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Cartagena News - May 2013

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  • Area Attractions for the whole family during the summer (31/05/2013)

  • Start the campaign canoeing and sailing school (31/05/2013)
    The Sports Councilman season opened this morning organized by the Yacht Club with the assistance of the City
  • On Monday meets the full municipal corporation in regular session (31/05/2013)
    Among the issues on the agenda is the approval of the municipal ordinance to simplify the process in the implementation of activities and the nomination of Park Rangers in the Region Murcia
  • The workshop occupational electricity plasterboard and provides training to twelve ALDE unemployed (31/05/2013)
    Employment Councilman Delivered this morning has diplomas Canteras participating students
  • The students of the workshops of the Department of Women display their work (31/05/2013)
    On Monday inaugurated the exhibition will be presented in the Faculty of Business, CIM old until the day June 8
  • SPCT commitment to the unity of the left Cartagena (31/05/2013)
    SPCT The Assembly approves the start of talks with other political and social forces of Cartagena
  • The mayor received the Director General of Police at the Palace Hall (31/05/2013)
    Ignacio Coisidó, visiting for the Region, held yesterday afternoon in a meeting with the mayor at the Palace Hall
  • Mission accomplished of young Europeans at the Palace Hall (31/05/2013)

  • Outstanding computer for adults of San Antón (31/05/2013)
    About twenty people attended this workshop undertaken by the Parish of the neighborhood, hand EducoYa Association, and has been developing since March
  • Agreement with the Ministry of Defence to provide vocational training in military educational establishments (31/05/2013)

  • The activity never stops in Cartagena Intercultural Center (31/05/2013)

  • The ESPAC analyze new techniques used in the theft and forgery of vehicles (31/05/2013)

  • End of term for children of the Department of Sports (31/05/2013)

  • Five students Carlos III PFIC rise to Contest Modding X (31/05/2013)
    Councillor for Education attended yesterday to the delivery of the prizes of the VI Olympiad of Informatics and Modding X Contest held at the Centre Integrated Training Carlos III
  • More than a hundred runners in the XXIII Interclub Trophy Cycling Social La Palma (30/05/2013)
    The test was sponsored by the local company Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos
  • The first palates surrender to Cartagena Taste (30/05/2013)
    The second edition of the Food Fair starts today at eight pm at the esplanade of ARQUA, with twenty booths and a stage for various musical performances
  • Gymkhana banners and Flash Mob to celebrate the European Youth Week (30/05/2013)
    Cartagena this weekend hosts various events with the participation of youth and volunteers from the rest of the Region
  • The City raises 1,100 euros for Caritas (30/05/2013)
    The municipal board now added to the other nine petitionary tables have been installed in the town for the alms of the Corpus
  • The Path of the Strengths IV shows his caring side by donating 12,000 euros (30/05/2013)

  • Marchamujer crosses the finish with 4,000 entries (30/05/2013)

  • The program ALDE OPEA the job gets 18 percent of its members (30/05/2013)
    The program, the Agency and the SEF launched in November and ends today, June 30, has targeted at least 1,500 unemployed
  • After the Day of the Potato arrive festivities in La Puebla (30/05/2013)

  • Award to those who draw a clean Cartagena (30/05/2013)
    Winners Ecolimpia Drawing Contest, elementary students from various schools in the municipality, have today received awards and diplomas from the Councillor for Education and responsible for FCC
  • English for Business UP (30/05/2013)
    The People's University has scheduled a workshop for June which will try to teach the basic skills through an imaginary trip to London for sightseeing in the city
  • Finish the occupational workshop electricity plasterboard and ALDE (30/05/2013)
    Employment Councilman Canteras deliver the diplomas Friday at twelve participating students
  • Pozo Strait gets in shape to pedal rate (30/05/2013)
    The council of Cartagena weekend held the XII Trophy Golf, Music and Flowers, with two cycling events for the promotion of the base and interclub competition
  • Lledo continues his training for 4DESERTS2014 in the Sierra de Alcaraz (30/05/2013)
    From May 29 to June 2 Legend Quixote participates in TRS, where you can still live your evolucióny encourage through social networks
  • UPyD Cartagena Cartagena requires the City Council to not put more trouble than they already have students (30/05/2013)

  • The Ecolimpia Drawing Contest already has winners (29/05/2013)
    Councillor for Education and responsible for FCC, presented on Thursday at the Palace Hall awards to students in grades 5 and 6 primary who have won this year's contest
  • A score of businessmen and entrepreneurs connect their professional (29/05/2013)

