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Cartagena News - April 2012

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  • Port of Cultures organized tours of the Roman Forum to publicize the secrets of the site (30/04/2012)
    Archaeologists and restorers of site pieces explain to visitors that have not been exposed and areas not yet visited
  • Crosses of May in St Lucia (30/04/2012)
    are held on 4,5 and 6 May, organized by the St. James Cultural Association and the Municipal Social Services
  • The closure of Metals Between Strings and moved to the Auditorium Room A (30/04/2012)
    Youth decides to change the gala room B to A because of the expectation and demand for tickets that have been registered
  • The largest district on Thursday visit the Roman Forum (30/04/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services has organized the tour, which will begin at 10 am The Pinwheel
  • Organize a march of solidarity by the World Day Afibromialgia (30/04/2012)
    The details of the merger will be announced on Thursday 3 May at 10.30 am in the Press Room of the Palace Hall
  • Representation of Risis Krisis in Mills vs. Marfagones (30/04/2012)
    The play will be tomorrow at 18.30 in the Casa de Cultura de Molinos Marfagones
  • Emir Kusturica opened La Mar de Musicas with The Time of the Gypsies (30/04/2012)
    Opera Serbian filmmaker's punk starts his world tour in Cartagena to open the festival on July 19, with tickets at 55 euros and 38 are now on sale Internet
  • The Real Cartagena joined UNICEF (30/04/2012)

  • The closure of Between Strings and Metals will be held Friday in the Auditorium Room A (30/04/2012)
    Youth gala decides to move room B to A due to the high demand for tickets
  • More than 130 volunteers will participate in the Fourth Night of Museums (30/04/2012)
    Some of those registered come from cities like Molina de Segura, Los Alcazares, Murcia and Fuente à lamo, Madrid and Valencia
  • The negligence was the main reason for traffic accidents in 2011 (30/04/2012)
    The Annual Report published by the local police shows a downward trend in accidents, 202 accidents less, but increases the number of accidents resulting in injuries, 37 more than in previous year
  • Presentation of certificates of course child dynamic (30/04/2012)
    The mayor of Employment, Diego Ortega and the director of the ADLE, Francisco Garcia-Valenzuela, they will deliver on Wednesday
  • The bus pass for the unemployed may be requested from Wednesday at the bus station (30/04/2012)
    shall be valid for three months and the ticket will cost 0.50 cents
  • Closing and Awards Ceremony of the XXIII Olympiad Mathematics Francisco Ortega Memorial (30/04/2012)
    will be held on Friday May 4 in the auditorium of the IES El Bohio
  • Early stages of the Cup of Spain Laser 4.7 (28/04/2012)
    Measurements of the boats on Friday marked the day of a tournament that is played over this bridge in the waters of Cartagena
  • The downtown bars are attached to the holding of the May Crosses (27/04/2012)
    The City Council approved the application of 16 catering establishments, in addition to guilds and associations, to participate in the holiday
  • The ADLE opens the deadline to participate in the Intensive Business English (27/04/2012)
    Registration will be from Monday 30 April to Friday 4 May, is free and is intended for unemployed
  • The Governing Board appreciates the services provided to Carlos Nieto (27/04/2012)
    Highlights the work since 2007 as head of the Security Department and wished him success in his new professional
  • The Governing Board tentatively in 27 posts extending over the markets (27/04/2012)
    This is a special measure, until the end of the year, to accommodate 14 regular members to which they were not initially renewed the license
  • ... (27/04/2012)

  • The market is reactive Gisbert eight new posts (27/04/2012)
    will reach full occupancy after the award made by the Governing Board
  • Barreiro recognizes the efforts of entrepreneurs to create jobs (27/04/2012)
    The first municipal authority announces the opening of the XIII Conference of Business Leaders that will convene in the coming weeks to a joint committee to fully understand the problems of city
  • The City Council shall within one month to restore the monastery of Saint Ginés de la Jara (27/04/2012)
    The session will run automatically works if it does Hansa Urbana
  • The School of Parents closes the course (27/04/2012)
    closed on Thursday at the Archaeological Museum program organized by the Department of Education and which involved, among which 27 AMPAS has given hundreds of lectures on educational topics
  • Traffic Court in Ramón y Cajal for the pruning of trees (27/04/2012)

