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Cartagena News - December 2012

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  • Cartagena, Paths of History, a new guide to show the heritage of the city (28/12/2012)
    The Department of Tourism, Cartagena Port of Cultures, the Roman Theatre Museum, and Professor Sebastian Repsol Ramallo have collaborated in the development of this new guide
  • The mountain of toys reaches its peak (28/12/2012)
    Social Care Councilman, Antonio Calderon, received this morning at the various entities that have collaborated with the campaign to collect Toys
  • The Recycle Cartagena talks reach 400 neighbors (28/12/2012)
    In total were given 31 charles in 29 associations, within the recycling campaign organized by the City and Ecoembes, in collaboration with the Federation of Neighborhood Associations
  • There are still tickets for the New Year's Concert (28/12/2012)
    The Batel hosts this year's benefit concert to be held on January 3 and the proceeds going to social institutions Cartagena
  • SPCT denounced the progressive dismantling of the Civil Guard barracks of Albujón (28/12/2012)
    "The PP includes public safety in its line of budget cuts in all public services"
  • The White Voices Choir will participate in the Solidarity Concert II of Fools (28/12/2012)
    The Choir Band White Voices of Our Lady of Beautiful Love the Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen, will participate in the Solidarity Concert II of the Innocents Cartagena to benefit children in Africa
  • First Encounter Youth Correspondents team (27/12/2012)
    19 young, 15 schools in Cartagena, participate in the program organized by the Department of Youth
  • City government and labor unions agreed schedule for 2013 (27/12/2012)
    The negotiating table, meeting this morning, has also established Red hours for the next three years
  • Social Care Councillor congratulated the parties charities (27/12/2012)
    The Christmas Eve The Huertecica visited the Good Samaritan and the hospitality of Santa Teresa, where he shared candy and carols with the people who attend these centers
  • Infrastructure removed two trees on the corner of Queen Victoria with Bruna à ngel (27/12/2012)
    The Parks and Gardens brigades have proceeded this morning to the felling of the copies because they presented a danger of falling behind the blow by a truck
  • A new guide that includes archeological heritage of the city (27/12/2012)
    Councillor for Tourism on Friday to attend the presentation of the new guide, ceremony to be held in the auditorium of the Roman Theatre Museum
  • The CHS recovery begin in January of the Rambla de Peñas Blancas in Cartagena (27/12/2012)
    The Confederation invest over 800,000 euros to increase the drainage capacity, ensure the margins, clean and revegetate the area and retrieve it for recreational use by citizens
  • XI football Christmas Tournament 8 of Cartagena FC (27/12/2012)
    be played on Saturday at the Sports City Gómez Meseguer and, new this year will compete prebenjamín category, besides that of alevin
  • Small's childhood home also live Christmas (27/12/2012)
    The CEO of Social Policy and Social Care Councilman, yesterday visited the Orphanage where they took advantage to play with the kids who are there welcome
  • Futsal Cartagena brave recruits for the second round (27/12/2012)