  • Water Court in Santa Ana Polygon (29/05/2013)
    Works maintenance and improvement of municipal water rede originate on Friday a supply disruption in several streets, as reported Aquagest
  • Green light for budget modification to install artificial turf on the Dolorense (29/05/2013)
    The Finance Committee reported favorably on the proposal to enable the grant of a municipal grant
  • The Floymape disclosed to students Quarries and La Palma (29/05/2013)
    In a ADE program activity of the Department of Sports, scholars have shared experiences with the players of table tennis club
  • Published Day schedules XXVI of Local Youth Football League (29/05/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 1 and Sunday June 2
  • Twenty years advising young people about sexuality (29/05/2013)

  • The training protocol, a value added for the growth of Cartagena (29/05/2013)

  • Nine associations will split the donation of the IV route Strengths (29/05/2013)
    The aid will be delivered on Thursday at the Marine Corps School of Cartagena
  • Cartagena Taste returns to port city (29/05/2013)
    The second edition of the Food Fair starts today at eight pm at the esplanade of ARQUA, with twenty booths and a stage for various musical performances
  • Lifesaving courses (29/05/2013)
    Local Police agents have participated this week in the course Automated External Defibrillator held at SPACE
  • Over 200 kids participated in the Municipal Beach Volleyball Competition (29/05/2013)
    Puertobello Beach in La Manga last week hosted this event, which is included in the Programme of Sports School Age this year, and is organized by the Department of Sports
  • The Finance Committee discussed changes to the budget to install artificial turf on the Dolorense (29/05/2013)
    The meeting was held at noon at the Administration Building San Miguel
  • The magic of Cartagena Jorge Blass engulf Saturday (29/05/2013)
    The Madrid artist perform at the Auditorium Room A El Batel on Saturday June 1, which will stage its last show, The Art of Magic
  • The ALDE helps to take in a low cost in Cartagena (29/05/2013)

  • BMW choose El Batel to present their latest luxury vehicle 5 Series Sedan (28/05/2013)
    technicians automotive company were working for a week in the municipal auditorium, getting as background images exterior and interior areas of El Batel
  • The City increased the number of containers for the collection of clothes, shoes and toys (28/05/2013)
    The Department of Environment will begin to install this week, up to 52.
  • Day of coexistence of higher ORPEA internal (28/05/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor this morning visited the residence facilities, while participated in the Workshop of Musical Instruments along with other elderly
  • Marchamujer expected to reach the 4,000 entries in this edition (28/05/2013)
    On Thursday, first thing in the morning, leave the march from the Plaza of Spain in the direction of Cerda Rafael Park, where the Department of Women held sports and entertainment throughout the day
  • Garden City, Algar and the trough, champions Lollipops (28/05/2013)
    In the category of children, contested the semifinals, the Franciscans and the CD AD Well Strait JUVENIA reach the grand final
  • Back tomorrow Taste Cartagena port city (28/05/2013)

  • ALDE, UPCT INFO and encourage the creation of high-tech companies (28/05/2013)

  • The most complete athletes are crowned in Cartagena (28/05/2013)
    The port city this weekend hosted the Regional Combined Events Championships Youth, Junior, and Senior Promise
  • Education that 113 absentee get back to class (28/05/2013)

  • The Elcano Athletics Club takes 22 medals at Regional (28/05/2013)
    The Championship finale in baby and juvenile categories, held on Saturday in Yecla, closed with 7 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze for young athletes Cartagena
  • Flamenco Gala to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis (28/05/2013)

  • University and local police will share classroom to study traffic accidents (28/05/2013)
    The UPCT SPACE and have organized a summer course in which road safety, economy and Newtonian physics, come together to offer techniques to reconstruct the various types of accidents
  • Forty-three women end computer courses in the Department of Women (28/05/2013)
    The mayor Clara Hall diplomas delivered this afternoon at the Palace Hall
  • Lessons on road safety education for members of the Youth Association SHERPA (27/05/2013)
    About thirty young people, aged between 5 and 18 years, participated in these workshops taught by the School of Public Safety Cartagena
  • The mayor wants a long and healthy retirement to retired in the last year (27/05/2013)
    Pilar Barreiro has given plaques of appreciation for services rendered to a fortnight of public employees
  • Cultural Week The Senior Club Belones (27/05/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor has been commissioned to inaugurate the activities that will be developed through Saturday June 1, and include exhibitions, theater and a cultural trip to Hellin
  • The ALDE receives over two hundred applications for the TPC (27/05/2013)
    The first day of the term, which is already closed, the agency reported 85 percent of applications for this basic training course, required for construction professional
  • Water cut Tallante area and the Portus (27/05/2013)
    Aquagest As reported on Wednesday will disrupt the water supply for 24 hours due to repair work on the Canal Taibilla
  • Business Classroom Seminars are closed with a participation of 249 people (27/05/2013)

