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Cartagena News - January 2012

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  • The new Arsenal chief Admiral is set the challenge of implementing the new submarine S-80 Series (31/01/2012)
    Fernando Zumalacárregui first visited the mayor after his inauguration
  • A Bicycle Centano crowd the Asomada (31/01/2012)
    Vehicles, found by local police on the streets after being stolen, end up in municipal facilities to deteriorate to the inability of agents to identify the owners
  • The water rate will increase by 3.2 percent (31/01/2012)
    Team Government denies claims of the United Left which put this increased by 31 percent for alleged modification of consumption blocks
  • Cut Sector Water Station (31/01/2012)

  • Journey to Uganda People's University (31/01/2012)
    Mark will offer a talk Ferrández audiovisual Thursday in the Cultural Center of approach to the African country's natural RealD
  • The Mandarin school work (31/01/2012)
    Cartagena A dozen Chinese course go to the T-LA program, a language being increasingly demanded in business
  • The valley and Torre Pacheco, prominent leaders in the football mode 5 (31/01/2012)
    Both teams, along with the EF San Cristobal, La Palma, CD and AD Codelpa Vaguada A football in the form of 8, highlighted this weekend League by scoring goals for and goals against
  • Sports announces the XXXII Annual Awards of Sport Cartagenero (30/01/2012)
    Proposals may be submitted until Monday, March 12 at the Municipal Sports
  • Stoves and a conversational English course in the Chest of Experience (30/01/2012)
    The Draft Municipal Social Services Institute offers courses for the elderly and disabled
  • The major start two new courses in computer science (30/01/2012)
    Classes, framed within the programming of the Municipal Institute of Social Services will be held on Tuesday and Thursday morning and later
  • The workshop Spies Small Port of Cultures in a month to get 250 children (30/01/2012)
    The event, organized to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Cartagena Port of Cultures, ended on Sunday January 29
  • Sold more than half the tickets to see Chirigotas (30/01/2012)
    In the three days leading open the lockers and 1866 villages have been dispatched to see the performance at the Teatro Circo
  • Pasodoble Strait wins Pit (30/01/2012)
    The composition won Saturday the twentieth edition Pasodobles Contest is held each year in the town of Cartagena
  • The City Council reviews the ficus monumental Plaza San Francisco (30/01/2012)
    ​​ The Parks and Gardens crews today have started pruning the trees in this area of ​​downtown, to eliminate the annoying branches that grow toward the front of buildings surrounding
  • Cut of water in El Algar and Los Urrutias (30/01/2012)
    The maintenance of the Commonwealth Taibilla channel will cause an outage on Wednesday in the water supply in this area of ​​the Mar Menor
  • A lecture series discovers the heritage of the guilds (30/01/2012)
    The MURAM host Tuesday to the papers February 21 Art and Devotion: The heritage of passion flowers in confraternities Cartagena
  • The Sun Cup played in Cartagena (30/01/2012)

  • The Community actively Cartagena retail storefronts with new digital broadcast discounts and products (30/01/2012)
    Zenith and The Mall Santa Florentina Market has separate web sites, from which the consumer can know the facilities, location and Deals of the Day
  • More than a thousand tickets sold to see the comedy Fugue on Sunday in the Auditorium (27/01/2012)
    play the protagonnizan The Amparo Larrañaga, José Luis Gil and Kira Miró
  • The Cuesta Blanca dress over the crisis (27/01/2012)
    Twelve retired prepare the choreography and clothing carried on the largest carnival, which will be Friday February 17 in Hall Jiménez de la Espada
  • First hiking trail in 2012 for more (27/01/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services has led today to a group of fifty people at The Garden Pio Camacho, a route of 10 kilometers and low difficulty
  • The San Isidoro IES ends with an awards ceremony the European Youth Week (27/01/2012)
    The Youth and Education councilors held together with the 600 secondary students on the center
  • Cut of water in the tailings Valley (27/01/2012)
    The supply is interrupted shots Tuesday in the Valley and Ashur Trademec II, due to maintenance work that is planned for the Commonwealth Taibilla Channels
  • Request three municipal lots to build a sports complex and a beach club in Los Urrutias (27/01/2012)
    The Governing Board approved a dossier to bring their award tender
  • Cartagena Young will officially protected duplex Mills Marfagones (27/01/2012)
    The Governing Board approved the study of detail which allows the construction of these houses, between the two blocks of flats in the Finca Buenos Aires
  • Real Cartagena and Murcia ElPozo return to deal (27/01/2012)

