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Cartagena News - January 2010

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  • Cartagena UPyD denounced the deplorable state of access to the city by the Paseo de Alfonso XIII (31/01/2010)
    considered the main gateway to the city has a poor image
  • ... (31/01/2010)

  • The Civil Guard detained two people for theft of jewelry valued at 20,000 euros (31/01/2010)
    were recovered from the stolen jewelry that have been returned to its rightful owner
  • The Reale will play the final tournament in Portugal (30/01/2010)

  • Help immigrants start their own business (30/01/2010)
    On Monday starts the second edition of the program with the collaboration of the City Council, aimed at providing training to this group to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Nearly 1,900 young people participate in the Intervention Program Socio Young Space (30/01/2010)
    The workshops were the greater expectation of sexual affective education, erotic toys and kitchen
  • Cartagena UPyD critical lack of funding for the Roman Amphitheater and the Museum and Center for interpretation (29/01/2010)
    considered strategic for the city and its development, investment recovery and enhancement of major archaeological sites
  • The mayor visited the new sports facilities, social and cultural rights and La Palma Belones (29/01/2010)
    The four projects are completed within the time prescribed in the absence of a few small steps
  • The agreed negotiating table split in two years salary increases of 2010 (29/01/2010)
    It was also agreed to initiate an administrative career in 2015
  • End of National Composition Contest Pasodobles (29/01/2010)
    is held Saturday at the Civic Center Pozo Estrecho
  • The City subsidizes the Carnival with 130,000 euros (29/01/2010)
    Cartagena this year with the participation of representatives of Cartagena de Indias, the Netherlands, Aruba and Brazil, so the Carnival Committee wants to ensure that these parties are of International Tourist Interest
  • The IES San Isidro de Los Dolores Cultural Week held its XIV (29/01/2010)
    Art has been the focus of this event, which closed its doors yesterday and has enjoyed the cooperation of the Department of Youth
  • Health, Decentralization and Intervention move to San Miguel (29/01/2010)
    Most municipal services have changed since host
  • T-The program travels to Salamanca (29/01/2010)
    Youth opens the registration period for the cultural trip to the Castilian city of Leon, to be held on Good Friday Bridge
  • The conservatory hosts on Saturday a new edition of concerts in family (29/01/2010)
    The Cartagena Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Brian George Webber will be responsible to delight young and old in their approach to classical music
  • Students in the carpentry workshops and Facilities ADLE receive their diplomas (29/01/2010)
    The 16 students who have participated in courses at the training center Canteras have received their accreditation from the hands of the Councillor for Employment in an act held this morning at the Palace Hall
  • The web portal cartagenaturismo receives 30 percent more visits (29/01/2010)
    110,000 visitors access to over 300,000 pages of new tourist portal
  • Water cut in the Avenida Reina Victoria (29/01/2010)
    On Monday, the supply will be interrupted on several adjacent streets due to maintenance work Aquagest
  • Opened the new Museum of The Bun in La Palma and the new Community Centre Belones (29/01/2010)
    Funded entirely by the Government of Spain
  • Green Light contract to manage the CAI de La Vaguada (29/01/2010)
    The Board of Directors today also approved the extension of the cooperation agreement with the Association of Unemployed People over 40 years, and the creation of an employment agency for Tourism
  • The City Council will turn the winch in an Archaeological Historical Park (29/01/2010)
    The Governing Board approves the project with another 20 to be funded by the Plan E
  • The PSOE ask ZINSER SEPES requiring the return of the land if it relocates Los Camachos workers (29/01/2010)
    Socialists asked to appear in Salvador Marin in the Assembly "to explain what alternative measures studies the regional government to relocate those workers "
  • Hostetur, before declining by 13% overnight, ask for promotional activities to help the sector to overcome the crisis (29/01/2010)
    The Hotel Association says that "the entry of foreigners to cross borders posted guides because most of them do not stay overnight in tourist accommodation "
  • The Socialist Party calls for Cerda to explain why the Assembly has not yet charged to Portman Golf 5.4 million euros of Balsa Jenny (28/01/2010)
    Rosique lawmaker Teresa said that the regional government to charge only the company raised when he learned he was being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor
  • IU Cerdá criticized for its handling of the raft Yenny (28/01/2010)