  • The ALDE receives more than 200 applications to the course for the TPC (27/05/2013)
    The first day of the term, which is already closed, the agency reported 85 percent of applications for this basic training course, mandatory for professional construction
  • Four Mediterranean IES students will practice Social Services (27/05/2013)
    Councilman Antonio Calderon this morning received a visit from a group of students participating in the program PCPI, who have now completed their studies and complete their workplace training
  • Learning through play at the Summer School of Social Services (27/05/2013)
    The Center for Social Services Cartagena II organizes this activity aimed at children between 7 and 11 years, and whose registration period will be open from today May 27th to June 13th
  • Vacant Beach, Solana's gaze in the ARQUA (27/05/2013)
    A total of 26 large photographs make up this new temporary exhibition can be visited for free until next June 30
  • The potato queen for a day in La Puebla (27/05/2013)
    The macrotortilla potato was the main protagonist in the village Party held yesterday in honor of one of the most lavish tubers in the Campo de Cartagena
  • Over four hundred runners competed for the I Cross Alums Popular (27/05/2013)

  • Cartagena UPyD proposes the creation of a Fair Employment, Self-Employment and Training (27/05/2013)

  • Emergency services rescue and care for a man who has been knocked unconscious while bathing in La Manga del Mar Menor (26/05/2013)

  • Alejandro Catasús, elected president of New Generations of Cartagena unanimously (25/05/2013)
    Cartagena Training was held this morning the XIII Congress Local
  • Fifty professionals participate in the VIII Conference on Disaster Training (23/05/2013)

  • Cartagena, a city to eat in its second Food Fair (23/05/2013)

  • The Move-T project promotes the integration of immigrant youth in neighborhoods (23/05/2013)

  • End of course at the Municipal School of Theatre (23/05/2013)
    Different groups represent 27 to May 30 diverse works at the Cultural Center, and is open until full capacity
  • Cartagena beaches get eight flags blue (23/05/2013)
    Along with Barcelona is the Spanish Mediterranean town with more distinctions ADEAC
  • New Generations of Cartagena celebrates its thirteenth Congress Local (23/05/2013)
    Cartagena Training held its congress Saturday with a single candidacy headed by Alejandro Catasús
  • La Puebla him a holiday dedicated to the potato cartagenera (23/05/2013)
    As a prelude to the festivities, the town has hosted the sixth edition of this celebration, in which potatoes will be sold to the public, throwing contest potato and a discussion of this tuber
  • Solana opens this afternoon at the Arqua, Vacant Beach (23/05/2013)
    The Madrid painter, based in Cartagena, presents his first single photo exhibition
  • Closed Friday by Santa Rita Hall (23/05/2013)
    Administrative units will not open to the public for the celebration of the patron saint of municipal employees.
  • Úšltimas places for Medieval II tournament in the Castillo de la Concepción (22/05/2013)

  • The XXV School Theatre Festival comes to an end (22/05/2013)
    On Thursday the closing ceremony held in a ceremony to be held at the Municipal Auditorium El Batel
  • Cultural Tourism debated in the Roman Theatre Museum (22/05/2013)
    UPCT In collaboration with the Museum has organized a summer course on Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development, held from 15 to 17 July and the deadline for registration and open
  • Carlos Garranzo is out to conquer his second eight thousand, Gasherbrum II (22/05/2013)
    Cartagena Firefighter solo depart to Pakistan on 23 June, in an expedition that will last approximately 55 days, and that has the support of the City of Cartagena
  • School Beach Volleyball Championship in La Manga (22/05/2013)
    Included in the Program Municipal Sports School Age, held Wednesday and Thursday in Puertobello beach, and then the teams will participate in the regional final Saturday Mazarrón
  • The Department will subsidize with 30,000 euros to youth groups (22/05/2013)
    The aid application deadline is open until June 10
  • The City helps young immigrants integrate into their neighborhoods (22/05/2013)

  • An exhibition in honor of St. Rita, patroness of officials (22/05/2013)
    Fourteen authors, including municipal public employees and guests participating in this exhibition will be open to the public until May 30 at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The Municipal School of Gymnastics continues to bear fruit in the Championship of Spain of Aesthetic Group (22/05/2013)
    Cartagena teams show their dominance in this sport, occupying the top of the podium in the competition held last weekend in Madrid
  • The Repsol refinery in Cartagena welcomes the Committee on Industry Regional Assembly (21/05/2013)

