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Cartagena News - July 2013

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  • Emergency Services are directed to the company Navantia to meet an employee who has suffered an accident at work. (31/07/2013)
    Has suffered traumatic amputation of a hand
  • The Waterboys will close the 33rd edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (31/07/2013)
    Tickets for the concert, to be held on November 29 in El Batel, out Aug. 1 for sale
  • The poetic improvisation Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain sneaks into Trovalia 2013 (31/07/2013)

  • A clear and transparent website to report on issues of Finance and Personnel (31/07/2013)
    The councilor responsible for the area today unveiled this new tool, aimed to provide information to citizens, which goes live with over 400 documents relating to the this term
  • Variants of the RM-332 improve road safety in Cuesta Blanca, Ports and Tallante (31/07/2013)

  • Students of the Polytechnic have a folding electric bike that is connected to geo applications for smartphones (31/07/2013)

  • Easter in Cartagena and Lorca, march together in an exhibition (31/07/2013)
    The San Juan shows Risen and the White Pass, which opened Tuesday Councillor for Culture, can be visited at the Casino of Cartagena to date September 1
  • The music of the seventies is back this Friday at Fort Christmas (31/07/2013)

  • Playa Paraiso get the quality Q Township No. 12 (31/07/2013)
    The granting of this new badge, issued by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality confirms the quality of services and infrastructure Cartagena beaches, and is among the best the country
  • Cut to traffic direction Captains Bastarreche Ripoll by a fault in the water pipes (30/07/2013)

  • Youth Cartagena resume their studies thanks to the PCPI taught by the ALDE (30/07/2013)

  • Cartagena closes July with the arrival of more than 20,000 cruise passengers (30/07/2013)

  • Families who need it and can apply for grants to pay water bills (30/07/2013)
    The mayor and the director of Aquagest in Cartagena today signed an agreement for establishing a social fund of 157,000 euros to cover these payments during 2013, with effect from January
  • Easter in Cartagena and Lorca, united in an exhibition (30/07/2013)
    Councillor for Culture attend the opening of the exhibition San Juan Risen and the White Pass, which will take place this afternoon, at 20.00 am in the hall Multipurpose Cartagena Casino
  • Statement in relation to the serious situation of uncertainty about the public university system (30/07/2013)

  • 40,000 people enjoyed the Sea of ​​Music (29/07/2013)

  • The AVE could reach Cartagena Mandarache (29/07/2013)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro, announced that City Council and the Ministry of Development have been working for months to get the AVE reach Cartagena as soon as possible, which has emerged as
  • The UPCT and SPACE together to teach reconstruct a traffic accident (29/07/2013)

  • Rivero: "I made the right decision to return to Cartagena" (29/07/2013)

  • Thirty minutes in the history of Victoria Cave (29/07/2013)

  • The pilgrimage of Santa Ana put the finishing touch to the festivities of the town (29/07/2013)

  • Cherenigui, a family name and estate tercentenary cartageneras (29/07/2013)
    The mayor has received this afternoon to a representation of this family, with deep roots in the city, which is celebrating the hundred anniversary of the arrival of the first Chereguini to the port city
  • The Sea of ​​Music down the curtain until next year (29/07/2013)

  • The corporation joins in defense of the School of Nursing (29/07/2013)

  • The UPCT and Surveyors Association jointly taught Masters in Building Energy Efficiency (29/07/2013)

  • Last days to pay the property tax and other taxes. (29/07/2013)
    August 5 Monday ended the period opened by the city to collect a total of 212,900 bills for an amount exceeding 66 million euros
  • Sanitary Services transferred to Hospital Arrixaca a 3 year old child run over in Cartagena (28/07/2013)