  • The UPCT Aquinas held at the Faculty of Business Science (28/01/2010)
    The rector describes 2009 as "the great year of research" at the Technical University
  • Real Cartagena this morning to his new signing this season (28/01/2010)
    Hector Rodriguez Rubio, known athletically as Hector, he joined the staff albiazul becoming the new power forward the team led by Luis Fonseca.
  • New findings in the excavations of the Roman Amphitheatre (28/01/2010)
    The directors of the archaeological works have been exhibited at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of developments in the amphitheater, which will be visited on Monday by members of the Foundation
  • Enabled six new parking spaces for disabled (28/01/2010)
    The municipality has now a total of 34 seats may only use those vehicles with disability card
  • Marta Zafrilla in Poetry Program Carmen Conde (28/01/2010)
    will be on Friday January 29 to 20 hours at the Municipal Archive
  • The National Commission on duty visit the Palace Hall (28/01/2010)
    At the meeting with the Mayor Luis Ruipérez has also been coincident with the end of his tenure as president of this organization and dean of the College of Lawyers of Cartagena
  • The institutes Aquinas held a day intercultural (28/01/2010)
    Councillor for Education has visited this morning some of the centers participating in the activities under the program "A school open to other cultures', funded with Social Care
  • Continue round of visits by the mayor to work in districts and county (28/01/2010)
    Barreiro will stop Friday at La Palma and Los Belones to check the progress of municipal projects in both locations
  • Finish Carpentry Workshops and Facilities ADLE (28/01/2010)
    The 16 students who have participated in courses at the training center Quarries, receive their diplomas on Friday at the hands of the Councillor for Jobs
  • Luisa Villar Meetings with students in local libraries (28/01/2010)
    With more than thirty books published and an expert on reading promotion, she will be from 1 to 3 February in Cartagena sharing his knowledge and his book 'The Thief of sausage 'With more than 800 children
  • The rejoneador "The Cartagenero" passes back under the knife (28/01/2010)

  • Barreiro Condolences to Cartagena de Indias for the death of singer Etelvina Maldonado (27/01/2010)
    The Colombian artist would attend the next edition of The Sea Music
  • The Cancer Association is preparing a place to replenish the environment of the Hospital of Saint Lucia (27/01/2010)
    also want to paint famous miniature cows which will then be auctioned to raise funds
  • German Book Club in Bag Languages (27/01/2010)
    The first round of the year is scheduled for Thursday in the Youth Space Paseo de Alfonso XIII
  • Second visit this week of Norwegian students Palace Hall (27/01/2010)
    A group of VET students and teachers are Aesthetic exchange in the city with Bastarreche Institute, with which they visited the municipality where they have received the councilman of Youth
  • The Cancer Association received 1,300 euros from the San Silvestre (27/01/2010)
    Sports councilor today presented the grant check to the association and a euro earmarked for each of the entries that were made to participate in the cross Christmas
  • The City Council supports in three years to 61 companies led by women (27/01/2010)
    The mayor has emphasized this fact during the inauguration today in Archena of regional workshops aimed at women entrepreneurs
  • The City Council removed rubbish bins in the streets pedestrian streets (27/01/2010)
    Starting Monday, Infrastructure collection focus on two points that operate at night, 20 to 24 hours
  • Maria Galiana and Berta Ojea star escaped at the Teatro Circo (27/01/2010)
    The book, translated by Yolanda Garcia Serrano, is shown on Thursday at 21:30 hours in Cartagena
  • The program caters to 1,300 unemployed OPEA (27/01/2010)
    The goal of the ADLE is to improve the possibilities for inclusion of people without work through this service in the municipality of Cartagena
  • The Sea of Music mourns the death of Etelvina Maldonado (27/01/2010)
    Bullerengue The Colombian singer, who died yesterday, was to participate in the 2010 edition of the festival
  • ADLE incorporates a Bridge to the Future for students of 2 º Bachiller (27/01/2010)
    The end of these courses and sessions of Mobile Classroom is to guide and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of 4,000 students in the city
  • Courses for the elderly in the municipality during the first quarter (27/01/2010)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services from January to March will give workshops on computer memory training and new technologies for the elderly
  • Intercultural Day in Schools to celebrate St. Thomas Aquinas (27/01/2010)
    Councillor for Education on Thursday will visit four of the institutions participating in the activities that fall under the program "A school open to other cultures', funded with Social Care
  • The Sea of Music mourns the death of Colombian singer bullerenge Etelvina Maldonado who was to participate in the 2010 edition (27/01/2010)
    The singer was the main figures of folklore and traditional music of the Caribbean
  • Alex Love, 2 Real Cartagena (27/01/2010)
    Reale's new signing Cartagena has been presented this morning in the staff room of Guimbarda Wsell Pavilion
  • Maria Galiana and Berta Ojea star in the Teatro Circo escaped (27/01/2010)
    The work will be tomorrow, Thursday 28 January at 21:30 hours in Cartagena
  • Young Talents second stage (27/01/2010)

