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Cartagena News - July 2010

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  • The AVE will arrive after 2014 (30/07/2010)
    The mayor has stated as the reason for this delay, the high-speed railway line Madrid - Cartagena remains a priority project for the central government
  • The new clubhouse of La Aparecida is underway (30/07/2010)
    The building, inaugurated today by the mayor, who formerly was a doctor, has opened its doors to serve the residents of the area
  • Pepe Nicholas says goodbye to Real Cartagena (30/07/2010)

  • The mayor predicts tough times for the city (30/07/2010)
    Stack Barreiro not believe that the end of the crisis is near and, in this situation, the priority of the City Council will meet the payments, payroll and social care, but the rest of areas will suffer cuts
  • La Cueva Victoria 200 fossil adds to his collection this season of excavations (30/07/2010)
    Throughout the month of July, more than 20 experts in paleontology, geology and caving have worked in the field, whose birth was, according to experts, makes 1.2 million years
  • Patron Saint of Perín (30/07/2010)
    Fancy dress balls, playground, great bullfight and other shows are included in the scheduling of these holidays which begin today and are held until 15 August
  • The governing body gives green light to an agreement with La Caixa to finance micro (30/07/2010)
    At its meeting this morning, also fully authorized to carry the Territorial Plan of the City Civil Protection and, within this, the Rescue beaches
  • Presentation of new T FC Cartagena (29/07/2010)

  • Cartagena next year will have a Women's Business Incubator (29/07/2010)
    The mayor along with the Minister for Social Policy has launched today the first stone that starts this building works designed to promote self-employment and entrepreneurial orientation
  • The mayor reiterated the cooperation of the City to Cartagena FC despite the crisis (29/07/2010)
    Pilar Barreiro, along with Director General of Tourism and President of the football team from Cartagena, this morning the shirt that sports the players this season the name of the Roman Theatre
  • PP, 'Rives Saura and forgot to visit the land of the Center for Parkinson's work with more delays in Cartagena' (29/07/2010)

  • Margarita Dominguez thanked the support of the City Mayor (29/07/2010)
    The swimmer Cartagena, recent silver medal at the World Cup held in Quebec, will visit Thursday to Pilar Barreiro in his office at Palace Hall
  • Presentation of the findings in Cueva Victoria (29/07/2010)
    Those responsible for the excavations remain on Friday a meeting with the media to explain the work in the field last season
  • Cartagena joins the network of incubators for women in the Region (29/07/2010)
    The Minister of Social Policy, Women and Immigration laid the first stone of the new nursery in the port city
  • The Governing Board studied the Territorial Plan of the City Civil Protection (29/07/2010)
    This will be one of the issues that the Friday meeting in the Palace Hall
  • Cartagena, a reference center for maritime rescue operations and underwater pollution (29/07/2010)
    Base Maritime Rescue Strategic available material and equipment to combat marine pollution which may occur in the Mediterranean
  • Great success of the Second Giant Scalextric Championship The Albujón (29/07/2010)
    The tour circuit exceeded 40 meters in this event organized by the Youth Association Tower of that town, which was held on Wednesday
  • End of historic film series of Romans A (29/07/2010)
    During the months of May, June and July in the gardens of the Archeological Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro, films have been screened and tonight ends the program with The Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Three arrested as they subtracted a cushion of a home (29/07/2010)
    The arrests are the result of joint action between local and national police, who helped to find all the individuals who took part in the alleged crime
  • Daylight Savings Time for city buses (29/07/2010)
    As of August 1 will be operational the new times for the lines that run in the city, operating through 31 this month
  • Sunday Segado: "The new PSOE distorts data to justify the punishment of Zapatero Region (28/07/2010)

