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Cartagena News - November 2011

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  • Cut water María Cristina square and its surroundings (30/11/2011)
    The supply will be interrupted on Thursday, December 1, between nine o'clock and two o'clock in the evening
  • The political debate focuses on full municipal corporation (30/11/2011)

  • Financial support and personnel for AIDS patients (30/11/2011)
    Social Care Councillor has opened this morning Awareness Days this disease, organized by Fundación San Pedro Store Asylum which houses fourteen patients in the terminal phase
  • Toxo involved in the day commemorating the 50th anniversary of CCOO in Cartagena (30/11/2011)
    Tomorrow, Thursday December 1
  • About 2,100 immigrants this year have not renewed their registration in the Register (29/11/2011)

  • The Reale Caviglia contracts terminated and Lomba (29/11/2011)

  • Francisco Martinez Diaz, Voluntary Commitment Award (29/11/2011)
    The president of the San Pedro Asylum Shop Foundation has been appointed today by the City Commission Award for the award, now in its third edition
  • The students returned Apeadero the Plaza del Lago original design (29/11/2011)
    Through the School organized by ALDE Workshop in collaboration with the municipal parks and gardens, making improvements for the enhancement of public space the center of the city
  • A new vehicle adapted to move the disabled and elderly day care centers (29/11/2011)
    Adding to the fleet in Cartagena Red Cross will work in coordination with the Department of Social Services to meet the basic needs of all citizens
  • Closing of the course Carthagonova Versus Rome (29/11/2011)
    will be on Wednesday at the Museum of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena a round table in the light of the new age: Cultural Heritage and Tourism
  • The changes League leaders in the categories Chupeta, EASYSHOP_LINKNAME and Benjamin (29/11/2011)
    The last day marked by the great sportsmanship displayed in the matches played
  • Iñaki Fernandez wins Iturmendi Carnival Poster Contest (29/11/2011)
    The illustration depicts a face shield along the profile of the Palace Hall and was selected among 78 works
  • The University of the wall and enjoy the new point of Bicity (28/11/2011)
    This morning has been set up in the courtyard of the student's home and complete the offer that exists on the campus of the CIM and the walk Alfonso XIII
  • Students of the Carmelites, hand in hand with elite athletics (28/11/2011)
    The ADE program took students on Friday at the Municipal Athletic Track to share the day with athletes and monitors Elcano Clubs and UCAM Cartagena
  • The hot springs Pinwheel be visited at Easter (28/11/2011)

  • Cruz qualifies musealization Pinwheel "again emblem asset and source of wealth for Cartagena" (28/11/2011)
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has invested three million euros in the excavation of the area and the cover that protects the site
  • The Municipal School of Theatre projects Gronholm Method (28/11/2011)

  • Kiko Gaviño perform at the Opera Room Dance Club (Los Dolores) on 30 November (28/11/2011)

  • The City Council will centralize the purchase of fuel for their vehicles (28/11/2011)
    The Board of Governors approved a commitment of expenditure in 2012, which expects to save up to twenty percent
  • Life in the shelters of the war opened the eyes of children (28/11/2011)
    About twenty schools participated Saturday in the first Microteatro where artists, soldiers, spies and militia women take shape in a real history lesson and fun
  • The smallest of the valley wear their neighborhood Green (28/11/2011)
    Sunday staged around the Ecopark a reforestation day which was attended by the Councillor for Environment and planted hundreds of trees donated by ANSE
  • Subsidies and Christmas market in the Governing Board on Monday (25/11/2011)
    In the meeting, an ordinary, will address primarily business purposes
  • Cartagena plantations celebrates the International Year of Forests (25/11/2011)
    The Department of Environment and Youth have organized activities to be held November 27 and December 2, in which young people participate neighbors and helping to maintain native species
  • A day for reflection and action (25/11/2011)

  • The different types of domestic violence come to debate the day you deserve (25/11/2011)
    Women Councillor on Thursday attended the Second Conference on Prevention of Gender Violence organized by the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users Cartagena
  • Bartolo dissociates Real Cartagena (25/11/2011)