  • Results of the tenth round of the League Grassroots (26/01/2010)
    maximum points in the championship leaders
  • The Governing Board approved seven new projects in the Plan E (26/01/2010)
    accounting for 1.2 million euros and will go to construction and improvement of cultural, social, health and sports districts and councils
  • Students of the Norwegian Institute of exchange in Cartagena with Jiménez de la Espada (26/01/2010)
    A group of eighteen students of Bachelor Norwegian, accompanied by their counterparts in Cartagena, today visited the Palace Hall building your stay in Cartagena
  • Second year of weekend Municipal Theatre School (26/01/2010)
    Open Form Request within the workshop, which may occur in the program offices Youth T-La, and provide the Brazilian actress Chuca Toledo, 19 and 20 February
  • The first celebrated UPCT St. Thomas Aquinas in the old CIM (26/01/2010)

  • Graphic reports want to enhance the photojournalism (26/01/2010)
    Through various activities and next to Carlos Gallego Photography Competition seeks to promote this kind of journalism has raised as its president, Juan Francisco Moreno, the mayor
  • The wind tomb two ficus on the Avenue of the Americas in Cartagena (26/01/2010)
    One of the copies hit a parked car along the promenade
  • The economic crisis only affects the flow of immigrants in the Region (26/01/2010)
    A representation of consuls in the region, with Dean at the helm, have visited the mayor today and took stock of how they affect the country's economic problems to the population they represent
  • Presentation of diplomas to the first edition of ALDE-Barrios (26/01/2010)
    The 29 students who participated in the program have received their certificates at the closing ceremony held at the Palace Hall
  • Orange alert winds up to 90 miles per hour until eight at night (26/01/2010)
    The main incidents have been recorded by the streak that has brought down trees and building facades affected
  • Murcia BDA supports the Polytechnic University of Cartagena in the development of a research of horticulture (26/01/2010)

  • UPyD Rosell reiterates the maintenance of cash as a second hospital in the city (26/01/2010)

  • A pink gateway on the Rambla (25/01/2010)
    Workers of the contractor are finalizing the manufacturing site of the bridge which gives access to Health Center
  • III Poster Contest March 8, International Women's Day (25/01/2010)
    March 3 is the deadline to stop work this event organized by the People's University Department of Culture
  • Improvement of public lighting in San Felix and The Barreros (25/01/2010)
    In the last few weeks have come into operation light 60 points in 15 streets in these two neighborhoods
  • The Bicycle City Clerk expands its draw until 31 January (25/01/2010)
    A total of 181 users have given their data after the recovery of service
  • Carnival 2010 (25/01/2010)
    Carnival this year will bring joy and imagination, with the participation of Cartagena de Indias in the parade, a greater number of troupes, groups of choreography and acting in concert Estopa
  • The City Council FITUR tourism promoted in Congress (25/01/2010)
    Region's stand was echoed by the vast tourism in Cartagena in all its forms: cultural, language, nature, sun and beach and water sports, supporting increased the figures in this sector in Cartagena in 2009
  • Tournament in Portugal (25/01/2010)
    Real Cartagena travel to Portugal later this week to compete in the 8 th International Tournament Vila de Sto.
  • The ADLE preparing the fourth edition of the courses Scaffold Editor (25/01/2010)
    January 27 opens the application deadline for these courses organized by the Agency of Local Development and Employment in collaboration with the company Tyssenkrupp Xervon
  • Ortega Cano bullfighting Cartagena want to say goodbye to benefit Haiti (24/01/2010)
    is willing to give a lot seven bulls of their own livestock, "Yerbabuena"
  • Real Cartagena: "Thank you on their side" (23/01/2010)