  • Saura complaint cuts and breaches of the Government of Valcárcel infrastructure in Cartagena (28/07/2010)
    The secretary general has moved to the Way of Syphon with other socialist leaders in the area for evidence 'in situ' daily problems suffered by thousands of people
  • The Cartagena FC shirt will wear the name of Teatro Romano (28/07/2010)
    The Mayor and the Director General of Tourism will be responsible for submitting new items to the media, and they will on Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • Police and ITV Local report on how to spot a tire in a bad state (28/07/2010)
    With the participation of the new NGO involved, have now taken out an information campaign did not sanction, from early morning, in order to reduce the rate of claims in circulation
  • El Castillo de la Concepción de Cartagena opened the public their stays medieval (28/07/2010)
    Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage opens new spaces after the reclamation works and musealization funded by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism
  • Opens to traffic the new roundabout access to the Valley of Debris (28/07/2010)
    This roundabout will increase road safety for workers who come daily to the industrial core of the professional road transport
  • Covers and all visits to Victoria Cave (28/07/2010)
    About 400 people, most dwellers may see up close the latest excavations carried out there after having registered to participate in the free open day being held this Sunday
  • El Castillo de la Concepción opens a window to the Cartagena Medieval (28/07/2010)
    With the openness of the rooms Medieval Castle, by widening the range of Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas, facing the tourism, especially at this time approaches the city
  • The mayor receives Margarita Dominguez (28/07/2010)
    The swimmer Cartagena, recent silver medal at the World Cup held in Quebec, will visit Thursday to Pilar Barreiro in his office at Palace Hall
  • Local police detained an individual for indecent exposure in Portús (28/07/2010)
    The incident took place last Friday at the nudist camp, where several witnesses saw the alleged exhibitionist masturbating in front of a group of teenagers
  • Is extended evening hours visit to Cueva Victoria (28/07/2010)
    reiterate that for the free open day held on Saturday hours will be necessary to book as places are limited and can only come in groups of 10 persons
  • Local Police maintains sobriety checkpoints in August (27/07/2010)
    The road safety campaign on the main roads and entrances to the city, will feature new controls between 29 July and 4 August
  • Work is progressing on the cover enclosing the Palace of Sports (27/07/2010)
    At the moment we are working on placing the first layer of veneer, to be followed by several more until terminated by closing the end of the year
  • Prisons authorizes the use of the former prison of San Anton to the European Biennial of Contemporary Art (27/07/2010)
    will be held in Murcia and Cartagena on October 9 this year to January 9, 2011
  • Arrested a guy trying to rob a shop in the Mediterranean Park (27/07/2010)
    local police officers on Friday arrested a young man of Georgian nationality, for trying to steal a pair of trousers and knitwear
  • Inauguration of the new roundabout access to Repsol (27/07/2010)
    The Deputy Mayor and Public Works Director will preside over the inauguration on Wednesday of this action included in the refurbishment of the road RM-320
  • Puerto de Culturas opens stays medieval Castillo de la Concepcion (27/07/2010)
    The opening ceremony will take place on Wednesday and will be attended by the aldermen of Culture and Tourism of the City of Cartagena, and the general director of Cultural
  • Police ITV Local and collaborate in the tire control campaign (27/07/2010)
    With the participation of the new NGO involved, this performance information, which does not sanction, will be held on Wednesday and will be attended by the Councillor for Citizen Security
  • Giant Scalextric II Championship in El Albujón (27/07/2010)
    The tour circuit exceed 40 meters and the event will be held on Wednesday, has organized the Youth Association Tower of the same town
  • The City Council is launching a new Street on the web (27/07/2010)
    It was developed with Google Maps, including a total of 565 references and the user with GPS can locate them by entering the coordinates of your location
  • UPyD Cartagena asked the council to take appropriate measures for proper use of the landfill at Mina Regent (26/07/2010)
    Managed by a subsidiary of FCC and cost 11 million euros, the Cartagena municipal landfill has five records of disciplinary proceedings
  • Detainee three individuals who tried to steal inside a vehicle (26/07/2010)
    The incident took place at dawn on Thursday in a Mercedes parked on the street Luis Pasteur, and local police intervened alerted by a call from a neighbor
  • First place for Martinez and Valera in the Second week Classical and Latin del Mar Menor (26/07/2010)
    The sailors from the yacht clubs in Santa Lucia, Los Nietos, Santiago de la Ribera and Biyc met from 12 to 18 July in Lo Pagan in honor of the Virgen del Carmen
  • The lateen sail back to the waters of Santa Lucia and Portman (26/07/2010)
    This race, which pays homage to the old fisherman, was held on 24 and 25 July and was attended by 25 crew on board seven boats
  • A visit to Victoria Cave pre-registration will be done through (26/07/2010)
    For Free Open Day held on Saturday hours will be necessary to book as places are limited and can only come in groups of 10 persons
  • Full municipal budget finally approved (26/07/2010)
    In a meeting this morning in special session and, as a single point on the agenda, endorsed the opinion that rejects the allegations to the budget, with votes for the PP and abstention from PSOE and MC
  • The ADLE preparing a new edition of the classroom courses Sets (26/07/2010)
    It is the fifth programming organized by the Guidance area of the Agency of Local Development and Employment, which consist of 19 workshops and will start on 8 September with the Trainer of Trainers course
  • The NGOs involved on the work of local police to the city (26/07/2010)
    Established just last week and officially unveiled today, the organization, which has to start with thirty voluntary workers, has already organized two campaigns that will benefit society
  • Press clarification on the establishment of the Management Board of the California Guild of Cartagena (26/07/2010)

  • The Socialists demand the removal of a dangerous stretch of Gran Vía de La Manga (25/07/2010)
    Taking advantage of the program of "removal of architectural barriers and planning" of the Community
  • UPyD denounced the indifference of local, regional and state of the serious shortcomings of La Manga (24/07/2010)
    UPyD criticizes the costly and ruinous projects in recent years by the local government and regional PP and the PSOE central to the Front
  • The Socialists described as troubling cuts in health and care services in La Manga, Murcia Health Service (23/07/2010)

  • The mayor announced an open house in Victoria Cave (23/07/2010)
    Will the July 31, as explained during the visit he made this morning to the site accompanied by the Minister of Culture to see the progress of the new campaign paleontological excavations
  • The new crossing of the Rambla de Perín prevent flooding in the area (23/07/2010)

