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Cartagena News - February 2012

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  • Unanimity in the Planning Commission (29/02/2012)
    municipal groups expressed their stance in favor of the new ordinance of administrative simplification and the full protection of the old Central Cinema, among others
  • Victor Beltrí have its avenue in Cartagena (29/02/2012)

  • The social center of the Eixample Almarjal gains in breadth (29/02/2012)
    Mayor Pilar Barreiro this morning visited the building, recently remodeled, to which he added three more rooms to meet the neighbors
  • A thousand athletes are entered in the Half Marathon (29/02/2012)
    The test, which monitored 31 local police officers, technicians and volunteers will be released on March 4 at 10 am from the Municipal Tennis Track and Field
  • Conference on Information Technology and Communication to entrepreneurs (29/02/2012)

  • The Civil Defence volunteers are preparing for Easter and summer (29/02/2012)

  • An international conference will bring together over 20 European institutions in the Roman Theater (29/02/2012)

  • Back Café Cantante La Palma (29/02/2012)
    From 3 March, the House of Folklore is filled with good music and most typical dishes of traditional cuisine
  • Marisol Ortiz helps young people to discard the superfluous with his book The Song of Shao Li (28/02/2012)
    The writer is the latest Vitoria Prize finalist Hache visit Cartagena 2012 before more than 1,000 students voted in April your favorite book
  • The Prince skips the protocol to greet the Cartagena (28/02/2012)

  • The Olympic torch travels the schools in the municipality (28/02/2012)
    The Sports Department has organized the Olimpiade 2012, an activity that until April 12 will promote sporting values ​​among schoolchildren
  • Prove terms with asphalt in the Serreta (28/02/2012)
    If satisfactory experience could be applied to the entire street before Easter
  • The older ones learn to prevent domestic risks (28/02/2012)
    About 250 retirees attending to see a theater performance with the Foundation Mapfre and the Municipal Institute of Social Services have been taught to avoid accidents at home
  • Interculturality sneaks into the classroom (28/02/2012)
    The councils of Education and Social Care have launched a school program open to other cultures to promote a positive work environment with people from other cultures
  • Tests of the Empty Tomb Association Angel's Message (28/02/2012)

  • The technological advances of the Holy Week in UPCT (28/02/2012)
    On Monday was inaugurated the exhibition, which will run until April 15 at the Faculty of Sciences of the Company in the old CIM
  • The Department of Celebration Wreath prepares the patron (28/02/2012)
    The deadline to participate in the traditional parade which takes place on Good Friday, will be open from today until March 20, may sign up those interested in the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy
  • The day youth football reaped a thousand goals in 109 games (28/02/2012)
    The category of pre-baby A group II and the youngest B in group I, the most scorers in the form of soccer Soccer 5 and 8, respectively
  • IV edition of the Conference of Solidarity (28/02/2012)
    Organized by him Municipal Institute of Social servcios be held on Saturday March 3 in the Plaza de Juan XXIII
  • The Finance Committee studied the urban rates for new licenses express (28/02/2012)
    At the meeting, held on Wednesday, also dictates the dissolution of the Association of Tourist Services of the Mar Menor and the nomination of Victor Avenue Beltrí
  • The Civil Guard detained another of the suspects in the killing of a person in Perín-Cartagena (27/02/2012)
    This is six detainees related to the murder committed in September 2010
  • On Thursday, the prize is awarded to the Year 2010 Cartagenero Francisco Morata (27/02/2012)
    The event will be chaired by the mayor and held in the lobby of the Palace Hall
  • Return Cures Program for Seniors (27/02/2012)
    Councillors Social Care and Tourism, will open Thursday at the Hotel Entramares the fifth edition of this initiative to be accessed by the greatest during the months of March, April and May
  • The Cartagena Castejón Lucia gets the bronze medal in the National Championship Archery (27/02/2012)
    Next to it competed Castejón Pedro and Jorge Gonzalez, also of Willow Club Shooting
  • Laughter therapy (27/02/2012)
    About twenty pensioners and children have fun and forget their problems in a Laughter Therapy workshop has organizadazo the Municipal Social Services
  • All ready for the Prince in Cartagena (27/02/2012)
    Don Felipe preside over the main events of the 475th anniversary of Marine Corps.
  • The Socialist Party insists that the final location of the treasure Odyssey to be in Cartagena ARQUA (27/02/2012)
    Congressman Antonio Bernal Martinez requested more strongly to the Government of the Ministry Valcárcel for this collection finally come to the Region
  • The film returns to the center with Contagion (27/02/2012)
    The film, starring Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Paltrow and Marion Cotillard Gwynet be screened on Tuesday in three passes, 4 and 2.5 euros
  • Adorers students learn about the harmful effects of snuff (27/02/2012)