  • The theater groups succeed on stage (26/04/2012)
    The Department of Women awards the six participants in the Contest XIII Isidoro Maiquez Theatre
  • The biggest prepare a series of theater in San Jose Obrero (26/04/2012)
    The first performance will be The fresh fire on Friday, May 4
  • Lovers of Classic Sailing have a date this summer in Cartagena (26/04/2012)

  • The mayor spoke in the regional program of the BE shift of the city in recent years (26/04/2012)
    Barreiro has highlighted the commitment made by the Cultural Tourism and Convention Cruise, which places the city in a prominent position output in the face of economic recovery
  • The party seeking the bike to set a new record for participation (26/04/2012)
    The event will be on May 13, achieved last year that the city Cartagena was concentrated as many cyclists
  • 120 racers will vie for the Cup of Spain Cartagena Laser 4.7 in water (26/04/2012)
    Organized by the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena, with the assistance of the City, the event will attract over three hundred visitors to the city during this weekend of bridge
  • The mayor opens Friday the Thirteenth Workshop for Business Leaders (26/04/2012)
    The meeting organized by COE under the slogan The Challenge 2012, held at the Centro Cultural de Caja Murcia
  • The symphony of the Region of Murcia and the Conservatory Manuel Massotti, together in the Batel (26/04/2012)
    will perform on Friday into the fertilizer cycle Cartagena Municipal Auditorium, with tickets at 12 euros
  • Women of Cartagena Cehegín and strengthen ties (26/04/2012)
    About fifty housewives visit the city today and attend this evening to the representation of the play the theater group of the Department of Women
  • Social Services joins the activities for World Book Day (25/04/2012)
    In the district of Conception poems will be read this afternoon, phrases, proverbs and riddles and games are organized
  • Solidarity in Cartagena with cystic fibrosis patients (25/04/2012)
    The event will be tomorrow at 13 am in Icue Square
  • New batch of coaches Indoor (25/04/2012)
    Employment councilor, Diego Ortega, and the Director of the ADLE, Francisco Garcia Valenzuela have delivered this morning diplomas to 17 students a year
  • Popular prices to Azkar Lugo to fill the Bombonera (25/04/2012)

  • Fuel Fandango put closure to the Fourth Night of the Museums of Cartagena (25/04/2012)
    The free concert will be held at 1 am on the esplanade of ARQUA, and will be followed by a session of Dj Ale Acosta
  • The ALDE supports the creation of ten companies during the first year tirmestre (25/04/2012)
    The number of users demanding information and advice to the Constitution; or consolidation of activities grew by 14 percent
  • Maribel Verdu and starring Antonio Molero Type the Tomb of the side in the Auditorium (25/04/2012)
    The play, directed by Josep Maria Pou, will be staged on Thursday, with tickets at 22, 20 and 10 euros
  • The Olympic torch passes through Adoration (25/04/2012)
    Sports makes the Olympic emblem comes also to the school, although he later requested
  • Scented Candles Shop for more (25/04/2012)
    Social Services has scheduled for Thursday in May this year that is included among the activities of this quarter aimed at people over the city
  • The 14 students Cookery Course of Social Services, prepared to work (25/04/2012)
    Yesterday picked up their diplomas from the Councillor for Social Services during the closing ceremony of the course held in Building La Milagrosa
  • Pilar Barreiro SPCT required to justify the decision to appoint CEOs who are not officers (25/04/2012)
    The Law 57/2003 Big Cities has the need for staff to be CEO of a city
  • Real Cartagena, preparing the game against Azkar Lugo (24/04/2012)

