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Cartagena News - March 2012

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  • The Charity receives at the time the appointment of minor basilica (30/03/2012)
    The Mayor delivered the Holy and Royal Hospital of Charity at the 250th anniversary of the Ounce of Gold, the same donation as last year
  • Actions of control and surveillance of water quality in port areas (30/03/2012)

  • The Roman Theatre is expanding its hours at Easter (29/03/2012)
    The museum will open on Easter Monday and the rest of the week from 10 am to 8 pm
  • The Symphony Orchestra of Murcia plays Mozart's Requiem in the Batel (29/03/2012)

  • The students Barreros celebrate Bicycle Day (29/03/2012)
    65 children received lessons and Primary Traffic Safety Education Park Road
  • They have just the sizes of Women's Day (29/03/2012)
    March 8 Since there have been three courses on health, memory, and Literature
  • The revised General Plan reaches the full City (29/03/2012)

  • David Marin: "we have the opportunity to string a run of good results" (29/03/2012)

  • Begin the reorganization of traffic on the occasion of Easter (29/03/2012)

  • Facebook and the municipal website will broadcast the opening speech and the processions of Holy Week (29/03/2012)
    The broadcast will be in a loop for 24 hours a day in collaboration with TELECARTAGENA
  • The general strike is less than 14 percent in the city of Cartagena (29/03/2012)
    Unemployment 175 employees have supported the consitorio of 1253 and its autonomous bodies that could exercise this right
  • The Community implements the 'Urban Step' to public transport in Cartagena (29/03/2012)
    Allows you to locate the closest stops and see the arrival of the bus in real time via mobile phone
  • Offering, proclamation and processions to celebrate start of Charity and Holy Week (29/03/2012)
    Cartagena celebrates the Friday before your big day wearing their best clothes to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Ounce of Gold
  • More than five hundred children participate in the XXXI school Gymnastics Competition (28/03/2012)
    The event was held Tuesday afternoon at the Municipal Sports Pavilion
  • The Adjustment Plan of the City moves forward in full (28/03/2012)

  • The Archaeological Museum of paparazzi looking for Roman ruins (28/03/2012)
    The center has organized its first photography competition called The Ingenuity at the Service of Beauty
  • Easter arrives in a mobile version (28/03/2012)
    The page will provide information about processions as well as itineraries that tourists can tour
  • Students of the Vocational Training program of the ADLE begin practices (28/03/2012)
    Students of the courses of masonry, plumbing and painting and working at the Youth Center and Quarrying Occupational Training
  • Social Services and the bar's Cathedral retirees teach the Roman Theater (28/03/2012)
    With this INITIATIVE is to bring culture to people who for some reason can not access it
  • Full extraordinary and urgent to approve the Plan Set (27/03/2012)
    The Corporation will meet on Wednesday, just days before the deadline for the general strike on Thursday and the feast of the patron on Good Friday
  • Cartagena City Council decreed minimum services for the general strike (27/03/2012)
    will affect 55 of the 1,200 public employees who make up the municipal staff
  • The traffic school opens at Easter (27/03/2012)
    The Department of Education and Road Safety organized a workshop for young people from 2 to 4 April at the Park Road Education
  • Women of the Mediterranean Urbanization award prizes for poetry and painting contests (27/03/2012)
    The awards were presented on the occasion of International Women's Day
  • Coexistence in The Palm of the Women's Day (27/03/2012)
    Councilwoman Women, Clara Heredia, will come tomorrow at 14.30 to the act that organized the Women's Cultural Association of Aljorra
  • World Theatre Day is celebrated on the street (27/03/2012)

  • IX Football Tournament Benjamin-8 Easter, Memorial Manuel Pascual Segura (27/03/2012)
    Eight teams played on Saturday the tournament will play for league system, all against all, with meetings taking place from early morning in the field John A .
  • Scientists for a day to study the water (27/03/2012)
    About 600 primary school children learn the importance of preserving this natural asset in the workshops organized by the City Aquagest and World Water Day
  • Last days to pay the vehicle tax. (27/03/2012)
    On Monday is the deadline for voluntary payment of this tax which the City expects to collect about 13.7 million euros from the more than 145,000 units surveyed in the municipality
  • Green light for the extension of reductions in infant schools (27/03/2012)
    The measure will cushion the price increase approved by the full public last January
  • The 32 million saved by the city of Cartagena since 2008 will allow you to successfully tackle the Adjustment Plan (26/03/2012)