  • La Palma awarded to the best of Comedy Contest XIV (27/02/2012)
    on Saturday was held at the Civic Center the closing ceremony and prize giving in an edition of high quality, organized by the Cultural Association Now Theatre in collaboration with the City Council Cartagena
  • Marisol Ortiz presents The Song Li Shao readers Hache Award 2012 (27/02/2012)
    Vitoria writer will talk on Tuesday, February 28 with 600 students in the auditorium of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • Local police catches a child after robbing a home (27/02/2012)
    had assaulted three houses in Minor Outlying Islands, along with four others
  • The Community facilitates the creation of companies in Cartagena and the surrounding area with rent free (26/02/2012)
    technology-based enterprises, women and recent graduates may have up to six months of free rent on the premises of the European Business and Innovation Cartagena
  • Triman Navarre Real Cartagena 5-5 (25/02/2012)
    Partidazo Reale you start the comeback in Pamplona
  • Modification of the statutes of the UPCT to adapt to the European Higher Education (24/02/2012)

  • The elderly and have their Facebook page (24/02/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services aims to make this channel a media to inform and advise the municipality pensioners
  • Closure of Comedy Contest XIV La Palma (24/02/2012)
    On Saturday there will be the delivery of trophies to the winners of this year's competition, in a ceremony attended by the councilors of Decentralization and District
  • Entrepreneurs save three hours a day with the use of mobile devices (24/02/2012)
    The ADLE and the European Business and Innovation Cartagena taught in a lecture to self-employed and SMEs the advantages of using new technologies in their day to day
  • Laughter Therapy Workshop for Seniors (24/02/2012)
    It is organized by the Municipal Social Services in order to show the benefits that brings laughter to health and social relations
  • Three Cartagena compete this weekend in the National Championship Archery (24/02/2012)
    Tests will be on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February in Barcelona
  • The Wizard of Oz celebrates its 70th anniversary with a musical at the Auditorium (24/02/2012)
    The show aimed at all audiences, is represented on Saturday in El Batel in two passes at 18 and 21 hours
  • Rupture of pipe in Ripoll Captains already repaired (24/02/2012)
    Aquagest Operators are conducting soil compaction jobs, overlooking the tarmac and replacement services in the stretch of track that still remain closed until the middle of next week
  • The students employment workshop House Staff of the ADLE begin practices (24/02/2012)
    will work for a year in residence for elderly Virgen del Mar and the Home Care Service of the City of Cartagena
  • The Bald Soprano, at the Teatro Municipal School Forum Theatre (24/02/2012)
    On Thursday visionará in the Auditorium of the School recording the play by Ionesco, the Bishop of Madrid Theatre, by the group Yllana Theatre, and is open until all seats
  • Homage to Charity gathered the Cartagena based in Madrid (24/02/2012)

  • The Prince will close on Tuesday a weekend full of events commemorating the Marine Corps (24/02/2012)
    The 475 th anniversary celebrations continue this afternoon with a solemn flag lowered to 18.30 on the esplanade of the dock, ship visits to Galicia Cross and climb pupular of Galeras
  • The City will save six hundred thousand euros to the new building cleaning contract (24/02/2012)
    The Governing Board also approved the bid of market stalls and a grant for the taxi industry
  • The municipal libraries serve 11,150 documents every month (24/02/2012)
    A 61.37% of Cartagena are regular readers, especially the sector of the population aged between 36 and 50 years
  • Mari Loli Garcia wins the prize drawing and painting Solidarity and Poverty (23/02/2012)
    The exhibition of the work involved and the awards to the winners, will take place on Saturday March 3 in the Plaza de Juan XXIII
  • Rascasa organizes a social skills course for dependents (23/02/2012)
    The workshop, in which 20 people have signed up, aims to combat social exclusion
  • They represent a play in preventing domestic risks in the elderly (23/02/2012)
    Mapfre Foundation and the Municipal Social Services organized a performance on Feb. 28 at the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy
  • All set for the opening of the eighteenth Well Theatre Contest Strait (23/02/2012)
    All performances will be at the Civic Center
  • David Marin: "It's a tough test but we can get the three points" (23/02/2012)