  • UPyD asks the mayor and the Port Authority to "stop out belly" (27/07/2013)
    and return to resume the project of the motorway of the sea that have parked since 2012
  • Families in need will have a social fund of 157,000 euros to pay water bills (26/07/2013)
    The local governing board has given the green light today with Aquagest agreement, renewable for four years, opening a path to the Cartagena needy families to pay bills from January 2013
  • On Monday meets the full municipal corporation (26/07/2013)
    At 10am start the regular meeting to be held in the Meeting Room of the Town Hall
  • Spotted a boat from the beach and Cala Calacerrada Open (26/07/2013)

  • The Summer University program fosters intercultural encounters with other young Europeans (26/07/2013)
    Councillor for Tourism has received this morning at the Town Hall to the youth involved in this program and they are visiting Europe for the first time Spain
  • Habanera and popular music at the annual concert of Cabo de Palos (26/07/2013)
    The Department of Culture and the Polyphonic Choir Carthagonova collaborate in this traditional music concert will take place tomorrow, Saturday July 27, at 22.30 am in the Church of Santa Maria del Mar
  • Exhausted and places to visit on Sunday to the Cueva Victoria (26/07/2013)
    During the open house on Sunday, July 28, the visit will be organized into groups of 30 people who come to the site every half hour.
  • Municipal corporation Condolences to the family of Cartagena marriage died in Santiago (26/07/2013)

  • The Sea Music facing their last ten concerts (26/07/2013)

  • The mayor shows his condolences for the victims of the train accident in Santiago de Compostela (25/07/2013)

  • It extends the time to visit the Cueva Victoria during the open house (25/07/2013)

  • Younger guests enjoyed their own stage in the Sea Music (25/07/2013)

  • The monument Maiquez Isidoro and looks at its new location (25/07/2013)

  • About 400 thousand square meters in the old neighborhood entrepreneurs conform (25/07/2013)

  • Moment of silence for the victims of the train accident in Santiago de Compostela (25/07/2013)
    Cartagena City Council has called for today, Thursday July 25, a minute of silence at 12.00, at the door of the Town Hall
  • The University Council approved the implementation of the Master in Telecommunications Engineering in UPCT (25/07/2013)

  • Back 3x3 Basketball Championship at the beach in Los Urrutias (24/07/2013)
    The fourth edition of this championship will be held Saturday August 3 along the Mar Menor, and compete up to five different categories, while also held a competition mates, triple shot
  • Albums, a brief review of the career of Antonio de Felipe (23/07/2013)
    The exhibition, located within the art programming the Sea of ​​Music, will be open to the public until August 31 at the Auditorio El Batel
  • The Sea of ​​Music honored Peruvian singer Susana Baca (23/07/2013)
    Last night starred in El Batel, where he dedicated the award to his work of Afro-Peruvian music broadcast for the world to 'oldies' singing in the villages of Peru
  • The spectacular Victoria Cave opens to the public this Sunday (23/07/2013)

  • Macaco, Social Security and Robert Ramirez perform at the Amstel Conciertazo Carthaginians and Romans (23/07/2013)

  • Macaco, Social Security and Robert Ramirez will perform on September 27 at the Amstel Conciertazo Carthaginenses and Romans (23/07/2013)

  • The SPACE collaborated in a course on engineering applied to traffic accidents (23/07/2013)
    On Monday this training began summer, which runs till July 26 in the Faculty of Business, and School Safety organized Public and UPCT
  • Ghana and Brazil also sound in the Sea of ​​Music (23/07/2013)
    For Tuesday, two free concerts, one in Icue Square and one in the Town Hall Square, and a third at the Auditorio Parque Torres from ten overnight
  • The bad weather does not prevent Charles Garranzo continue its expedition in Pakistan (23/07/2013)

  • The Department of Social Services provides tips to prevent the effects of heat (23/07/2013)

  • Antonio Brufau: Repsol owes everything to Cartagena (22/07/2013)

  • Brufau dedicated their place in tailings workers and managers of the Refinery (22/07/2013)
    Repsol Chairman along with the mayor finds the monolith that gives name to the entrance to the industrial complex
  • Enrique Canovas totanero Ambit The first signing of the new season of Plastic Romero Cartagena (22/07/2013)
    Enrique: "I come to give cohesion.'m A team player"
  • UPyD Cartagena believes it is necessary to eliminate administrative barriers to service work in the city Bicity (22/07/2013)