  • A caravan of camels will cover the center with the Medieval Market (25/11/2011)
    Along the hundred stalls of artisans, again burritos, bread oven, juggling and acrobats, to give life to the streets of the old town of 2 to 4 December
  • The women of the rural traditions exhibit Aljorra (25/11/2011)
    In this week have organized an exhibition of works of tin, paint, embroidery and bobbin and coexistence with other associations of the Campo de Cartagena
  • Fleet Foxes closed the 31 th edition of the Jazz Festival Cartagena (25/11/2011)
    neofolk addition the band Vetiver act in a double feature on Saturday at the Auditorium The Batel
  • Stealing a box office attraction in Los Juncos child (25/11/2011)
    A neighbor alerted area was the local police of the events, which occurred on the morning of Monday, and gave a description of three individuals, of which was identified and arrested two of them
  • The shirt celebrates its Annual Meeting in Cartagena XXIV (25/11/2011)
    On Sunday, Day 27
  • Well Straits homage to his octogenarian (25/11/2011)

  • The largest Santa Ana enjoy their Cultural Week (24/11/2011)
    From Monday until Sunday are participating in drama activities, championships and dominated Parcheesi, or monologues for sharing smiles on proverbs, superstitions or songs of our lives
  • The International Film Festival of Cartagena reaches its 40th edition (24/11/2011)
    is held from 11 to 16 December at the Nuevo Teatro Circo, with his usual sections of animated stories, Long, Short and section MurCine officer, and this year the Auditorium host the Closing and Awards
  • Luis Fonseca: "You have to know the story well never to repeat it" (24/11/2011)

  • On Monday starts a new bicycle hire point in the student's home (24/11/2011)
    Councillor for Environment and Vice Chancellor of University Extension today signed an agreement that will expand the campus Bicity the Wall
  • The memory of the Civil War goes public on the street shelters Gisbert (24/11/2011)

  • Christmas Shop Window Competition 2011 (24/11/2011)
    Organized by the city of Cartagena and the Chamber of Commerce will be held between 12 and 31 December
  • Employment Healthy Students program are practices in the Civic Center in El Algar (24/11/2011)
    The participants, who are conducting the Urban Maintenance Course organized by ALDE, received on Tuesday the visit of the Employment and District Councillors and congratulated by the work being carried out
  • Distribution of paper flowers and reading of manifestos, the International Day Against Violence Against Women (24/11/2011)
    The activities are held in the morning near the Administration Building on Calle San Miguel
  • The first promotional concerts Strings and Metals Among starts clapping in Murcia (24/11/2011)

  • Real Player Futsal share school experiences with Adoration (24/11/2011)
    The team visited the school within ADE program activities to instill in smaller values ​​of sport such as teamwork and the daily effort
  • Subsidiary goalkeeper, "Isi," Lugo travel to the Reale (23/11/2011)

  • The Ministry of Culture initiated the restoration of the ancient cathedral of Cartagena (23/11/2011)
    The work, conducted by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain, has a budget of 252,200 euros
  • The Madrid Veronica Aranda won the Poetry Prize XXVI Antonio Oliver Belmas (23/11/2011)
    His work, Marshan, has been chosen by the jury from among the 170 poems submitted from various countries
  • Paper Flowers combat child abuse (23/11/2011)

  • The residents of Barrio de la Concepción and celebrate their cultural week (23/11/2011)

  • Rancheras, boleros and tangos in a concert by Raphael (23/11/2011)
    The veteran singer returns to Cartagena to perform on Thursday at the Auditorium The Batel sold-out for over a month
  • Health Week in La Palma (23/11/2011)

  • Death of 78 year old man hit by a delivery truck (23/11/2011)
    Early reports point to carelessness of the driver as he left the trading floor of a supermarket on Avenida Sebastian Feringa
  • Cartagena plantations celebrate the International Year of Forests (23/11/2011)
    The Department of Environment and Youth have organized activities to be held November 27 and December 2, in which young people participate neighbors and helping to maintain native species
  • More than 200 runners competing on Sunday in Cartagena Trail V (23/11/2011)
    will travel 22 miles of mountain trails with a vertical drop of 1,400 meters
  • Friday Hiking for more by way of Torreciega (22/11/2011)
    Municipal Institute of Social Services has launched a new tour that will travel 12 miles and passing through Las Tejeras Mandarache
  • One hundred and seventy poems opt to Antonio Oliver Prize XXVI Belmas (22/11/2011)
    On Wednesday he will announce the decision of the jury of this prestigious international poetry prize at a ceremony to be held at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Conference on AIDS Awareness (22/11/2011)