  • Inauguration of the exhibition look at the Multiple MURAM (26/03/2012)
    The event, which will be tomorrow, Tuesday 27 to 20 hours, attended by the President of the Autonomous Community and the councilman of Culture
  • About 2,000 people will participate in a wreath of Charity (26/03/2012)
    end of the period, more than 45 groups have registered to participate in the parade to be held in the afternoon of Good Friday
  • Open Enrolment for volunteering Night of Museums (26/03/2012)
    Implica2 program of the Youth Council offers young people the opportunity to assist in the activities of May 19 at night
  • End Cafe Cantante after a month full of good music (26/03/2012)
    During the evening on Saturday occurred in the House of Folklore of La Palma, in the closing ceremony, the poster of the twentieth Folklore Festival, the work of Pérez Casanova
  • Emotional tribute of Cartagena de Tarragona to the Virgin of Charity (26/03/2012)
    Last 24 held their traditional Saturday of Dolores with a Solemn Mass and prayer to the patron, which was attended by the councilor Alonso Gomez
  • The film returns to the center concludes tomorrow with the movie Somewhere (26/03/2012)
    Sofia Coppola's film closes the season on Tuesday Theater Circus Theatre
  • The Road of Cover The Urrutias serve dishes from five different countries (26/03/2012)
    The event, organized by the Platform The Urrutias All Year, will be from March 30 to April 8
  • Begin a key week for the Reale (26/03/2012)

  • The Ounce of Gold Makes History (26/03/2012)
    ​​ The Rock Joachim Dorda conference and round table attended by Pilar Barreiro and former mayors, Juan Martinez Simon, Antonio Vallejo and Jose Antonio Alonso, commemorates 250 years of this event
  • Town Hall and Government Delegation outline a safety device normally enjoy the processions and the beaches (26/03/2012)
    The session repeats the operation last year in which mobilize local police, fire and civil defense personnel
  • The Castillito of Sorrows received during the weekend, 1,020 visitors (26/03/2012)
    The building, recently restored, opened its doors on Saturday and Sunday for the Cartagena know the dependencies of the Local Police
  • Victor Beltrí, an essential part of Cartagena (24/03/2012)
    Mayor Pilar Barreiro acknowledged the 150th birthday of the city modernist architect known for buildings that he designed
  • Grandparents are disguised in the nursery of Sorrows (23/03/2012)
    The retirees have put on animals to tell their stories to smaller
  • Students of the Comenius return home (23/03/2012)
    Poles, Italians, Norwegians and Belgians ended their stay in the IES Jiménez de la Espada, where they have worked on the situation of European women
  • Fulgencio pleased Cervantes picks Procesionista Year Award (23/03/2012)
    The steward of the brotherhood California received the award last night wrapped up by friends, family and brothers
  • Painting and field in the activities of the People's University (23/03/2012)
    Coinciding with its 30th anniversary and to mark the International Women's Day on Wednesday took place in the UP the conferences on Paint and about life in the field of Cartagena in the early XX
  • I Test Championship in Spain Miranda Automodelismo B (23/03/2012)
    consolidated and novice riders will gather this weekend in the radio control circuit located in the hamlet of Los Martinez to participate in this championship, which will be open to public free
  • Local Police tests new body armor (23/03/2012)
    This dress has cost 30% less than at present and are of better quality
  • The opera Madama Butterfly, tomorrow, in the Batel (23/03/2012)
    The performance of Puccini's work will be at 21.30
  • The Friday before the city is open to the neighborhood of the Roman Forum (23/03/2012)
    It is currently being done recent work for setting up the archaeological site located on the southern slope of the hill of the windlass
  • Teams from all over the region will participate in the III Football Tournament Benjamin 8 (23/03/2012)
    The competition will be held on April 6 in the Sports City of Cartagena Meseguer Gomez
  • The new Governing Board approved the schedule of access and operation of nursery schools (23/03/2012)
    The deadline for submitting applications for the academic year 2012-2013 will open on Monday March 26
  • Hall gives its side of reordering of the traditional Easter traffic (23/03/2012)
    The document identifies the constraints that affect the passage of vehicles and parking in the town center and neighborhoods, due to the passage of processions during the week of passion
  • The National Police arrested the perpetrators of multiple robberies in Cartagena trade (23/03/2012)
    The authors were arrested wearing some of the items previously stolen, and they were about to exchange them for narcotics Quarter Los Mateos
  • Beltrí Victor Avenue, signs (23/03/2012)
    The Catalan architect, one of the greatest architects of modernism in Cartagena, already on the signs of the city
  • The Virgin of Solitude Calvary returns Sunday to the chapel (23/03/2012)
    The Virgin has remained a week in St. Lucia
  • Participants in the program Leonardo da Vinci mobility abroad depart on Sunday (23/03/2012)
    The 22 fellows will spend three months in Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy and Poland
  • New street lights for the Aljorra (23/03/2012)
    The City neighborhood council has made improvements to the lighting of several towns of Cartagena deputation, with the installation of 17 new points of light begin to work tonight
  • La Palma celebrates the Day of Pensioner (23/03/2012)
    Retirees celebrate their day on Sunday and pay homage to a pensioner who has been married 60 years
  • Presentation of the magazine "rose again the third day ..." (23/03/2012)