  • The deeper Spain is already in the MURAM (27/01/2012)
    The exhibition shows the most representative photographs Spanish photographer Cristina García Rodero captured between 1975 and 1978
  • The music creates quarry (26/01/2012)
    The Education and Youth councilors have closed this morning in Family concert series, which has brought thousands of children to the discipline
  • The Hidden Spain García Rodero reaches Muram (corrected) (26/01/2012)
    From 27 January you can see in the museum an exhibition of 75 photographs that reflect the reality of the country between 1975 and 1988
  • On Friday offered for sale Chirigotas Contest entries (26/01/2012)
    Those interested in attending both the semifinal and final, 16 and February 17, may acquire from the ten o'clock at the box office Theatre New Circus, El Batel and ticktackticket.com
  • The City Council placed defibrillators in three municipal buildings (26/01/2012)
    At four units already operating in the sports and police departments, will be added which will start next week in the Administration Building, Palace Hall and The Miraculous
  • Called the poster competition of the International Women's Day (26/01/2012)
    is equipped with 300 euros and the deadline for submission of original, free technique, will end on February 16
  • Well Strait weekend celebrating the end of their contest Pasodobles (26/01/2012)
    paso doble, Sunday, Solera, Highlands and Sonia will compete on Saturday January 28th in this event that has received this year thirty compositions
  • The Cartagonova February 7 will host the final of the Copa del Sol (26/01/2012)
    The third edition of the international tournament brings together twelve teams from seven nations in La Manga Club and Benidorm
  • The number of participants in Transit V Carnival Race (25/01/2012)
    Compete 45 ships, ten more than last year, the test organized by the Club de Regatas in collaboration with the Association of Friends of the Ship Juan Sebastian Elcano the City of Cartagena
  • The largest discovered the work of Victor Beltrí (25/01/2012)
    Social Care about 35 people from 65 to 70 years the city's history and customs
  • Cartagena Carnival looks to the internet and social networks (25/01/2012)

  • Comparsas Chirigotas and prepare the best all-time carnival (25/01/2012)
    The festivities, held from 11 to 21 February to march will draw more people than ever before about 3,500 people, with the participation of four jokes over and finally not shorten the route
  • With music elsewhere, take the curtain (25/01/2012)
    The Family Concert program organized by Education closes on Thursday at the Conservatory, a musical tale about the adventures of a conductor
  • Violeta Monreal stirs the imagination of the smaller (25/01/2012)
    About 400 children children today spend the Cultural Center Library Ramón Alonso Luzzy to meet the writer and illustrator Oviedo
  • The Symphony Cycle The Batel begins Thursday with a concert by the Symphony Orchestra of the Region (25/01/2012)
    The performance will begin at 20.30 and will direct the Belgian Dirk Vermeulen, one of the most prestigious directors of the moment.
  • San Anton joins immigrants (24/01/2012)
    The neighborhood celebrated with the help of the Municipal Institute of Social Services, Intercultural Day with a sample of books and sweets
  • Isaac Peral Students learn the secrets of pollination (24/01/2012)
    Technicians of the Department of Environment have given some lectures at the Institute on bees and pest control
  • The CD Algar is placed as top scorer in the league (24/01/2012)

  • Multiculturalism in the classroom (24/01/2012)
    The Mayor has hosted 50 young people from 8 different countries who have come from trade with the IES Program at San Isidoro Comenius
  • The City Council gets serious about saving energy (24/01/2012)

  • Session Recovery for Real Cartagena (24/01/2012)

  • The Community is working with the city of Cartagena to reduce energy consumption through solar, biomass and biogas (24/01/2012)
    The Minister José Ballesta said that "the goal is to make cities sustainable places in which their citizens have more quality life "after signing a protocol with the Mayor Pilar Barreiro
  • Violeta Monreal share ideas with young readers (24/01/2012)
    Asturian writer involved this week with two of his children in meetings with officials organized by the Department of Culture through the network of municipal libraries
  • Cineforum Municipal School of Theatre (23/01/2012)

  • Taro Aramaki: "I come to get big wins with this team" (23/01/2012)

