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Cartagena News - September 2011

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  • Fall 2011 Programming of the Department of Culture (30/09/2011)
    From October 20 to December 15 will be going to theater performances, music and dance on the stages of New Circus and the Auditorium Theatre El Batel with such prominent names as Raphael
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto's music season opens new Auditorium (30/09/2011)

  • The Palace Hall is found on a town in southern Norway (30/09/2011)
    The Councillor of Tourism has received this morning a delegation from the small town of Arabygdi, led by Sverre Saerre, a leading member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Oslo Norway
  • 400 largest centers for free visit Puerto de Culturas to celebrate their Day (30/09/2011)
    The touristic consortium has made today a day of open doors to join the activities organized by the Department of Social Care by La International Day of Older Persons
  • The Museum of Glass Santa Lucia starts its journey on Monday (30/09/2011)
    October 3 will open with an exhibition of pieces of ancient glass factory and a demonstration of handmade glass in the nave of ovens
  • The UP begins a new course full of activities (30/09/2011)
    The offer includes courses for university entrance and educational modules along with other non-regulated which include digital literacy, art and socio-cultural promotion
  • The UP begins a new course full of activities (30/09/2011)
    The offer includes courses for university entrance and educational modules along with other non-regulated which include digital literacy, art and socio-cultural promotion
  • The ADLE opens the registration period for courses from October to December (30/09/2011)

  • Conference on Women Entrepreneurs in Technology Sectors (30/09/2011)

  • Schools are pointing to the orientation program ADLE (29/09/2011)
    The Agency, through the program decides, has organized workshops and sessions to guide students in secondary vocational school and the municipality, their future academic and employment
  • The Town Planning satisfied with the final approval of General Plan of Cartagena (29/09/2011)

  • Luis Fonseca: "some see the glass half empty my players see it as half full. That's the great quality of mine" (29/09/2011)

  • The ESPAC delves into the investigation of traffic accidents (29/09/2011)
    October 5 The day starts at the premises of Public Safety School of the fourth edition of the specialization course on accident investigation and reconstruction, aimed at local police
  • Hall and ARGEM seek ways of saving energy for the municipality (29/09/2011)

  • The City Council increased the persecution of uncivil behavior (29/09/2011)
    The next full City intends to adopt the ordinance changing street cleaning to combat actions that litter the streets
  • The new penalty regime will prevent the expiration of the City Records (28/09/2011)
    The Finance Committee welcomed the ordinance dictates that in addition to reclaiming a 30 percent pay citizens voluntarily fines
  • The age Alumbres celebrate Cultural Week (28/09/2011)
    From September 26 to October 2 are scheduled exhibitions, theater games and, within this week the council opened on Monday social care
  • Last places for Relaxation Workshop organized by the UP (28/09/2011)
    will be held on Wednesday during the months of October and November registration period will remain open until all vacancies
  • 460,000 euros for the maintenance of schools and kindergartens (28/09/2011)
    The Governing Board also approved the award of 14 posts in the markets of Santa Florentina and Gisbert
  • More than sixty registered for the course two weeks in the light of two cities: Rome vs. Carthage (28/09/2011)
    On the occasion of the exhibition of Perez Casanova, the Roman Theatre and the Foundation have organized the course UPCT monograph which will be held on 19 October to November 30 for students and the general public
  • The mayor congratulated the police and firefighters who competed in the Olympics in New York (27/09/2011)
    Pilar Barreiro received this morning at six Cartagena park officials who participated in the XIV World Games of Policemen and Firemen held in New York making a gold medal and two bronzes
  • The navigation and the stars, at Fort Christmas (27/09/2011)
    Cartagena Puerto de Culturas continues to celebrate its tenth anniversary with cultural and recreational activities, in this case, honor one of our most ancient fortresses
  • The multinational Sabic seek highly qualified engineers in the region (27/09/2011)

  • A new ordinance will regulate the system of penalties City Council (27/09/2011)
    Finance Information Commission ruled Wednesday that the regulatory text extending the term of expiration of the records and offer bonuses of up to 30 percent voluntary payment
  • The Governing Board deals with the expenditure for the maintenance of schools and kindergartens (27/09/2011)
    will be one of the business of the meeting to be held on Wednesday at the Palace Hall
  • Mayors of the Mar Menor ask a single authority to determine its safety and uses (27/09/2011)

