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Cartagena News - October 2013

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  • The ALDE opens the application deadline to participate in the program Connect (31/10/2013)
    From Monday 4th until November 29, they may apply all those unemployed over 20 years interested in preparing for the title of ESO
  • New technologies for SMEs account for the second block of the seminars Hall Company (31/10/2013)
    The second part of the ninth edition of the Business Classroom Seminars organized by the ALDE in collaboration with the CEEIC, will be held from 5 to November 12
  • The largest of the Day Care Centers El Algar and Los Dolores receive the visit of Count Dracula (31/10/2013)
    It was on Tuesday October 29 when seniors from both schools participated in this activity with which they celebrated Halloween and was led by monitors Social Services of the City of Cartagena
  • The Mayor and the Minister of Education visit the National Reference Center in Cartagena FP (31/10/2013)
    During the visit, which will take place on Monday, will see the new shop and polymer processing laboratory has been set up in these facilities SEF, situated in the Barrio of San Felix
  • El Batel farewell to the International Year of Verdi's opera La Traviata (31/10/2013)
    The Orchestra of the Lyric Opera Company 2001 presented Wednesday November 6 one of the masterpieces of Italian composer
  • The City Council grants for the reform and opening up in the historic local (31/10/2013)
    The term is now open after the publication of the bases in the municipal website
  • Five cultural weekends Aljorra (31/10/2013)

  • The Aljorra, example of the diversity of cultures in the First Meeting of Institutions and Collective (31/10/2013)
    In collaboration with the IMSS, the town Cartagena weekend held a series of activities to raise awareness of multicultural wealth existing in the area
  • The Cartagena Javier Salinas opens in the literature Ana Tree and other melancholy (31/10/2013)

  • The Flamenco joins the seventeenth edition of between strings and brass (31/10/2013)
    promotional Concerts winners of last year will start in two weeks, in particular, on 11,12 and 13 November at the conservatories of Lorca, Cartagena and Murcia, respectively
  • El Mercado de Santa Florentina opened on the feast of All Saints (31/10/2013)
    opening hours for this Friday November 1 will be the usual, from 8 am to 3 pm
  • Councillor for Culture receives this afternoon Ambassador of Jordan at the Palace Hall (31/10/2013)

  • The City adapts its fleet to alternative fuels (31/10/2013)

  • National Police and Local ensure security on the night of Halloween (31/10/2013)
    The regular service will be reinforced with 17 agents of both bodies in the most sensitive areas as some streets of the Eixample and Hull and the esplanade of Cartagonova
  • The Local Committee Against Domestic Violence works in a common plan of action (30/10/2013)

  • Cartagena UPyD criticizes the choice of trees planted in San José Obrero (30/10/2013)
    magenta training requires "an immediate solution to the problems created by the trees"
  • The Islamic star in Cartagena Museum Tuesdays (30/10/2013)

  • Day of athletics for students in the College Vicente Ros. (30/10/2013)

  • Heavy rains and very localized in the area of ​​Mar Menor (30/10/2013)

  • The Bishop of Cartagena presents his pastoral letter to the diocesan seminaries (30/10/2013)

  • Pre-Benjamins A, the most competitive after the second day of football league basis (29/10/2013)
    Nine teams share lead in the standings in group I and II after his second win in the championship
  • The Cross of Artillery XII already has 2,800 registered runners (29/10/2013)
    El Paseo Alfonso XII will be the point of departure and arrival of the popular and solidarity race to be held on Sunday November 24 and is expected to complete the maximum number brokers in the coming days
  • The flower stalls announce the Day of All Saints (29/10/2013)

  • Course of college on Tallante Garbancillo (29/10/2013)
    The registration period will be open until November 15
  • Higher know the city and its customs through San Ginés de la Jara (29/10/2013)
    This morning has been a Henares Francisco conference in Building of the Miraculous
  • Well Strait students approach the world of swimming (29/10/2013)
    Pupils learned about the intricacies of this sport from the hand of Margaret and Paloma Dominguez and Sergio Fuster
  • The Roman Theatre Museum joins the 25th anniversary of Carthaginians and Romans (29/10/2013)
    The temporary exhibition of posters finalists will be extended until December 2013, and also has scheduled a related family activity holidays
  • They return Tuesdays Archaeological Museum (29/10/2013)
    Councillor for Culture and Museum Director presented on Wednesday at the Palace Hall, the lecture series on the Andalusian Cartagena that will develop throughout the month of November
  • Cartagena literary debut with Javier Salinas Ana Tree and other melancholy (29/10/2013)
    Councillor for Culture accompany the author in presenting his first literary work on Wednesday, October 30, at 18.30 pm in the Municipal Archives Cartagena
  • Youth will have correspondents in institutes (29/10/2013)
    The Department plans to convene próximamente15 scholarships in a new edition of this program, designed for students of 4th ESO 1st Bachelor and Higher Level Training Cycles
  • IU-Green and Socialist by Cartagena face conversations begin a process of convergence of local left (29/10/2013)