  • Diplomas by the well-maintained neighborhoods (23/01/2012)
    Thirty unemployed get their certificate after an internship in Los Dolores Peral Quarter
  • The ADLE help the unemployed to access mid-level cycles (23/01/2012)
    Employment Councilman this morning the program connects with a professional English course
  • The Auditorium, flagship of the architecture of the future (23/01/2012)
    The building of the boat has recently become a player in national and international publications, where it appears as a reference and example for professional architectural and critics
  • XIV Comedy Competition in La Palma (23/01/2012)
    Aladroque Theatre, The Comedy Theatre and Double K are the three winning companies, whose works can be viewed, along with the rest that have been scheduled at the Civic Center from 3 to February 26
  • The crews are singing The Aljorra (23/01/2012)
    Amateurs trove of source to lick, Isla Plana, La Aljorra, Mills Tallante Marfagones and showed their best stuff on Saturday at the XVII Meeting of Crews
  • The Cartagena PP 6 commissioners elects to participate in the XVII National Congress of PP (20/01/2012)

  • Rookies in the theater (20/01/2012)
    Primary students, excited to see Planet of the vowels, for many, the first performance you see in your life
  • The tradition of glass in the hands of the youth (20/01/2012)
    The mayor this morning visited the Museum of Glass, where students of Glass Blowing course of the original pieces created ADLE
  • A recent sale of Balagan tickets (20/01/2012)
    The places to see this show that runs one of the founders of Cirque du Soleil, in the Municipal Auditorium are sold out for the boat on Saturday, is there one for the sessions on Sunday
  • The road safety, the scope of the disabled (20/01/2012)
    A total of fifteen adults PROLAM-Astus center participated in Thursday's first training activities organized jointly with the Park Road Education
  • The real plot to win (20/01/2012)

  • The City Council pays tribute to two neighbors of Mills Marfagones dedicating a square and the music school (20/01/2012)
    Acts of nomination will take place on Sunday with the presence of the Mayor, Pilar Barreiro
  • Elderly and Children, Unite for stories (20/01/2012)
    Storytellers Grandparents activity, organized by Social Services on Wednesday took the largest lighting storytelling exercise with kindergarten and primary students of El Llano and San Ginés Strait
  • Nearly one hundred people welcomed with Christmas ecards Hall (20/01/2012)
    New Technologies and Tourism working on a new selection of images to maintain this service throughout the year on the municipal website for tourists and citizens
  • IU-Green branded as "cynical" Palazón statements pollution in Cartagena (19/01/2012)

  • Prepared for the five senses of retirees (19/01/2012)
    The course of geriatrics at the Department of Women teaches women to treat Alzheimer's patients, a major disease of aging
  • The officials line up to vote for their representatives (19/01/2012)
    local work centers in which polling stations have been installed have been a continual coming and going of workers willing to exercise their right to vote throughout the morning
  • Carlos Salem crown readers encounter with Mandarache Prize (19/01/2012)
    The author of But I'm still the king, presents his book to more than 600 young people and praised the initiative of the City by encouraging students to read and write also interested
  • Meeting of crews in the Aljorra (19/01/2012)
    Held on Saturday afternoon at the Civic Centre in the town
  • Jorge Sanz, Mar del Hoyo and Pablo Puyol star in the stage version of Perfect Crime in Hitchcock Auditorium The Batel (19/01/2012)
    The play will be staged tomorrow, Friday January 20 directed by Victor Conde
  • The Scouts 100 years old (19/01/2012)

  • The fate of the Mar Menor FITUR awarded in Nautical Flag (18/01/2012)
    The name given to all tourist destinations certified as excellent nautical destinations
  • Retirees and large families will have to adapt their bus cards to the new rates (18/01/2012)
    CITY ALSA calls free bond holders to come to the bus station to reschedule their chips
  • Maria Francisca Martinez and chairs the new Neighborhood Board Algar (18/01/2012)
    On the last night the body was composed of citizen participation and administrative decentralization that includes the towns of El Algar and Los Urrutias
  • Poland, Germany and the United States are the favorite destinations for aspiring for an Erasmus (18/01/2012)