  • "Wounds", the first album of Kini Ferrando, a priest of the Diocese of Cartagena (22/07/2013)

  • Sinad O'Connor thrilled the audience of Cartagena in his only concert in Spain (22/07/2013)

  • Flyers and Creole rhythms, on the weekend of the Sea of ​​Music (22/07/2013)

  • The neighborhood of Vista Alegre joins the festivities from Tuesday (22/07/2013)
    Playground, petanque and lots of dancing.
  • A seriously injured after an explosion at a gas station in La Palma (22/07/2013)

  • Discover Scuba and Segura river rafting with the T-La (22/07/2013)
    The first of these activities, the christening will take place on Thursday next to the Yacht Club, and rafting will take place on Sunday, and tour the section between Cieza and White
  • The FP Murcia CD won the Championship VI Bluesport La Manga (22/07/2013)

  • The Amstel Conciertazo again Carthaginians and Romans (22/07/2013)
    On Tuesday at the Palace Hall presents the musical event is organized by the City Council, the Federation troops and legions, Amstel and Cadena COPE-100
  • UPCT develop innovative applications for the industrial use of graphene (22/07/2013)

  • Cartagena UPyD not believe that the only solution for your downpayment bottles and repression (19/07/2013)

  • The Regional Assembly welcomes the exhibition "References in Diversity: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender history have transformed" (19/07/2013)

  • The Healthy Employment program students collaborate in development of the Sea of ​​Music (19/07/2013)
    The 20 students from the Occupational Employment Workshop Healthy managing the ALDE, have been carried out their professional practices which will be one of the scenes of The Sea Music, the Auditorio Parque Torres
  • Home Torre Nazareth turns eighteen years working on his social project (19/07/2013)

  • The presenter Antonio Hidalgo will be in the festival of Santa Ana (19/07/2013)
    July 26, Day of the Patron, will present the Great Night of Play Back in the town of Cartagena, where they will celebrate their patron saint festivities from 21 to July 28
  • Miranda begins its festivities this Saturday (19/07/2013)

  • Three days of football and beach with the VI Championship Bluesport La Manga (19/07/2013)
    Twelve of the best national teams in football mode played beach this afternoon, and until Sunday July 21, the sixth edition of the championship in the Tesy II beach of Mar Menor
  • Hall and Repsol Foundation seal the agreement to complete the excavation of the windlass (19/07/2013)
    The mayor and the president of Repsol signed on Monday an agreement by which the company will invest 4 million euros to complete the archaeological park project
  • On Monday marks the act of nomination of the Plaza Antonio Brufau (19/07/2013)
    The mayor and the honoree, chairman of Repsol, with company executives and members of the municipal corporation, attending the event at 6 pm at access to the refinery in the Valley of tailings
  • The Socialist Party demands that all administrations imply that La Manga is a benchmark of quality Youth Tourism (18/07/2013)
    Socialists believe that the latest incidents caused by the 'botelleo' in Cabo de Palos confirm the need to coordinate the consistory of Cartagena and San Javier to find entertainment options for young
  • The mayor encourages people to keep voting for Best Corner Mansions Spain (18/07/2013)