  • The UPCT today hosts a school of artificial muscles with the best researchers in the world (29/10/2013)

  • Leisure Spaces of Social Services also live their night of terror (28/10/2013)

  • The Halloween Goblin visit the squares (28/10/2013)
    Stories, games and workshops, will delight little ones this Friday morning in John XXIII, Reeds, King Square and Plaza Bohemia in La Manga
  • Three students take UPCT the 4th position in the national marathon IEEEXtreme Programing 2013 (28/10/2013)

  • The Planning and IMSS will stop working on January 1 (28/10/2013)
    Full approved in special session today said solution, with votes against opposition groups, who have also shown their opposition to the amendment of tax ordinance 2014
  • Local Police agents learn Cartagena tours (28/10/2013)

  • The Social Care Councillor floors ACCEM visit in Cartagena (28/10/2013)
    The two-story social entity has in Cartagena are intended for humanitarian reception of immigrants who are at risk of social exclusion
  • Fajardo reforestation Sundays and Galeras (28/10/2013)

  • Plastics Romero shared between school thousand tickets Cartagena (28/10/2013)
    The initiative is part of the collaboration agreement between the football club and the city to promote the sport in schools
  • The UPCT hosts this week a school of artificial muscles with the best researchers in the world (28/10/2013)

  • Presentation of the Artillery Cross XII (28/10/2013)
    It will take place on Tuesday at the barracks Tentegorra by the colonel of the regiment and the Councillor for Sports
  • The Guardia Civil arrested two people on charges of prostitution and human trafficking Marfagones-Mills Cartagena (28/10/2013)
    It has been inspected establishment which have detected more than twenty administrative violations by irregularities in health, play , snuff, tourism, public entertainment and recreation
  • The ALDE advisor to Le Chaton, a paradise for the sweet tooth (28/10/2013)
    The homemade cookies are the specialty of Elena Martinez, the owner of this business that has just opened to the public three weeks, and that among other advantages, has benefited Entrepreneur Cheque Agency
  • Cartagena UPyD supports the enhancement and rehabilitation of the entire Roman Amphitheatre (25/10/2013)

  • Emotional farewell of Housewives Aljorra his octogenarian President (25/10/2013)

  • Caught in the act of stealing scrap metal in a warehouse (25/10/2013)
    Local Police on Tuesday arrested two individuals who had accessed the ship forcing a window and were in possession of scaffolding, iron bars and grills
  • The Local Police absentee detects six children in the last week (25/10/2013)
    Within the campaign school absentimo control, monitoring agents nearby colleges and identify students who skip classes
  • Conditioning of Siphon Road, ready for recruitment (25/10/2013)
    The Governing Board approved this project next to the Kiosk Bar of the Plaza de San Francisco
  • The nineteenth Local Amateur Football League starts on Monday (25/10/2013)

  • The Roman Theatre opened on All Saints until six in the afternoon (25/10/2013)
    well be expanded regular schedule of public holidays for those visiting the city on the Bridge All Saints may know the site, one of the most important of the municipality
  • Youth organized a workshop to raise awareness about gender violence (25/10/2013)
    IMPLICA2 Included in the program, the workshop is free, will take place between the months of November and December and the registration period will end on November 13
  • The Aljorra held the First Meeting of Neighbors (25/10/2013)
    Inflatables for kids, parades and displays of popular music, are some of the ingredients that will be part of this event, held on Sunday and attended by the Councillor for Social Care
  • Detainee six traffickers after dismantling three drug outlets in the neighborhood of The Six Hundred (25/10/2013)
    The "kittens", run by the clans of the "goodies" and "goats", had tight security.
  • Paraphrase Bicity City Council to make alternative transportation in the city (25/10/2013)