  • Sport shows its solidarity at Christmas (27/12/2012)
    Councillors Sports and Social Care attended the Christmas Eve ceremony FC Cartagena food to Food Bank charity
  • Celebrations and delivered next to Bethlehem BE Awards Contest Christmas (27/12/2012)
    The Plaza de San Francisco was the site chosen yesterday to unveil the winning post the fourteenth edition of the contest organized by the station with the cooperation of the City
  • EF Torre Pacheco finished 2012 leading the cadet category Grassroots (26/12/2012)
    EF Hope remains alone at the top of the leaderboard Amateur Championship
  • Guided tour González Beltrán sample of the artist's hand (26/12/2012)
    The Regional Museum of Modern Art hosts this exhibition whose entrance is free
  • Christmas takes over Cartagena (26/12/2012)
    Children's Attractions, concerts, carol contest, among other activities, are part of the Christmas program 2012 of the City of Cartagena
  • The local police conducted 1603 breath tests in the days before Christmas (26/12/2012)
    A total of four drivers tested positive in this campaign in collaboration with the DGT from 10 to 23 December
  • La Casa del Niño amending coupon 2013 (26/12/2012)
    This coming year, the strip is divided into four coupons and price rises from 80 cents to 1 euro coupon
  • Students program rehabilitated areas ADLE charity and Algar (26/12/2012)
    Jobs Councilman visited this morning to students who are performing masonry work, painting, maintenance and gardening in various public spaces in both neighborhoods
  • First Encounter Youth Correspondents team (26/12/2012)
    Youth Councillor, Ruth Maria Collado, attend the meeting scheduled for the 27th of December
  • New season kicks off Cartagena Gymnastics Project (26/12/2012)
    Councillor for Sports, Diego Ortega, attended the opening ceremony held on Saturday
  • Football, Christmas star in Los Belones (26/12/2012)
    The CF Belones organized on the occasion of Christmas, two sporting exhibitions and a panel discussion on football
  • Change Itinerary Easter Procession (26/12/2012)
    The Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen communicates the route modification of Easter Sunday procession for Easter next Cartagena
  • SPCT claims a wave of robberies in Albujón the start of Christmas (25/12/2012)
    SPCT demand more effective local police and Civil Guard
  • The arrival of cruise passengers to the Port of Cartagena increases 90 percent (23/12/2012)
    The Port of Cartagena has established itself as a regular port of major cruise companies.
  • El Mercado de Santa Florentina open on 23 and 30 December (21/12/2012)
    The opening hours will be the usual, from 8 am to 3 pm
  • Closing Modeling Course for mentally handicapped (21/12/2012)
    Social Care Councilman course and students visited the studio of sculptor and teacher Juan José Quirós
  • The Bethlehem of the Parish of San Juan Bautista was opened on Christmas Eve (21/12/2012)
    The 18th edition of this show belenística has over 1700 figures that will be exposed in the Parish Hall of St. John The Baptist Albujón from 24 December to January 7
  • Infrastructure comes to logging of 67 palms affected by the red palm weevil (21/12/2012)
    The Parks and Gardens brigades have been felled in recent days the affected individuals in several streets and squares of the city, and removing the stumps of palm trees 90 others were cut prior
  • The city gives the green light to the municipal budget for 2013 (21/12/2012)

  • Higher Center Algar Day celebrate Christmas (21/12/2012)
    The activities are part of the Christmas of our elders, organized by the City of Cartagena and the Municipal Social Services
  • Time Christmas special bus (21/12/2012)

  • San Antón joined the celebration of Migrants (21/12/2012)
    The event, held at the Casino Cultural de San Antón, was attended by the Councillor for Social Care, Antonio Calderon
  • The Trail of The Aljorra I revving (21/12/2012)
    The sports day will start on Sunday 23 December at 11.00 hours from the football field Aljorra
  • Pilgrimage for New Year in El Canar (21/12/2012)
    The party, in honor of the Virgin of Light, will be held on 30 December
  • People with disabilities star in a Christmas video (21/12/2012)
    For the fifth consecutive year, the Inclusive Leisure Services Foundation of Cartagena and Murcia University perform this social initiative
  • 30 youths participating in the meeting with Lola Beccaría (21/12/2012)