  • The round will be called North Avenue Victor Beltrí (22/11/2011)
    The Mayor's nomination file starts with a view to the commemoration of 150 anniversary of the birth of the architect, one of the greatest exponent of modernism in Cartagena
  • The men join the public rejection of gender violence (22/11/2011)
    Under the motto "The silence makes us complicit 'in the square made Icue a silent gathering for the eradication of abuse
  • The great game and sportsmanship Football League star base (22/11/2011)
    On the second day unbeaten teams monopolize the leadership of all categories participants
  • They face the Port Authority of Cartagena in the courts (22/11/2011)
    Ecologists in Action takes the court's decision by which the Port Authority of Cartagena (APC) punishes activists who protested against the project in El Gorguel Macropuerto this same organization promotes
  • Firefighters stifle a house fire in the square Organist Medina (22/11/2011)
    The fire originated in the early hours of this morning in the kitchen of the house
  • Intercept moved the crane when a van involved in an alleged theft of fruit (22/11/2011)
    Local Police identified three individuals who were stopped by the operators to get a tool box inside the vehicle that had been abandoned on a farm in La Palma
  • The ESPAC creates a pool of experts in public safety and accident reconstruction (22/11/2011)
    The Training Plan of the School of Public Safety includes the only course Cartagena Spain's level IV applies the physical laws of Newton to resolve violations
  • The windlass and couplets Cartagena on Tuesday of the Museum (21/11/2011)
    The Genesis Garcia philologist and taught flamenco on November 21 at the Archaeological Museum, a lecture on the musical heritage of the city within the series of activities organized for this fall
  • Intense week in the auditorium with the best voices in modern jazz (21/11/2011)
    Dee Dee Bridgewater, Lizz Wright, McCoy Tyner, Pat Metheny Madeleine Peyroux and acted in the boat within the program of Cartagena Jazz Festival
  • The Real Cartagena visit several schools in the city (21/11/2011)

  • Open the application deadline of Food Handler Course of the ADLE (21/11/2011)
    21 to November 25, interested parties may register for this training free of charge, to be held in a single session on 29 December
  • The silence makes us complicit in violence against women (21/11/2011)
    Youth Resource Center of Alfonso XIII ride on Wednesday welcomed a talk in which you explain the resources available to the City Council and how to act in cases of abuse
  • You'll deserve them, round table on prevention of gender violence (21/11/2011)
    The Women and Culture councilors participate in Thursday's second day on the prevention of such violence, organized by the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users Cartagena
  • Barrios-ADLE practical training begins and Barrio Dolores Peral (21/11/2011)
    The sixteen participants will receive a scholarship and perform daily tasks in these areas urban maintenance for two months
  • The Ministry of Culture hires the restoration of the Old Cathedral of Cartagena (21/11/2011)
    The intervention, which will be conducted by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain, an investment of 252,199 euros
  • Real Cartagena 2-11 Carnicer Torrejón (19/11/2011)
    Too punishment
  • Wheel of men against the abuse (18/11/2011)
    Under the motto "The silence makes us complicit 'on Monday there will be a silent demonstration against gender violence which can add up all those who wish
  • Poetry and Music in the IES Los Molinos (18/11/2011)
    Two former students of the institute have made this morning poetry reading that opens the revitalization program of activities to be developed along the course in the school library
  • I week Rural Cultural Center on Aging Well Strait (18/11/2011)
    will take place from 21 to 26 November and is organized by the Centre for the Elderly of the deputation Cartagena and the Municipal Institute of Social Services
  • Students from the school about Four Saints football living room with the ADE (18/11/2011)
    The City Hall opened its doors on Thursday so that students could enjoy a day of sport with the Futsal Reale Cartagena
  • McCoy Tyner and Madeleine Peyroux ring Saturday night in El Batel (18/11/2011)
    will be a double session of the Cartagena Jazz Festival at 21.30 hours
  • All set in the 101 polling stations in the municipality of Cartagena (18/11/2011)
    Statistics, Local Police, municipal crews and officials on Sunday will collaborate in the development of general elections
  • Segado: "The PP appeals to responsible voting citizens to bring about change that needs to Spain" (18/11/2011)
    Cartagena People's Party has toured the town with a series of meetings with the aim of explaining the proposed change needs to Spain
  • Children's Rights IES fly from the Mediterranean to the world (18/11/2011)
    A decent home, education or healthcare are some of the fundamental principles that have now been claimed in the center with games and activities for Children's Day
  • The Auditorium will host in May Between the closing of strings and brass (18/11/2011)
    This week starts the fifteenth edition of classical music contest organized by Youth and the Conservatory, with promotional concerts that will tour the Region
  • ... (18/11/2011)