  • The Reale with the younger (23/02/2012)

  • The Senior Center of El Algar lived his great celebration of Carnival (23/02/2012)
    Parades, exhibitions and a large dance masks, were the activities that were held Tuesday at the Day Center, and the participation of the Social Care Councillor
  • The bars are preparing for the V Route Top (23/02/2012)
    The event, which begins tomorrow February 24, beat a record participation with 67 establishments
  • Sodicar shows how to live with diabetes at school (23/02/2012)

  • Port of Cultures will mean that children write in Punic, Cartagonova conquer and build a castle (23/02/2012)
    The manager of the consortium submitted by the Councillor for Tourism, Palazón Carolina, a series of activities for the whole family organized for weekends from February to April
  • Ripoll Captains will be closed to traffic 12 hours a broken water pipe Commonwealth (23/02/2012)
    Aquagest already working on repairs.
  • The City Council delivered 183,060 euros for processions (22/02/2012)
    The Mayor thanked the brothers for Call who have renewed their commitment to Easter and once again assume responsibility for the parades take to the streets
  • Ensure the public nature of the School of Nursing (22/02/2012)
    The University of Murcia undertakes in a meeting with students and representatives of the Community and the city of Cartagena to continue to manage the school
  • Kick-off for the Fourth Municipal Petanque Championship (22/02/2012)

  • The writer Jesus Ballaz turns children into heroes (22/02/2012)
    The author of The Midnight violin in his book shows children that with hard work can achieve any goal
  • Start of archaeological open air tastings on Avenida de America (22/02/2012)
    To verify if there are traces of a Roman road that came from Cartagena to Torreciega, prior to the construction of underground parking
  • Real Cartagena Autonomous Youth Team 6-1 (22/02/2012)
    Victoria Reale in their friendly against combined regional youth
  • Mayor's Proclamation gives the traditional Easter Facade (22/02/2012)
    The object thereof is to facilitate cleaning and exterior building ornamentation in order to improve the image and aesthetics of the same during Lent
  • The Cartagena based in Madrid Thursday celebrate Ash (22/02/2012)

  • The projected free movie Batel Nyman, With a Movie Camera (22/02/2012)
    The composer will show on Friday February 24, his version of The Man of the House of Dziga Vertov and chat with the audience before the concert starts at 21.30 Hours
  • The website of the ADLE gains users (22/02/2012)
    The Department of New Technologies reform page of the Agency of Local Development and Employment in ten months and get 155,077 views
  • The burning of Don Carnal Carnival closes the show's 2012 (22/02/2012)
    The awards gala that preceded the burning served as recognition of the work of the groups, jokes and choreographic groups that have colored the whole week of celebrations
  • Adorers students learn to save water (22/02/2012)
    Elementary students participating in the program of the City Gotagotham to study this natural asset management
  • The meeting Mako, poster theme of Easter 2013 (22/02/2012)

  • The Roman Theatre teach a course on cultural heritage (22/02/2012)
    The talks, which begin on Monday March 5, are focused to treat architecture as a tour package
  • IU-Green advocates maintaining the public school of Nursing Cartagena (21/02/2012)

  • The local police arrested a man after robbing a cafe (21/02/2012)
    agents captured the man who had entered the force in a street setting Medieras
  • The Municipal School of Theatre organizes an introductory course to the Commedia dell'Arte (21/02/2012)
    Classes will be held on 13 and 14 April, places are limited to 25 people
  • Arrested for threatening a neighbor with a katana (21/02/2012)
    Local police arrested the alleged offender when, once I calmed down, got rid of the gun and left his home
  • Teach self to use mobile devices to manage your company (21/02/2012)
    The ADLE and the European Business and Innovation will give a talk organized Cartagena training on Friday 24 February to help SMEs manage business
  • The campaign to control trucks and vans is settled with 57 complaints (21/02/2012)
    In total we examined a total of 717 vehicles during the seven days that has gone on this particular road safety campaign, in which the local police collaborated with the DGT
  • Students of Luis Calandre approach the table tennis (21/02/2012)
    have known a little more this sport and have practiced with players and club players UCAM-FLOYMAPE and UCAM-CARTAGENA, within the activities of ADE
  • Jesus tells his stories involved Ballaz music (21/02/2012)
    Navarre The author visit on Wednesday and Thursday the Cultural Center Library Ramon Alonso Luzzy to share with students from several schools a new Author Meet organized by the Department of Culture
  • Activities of tennis in the Youth House on Saturday to move Central Hall (21/02/2012)
    The measure has been adopted by the council to recoup Sports equipment
  • The campaign grows in Safety teaches children to prevent risks in your environment (21/02/2012)
    About 1,800 students from 5 ° of primary schools in the municipality will learn good behaviors to be home, at school and in the street
  • The General Assembly gives green light FFRM Global Resort Cartagena 82 (20/02/2012)