  • Presentation of diplomas to the first edition of the ADLE-Barrios (23/01/2010)
    The 29 students who participated in the program receive diplomas Tuesday at the closing ceremony held at the Palace Hall
  • More facilities for the bus pass for pensioners and large families (23/01/2010)
    Social Care Delivery schedule extended to Tuesday and Thursday in the building of the Miraculous
  • The Mayor visits the site of The Plan, The Albujón and The Aljorra (22/01/2010)
    The project will be finished in the first half of 2010
  • Jorge Calvet spoke in Cartagena on wind and industry (22/01/2010)
    The mayor was in charge of presenting the president of Gamesa who participated in Thursday's Class Business Conference organized by AJE Cartagena
  • Specific Basic Repair Course Handicap (22/01/2010)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services City of Cartagena on Monday began these workshops in collaboration with the apex body
  • Cartagena Tourism grows by 18 percent while in Spain decreased by 8.7 (22/01/2010)
    The mayor said that the Board of Spokesmen city will be responsible for determining the activities of the councilors not engaged in full of the Corporation
  • Firefighters in Action sent a second expedition to Haiti Humanitarian Aid (22/01/2010)

  • The woman takes on more roles in today's Europe (22/01/2010)
    Women Councilmember spoke yesterday at the round table "Women in Our Culture ', in which it was determined that through education is currently moving towards more equitable society
  • The students of the Workshop on Job Care Unit begin their internship (22/01/2010)
    The goal is to train 32 people unemployed and geriatric care assistants for a year that will be given 1920 hours teaching
  • Teachers in four countries analyzed in Cartagena the role of women in their cultures (22/01/2010)
    A round table on Thursday at the Municipal Archives, the Councillor attends Rosario Montero
  • Brethren of Jaén out in Cartagena Steps Award 2010 (22/01/2010)
    Women Councillor attend the Gala on Saturday that five years ago, organized by the Association of Brethren of Cartagena Women
  • The St. Felix school visit circuit speed with ADE (22/01/2010)
    Throughout Thursday morning, school students had the opportunity to learn the specialty of motorcycling in the activities planned by the Department of Sports
  • Franciscan wins in four categories of the Cross School (21/01/2010)
    Speed Circuit a1.100 met this year 50 school education
  • The Socialist Party demands explanation from the local government on the construction of the Minister of Health in El Albujón (21/01/2010)
    Charity Rives said that the Municipal Socialist Group examines possible illegalities in the works of the indoor pool, M ª Ángeles Palacios has been in a spot on The Lomas
  • Caritas Youth and 2,000 kilos of food collected in the Christmas season (21/01/2010)
    With this initiative, which have helped the municipality youth associations, have benefited more than a hundred families in need Cartagena
  • The South Bank roundabout of La Manga, virtually complete (21/01/2010)
    details are being finalized and conducting auctions to proceed with the installation of traffic lights manually regulate the crosswalk
  • Improvements in Cala Cortina and batteries Costas (21/01/2010)
    Demarcation of State and City of Cartagena collaborate in the preparation of the area
  • Cartagena de Indias participate in the Carnival parade (21/01/2010)
    Celebrations Councillor presented the different activities of the program, the parties sign and the name of the town crier
  • The Norwegian professional arbitrators trained in Cartagena (21/01/2010)
    This morning we have carried out a physical and technical session on the track Cartagena Municipal Athletics
  • UPyD Cartagena warns that the proposed terraces at the windlass can destroy the remains of a palace Carthaginian (21/01/2010)

  • The History of the Roman Theatre arrives in Madrid (21/01/2010)
    The mayor attended yesterday the opening of the exhibition on the vicissitudes of their discovery in the classroom Cajamurcia culture in the capital of Spain
  • ... (21/01/2010)