  • Open day at the Castillito of Sorrows during the weekend (22/03/2012)
    The building, recently restored, will open its doors to the public all day Saturday and Sunday morning with the realization of guided tours for groups
  • The winners of the V Route collect their prizes Top (22/03/2012)
    The Jamaica Inn, the Inn Manda Huevos Vines and receive a diploma, a trophy and their height in cases of beer for their dishes
  • The adjustment plan shall not provide or layoffs or salary drop, according to the mayor (22/03/2012)
    The development of the document now focused efforts of the government team that will be debated next March 28 in the municipal council
  • The T-LA program a dog training workshop in the Parque de la Rosa (22/03/2012)
    dirigirda The activity will be the sports trainer Sebastian Mendez
  • The kids of the Intercultural Center of the Municipality come to see play Efesé (22/03/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services took the weekend to the stadium to the youth of the old town center, this Saturday it's the turn of the Los Dolores
  • The ADLE teaches a course on saving water (22/03/2012)

  • A lecture on the beauty in ancient Rome (22/03/2012)

  • Local police recorded 34 complaints by mobile phone use behind the wheel (22/03/2012)
    About 6,000 vehicles have passed through the checks have been carried out because of the awareness campaign and monitoring of distractions while driving organized by the DGT
  • The ESPAC launches its own web (22/03/2012)
    March 1 began operating the new page, created with the aim of improving information and training in public safety
  • The Planning Commission gives green light to the consolidated text of the General Plan (22/03/2012)
    Once this procedure for the entry into force of the document only remains in full approval, which will be held on April 2, making knowledge by Autonomous Community and publication
  • Police knowledgeable local tour guide (22/03/2012)
    Alderman of Public Safety and the Chief Inspector this morning have given diplomas during the thirteen English tourist agents who have come to classes
  • Guided Tours of Castillito of Sorrows during the weekend (22/03/2012)
    The building, recently restored, will open its doors to the public all day Saturday and Sunday morning
  • David Marin: "for Ivory is the opportunity to save himself and for us a necessity" (22/03/2012)

  • Mills debuts Marfagones lighting (22/03/2012)
    Last night began operating the new streetlights that the City has installed in the towns of Pozo de los Palos, the reaped, La Magdalena, El Palmero and Ports
  • The Civil Guard detained the alleged robber several public facilities (22/03/2012)
    In The Algar - Cartagena
  • The headquarters of the local police in Cartagena in Dolores improve the safety of 68,000 citizens in the northwest of the city (22/03/2012)
    Rehabilitation of the new police station, which will host 25 officers have made a total investment of 585,000 euros
  • Six percussionists were on display last night in between String and Metal (22/03/2012)
    The winners of this modality will be announced on May 4 in the calusura the contest for young performers
  • On Friday, trekking along the route of 36 (21/03/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services will lead the tour over the Fourth Stage of the Camino de Santiago de Murcia, within the municipal program of Tourism Active and Healthy Seniors
  • Experiments and workshops to raise awareness of the importance of water (21/03/2012)
    Next Tuesday will be held in the Town Hall Square a series of fun educational activities aimed at the youngest on the occasion of World Water Day
  • Itinerary modernist Palace Aguirre (21/03/2012)
    organize guided tours of the building he designed in the nineteenth century architect Victor Beltrí
  • A website contains ideas for the redevelopment of Port (21/03/2012)