  • The elderly are walking to the mountains of Carrascoy (20/02/2012)
    The tour, organized by the Municipal Social Services will depart on Friday 24 February at 8.30 am on the esplanade of Peak
  • Alberto Sanchez won the poster competition of the International Women's Day (20/02/2012)
    The jury, chaired by the Councillor for Women, has chosen the work of this young Cartagena, with a distinct style of Pop Art, among the twenty cartels that submitted to the contest
  • 8,000 people participated in the activities of Your pasote Has A Price (20/02/2012)

  • Implica2 collected over half a ton of caps Solidarity (20/02/2012)
    The campaign is ongoing, aims to collaborate with the Spanish Association Family Ataxia-Telangiectasia, a so-called rare diseases that require funding for research
  • The voice asleep, who won three Goyas, is projected into the Teatro Nuevo Circo (20/02/2012)
    The film, included in the program The film returns to the center, can be seen on Tuesday in three passes, 4 and 2.5 euros
  • Shock friendly between the national team and Real Cartagena youth Autonomic (20/02/2012)

  • Death of Juan Diego Martinez sergeant (20/02/2012)
    The second in the chain of command of the local police had cancer and his funeral will be held this afternoon at the Morgue Estavesa
  • Real Cartagena 1-4 Inter Movistar (18/02/2012)
    Greens due to Reale in progress
  • The children have their costume party on Sunday at John XXIII (17/02/2012)
    Teatro La Murga enliven the children's carnival with a show from 12 noon
  • Call for Proposals for Art Museum Night IV (17/02/2012)
    The deadline for submission, both individually and collectively, is open until March 23
  • II Course for Board of Directors of Senior Clubs (17/02/2012)
    February 21 starts this training organized by the Municipal Social Services, which aims to facilitate the work of members of boards and their adaptation to new technologies
  • Sangochaos, Jopys, Singuangos, Chochonis Beniajan and, at the end of the jokes (17/02/2012)
    The four groups will compete tonight at 20 pm in the Teatro Circo for taking the top prize of the contest
  • A dozen extras join the parade last minute carnival (17/02/2012)
    In the parade, which will start tomorrow at 18 pm from the Town Hall, plus several extras involves 33 groups outside the federation
  • The Navy disclosed in Arqua (17/02/2012)
    The exhibition includes models in a broad perspective of the Spanish shipbuilding industry
  • The largest prepare for the Fourth Municipal Petanque Championship (17/02/2012)
    At the opening ceremony, which will be on 20 February, attended by the mayor and councilor Pilar Barreiro Social Care
  • The Slum Virgin of Charity celebrated its Carnival (17/02/2012)

  • The Pescao presents his first solo album in Cartagena (17/02/2012)
    David Otero, formerly of El Canto del Loco, will be on Saturday at the Municipal Auditorium The Batel to raise awareness within the programming of the Department of Culture, the Nothing hard-Logical
  • The municipal portals than seven million hits in 2011 (17/02/2012)
    The use of new technologies by citizens grows unstoppable in its relations with the City
  • Six arrested for simulation of crime in the police station in Cartagena (17/02/2012)

  • Our elders also pointed to the Carnival (16/02/2012)
    Some 1,200 people will participate on Friday in the big party, the Department of Social Services and the Federation of Carnival, organized to elect the Queen of the largest and her ladies
  • David Marin: "we must be at a high level during the forty minutes" (16/02/2012)