  • Green light for marquees and canopies tender (25/10/2013)
    The Governing Board today approved the grounds for getting to tender the maintenance of these spaces and advertising operation, after completion of the contract with the company CEMUSA
  • The spirit of Oktoberfest Cartagena floods for ten days (25/10/2013)

  • Caritas opened a new store in the neighborhood Virgin of Charity (25/10/2013)
    Social Care Councillors and District 3 and 4 were present at the official opening of this new store on the afternoon of Thursday, October 24 in the neighborhood of Cartagena
  • The Church of the Fathers of Cartagena wears his new facade (25/10/2013)

  • II Oktoberfest Comes to Cartagena (24/10/2013)

  • The mayor appeals to social commitment at the opening of Primark (24/10/2013)

  • The Governing Board study on Friday the draft of the highway Siphon (24/10/2013)
    also analyze the bidding of the marquees of the bus and the Kiosk project space bar San Francisco
  • A peculiar Don Quixote Cartagena visit the National Ballet Odessa (24/10/2013)

  • The Assembly President receives President of the Saharawi Parliament (24/10/2013)

  • The Minister of Public Works attends the opening of the facade of the Church Fathers (23/10/2013)

  • The second prize of Increased security has been to Cartagena (23/10/2013)
    The Minister of Education has presided over the awards ceremony for the competition, students honored for their drawings on the perception of the risks to which they are exposed and preventive measures
  • The dissolution of Management and Social Services staff will distribute its various councils (23/10/2013)
    The Finance Committee reported favorably on the assumption the disappearance of these two autonomous arganismos and the assumption of its powers by the council
  • The Civil Guard finds and rescues a couple that was lost after going sailing with a small boat (23/10/2013)
    An officer had to jump into the water for shipment and assist them
  • The Telecare Service gives a talk on first aid in the Day Centre Cartagena I (23/10/2013)
    The CEO Institute Senior Social Action Murciano appreciated the content of these talks to prevent domestic accidents
  • 338 people have found work in Cartagena so far this year (23/10/2013)

  • ... (23/10/2013)

  • Social Care Award announces the Voluntary Commitment V (23/10/2013)
    Nominations can be submitted until November 28 at the Municipal Social Services
  • Hall and UPCT advocate a joint youth (23/10/2013)
    Today is celebrated in the CIM the Second Exhibition of Solidarity and Awareness of the Volunteer and Disability, in which both entities work
  • Theoretical and practical class of the cycle Peral Submarine Discover your City and its Customs (23/10/2013)
    About twenty people enjoyed yesterday morning of the conference program of the Department of Social Services, through which they had the opportunity to visit Isaac Peral new room Naval Museum
  • Youth Resource prepares to spend a terrifying night (23/10/2013)
    On Thursday 31, the facilities of the Paseo de Alfonso XIII will become an abandoned mansion where strange creatures live, mad and dangerous
  • Table tennis joins the College of St. Christopher with the UCAM-Cartagena (22/10/2013)

  • The Cartagena II Oktoberfest 2013 kicks off this Friday with news (22/10/2013)

  • Storm of goals in the first round of the grassroots Local League (22/10/2013)
    During last Saturday were played 115 games that ambientaron the more than 40 football fields in the municipality
  • The drug prevention involved eight thousand primary and secondary students last year (22/10/2013)

  • You can open a business in Cartagena in 24 hours (22/10/2013)
    Today ordinance into effect administrative simplification allows entrepreneurs to launch their premises only paying fees and submitting a plan and a statement of compliance
  • Primark engages users ALDE 116 (22/10/2013)

  • 75 years after the tragedy, Olite Castle emerges as documentary (22/10/2013)

  • The Treasury Committee tackles the tax update (22/10/2013)
    At the meeting held on Wednesday also investigate the dissolution of the Planning Department and the Municipal Institute of Social Services
  • MC believes that the dissolution of the Planning takes place to plug information leaks (22/10/2013)
    would be a punishment to the Planning Manager, Jacinto Martinez Moncada and bouquet Councilman Joaquin Mowing, over the "Door New "
  • The largest of Our Lady of Charity visit the Peral Submarine in its cultural week (21/10/2013)