  • The elderly, in his element (21/03/2012)
    Municipal Institute Director of Social Services, Antonio Mule, closed yesterday Latin dance courses for seniors
  • The arrangement of the pavement hits the streets of Canyon (21/03/2012)
    The work of replacement of pavement, which began in Air Street, making good progress
  • French, German and English took the city (21/03/2012)
    The cruise season starts with the scale of the Seabourn Sojourn in Cartagena, where will this year 92 thousand passengers
  • Alumbres Triduum begins his honor the Charity (21/03/2012)
    The speech will pronounce on Friday at 20 hours Gines Fernandez, president of the Our Lady Virgin of Charity of Madrid
  • The grandparents narrate stories on Friday to children in the nursery of Sorrows (21/03/2012)
    The retirees will dress up animals and relate their stories to smaller
  • International symposium begins in the Roman Theater (21/03/2012)
    Cultural Councillor will chair the opening ceremony on Thursday of the lecture on the urban crisis at the end of Altoimperio, which runs until Friday
  • The category Chupeta, the most contested of the Football League base (21/03/2012)
    Up to six sets of the class struggle to achieve the first two positions to reach the playoffs for the title
  • Open to the way the stairs to the Sea Wall (21/03/2012)
    Pavasal The company has given for its completion of comprehensive rehabilitation of the architectural element, since yesterday, it becomes permanently passable
  • Cartagena, Victor Beltrí honors the 150th anniversary of his birth (21/03/2012)
    The commemoration will begin Friday at the Palace Hall with an official ceremony, a concert and exhibition
  • The mobile phone, to review (21/03/2012)

  • Sepes offer options on 20 plots of The South Camachos to build ships and business centers (20/03/2012)
    view of the needs expressed by SMEs and freelancers
  • They remove the cobblestones of Serreta ahead of Holy Week (20/03/2012)
    Operators working in the city under the pavement despite the rain so everything is ready the Friday before
  • Courts of road in the area of ​​Los Belones by rain (20/03/2012)
    The worst affected areas have been Mar de Cristal and Los Nietos where there have been 32.2 liters per square meter between three and seven o'clock
  • Charity adorn the occasion of the ninth (20/03/2012)
    Local Police officers, National Guard and Civil guard from this morning until the Friday before the Virgin's crown
  • The second edition of the course Discover your City and its Customs starts walking (20/03/2012)
    Municipal Institute Director of Social Services has been commissioned to inaugurate this activity aimed at elderly and disabled, which will run through June and involving forty people
  • Sociocultural Journey of the largest in the city of Elche (20/03/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services has organized for Thursday a visit to the city of Alicante, which is included in the municipal program and Healthy Active Tourism
  • Four thousand fifty students participate in meetings with the author of the municipal libraries (20/03/2012)
    This is an activity of zero cost to the City Council and is sponsored by publishers
  • The Port of Cultures workshops entertain children during the Bridge of San Jose (20/03/2012)
    The youngest have learned to write his name in Punic and the structure and function of a castle
  • RM Equo regrets the monumental tree felling by the City of Cartagena (20/03/2012)
    Requests the Consistory greater sensitivity to our natural heritage and the promotion of greenery in the city
  • Hear Talavera Real Cartagena 3-2 (16/03/2012)
    Talavera takes the points thanks to goalkeeper
  • The sculptor Juan Jose Quiros, with him pencils (16/03/2012)
    A group of members of the association of disabled people traveled to St. Lucia on Monday to see the work the artist
  • The Elders of the Workshop for the Arts went to the Chapel of Calvary (16/03/2012)
    About twenty people held on Tuesday the Jacobean route of Santa Lucia, together with their teacher, the sculptor Juan Jose Quiros, to see the image of the Virgen de la Soledad that he has restored
  • The women improve their computer skills (16/03/2012)
    The councilman yesterday presented the diplomas to the students
  • The People's University celebrates 30 years with talks on painting and ceramics (16/03/2012)
    Teachers and staff participate in art workshops that began in early March
  • Perez Casanova is recognized by the residents of La Palma (16/03/2012)
    The painter's countrymen honored last weekend, during the celebration of the Floral Games of the deputation, presented him the Silver Award and the Palme d'Or
  • They prepare children's activities for the Night of Museums (16/03/2012)
    The leaders of the 12 cultural venues participating in the fourth edition widen the programming of the night May 19 dle
  • The Elders discover the Art of Glass (16/03/2012)
    A group of 25 largest club of Sorrows Wednesday visited the Museum of Glass in St Lucia, within the program of activities organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • The Roman Theatre will be open daily from the Bridge of San Jose (16/03/2012)
    Plus it will be open on Monday, which is normally closed, will extend the time for those visiting the city this holiday season may know the great archaeological monument
  • La Ruta Quetzal will pass through Cartagena July 19 (16/03/2012)