  • Urdangarín and the Duchess of Alba focus Chirigotas contest (16/02/2012)
    The thirteen groups involved in the X edition of the carnival will also discuss today and tomorrow night at the Teatro Circo local issues such as the Mar Menor, the state of Serreta or crisis
  • The internship program gives the first results ADLE (16/02/2012)
    Four workshop students get Care Unit work
  • 40 officers involved in the safety device Carnival (16/02/2012)
    Local police increased surveillance and controls during the Carnival, especially during this weekend with the traditional Parade
  • Local Police intensified controls on trucks and vans (16/02/2012)
    Throughout this week, and in collaboration with the DGT, the agents develop a campaign in order to raise awareness among drivers to be cautious on the road
  • The Batel is transferred to the third century of hand comedian Moncho Borrajo (16/02/2012)
    GOLFUS Hispanicus The show can be seen on Friday night at Municipal Auditorium Room A
  • City Council and Red Cross advocate responsible consumption of alcohol (16/02/2012)

  • The book revives the award Mandarache Such People Sola, Juan Bonilla (16/02/2012)
    The writer is surprised at the meeting with young readers that they have chosen one that wrote four years ago
  • The Maritime Rescue Centre in Cartagena coordinated the rescue of 357 people in 2011 (15/02/2012)
    All 21 centers coordinated Salvage 5,576 performances in Spain with 13,292 people assisted
  • Indian Party in the Park Towers (15/02/2012)
    The Alternative Recreation program and the Youth Council has organized for Saturday 18 a carnival for young people
  • The program connects students preparing to enter the intermediate level (15/02/2012)
    The Agency for Local Development and Employment has selected 22 young people to help them back to school and get a qualification
  • Castles and batteries prepared for the Third Path Strengths (15/02/2012)
    The City and the Navy are jointly organizing a new edition of this sporting event, held April 21 and will allow three thousand participants walk an essential part of the heritage of City
  • Retales to make the outfit (15/02/2012)
    Eight students learn in a workshop of the Department of Women patchwork, sewing technique England, with which rean from towels to blankets
  • The old station will look like Barrio Peral new year-end (15/02/2012)
    Employment councilor, Diego Ortega, visited the building being rehabilitated School students ALDE Workshop
  • Course Students Discover your city and receive their diplomas Customs (15/02/2012)
    Forty-five seniors have been involved in talks and visits to see highlights of the history and culture of Cartagena
  • Available the latest posts to enjoy the Chirigotas (15/02/2012)
    There are still 522 tickets for the contest to be held on Thursday and Friday in the Nuevo Teatro Circo, can be purchased at the box office of the latter, the Municipal Auditorium or The Batel either via internet
  • The Widening bars join the V edition of the Ruta de la Tapa (14/02/2012)
    67 participate in the event facilities, 29 more than last year
  • The City Council is to collect the tax on vehicles until April 2 (14/02/2012)
    is expected to raise about 13.7 million euros from the more than 145,000 units surveyed in the city
  • School Contest Winners Carnival, proud of their work (14/02/2012)
    The councilors of Celebration and Education, along with the president of Carnival have made awards today the finalists of the drawing and writing contests, awards that meet its fifteenth edition
  • The great Carnival parade on Saturday will depart from the Plaza de San Sebastián (14/02/2012)
    Installing a scaffold to the High Street exit must introduce changes in the output of courtship
  • Health centers prescribe exercise (14/02/2012)
    Murcia Health Service and the city put up the Active Program to help patients with risk factors for healthy living
  • They rob at gunpoint and knife food establishment (14/02/2012)
    Local Police hold off one of those involved in an alleged robbery at a Chinese street Carmen Conde
  • Hundreds of young readers will welcome the author Juan Bonilla in Cartagena (14/02/2012)
    Noted author will be in town on Thursday and Friday to present the numerous Tanta Single People Award jury Mandarache 2012
  • The 12 health centers in the municipality of Cartagena are incorporated into the Activa program of physical exercise (14/02/2012)
    Over 500,000 Murcia do not perform any physical activity, and more than half the population of the Region are overweight
  • PuntoPyme meets to support companies in the region (14/02/2012)
    In the talk have dealt with issues like the importance of new technologies when placing a product on the Internet
  • The youngest of the EF San Cristobal A, at the head of the Local League (14/02/2012)
    On the other hand, EF The Belones, Mediterranean CD, EF New Cartagena, Dolores de Pacheco EF, EF and AD Franciscan Albujón desatacan as an example of fair play Football in the form of 8
  • The Board of guilds selects a second time a woman to preach the Easter (13/02/2012)
    Rosario del Carmen Garcia announce the arrival of the processions, while the appointment of Mayor Nazarene Faith Love has fallen on Deuz
  • On sale tickets to see Yerma in El Batel (13/02/2012)
    The play, which will be performed May 17 in the auditorium, Miguel Narros directs and stars actress Silvia Marsó
  • This later became known to the Nazarene and Easter Crier (13/02/2012)
    Older siblings attend the Palace Hall this afternoon to inform the choice
  • The Civil Guard detained two people engaged in committing robberies (13/02/2012)
    were surprised when the effects carried in a stolen vehicle
  • The questions of the students surprised the writer Norma Sturniolo (13/02/2012)
    The author of The Monkey and Water Federico praises the work of schools in Cartagena to see that kids had read the book
  • The film returns to the center with Maids and Ladies (13/02/2012)
    Circus Theater opens tomorrow, February 14, Tuesdays cinema with the projection of an independent film
  • More than a hundred bolilleras I signed up to meet at the Casino (13/02/2012)
    Councillor for Women, attended the Sunday event, which organized the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users, involving specialist in the traditional work from across the Region
  • Cartagena's grandmother meets 103 years (13/02/2012)