  • Caution in the government team for differing legal interpretations on the enlargement of times (17/01/2012)
    Councillor of Finance met this morning with union representatives to tell them that you are waiting for clarification of the consultations
  • Port of Cultures in a book reconstructs the history of Cartagena (17/01/2012)
    The touristic consortium puts the finishing touch to the celebration of its tenth anniversary with a recovery catalog on the sites of the city, ranging from the Punic Wall windlass
  • The Batel programming incorporates the work of the Tomb Type Next Door (17/01/2012)
    starring Maribel Verdú and Antonio Molero, will be staged on April 26 under the direction of Josep Maria Pou
  • The City staff is preparing to vote for their representatives (17/01/2012)
    On Thursday, union elections are held in which more than 1,300 municipal employees elect delegates who will defend their interests as workers over the next four years
  • Employment Healthy moved to Alum to continue their practices (17/01/2012)
    Students in this program ADLE exercise their knowledge acquired in the paint shop holding various municipal facilities in the town
  • End of registration period between strings and brass (17/01/2012)
    The classical music competition for young talent held this year end in the auditorium The Batel
  • The league leaders are unbeaten grassroots (17/01/2012)
    The championship, which has completed its eighth day, was resumed this weekend after the holiday season with great sportsmanship in matches played
  • Balls Galilean strait Pozo day pattern (16/01/2012)
    The mayor and councilors Coporación participated this afternoon in the traditional wine tasting in honor of San Fulgencio
  • Places available for health workshop at the University Popular (16/01/2012)
    The course starts Integral Health and Welfare this week and costs 20 euros a month
  • Fifty schools participate Tuesday in the Cross School (16/01/2012)
    Organized by the Department of Sports will be held at the racetrack with 1,200 runners
  • The bobbin lace find their place in San Anton (16/01/2012)
    women's associations met on Saturday to raise awareness of this art and the neighborhood celebrate the holidays, which end tomorrow
  • The Roman Theatre will host an international conference in March on the Roman Imprerio (16/01/2012)
    The deadline for submitting proposals to participate in the conference ends on February 25
  • The marine resort of Mar Menor, distinguished as a destination for quality (16/01/2012)
    Tourism Councillor attend Madrid on Wednesday to pick up the flag that certifies as excellent nautical destination, in an event organized by the Spanish Association of Nautical and Turespaña
  • In progress Infomayor programming for the next three months (16/01/2012)
    The Department of Social Services has developed workshops on cooking, art, laughter therapy and hiking trips for elderly and disabled
  • More than eight thousand students participating this year in the municipal campaign school play (16/01/2012)
    January through April, six works represent various topics that aim to promote values ​​among students in high school child
  • Carlos Salem Prize opens encounters Mandarache (16/01/2012)
    The Argentine novelist, a finalist this year organized by Youth Awards, presented Wednesday But I'm still the king, in a meeting open to the public in the Cultural Hall Cajamurcia
  • San Anton blesses the animals (16/01/2012)
    The neighborhood festivals culminate with a solemn Mass, which will attend the Mayor, and the traditional consecration
  • A great rival and supersede bureaucracy Real options (14/01/2012)

  • Go ahead Teatro Municipal Campaign School (13/01/2012)
    Councillor for Education, Josefa Maroto, presented on Monday 16 works will be represented through the month of April at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy and will share data from schools city ​​
  • Tasting Galilean balls in the Strait Pozo day of its patron (13/01/2012)
    Cartagena's mayor and members of the Municipal Corporation on Monday, 16 will go to the deputation, which celebrates the day of San Fulgencio
  • The UP launches workshops and Digital Literacy Power Point (13/01/2012)
    The registration deadline for both courses is now open, will be held between the months of January and February at the Cultural Center and the number of students per workshop is fifteen
  • Traffic Court at the entrances to Neighborhood Health Center Pearl (13/01/2012)
    Rise of sidewalks and street paving Ulloa affect neighbors and users of office over a month
  • ... (13/01/2012)

  • Refugees hosting battles between Carthaginians and Romans (13/01/2012)
    The Civil War Museum presents the winning poster and the 27 finalists in the contest organized by the Federation troops and legions
  • Adopted initially land in the replotting Hondón (13/01/2012)
    The Local Government Board gives green light for the allocation of future building plots to the current owners
  • Suanzes hopes to reach an agreement with unions to implement the extension of time to staff (13/01/2012)

  • The T-The shorter distances between Cartagena and the distant China (13/01/2012)
    Youth has opened the registration period for the Mandarin Chinese course included in the winter schedule, which starts on January 23 and will be held Monday at the Center Youth Resources
  • March for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (12/01/2012)
    will be held on Sunday on a city tour organized by 4.5 km Repsol Foundation in collaboration with the City of Cartagena
  • Aquagest Work continues on the streets of García Lorca (12/01/2012)

  • New procedures in urban Partial Plan The Hondón (12/01/2012)
    The Local Government Committee on Friday addressed the Governing Board on Friday addressed the initial approval of the proposed land subdivision of the future expansion of the city
  • David Marin: "our belief depends on the result" (12/01/2012)