  • San Cristobal, Franciscans, Vistalegre and La Palma, leaders of local youth football league (24/04/2012)
    The weekend competition was resumed and were played over a hundred games
  • A Civil Guard helps a family victim of the fire in your home (24/04/2012)
    The official, who was off duty, returning home when he noticed the fire
  • The municipal libraries are targeted for the loan of e-readers (24/04/2012)
    From today, users can now borrow for one month, one of 25 e-readers available in the nine centers that integrate the municipal
  • More awards and trophies for the winners of Cooking Competition XXXII (24/04/2012)
    Organized by the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users of Cartagena, was held on Thursday and had 34 participants, and the presence of the Councillor for Women in the awards
  • Presentation of certificates of Indoor sports instructor course (24/04/2012)
    With a duration of one hundred hours, has been organized by the ALDE in collaboration with the Municipal Sports
  • Begin online voting contest mircorrelatos Size Does not Matter, Read it (24/04/2012)
    Visitors these days will choose five finalists of the 72 stories that have been presented, the jury's decision will be announced on May 7
  • SPCT requires the suppression of all council CEOs (24/04/2012)
    Carlos Nieto's departure shows that are perfectly dispensable
  • Memory exercises, patchwork and information, new activities for the elderly (24/04/2012)
    Begin new Spring Infomayor workshops, organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • The People's University teaches an English course for travelers (24/04/2012)
    The registration period is now open.
  • Administration and entrepreneurs looking for a more viable route for the AVE (23/04/2012)

  • The writers are consolidated in Cartagena Book Day (23/04/2012)
    Reading the novel by Antonio Parra, Eyes of Fire, opened this morning cultural activities.
  • The development of the fortifications of Cartagena, in the Military History Museum (23/04/2012)
    The exhibition will be presented on Monday at 11.30, is permanent and is the evolution of artillery in Cartagena
  • Carlos Nieto requested his removal as Chief of Police (23/04/2012)
    The resignation will become effective on the Board of Governors on Friday
  • First lines to collect the dorsal route Strengths III (20/04/2012)
    Dozens of people come to pick up early in the accreditation for the test tomorrow
  • Social Services organized a new hiking trail through the Coast Batteries (20/04/2012)
    The tour will depart on Friday 27 from the esplanade of the Zenith and the batteries will visit San Leandro, San Isidoro, Saint Florentina, Santa Ana, Commander Royo, Cala Cortina and Peñarroya fireplace.
  • The People's University on Monday will honor the poet José Hierro (20/04/2012)
    will read excerpts from their works for the Day of the Book
  • Providers until late rush to join the Pay Plan (20/04/2012)
    have already been processed 33.5 million euros in unpaid bills of the 37 originally planned.
  • Courses and workshops in the spring program for more (20/04/2012)
    Monday start various activities aimed at the largest municipality within the program of Chest Experience organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • The Hydrographic Confederation seek solution to the stagnation of water in the Rambla (20/04/2012)
    The Mayor has brought up the subject during the formal meeting held this morning that the new president of the CHS, Miguel à ngel Ródenas at the Palace Hall
  • RNE you arrive on Sunday in Cartagena to celebrate its 75th anniversary (20/04/2012)
    From a platform of 140 square meters itinerant citizens can witness live radio programs, customize your visit to the exhibition or record your own news
  • Expands to fifteen the number of spaces open during Museum Night IV (20/04/2012)
    The Palace Hall, the neighborhood of the Roman Forum and the Chapel Marraja bind to other museums and sites participating in this edition
  • Retirees learn to behave at the table (20/04/2012)
    Social Services have been taught a course on basic rules of protocol and etiquette
  • Two thousand students benefit from the Mobile Classroom ADLE (20/04/2012)
    courses and orientation sessions that began in the early going, are directed now to ESO, Baccalaureate, PCPI and Vocational Training, in order to help them choose their future professional
  • The riders Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez will be at Pier Sunday (20/04/2012)
    Repsol has organized a couple of displays of motorcycles in Heroes of Cavite to bring the opening of the Cartagena Refinery
  • The UP organizes a talk on native birds (20/04/2012)
    This activity includes a field trip on Saturday to supplement the theoretical session held yesterday in the Hall of the People's University as part of Nature Workshop
  • Read uninterrupted work of Antonio Parra's Day Book (20/04/2012)
    The event, organized by the Municipal Network of Libraries, will be Monday beginning at 10 am in the Administration Building San Miguel
  • On Monday we reveal the winners of Mandarache (20/04/2012)
    A group of young readers jurors, will be announced after the opening session, the names of those who rise this year with the award at a ceremony to be held in the Palace Hall
  • Cartagena Plaza Fuerte in the Military History Museum (20/04/2012)
    The exhibition will be presented on Monday at 11.30, is permanent and is the evolution of artillery in Cartagena
  • More than 500 students from 25 schools close the commemoration of the year's Olympic Games in London (20/04/2012)
    The Municipal Athletics Track the activities hosted by the arrival of the torch 92 and Barcelona athletics
  • The Greco-Latin Festival Youth Theatre brings 3,600 students to Cartagena (19/04/2012)
    Different theater companies are represented in the Park Towers classics for students from six different provinces
  • Football Cup Tournament Base gathered last weekend to 2,500 athletes (19/04/2012)
    Over 200 games of all categories were held at various municipal facilities, highlighting the competitive plane and the EF Aljorra UCAM The EF Garden City to get a doublet each
  • David Marin: "The dynamics are good and go with the confidence of two positive results" (19/04/2012)