  • Approved the creation of two new integrated centers of vocational training in Cartagena (23/07/2010)

  • Reale: The safe bet Futsal Cartagena (23/07/2010)

  • The festival La Mar de Músicas farewell with Macaco, Aterciopelados and The Very Best, and says ciao Italy, invited to the 2011 edition (23/07/2010)

  • The Sisters of the Poor received 21,500 euros of Social Services (23/07/2010)
    Councilman Antonio Calderón delivered this week from a part of the grant to the City Council awarded annually to the nursing home in the neighborhood of the Conception
  • Full municipal special meeting held before the holidays (23/07/2010)
    is held on Monday at the Palace Hall with the opinion on the allegations to the budgets as the sole item of the day
  • The Bishop presents the new Constitution "Ad experimentum the California Guild of Cartagena (23/07/2010)
    and the new Big Brother and Chairman of the Management Board
  • The City of Cartagena folk group, Huesca travel (23/07/2010)
    23 to July 25 will be in Aragon to make known our traditions in the National Folk Festival Montearagon Castle
  • The restaurant El Parador del Mar Menor La Manga gets the Q Quality (23/07/2010)

  • Margarita Dominguez is made with silver in Canada (23/07/2010)
    The mayor has been among the first to congratulate the swimmer who proclaimed yesterday cartagenera runner in the form of 25 km open water in the world was held in Quebec
  • The legendary band brought Poly-Rythmo Cartagena African rhythms (23/07/2010)
    were on Thursday in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the same arena where tonight act The Pipers of San Jacinto, postponed its concert on Wednesday, and Adolfo Pacheco and Vallenatos
  • Carlos Julio Rey Vich emotional farewell to the mayor of Cartagena (23/07/2010)
    Although the official farewell will be on Tuesday, Col. School of Marine today visited Pilar Barreiro after completing his destiny here
  • The Garden City municipal area will have artificial turf in a month (23/07/2010)
    The sports council this morning visited the works of improvement and preparation of the site of the Garden City area in preparation phase of compaction and irrigation pumps
  • The balcony of the Town Hall chaired by a Moai (22/07/2010)
    This work of Nadin Ospina, invited the Sea of Music, is the main attraction of Easter Island
  • El Cigala Cartagena opens nationally on a tribute to tango (22/07/2010)
    The formations 33, Chocquibtown, The Pipers of San Jacinto and Adolfo Pacheco and accordion ensemble will on Friday 23 the day the Colombian edition
  • The council of Finance considers that the Socialists impresentable see the tax increase to finance the local solution (22/07/2010)

  • Fiestas in Sumiedo Corner (22/07/2010)
    Bali, playgrounds, and several shows are included in the schedule for these festivals celebrated on 24 and 25 July
  • The filling of the Via Verde del Barrio Peral be ready in late August (22/07/2010)
    The works are at a good pace and the return of summer, begin the tasks of concrete and landscaping to accompany the walk from the roundabout at The barrier until Mandarache
  • The Mayor and the Minister of Culture visited Cueva Victoria (22/07/2010)
    In the course of it, to be held on Friday, will know the progress of the new paleontological excavations
  • The autonomous earmarked 4.6 million euros to municipal employment programs This represents about 17 percent of the money the region has been injected to municipalities in order to provide training and create jobs and benefit in Cartagena about 200 s (22/07/2010)

  • UPyD denounced the illegal occupation of public space in the Plaza de la Marina de Santa Lucia for a facility owned by a Socialist councilor and permission by the City (21/07/2010)

  • The Penguin Cafe Orchestra The legendary reappears for the first time and unique in Spain in the festival La Mar de Musicas Cartagena (21/07/2010)
    Grandparents more funky, the Orchestra Poly-Rythomo Cotonou, also in the festival
  • Social Care has provided 40,000 euros to the Hospital of Santa Teresa (21/07/2010)
    check is the second grant of 100,000 euros this year belongs to the charity as part of the agreement between it and the City
  • Gabriel Ruiz asked the Socialists less demagoguery and more cooperation to solve the problem of bottle (21/07/2010)

  • Adopted definitely budgets of 2010 (21/07/2010)
    The finance and home affairs committee, meeting this morning, has settled the allegations with the vote against the PP and PSOE abstained and Citizen Movement
  • The Association ADLE and Beaza Cabezo bet on the revitalization of the business (21/07/2010)

  • The music of the streets of Bogota, Cartagena and La Mojarra Eléctrica (21/07/2010)
    The Colombian group performed yesterday at the Town Hall Square in the hand of the festival La Mar de Músicas
  • More sobriety checkpoints during the last week of July (21/07/2010)
    local police continues its road safety campaign on the main roads and entrances to the city, with new controls between 22 and 28 of this month
  • The exquisite melodies of the Norwegian Kings of Convenience will ring in the festival La Mar de Musicas Cartagena (20/07/2010)
    The Colombian group of San Jacinto The Pipers will perform at the Town Hall Square
  • Opens Real Feria de Ganado CCXIV After the Mass in honor of the patron of pinatarenses, opened the Royal CCXIV Cattle Fair (20/07/2010)

  • Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Santiago Gamboa, Consuelo Trivedi talk about Colombian literature Meetings with Colombian writers will be in the auditorium of Cajamurcia, from 20th to 22nd July, which will discuss the theme and structure of his works as well a (20/07/2010)

  • Social care delivery € 40,000 to the Hospital of Santa Teresa (20/07/2010)
    is the second installment of the grant of 100,000 euros this year belongs to the charity as part of the agreement between it and the City
  • Pilar Quintana, La Mar de Letras award, presented his novel (20/07/2010)
    Colombian writer on Wednesday show the media the winning rare dust collector on the terrace of Club de Regatas
  • The Finance Briefing Committee finally approved the budget (20/07/2010)
    Wednesday meets ordinary character in the offices of the General Secretariat of the Plenary at the Administration Building
  • The radar of the local police moved to the coast (20/07/2010)
    Today starts special campaign Speed Control to be operational until July 31 in the beach areas of the city
  • The ADLE and Beaza Cabezo Association signed an agreement to create employment (20/07/2010)
    The subscription shall take place on Wednesday at the Board of Aldermen of the Town Hall
  • Santa Ana invites Parties To celebrate the day of the patron, the town of Cartagena has organized a program of activities for young and culminating on August 1 with a Mass in honor of Santa Ana and a castle fireworks (20/07/2010)

  • Rupa & The April Fishes imposed their folk without borders in the Sea of Music (20/07/2010)
    The Indian-born singer and his group entertained the evening last night in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Ballek Sissoko's kora and cello Vincent Segal come together for the first time in Spain in the festival La Mar de Músicas (19/07/2010)

  • Miranda Events (19/07/2010)
    are developed until 25 July in honor of St. James and will feature children's activities, night crumbs and sardinada
  • Middle hundred Saharawi children spend the summer with families Cartagena (19/07/2010)
    The mayor and council of Social Service have welcomed the kids this morning in a ceremony held at the Palace Hall
  • Fiestas in Cuesta Blanca (19/07/2010)
    19 to July 25 under the motto All for fun, the town of Cartagena celebrates in honor of its patron, St. James
  • 2010 is the year of Colombia in the Sea of Music (19/07/2010)
    Literature Colombia is making its way back into the world scene after the paternity of García Márquez
  • Workshop Trivedi Consuelo narrative in The Sea Lyrics The narrator and essayist Colombia shows the basic techniques used in this kind led to the story and short story, how to structure a story, describe the characters and manage time and space fictio (19/07/2010)

  • Huge procession in honor of the Virgen del Carmen (19/07/2010)
    Continuing the seafaring tradition, the Virgin Mary on Friday toured the docks by boat accompanied by the faithful and fishing
  • 42 Senior Clubs in the municipality of Cartagena receive 191,618 euros (19/07/2010)
    The mayor, along with the councilman of Social Care, will award the grants on Tuesday at the Palace Hall, in order to assist in the maintenance of the premises of the clubs
  • The Socialists claim that the council has become the Canal de las Salinas de Marchamalo in the new area botelleo "enabled" (19/07/2010)

  • UPyD requires the investigation of the cost of potable water services in La Manga (17/07/2010)

  • The XXI century Violeta Parra, Marta Gomez, La Mar de Músicas (17/07/2010)
    The Colombian singer / songwriter concert will be at 22:30 pm in the Old Cathedral
  • ... (16/07/2010)

  • They decide the four teams go to semifinals Beach Soccer Tournament (16/07/2010)
    The beach of La Manga Tesy II hosts the championship on Tuesday, which today completes its first phase and will play the final on Sunday
  • The cool sound of Gotan Project, Toto La Momposina folk and dance rhythms of Omar Souleyman, La Mar de Músicas (16/07/2010)

  • The mayor receives the Saharawi children spend the summer with families Cartagena (16/07/2010)
    The welcoming ceremony for 62 children, which will present the council's Social Care, will be Monday at the Palace Hall
  • 50 kilos of fish to the needy (16/07/2010)
    Social Care Councillor and Mayor pattern of Fishermen's Association have been delivered this morning to lots of these foods to eight charities in the city
  • The AVE and the widening of the road to La Manga, actors in full (16/07/2010)
    Both subjects belonged to respective motions of the popular local group, who have gone ahead after debate this morning, with the support of the Citizens Movement
  • Closing of the II Summer School Seniors (16/07/2010)
    During the first half of July, thirty or more have participated in workshops and activities organized by the Department of Social Services ended Thursday with the presentation of diplomas
  • Press Peña 'Pride Carthaginians' (16/07/2010)
    FC Cartagena For a more caring and social
  • They give the report "Black Flags 2010: Coastal Chaos" to the City of Cartagena (15/07/2010)