  • The greatest discovery of collections and the Palace MURAM Aguirre (18/11/2011)
    Social Services has organized a tour of the magnificent Art Nouveau building Beltrí Victor and the Contemporary Body Passages shows featuring works by Tapies, Dali Santiago Serra
  • Fifty largest collections MURAM discover and Aguirre Palace (18/11/2011)
    Social Services has organized a tour of the magnificent Art Nouveau building Beltrí Victor and the Contemporary Body Passages shows featuring works by Tapies, Dali Santiago Serra
  • Human Rights pace RAP (18/11/2011)
    Youth has called through the IDEAS program I rap lyrics contest on this issue, the deadline for registration is November 30
  • The Cartagonova host the Winter Tournament Nordic countries (17/11/2011)
    The Department of Sports and La Manga Club this morning signed a collaboration agreement with representatives of the Norwegian football league, Swedish and Danish to play this tournament in the month of February
  • Night of black voices with Dee Dee Bridgewater and Lizz Wright (17/11/2011)
    Auditorium and Convention Center on Friday The Batel welcomes a double session of the Cartagena Jazz Festival
  • The key to the Carnicer: fun, quiet play and forget about external pressures (17/11/2011)

  • The City prepares the first forty containers for used clothing (17/11/2011)
    There are currently Security Park and are studying the projects submitted by enterprises and companies involved in managing these wastes, before determining the location of the same
  • The Museum of the Civil War Shelter puts the finishing touch to the tenth anniversary of the Port of Cultures (17/11/2011)
    Exhibits, theater, music and workshops for children comprise the program of recreational and cultural activities that will take place at shelters November 25 January 13
  • The auditorium is filled in their opening night to receive Ryuichi Sakamoto (17/11/2011)
    Over 1,400 people enjoyed the show last night Japanese pianist's musical opened the doors of the boat
  • The Physics of Newton, in the service of the resolution of traffic accidents (17/11/2011)
    Today we begin in the ESPAC a specialized course level IV on the investigation and reconstruction of this type of accident, led to police the City of Cartagena
  • The Socialists claim that "the City of Cartagena continues to support the development company against the recovery of the Monastery of Saint Ginés de La Jara" (16/11/2011)

  • The T-LA hosts a dog training session (16/11/2011)
    sports instructor Sebastian Mendez will be responsible for carrying out the activity on Saturday in the grounds of Carthaginians and Romans festive
  • Researchers have the Cloud Incubator UPCT intended to undertake in the world of mobile applications to 130 students (16/11/2011)
    The conference is organized by Bancaja UPCT and with the collaboration of the ADLE and INFO at the School of Telecommunications
  • 7-8 ElPozo Reale Ciudad de Murcia Cartagena (16/11/2011)
    Victoria for Reale returning to trust yourself
  • The students of Care Unit known residences of the elderly (16/11/2011)
    The objective is to observe the operation of centers and the dynamics of work in which professional move to end the employment workshop ADLE
  • Cartagena International Day of the Rights of the Child (16/11/2011)
    Activities take place in the IES Mediterranean, where they read the Principles of the Universal Declaration and primary school students form a large puzzle of fundamental rights of children
  • Local Police used to fund the safety of the citizens (16/11/2011)
    Monday began in the ESPAC a course on police operations in Citizen Security, in which 40 players hone their skills to act in the streets and prevent crime
  • Therapy and conditions of diabetes conferences focus SODIUM (16/11/2011)
    Social Care Councillor opened Tuesday in the auditorium of the ARQUA, the lecture series that take place until Thursday to mark the World Diabetes Day
  • The works of the Carnival Poster opt to show the public 2012 (15/11/2011)
    The seventy-eight papers presented in the competition can be seen until next November 25 in the exhibition hall of the Casino de Cartagena
  • IV Meeting of the City Health in IES El Bohio (15/11/2011)
    Councillor for Education on Monday presided over the opening ceremony of the meeting in which, for three days, participating students and teachers from Cadiz, Valencia and Madrid
  • First day of the nineteenth edition of the Local League Grassroots (15/11/2011)
    Saturday were played over 100 games, highlighting those held in the new form of football in the youngest category 8, juvenile, infantile and cadet
  • Joseph John Aniorte discovers the residents of Cartagena Twirl in Tarragona (15/11/2011)
    Salou Conducted a conference on life and society in the illustrious neighborhood this afternoon offered in the Municipal Archaeological Museum
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto doors opens tomorrow Auditorium The Batel (15/11/2011)
    The concert, under the Cartagena Jazz Festival, will be at 21.30 hours and tickets cost between 18 and 25 euros
  • Course of trade in the shop window ADLE (15/11/2011)
    The registration period will be open between 18 and 24 November
  • The Reale pursued a position at the end of the Second Cup President (15/11/2011)