  • Angel Bernal "no municipal government has done so much for the districts and county as the Partido Popular (12/01/2012)

  • The housewives are cooked your old furniture (12/01/2012)
    learn to upholster and fix the stuff they have at home with the upholstery shop that is part of the courses we offer this year the Department of Women
  • Hall Company has established itself as regards training for entrepreneurs (12/01/2012)
    More than a thousand users benefit from the seminars and training sessions organized by the ADLE and CEEIC, which will prepare new activities for the months of March and April
  • The Roman Theatre Museum, the most visited region in 2011 (12/01/2012)
    136,000 people happened in the last twelve months by the most important center for the interpretation of the city, concentrating mainly in the months from April to September
  • UPyD urges the Mayor of Cartagena to set an example by halving positions of trust and deputy mayors, and deleting the coordinators (11/01/2012)
    UPyD believes it is necessary to adapt and streamline costs and salaries of the City Council and representatives elected must take the first step
  • Traffic accidents accounted for the intervention of local police during the last Christmas (11/01/2012)
    Of the 151 registered, recorded only 106 damage, 44 injuries and one death
  • It lasts until May Pérez Casanova exposure in the Roman Theater (11/01/2012)

  • A pices The kids learn to play table tennis with the program approach to elite sport (11/01/2012)
    More than 40 mentally handicapped received last Tuesday, January 10, a master class athletes UCAM-FLOYMAPE teams and UCAM-CARTAGENA
  • The ordinance to implement administrative simplification activities, public exhibition (11/01/2012)
    After initial approval by the plenary, the municipal law can be found by interested parties for the presentation of allegations or suggestions
  • Up to San Anton, poinsettias are (11/01/2012)
    Sports, dances, contests and games and children's workshops, culminating Jan. 17 with the traditional Mass and blessing of the animals on the day of San Antonio Abad
  • The councilman of Commerce highlights the quality of the participants in the Christmas Window Dressing Competition (11/01/2012)
    Mariano Garcia has delivered this morning the contest prizes to win Oasis Florist next to the Director General of Trade and the President of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Chinese Mandarin, crochet, theater and Latin dancing, T-LA in the winter (11/01/2012)
    The Youth Council increases the number of workshops leisure program that is carried out until May and start promoting institutes also in Cartagena
  • Goes out to tender for the operation of the cafeteria windlass (11/01/2012)
    As of February 3, interested parties may submit their proposals in the Heritage Unit of the City of Cartagena, in order to give use the property built in the upper Cerro
  • Reale Insurance strengthens its commitment to Rafinha and Adeirton (11/01/2012)

  • The headquarters of the Open University in Cartagena hosts from Friday January 13 II photographic exhibition (11/01/2012)

  • They start four new occupational training courses (10/01/2012)
    Municipal Institute of Social Services has collaborated in the commissioning of Route Guidance classes, Kitchen, Kitchen Basic Operations and Service Restaurant
  • Fernando Mazon proposed A Walk in Cartagena (10/01/2012)
    The Portuguese photographer based in Cartagena on Friday inaugurated the exhibition at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Bollywood, The Wizard of Oz, Madame Butterfly and Balagan in complementary programming Auditorium (10/01/2012)
    The joint venture that manages the boat extends the range of City Hall and bet the first half of the year for musicals, plays, opera and a circus of the creators of Cirque du Soleil
  • Workers Cartagena UNED require the immediate removal of the center director (10/01/2012)

  • UPyD Cartagena has no regrets that a Mobility Plan for the unpredictability and lack of management of PP (09/01/2012)

  • The full budget for 2012 approved more restrictive in recent years (09/01/2012)
    With the vote of the opposition, the Municipal Government takes forward his project to cover the municipal deficit with a surplus of just over one million euros
  • 20 in Concerto Roaring Refuge Civil War Museum (09/01/2012)
    To round off the activities undertaken during 2011 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Cartagena Port of Cultures, the original show Bandegoma provide recalling the Roaring 20
  • Continue to increase users Carsharing and Parking (09/01/2012)
    The number of visits to share car has increased fivefold in the last year, and as for new users of this service bulletin, is around two hundred
  • Traffic Court at the intersection of Carlos III with García Lorca for sanitation works (09/01/2012)
    Municipal Traffic Bureau has reported the interruption in the passage of vehicles, which started at noon, for renovation of the sewerage area by Aquagest
  • Great Reale, great victory (08/01/2012)