  • The Socialists are calling for more police presence in Belones and Manga "to combat the climate of insecurity" (16/03/2012)

  • University Press of defense against cuts in education (16/03/2012)

  • Security Councilman PSOE accused of scaremongering and is glad to finally recognize that security is the responsibility of the Guardia Civil (16/03/2012)

  • Professionals and technicians from 16 countries participating in the VI Course minimum post-harvest technology and processing (16/03/2012)

  • Students devise artifacts for the shooting contest with egg (16/03/2012)

  • The Queen praised the orginialidad the audience during his inauguration (15/03/2012)
    Cartagena dancer Jose Carlos Martinez and members of the National Dance Company have performed in the Batel before 1,400 spectators
  • With enough weapons and mentality to get the win (15/03/2012)
    David Marin: "The dressing room knows the importance of this match"
  • Social Services program, a new edition of Discover your city and customs (15/03/2012)
    The lectures begin on Tuesday March 20
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures and open extended hours for Father's Day (15/03/2012)
    The touristic consortium will open its fields from morning 10 to 19.30 hours
  • The Californios change the itinerary of the Holy Wednesday procession (15/03/2012)
    The Brotherhood shortened tour of San Roque Street, located between Calle Sagasta and Carmen
  • Sold out tickets for the concert of Paul Alboran (15/03/2012)
    The show will be tomorrow at 21.30 pm in the Auditorium and Convention Center The Batel
  • Infrastructure begins under the Serreta (15/03/2012)
    The works will start tomorrow, with the demarcation of the line of pavers, which will be withdrawn to proceed with the paving of the street, which will cause a traffic court from 20 to March 23
  • Eleven hundred Cartagena providers will benefit from the payment plan of the Ministry of Finance (14/03/2012)
    From tomorrow Thursday will be available the 5,000 bills amounting to more than 36 million owed by the City for lack of liquidity
  • About 400 students participating in the First Competition Gymnastics Sets School Sports (14/03/2012)
    The Sports Department organized this day, which is part of the XXXII Competition Gymnastics Sets School Sports.
  • The Auditorium The Batel will sport a full house during its inaugural gala (14/03/2012)
    Her Majesty the Queen will preside over the dancer's performance Thursday Cartagena José Carlos Martinez with the National Dance Company
  • Latest days to visit the exhibition in Garcia Rodero MURAM (14/03/2012)
    The exhibition of 75 photographs taken between 1975 and 1988 will be open until Sunday
  • The Olympic torch is now in Franciscan (14/03/2012)
    The flame will arrive on April 12 at the Municipal Tennis Track and Field
  • The UP honors Victor Beltrí (14/03/2012)
    Students are doing a guided tour to learn more about the work of modernist architect
  • Museum Tuesdays return with Ingenuity at the Service of Beauty (14/03/2012)
    She stars in the series of conferences that began yesterday in the Municipal Archaeological Museum and runs until April 10
  • The People's University trains future bloggers (14/03/2012)
    Until Friday is taught a course to teach the students to create personal blogs on the Internet
  • The semifinals begin Between Strings and Brass on Tuesday (14/03/2012)
    In the competition organized by the Department of Youth and the Music Conservatory of 95 young musicians will participate Cartagena
  • The CD La Soledad and AD The trough, the best in lollipops and cadets (14/03/2012)
    The team of Los Molinos Marfagones highlighted in the lower category of the Football League base leader with 43 points, as the trough B the largest category, the cadets, adding 36 points
  • The Office of Consumer launches service appointment online (14/03/2012)
    The intent of this initiative, which comes into operation on Thursday, Consumer Day, is to improve citizen service, avoid long lines and simplify procedures
  • Today at the Teatro Romano closing a course on cultural heritage (14/03/2012)
    The talks, which began on Monday, March 5, have been targeted to treat architecture as a tour package
  • Fine Casalderrey shows the power of words to younger readers (13/03/2012)
    The author of Nightmare on the chocolate train serves students in first year of primary school in the Municipal Library Rafael Rubio de Los Dolores and teaches the magic of literature
  • A laurel wreath on the day Isidore Maiquez World Theatre (13/03/2012)
    Teatro Municipal School has organized a series of activities to commemorate the anniversary which will run until the 29th of this month
  • Air asphalted street facing the Holy Week (13/03/2012)
    The street will remain closed to traffic for two weeks
  • The Mediterranean IES students analyze the boundaries between good and evil (13/03/2012)
    Students 2 and 4 of the ESO in the II chatting with writer Literary Alfredo Gómez Cerdá, author of The Face of the shadow
  • Education has earmarked more than € 400,000 to the expansion of Integrated Training Center of Cartagena (13/03/2012)
    The Ministry will launch a call for workers in the hospitality industry can demonstrate your work experience
  • PRDE: "Working in Murcia, Murcia first for" (12/03/2012)