  • The Palace Hall dressed in blue to support diabetics (15/11/2011)
    Dozens of people gathered yesterday at the Town Hall Square in a symbolic act by the World Diabetes Day, a disease that affects 30,000 people in the city
  • The IES study in Turkey Mediterranean development of other port cities (15/11/2011)
    Teachers and students participating in the Comenius project with other schools Germans, Poles and Turks with whom they share their experiences on the impact of the ports in the life of cities
  • The ADLE give career guidance to unemployed 1200 (15/11/2011)
    OPEA Program began in July with tutorials, workshops, interviews, motivational techniques for job search and advice to entrepreneurs
  • Jaison recovers from his injury in record time (14/11/2011)
    Salvador Santiago: "Your solidarity with the team has allowed the ailment to work tirelessly"
  • Local merchants improve their English through the ADLE (14/11/2011)
    Greet the foreign customer without fear and speak naturally are the first lessons that will implement the twelve students of business English course that started this morning
  • Local Police will strengthen its presence in the city (14/11/2011)

  • Unanimity in the application for funding to pay suppliers ICO (14/11/2011)

  • Color, form and creativity give birth to the work of Navarro Carter (14/11/2011)
    large crowd accompanied the Carthaginian painter at the opening of their sample of the visible, invisible, which can be seen until January at the Palace Molina
  • More than 300 people have already taken the abuser Red Card (14/11/2011)
    The campaign, developed jointly by the Department of Youth and Women on the occasion of International Day for the Eradication of Gender Violence, extended day of issue until the Thursday
  • A picture of Christ Moses Ruiz announced the Coronation procession in 2012 (14/11/2011)
    The jury has selected the artist's work from a score of Cartagena manuscripts submitted to the contest
  • The Artillery Cross consolidates its tenth anniversary (13/11/2011)
    The tenth edition of the Cross of Artillery has been confirmed this morning as the popular test athletics in the region more attractive because it brings together top-level riders currently competing in Murcia
  • RM EQUO proposed "tax amnesty" for the economy and investment in renewable energy and cultural heritage, among other employment-generating sectors (12/11/2011)
    Immaculate Perán The candidate ensures that the backbone for a new model is the energy system
  • Cartagena celebrates Diabetes Week (11/11/2011)
    Activities begin Monday with a concentration in the Town Hall Square for the World Day of this disease have 30,000 people in the city
  • A fireproof Auditorium (11/11/2011)

  • Theatre in La Puebla for the benefit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (11/11/2011)
    Over Club represents the town on Saturdays two works of the Brothers Quintero lavarez
  • Double Session in Cartagena Jazz Festival with Cowboy Junkies Bettye Lavette (11/11/2011)
    The third day of the festival on Saturday, beginning at 21.30 hours in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • In The Nativity and his mount Albujón (11/11/2011)
    Since last October, has been working in partnership Belenista installation in the chapel of San Juan Bautista where it will occupy 100 square meters and house more than 1,500 figures
  • End the campaign to control taxis (11/11/2011)
    Local Police detects irregularities in two of the 132 vehicles inspected
  • Begin the course of professional English ADLE (11/11/2011)
    Twelve students will receive training in the language focused on customer service and business
  • Fofito and circus bring us laughter Quirós solidarity Lorca (11/11/2011)
    On Tuesday in Cartagena offer a benefit that the proceeds go to the victims of earthquakes in the past six months
  • Start the nineteenth edition of the Local League Grassroots (11/11/2011)
    Championship starts on Saturday, which this year will break records of participation, with more than 3,200 players and technicians from 235 teams and 37 clubs registered
  • Students of Hispania recreational athletes with ADE (11/11/2011)
    The program organized by the Sports Department met Thursday to more than fifty schools with athletes and monitors Elcano Clubs and UCAM Cartagena City Track Athletics
  • The City Council meets on Saturday to vote at the Four Saints (11/11/2011)
    This tradition stems from the storm of Santa Catalina in 1694, which was about to sweep the city
  • Local Police on Monday celebrated the feast of its patron saint, San Leandro (11/11/2011)
    There will be a Mass and an official event with tributes and honors to agents, security forces and citizens who have made an outstanding contribution during the year
  • Three companies in the furniture industry's largest solar plant installed on the roof of the Region (11/11/2011)
    Mayor opens this afternoon in which PV has invested 2 million euros and generate power to serve about 3,000 homes
  • Bicity university is close to the Wall (11/11/2011)
    The Governing Board approved an agreement with the UPCT to install a point of loan Student House
  • VI bike path around the Mar Menor (11/11/2011)
    will be held on Saturday April 12, organized by the program T-La
  • The smallest of Santa Lucia, The Campaign and the Matthew closes the Olympics (10/11/2011)
    Over 600 children have participated in activities organized by Social Services to encourage sportsmanship among students in these neighborhoods
  • The Park windlass, star of the Cartagena Hoy por Hoy Radio (10/11/2011)