  • Memorandum and Versus and reversus share space in The Sea of ​​Art (18/07/2013)
    Until August 31, you can visit the Byzantine Wall Hall of Peruvians exposures Miguel Aguirre and Cecilia Noriega-Bozovich, representing a tribute, the first, and a critique of power, the second
  • Dies at 87 Tomas Maestre entrepreneur, author of La Manga (18/07/2013)
    Mayor today moved his condolences to the family of Master, leader in real estate and one of the drivers of tourism project La Manga
  • The Santa Lucia celebrates the festivity of St. James (18/07/2013)
    The neighborhood Neighborhood Association has organized, with the cooperation of the City among others, a program of activities that will take place from 20 to 27 July
  • The entrepreneurs of the region seek entrepreneurial edge through a study (18/07/2013)
    The OMEP, the forerunner of the report this week, has had the collaboration of ALDE, the Polytechnic University and the INFO, plus more than 200 women who participated in the polls
  • The 47% of students from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena wants to be an entrepreneur (18/07/2013)
    However, only 15% committed to starting their own business in the short term, according to a survey of 1,400 students
  • Students of summer courses visit UPCT SABIC (17/07/2013)
    The 30 engineering students have toured the facilities of the company to understand its functioning, technical and process
  • Pull the thread and historical portrait of Ayacucho, in the Sea of ​​Art (17/07/2013)

  • The mayor visited Mansions battery (17/07/2013)
    The Minister of Culture and director of Repsol in Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro accompany Thursday on his visit to the old coastal battery is competing for one of the best spots in Spain of the Repsol Guide
  • Checked on fire that occurred this morning in the Sierra de Atamara (17/07/2013)

  • La Virgen del Carmen meet their traditional sea procession (17/07/2013)

  • The T-The proposed Puenting this weekend (17/07/2013)
    The program organized by the Youth Council has prepared this activity for Saturday, to be held in the cassock and whose inscriptions can be made and the Youth Resource Centre
  • The Carnival Federation announces the contest for the 2014 election poster (16/07/2013)
    To be open October 25 deadline for the works, to be presented at the headquarters of the federation in the Graduate School
  • The works of Baldomero Alejos and Sonia Navarro, in the Sea of ​​Art (16/07/2013)
    On Wednesday, the media will present exhibitions of both artists at the Cultural Center Ramn Alonso Luzzy
  • The neutrality of white reflection of Sandra Gamarra exhibition in the Sea of ​​Art (16/07/2013)
    The White sample, located within the programming of the Sea of ​​Art, will be open at the Palacio de Molina until 31 August, Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00
  • UPyD Cartagena believes the Hospital of Santa Teresa and the City Council can mutually benefit (16/07/2013)

  • Tuesday performances in Plaza Bohemia La Manga (16/07/2013)
    The City program in July and August nights out for all the family
  • The director general of Sepes presents Special Bonus Plan for business park "Camachos" in Cartagena (16/07/2013)

  • Starts the procedure for the nomination of Antonio Piana father Square (16/07/2013)
    The City opens from today, within one month for submission of claims, once it has begun the formal record, coinciding with the year the centennial of the singer Cartagena
  • The Fishermen's Association shows his more caring side on the Day of Carmen (16/07/2013)
    On the occasion of the feast of the patron saint of sailors, the brotherhood Cartagena has delivered this morning about 460 kilos of hake and 150 kilos of sardines ten social entities Cartagena
  • Vuleven night walks Tourist Boat in Port of Cultures (16/07/2013)
    On Thursday 18 and July 25, and Friday 9, 23 and 30 August, the ship will sail from the port at 9 pm to offer a tour Cartagena Bay
  • This sounds!, The concert-contest SORM, on Thursday in El Batel (16/07/2013)
    The whole family will enjoy this novel spectacle of the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia which will take place on Thursday, July 18 at the 22.00 hours in the Auditorium El Batel
  • The V Cabo de Palos Cross combines sports, tourism and solidarity (15/07/2013)
    Some 2,000 runners will gather at the start of this test of 5 km route that will take place on August 3 from the port of Cabo de Palos and whose inscriptions are now available
  • Remojn solidarity Playa Paraiso (15/07/2013)
    More than two hundred swimmers participating in the joint journey of multiple sclerosis, in which we raised 2,500 euros
  • The project reaches Cartagena Lima Look Hand of The Sea Music (15/07/2013)