  • II IES week Literary Mediterranean (12/03/2012)
    All week there will be activities in double sessions in the mornings, in the educational center, and the trades, in the Hall of Culture of the CAM
  • Program begin talks Infoviaje (12/03/2012)
    A voluntary Youth Space will tomorrow afternoon advice to young people about how to organize your trips
  • Barreiro, satisfied with the response from Cartagena to the opening of the auditorium (12/03/2012)
    The mayor says the assistance of citizens to the opening is a sign of affection and gratitude to His Majesty the King to come on Thursday to head the act
  • The ADLE and Municipal Sports are monitors (12/03/2012)
    With a duration of one hundred hours, today starts a course of Indoor Sports Monitor targeting the unemployed with education or experience in the matter, scheduled practices make sports centers
  • Digital Camera Course for Seniors (12/03/2012)
    Social Care Councillor opens on Wednesday this training you about the management of these cameras to the largest, occupying their free time productively
  • A Wild God, Roman Polanski, in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (12/03/2012)
    On Tuesday, within the program returns to The Film Center will screen the film based on the play by Yasmina Reza
  • Fine Casalderrey meets young readers in public libraries (12/03/2012)
    Galician She will be this week in Cartagena exchanging views with elementary students about his book on the train Chocolate Nightmare
  • Deja Vu, Saenz de Elorrieta inaugurates the temporary exhibition hall of the Batel (12/03/2012)
    The sculptor Cartagena has praised this morning by the mayor and councilman of Culture of the extent and brightness of the sample space where musicians, furniture, fish and stainless steel insect
  • The mayor talk with employers on measures to revive the economy in Cartagena (12/03/2012)
    Barreiro has opened this morning a new cycle of AJE breakfasts, where they have been informed that on Wednesday published a list of providers that charge at City Hall short
  • Cut of water in the area Perín (12/03/2012)
    Aquagest reported a disruption on Wednesday, will also affect Cuesta Blanca, San Isidro, La Magdalena and surrounding hamlets
  • The women open a new cycle Immediately afterwards (12/03/2012)
    Clara Heredia The mayor attended this gathering literary awards and competitions for short stories and poetry organized by the People's University
  • The 700 towns in the inaugural gala audience was divided in 35 minutes (10/03/2012)
    citizens stood in line early birds from seven o'clock
  • Continued progress on the architecture as a tourism resource (09/03/2012)
    The talks will conclude next week in the Roman Theatre in Cartagena
  • The Company Lyric Zarzuelas represent the bunch of roses and La del soto del Parral (09/03/2012)
    Performances will be on 26 and 27 May in the Auditorium and Convention Center The Batel
  • The Governing Board approved the award of the 16 municipal markets (09/03/2012)
    The positions are the same as last year, 1611, with the difference that Marfagones Mills merchants have relocated to other markets next
  • A new residential area to join Dolores Polygon Santa Ana (09/03/2012)

  • The new lubricants plant tailings Valley employs about 160 people during operation (09/03/2012)

  • Disabled people whose disability is not recognized by the IMAS will pay the stamp of the car (09/03/2012)
    The Councillor for Finance, Fatima Suanzes, admits that there was an error with the listings and reassures them, saying they that have this recognition, will be entitled to the exemption from tax
  • Her Majesty the Queen opened on Thursday the Auditorium and Convention of El Batel (09/03/2012)

  • Presentation of the magazine "Beautiful Love" (09/03/2012)