  • Fire and 061 practice coordination in traffic accidents (10/11/2011)
    About fifty troops have participated this morning in a mock joint intervention in the Park Security
  • The Historical Center retrieves the activities suspended by rain (10/11/2011)
    On Friday and Saturday there will be a children's workshop kitchen and a fashion show on the street
  • Luis Fonseca: "The game is a war on Manacor equal" (10/11/2011)

  • Luisa Sobral works for the first time in Spain in Cartagena Jazz Festival (10/11/2011)
    El Nuevo Teatro Circo hosts the Friday performance of the Portuguese singer, in a double bill with Sly Johnson, a luxury for the second day of the festival
  • Four halls add to the Cartagena Jazz Festival (09/11/2011)
    The Matrix Creative Coyote, Mr. Witt Café and The Other House, complete the program with a section off
  • The 40 students of ADA Employment Workshop exceed current food handler (09/11/2011)
    With the manipulator-license training is complemented by these women in the professional qualification aimed at the Care Unit in the Classroom, sponsored by action the ADLE
  • The X Cross of Artillery, to cover the 2,500 point dorsal (09/11/2011)
    Tomorrow is the deadline to participate in the race to come out on Sunday in the plaza of the port
  • The City collects about 1,600 euros in annual cancer alms (09/11/2011)
    Social Care Councillor presided this morning the demand made table installed in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Fire and Rescue 061 group practice in traffic accidents (09/11/2011)
    The drill will take place on the premises of the Park Safety and recreate a real situation
  • They begin to install the Bethlehem Square in San Francisco (09/11/2011)
    ​​ municipal brigades have advanced, once again, placing the birth to take advantage of the workday and avoid, as far as possible, having to work overtime
  • The renewal of the waste collector St. Lucia enters its final phase (09/11/2011)
    Throughout the day will cut traffic on the street Pedro Jorquera as they complete the works of intersection with the new pipes began to be placed in the street Triviño
  • The City Council will have 8.6 million to pay suppliers (09/11/2011)
    The Finance Committee favorably to the request finds a financing line ICO-Local Bodies 2011
  • The Matrix Creative Coyote, Mr. Witt Café and The Other House, working with the Jazz Festival Cartagena and create a section Off (09/11/2011)

  • Francisco Garcia give psychological support and advice to the staff of the Reale (09/11/2011)
    "My job is to regain the confidence of the athlete"
  • Jesus Christ Superstar comes to La Palma (09/11/2011)
    Municipal Theatre School return to stage his musical star, 17 and 18 in the Civic Center of Cartagena deputation, and proceedings for which invitations can be booked 6 euros
  • Twenty-seven short for FICC/40 (09/11/2011)
    have been selected from more than 400 applications for projects in the festival week from 11 to 17 December
  • The sports courts and El Albujón renew Las Lomas image (09/11/2011)
    The Department of Sports and the Neighborhood Council and respond to requests from neighbors, conditioning both campuses, in everything related to lighting, paint, fencing and access cleaning
  • Take the red card to abusive (09/11/2011)
    Any citizen can participate in this campaign closer to the points set forth by the Women and Youth Councillors until next Saturday
  • An unusual collection discovered half a century of military life in Cartagena (08/11/2011)
    Uniforms original scale figures, military cartography and bibliography of the years 1876-1925 in the exhibition opened this morning and can be visited until January in the Archives Municipal
  • The project reaches Cartagena Spin Off (08/11/2011)
    The ALDE, the UPCT CEEIC and participate in this initiative to support start-up companies emerging from universities with technology profile
  • Prevention and hope to fight Alzheimer (08/11/2011)
    Associations and Centres for the Elderly of the Municipality and the Department of Social Services this morning organized a day of work on this disease that affects about 5,700 people in the region of Cartagena
  • The City Council will expedite payments to vendors (08/11/2011)
    This initiative will pass tomorrow Finance Committee, has been one of the issues that the mayor has discussed today in his meeting with the new president and board of directors COEC
  • SK Repsol and build a lubricants plant in Escombreras (08/11/2011)
    The Mayor welcomes the new investment of 230 million, which will mobilize a thousand workers during construction
  • Finance use the funding of the ICO to pay debts to suppliers (08/11/2011)
    Information Commission on Wednesday will consider the proposal of Councillor Fatima Suanzes
  • Park Road Education and PROLAM organize a safety course for disabled (08/11/2011)
    Monitors from both schools met last week to prepare this training aimed at reducing risks in the city outputs of groups of people with intellectual disabilities
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures invites fans to visit the city Elche (08/11/2011)
    Offer a special bonus of 10 Euros for the Roman Theatre, the Tourist Bus, the Panoramic Lift and the Castillo de la Concepción
  • Markets will remove the license holders of the posts which do not justify his absence (08/11/2011)
    municipal public service ratio which has exceeded the maximum number of absences allowed by the ordinance to allow interested parties the documents by 30 November
  • CCOO welcomes the fact that the Centre of the UNED in Cartagena has started the academic year without layoffs. (08/11/2011)