  • The full approve the inclusion of CCTV in the Data Protection Regulation (21/10/2013)
    Political groups withdraw their initiatives to not distract the debate Rosell
  • The City requested a suspension of the emergency closing Rosell (21/10/2013)
    The resolution passed unanimously requesting the immediate appointment of the new manager of Health Care and the counselor discuss plans to professional users
  • The ALDE renews its quality certification for the sixth year in a row (21/10/2013)

  • Mariola Fuentes, Berta Ojea and Concha Delgado lead the Manual of Good Wife, in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (21/10/2013)

  • Experts earthquakes UPCT taught in how to design and rehabilitate earthquake resistant buildings (21/10/2013)

  • The Cartagena de Tarragona are cast in the Plenary Hall of the Catalan city (21/10/2013)

  • The eradication of poverty focused solidarity day in Plaza Juan XXIII (21/10/2013)

  • The left Cartagena comes together at the opening of the People's House SPCT (19/10/2013)
    Yesterday October 18 took place the opening ceremony of the People's House SPCT.
  • Social care informatics commitment this fall (18/10/2013)

  • The Social Care Councillor attending this afternoon I Social and Volunteer Fair in Plaza Juan XXIII (18/10/2013)

  • A Russian tourist hunting in the Altet (18/10/2013)
    The Department of Tourism promotes the charms of Cartagena with a stand at the airport and gets Alicante and third are foreigners visiting the centers of Puerto de Culturas
  • Cartagena shape future Artistic Gymnastics Coaches Group (18/10/2013)

  • Cortes on Royal Street for a month to clean the sewer (18/10/2013)
    will occur on Monday, between 10 and 13 hours, in the sense of Port to Plaza de Spain
  • The port becomes the showcase solidarity of Women's Associations of Cartagena (18/10/2013)
    Councillor for Women has opened at noon the fair officially opens 2013-2014 course of women's associations and remain installed next to ARQUA to Sunday October 20
  • Course semiautomatic defibrillator use for police and firefighters (18/10/2013)
    It is celebrated on 21, 23 and 28 October in the SPACE
  • El Batel reinforces the image of Cartagena in NexoBusiness (18/10/2013)
    The event held in Madrid has served to increase and strengthen the chances of Cartagena and its Auditorium and Congress to organize conferences, business and company
  • Archaeoastronomy moved to January to the Punic Wall (18/10/2013)

  • The ALDE and UMU leading pioneering research on unemployment in Cartagena (18/10/2013)

  • Elderly and disabled receive their first basic English (18/10/2013)
    This morning classes began Workshop Chest Basic English Experience, located on the fall schedule Informayor Program, which will run for every Friday until 13 December
  • Water, Ibi, vehicles and bus fare will remain frozen in 2014 (18/10/2013)
    The Governing Board approved the upgrade of taxes which has a CPI rise in fees and charges, except in garbage will increase 5.5 percent to bring the receipt to the cost of the service
  • A thesis verifies the benefits of using pepper remains in the production of broccoli (18/10/2013)
    The use of these plant residues as an amendment provides nutrients and reduces the use of chemical fertilizers
  • The Cloud Incubator CEEIC UPCT and join forces in the launch of the second edition of the course "Basic Introduction to Android" (18/10/2013)
    The initiative, aimed at SMEs, entrepreneurs and business's main objective is to give students the skills to develop applications for terminals Apps
  • The mayor calls for Counseling and Platform to dialogue about Rosell (18/10/2013)
    Health wants to explain in a dialogue its draft reorganization of services to respond to the questions and concerns that the plans have caused citizens
  • The collective Galactyco and Prives Do not visibilizarán youth drama with a performance trans (18/10/2013)
  • The City will subsidize up to ten thousand euros opening or reform in the historic local (18/10/2013)
    The measure, approved this morning by the Governing Board, has the support of COEC and Chamber of Commerce
  • Master and CEEIC NTIC are committed to business development and digital marketing 2.0 (18/10/2013)
    A course for entrepreneurs and businessmen among his subjects cover the creation of websites, SEO, prestashop or social networking
  • Campus Mare Nostrum Naples presents its offer of master (17/10/2013)

  • Eleventh grade students learn in the Assembly the importance of politics and parliamentarism (17/10/2013)