  • Fire Cartagena leave for Haiti (21/01/2010)
    The troops, members of the NGO Action Fire, the mayor explained that the device has been launched to help the devastated Haiti
  • Youth presents the results of the campaign to collect food (20/01/2010)
    Thursday will be announced the kilos of food were collected during the holiday season and have gone to needy families in the city
  • XII Festival of Plays of La Palma (20/01/2010)
    Konjuro Theatre, The Toreros Corropla and 2 2 have been chosen from 19 finalists theater groups that have been submitted to this year's festival, held in February
  • The Civil Guard detained five people suspected of theft of valued at 60,000 euros (20/01/2010)
    The haul, 16 units of high quality ISOS expulsion of the art technology and custom-made, designed for mounting refining facilities.
  • Repsol Chairman and Members of the Committee on Industry, at the Palace Hall (20/01/2010)
    Members of Congress in Cartagena are invited by the petrochemical industry to meet the proposed new refinery Escombreras
  • Activities for elderly and disabled (20/01/2010)
    The Department of Social Services announces the various courses, workshops, tours and hiking tours for the next three months
  • Gala Dinner at the XXXI Anniversary of Club Taurino de Cartagena (20/01/2010)
    Ortega Cano will be awarded the first Gold and Ruby Insignia granting that entity Cartagena during the event is scheduled for Saturday January 23
  • The Community is facing the construction of three new schools in the municipality (19/01/2010)
    At Los Nietos must be added that of the Rambla, next to the Palacio de Deportes, and another in La Aljorra
  • Teachers in four countries analyzed in Cartagena the role of women in their cultures (19/01/2010)
    At the roundtable to be held on Thursday 21 at the Municipal Archives, the Councillor attending Rosario Montero
  • The mother is the model for professional development of young people (19/01/2010)
    A research study conducted by the ADLE, UPCT and INFO about 474 students, three of the ESO shows that parental involvement is key to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of their children
  • In two months the extension of Angel Bruna be open to traffic (19/01/2010)
    The work continues on schedule, and the network is complete sanitation and rainwater collectors phase is prepared for footpaths, lighting and signage
  • Futsal Party to benefit victims of Haiti (19/01/2010)
    is held at the Municipal Sports Pavilion and Cartagena to face Real MFK Tyumen
  • Pedro Zarraluki talk about it that we like (19/01/2010)
    The writer submitted the novel to readers more than 600 students Mandarache Prize in UPCT
  • Party to benefit the earthquake victims in Haiti (19/01/2010)
    This evening was held at the Palace Hall, the presentation of the Reale charity match organized to Cartagena MFK Tyumen, in pursuit of raising funds for the earthquake victims in Haiti
  • Unemployed are formed as waiters in restaurant and bar (19/01/2010)
    Social Care Councillor handed diplomas to the 16 students who have completed training of 200 hours
  • 55 Seniors walk ten thousand steps that separate the Bohemia Plaza Cabo de Palos (19/01/2010)
    The Tourism Active and Healthy program of the City of Cartagena, will travel different routes and higher during the first quarter of this year
  • Water cut in the area of Isla Plana, La Azohía (19/01/2010)
    Aquagest interrupt the supply on Thursday morning for six hours due to maintenance work at the Depot de Mazarrón
  • Free courses teach academics to face the working world (19/01/2010)
    Youth Space has opened the application period for these courses organized in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • Cross School in the Race Track (19/01/2010)
    1,100 children will gather at this event organized by the Department of Sports City of Cartagena
  • Results of the ninth round of the League Grassroots (19/01/2010)
    There goalscoring record with 680 achieving many
  • Ecologists in Action sought dismissal of Adrian Angel Viudes (19/01/2010)
    Ecologists in Action sought dismissal of Adrian Angel Viudes as President of the Port Authority of Cartagena in a letter to the Ministries of Development and Environment
  • Colleagues starts dancing in the street (19/01/2010)
    18 young Spanish, Ecuadorian and Bulgarian presented her choreography on Saturday in the Festival of San Anton
  • The work with the CHS UPCT in the work of Segura Basin as a pilot watershed study of the EU to better manage droughts (18/01/2010)
    The president of the CHS and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation of the agreement signed UPCT agency collaboration between the basin and the Department of Thermal and Fluid Engineering of the University of Cartagena
  • 18 firefighter candidates face four months of training (18/01/2010)
    Only 15 will be added eventually to the Body
  • The Reale organized a charity match for victims of Haiti (18/01/2010)
    Tuesday are the details of meeting them face to MFK Tyumen, at a press conference to be held at the Palace Hall
  • The eclecticism of Fotoencuentros stops in Cartagena (18/01/2010)
  • The Community eliminates an accident black spot between La Union and El Llano (18/01/2010)
    road has been widened, improved layout and illuminated this stretch which has over one million vehicles per year
  • The mayor proclaimed Easter Torreagüera (18/01/2010)
    The Brotherhood Mary Magdalene today met Pilar Barreiro to specify and confirm the event to be held on 14 March
  • Today Monday inaugurated the exhibition of the Section Officer fotoencuentros10 (18/01/2010)

