement asks the Moorish Castle is included in the path of the Strengths (03/01/2014)
    Remember it would be a good way to present it and force its value
  • Planetarium Star Theater and Children The Punic Wall (03/01/2014)
    Activities for all the family, in the Christmas special centers in Cartagena, Port of Cultures
  • Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena patent a method for measuring soil contamination gas station (03/01/2014)

  • Tales for Christmas in the Plaza Juan XXIII (02/01/2014)
    The kings of the house turned up this morning the story have played today on new technologies.
  • The box office opens Chirigotas Contest Friday January 3 (02/01/2014)
    From ten in the morning can buy the tickets in El Batel, Nuevo Teatro Circo and Internet
  • Tarzan, the Musical, brings the exciting world of the rainforest to Cartagena (02/01/2014)
    On Thursday, starting at eight in the evening, will be staged in El Batel
  • The Three Kings Slum also visit the Virgin of Charity (02/01/2014)
    Younger guests can see Their Majesties on Saturday in the grand parade organized neighbors
  • San Franscisco dismisses the year with the show Mediopelo (02/01/2014)
    This is how you call the play that on Monday took the stage at the square to entertain the kings of the house
  • Fifteen businesses choose the best Christmas window (02/01/2014)
    Locals have been shortlisted among the 42 who participated in the call for the Department of Commerce
  • SPCT want to turn your house Village Point Supportive Counseling (02/01/2014)
    The objective is to convert the seat in a global counseling to unemployed and families at risk of social exclusion
  • The UPCT provides ongoing training and supplies the disappearance of the free configuration with the figure of the extracurricular dedication (02/01/2014)


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