  • The blood Marathon V is settled with 55 new donors (21/12/2012)
    Toni Gomez, communications Regional Blood Donation Center, confirms that until 14.00 hours there had been 153 and 176 people attended donations
  • The 20 students of the English course of the ALDE, prepared to work (20/12/2012)
    This morning at the Palace Hall received diplomas for the training they have just successfully overcome
  • The number of donations with respect to Marathon 2011 (20/12/2012)
    Toni Gomez, communications Regional Blood Donation Center, confirms that even tegistrado 14.00 hours were 153 and 176 people attended donations
  • Handed over diplomas to the students of computer courses of the Department of Women (20/12/2012)
    The councilor, Clare Hall, has been responsible for giving their accreditation to the women who have participated in this acció nformativa
  • The highest finish during Chest Painting Experience (20/12/2012)
    Municipal Institute Director of Social Affairs, Antonio Mula, closed yesterday this training course
  • The memory training, a major ally (20/12/2012)
    40 people participated in the workshop, which was closed today by the Social Care councilor, Antonio Calderon
  • Keep growing mountain of toys Administration Building (20/12/2012)
    A number of councilors government team, have come this morning to the collection point of the building on Calle San Miguel to bring a toy to the campaign Social Care
  • Alumni Athletics colego Mistral enjoy thanks to ADE (20/12/2012)
    Monitors and Elcano Athletics Club athletes and Athletics Club Cartagena UCAM shared with students the day on Wednesday organized by the Sports Department
  • The City Council awards to charities the 5,600 euros donated by the Caixa (20/12/2012)
    The money will go to the people who attend these institutions to hot dinner on Christmas Eve
  • Open to the public Bethlehem in the parish of San Ginés (20/12/2012)
    On Saturday December 22, the crew will participate in Isla Plana afternoon Mass
  • On sale for the 2013 Carnaval Cartagena (20/12/2012)
    Chirigotas The Regional Competition will be held in the next 7 Batel (Semifinal) and 8 (Final) February
  • Christmas activities for all ages in the MURAM (20/12/2012)
    The program starts on Saturday 22 December with Christmas workshop for children Models
  • Blocked to traffic by Duke Street Hull works (19/12/2012)

  • Youth joins the advantages of new technologies (19/12/2012)
    The new application of web resources aimed at the younger, allow them to benefit from the opportunities offered by the Internet and can access a more dynamic
  • Cartagena on a toy, at the Museum of the Civil War Shelter (19/12/2012)
    Port of Cultures has organized an exhibition of toys that will be open from December 22 to March 31, and various activities for the whole family
  • The Local Police delivered to over 1,200 garments Caritas result in seizures (19/12/2012)
    It is an initiative of the NGOs involved, from the police, which has resulted in today's ceremony clothing, which have been councilors present Social Care and Public Safety
  • The mayor calls the inclusion of historical bet Cartagena in the Mediterranean Corridor (19/12/2012)
    Barreiro stressed that the line will allow the transport of passengers and goods
  • Published IX times of day of the Grassroots Local League (19/12/2012)
    Games will be held between Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 December
  • The Road 2013 Strengths held on April 20 (19/12/2012)
    The date of the fourth edition of this sporting event is decided during the first meeting held on Friday, representatives of the City and the Navy
  • This afternoon solidarity Futsal training Cartagena (19/12/2012)
    At the door of the sports facilities will install a stand with non-perishable food for the beneficial encounter which starts at 21.30 hours
  • Aguilandos the Campo de Cartagena, a tour of the Christmas gangs (19/12/2012)
    This book drive, work of musicologist Juan Felipe Cervantes Lopez, will be presented on December 22 at Casa La Palma Folklore
  • The City collects more than a hundred toys Efesé Campaign (19/12/2012)
    The Palace Hall on Tuesday became toy collection point where players were present Cartagena and BE recorded his program, with a strong solidarity
  • Presentation of diplomas Workshop Discover your city and its customs (18/12/2012)
    Social Care will attend the closing ceremony in the building of La Milagrosa
  • Woman publishes lists admitted to computer courses (18/12/2012)
    There are four courses that will discuss spreadsheets and social networks, which will begin in January and April 2013
  • Marines also adds to the collection toys (18/12/2012)
    Social Care Councilman Monday visited military units of the School, which opened two collection points within the municipal campaign toys
  • The Christmas Estrellita shine on Friday for boys APANDA (18/12/2012)
    There are invitations to attend the child's play starring Teatro Municipal School of Cartagena with the collaboration of the Department of Culture
  • UCAM Garden City leads the local competition EF (18/12/2012)
    The Amateur Championship, the EF tops the leaderboard Hope
  • The Batel premieres on Beethoven cycle (18/12/2012)
    The Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia will be responsible for interpreting the works of legendary composer
  • The biggest dance and celebrate Christmas (18/12/2012)
    The Botanical Garden Banquet Monday gathered 300 people from the biggest clubs in the municipality, for the festivities accompanied by the mayor and Councilman Social Care
  • The works come to Hull Street Duke (18/12/2012)
    On Wednesday cut this way to traffic on the corner to Piazza San Ginés Gisbert, thereby accessing the Plaza San Francisco will open Arch Street Charity where the flow is reversed
  • The Grassroots collected 5,000 kilos of food (18/12/2012)
    The sports council participated in the solidarity campaign that was held Monday in the auditorium of the World 82
  • The opposition against the project budget (18/12/2012)
    The Information Commission gives green light to the income and expenditure of 2013 with a vote in favor of the government team
  • UPyD Cartagena believes that any modernization of local government passes more citizen participation and transparency (18/12/2012)