  • A festival has closed the Colonies school Musical Garden City (15/07/2010)
    This ceremony held today at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy involving children who have been part of these colonies, ends summer municipal activities in this center
  • 24 youth involved in conservation of the coast of Cartagena and Mar Menor (15/07/2010)
    Participants from different regions, are volunteers aged between 18 and 26 years involved in the field of environmental work in the municipality for 15 days
  • After Macondo, literary tour of Cartagena (15/07/2010)

  • XX century cultural icon and high priestess of punk, singer Patti Smith, works in the festival La Mar de Musicas Cartagena (15/07/2010)
    Friday programming is completed and Sonidero Bilili Staff Benda Animal House
  • Youth from different communities involved in conservation of the coast of Cartagena and the Mar Menor (15/07/2010)
    Verónica López visit volunteers aged between 18 and 26 years involved in environmental work camp Cartagena
  • Cartagena lands on the coast of Almeria (15/07/2010)
    posters on billboards and marquees to complete the City Council tourism campaign launched this summer to bring the city to the country
  • The community regulates access Calblanque Regional Park to avoid impacts on protected area (15/07/2010)
    The summer weekends from Saturday July 17 Access to beaches shall be by minibus
  • The Fishermen's Association gives lots of fish welfare centers (15/07/2010)
    Social Care Councillor and Mayor of the Guild Master will hand these foods on Friday in a ceremony to be held at the headquarters of the fishermen in Santa Lucia
  • The neighbor's older Cañar 100 years (14/07/2010)

  • Marco Mojica stated in The Fragile Art Conspiracy Mar (14/07/2010)
    The exhibition is open until 31 August at the Centro Cultural de Cajamurcia
  • Rubio Ahumada about La Mar de Arte Dislocations, gathering images and testimonies of people living outside their country (14/07/2010)
    The exhibition is open at the Cultural Center until August Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The striking simplicity of Mojica, in Fragile Conspiracy (14/07/2010)
    The Colombian artist is exposed within the Sea of Art in the Cultural Centre until the end of the month CajaMurcia
  • Fernando Rubio, displacing the city The Cultural Center hosts Ramón Alonso Luzzy end of August one of the highlights of The Sea of Art, the Colombian artist's works including paintings and pictures of his speech at the wax flowers Cuesta by Baron (14/07/2010)

  • The Development PP requires the splitting of the CT-32 highway, exit at La Manga (14/07/2010)

  • The construction of the building of the Brigades of Public Safety will end after saving (14/07/2010)
    Councillor of the area, accompanied by the Director General of Local Government, has checked this morning, the works of the new facilities to be put in Park up in the Security
  • Closure of the Colonies school Musical Garden City (14/07/2010)
    Councillor for Education on Thursday will attend the festival that ends the summer municipal activities in this center and will be held at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The PP requires the Government to concrete terms AVE Cartagena (14/07/2010)
    Cartagena City Council urges the government of the nation to close the pending agreement with Adif to start building the new AVE station.
  • Youssou N'Dour premiered nationally at the festival La Mar de Musicas Cartagena his tribute to Bob Marley, Kingston Dakar (14/07/2010)
    Thursday, 15 programming is complemented by Quantic & his Combo Barbarian
  • In March the Beach Soccer Tournament III Bluesport 2010 (14/07/2010)
    La playa de los Tesy II of La Manga is home to the championship on Tuesday, will play its first phase until Friday and has already awarded the pairings
  • Two policemen rental in Playa Honda thwart the theft of a habitual offender By recognizing the individual and find that he fled on a bicycle with a bag was intercepted, returned the stolen item to its owner and taken to the offender to barracks Civil (14/07/2010)