  • The mayor received the Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa (15/07/2013)
    The Peruvian writer is on a private visit to Cartagena for the exhibition of his daughter Morgana at the International Festival La Mar de Msicas
  • A new Risueo square, low-cost (15/07/2013)
    The City is conducting a lowcost reform bill this space, leaving the pavement and reusing the same level of the square streetlights San Francisco to give it a more classic and cozy
  • The Solar Car of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena is runner-up in the Green Prix of Valencia (15/07/2013)

  • Farewell to the XXI large National Folk Festival in the District of Cartagena (15/07/2013)

  • Burn in an abandoned house Sorrows (15/07/2013)
    The firefighters, who were assisted by the local police, used a time put out the fire, which occurred on Sunday afternoon
  • The BlueSport Beach Soccer Championship La Manga transcends local boundaries (12/07/2013)
    is held from 19 to 21 July at the beach Tesy II, and this year will feature more than 2,000 square meters of sports area and involving twelve teams from all over the country
  • Students CPI program Leonardo the ALDE Ecuador surpass their practices in Lisbon (12/07/2013)

  • On Monday opened to traffic Jara and Air (12/07/2013)
    Starting Tuesday you can no longer circulate in the Plaza de San Francisco
  • Best of contemporary Peruvian cinema in the Sea of ​​Music (12/07/2013)

  • Approved by the new statutes governing the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (12/07/2013)

  • The mayor congratulated the paddlers who made the kayak trip to Oran (12/07/2013)
    Alejandro Agà ¼ Jesus was and Pedro Martinez have reported their experience with Pilar Barreiro, who received this morning in his office at the Town Hall
  • Holidays Summer Senior School (12/07/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor has closed this afternoon the activity that has been going on since last July 1
  • The Foundation Repsol will contribute 4.1 million for the excavation of the windlass (12/07/2013)
    The local governing board today approved the signing of this agreement will be reached next week and will complete the excavation and enhancement of the Roman Forum
  • Industrial School ANECA get favorable report to the Master in Industrial Engineering (12/07/2013)

  • UPyD Cartagena proposes a decrease of Property Tax (12/07/2013)

  • The Guardia Civil arrested six people for stealing several farms (12/07/2013)
    In the Lebor-Totana council recovered all irrigation equipment had been stolen from a farm
  • Firefighters smother a fire in a workshop that burned 25 vehicles (12/07/2013)
    In the speech, which took place on Thursday afternoon on the highway Well Strait and lasted two hours, there were no fatalities
  • UPyD: "The PP fails all the pillars of the Strategic Plan which joins the town" (11/07/2013)
    UPyD bid to regain the Technological park and computer training
  • 317 pages of tribute to Pedro San Martn Moro (11/07/2013)

  • Cartagena enjoys the best beaches in Spain (11/07/2013)
    The quality of the beaches has been recognized for another year with the award of the eleven distinctive quality Q and the eight blue flags flown throughout this summer on the shores Cartagena
  • Movilquick a technology business that has benefited from the services of the ALDE (11/07/2013)
    Maintaining phones, laptops, consoles and tablets is the cornerstone of the business run by Andrew Martin, which opened a month ago, and that has enjoyed for example, the Entrepreneur of the ALDE Cheque
  • Cartagena UPyD regrets that the park "Antonio Oliver" is still unlit public (10/07/2013)

  • Health and Safety focus municipal plenary discussion (10/07/2013)

  • National Police renews part of its fleet in Cartagena (10/07/2013)
    Three new police vehicles have been delivered by the Directorate General of Police to the police station in Cartagena
  • Lifting the blue flags and quality Q Cartagena beaches (10/07/2013)
    The symbolic act will take place on Thursday morning in Cabo de Palos
  • The Program of the ALDE ELIO remain open in July and August (10/07/2013)
    Summer time the computer space, a free tool for the job search will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09.00 to 13.00 hours
  • The City in full in favor of maintaining the judicial Cartagena (10/07/2013)
    Considers that the current benefit structure citizen services, facilitates the work of officials, lawyers and solicitors and meets the criteria of proximity, speed and efficiency
  • A cultural look at Carthago Nova archaeological past (10/07/2013)