  • The Watchtower City Hall left clean for the Route of the Strengths (19/04/2012)

  • Illustration and creativity for beginners (19/04/2012)
    T-The program organizes a course that will take place during the Friday of the month of May
  • Carlos Latre act three times this weekend in El Batel (19/04/2012)
    The tickets are already sold out for Saturday's feature at 20.30
  • Health will test a new repellent to ward off gulls (19/04/2012)
    The City Council today launched the campaign to control the birds that will last until June and, again, relies on the cooperation of citizens as fundamental support
  • The Brotherhood of Saint Ginés de la Jara celebrates its anniversary with many activities (19/04/2012)
    highlight the Eucharist on Saturday and Sunday, which will be presented for children under 10 years the pattern of the city
  • All ready for the Forts Trail III (19/04/2012)
    Participants can collect their race numbers tomorrow from 10 to 21 hours, while the Saturday before the start of the test, the military will raise the flag of the port
  • Antonio Gomez remembers the Palacio Molina (19/04/2012)
    The artist exposes the betrayal of memory as of April 20 in the municipal hall
  • Fewer but more intense interventions (19/04/2012)
    Fire Cartagena publishes its report of 2011 in which he faced the fire and helped Atamaría earthquake in Lorca
  • Youth launches range of summer activities (18/04/2012)
    young people propose a holiday in labor camps or in camps
  • As of Thursday they may vote in the contest web pictures of the Archaeological Museum (18/04/2012)
    The user can select the image you liked in the museum's own page
  • The T-LA opened the registration period for the trip to Almunecar and Nerja (18/04/2012)
    The output will be the weekend of 12th and 13th May
  • One hundred unemployed participating in the program Elio (18/04/2012)
    The ADLE this service helps the unemployed to write a CV in European format and online job search on the Internet
  • Last days for suppliers to adhere to the recovery plan (18/04/2012)
    Finance warns that may only charge those who have made this process, which so far have ratified 237 of the 1,202 companies that make up the list approved by the City of Cartagena
  • They give prizes Asian Route I (17/04/2012)
    Representatives of The Barrel Tapeo, Mazinger and Croissanterà ¯ ¯ Pizzera Carrefour have collected this morning after serving awards thousands of coffees
  • The environment of the District Health Center Pearl looks new image (17/04/2012)
    Decentralization councilor visited the entrances to the building upon completion of the renovations that have affected the lighting, paving and sidewalks
  • The French students of Comenius, dazzled with the heritage of the city (17/04/2012)
    Youth Councillor has welcomed the Palace Hall to the 34 students who are these days in Cartagena with the IES host Ben Arabi
  • The media and education, discussed in the Archaeological Museum (17/04/2012)
    The two presentations to be held in Cartagena in the series of conferences between screens Grow XI School Board Meeting of the Region of Murcia will be this afternoon and Thursday 26
  • Postponed to June 9 musical representation can not stop at the Teatro Circo (17/04/2012)
    The performance will be borne by the Cultural Association Implik2 and will benefit from the Diabetic Society of Cartagena and the Region
  • The Roman Forum, including e-cards (17/04/2012)
    The application of the municipal website that launched the Councillors of New Technologies and Tourism last Christmas, now contains photographs submitted by citizens, who may be changing periodically
  • Astus tournament raises funds with a paddle (17/04/2012)
    The association of people with disabilities organized the weekend competition for twelve hours
  • Democracy in the books (17/04/2012)
    Thousands of young readers voted for these days through Internet literary prizes and Hache Mandarache 2012
  • Cultural Week in The Six hundred (17/04/2012)
    Neighbors are scheduled until Friday workshops, conferences and sports
  • Jorquera and à Ngela Juana Acedo explained his trip to Montpellier in the UP (17/04/2012)
    In the series of talks that are taking place in the workshops to commemorate its 30th anniversary
  • Parks and Gardens felling three trees in the area of ​​Prince of Asturias for his bad state (16/04/2012)
    Engineers have begun this morning pruning copies of oriental plane, which will end on Wednesday 18
  • Report cels Cartagena invites audiovisual rebuild the memory of the city (16/04/2012)
    opens Wednesday deadline for home movies recorded on Super 8 and 16 mm, to be screened at the Museum Night at the Student House
  • My Week With Marilyn started on Tuesday a new cycle of the film returns to the center (16/04/2012)
    There will be three passes at 18 hours, at 20.15 and 22.30.
  • The spring T-LA affects the development of youth (16/04/2012)
    In this edition, numerous workshops have been scheduled as of novice rowing, bicycle repair, sound, creativity or Mandarin Chinese
  • 25 000 caps serve the international route from Los Urrutias (16/04/2012)
    The winner was Caprichos de la Costa, the restaurant Ruf-Mari, who came to serve three thousand dishes
  • Roman Fashion photography competition in the Archaeological Museum (16/04/2012)
    With two activities concluded this weekend during "The ingenuity in the service of beauty '
  • The ADLE is aimed at social networks (16/04/2012)
    The Agency already has a profile on Facebook and Twitter to provide users all information about its activities
  • Fever of Route Strengths already in Cartagena (16/04/2012)