  • UPyD bid to increase the powers of the state in urban policy and rejected the option of "tailor made" PP (07/01/2012)
    UPyD urges the Planning Department to create a Citizens' Council of Spatial Planning and Urban Development
  • The under fourteen years accompanied by a subscriber will get in free (06/01/2012)
    Real Cartagena back to the Bombonera on Sunday January 8 at 12:00 hours to be measured to Benicarló FS
  • David Marin: "I am confident in asserting our local condition" (05/01/2012)

  • Two new volunteers join the European Youth Space (05/01/2012)
    Sarka Ampapova, Czech Republic, and Francesco Palombi, Italy, will join three other people from other countries to develop the project i>in Cartagena With you, we are all-1/i>
  • Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar landed in Cartagena (05/01/2012)
    The Magi arrived this morning by boat to the port and this afternoon parade will travel in the streets of the port city
  • Sauces offer a New Year's concert on Sunday (05/01/2012)
    The musical group will perform on day 8 in the Auditorium of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • Almost 800 cars parked in front of the Santa Florentina market (05/01/2012)
    The Cartagena could park your car in the lot opposite the food market three weekends also opened on Friday afternoon
  • The indierock Audio's Pain in the hand of T-La (05/01/2012)
    The winter program includes Saturday celebrate the first year's concert by indie band with more international travel
  • The Documentation Service UPCT extends its opening hours from Monday, January 9 (05/01/2012)

  • Jewelry recycled by Reyes (04/01/2012)

  • The Magi Reale forward to your visit to the Hospital of St. Lucia (04/01/2012)

  • Floristry Oasis wins the Christmas Window Dressing Competition 2011 (04/01/2012)
    The second prize has gone to Farmasana and the third to the attic, as agreed by the jury and have now released the councilman of Commerce and President of the Chamber of Commerce
  • From the East to Cartagena, the Kings put the finishing touch to the holidays (04/01/2012)
    Melchor, Gaspar and Balthasar arrive on Thursday morning by boat to the port, the children receive at noon at the Town Hall and prepare to march afternoon in the parade
  • Middle hundred workshops students will practice in companies ADLE (04/01/2012)
    professional practice is not seeking employment on a voluntary basis in order to complete their training and become known to prospective employers for contracts
  • Three minor injuries in a traffic accident between a passenger and a bus (04/01/2012)
    The events took place early in the morning in front of the Regional Assembly, where local police officers have come to lift crowded and direct traffic, which only been partially cut in a lane
  • The budget, prepared to go full (04/01/2012)
    The finance committee has given its approval today to the municipal budgets for 2012, which ends on the last step before final approval by the corporation on Monday
  • The buses on Saturday schedule change (04/01/2012)
    Alsa change the frequency step, which will be every 30 minutes, every Saturday from January 7
  • High in Bicity and can be made from the office of Caja Murcia San Miguel (04/01/2012)
    From today you can do all the procedure from the bicycle rental office at the ground floor of administrative building in the morning
  • The International University Menéndez Pelayo now operates in Cartagena (04/01/2012)
    Officers of the City, the UIMP and Cartagena Chamber of Commerce have formed this morning the Board of Governors to lead the host educational institution in the city
  • The Batel hosted its first New Year's Concert (04/01/2012)
    The audience filled the auditorium yesterday to hear the Elche City Symphony Orchestra, who performed with his repertoire to the audience, among whom were the mayor of the municipal corporation
  • Valcárcel conciliatory highlights the human and Manuel Perez de Lema (03/01/2012)
    The president of the community visited the chapel of former employers Cartagena
  • Juan Luis García Guirao, Professor of Applied Mathematics UPCT, appointed member of the Editorial Board of the journal MATCH (03/01/2012)

  • The City Council receives the approval of the Community General Urban Plan (02/01/2012)

  • It is the Board of Governors of the Consortium of University Menéndez Pelayo (02/01/2012)

  • A few others come and go (02/01/2012)
    Yoni Reale returned to close to new signing Jordi Campoy
  • Environmentalists and neighbors argue against a new antenna in Miranda (02/01/2012)

  • A New Year without incident (02/01/2012)
    Cartagena Local Police took stock of the last night of 2011, in which only received four warnings and none of gravity
  • An international journal publishes on its front page an inorganic chemistry research UPCT (02/01/2012)

  • The Community approved the General Plan of Cartagena (01/01/2012)
    The new urban instrument responds to the needs of the municipality's economic future

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