  • The greatest visit the Palacio de Aguirre and the Muram (13/02/2012)
    The activity was organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • New orientation workshops Classroom Set of ADLE (13/02/2012)
    des Inscriptions will be open today Monday, February 13
  • In March Carnival of Memories (10/02/2012)
    More than a thousand retirees recycle their old clothes to participate in the gala day 17 in the parade on February 18
  • Choreography Sunday in Cartagena Carnival (10/02/2012)
    will be held in Hall Jiménez de la Espada on two fronts: kids and adults
  • La Palma summarizes its 500 years of existence in a book (10/02/2012)
    will be presented tonight at the Civic Center Friday in the village
  • They gather in a book of poems of the last 12 editions of the Floral Games of La Palma (10/02/2012)
    The organizers of the contest will give the mayor one of the books presented on March 10 before the tournament
  • ONCE invited the mayor to the XIII Biennial of Music (10/02/2012)
    Barreiro received this morning the director and the territorial delegate of the organization, who have decided that the event being held this year in several cities in the Region of Murcia
  • Raul Sanchez and Felix Conesa win Drawing and Writing Contests Carnival (10/02/2012)
    The jury has today announced the winners of the fifteenth edition of the school contest, organized by the Federation of Carnival with the Councillors for Education and Celebrations
  • I Bolilleras Meeting at the Casino de Cartagena (10/02/2012)
    Councillor for Women attend the Sunday event is organized by the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users of the City
  • The Roman Theatre is looking for friends to the museum (10/02/2012)
    monument makers are asking citizens and businesses to work with the foundation for the cultural promotion of the site
  • The new park Eixample, close (10/02/2012)
    The Governing Board final approval to the proposed development will include a landscaped area of ​​14,800 square meters, behind the UNED, near a commercial area
  • The older study Cartagena Easter (10/02/2012)
    February 14 On Tuesday morning will end with a guided tour of the churches, a course with which the Municipal Institute of Social Services has trained 35 retired asset value of confraternities
  • On Monday opens the application deadline for three new courses ADLE (10/02/2012)
    This is Aquatic Lifeguard courses, Monitor and English Child Care Office, directed all training activities for unemployed
  • El Pozo Murcia City Real Cartagena 5-5 (10/02/2012)

  • Norma Sturniolo chat with schoolchildren in his book The Monkey Federico and Water (10/02/2012)
    Journalist and writer will be found in local libraries with elementary students of various schools on 13, 14 and 15 February
  • Paper Flowers for Valentine's Day (10/02/2012)
    Alumni of 6 of primary school on Monday Asdrubal participated in the workshop A Bit Of You, It's Much, organized by a group of volunteers Implica2 program of the Youth Council
  • The Community as employers of Cartagena on new technologies and Internet tools to improve your business (09/02/2012)
    The Ministry of Universities and Research Company, through the European Business and Innovation starts from March to May a new edition of the seminar series 'Hall Company'
  • The students travel to Neverland (09/02/2012)
    Teatro Municipal Campaign School has 750 children from infant to see the play Peter Pan
  • Young chess players receive prizes Intercentros Tournament VIII (09/02/2012)
    The mayor of Youth has delivered this morning at the IES Los Molinos trophies to students of primary and secondary schools that have participated in the chess competition
  • The Trunk of Experience teaches homemade soup kitchen (09/02/2012)
    Social Care Councillor closed today the course organized by the Municipal Social Services, which began on February 2
  • Local Police intensify checking vehicles in Luis Calandre (09/02/2012)
    Agents fined for daily drivers to park their cars in prohibited areas
  • The ADLE served more than 17 000 people during the second half of 2011 (09/02/2012)
    abracaron His performances both orientation, training and integration of unemployed and support to business initiatives and professional profile search
  • The PP urges unions to use the Regional Bureau for jobs to combat unemployment in Cartagena (09/02/2012)