  • Free computer courses for the ADLE begin next month (08/03/2012)
    The registration period opens on Monday and end on Friday March 16
  • Firefighters celebrate the day of its patron with better statistics in 2010 (08/03/2012)
    The Security council stressed after a Mass in the church of Charity in 2011 had one hundred interventions less than other years
  • Cut several streets to traffic for sewer maintenance (08/03/2012)
    morning Local Police closed the entrance to the square Serreta Lopez Pinto Street and Quartermaster
  • Soledad Pignatelli adorned with verses Women's Day (08/03/2012)
    Soledad morning Pignatelli read the letter, accompanied by the mayor of Women, at 12 noon in front of the Palace Hall
  • Open enrollment period to monitor the course of football (08/03/2012)
    The classes, which has organized the Football Association in the Region of Murcia, starting in April
  • Dani Rovira Comedian acts on Friday at the Teatro Circo (08/03/2012)
    Present with Salva Queen (Chuki) and July to show Dry Club The Incredibles, at 22 hours
  • Lust, Mama Crabs and Sherpa in the IV Festival Rock in Carthago (08/03/2012)

  • Guardia Civil and Local Police disarticulate a band dedicated to commit burglary (07/03/2012)
    have been arrested five members of the band, three of them minors, on suspicion of several counts of armed robbery
  • Venice under snow, a crazy comedy at the Auditorium The Batel (07/03/2012)
    The play, starring Eva Isanta Pablo Carbonell and is represented on Thursday within the program of the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena
  • The IES Los Molinos plays host to their foreign counterparts of the Comenius program (07/03/2012)

  • The Virgin of Solitude Calvary low on the 18th at St Lucia (07/03/2012)
    The faithful will carry your shoulders from the sanctuary on Sunday 18 March and return to the shrine next week
  • Isaac Rosa urges to overcome fears and grow throughout Spain mandaraches (07/03/2012)
    Award finalist promote reading among young people has talked with them this morning in the UPCT of his novel The Land of Fear
  • More than 95 thousand tapas served before the end of the V Route Top (07/03/2012)
    The resorts are increasingly close to meeting its goal of serving 100,000 spikes this year, which ends this Sunday
  • Alex is already in Logroño (07/03/2012)

  • Begin new training courses for college entrepreneurs (07/03/2012)

  • English tourist to police (07/03/2012)

  • XXXII Competition Gymnastics Sets School Sports (07/03/2012)
    It will be held next Tuesday 13 and 27 March at the Municipal Hall of Guimbarda Wssell and will involve over 650 gymnasts aged between 4 and 17 around the city
  • Testing of the Band Appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene (07/03/2012)

  • EF Saint Kitts and AD The trough, hold the highest score based Football League (06/03/2012)
    In addition, at this stage of the competition include the CD-Codelpa La Palma as the fewest goals set, the EF San Cristobal as top scorer and AD Franciscans, being the sportiest
  • New courses in accident reconstruction and 112 operators in the ESPAC (06/03/2012)
    They involve the local police staff of the City of Cartagena and other officers of the region
  • InfoViaje shows young people how to travel more for less money (06/03/2012)
    The program of the Youth Council has been revitalized to offer a free service that will allow young people have the information you need to travel more cheaply
  • Cartagena's grandmother read the Manifesto of Women's Day (06/03/2012)

  • Arrested twice in one day (06/03/2012)
    Local Police on Thursday arrested a woman and her partner, first by a lack of theft in Mercadona à ngel Bruna and, hours later, causing a traffic accident in Street Carlos III
  • Chronicle Resurrexit of 2011 (06/03/2012)

  • Lessons to learn to entertain children (06/03/2012)
    Eighteen young people attending the Infant Stimulation during which ADLE has organized in order to find a job opportunity
  • PRDE: "Once again the political left in the lurch unemployed Cartagena" (05/03/2012)