  • The Truth Dormida a professor of San Miguel and ensign (17/10/2013)
    Serafin Piñero presented on Friday at the Club de Regatas his novel for the benefit of the Association for the Care of People with Down Syndrome Cartagen, assisted Councilman Jose Cabezas
  • PerfumHada, a business advice from the ALDE and a nose (17/10/2013)
    Francisco Rodriguez is leading this equivalence fragrance business which opened in September 2012 and already has a monthly average of 400 regular customers
  • The tenth edition of the awards Social Council UPCT (17/10/2013)
    collaboration with Fundación Repsol, distinguishes the drawing, the stories of science and R & D + i
  • The City reduced to 23 days the average payment to suppliers (16/10/2013)
    The financial reports to the Finance Committee of the latest data of the adjustment plan, while Councilwoman realizes the progress of budget execution during the third quarter year
  • Life Is Rhythm, a show of Camut Band in El Batel (16/10/2013)
    The work, which mixes African percussion, tap dance and dancing on the sand, is shown on October 26 at the Municipal Auditorium Room B
  • The City collected 1,800 euros on the Day of the Flag of Red Cross (16/10/2013)

  • The stars lead the two days on Archaeoastronomy in the Roman Theatre Museum (16/10/2013)

  • Old Town appeals the judgment in the dispute with New Gate (16/10/2013)
    The Provincial Court must now consider the appeal this morning that the municipal company
  • Bicity suspend service next October 25 (16/10/2013)
    The City Council is preparing a new tender for management that includes a larger number of loan points and bicycles
  • Telcos School UPCT commemorates the centenary of Cabo de Palos Radio (16/10/2013)

  • Running the Course of Traffic Accident Reconstruction Level III in the ESPAD (16/10/2013)
    Included in the training schedule designed by the Local Police School of the Region of Murcia, agents attend all region and will last until 10 December
  • ALDE and the Red Cross to help immigrant women seeking employment (16/10/2013)
    The Agency has received two counseling sessions, including within the SARA Project, in which 19 women participated insertion difficulty
  • El Batel host the XII Meeting of the School Council of the Region of Murcia (15/10/2013)

  • The V Aging and Disability Fair recompense the work of clubs and associations (15/10/2013)

  • Fitness & First Aid on the grassroots (15/10/2013)
    On Wednesday there will be training day at the Central Pavilion overlooking the beginning of the local league
  • There are still places for the course Introduction to film dubbing T-La (15/10/2013)
    The lessons of this course T-The program is held on Tuesday and Friday until December 17, have started this morning at the Center Youth Resources
  • Open enrollment within Comedy Contest XVI La Palma (15/10/2013)
    Admission of proposals for the event, held in February 2014, will close on December 17
  • Teachers Cartagena Polytechnic taught courses on water technology in Morocco (15/10/2013)

  • Cartagena UPyD support the demonstration to "defend" the Rosell before the emergency closure and relocation of other services (15/10/2013)

  • Ask rare visible diseases, mission I Iberoamerican Congress on these conditions (15/10/2013)

  • The City is working with Red Cross Day Banderita (15/10/2013)

  • Filled to the brim in the Cartagonova to see it defeated the Rojita high to Hungary (15/10/2013)
    The early goal in the 8th minute Morata allowed players of the Spanish Under-21 llevasen the three points of the meeting European qualifier for the 2015
  • Mindful eating workshop for young (15/10/2013)
    Friday will be developed within the activities of the program T-La
  • The ALDE is involved in training from institutes entrepreneurs of tomorrow (15/10/2013)
    The City Council, through the Agency, and the Institute UPCT Isaac Peral, lead the European Comenius Regio project, with a duration of two years, will to promote entrepreneurship among young people
  • SPCT: Los Dolores most populous district of Cartagena is still "discriminated" (15/10/2013)
    "Pilar Barreiro redo castillitos in the air with public money"
  • Astus held a charity gala Saturday at the Teatro Circo (15/10/2013)
    The Angel Cartagena leads a music and dance show in which the actor will honor Jesus Guzman, the postman of 'Chronicles of a people'
  • The PP has an initiative in Congress to issue a stamp commemorating the anniversary of the submarine Peral (14/10/2013)
    Culture spokesman of the Popular Party in the House of Representatives, John of God Ruano, announced this initiative this morning in Cartagena , on a visit to the Isaac Peral room at the Naval Museum
  • The mayor defends fiscal measures taken by the city for employment generation (14/10/2013)

  • Canteras Youth Center about a half way young people since its opening (14/10/2013)