  • Open the registration deadline to register in the course of sound of the T-LA (09/02/2012)
    The fee to enroll in the courses organized for the third consecutive year the Alternative Recreation program the Youth Council is 199 euros
  • Intercultural Centers join the award Mandarache (09/02/2012)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services has encouraged young people to create three committees read and participate in the project to promote reading
  • Photographic Workshops in MURAM (08/02/2012)
    start today February 8, at 20 hours
  • All the colorful costumes of Carnival, to the public (08/02/2012)
    Mediterranean Area hosts until February 19 a statement of the parties, which can be visited during business hours and shows, as the main course, the costumes of the Queens Child and Last year's adult
  • VIII Chess Tournament Intercentros IES Los Molinos (08/02/2012)
    The Youth and Education councilors on Thursday to attend the awards ceremony that closes the event, involving most of the institutes of the region of Cartagena
  • The film plays Tuesday at the Center (08/02/2012)

  • The ADLE train 14 000 people this semester (08/02/2012)
    The Agency for Local Development and Employment will serve unemployed, students, workers and businesses through 87 different activities
  • Course of astronomy with the program T-LA (08/02/2012)
    The classes will be from 20 to 28 March, the registration fee is 5 euros
  • Spartak Moscow won the Copa del Sol III (08/02/2012)
    Over 6,000 spectators attended the match at the Estadio Municipal Cartagonova and was broadcast for eight television channels around the world
  • The lights Carnival Cartagena (08/02/2012)
    Celebrations and is placing the lights and decorations that give atmosphere to the city ahead of the festivals celebrated from 11 to 21 February and which will climax with the parade that will travel the center
  • Characters in fairy tales appeal to children of Santa Ana to the new premises of the library (07/02/2012)
    The Conservation Authority has given the City urban space in one of its local street Padua to locate the point of borrowing books
  • The Day Center of Sorrows open after saving (07/02/2012)
    Its opening will ease the waiting list of dependents that are in the municipality, as the Senior Managing Director
  • The City premieres Electronic Office (07/02/2012)
    With the new web portal, available 24 hours a day throughout the year, both citizens and companies can make arrangements, consultation, request information and even pay fines and self-assessments, without leaving home
  • Local Police thwarted theft of fourteen bottles of fuel in the Aljorra (07/02/2012)
    had been stolen from a truck and were ready to take them
  • Collapse of dawn in a building on Calle San Cristobal La Long (07/02/2012)
    The three people who lived in the house have been unharmed
  • Fair play and sportsmanship highlighted in the form of Football 5 (07/02/2012)
    In the eleventh round of the Local League soccer base held the weekend were played over a hundred games in all the categories, to Bottle Cadet
  • Court of the water supply in El Albujón (07/02/2012)
    will be the first thing Thursday morning and will also affect, as reported Aquagest at Lomas and hamlets of the surrounding Albujón
  • Roberto Castellon II wins the Duathlon not draftin in Los Camachos (07/02/2012)
    Athlete of the AD club aimlessly complete all three tests in 57 minutes and 19 seconds, while last year's champion Athletics Club Mandarache from Cartagena, is the third
  • Full sets record with over forty initiatives discussed (06/02/2012)
    Issues such as employment, health, popular sport and education, focused motions, requests and questions that the opposition groups have been meeting held full today at the Palace Hall
  • Carles Cano dragons encourage children to read (06/02/2012)
    The Valencian writer has talked today with a hundred elementary students about his books The last of the dragons and the other side of the hat
  • Angel Bernal notes that "have nearly doubled the beds per capita are above the regional average" (06/02/2012)
    To the council of health, "today, the Health of Cartagena has more resources, more professional and more number of services than ever "
  • The Copenhagen and Spartak Moscow play the final of the Copa del Sol (06/02/2012)
    The meeting will be Tuesday, February 7, at 19 pm at the Municipal Stadium Cartagonova
  • Eight homeless overnight this weekend at Red Cross facilities (06/02/2012)
    The councilman of Social Care, Antonio Calderon, the device confirms that the cold wave is bearing fruit and that there are homeless who have come on their own feet
  • Municipal Library Polygon Santa Ana change location (06/02/2012)
    The new headquarters will debut on Tuesday Narval school students, who attend the storytelling that has prepared the group Pigtails
  • From housewives to actresses (06/02/2012)
    Tanit The theater group, the Women's Department, prepares the work standing trees killed by Alejandro Casona, to represent it at the Teatro Circo by the Women's Day
  • II Duatlon draftin not in Los Camachos (03/02/2012)
    It is held on Sunday in a circuit of Industrail Estate with the participation of about 300 duatletas
  • Between strings and brass keeps the number of participants (03/02/2012)
    The Conservatory of Music in Cartagena receives 95 applications to perform at the XV edition of the competition, is the second year with the largest number of entries
  • Cartagena circuit enters the large ships Mare Nostrum period (03/02/2012)
    The mayor has received this morning the organizers of Classic Sailing Week to be held in the city from June 24 to July 1
  • Young and old celebrate together the third anniversary of The Day Centre Algar (03/02/2012)
    Theater, music and dance, staged Thursday intergenerational activities organized by the Centre, which were closed by the IMSS director
  • CFS Pinatar Reale Cartagena 2-13 (03/02/2012)
    Real win at Pinatar in training game
  • Improvement of sidewalks, pavement and lighting in Saint Lucia (03/02/2012)
    under the Investment Plan and Provincial Barrios have been carried out in several streets in the amount of one hundred thirty thousand euros
  • Surprised by subtracting an individual fuel truck (03/02/2012)
    Local Police officers early Thursday arrested the alleged assailant while trying to flee from a place in Pozo Strait, which had several trailers parked
  • A hundred companies in four years, with the Cheque Entrepreneur (03/02/2012)
    program ADLE professional advice given, along 2011, 55 checks and led to the creation of 29 companies, as well as the hiring of four employees
  • A homeless temporary shelter overnight in the street Gisbert (03/02/2012)
    was the only one of the 16 homeless people who were visited on the street volunteers who agreed to spend the night under protection
  • The party Cartagena - Hercules, declared high risk (03/02/2012)