  • Cabezos assumes the spokesperson of the municipal government and a new area of ​​Administration Modernization (18/12/2012)
    The mayor announces remodeling if the usual team Christmas breakfast with reporters in taking stock of 2012, which has seen historic Cartagena
  • Twelve hundred students from 47 schools gather at the Cross School (17/12/2012)
    The test was held at the Race Track
  • The Cross of delivery Artillery 3,000 to Cancer Association (17/12/2012)
    The award ceremony took place today at the premises of Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment 73 in Tentegorra
  • They give prizes Story Contest VI World (17/12/2012)
    The Uprooting story of Nasser Sadou Youssoufa will receive this evening the first prize in the competition organized by Botica Book
  • The City is working with the campaign to collect toys for FC Cartagena SAD (17/12/2012)
    Toys and depositing food pdorán Mars in the Palace Hall from 18.00 to 20.00 hours
  • Handmade ornaments, stars of San Fernando Street (17/12/2012)
    Merchants in the area have donated items for the raffle Showcase Gift to January 6 next
  • Caregivers and family, stars of the Fourth Conference on Alzheimer (17/12/2012)
    Soical Care Councilman attended the ceremony Friday clasura of days, which have had fifteen speakers
  • Lola Beccaria presented his work to the Prize jury Hache (17/12/2012)
    Author of Zero, Planet Prize in 2011, will be in Cartagena on 18 and 19 December
  • He closes the School Workshop The Apeadero with 43 new experts in trades (17/12/2012)

  • The hoteliers will have wheeled bins to facilitate recycling of glass (17/12/2012)

  • Presentation of certificates of the German Course ADLE (17/12/2012)
    Jobs Councilman has announced that in 2013 there will be a basic German course Intermediate and other
  • Prepared the V edition of the Marathon blood drive at the Palace Hall (17/12/2012)

  • Second call for evidence for the Cartagena Futsal Youth (17/12/2012)

  • The street becomes showcase Honda Christmas crafts (17/12/2012)
    Saturday gave inaugurated the fair which is new, with 20 stalls on the street and free workshops at the Craft Centre offering shaping this initiative
  • The Bethlehem and Crafts Shows cartageneros invite to enjoy Christmas (17/12/2012)