  • Pedro Zarraluki speaks of 'All that we love' (18/01/2010)
    The author presents his novel in several meetings with hundreds of readers Mandarache Award
  • The return of family concerts (18/01/2010)
    The Department of Education proposes a different way to enjoy the Saturday morning with music
  • More than a thousand high school students and visitors centers forty FP UPCT (18/01/2010)

  • First actions were approved the new Plan E (15/01/2010)
    Team outside Government today approved the agenda of the Governing Board, three projects amounting to some 600,000 euros related to the improvement of infrastructure of the Department of Social Services
  • The massive festival of San Anton and are about (15/01/2010)
    The Cartagena attend with their pets on Sunday to participate in the traditional blessing of animals by the pastor of the neighborhood and the tasting of grilled octopus
  • Pozo Estrecho San Fulgencio celebrated with traditional Galilean balls (15/01/2010)
    Neighbors honored on Saturday at his employer with a tasting of this dish which extend to all who wish to visit, including the mayor and other members of the Municipal Corporation
  • Agreement to resume work on the Palacio de Deportes de Cartagena (15/01/2010)
    The City and the company have set the terms of the modified project, which represents an increase of EUR 2,960,000 budget, fully justified by the complexity of the building structure
  • PROLAM Students enjoy a day together at FC Cartagena (15/01/2010)
    After the interruption of Christmas, the ADE of the Department of Sports has once again set up school visits to the city's sports clubs
  • First steps for the construction of a cycleway between Cartagena and La Union (15/01/2010)
    The project, part of an agreement signed by the mayors of both municipalities, is funded 75 percent by the Autonomous Community and the remainder by the City Council
  • The ADLE provides free computer courses 14 (15/01/2010)
    The deadline for submitting applications will remain open throughout the month of January
  • Climbing, hiking and weekend Basin with T-La (15/01/2010)
    Activities for January, February and March 2010 are now on the web
  • More than four thousand students have done internships in companies since it was created UPCT (15/01/2010)

  • UPyD Cartagena reiterates its request for clarification on the pool deck (14/01/2010)
    "Minister of Health that was built on land intended in principle to agricultural use in the Albujón"
  • The Book Club Bag Italian Language add (14/01/2010)
    The deadline for registration to take part in activities to 22 January
  • Cartagena wants to remain the Spanish town with most blue flags (14/01/2010)
    The municipality will invest two million euros to improve the quality of services, facilities and coastal waters, especially in the west
  • The UPCT teaches her students to find their first job (14/01/2010)

  • Faces of Rome closed its doors with a total of 8,000 visitors (14/01/2010)
    The exhibition, which has remained in the Archaeological Museum for more than three months, has been a 83 percent increase in the number of visits to its facilities over the same time last year
  • The municipal website www.cartagena.es stop working for a few hours to perform maintenance (13/01/2010)
    The incidence was recorded on Thursday afternoon and the reason for the transfer of services to the building of San Miguel
  • Check Entrepreneur facilitated the creation of 23 companies in 2009 (13/01/2010)
    The College of Graduate Social been incorporated into this program that provides legal advice ADLE, economic and labor free of charge to entrepreneurs
  • A dozen homeless people overnight in the streets of Cartagena (13/01/2010)
    Social Services keeps track of these people daily and offered blankets and warm clothing and accommodation in a timely manner in the Hospital of Santa Teresa to cope with low temperatures winter
  • Final stretch of shipments to the building of San Miguel (13/01/2010)
    Thursday moved Human Resources and Personnel, and will continue in the coming days the council of the Treasury, Secretary General, Intervention and Neighborhood Relations
  • The ADE program to students about PROLAM FC Cartagena (13/01/2010)
    After the interruption of Christmas, resume school visits to the city's sports clubs organized by the Department of Sports
  • The Roman Theatre Museum houses the Technical Workshop Blue Flag (13/01/2010)
    Organized by the ADEAC, with the assistance of the City of Cartagena, was developed during the morning of Thursday
  • Leonel Morales opens the cycle of payment of the Symphony Orchestra in Cartagena Murcia (13/01/2010)
    Cuban pianist works on Thursday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo with one of his most beloved, the Second Piano Concerto by Rachmaninov
  • The Church of La Caridad hosts on Saturday Gli Incogniti (13/01/2010)
    It is one of the more baroque music ensembles in Europe and most anticipated classical music series Sound Space
  • The Cuban pianist Leonel Morales opens the cycle of payment of the Symphony Orchestra of Murcia in the city of Cartagena (13/01/2010)