  • The Sea Music, especially Peru, is presented in Madrid (21/05/2013)
    La Casa de America on Wednesday at midday host the event, with the presence of the Mayor of Cartagena and the American ambassador
  • The UPCT imparts intensive Computer Aided Manufacturing (21/05/2013)
    SolidWorks program to learn to handle is used in all industries for engineering prototyping
  • Cultural and leisure activities for youth cultural centers (21/05/2013)

  • Discussion about aliens in La Milagrosa (21/05/2013)
    Representatives of the City, Single Story Aliens Office eight social organizations have held this morning a meeting at the IMSS
  • By The Belones and Calblanque in Mountain Bike (21/05/2013)
    The Sunday marked the Tourist Route MTB IV of this town, where 170 cyclists toured the aforementioned national park, Ash and Eagle Rock Ã
  • Mining, Torre Pacheco and JUVENIA, top finishers in the league cadet (21/05/2013)

  • More places and activities for children in the summer program of Education (21/05/2013)

  • The Night of Museums is consolidated with 22 percent more visitors (21/05/2013)
    The organizing more activities than last year, made during the day on Saturday, museums acogieran 57,660 visitors, while other areas exceeded 30,000 visits
  • Miguel Poveda again on Friday at El Batel (21/05/2013)
    will offer a repertoire of traditional singing along to some songs from his compilation album Songs of Will
  • The Aljorra organizes its Spring Festival (21/05/2013)
    The festivities of the town of Cartagena will run from May 31 to June 9, being scheduled multiple cultural and leisure activities which will charm the locals and visitors
  • First Steps Marchamujer 2013 (20/05/2013)
    Councillor for Women has opened this morning registration desk installed in the English Court, and will remain open until May 29 being the donation of one euro
  • The UPCT Entrepreneurs An Office to advise students and teachers who choose entrepreneurship (20/05/2013)

  • Adventure insured in the new plant maze Tentegorra, the longest in Spain (20/05/2013)

  • Three runners-up medal in Taekwondo and in motorcycle (20/05/2013)
    Double sporting success UPCT this weekend
  • The San Anton Coordinator calls for the promotion of local coexistence (20/05/2013)

  • Advances Municipal Social Action Plan Disabled (20/05/2013)
    A total of 16 associations attended the Thursday meeting that was held at the Department of Social Services to determine the lines of action aimed to know the reality of disability in Cartagena
  • The team of Antonio Luis Hernandez wins the first Football Tournament Room Aljorra (20/05/2013)

  • Mills Athletics Festival Marfagones (20/05/2013)
    200 runners from all categories participated in the II Sunday Popular Cartagena West Cross, who organized the Sports Association Soledad Peppercorn with the cooperation of the City
  • The closing Region Symphony Beethoven Cycle in El Batel (20/05/2013)
    The Orchestra will offer on Wednesday at the Auditorium the fourth and last concert, along with a preliminary conversation in which the director and musicians discussed details of the works to interpret
  • A conference approach municipal consumers and businesses (20/05/2013)

  • The COPE dedicated its broadcast to the Night of Museums (17/05/2013)
    The Mayor, Councillor for Culture and artist FCG have been interviewed in the regional magazine, The Morning, which was broadcast live from the Palace Hall
  • Hall and set new target CEPAIM working (17/05/2013)
    At the meeting Thursday, chaired by the Councillor for Social Care, established a timetable and spoke of a possible conclusion at a European meeting Cartagena on social integration
  • The Phoenician navigation ARQVA sneaks in for Night of the Museums (17/05/2013)

  • The Aljorra organizes its R Futsal Tournament (17/05/2013)
    A total of eight teams will compete in the tournament, held Saturday at the Civic Center sports court
  • Special Programming FM Metropolis Night of the Museums (17/05/2013)
    The program, sponsored by Repsol, will morning from the Roman Theatre Museum from 22.00 pm and will feature numerous guests and live music
  • Agreement with the UPCT for the exchange of training, local and publications (17/05/2013)