  • CRC in Punta's, National Dance Company on Saturday at El Batel (10/07/2013)
    The company, led by Cartagena, Jose Carlos Martinez, will present his show, CDN Punta's, on Saturday July 13, at 22.30 am in Room A of the Auditorium El Batel
  • The Bathers Cala Cortina, the first aerobics (10/07/2013)
    aerobics classes scheduled by the departments of Tourism and Sports, will be kept in different beaches of Cartagena until August 24
  • Mansions competes with the headwaters of the Rio Cuervo to be one of the top four corners of Spain (10/07/2013)
    The ancient coastal battery is already among the top eight, and until July 30 votndola can be followed for the final pass
  • The Roman Theatre turns five with 690 000 visitors (10/07/2013)
    In 2013 their numbers increased by 12 per cent by the arrival of cruise and conference tourism
  • New monitors swimming pools municipality (09/07/2013)
    Employment Councilman today presented the diplomas to students who have completed the course of the ALDE and that 11 to July 26, will complete their practical training
  • Fellows of the Leonardo da Vinci are back ALDE (09/07/2013)
    The 22 fellows of this program, managed by the ALDE, hands have received diplomas Councilman Job certifying the completion of the internship in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic
  • The new Neighborhood Entrepreneurs will be included in the Regional Strategic Plan (09/07/2013)
    The project received approval from the Autonomous Region in the meeting held this afternoon the mayor with President Valcrcel
  • The Sea School, the great revelation of Education summer program (09/07/2013)

  • Arden 800 meters of bush on the farm Versailles (09/07/2013)
    The sinister, with three foci, was extinguished by the Fire last night Cartagena
  • The sunset of the Mar Menor on board the yacht Savvanah (08/07/2013)
    This tour, located in the Summer Program Youth Council, will take place on Wednesday July 10th at five pm from the Club Nautico de Los Nietos
  • The portal will favor Placement Agency Job Search (08/07/2013)

  • Sailing, diving and rowing in the workshops of the Sea (08/07/2013)
    Councillor for Education visit on Tuesday the activities taking place in Cartagena Racing Club for children aged 6 to 16 years
  • The street music opened the XXI National Folklore Festival of the District of Cartagena (08/07/2013)
    The twenty-first edition of the festival runs until Saturday July 13 in the Palm of Casas Grandes de La Palma
  • Wet for multiple sclerosis in the Fourth Crossing Solidarity Mar Menor (08/07/2013)
    The Sports Council works with this test fair to be held on Sunday July 14 at the Paradise Beach Cartagena.
  • Free aerobics classes on the beaches of Cartagena (08/07/2013)

  • Fulgencio Egea: "We have an opportunity to enhance the cultural heritage of the city" (06/07/2013)
    UPyD been proposed in the past Easter museum
  • Four new buses renew Cartagena urban lines (05/07/2013)
    The incorporation becomes one hundred percent accessible fleet for the past two years have used about ten million travelers
  • 41 Saharawi children spend the summer in Cartagena (05/07/2013)
    The mayor today welcomed the kids who come from refugee camps in Tindouf, will be during the summer months with families Cartagena
  • The EF Hope shone in the closure of the Amateur Football Championships XVIII (05/07/2013)

  • Summer school in the district Virgin of Charity (05/07/2013)

  • Mass Charity Concert Coral Tomas Luis de Victoria (05/07/2013)
    Saturday offered his repertoire at the pizzeria Roma in order to raise funds for a child suffering Cartagena Schimke syndrome
  • The municipal golf alums held a football weekend (05/07/2013)
    Neighbors enjoyed Valera Memorial Tribute Rubio and Jose Ignacio Valero Coper
  • Begins Summer Nights in the neighborhood of the Roman Forum (05/07/2013)
    Starting today and every Friday in July, in addition to 3 and August 17, the site will offer guided tours to relive night they enjoyed the baths and banquets in Roman Cartagena
  • A tour of the life and work of Isaac Peral with T-LA Program Summer (05/07/2013)