  • The Department of Women presents a wide range of activities for the academic year 2011/2012 (27/09/2011)
    The painting and decorating workshops and computer courses, are the commitment of the Department for this year, which will remain traditional events Meeting of the bobbin or Marchamujer Lacemakers
  • The program reaches neighborhoods CHOOSE (27/09/2011)
    With the aim of providing guidance and training for slum dwellers and county, the ADLE has organized courses and workshops for the coming months that will offer through neighborhood associations
  • The extension of Sabic Plastics plant in Cartagena will export a new additive to the international market (27/09/2011)
    José Ballesta, "with support from the regional executive, SABIC has recently expanded one of the main stages of its production plant in the Region de Murcia "
  • Good response in enrollment at the School of Theatre Municipal de Cartagena (27/09/2011)
    Since it opened within the past 19 days, the assistance of new students and repeaters has been massive
  • Next October 6 arrives at the yacht port of Cartagena Tognum (27/09/2011)
    The final destination of the Port of Cartagena serves to celebrate the 40th anniversary of cooperation between NAVANTIA and MTU
  • Plastic Romero 1-5 Real Cartagena (27/09/2011)
    The Reale sneaks into Cup semi-final II President
  • El Fuerte joins Christmas celebrations for the tenth anniversary of Puerto de Culturas (26/09/2011)
    The Councillor of Tourism and the manager of the consortium submitted to the media activities will be held soon at this site
  • The Clinic of the valley opens to meet health cards 2000 (26/09/2011)
    The Ministry of Health and the Mayor of Cartagena have opened and are ready to respond to queries from early morning Tuesday
  • The mayor of Cartagena remain confident that the Spanishness Sacyr Repsol (26/09/2011)
    Barreiro would be a mistake for the new reference shareholder of the company turn over interests of other countries the significant investment in the Valley of Escombreras
  • More than 5,000 people attended the Open Days in Puerto de Culturas (26/09/2011)

  • The primary care center of the trough can treat nearly 4,000 patients (26/09/2011)
    The Minister of Health and Social Policy, María Ángeles Palacios, opens new center in which his Department has invested 404,000 euros
  • Students will be able to Mediterranean IES practice in Norway (26/09/2011)
    A group of professors from the Nordic countries, interested in the teachings of the FP in Spain, was last week in Cartagena to discuss high school for future exchanges of students in geriatric care
  • The Times of Piedad Martinez painter, exhibited in the Palacio Molina (26/09/2011)
    The exhibition will remain open from September 22 until 22 October
  • Cartagena will host the V International Symposium on Food Technology (26/09/2011)
    Organised by the Conservation Technology Centre, will take place during the month of October and will involve major companies and researchers from prestigious
  • "Cartagena is the reference city youth and cultural policies" (25/09/2011)

  • Hello Goodbye Fairy Qart-Rome (25/09/2011)

  • Official communiqué of the Board of Real Cartagena (24/09/2011)

  • Suspended Amstel Conciertazo Carthaginenses VI and Romans (24/09/2011)
    Rain forced the suspension last night Amstel Conciertazo VI on the occasion of the Carthaginians and Romans parties.
  • The Civil Guard intercepted two new boats last night with 25 migrants 20 miles from Cabo de Palos (24/09/2011)
    All are men of Algerian nationality who are in good health
  • Real Cartagena El Pozo Murcia 3-7 (23/09/2011)
    37 minutes before ElPozo spectacular Reale
  • UPyD denounces the decline of the Mar Menor and will ask in the plenary, starting with Los Alcazares projects that promote recovery of the lake and its surroundings (23/09/2011)
    UPyD considers it essential to give effect to the conclusion of a Programme of Action immediate actions in the area of ​​Mar Menor
  • Grant to facilitate urban mobility of university students to UPCT (23/09/2011)

  • A show video mapping for the great battle of Qart-Hadast (22/09/2011)

  • Luís Fonseca: "When you play against a team like you have to be realistic ElPozo" (22/09/2011)

  • Patty Llaguno Cehegin receives the award for Best Athlete of the Region (22/09/2011)
    The paddle Cartagena, Spain champions and the world, received this recognition from the Councillor for Sports, Jose Cabezas, during the Gala Sports Awards Murciano
  • Seminars to enhance entrepreneurial skills and use of new technology entrepreneurs, executives and middle managers (22/09/2011)
    Company The Classroom program, organized by the ADLE and CEEIC, October 4 starts a new cycle of activity in the industrial Cabezo Beaza
  • Comes the invasion of the Celts to Carthaginians and Romans (22/09/2011)
    invitations for Amstel Conciertazo be redeemed directly on Friday at the entrance of campus, on the esplanade next to the Camp
  • The media took to the streets to promote the parties (22/09/2011)
    On the occasion of Carthaginians and Romans, broadcasters and local and regional chains have prepared special events broadcasts, live reports and interviews
  • The new office of the trough is open (22/09/2011)
    The Minister of Health and the mayor on Monday inaugurated the facilities for primary care of a population already over a thousand people
  • Open House in Port of Cultures and the Teatro Romano (22/09/2011)
    On the occasion of the feast of Carthaginians and Romans were able to visit all schools free of interpretation
  • Countdown to the Great Battle between Carthaginians and Romans (22/09/2011)
    Thousands of people have passed through the camp these days are festive and steeped in history through the events represented full of realism on stage at the port
  • Weddings in the camp of the triumvirate of Cartagonova (21/09/2011)