  • Sound of wind and string flooded the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to Mahala Rai Banda (14/07/2010)
    Romanian training, consisting of twelve musicians, performed last night at his only concert in Spain, in the programming of the Sea Music Festival
  • Social Services is launching an informational campaign to the heat wave (14/07/2010)
    It will offer a series of guidelines to follow to prevent the effects of high temperatures this summer, information that is spreading in the 42 clubs over the city
  • The Sea of Arts presents the works of Fernando Rubio, Marco Mojica (14/07/2010)
    Both artists, exponents of Colombian art, will present their presentations on Wednesday at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy and Cultural Hall CajaMurcia respectively
  • The Colombian artist Luz Angela Lizarazo Colombian society portrayed through the bars of their homes in La Mar de Músicas (13/07/2010)
    The exhibition is at the Palace Hall, until 31 August
  • The collective Populardelujo becomes the center of Cartagena in Colombia Avenue with the use of graphics, La Mar de Músicas (13/07/2010)
    Avenida Colombia can also be seen in the Palace Hall until the end of August
  • Toumani Diabaté accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the Murcia region on a national release that can only be seen in Cartagena (13/07/2010)
    The day was complete with performances by Dirty Projectors and Cholo Valderrama
  • Travel, workshops and nautical T-The Summer (13/07/2010)
    Youth has presented a complete program, with 66 proposals to fill the leisure time of Cartagena during the months of July, August and September
  • The streets and bars of Colombia in La Mar de Arte (13/07/2010)
    The Palace Hall and the streets of Cartagena house exhibitions that show pictures and letters to the culture of the citizens of Bogotá, which can be visited until 31 August
  • The regulation of the ORA will not be extended to new streets (13/07/2010)
    The Committee on Finance and Home Affairs today approved final ordinance regulating parking on the street in Cartagena
  • Brina presented his new music on the street to La Mar de Músicas (13/07/2010)
    The group on Monday brought the best of Slovenia to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in a magical concert
  • Continue the breath tests of Local Police (13/07/2010)
    Between 15 and 21 July, made 21 new controls in the morning, afternoon and evening on the main access roads to the city
  • A man attempts to rob with a knife outside a civil guard service (13/07/2010)
    The robber asked for help to local police, also out of service, and both identified themselves as police officers proceeded to arrest the alleged robber in the street Serreta
  • Neighbors of the complex Santiago have their new local social (13/07/2010)
    Decentralization Councilman presided yesterday the opening of these new facilities that will be a meeting point and meeting area Cartagena
  • The Roman Theatre seeks new image (13/07/2010)
    The balance of the deposit, after two years it has been open to the public, provides the data that have been through the nearly 300,000 visitors, and now it's time to start a new promotion campaign
  • The most popular string quartet Kronos Quartet joins the Azeri singer Alim Qasimov, the overwhelming voice of Asia, in Cartagena (12/07/2010)
    The concert is a national release and will be available only in La Mar de Músicas
  • The versatile Javier Codesal shown in La Mar de Músicas reflection on violence and its consequences in Colombia (12/07/2010)
    The hall will host Byzantine Wall photos and a video installation by Spanish artist
  • Nadin Ospina, Colombian pop artist presents Tierras Colombianas in the art section of the festival La Mar de Musicas Cartagena (12/07/2010)
    The exhibition is open at the Palace Molina until the end of August
  • Arrested a young man after stealing a school scoreboard Virgen de Begoña Local Police officers attended the scene in the early hours of Saturday when the alarm of theft in a classroom of the school, giving the individual and his companions, some mino (12/07/2010)

  • Javier Codesal and Nadin Ospina, protagonists of the Sea of Art (12/07/2010)
    The Great Wall and the Palace Molina Byzantine house exhibitions of ceramic figures, paintings, digital photographs and videos showing the Colombian culture, which can be visited until 31 August
  • Temporary closing of the Archaeological Museum of Castro Enrique Escudero (12/07/2010)
    From July 19 to September 1 will be suspended visits to carry out tasks of preparation of the exhibition spaces
  • The local police began their campaign to control the noise of the motorcycles (12/07/2010)
    9 to July 31 will develop the first phase of this action by the center, which aims to prevent excessive noise caused by these vehicles and ensure rest of the people
  • The beach of San Ginés regains its blue flag after the construction of sewage (12/07/2010)
    The mayor who presided over the act of lifting, highlighted the improved access and services to be held in this coastal area
  • The Folklore Festival of La Palma successfully closed its eighteenth edition (12/07/2010)
    Councillors of Celebration, Decentralization, Education District and chaired the event which closed the festival on Saturday which has been held since July 3 and has had music , workshops and lots of tradition
  • New social club for residents of the Private Santiago (12/07/2010)
    is opened Monday afternoon in a ceremony that will include the presence of Councilman Decentralization
  • Cartagena dressed in red to celebrate the victory of Spain (12/07/2010)
    Spain's Square last night was filled with eager Cartagena party after winning their first World Cup selection in South Africa
  • A new sense of Brazilian music Céu in La Mar de Músicas (10/07/2010)
    Brina The Slovenian group plays at the Town Hall Square for free
  • The new diva of jazz, Melody Gardot, the festival La Mar de Músicas (10/07/2010)
    The concert is Sunday at 23:00 pm
  • The voice of Africa, Salif Keita, and the legendary and psychedelic Os Mutantes, shine on Saturday night at the festival La Mar de Músicas (09/07/2010)
    The programming will complete the festive Balkatalan Experience
  • 2030 tourists arrive in Cartagena in the ship AIDAvita (09/07/2010)
    This is the first of four cruises to a stop in the city during the month of July, visitors fill the shops, bars and places of historical tourism
  • III BlueSport Beach Soccer Tournament 2010 (09/07/2010)
    Consolidated and despite his youth, the championship will be held from 13 to 18 July at the beach of Tessy in La Manga
  • The local police is preparing to host the World Cup in Cartagena (09/07/2010)
    Spain's Square is the place chosen to express the joy of the fans if the Spanish team win the World
  • Tourism in the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean with the catamaran Olé (09/07/2010)
    This initiative offers tours around the sea and joins the various alternatives that are already in the tourist port city
  • Jaime Molto (IU) Barreiro accused of "instrumentalization" La Mar de Músicas (09/07/2010)