  • The actor José Gabriel Campos gave a lecture on Commedia dell'Arte (16/04/2012)
    About twenty students participated this weekend in the course organized by the Municipal School of Theatre
  • Manuel Albaladejo Garcia dies at 92 (16/04/2012)
    The distinguished jurist and civil Cartagena was Favorite Son
  • Friendliness and good atmosphere in the second edition of the game Carthaginians and Romans (15/04/2012)

  • Real Cartagena Fisiomedia Manacor 4-2 (14/04/2012)
    A Reale unstoppable rate again
  • The seven houses of public promotion of La Palma seeking tenants (13/04/2012)
    opens on Monday the deadline for application of these homes as rental income will range around 200 euros
  • The theater festival starts Monday Isidoro Maiquez (13/04/2012)
    The competition will be from 16 to 22 April in the local neighborhood association in the neighborhood of Concepcion
  • Open Enrolment for the Cruces de Mayo (13/04/2012)
    The festival will take place on 4, 5 and 6 of the month
  • Firefighters Park hang a picture of Christ of Mercy (13/04/2012)
    california The group thanked the firefighters, Brothers of Honor of the group, its work
  • The Six hundred 50 years ago more active than ever (13/04/2012)
    The president of the Neighborhood Association has informed the mayor of the evolution of the neighborhood, which now runs a leisure and cultural activities almost every month
  • The second phase of CAI Private Mediterranean, hiring (13/04/2012)
    center is expected to become operational by the next school year over
  • Continue activities weekend in Port of Cultures (13/04/2012)
    During deck, over 200 children and families have participated in workshops and theatrical visits that have been developed in the Punic Wall, House of Fortune and Castillo de la Concepción
  • Cut Perín water and Portús (13/04/2012)
    Aquagest on Wednesday reported that the supply is interrupted in the area due to maintenance work at the Oak Tunnel, which will make the Commonwealth of Taibilla Channels
  • The rules of road safety, with the help of four clowns (13/04/2012)
    Five hundred primary school pupils have attended this morning to the representation Clowns in Danger, which has organized the Department of Education by the Foundation Mapfre
  • Traffic Court on Avenida de America for the start of the works of parking (13/04/2012)
    will occur on Monday, will affect only the moment, the two lanes going in the direction towards the Plaza Bastarreche, as reported Municipal Traffic Bureau
  • The ECAC resolved 112 complaints last year (13/04/2012)
    In the report prepared by the Economic Administrative reflected that most of the complaints were about property tax and as to the meaning of the resolutions, 27 percent have been estimatorias
  • The Governing Board authorizes the expenditure of new contracts on which they exercise greater control (13/04/2012)
    It aims to generate savings and improve the organization of services
  • Mass Group Brotherhood of Appearance of Jesus to the Apostles in the Lake Tiberias (13/04/2012)