  • The music envelop Night of the Museums (17/05/2013)
    In addition to exhibitions, free artistic expression shows or children's activities, other attractions of The Night of Museums will be scheduled concerts in different corners of Cartagena
  • Obesity and diabetes center the first conference of Sodicar (17/05/2013)
    Health Councilman attend the inauguration of this series of conferences, which are held on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of Sodicar, on Monday May 20, at 19.15 hours, in the Aula CAM (c / Mayor, 11)
  • Artistic expression takes the street in The Night of Museums (17/05/2013)
    The Plaza del Rey will tomorrow stage twelve free artistic expression shows that will start at 20.45 and the imagination, music criticism charged social force
  • Segado arises reached in half an hour to license and from home (17/05/2013)
    The new ordinance administrative simplification is configured as a step in the elimination of red tape for economic activity
  • The Governing Board studies the administrative simplification ordinance (16/05/2013)
    To be held on Friday from 9.30 pm in the Town Hall
  • A statement responsible enough to get licensed in one day and make work in local business (16/05/2013)
    The mayor announced the passage of a new ordinance that will further simplify administrative procedures for entrepreneurs
  • Water in Cartagena focused the talk Discover your City and its Customs (16/05/2013)
    The IMSS, in the elderly program, organized a conference Wednesday on the different aspects around water along the city's history
  • Much more than a home for abandoned children (16/05/2013)
    The Minister of Health and Social Policy and Social Care Councillor visited the facilities of the Casa Cuna de Cartagena where you currently live with 19 children aged between 0 and 6 years
  • The Night of Museums will image search (16/05/2013)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures has organized the sixth edition of the Photo Contest that, this time, will focus on this very special day
  • The campaign concludes motorcycle control with a single positive for alcohol (16/05/2013)
    Of the eleven allegations made by the local police, half were for having the MOT expired and the other half by being uninsured, confirming that 98.5 percent of drivers properly circulates
  • Sauces puts music by John Williams to The Night of Museums (16/05/2013)
    The Music Group give a concert on Saturday night in the square of the great themes CIM teacher to the big screen
  • The local cops learn to use automated external defibrillator (16/05/2013)
    The SPACE teach a course on this subject on 21, 22 and 28 May, which allow agents to immediately help victims of cardiac arrest
  • The ALDE closing language courses (15/05/2013)
    Employment Councillor on Thursday will present the diplomas for students of English and German courses, ceremony to be held at the Palace Hall
  • The FICC is aimed at the Night of the Museums (15/05/2013)
    The Cartagena Film Festival will be present on Saturday with a screening of short films in the Student House
  • A new video recreates the Cartagena del Teatro Romano (15/05/2013)

  • Social Education students at the University of Murcia visit La Milagrosa (15/05/2013)
    Cartagena City Council works through the IMSS, in the Practicum titles Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Education, Faculty of Education, University of Murcia
  • Small entrepreneurs in Los Dolores (15/05/2013)

  • The men who loved Ana Belén, in the Batel (15/05/2013)
    The popular singer on Friday in Cartagena presents his latest album
  • The Night of Museums will begin tomorrow for children's (15/05/2013)

  • Published schedules XXIV Day Local Youth Football League (15/05/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 18 and Sunday May 19
  • Festival of Country Music and Flowers in Pozo Strait (15/05/2013)
    The Galilean rocks have prepared a varied program of activities to celebrate Spring in the council of Cartagena, which will run from 17 to 30 May
  • Business and the Internet at the edge of the beach (15/05/2013)
    The Manga hosts on 21 and 22 June, the SEonthebeach, digital marketing first congress of Spain, which is expected to reach 300 participants
  • The Night of Museums will be broadcast on twitter (15/05/2013)
    Reporters volunteers and citizens can share their photos and tell their experiences in the hashtags # nochemuseos # cartagena
  • Registration begins campaign for swimming in the pool Youth House (14/05/2013)
    During the months of June, July and August will be undergoing intensive and courses for all levels in the swimming pool, organized by the Sports Department
  • Workshops Youth Association SHERPA in Education Park Road (14/05/2013)
    was held on Friday afternoon and will go to children between 5 and 18 years of Villalba and San Anton
  • Virgen del Carmen and Salesians achieve the top of the I Municipal Athletic League (14/05/2013)
    Sports Councilman closed this morning competition with prizes awarded to the winners at the Municipal Athletic Track Cartagena
  • Students from several countries are meeting in Cartagena Comenius (14/05/2013)
    The Bas CIS Sucina Arteaga, along with students from Europe, today visited the Palace Hall, where the Councillor for Education has welcomed them
  • The social center of Vista Alegre now has new tenants (14/05/2013)
    The mayor has been responsible for opening the new facility to be used by the Neighborhood Association, the Association of Women and the Elderly, and the cost of which amounted to about 390,000 euros
  • City officials are preparing for Santa Rita (14/05/2013)
    Public employees of the City of Cartagena organized cultural, sports and entertainment to celebrate their patron, which will culminate on May 24
  • Garden City UCAM EF and CD Algar, lollipops, give a giant step in the League (14/05/2013)
    Both teams stand with the finals after beating AD The Trough B and A, while the junior class play starts this week off Consolation
  • Film Music in The Night of Museums (14/05/2013)
    The Marfagones Mills Music Group participates in this event on Saturday offering a lunchtime concert in the Town Hall Square
  • Cartagena AEFI host the Congress in February 2014 (13/05/2013)
    Florists in the city and organizing committee members of this assembly, which will last four days, have held this afternoon a meeting with the mayor at the Palace Hall
  • Cartagena, business travel city (13/05/2013)
    A representation of the IBTA Travel Manager, visited the Batel Sunday to see first hand the resources of the Municipal Auditorium stage for future trips as enterprise customers
  • Recognition and quality of life in the World Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (13/05/2013)
    Some 6,000 Cartagena suffering from this chronic disease, according to the association AFRIBOCAR, with the fatigue and pain two of its main symptoms
  • Relay Final at the Municipal Athletic Track (13/05/2013)
    On Tuesday May 14 tests will be played rain suspended on 30 April and I deliver the Municipal League trophies Intercentros
  • More than a hundred runners will gather in Cartagena Popular Cross II West (13/05/2013)
    The event, which is organized by the Sports Association Soledad Peppercorn with the cooperation of the City, will be held on May 19, with a distance of 6000 meters by Marfagones Mills nearby
  • The Fourth Top Road Los Belones is crowned with tapas served 30,000 (13/05/2013)
    The past weekend was the most visited in this edition, which ends on Wednesday May 15, and in which one of its main innovations, the sweet lid, has been well received by the public
  • The Mining Sports paid a fitting tribute to yours (13/05/2013)