  • Opening of the V Fair Aged and Disabled (14/10/2013)
    The mayor will visit campus on Tuesday installed next to ARQUA
  • Oviedo and Cartagena, a little closer (14/10/2013)
    A Tourist Association is the Asturian capital today by visiting our city, where they received the Councillor for Tourism, who welcomed them and exchanged gifts to remember
  • The Social Care Councillor meets with immigrant groups (14/10/2013)
    The Council aims to maintain close cooperation that has always had with these entities
  • Canyoning in Alicante for the more adventurous (14/10/2013)
    Youth this activity is scheduled for Sunday October 20, within the T-The Fall, and can register at the Youth Resource Centre
  • The purification of the Region will have advanced computing systems that improve treatment processes and energy-saving (14/10/2013)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the rector of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena sign a cooperation agreement to implement the purifying one Detailed calculation system, as used in aerodynamics
  • MC calls the gardens adecenten Roman Theatre and its environment (14/10/2013)
    Report inappropriate car parking to the back of the monument, which even prevent passage to pedestrians
  • A month to submit bids to Kiosk-Bar of the Plaza de San Francisco (14/10/2013)
    ​​ The tender notice was published last Friday in the BORM
  • Trialbici Pilots Club Cartagena led the Regional Championship match at Portman (14/10/2013)
    Cartagena club riders, organizers of this event, on Saturday lifted the title in five of the eight categories that were at play
  • Agricultural achieve a biological control method to combat a microscopic worm that attacks the pepper (14/10/2013)

  • A 78-year-old died by immersion syndrome German Beach, La Manga del Mar Menor (13/10/2013)

  • About thirty shops and great discounts in the Hall Outlet 2013 (11/10/2013)

  • At Christmas and you can stroll through the Plaza San Francisco (11/10/2013)

  • The T-The Fall open enrollment period for the musical Today I can not lift (11/10/2013)

  • Temples, Gods and Stars star in the cultural proposal Punic Wall (11/10/2013)

  • Cartagena is emerging as an ideal city for the Organization of Congress (11/10/2013)

  • 37,500 euros for information system users Cartagena Social Services (11/10/2013)

  • Hall and Irrigation 80,000 euros earmarked road maintenance of the transfer (11/10/2013)
    The governing board, meeting today, has given the green light to the renewal of the agreement that, for years, been held both entities to improve roads siphon busiest by citizens
  • The UPCT agrees with the CEBAS and strengthen agricultural research IMIDA its Doctoral Program (11/10/2013)

  • The human factor dominates Eppo works Cardelo (11/10/2013)

  • The ALDE and UPCT encourage entrepreneurship among university (11/10/2013)
    The registration deadline for these training seminars aimed at students 90 UPCT already open, but not until November 6 when classes
  • Explorers of the Region of Murcia give name to the Santa Ana Park (11/10/2013)
    The nomination ceremony will take place on Monday afternoon in the Residential Estate
  • Cruise Tourism, discussed in Cartagena (10/10/2013)

  • The Roman Theatre and speaks Russian (10/10/2013)
    Given the increase of that nationality tourists visiting the site, reaching 7 percent, the museum has published 5,000 copies of brochures in this language
  • Wine Tourism and Culture in Jumilla with the program T-La (10/10/2013)
    Registration for participating in this visit, which will take place on October 27, you can perform in the Youth Resource Centre
  • The Cartagena associations are turning over their cultural weeks (10/10/2013)

  • Industrial Dozens of students interested in a new program of paid internships abroad (09/10/2013)

  • The Great Game of ciudadanoR lands in Cartagena with different tests and giant board (09/10/2013)

  • OPC Cartagena Spain chooses to hold its annual meeting (09/10/2013)

  • Running the ninth edition of the seminars of the Hall Company (09/10/2013)

  • From Hannibal Peral (09/10/2013)
    The Department of Social Services is organizing a series of talks and viewed within the larger workshop Discover your City and Customs
  • MC warns that the Local Government New Gate not claim it stimulated total (09/10/2013)
    It was about the end of the claim within the court case New Gate and the Board of Directors of Old Town does not meet
  • Bambara celebrates its 15th anniversary with a group exhibition Emotion Present (09/10/2013)
    In the show, which opens Thursday and will be open until January 7th at the gallery itself and the municipal hall Byzantine walls, fourteen artists involved
  • More driver education for children and high school students during the course 2013-2014 (09/10/2013)