  • Students from elementary, to meet Carles Cano (03/02/2012)
    Valencia The author will be in Cartagena on 6, 7 and 8 February to work with young students their books The last of the dragons and the other side of the hat
  • Conserve Memory, target the elderly (03/02/2012)
    Yesterday tore the training course organized by the Social Services Report to improve the quality of life of the largest in the city
  • Red Cross Hall and enable a temporary shelter for the homeless (02/02/2012)
    As long as the cold snap, the homeless people who live outdoors may appeal to the Red Cross headquarters on Calle Gisbert, which has prepared a room with beds, heating and cleaning
  • Fernando Morillo plant the seed of Leonardo da Vinci in the UPCT (02/02/2012)
    The writer Gipuzkoa Hache Award finalist 2012, spread to 600 secondary students who have read The Wings of Leonardo's thirst for knowledge the artist
  • Canteras associations, met with its new multi (02/02/2012)
    Mayor visit on Thursday the facilities of the new building, located next to the sports center of the town, which brings cultural activities and higher, and the area SKIP
  • The major exercise and mental health (02/02/2012)
    Municipal Institute of Social Services puts up an energetic gymnastics course which will last until March
  • The mayor believes that the treasure should come to Cartagena Odyssey (02/02/2012)

  • An snatchers arrested after stealing a purse in Union City Round (02/02/2012)
    The involvement of a local police officer out of service was decisive in bringing about the arrest of the involved
  • Ten million viewers Cartagena know the Copa del Sol (01/02/2012)

  • Close SKIP El Algar by works (01/02/2012)
    not attend the public for a week to adjust its current location it shares with the new neighborhood association and the social worker
  • Social Care reinforce assistance to the indigent by the cold wave (01/02/2012)
    Volunteer Red Cross, Caritas and attend each night to 25 homeless, urge them to stay overnight in the Santa Teresa Hospital, and if they refuse to leave the street, leave them food and blankets
  • Natalia recites his poems Carbajosa in IES Los Molinos (01/02/2012)
    The writer shows students of 4 of the ESO and Diversification his book From a dwarf star
  • The government team and neighborhood representatives join forces (01/02/2012)


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