  • Running Cup Tournament Grassroots (13/04/2012)
    It is held this weekend in all categories in ten offices in the municipalities of Cartagena, Los Alcazares and Torre Pacheco Union
  • Firefighters used nine hours to extinguish the fire truck in the AP-7 (13/04/2012)
    The vehicle trasnportaba gift items, most plastic, making it difficult to extinguish the fire that started in one of the rear wheels
  • SPCT reporting the collapse of the Agency's website (AEAT) (12/04/2012)
    The situation can cause a serious problem for employers in Cartagena
  • The Governing Board studied the recruitment of an intelligent video surveillance system crosses conflicting (12/04/2012)
    will also address the proposed construction of the second phase of the Mediterranean Urbanization CAI
  • The theater group will represent Tanit The trees die Á Standing at the Teatro Circo (12/04/2012)
    The money raised from the performance, organized by the Department of Women and will be on April 26, provides for pencils Ã
  • The bridge will be ready in summer pink (12/04/2012)
    The City Council has awarded the contract Accessibility Bridge health center Barrio de la Concepción SA Pavasal the company, work starting in May and have a deadline of three months
  • David Marin: "We are still in contention and we are reasonably remontables dots" (12/04/2012)

  • The film returns to the center with seven different releases (12/04/2012)
    El Nuevo Teatro Circo, in collaboration with the Department of Culture will screen April 17 to June 5 current movies at reduced prices, 4 euros and 2.5 for young and old .
  • The Cartagena already available on the TESTRA their traffic fines (12/04/2012)

  • The Archaeological Museum reopens the deadline to participate in its first photo contest (12/04/2012)
    The organizers extend until tomorrow the registration period after receiving late applications.
  • The gardens of the city will be irrigated with groundwater (11/04/2012)

  • The history of the convents and parishes passed through Santa Lucia (11/04/2012)
    A Course of Social Services shows retired forty heritage of Cartagena
  • The stars of Bollywood staged in the Batel a love story to show the traditions of India (10/04/2012)
    Actor and Choreographer Sunny Singh and Suresh Singh Director presented this morning show that will account for 5 May in the Auditorium
  • Podium for Aesthetic Gymnastics team in the Championship Cartagena Spain (10/04/2012)
    The Beauty Club youth team Cartagena proclaimed last weekend in San Cugat champion of Spain, San Anton Club runner and medal won Rhythmic Cartagena junior bronze
  • Diaz Burgos closes the cycle of conferences on women in the Archaeological Museum (10/04/2012)
    The former director Cehiform conservative talk this afternoon at the museum of the image of women through time
  • Cultural and Informayor workshops in Spring 2012 (10/04/2012)
    The Department of Social Services has published the newsletter which informs elderly and disabled program of activities will be developed between April and June
  • Social Services wants to unite the Roma associations (10/04/2012)
    this morning held a meeting with representatives of associations with the aim of coordinating efforts and profitable means and spaces
  • Salvador Santiago and key preventive training in futsal (10/04/2012)