  • Twelve hundred students from 47 schools will meet on Monday in the school Cross (16/12/2012)
    The test will be held beginning at ten o'clock in the Race Track
  • Highly successful food collection of Risen (16/12/2012)
    The "Food Collection Campaign" of the Risen collected more than 2,500 kilos of food for the needy
  • Francisco Celdran, PP president reelected by 93.8% of participants cartageneros (14/12/2012)
    With the motto "Committed to Cartagena" held their popular local Congress XV Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Open to the public exposure that pays tribute to Victor Beltrí (14/12/2012)
    The Old Barracks Seamanship Instruction and the Municipal Archives hosting the exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of the artist
  • Guided visits to the sample of González Beltrán (14/12/2012)
    Beltran's works can be visited every Thursday and Sunday in the Roman Theatre Museum
  • The Roman Theatre is selling art to give (14/12/2012)
    On the occasion of Christmas, the Museum has, as at other times, with a space devoted to gifts whose theme revolves around the elements that collects and displays
  • Food collection campaign Grassroots (14/12/2012)
    The sports council attend the ceremony which will start at 20.00 hours
  • Recital of Carols at the Caja Mediterráneo (14/12/2012)
    Those over Cartagena Clubs offer a Christmas song contest from 17.30 hours
  • Elijah Clarés Romero will perform at the closing of Between Strings and Metals (14/12/2012)
    The deadline to participate in the new call ends on January 3
  • Women are Christmas ornaments with workshops and typical products (14/12/2012)
    Women Councillor yesterday visited the workshops organized by the Federation of Women Mediterranean, where techniques were preparing cakes and Christmas decorations
  • Opened toy collection point of San Miguel (14/12/2012)
    The 2012 campaign will run until 28 December
  • India Martinez arrives at The Batel with Thirteen Truths (14/12/2012)
    The latest concert, which will be on Saturday, are for sale
  • ArtQuitecturas, new exhibit at the Batel (14/12/2012)
    The aim of the exhibition is to enhance and promote the rich architecture of Spain
  • The muncipal budget of 2013 will amount to 183 million euros (14/12/2012)
    The cost containment measures and improved revenue management allow the City Council a balanced accounts which will reduce the debt by 12 million to 77 days and reduce payment to suppliers
  • The mayor greets incoming and outgoing colonels Artillery (14/12/2012)
    Valdés Rodríguez López Roca and have met with Barreiro at the Palace Hall
  • The Governing Board approved areas of business hours freely (14/12/2012)
    We have established two large tourist areas, one extending from the port to the Municipal Archaeological Museum and another that focuses the field of Mediterranean Park
  • On Monday workshop ends on social networking and Web for primary pupils (14/12/2012)
    The Housewives' Association, Cartagena Consumiodres Users and the Department of Consumer and these talks began on 16 October
  • Closed the course of Risk Prevention of ADLE (14/12/2012)
    The training workshop has had a total of 20 students and 60 teaching hours
  • The Batel welcomes the New Year charity concert (13/12/2012)
    The proceeds will go to four social entities Cartagena
  • Local police chiefs visit Cartagena Region (13/12/2012)
    Leverage holding its biannual meeting in our city to see the main attractions
  • Starts Toy Collection Campaign 2012 (13/12/2012)
    The mayor is responsible for putting the mountain first toy that will be installed until 28 December in the central courtyard of the administrative building on Calle San Miguel
  • On the 12/12/2012, a planetary collective meditation (13/12/2012)
    In Cartagena, the event was held at the Lantern Concepción Castle
  • Sebastian Court Feringán traffic by executing a power connection (13/12/2012)

  • The Enchanted Kingdom with Gisela, adds to the holiday schedule of the Batel (13/12/2012)
    Disney's songs are the protagonists of this children's musical, which will be staged on January 2
  • Social Care and Celebrations visit the two rakes beneficial Cartagena (13/12/2012)
    The Vincentian and rake of the Association of Women Cofrades are open to the public from 10.00 to 20.30
  • Free Language Learning differently in Cartagena (13/12/2012)
    The Language Exchange, under the Department of Youth, has worked since 2006
  • Students Mediterranean CEIP sell their products in the market of Cabo de Palos (13/12/2012)
    Councillor for Education visit on Sunday the two posts that will launch an initiative that is included in the project at my school undertake in this center participates for the first time
  • Cartagena celebrate International Migrants Day (13/12/2012)
    During the 19, 20 and 21 shall be made awareness activities in different parts of the city
  • Food Collection Campaign (13/12/2012)

  • UPyD requires Barreiro begin to provide answers to the problems of the councils of Cartagena (13/12/2012)