  • Winter Programming Language Exchange (13/01/2010)
    During the first quarter of 2010 will remain the most popular activities by users, such as the Tertulia Babel, tourist visits in French and Italian and book clubs
  • UPyD denouncing the deplorable road conditions siphon (12/01/2010)
    And the danger for drivers
  • Among Women in the hall of the Municipal Theatre School (12/01/2010)
    The play, performed in 96 by Pilar Vazquez and Silvio Tortosa, was shown on Thursday with free admission
  • The ADLE signs an agreement with the Graduate School of Social (12/01/2010)
    The details of the agreement, which is included in the program check Entrepreneurship, will be announced at a press conference to be held on Wednesday at the Palace Hall
  • Meeting of the gangs in the Aljorra (12/01/2010)
    The event, in its fifteenth anniversary, is scheduled for January 16 which will honor the memory of Manuel prison known as The Patiñero
  • Finish the second phase of ADLE-Barrios (12/01/2010)
    About thirty unemployed participate until 22 January in the program that the Agency of Local Development and Employment has launched in Santa Lucia, Latin America and the Slum Aljorra
  • Available online Remarks Bag January (12/01/2010)
    This is a new initiative of the Language Exchange to make things easier the task of learning a new language
  • Hall and RACC Launches Education Program for Mobility in schools (12/01/2010)
    More than 1,000 students from 14 schools in the municipality participate in fun activities and informative
  • Cooperation agreement between the University of Murcia and Cartagena FC (12/01/2010)

  • The Civil Guard detained two people dedicated to committing robberies in banks (12/01/2010)
    acted as a couple and intimidated workers using large knives have been seized
  • Knocked an old man as he crossed a pedestrian crossing (12/01/2010)
    UME Local Police intervened after the accident, moving to hit the Rosell which remains under observation by a strong blow to the head
  • Results of the eighth round of the League Grassroots (12/01/2010)
    fair play prevails in the first quarter of the local youth football league, which saw the day of last weekend's 15 matches were suspended because of rain
  • VI Meeting of Associations of Women (11/01/2010)
    Interested women can now register on the Department of Women of the City of Cartagena, from today until January 20 to participate in this meeting, which this year takes place in the Spa Archena
  • José Miguel De Miguel "La joie de vivre" (11/01/2010)

  • The XXI edition of the FIFA Futsal in Spain, to be held from 11 to 14 February in Santiago de Compostela, starts to heat 'engine' (11/01/2010)

  • Open Enrolment for the short week of Cartagena (11/01/2010)
    The Short Film Festival Shows Much More May, reaching its V edition, entries allowed until 1 March
  • Two artificial turf fields among the projects under the new Plan E (11/01/2010)
    The mayor met today with part of his administration to begin to determine the actions to be performed during this year with state funding
  • Sign up Project Phase IV WORK (11/01/2010)
    Last week began the courses organized by the health Celador ADLE, catering for children and seniors and lifeguards and monitor nautical sports, involving 45 students
  • Cuts off an ear Solano Agustín Atarfe (Granada) (11/01/2010)
    The rejoneador Solano Agustín Cartagena has an ear cut off in the first semifinal of the IV Contest Rejones Atarfe City
  • The Solano Agustín Cartagena rejoneador season opens today in Atarfe (Granada) (10/01/2010)