  • Final stretch to elect Mansions battery as the Best Corner Spain (04/07/2013)
    Voting for the final pass of the Repsol Guide will run until Monday July 8
  • Bernat Soria on the thirtieth anniversary of Sodicar (04/07/2013)
    The activities of the association ephemeris Cartagena diabetics were presented this afternoon by their managers to the Mayor
  • The Night of Museums curtain to check the awards to the best photographs (04/07/2013)
    More than two hundred photographs have participated in the sixth edition of this photo contest organized by Cartagena Port of Cultures, and the winners have received this morning your respective awards
  • The City is working with social and cultural organizations ceding local use (04/07/2013)
    In a symbolic act, the mayor has delivered this morning this assignment titles free for four years, representatives of associations of various kinds which aims to work for citizens
  • The actresses dominate this fall the stage of the New Theatre Circus (04/07/2013)
    The Department of Culture this morning programming for the last quarter of the year, markedly feminine, with players from the likes of Charo Lopez, Amparo Larraaga or Malena Alterio
  • SPCT: "The government's tax collection effort Pilar Barreiro has no limits" (04/07/2013)
    SPCT poses a moratorium of 6 months from the notification of the obligation to pay ford
  • El Barrio de la Concepcin enjoy an evening Saturday poetic (04/07/2013)
    Cultural activities organized by the neighborhood association in collaboration with the IMSS and ACCEM, will be this Saturday July 6, starting at half past seven p.m.
  • A Walk Carthago Nova dramatized by most Roman (04/07/2013)
    This route is part of the summer activities Cartagenera Port of Cultures, and will open this coming July 5, at 11.00 hours, with a cultural tour that begins at the Teatro Romano
  • Finance only ICIO bonuses apply to the Santa Lucia hospital facilities (04/07/2013)
    The Finance Committee welcomed the proposal dictates the Councillor by modifying OAGRC statutes and ordinances to exempt from tax the capital gains evicted
  • UPyD Cartagena Local Police suggests that mediates disputes between neighbors (04/07/2013)

  • Teleco Researchers achieve a device that warns against accidents of older or disabled at home (04/07/2013)

  • UPyD rejects the closure of the Delegation of Defense in Cartagena (03/07/2013)
    was proposed transfer to other own cabinet township
  • Closing the Thursday of the Amateur Football League XVIII Cartagena (03/07/2013)
    The Municipal Sports evening hosts the event to be chaired by Councilman Diego Ortega, accompanied by representatives of the participating teams
  • The wisecracks Maga inaugurated the Summer School for children Social Services (03/07/2013)
    This Summer School, aimed at children aged between 7 and 11 years, will remain open until July 31
  • Open registration for the Cross IX Minero del Llano del Beal (03/07/2013)

  • Tonight cinema becomes the Municipal Archaeological Museum (03/07/2013)
    At ten o'clock tonight will be screened in the museum garden the first of five films that make up the program in July of this film series whose entrance is free until all seats
  • Carlos Piana and begin SORM The Summers El Batel (03/07/2013)
    Guitarist Cartagena and Murcia Symphony will perform on Friday at the first concert of the cycle that starts at the Municipal Auditorium
  • Opencel, a beautiful way to engage with the support of the ALDE (03/07/2013)