  • The Tourist in a roundtable discussion of the ALDE (12/12/2012)
    Employers and representatives of the tourism sector of Cartagena participate in a study of entrepreneurial business models
  • Published times of the day of the League VIII Local Grassroots (12/12/2012)
    Games will be held between Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 December
  • The toy collection point Arsenal opens to the public (12/12/2012)
    Chief Admiral says that have opened two more points in the third of the Levant and the Marine School
  • Closing the workshop for older Basic English (12/12/2012)
    The courses, aimed at elderly and disabled, are part Chest Project Experience
  • The Christmas atmosphere is gaining ground in the city (12/12/2012)

  • Athletics Student in Municipal Track (12/12/2012)

  • The Street Honda debuts this Christmas Crafts Shows (12/12/2012)
    20 posts in the street with free workshops in the Craft Centre up the offer of this new event
  • The City Council will dedicate a square Piñana father Antonio (12/12/2012)
    This initiative adds to the acts that will be held in 2013 to mark the centenary of the birth of the great singer Cartagena
  • The Peral Submarine on Saturday will be transferred to the Naval Museum (12/12/2012)
    The ride will be closed to traffic Pier in the morning to allow the operation to be used in the transport of 60 tons and 30 feet long
  • The Fifteenth Party Congress celebrates local (12/12/2012)
    With the motto "Committed to Cartagena", the popular place on December 14 your local congress at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Augmented reality comes to the Cloud Incubator UPCT with apps created by Braingapps (12/12/2012)
    This technology allows you to view the screen of a smartphone or a tablet mixed with the real environment three-dimensional virtual content
  • RM EQUO complaint that the cessation of Youth Program Coordinator of the City of Cartagena is due to political reasons (11/12/2012)

  • Day hiking in Cartagena with TAS Program (11/12/2012)
    The tour, aimed at elderly and disabled, is scheduled for Friday, December 14
  • You can leave toys in the Mediterranean Park (11/12/2012)
    Social Care Councilman today visited the collection point opened in the mall, in addition to the municipal campaign ahead of Christmas
  • The ADLE aims to diversify the training (11/12/2012)
    The Agency will seek to organize courses in the various sectors, such as dog trainer, whose students have received their diplomas today at a ceremony held at the Palace Hall
  • Two offenses of theft during the bridge of the Constitution (11/12/2012)

  • Water cut in La Palma (11/12/2012)
    On Thursday, the supply will be interrupted in several streets of the council for the work reda improvement to be carried out, as reported Aquagest
  • The Roman Theatre teaches how the Romans spent Christmas (11/12/2012)
    Directed to families, the activity is offered to 3 euros per person
  • The New York Police, open to collaboration with Cartagena (11/12/2012)
    The Mayor has received today in his office at the number two U.S. police department, who is visiting the region as a result of their participation in a Master who teaches at UCAM
  • The Workshop produces Grandma Christmas sweets (11/12/2012)
    The activity is part of our biggest Christmas
  • The Local Police recovered a stolen vehicle in August (11/12/2012)
    The car was found last week with a few scratches and bumps near the center of the neighborhood health Virgin of Charity
  • Large families have until end of year to apply for bonus IBI (11/12/2012)
    Discounts, between 30 and 90 percent, and income category shall apply on the receipt, 2013
  • Sr. Nieves dedicated his award to Los Mateos and I Campano (11/12/2012)
    The IV Award last night acknowledged the voluntary commitment of solidarity and selfless work in the municipality of Cartagena
  • UPyD asks that the City make an effort and completely subsidize bus fares for unemployed, large families and retirees (10/12/2012)

  • Green Christmas in El Algar (10/12/2012)
    The first Living Nativity will be performed on 27th December in the Plaza Nuestra Señora de los Llanos
  • The religious Adelaide Harris receives the Porte tonight Voluntary Commitment Award (10/12/2012)
    The award recognizes his work in solidarity and selfless municpio Cartagena
  • The Council focuses on training as a key to find work (10/12/2012)
    The Mayor has today congratulated the forty students who received their diplomas after completing the employment workshop organized by the Casa Mayor ADLE, encouraging them to jump into the market now work
  • The mayor offers collaboration to promote the Mercedes Treasury (10/12/2012)
    up in a few months will not show the first pieces restored, according to the director of ARQUA
  • The Youth Week ends with a record of three points on six (10/12/2012)
    The Cartagena Futsal quarry faced this week with two big games at home
  • Water cut Tallante area, Perín and El Portus (10/12/2012)
    Murcia Aquagest reported an interruption in the water supply on Wednesday, which will last about 20 hours, due to maintenance work that will carry out the Commonwealth Taibilla Channel
  • An exhibition closes the year of Victor Beltrí (10/12/2012)
    The Old Barracks Seamanship Instruction and the Municipal Archives hosting the exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of the artist
  • First Futsal friendly match interschool Cartagena (10/12/2012)