  • Travel Agencies discover Cartagena (13/05/2013)
    The Fam TRip national retailers and wholesalers that were received on Saturday by the Councillor for Tourism, were impressed with the wonderful heritage of the city
  • The opening of the pavilion complete Albujón sports infrastructure network Cartagena (10/05/2013)

  • Film Made in Cartagena for a good cause (10/05/2013)
    On Thursday comes in the Nuevo Teatro Circo Julia movie, the Cartagena Ivan Campillo, at a gala whose proceeds will go to the Association Against Cancer
  • Sodicar begins the commemoration of the thirtieth anniversary (10/05/2013)
    The councilors of Health and Social Care will come tonight at dinner to be held at Restaurant La Cartuja, from 20.30 am
  • Carthaginians and Romans invited to participate in the Night of the Museums in costume (10/05/2013)
    The Federation wants to differentiate the celebration of this event in Cartagena with respect to those held elsewhere in the world
  • The San Antón social groups working together for the neighborhood (10/05/2013)
    The San Anton Coordinator held on May 18 at the headquarters of CEPAIM, a day of community action to promote coexistence and relationships among neighbors
  • The course imparts ESPAC Judicial Police and Instruction Proceedings (10/05/2013)
    Local cops participate in this training, which takes place from May 14 to June 6, learn everything you need for proper investigation of prosecution and crowded with crimes and misdemeanors
  • Social Care working on a resource guide for disabled (10/05/2013)
    Disability The special committee of the Regional Assembly, which is visiting Cartagena disabled centers, has today made a stop on the way to explain their concerns to the Mayor
  • Visit Cartagena Travel agencies to include in their package tours (10/05/2013)
    170 people make up the Fam TRip national retail and wholesale, which will be received on Saturday at the Palace Hall
  • ACCEM headquarters received a visit from Social Care Councillor (09/05/2013)

  • Cartagena Higher headed to Santa Pola (09/05/2013)
    A total of 45 people participated in yesterday in this activity located within the spring program of the Institute Informayor Municipal Social Services
  • Two 1500 cyclists pedaling on Sunday in Cartagena with Decabike (09/05/2013)
    Will Hold a street circuit of five miles in an activity organized by Decathlon, with the cooperation of the City of Cartagena
  • Cross, biking and hiking in the First Week of Sport Playa Paraiso (09/05/2013)
    From 1 to June 9, celebrates this event organized by the Sports Complex Paradise Beach and La Manga Sports Club in collaboration with the City of Cartagena.
  • Alums and neighbors can know the quality of the air we breathe (09/05/2013)

  • International Cooperation as a career opportunity for young Cartagena (09/05/2013)

  • The six criminologists at the University of Murcia in Cartagena conclude their Practicum (09/05/2013)

  • The Optimist take the port of Cartagena this weekend (09/05/2013)

  • Five hundred participants in the training courses of the VHS (08/05/2013)
    These workshops have been conducting since February in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Popular Universities and the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality
  • Exhausted and squares for some workshops of the Night of Museums (08/05/2013)
    The activities planned for the celebration on Saturday, May 18, the Night of the Museums in Cartagena, are having a good acceptance among the public, completing the quota in many maximum participation
  • On Friday concluded the ratings of the II Contest of the Archaeological Museum of Photography (08/05/2013)
    This edition has two categories and prizes to be awarded in the Cartagena Museum on Saturday May 18 to coincide with the celebration of the Night of Museums
  • Presentation of the environmental control panel Alums (08/05/2013)