  • The Roman Theatre is over half a million visitors since its opening (10/04/2012)
    The flagship of the archaeological heritage of the city exceeded the barrier of 500,000 visitors during the open house held last Friday of Dolores, Big Day in Cartagena
  • Holy Week passed without serious incident (10/04/2012)
    Civil Protection, Local Fire and Police took stock of the interventions made during the holidays, 476 in total, most small-scale
  • 167 riders gathered at the Second People's Race Azohía-Isla Plana-La Azohía (10/04/2012)
    The test was organized by the A.VV.
  • 58,930 people used the web for Holy Week and the application of smartpohones to find out processions (09/04/2012)
    The page from which were broadcast the parade reached 17,372 visits
  • Port of Cultures recorded 17,589 visitors during the ten days of Holy Week (09/04/2012)
    brand new neighborhood of The Roman Forum was one of the busiest places a total of 3,500 visitors
  • The Mayor welcomes the new CEO of GDF Suez Energy (09/04/2012)
    Loreto Ordonez is responsible for the company in the Iberian Peninsula, which counts among its assets a 26 percent in the combined cycle plant of AES Cartagena
  • They cut and cut down dangerous trees in Eixample (09/04/2012)
    service Parks and Gardens will focus this week and next in Ussel Guimbarda and Prince of Asturias
  • UPyD Cartagena requires the Popular Party to fulfill its promises to Cartagena (08/04/2012)
    Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) believes that the Popular Party should have fulfilled the promises of long continuity of the submarine S-80, a new campus of justice, the AVE and the Parkinson Center
  • UPyD Cartagena accused the PP of practicing the opacity in the Consistory (07/04/2012)
    ​​ Team Urges Government to take action to facilitate transparency "without limitation"
  • Real Cartagena 3-1 Caja Segovia (06/04/2012)
    "Three things keep us in the fight"
  • Icons and Religious Imagery in the Regional Centre for Handicrafts (04/04/2012)

  • Begin Informatics courses for unemployed ADLE (04/04/2012)
    These courses, which last 24 hours, start on Monday and will be taught both basic, intermediate and advanced as
  • David Marin, "you have to try that this time the coin will land on our side" (04/04/2012)

  • Changes in the opening hours of Easter MURAM (04/04/2012)
    On the occasion of the holidays, the Museum has varied schedules.
  • City Council providers available on the web bills included in the government loan (04/04/2012)

  • The apostles and waiting in Santa Maria to the Holy Wednesday procession (04/04/2012)

  • Arrested for stealing windows of a downtown building site (04/04/2012)
    Local Police, alerted by a call from a neighbor, found the two men outside the building by removing frames and lenses
  • UPyD Cartagena adds to demand that IU meets its election and demand the change of the electoral law in Andalusia (03/04/2012)

  • The Sea of ​​Music prepares for African nights livelier (03/04/2012)

  • The basic soccer league takes a break at Easter (03/04/2012)
    Next week will host the Cup tournament with the participation of all categories Championship
  • The Barrel Tapeo is done with the first prize in the Asian Route (03/04/2012)
    Mazinger has been second place and Pizzeria Croissanteria Carrefour in third place in this first edition of a path where you have used about 11,000 Asians
  • They encourage technological innovation in the CIFP Hesperides (03/04/2012)
    At last week attended lectures students and teachers from various schools across the Peninsula, which were received at the Palace Hall by the Councillor for Youth
  • Selected ten projects for the space of free artistic expression of the Night of Museums (03/04/2012)
    This space will be open on Saturday 19 May at the Plaza of the Smiling, where projects will be exhibited from 9 pm until 1 am
  • Thousands of faithful joined to La Piedad (03/04/2012)
    The Virgin promises accompanied the procession throughout the night
  • 7RM broadcast Tuesday morning procession from Cartagena (02/04/2012)
    Direct from 21:30 pm
  • The final text of the General Plan goes ahead in full (02/04/2012)

  • Extension of time on buses during Easter strong (02/04/2012)
    On Wednesday and Good Friday, the urban transport lines will be active until the end of the procession and the buses of La Manga work early on Thursday and Friday
  • Closed down with improvisation Match the activities of World Theatre Day (02/04/2012)
    After the interruption of Holy Week, activities will resume in the municipal school on April 10
  • The Roman Forum Quarter received its first visitors (02/04/2012)
    1150 visited him last Friday of Dolores, coinciding with the open house.
  • The Grenadiers of the Brotherhood California pay homage to Real Cartagena (02/04/2012)

  • The local police arrested a man for trafficking in the drug Aljorra (01/04/2012)
    The agents seized bags of hashish and marijuana, and several knives and a shotgun

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