  • The ESPAC held a course for local police commanders (07/12/2012)
    The conference will be held on 10 and 11 December
  • Presentation of diplomas to students of the workshop on Employment Casa Mayor (07/12/2012)
    Training courses, for one year, are aimed at unemployed people aged 25 to 54 years
  • Cartagena celebrates the Jewish holiday of Chanukah (07/12/2012)
    Beitenu Sefarad Foundation organizes the event for next December 12 in the Roman Theatre Museum
  • 300 Participate in seminars Classroom Company (07/12/2012)
    Entrepreneurs and businessmen have gone through the series organized by the ALDE and CEEIC, which took place between the months of October and November
  • González Beltrán guide its exposure at the Teatro Romano (07/12/2012)
    Exposing Beltran can visit every Thursday and Sunday of December and January in the Roman Theatre Museum
  • The San Silvestre cartagenera be held for the first time on 31 (07/12/2012)

  • The ladle cover begins Thursday in three places Cartagena (05/12/2012)
    The participating establishments are in King's Square, Plaza Juan XXIII and the Park of Reeds
  • A documentary shows Ants Islands as one of the most beautiful corners of the planet submarines (05/12/2012)
    The report, which will be distributed in over 60 international broadcasters, will be screened Friday at the Interpretation Centre of Cabo de Palos
  • Over discover Cartagena Mayor Alfonso Torres (05/12/2012)
    Tuesday participated in the conference organized by the IMSS which is part of the course Discover your city and customs
  • Public Safety and Urban coordinate to inspect Eve parties (05/12/2012)
    Starting next week, Police and Fire, along with environmental technicians will visit the premises to be organizing these events to assess compliance with the requirements for it
  • A growing number of associates in Toys Pickups Campaign 2012 (05/12/2012)
    Citizens may cast toys from 5 to 28 December in various shopping malls, sports, educational, military and neighborhood, and in the administrative building itself San Miguel
  • The IMSS 2013 maintains all social programs (05/12/2012)
    This morning has approved the Institute's budget for next year, amounting to 7.29 million euros, an increase of 8.78 percent in the contribution of the City
  • Students of Social Media Marketing, willing to enter the labor market (05/12/2012)
    The fifteen young people who have participated in the training organized by the ALDE have collected their diplomas today at the Palace Hall, in a ceremony chaired by Councillor Employment and Agency Director
  • Begin the guided tours of the sample González Beltrán (05/12/2012)
    Beltran works may visit every Thursday and Sunday in the Roman Theatre Museum
  • La Caixa donates 5,600 euros to the City to help social institutions Christmas (05/12/2012)

  • Alice in Wonderland opens Thursday in Batel (05/12/2012)
    Paid Prada Black Theatre, tickets for the show cost 12, 20 and 22 euros
  • Two tanks prevent storm flooding in Los Urrutias (05/12/2012)
    The Governing Board provides Community land and proposes a three-cent increase in bus fares
  • Ayala: "Now that's good news, the PSOE delay AVE complaint they generated" (05/12/2012)
    Andres Ayala confirmed that the Government is working to reduce the time to which the Socialists resigned
  • Open days in ARQUA during the bridge of the Constitution (05/12/2012)
    The entrance to the museum is free to visit on 6, 8 and 9 December
  • Cribs and traditions come together in Cartagena (05/12/2012)
    T-LA program organizes a route to discover the customs cartageneras December 21
  • Presentation of diplomas to students of the course Marketing Social Networking (04/12/2012)