  • End Computer Applications Course Management ALDE (08/05/2013)
    The objective of the ALDE is the integral, and for this reason, the Agency has signed six agreements with companies in Cartagena practices to allow the employment of participants this course
  • Thousands of tourists throng the streets of Cartagena (08/05/2013)
    Cruises, Ruby Princess and Ventura, docked in the early hours of the morning in the port of Cartagena, comprising a total of more than six thousand tourists, paddling year's record in the city
  • Successful participation in the first block of the Seminar Hall Company (08/05/2013)

  • Published schedules XXIII Day Local Youth Football League (08/05/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 11 and Sunday May 12
  • Amancio Prada perform for the first time in Cartagena (08/05/2013)
    The singer perform on Saturday, June 8, from 21.30 hours in Room B Auditorium El Batel, work three Libertarians
  • Marchamujer walk this year by the Cystic Fibrosis Association (08/05/2013)
    On May 30th the march will start, as usual, from the Plaza of Spain, with the news that the beginning of the same will be entertained by a batucada of Apices
  • Parkinson sufferers learn to paint on wood (08/05/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor today visited the seniors involved in the Arts Workshop organized by the IMSS in the spring Informayor program
  • The Local Police give advice to act before accidents mild (08/05/2013)
    The initiative seeks to address the fact that 65 percent of drivers do not know fill out a friendly hand, a document which could solve most part of this type of disaster
  • Begin the work of the technical group of the Committee on Employment (08/05/2013)
    Boost spreading a compromise offer recruitment courses
  • Mandarache and Hache Awards finalists present their 2014 (07/05/2013)

  • The Local Police switching between images (07/05/2013)
    Starting Wednesday, all players will wear the new uniform in which the main novelty is that the characteristic yellow color disappears Fluorescent
  • More than six thousand cruise saturate Wednesday in Cartagena (07/05/2013)
    will be the day of the year with more tourists, which will arrive in the morning aboard two boats macro
  • The National Police displayed a strong watchdog in Cartagena authors arresting six burglaries 18 (07/05/2013)

  • St. Lucia celebrates the Cruces de Mayo (07/05/2013)
    The Santiago dock this weekend will host a series of cultural and sporting activities, which collaborates Social Care area of ​​the City of Cartagena
  • A dip in forest pedagogy with the new course of the program T-LA (07/05/2013)
    Organized by the Department of Youth and PROFOR association is aimed at young people whose formation is related to the environment and will be held on 10, 11 and May 12
  • About thirty people addressed the importance of criminal profiling (06/05/2013)
    This seminar, organized by the city of Cartagena and the Association for the Fight Against Crime and Prevention (goddes laxshmi), was held in the Auditorium of the School of Consistory Public Safety
  • The Cartagena Carlos Garranzo share their exploits with students of Salesian (06/05/2013)
    The mountaineer sports shared their experiences with the more than three hundred students who have attended this workshop organized by the ADE Program of the Department of Sports
  • The full, as opposed to mandatory helmet on urban cyclist (06/05/2013)
    In addition to the joint motion passed today in this regard, local groups have also agreed in their support for the Subdivision of Land Registry in Cartagena, by a declaration Institutional
  • Volver a Nacer closes the loop back to Central Cinema (06/05/2013)
    The film starring Penelope Cruz is planned Tuesday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • A tickets go on sale to see the Vivancos in El Batel (06/05/2013)
    The seven brothers presented in Cartagena Aeternum Flamenco, fusing different dance
  • Course first aid and accident prevention in the program T-La (06/05/2013)
    will show how to act in case of accidents and reduce emotional stress
  • Pinocchio sneaks Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy (06/05/2013)
    The theater group CEIP José María Lapuerta inaugurated this morning the XXV School Theatre Festival, organized annually by the Department of Education of the City of Cartagena
  • Clara Sanchez and Alfredo Gómez Cerdá Mandarache collect and Hache Awards 2013 (06/05/2013)
    The eighth edition culminates in a spectacular gala to 1,400 readers in El Batel
  • The May Crosses environment filled weekend (06/05/2013)
    thousand people participated in the activities of morning, afternoon and evening, mainly focusing on the Historic
  • Cartagena falls rendered manga and Japanese culture (06/05/2013)
    Thousands of fans flocked to this weekend I Manga and Japanese Culture in El Batel Cartagena which was scheduled around a hundred leisure activities for all ages
  • Between strings and brass 2013 and has winners (03/05/2013)
    The jurors of different modalities tonight unveiled its verdict and granted awards to young musicians, this year, I have been difficult given the high quality of their performances
  • 20,000 kilos of food has raised the Foundation "Manuel Cascales" in the run on "Charity Day" (03/05/2013)
    Food has been donated to Caritas Diocese of Cartagena and are already deposited their warehouse
  • The full City Council will dedicate a space to the president of the Repsol tailings (03/05/2013)
    On Monday plenary session which will address the distribution of budget remaining four council, bonuses for Children Schools and modification of the rates from moving companies
  • Sensation 11, a compilation of the daily work of Asido Cartagena (03/05/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor attend the opening of the exhibition which will take place on Monday, May 6, at 18.00 am at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Consumer Conference on the relationship between business and consumer (03/05/2013)
    Organized by the City and the Autonomous Region, held on 20 and 21 May at the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena
  • The Roman Theatre Museum's work on the older Gabarron (03/05/2013)
    The workshop will be held every Thursday in May and June at 11.00 hours and is part of the Institute Informayor 2013 Municipal Social Services
  • More than one hundred activities for the longest night of Cartagena (03/05/2013)
    exhibitions, plays, concerts tours or a total 159 activities for the celebration of the Night of the Museums on Saturday May 18 and will be open to all ages
  • Infrastructure investments manage to save 50 million euros in losses of water during the last 20 years (03/05/2013)
    The management report service concession since 1993, notes that at this time has also tripled the sewerage network and has grown more than double the drinkable water supply
  • There are still places for the course of Flora and Fauna of the region led to higher (03/05/2013)
    Framed in the Chest of Experience IMSS is free and will take place on 7 and May 14 in Building La Milagrosa
  • The Military Arsenal opens its doors to higher (03/05/2013)
    The Department of Social Services has organized a visit for Tuesday in its program Informayor
  • The City Council allocated 3.5 million euros to complete the Sports Palace (03/05/2013)