  • Public Works reshape the Plaza de Molina's district of Santa Lucía of Cartagena (09/01/2010)
    The best proposal will be chosen through a contest of ideas of who wins the architectural design that best meets the demands and needs of people in the neighborhood
  • UPyD claims that the Minister of Health to clarify "the circumstances on his property construction of an indoor swimming pool" (08/01/2010)
    "in the soil for agricultural use"
  • The Film Club resumes Hannibal projections parentheses after Christmas (08/01/2010)
    Nine foreign films make up the new winter schedule which will be screened during the months of January, February and March
  • The storm demolished a wall in the Paseo de la Playa de Levante Cabo de Palos (08/01/2010)
    Local Police has bounded a stretch of 100 meters where you can not move during the weekend, avoiding hazards to pedestrians
  • Exhibition Skate in the rink Carlos III (08/01/2010)
    On Saturday the park was officially opened recently opened urban sports with the performance of professional skaters
  • The V Cartagena Trophy for Charity raises 6,000 euros (08/01/2010)
    This money, as it has done traditionally, is to benefit the Home for the Elderly
  • The sum Bicycle City Clerk 129 users in a week (08/01/2010)
    After the information campaign in commercial zones 3 and January 5, citizens are encouraged to register their bikes, mostly mountain, taking advantage of this service offered by the City Council
  • Cartagena UPyD construction claims in "Cinema Central" a drama "Main" (07/01/2010)

  • Courses begin 2010 in the Department of Women (07/01/2010)
    Starting Monday and through the first quarter of the courses will be taught skills and Men kitchen, Esteem and laughter therapy and Informatics
  • The call to participate in Much More May (07/01/2010)
    up to February 19 projects can be submitted to the Festival each year organizes the Youth Council
  • The local police registered a 30 percent fewer incidences of Christmas Past (07/01/2010)
    The increased presence of officers on the street during the holidays has significantly reduced robberies, assaults and nuisance
  • Suspended soccer game between Cartagena and rain Stuttgart (07/01/2010)
    The friendly match to benefit the grassroots Cartagena was going to play this afternoon at Municipal Stadium Cartagonova has been postponed because the pitch is not conditions
  • The Three Kings arrive at La Manga uploaded in Harley Davidson (05/01/2010)

  • The State Commission on Violence against high-risk states of the encounter between Hercules CF, SAD and FC Cartagena (05/01/2010)

  • The skate park opens its doors (05/01/2010)
    The space dedicated to young people in Carlos III for urban sports since Tuesday is fully operational once you have outlined the latest details and decoration of the same
  • Local police complaint in December 199 speeding vehicles (05/01/2010)
    traffic during the campaign that closes the year, police have conducted 22 inspections of radar in the ways of city
  • The Order of the Magi returned to La Palma (05/01/2010)
    After 80 years not represented, have recovered texts that underpin this holiday tradition can be seen on Jan. 6 at the Plaza Manuel Zamora of that council
  • International match between FC Cartagena and VFB Stuttgart (05/01/2010)
    This is a mutual benefit basis Cartagena football to be played on Thursday at Municipal Stadium Cartagonova
  • Friendly between Real Cartagena and the sports press (05/01/2010)

  • Cartagena UPyD report speeding in the village of San Felix (04/01/2010)

  • Culture invests about one million euros in the rehabilitation of the council's Apollo Theater Cartagena El Algar (04/01/2010)

  • Markets opened the period for renewal of license vendors in Cartagena (04/01/2010)
    18 to January 31 will be shown a list of posts that remain vacant throughout 2009 to be eligible for improvements
  • The Mayor visits the Apollo Theatre to coincide with the 103 birthday of the building since its opening (04/01/2010)
    Accompanied by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pilar Barreiro has been found in situ how this old building has been located in El Algar after rehabilitation works it
  • The ADLE publishes the scholarship program with Leonardo (04/01/2010)
    The Scholarships Selection Committee has chosen 26 young people who will travel to four European countries to do internships in companies
  • Photographer Dies Cartagena Ramón García (04/01/2010)
    The former Cartagenero Year 2007 died Sunday at 93 years old
  • The 'Free French' will guide students through the museum Arqua Cartagena (02/01/2010)
    This educational program can enhance the learning of French with fun activities
  • Dies Manuel Paredes Martinez, former secretary general of the UGT of Cartagena and former Army captain Republican (01/01/2010)
    participated last May in the presentation of the Centennial events PSRM-PSOE and José Fuentes Yepes, and Ginés González Pascual Azorín

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