  • The religious Adelaide Rivers Porte, Voluntary Commitment Award (04/12/2012)
    The award recognizes his work in solidarity and selfless municpio Cartagena
  • Twelve students participate in technical courses canine behavior modification of ADLE (04/12/2012)
    Jobs Councilman Monday was able to see the development of this training that is taking place at Club Canine Education Pozo Strait
  • Social Care presents Toy Collection Campaign (04/12/2012)
    Councilman Antonio Calderon on Wednesday explained the details of the initiative that has involved a number of companies, organizations and associations in the city
  • Comedy, theater and classical monologues Culture programming for the months of January to May (04/12/2012)
    Santi Rodríguez, Fernando Tejero, Pepón Nieto, Pablo Carbonell, Malena Alterio, Ginés García Millán, Kity Manver, Lolita Flores, Padilla and Millan Paz Salcedo will tread the boards of the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The FA Cartagena walks steadily as a leader in the new category females (04/12/2012)
    This coming weekend is undisputed championship round of the national holiday weekend of the Constitution and Immaculate
  • An ice rink and a car track will be the big news this Christmas (04/12/2012)
    Celebrations Councillor today introduced the program of activities for children and adults that will be developed during the holidays and will start on December 15 with the opening of the Bethlehem Municipal
  • Closing Sculptures course, the power of images in the Roman Theatre Museum (04/12/2012)
    The artist Mariano Gonzalez Beltran lead the guided tour of the exhibition
  • Red Cross celebrates International Volunteer Day in Cartagena (04/12/2012)
    Volunteers across the region of Murcia attend the event scheduled tomorrow at the Faculty of Sciences of the Company
  • A documentary show Ants Islands as one of the most beautiful corners of the planet submarines (04/12/2012)
    The report will be presented Wednesday to the media at the Palace Hall
  • The Governing Board anticipates its meeting to Wednesday (04/12/2012)
    Among others, approve the tender for the award of a plot to plant in the cafeteria Urrutias and Archaeological Park Pinwheel
  • Cartagena Future requests that the Murcia region is included in the first phase of FERRMED (04/12/2012)
    has produced a report which reveals as "absolutely necessary" the location of a train station in the basin of the Gorguel and highlights the complementarity of both infrastructures
  • The biggest tell stories, sing carols and cook this Christmas (03/12/2012)
    Various cultural activities will run until next January 5 at different points in Cartagena
  • Morning prizes are awarded to the sport Cartagenero (03/12/2012)
    B Ward Auditorium The Batel will first stage of this event, open to the general public
  • An International Day of Persons with Disabilities starring Sport (03/12/2012)
    Sports Councilman has received in the Palace Hall to Paralympic athletes participating in conferences held in the Cultural Center and residence Alberto Colao
  • The City will maintain its investment in employment policies (03/12/2012)
    The ADLE today approved the budget for 2013, which kept all its programs, transforms the pilot project permanent Connects, and only reduces Workshop School items and Workshops Employment
  • Russian sled, bike-ski and sliding slides Sierra Nevada with the program T-LA (03/12/2012)
    The Department organizes activities with the snow as protagonist to spend a fun experience
  • The medieval craft sneaks into the old city (03/12/2012)
    Fakirs, falconers, goblins and dragons, ambientaron throughout the weekend that the Medieval Market, seasoned with good weather despite the cold, drew thousands of people to downtown
  • The property of the frigate Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes already in ARQUA (03/12/2012)
    The transfer device has successfully developed
  • The Roman Theatre of Cartagena expands its schedule during the bridge of the Constitution (03/12/2012)

  • Students know the movie Extremadura 'Carthago Nova' through Murcia Project Digital (02/12/2012)
    The film is an important educational resource to publicize a Roman city and society that lived
  • The Regional Housing Commission awarded seven public advocacy homes in La Palma, in Cartagena (01/12/2012)
    The IVS invests a total of 475,000 euros in the construction of these houses duplex

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