  • FADE Social Care and collaborating on a project for the training of women in Cameroon (03/05/2013)

  • Opening of the Royal Cruz de Mayo Risen Guild (03/05/2013)
    Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday May 5 blades street Cartagena
  • Cartagena seRemanga with hundreds of activities on Japanese culture (02/05/2013)

  • Begin assembling the Cruces de Mayo (02/05/2013)
    Sixteen bodies and associations together with a number of bars will participate in the festivities along this weekend
  • The Night of Museums, closer (02/05/2013)
    The mayor presented Friday planned activities in the various museums of the city for the night of May 18, in a meeting with the media to be held in the Municipal Archaeological
  • Direct support of the Department of Social Services increased 22 percent in 2012 (02/05/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor this morning the report of 2012 in which, among other things, could be drawn that the aid budget city ​​in the year 2012 amounted to EUR 616 949
  • Conferences, tributes and theater, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Sodicar (02/05/2013)
    The Diabetic Society of Cartagena has presented the activities planned for the month of May, highlighting a reunion dinner to commemorate the work of its volunteers since its founding 10 May 1983
  • The above lateen sail back to Port of Cartagena (02/05/2013)
    Coinciding with the celebration of its 60th anniversary, the St. Lucia Yacht Club has scheduled a dozen races to be held in the dock at weekends, between the months of May and October
  • Extended exposure Desired City Javier Lorente, Byzantine walls in the room (02/05/2013)
    The exhibition can be visited until the weekend of the Night of Museums, offered through the artist's works a tour of Cartagena surrounding streets and the city
  • Feast of the Ascension in the hills of the Albujón (02/05/2013)
    The town Cartagena popular festivals held from 3 to May 11
  • Young Baha'is will concentrate on 11 May before the Zulo (02/05/2013)
    recollections of the fifth anniversary of the arrest and imprisonment of seven members of this community in Iran
  • Las Lomas Albujón II celebrates the Dogs (02/05/2013)
    The activity is part of the festivities of the town of Cartagena, whose organization assist the departments of Celebration and Decentralization
  • T-LA Program delves into the world of audiovisual (02/05/2013)
    The Youth Council organizes Techniques course and VJ Visual Production to be held from 3 to 7 June in the Youth Center Quarry
  • The Placement Agency commitment to the university ALDE (02/05/2013)
    So far this year, have attended a total of 938 people, and its outreach activities to young people, participated last week in the University Employment Forum held in the UPCT
  • Published schedules XXII Day Local Youth Football League (02/05/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 4th and Sunday May 5
  • Medieval Tournament night and day in the Castillo de la Concepción (01/05/2013)
    Today guided tours start at Castillo de la Concepción, while Saturday May 4th I will be held Medieval Tournament which will recreate the atmosphere of the time

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