  • The Faculty of Business Science organizes a forum for proposing solutions to the crisis (08/11/2011)

  • The City Council is working with Fire in Action in El Salvador (07/11/2011)
    The IMSS has given an emergency grant of 6,000 euros for a rescue mission and supply of food and medicines to those affected by floods last October in the country
  • The new champions are crowned Trial bike on the breakwater at Cala Cortina (07/11/2011)
    pilots fought the five categories for the title in a morning marked by wind and bad weather
  • Sixty more are kinds of poetry, story and novel (07/11/2011)
    Through the program's Chest Experience, Social Services provides this training in the clubs of La Puebla and Marfagones Molinos
  • The students of the specialization course on Modernism guides already have their diplomas (07/11/2011)
    The thirty students who have passed this training of the ALDE received their diplomas Saturday at a ceremony held in the Garden of the Ball, chaired by the council of Employment and Tourism
  • Youth and Women take the red card Gender Violence (07/11/2011)
    two Councillors, with the collaboration of associations and groups, have organized a program of activities to raise awareness and involve the entire society against such violence
  • Bryan Baldo is done with the Spanish Levante Championship of Automodelismo (07/11/2011)
    senior pilots competed this weekend at the Circuit of Radio located in the hamlet of Los Martinez Miranda
  • The Eeale reduce the price of their tickets for federated local league (07/11/2011)

  • Characters of terror brought to life in the IES San Isidoro (07/11/2011)
    Vampires, zombies and undead roam the halls of the center, who held this particular event for the fifth consecutive year
  • Rural women are targeted to cooperate in environmental policy (07/11/2011)
    The Mayor of Cartagena on Saturday presided over the closing of the day held in the Sports Source à lamo
  • The residents of La Aljorra theater and soak up culture (07/11/2011)
    The XVI edition of the Theatre and Culture of the Campo de Cartagena has started this weekend with a tribute to the Regiment of Artillery, a play and a trip to Murcia
  • Experts give the keys to creating companies (07/11/2011)

  • Games and sport to educate in the fellowship (07/11/2011)
    About a hundred undergraduates have started primary school this morning the XIII Olympiad for the children of the Santa Lucia, The Campaign and the Matthew
  • Fifteen students learn the tricks to find work over the Internet (07/11/2011)
    The course of the ALDE teaches participants the tools to manage professional social networks, writing a good resume without nerves or face a job interview
  • Caja Segovia Reale Cartagena 5-1 (06/11/2011)
    returned the game but not the goal
  • The 'blank check' Top 40 listener falls in Cartagena (04/11/2011)

  • Washing square image for Valverde Isidoro Miranda (04/11/2011)
    banks have been marked by painted graffiti and other furniture has been arranged gardens and green spaces in the area
  • New lighting in Isla Plana and The Beal (04/11/2011)
    Cartagena in both populations were carried out renovation work and installation of lighting within the Investment Plan that runs the City
  • Technical and grassroots leaders learn first aid (04/11/2011)
    About forty people from the municipality clubs attended the seminar organized by the Department of Sports and Medical Center Our Lady of Charity before the start of the Local League
  • Application period to participate in seminars on tourism resources in La Manga (04/11/2011)
    are included in the Tourism Competitiveness Plan La Manga Nautical Tourism, which involved the City of Cartagena, and begin Nov. 14 with the participation of a hundred people
  • Luis Fonseca: "The danger of Segovia is its dynamic winning" (04/11/2011)