  • The Muram offer workshops for families and directions modernist (09/07/2010)
    Events take place during the summer to coincide with the exhibition of drawings Párraga
  • Habaneras in light of the moon (09/07/2010)
    The Coral Carthagonova, with the collaboration of the Department of Celebration, will offer its traditional July 31 concert with the Faro de Cabo de Palos
  • Summer fun in the Barrio Virgen de la Caridad (09/07/2010)
    During the months of July, August and September there will be traditional games and water sports courses, workshops, competitions and traditional radio
  • The beaches of the west of Cartagena again wear the blue flag on Monday (09/07/2010)
    The mayor shall preside over the lifting of the mark on the beach of San Ginés, La Azohía
  • The Day Centre of Sorrows will be ready later this year (09/07/2010)
    Social Care Councillor yesterday visited the refurbishment of the building that is designed to serve the purpose of residence and ease the burden on families in the municipality dependence
  • Afrocubism XVI inaugurates the festival La Mar de Músicas (08/07/2010)
    Music Muchachito pump Bombo Infierno and complete Stereo on Friday night July 9, first day of the festival
  • The Catamaran Olé offer tours around the Mar Menor (08/07/2010)
    Charter Carthago shipyards presented Friday at the Old Yacht Club this boat, in a ceremony that will be attended by the Councillor for Tourism
  • Movie Night in Arqua (08/07/2010)
    Today Thursday The documentary strong>The Battle of Andagoste/strong>
  • Appointed a professor at the UPCT vice president of the Spanish Association of Telecommunication Engineers (08/07/2010)

  • Campaign 2010/2011 Reale subscribers Cartagena (07/07/2010)

  • Las Colonias teach music to world music through fun (07/07/2010)
    It is the seventh edition of these colonies, which are aimed at children between 4 and 12, and are held in schools in Garden City and Home Child
  • Arrested for selling counterfeit goods (07/07/2010)
    It offered Entremares bathers and goggles bags prestigious brands, along with copies of illegal CDs and DVDs
  • Weekend boiled with the program T-T (07/07/2010)

  • Shops safer thanks to the collaboration between City Council and Chamber (07/07/2010)
    Both institutions have launched a pioneering campaign that begins in the Los Dolores and will strengthen the local police contact with traders in case of contingencies in establishments
  • Local Police prepares new breathalyser tests for the next few days (07/07/2010)
    Between 8 and 14 July were 21 checks in the morning, afternoon and evening on the main access roads to the city
  • New paleontological excavations at Cueva Victoria (07/07/2010)
    Directed by Luis Gibert and driven by the city of Cartagena and the consortium of tourism in the Sierra Minera, aim it visited the public
  • Rumbled rescued a woman from Cala Reona and Calblanque (07/07/2010)
    from about 30 years, was alone and undocumented, and suffered a severe head injury and an open fracture in the leg
  • Carrasco, the new addition of Real Cartagena (06/07/2010)
    Herrero Rubén Carrasco was introduced this morning as the new signing of the Cartagena Reale
  • Melody Gardot's concert was delayed half an hour for the World (06/07/2010)

  • The Cartagena of more than 2,000 years ago in a documentary about the Punic Wall (06/07/2010)
    The presentation of digital animation short will be held this morning in the auditorium of the Punic Wall
  • III Congress of coexistence of rocks from Atletico Madrid in Cartagena (06/07/2010)
    On Saturday there will be a socio-time sports fans will gather this team throughout the south-east, where there will be meetings, football and a meal of fellowship
  • Festivals in Los Puertos de Santa Barbara (06/07/2010)
    The population of the area west of the Campo de Cartagena welcomes summer playground, a bicycle tour, bike raffle, lunch, snacks and activities of groups like Neil, Gala and Azabache
  • The Musical Colonies hold a open house (06/07/2010)
    Wednesday invited the media to share their activities, having also attended by the Councillor for Education
  • The Cartagonova improving its facilities in summer The Department of Sports is planning to undertake during the months of July and August more than a dozen works, including installation of 140 lights, reinforcing pillars and structures, and as a revi (06/07/2010)

  • 20 new guards health and elderly care and have their diplomas (06/07/2010)
    Over the past few weeks have done internships in hospitals and nursing homes, and this morning have been accredited at a ceremony held at the Palace Hall
  • The PP González Tovar asked to clarify how it will ensure safety with fewer police on the shores of the municipality (06/07/2010)