  • Norwegian Teachers will work two weeks in the Municipal Children Schools (05/03/2012)
    The Councillor for Education has hosted seven students Videregaenden Lonborg Skole in Bergen that will practice in schools thanks to the Leonardo da Vinci
  • The NGO'S and Human Services show their work in Cooperation and Development (05/03/2012)
    The Fourth Solidarity Day held on Saturday in the Plaza de Juan XXIII showed a massive assistance
  • Beginners, tomorrow, at the Teatro Circo (05/03/2012)
    Christopher Plummer This film won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor
  • Isaac Rosa will talk of his book The Land of Fear Cajamurcia (05/03/2012)
    The latest Mandarache finalist will be tomorrow afternoon in the House on Wednesday 7 Pedreño and will meet with students in the auditorium of the UPCT
  • A wins the XXXIX Valladolid edition of the Floral Games of the Campo de Cartagena (05/03/2012)
    The jury will award the prize to Joseph Gonzalez Torices on Saturday March 10 night at the Civic Center in La Palma
  • Mirror claims that the PSOE Rajoy attempting to hang unemployment figures (05/03/2012)

  • Telecinco Cartagena litigants seeking to participate in In Good Law (05/03/2012)
    In the casting, to be held tomorrow at the Municipal School of Theatre, will be selected people between 30 and 70 years
  • Audidat tab by Reale (05/03/2012)

  • Raul Guevara and Wafiya Benali, win the Half Marathon (05/03/2012)
    In the race, who organized the Club Runtritón by the Department of Sports, over a thousand runners
  • The ALDE launches a dynamic course of infant monitor (02/03/2012)
    In the classes, which begin on Monday, attended by 18 students instead of 15 as was stipulated in principle
  • La Palma celebrates its patron saint (02/03/2012)
    Neighbors have prepared a comprehensive program of events begins on Saturday and runs through March 25 in honor of Santa Florentina
  • Day of paintball in El Algar (02/03/2012)
    The Youth Council, through the program T-LA Alternative Recreation has scheduled this fun activity for young people
  • Visit the mining park of La Union (02/03/2012)

  • A Doll's House, at the Teatro Apollo Circus of El Algar (02/03/2012)
    Saturday shows the groundbreaking play by Ibsen, in the activities organized during the International Week of Working Women
  • In launching a new edition of Cures for Seniors Program (02/03/2012)
    Councillors Social Care and Tourism, opened Thursday at the Hotel Entramares the fifth edition of this initiative to be accessed by the greatest during the months of March, April and May
  • The workshop Health in Body and Soul passes to March 24 (02/03/2012)
    The inscripcionesse can be formalized in the Youth Resource Center, Monday through Friday, from 9 to 14 and from 17 to 20 hours
  • Local Police Campaign joins control mobile phone (02/03/2012)
    Organized by the DGT, the campaign monitor distractions while driving and especially the use of mobile phone and browser, and will run from 5 to 18 days March
  • Adopted environmental protection Aguirre Palace Cartagena (02/03/2012)

  • The Film Symphony Orchestra pays tribute to composer John Williams in the Batel (02/03/2012)
    The concert will be Sunday 4 March at 19.30 in the auditorium
  • Norwegian Students come to Cartagena to work in nursery schools (02/03/2012)
    The Councillor for Education, Josefa Maroto, they will receive on Monday, March 5 in the Reception Room of the Palace Hall
  • Parade of Roman Soldiers of the Risen (02/03/2012)

  • The New Year Cartagenero, true to his principles, dedicated the award to the mentally ill (01/03/2012)
    Francisco Morata has been very grateful to receive at the Palace Hall the award that recognizes his entire career in front of pencils Ã
  • New session Film and Senior Tertulia Cultural Center (01/03/2012)
    The IMSS has organized for Wednesday March 7 session of this program with a screening of the comedy Click: Losing Control, starring Adam Sandler
  • The Association of St. Peter the Apostle explains his heritage for his 80th birthday (01/03/2012)
    The councilman of Culture, Rosario Montero, will attend tomorrow March 2 at the opening of the exhibition will be at the Palais de Molina
  • David Marin: "We will list tomorrow and who is not, I will lose" (01/03/2012)

  • The new technologies help entrepreneurs to reconcile family (01/03/2012)
    Associations teach women entrepreneurs at a conference the benefits of modernizing their businesses
  • Pitingo presented in the Batel his new job, Malecon Street (01/03/2012)
    The concert will be Friday at 21:30 hours, with anywhere between 28 and 15 euros
  • Tonight comes the Year Award Cartagenero Francisco Morata (01/03/2012)
    The event will be chaired by the mayor and held in the lobby of the Palace Hall
  • More than 35,000 caps in less than a week (01/03/2012)
    Bars serve hope to reach more than 100,000 spikes before the end of the V edition of the Road March 11

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