  • The biggest rise on Friday to the program Watchtower TAS (09/10/2013)
    This week's Friday March return, hiking activity organized by the Department of Social Care
  • The Roman Theatre extended its opening hours on the Day of Pilar (09/10/2013)
    Weekend In addition, the site will open on Monday, on the occasion of the arrival in port of 2,000 cruise aboard the New Amsterdam
  • Metro Square, more than a simple measure for Lola Nieto (09/10/2013)

  • UPyD asked the regional government to "clarify the health organization" Cartagena Area II (08/10/2013)

  • Cartagena UPyD negative values ​​rising unemployment during the month of September (08/10/2013)

  • The Assembly group advocates the creation of the Civil Guard maritime Mediterranean based in Cartagena (08/10/2013)

  • The cobbler, a profession to weather the crisis (08/10/2013)
    Ten students have participated in this course, organized by the Abraham Project in collaboration with the city of Cartagena, which aims to promote social integration and employment incentival
  • The Education Park Road begins the course 2013-2014 (08/10/2013)
    On Wednesday its governing board will meet, will also analyze the activities held last curs
  • Education reduced to 2 percent truancy in the county (08/10/2013)

  • The form ESPAC Accident Reconstruction Specialists (08/10/2013)
    Today begins a sketch Notions course and topography applied to Atestados agents have to do to apply to his research on traffic accidents
  • SPCT: "The Department of Dducación should show the record of scholarship Councillor transport" (08/10/2013)
    "The manifestations of Ruth Collins cast doubt on the scholarship that was granted by education"
  • Opening of the ninth edition of the Hall Company seminars (08/10/2013)
    Employment Councilman and Deputy Director of INFO preside this afternoon at the CEEIC, the opening act of this training aimed at entrepreneurs and business
  • Industrial offers its students a new paid internship program abroad (08/10/2013)

  • The importance of perfecting police shooting (07/10/2013)

  • The Civil Guard and Moroccan Youth Cartagena AD vying for a football game (07/10/2013)
    Inside activities in honor of the patron of the Body
  • Note of the Joint-Citizens Movement on university transportation subsidy (07/10/2013)

  • The Master in Naval History and Heritage of the University of Murcia in Cartagena opens today (07/10/2013)

  • Community and UPCT collaborate to encourage emerging companies in the field of Information Technology and Communication (07/10/2013)
    The number of companies involved in the ICT sector in the region has increased by 40 percent between 2010 -2013
  • Exhibition of Lola Nieto, Metro Square, in the Palacio Molina (07/10/2013)
    The sample of this Cartagena may visit at the Palacio Molina until December 14
  • The exchange Cartagena Polytechnic University of Panama with researchers, teachers and students (07/10/2013)

  • Quiñonero healthcare ensures that Cartagena "is at the forefront of hospital care" (04/10/2013)
    The secretary general reiterates once again that Rosell Hospital "is not going to close", and explains that "changes in Emergencies will foster a step forward in the area healthcare "
  • 33 businesses will participate in the Hall Cartagena Outlet 2013 (04/10/2013)
    A tent installed in the forecourt of the Port of Cartagena will host the thirty booths that will be part of this event to be held from 11 to 14 October
  • Culture reset signaling Roman Quarries (04/10/2013)
    The new signs are similar to those placed in other areas of the city, weatherproof and vandal
  • The Guardia Civil arrested four people for the theft of copper wiring lighting in Cartagena (04/10/2013)
    We have recovered 100 kg of copper wire lighting installation Marfagones Los Molinos
  • The Cartagena clubs over the district meet in La Concepción (04/10/2013)
    The meeting has been attended by the Councillor for Social Care who has encouraged those present to participate in the Senior Fair to be held in Cartagena from 15 to October 17
  • The UP started the course with most of its training offer complete (04/10/2013)
    Some shops such as emotional literacy, computer or access courses already starting college, although vacancies can be found on the website Universidad Popular
  • The Artillery Cross XII starts (04/10/2013)
    The enrollment period for the test, organized by the RAAA 73 with the cooperation of the City, will be open from Monday, October 7 until November 15 or until completion of the 3000 brokers
  • The workshop Remendón Zapatero Abraham Project comes to an end (04/10/2013)
    Cartagena City Council works with this course which involved ten people in the city and whose closure is Tuesday, October 8, at 11 am in the Auditorium Building of The Graduate
  • 2.8 million for actions in the field of social services in Murcia and Cartagena (04/10/2013)