  • The best photographs from The Night of Museums receive their awards (03/07/2013)
    Councillor for Tourism and director of the English Court will preside over the ceremony Thursday of the awards, which will take place in that mall
  • The Finance Committee prepares the next full municipal affairs (03/07/2013)
    The meeting will be held on Thursday at the Administration Building San Miguel
  • The works of the Plaza San Francisco resdescubren the shelter of the Civil War (02/07/2013)
    Included in Shelter Network at its disposal to protect City bombing, technicians and knew of this space, which will conserve although it will visitable
  • Eroski offer local entrepreneurs twenty Cartagena at competitive prices (02/07/2013)
    Two entrepreneurs and ALDE users are already interested in holding facilities offered, initiative stems from the collaboration agreement signed this afternoon by the Agency and Eroski
  • On sale for summer concerts Fort Christmas (02/07/2013)
    To the sound of the sea, is back for the second consecutive year in August, with music from the 70s, 80s and 90s and harbor backdrop
  • The GPP calls for the creation of a maritime group Civil Guard in the Mediterranean, based in Cartagena (02/07/2013)
    Segado argues that the location in the city "is strategically perfect" by their geographical location and the presence of Navantia and companies auxiliary allow repair and maintenance of ships
  • Summer School for more (02/07/2013)
    Activities include literature, painting, cooking workshops or ceramic, with guided tours of the Auditorium and Congress Palace El Batel
  • Maxima FM Open Air Tour by Pepsi, tonight in Plaza Bohemia La Manga (02/07/2013)
    From ten o'clock tonight this free concert will begin, with the cooperation of the City of Cartagena, and which may listen to the best dance music of the moment
  • The Santa Barbara ports begin their festivities Friday (02/07/2013)

  • The Tender, awarded at the XII Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism Spanish (02/07/2013)

  • Agricultural researchers patent a method for converting pig manure into fertilizer and irrigation water (02/07/2013)

  • UPyD business impact asks the errors of S80 (01/07/2013)
    Transferred to the Minister of Defense a battery of questions
  • The ALDE and Eroski sign a partnership agreement to support entrepreneurship in Cartagena (01/07/2013)
    The signing will take place tomorrow, Tuesday July 2, at 12:30 pm in the auditorium Development Agency Local and Employment of Cartagena (c / Charity, 1)
  • The OMIC records and claims thirty prom in San Javier (01/07/2013)
    The recorded over a hundred calls Monday seeking information has led city leaders to enable a direct service to the affected appointment without
  • The safety of the beaches, at full capacity (01/07/2013)

  • End of course of IES Los Molinos to beat rock (01/07/2013)

  • Remarkable average for students of the ALDE Connect Program (01/07/2013)

  • The first feature of the Peruvian Rafael Polar will premiere nationally in the Sea of ​​Music (01/07/2013)

  • The traffic on the street will be cut Air for twenty days (01/07/2013)
    Starting tomorrow Tuesday will begin concrete repair works printed in the section between Jara Canyon, which will cause an interruption of passing vehicles until 20 this month
  • Six hundred thousand euros in grants to institutions and sports clubs (01/07/2013)
    The Governing Board approved the basis for the call for subsidies this year, with a deadline of 15 days after publication in the BORM
  • Emotional tribute to Juan Antonio Conesa in the Albujn (01/07/2013)
    A thousand people gathered at the fairgrounds in this county to wrap this neighbor that ended last June 24 solidarity pedaling his challenge 2,000 miles from Venice to Cartagena without stopping
  • Opens the box office the Sea of ​​Music at the Cultural Center (01/07/2013)
    The inputs, including fertilizers Auditorio Parque Torres, can be purchased from Monday to Saturday, the hours of 10 am to 2 pm
  • Project a neighborhood in the Historic entrepreneurs (01/07/2013)

  • Antonio Calderon said that in the region there have been no open situations requiring school canteens (01/07/2013)
    Castejn Councilman asks do not demagoguery when talking about people and Poverty
  • The bylaws exempt from the payment of surplus value evicted (01/07/2013)
    The Governing Board approved the amendment to introduce state regulation that has been applied in Cartagena since last January
  • A UPCT thesis develops a system for controlling prostheses and devices through thought (01/07/2013)

  • A Oran Kayak, after 36 hours of hard journey (01/07/2013)
    Alejandro Agà ¼ was and Pedro Jesus Martinez get to realize his challenge and came to the Algerian coast on Saturday morning after facing winds of 21 knots and waves of three meters

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