  • 16 Workshops students finish plasterboard and joinery ADLE (06/07/2010)
    Wednesday will receive their diplomas at a ceremony to be held in the Ceremonial Hall of the Town Hall
  • Flecha wins the Memorial Alberto Martínez de Vela Latina (06/07/2010)
    Nine boats came together the last week of June in St. Lucia to pay tribute to the figure of the former lover of the sea and sailing
  • UPyD denouncing the proliferation of illegal taxis in Cartagena (06/07/2010)
    The rise of private cars that serve as taxis, threaten the viability of taxi ranks at railway stations and bus
  • Share car and parking, even in summer (06/07/2010)
    The Department of Sustainable Development recommended to use these services at the increase in travel outside the city during the summer
  • Playa Honda boasts a blue flag and a quality Q (05/07/2010)
    The mayor has enarbolarbolado this morning the two badges granted at this point the coast of Cartagena on behalf of the 17 awarded to the coast of Cartagena
  • June is paid off with about fifty vehicles reported speeding (05/07/2010)
    Local Police last month made 56 radar controls in conflicting ways of the city, like Sebastian North Feringa or access, for those who 13,830 vehicles last
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures will be maintained by a company (05/07/2010)
    The mayor explained that disappear consortium, created in time for the creation of the tourism brand in order to obtain economic savings
  • 20 students in health orderlies and care seniors receive their diplomas (05/07/2010)
    Over the past few weeks have done internships in hospitals and nursing homes
  • The Sea Film screening of 15 films and eight documentaries with Colombia on the merits (05/07/2010)
    Cinema of the good, and free, you can see from 12 to 24 July in the Nuevo Teatro Circo in the hands of the Sea Music Festival, which will bring Cartagena by Colombian director Victor Gaviria prestigious
  • A group of cyclists promotes bike use in Spain (05/07/2010)
    Project Get on the bike, Peninsula 2010, made a stop last week in Cartagena, where they were received by the Municipal Office of Bicycle and collective BICU
  • Return to arrest him for breaking with a hammer three ATMs in Cartagena (05/07/2010)
    The implied age of 65 and was arrested last week by similar event in the Barrio de Peral
  • The UPCT Social Council created the award "In Memoriam Ginés Martínez Huertas, the Improvement and Effort" (05/07/2010)

  • Low unemployment in Cartagena than the national average (05/07/2010)
    Go down the second straight month unemployment
  • UPyD is in favor of building a sports complex on the grounds of "Global 82" (03/07/2010)

  • The Civil Guard detained a person engaged in committing robberies of jewelry (02/07/2010)
    have recovered more than fifty pieces of stolen jewelry that have been returned to their rightful owners
  • 79,000 euros for equipment UNED Associated Center in Cartagena (02/07/2010)

  • AMPE FEREMUR and propose to the City to assist in an education campaign (02/07/2010)
    This initiative, which is the motivation of staff and students in public education, was presented this morning to the mayor by the representatives of these institutions
  • Jorge Juan and Ramon y Cajal be closed to traffic in summer and works This action, which begins Tuesday, is aimed at channeling underground storm toward the Alameda de San Antón, and cause changes in the itineraries of lines 1, 3 and 9 bus on its way (02/07/2010)

  • The ADLE doubled its number of users (02/07/2010)
    Comparing the figures for the first half of the year, the Agency has been able to come that has served twice as many people as in 2009, which included, in addition, 300 new job seekers
  • El Palmero celebrates its patron saint (02/07/2010)
    The program begins on July 2 opening with the opening speech and will have many activities until its closure on Sunday 18 with the foam party, mobile disco dance and fireworks end holiday
  • La Palma Opens National Folk Festival with street music and Freco (02/07/2010)
    The Palm of the Casas Grandes hosts, from 3 to July 10, folk dancing and will feature stellar Orchestra and the New Mester de Juglaría
  • The Murcia Region 7 will provide live images from traffic cameras Local Police (02/07/2010)
    The Governing Board authorized the issuance safeguarding the right to privacy
  • Withdrawal of Main Street and Puerta de Murcia twelve kilos of chewing gum in four days (02/07/2010)
    The City Council launches a campaign to manually start the floor of pedestrian streets and squares this waste
  • Suspended two spectators FC Cartagena - Albacete SAD (02/07/2010)

  • 13 and a half million euros for improvements in schools The Ministry of Education and the City will invest this money in extension work, in some cases, infrastructure upgrading and nearly all the schools in the municipality, which will be out during (01/07/2010)

  • Closure of the Amateur Football Championship XV Cartagena (01/07/2010)
    The participating clubs received several awards in the press room at the Municipal Stadium Cartagonova accompanied by the mayor of Cartagena sports
  • La Palma celebrates the Festival of Folklore XVIII Palm welcomes the Casas Grandes, 3 to July 10, lectures-discussions, children's workshops, exhibitions and performances of folk groups, with participation in this year's New Group Mester de J (01/07/2010)

  • Archaeologists take the top of the hill the turnstile (01/07/2010)
    The results of the excavations will determine the configuration of the entrances, walkways and recreation areas of the Archaeological Park
  • The City Council planned an underground parking and a sports complex in the World 82 (01/07/2010)
    The Governing Board will consider tomorrow the specifications of the tender for its award
  • On-going Senior Summer School (01/07/2010)
    The councilman of Social Care has been commissioned to inaugurate the workshops organized by the IMSS and will run until July 15
  • The return of night trips and thematic tours to Puerto de Culturas (01/07/2010)
    During the months of July and August offer these activities to be developed at the Catamaran Resort and interpretation centers of the Roman Cartagena and the stronghold of the Mediterranean
  • Music for silent film classic closed cycle in Cartagena Sound Spaces (01/07/2010)
    The Silent Film Music Ensemble performed original pieces by Salvador Martinez with projections of Metropolis and Chaplin Short

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