  • Miranda receives Lift Spanish Championship of Automodelismo (04/11/2011)
    senior pilots will compete this weekend in Radio Control Circuit located in the hamlet of Los Martínez
  • Social networks, serving job search (04/11/2011)
    On Monday begins a course of ADLE in which students learn the management of these networks, with the aim of finding a job
  • Five days of cultural activities in Los Dolores (04/11/2011)
    On Monday begins the fourth Cultural Week organized by the Club for the elderly, which includes activities such as competitions, championship games, talks and tours
  • On Monday, children begin XIII Olympics in St. Lucia, The Campaign and the Matthew (04/11/2011)
    Over 600 children participate in activities organized by the Municipal Institute of Social Services in collaboration with schools Our Lady of the Sea, Hasdrubal and Hannibal
  • Suspended representation of the end of the Arco Iris in the New Theatre Circus (04/11/2011)
    The performance, scheduled for 10 days may not be carried by an unwillingness of the protagonists and the money from the tickets will be returned on Monday
  • Social Services leads to greater awareness of the landmarks of the city (04/11/2011)
    Twenty-five seniors will participate in this course, discover your city and its customs, which integrates lectures with visits and excursions
  • Concludes guide specialization course on Modernism in Cartagena (04/11/2011)
    The thirty students who passed the course given by the ADLE receive their diplomas at a ceremony in the Garden of Balls
  • The promotion of the Auditorium, next target tourism businesses in the region (03/11/2011)
    Members of the Regional Tourism Board praised the design of new buildings that have visited this morning accompanied by the Mayor and the Chief Executive of Culture
  • On Friday Run takes the elderly to Sierra Gorda (03/11/2011)
    Fifty people will travel on Friday the 15 miles of this route of Footpath-high, which is included within the municipal program and Healthy Active Travel
  • The residents of Barrio de la Concepción and pass through the pedestrian walkway (03/11/2011)
    About fifteen feet wide, is complemented by another sidewalk on the bridge side Benipila of two meters
  • A lecture series looks at the history and life of the windlass (03/11/2011)
    The presentations, which take place every Tuesday of the month in the Municipal Archaeological Museum, will present the evolution of society, culture and urbanism in the hill from the Punic period until today
  • Youth announces grants for youth associations and groups (03/11/2011)
    The deadline for submission of applications is November 22
  • In March the new activities of the Language Exchange (03/11/2011)
    Sightseeing, book clubs, movies and games to practice up to five languages ​​make up the exchange program Linguistic this quarter
  • Walking and Civil War history with the program T-LA (03/11/2011)
    activity in collaboration with the Cartagena Hikers will tour the dam batteries on Christmas, the park of artillery and street shelters Gisbert
  • Sold out the tickets for the concert of Raphael (03/11/2011)
    act on November 24 in the Auditorium and Convention Center of Cartagena El Batel
  • In the camp, every one! (02/11/2011)

  • Arrested while stealing power cable in front of the morgue Castillitos (02/11/2011)
    The individual must pay for the repair of damage to power lines worth about € 1,500
  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival Car Share (02/11/2011)
    With this initiative to promote the concert go to car sharing, joins two internet platforms aimed at helping you save money and CO2 emissions
  • Exhibits, games, workshops and concerts, to give impetus to the historic center (02/11/2011)
    Traders and Residents Associations have organized a program of activities from Wednesday to Sunday in order to attract visitors and enable consumption in the area
  • In March the new Awards and Hache Mandarache 2012 (02/11/2011)
    Among the innovations is the creation of a virtual book club where any citizen can discuss the books finalists
  • The Gunners Cartagena homenje yield their dead (02/11/2011)
    Staff RAAA No. 73 performs a simple tribute to the military dead in the cemetery of Our Lady of Remedios de Cartagena
  • Quote online in advance to avoid unnecessary delays Statistics (02/11/2011)
    The City puts new technologies available to the Municipal Office which handles everything related to the census, with the aim of improving citizen service
  • Trial Bike Regional Championship on the breakwater at Cala Cortina (02/11/2011)
    six categories Pilots participating in the event organized by the Cartagena Trialbici Club which will see a real demonstration of balance, concentration and skill on two wheels
  • Local Police are perfected in motorcycling (02/11/2011)
    The ESPAC teaching this course, led to the agents of the motor section, in the premises of the Cartagena Circuit Speed ​​
  • Course of computer resources and collaborative tools in the ESPAC (02/11/2011)
    is directed to the local police officers will take place on the premises of the School of Public Safety of the City of Cartagena
  • 50 years of military life in the garrison of Cartagena (02/11/2011)

  • The Community offers entrepreneurs the keys to success in Cartagena Internet (01/11/2011)
    The European Business and Innovation promotes a conference to publicize success stories on the web

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