  • European Volunteering, an alternative training for young Cartagena (04/10/2013)

  • Arthotel becomes independent in its fifth edition (04/10/2013)

  • A workshop will teach solicit business social networks (04/10/2013)
    The initiative, organized by CECARM, in collaboration with the ALDE, participants will discover the key e-commerce
  • Premian a research paper on Accounting History (04/10/2013)

  • Begins Training Workshop and memory training (04/10/2013)
    Social Services has launched this initiative Friday Informayor included in Fall 2013, which, for the first time · is intended for patients with fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis
  • Cartagena Local Police Monday began target practice (04/10/2013)

  • The Cultural Center will host Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cardelo Eppo's work, Eppocalipsis (03/10/2013)
    The opening will be Friday at 7 pm at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy and remain open until December 20
  • Elementary students will become experts Tallante Garbancillo (03/10/2013)

  • The cultural tour of the Department of Women not cost one euro to the City (03/10/2013)
    The activity was arranged for months by women's associations to benefit from discounts and installment payments
  • The City Prolam cede land to the creation of a new center in Cartagena (03/10/2013)

  • The president of the Commonwealth acknowledges support Taibilla institutional Regional Assembly of Murcia (03/10/2013)

  • The hidden PSOE Cartagena is the major city of the region in which unemployment has fallen more this year (03/10/2013)
    employment Councilman Popular recalls that the Government is not satisfied with the employment data, but believes unfair commitment the opposition for trying to sell the idea that the situation is worse Cartagena
  • A five star menu prepared by the workshop students Informayor Fall Kitchen (03/10/2013)

  • MC asked in the House by a cruise called a "cultural trip" (03/10/2013)

  • Lola Nieto Square Meter opens Friday (03/10/2013)
    The exhibition will be at the Palace Molina until December 1
  • Valcárcel defends the work of centers for disabled people through the public-private partnership (03/10/2013)
    The president of the Community Center Day visit Prolam that the Guardianship Association of People with Disabilities is in the neighborhood of Cartagena of Sorrows
  • "Railroad investments are not only the AVE" (03/10/2013)
    SPCT complaint that the mayor of Cartagena despite being in the House of Representatives has not taken care of this important infrastructure
  • UPyD Cartagena asked for clarification on the status of health in the region of Cartagena (02/10/2013)

  • The Regional Assembly requested the imminent start of the preparatory work of the great hull of the submarine S-74 (02/10/2013)

  • The history of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena, bare back (02/10/2013)

  • Young Space serves nine thousand young people so far this year (02/10/2013)
    The Youth Council has presented this afternoon the new promotional video, Discover your space, in order to bring, through social networks, the different services offers young Cartagena
  • The ALDE young form without the ESO in masonry, painting and building maintenance (02/10/2013)
    The Ministry of Education has approved two professional qualification programs will be implemented from November
  • Barreiro "The State Budget for 2014 are serious, credible and viable and serve the structural problems of the Region" (02/10/2013)
    national lawmaker stressed in a press conference that "collect basic infrastructure budgets for the development of the region, as the AVE or tailings'
  • A century of life, one hundred years of experience in Cartagena (02/10/2013)

  • The courses and workshops of the Department of Women start out with much expectation (02/10/2013)

  • We dived the mountain do you come from? (02/10/2013)
    SPCT launches a program of recreational, cultural and solidarity
  • The Council on Sport to schools with visits and talks-talk (02/10/2013)
    The Department launched the seventh edition of the ADE, which have involved more than 20,000 students
  • Water cut in Alums, Thursday 3 (01/10/2013)

  • Day centers of Los Dolores and El Algar held together World Alzheimer's Day (01/10/2013)

  • The Theatre School this course reaches the stage of El Batel (01/10/2013)
    Another innovation that has been released today at the launch of the campaign Educateatro, is to go beyond the boundaries of the municipality, may participate in all centers region
  • "Cartagena: champions in unemployment and tax increases" (01/10/2013)
    SPCT not understand that in the current situation the council raise taxes and garbage
  • Off at night, lit by day (01/10/2013)
    SPCT municipal government requires troubleshoot the Mediterranean urbanization street lighting and San Anton
  • New Emotional Education workshop at the University Popular (01/10/2013)
    There are still places for this activity that celerará every Thursday, from 3 October to 12 December, from 16.30 to 18.00 in the Cultural Center

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