  • El Palacio Molina Moments exposes the Cartagena painter Piedad Martinez (21/09/2011)
    The exhibition opens on Thursday 22 September and will be open until 22 October
  • New courses, workshops and activities for over the coming months (21/09/2011)
    Offer of activities for October, November and December can be found in the quarterly newsletter Informayor Fall 2011
  • First trailer for The Spark of Life (21/09/2011)
    The progress of the film shot earlier this year at the Teatro Romano de Cartagena and can be seen in internet
  • Piedad Martinez Torres stated in the Palacio de Molina a collection of 23 paintings, entitled "Moments" (21/09/2011)
    The painter Cartagena, realistic current, shows some sensitivity charged works and scenes of everyday life
  • Manifesto international day of peace (21/09/2011)

  • Workshop School students have access to the title Apeadero ESO (21/09/2011)
    Twenty young people have submitted for testing to obtain the title, thereby fulfilling one of the objectives of this training program of the ALDE seeking reintegration of young people in education
  • Start the Occupational classroom course for the prevention of truancy (21/09/2011)

  • Segado criticizes Rives ask for explanations from the UCAM after tripping your project (20/09/2011)

  • The students of the paint shops show the public ten years of creations (20/09/2011)
    The exhibition will be inaugurated on Thursday by the Councillor for Women, Rosario Montero, and will remain open until 5 October at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Spread and almost half of the invitations to the Carthaginians and Romans Conciertazo (20/09/2011)
    Celtic Woman group, who are headlining the show on Friday, will keep that same day in the afternoon a meeting with the media at the Hotel Cartagonova
  • All ready for the nineteenth edition of the Local League Grassroots (20/09/2011)
    Councillor for Sports, Jose Cabezas, brings together participating clubs to explain the new competition and other issues of interest
  • The award Mandarache, in the days leading way to read (20/09/2011)

  • The 562 is the number in the draw graceful special Carthaginians and Romans (19/09/2011)
    The Children's House Foundation was held this morning its traditional raffle which share important awards
  • Four cruise and more than 6,000 visitors come to town this week (19/09/2011)
    The Island Escape was the first to scale this morning with 1,550 passengers on board who have taken advantage of the mild temperatures to get around the city and discover the Carthaginians parties and Romans
  • The Ecuadorean The Albujón honored its patron saint the Virgen de Chilla (19/09/2011)
    About 250 people attended the festivities attended by the Councillor for Social Care, Antonio Calderón
  • Nearly seven thousand students begin the course today UPCT (19/09/2011)

  • Cartagena Red Cross puts its troops at the disposal of the city (19/09/2011)
    The mayor has received this morning Gabriel Ruiz, the new chairman of the county organization, which seek to promote social action initiatives over the next four years
  • Open the deadline to participate in the Comedy Contest XIV La Palma (19/09/2011)
    Until December 20 can submit entries, as is collected on the basis of the event which was organized by the Cultural Association Theatre now be held in February 2012
  • Fifty people pedal through the history of Cartagena (19/09/2011)
    amateur cyclists of all ages participated in the bike guided tours organized by the Department of Environment, the Association and Via Libre Cartagena Puerto de Culturas
  • Los Angeles Cartagena Angeles García Ruiz and win the city of Cartagena de domino (19/09/2011)
    Over the weekend we held the inaugural international tournament organized by the Federation of Murcia dominated in collaboration with the Municipality of Cartagena
  • Full weekend of water activities at the port of Cartagena (19/09/2011)
    The end of the race Juan Fernandez, Carthaginians and Romans Trophy and Sport Fishing Open Handicap, were performed within the programming of the Week Nautical Club Racing
  • Benicarló Reale Cartagena FS 3-5 (17/09/2011)
    A real intention of "scratch some point," starts the three
  • Thousands of people packed the Town Hall to see Pilar Rubio (16/09/2011)

  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas gets the prize 'Festive Honoris Causa' by Carthaginians and Romans (16/09/2011)
    The Troops and Legions Federation has awarded this distinction for his work with the parties and their efforts to promote cultural tourism and the city
  • Luís Fonseca: "You can scratch Benicarló points" (16/09/2011)

  • Cortes regulating traffic and parking during the holiday Carthaginians and Romans (16/09/2011)
    The mayor of Cartagena has rendered the traditional Bando to control vehicle access during the celebration of events and parades in the city
  • I International Domino Tournament City of Cartagena (16/09/2011)

  • Forty women are trained in Care Unit to enter the labor market (16/09/2011)

  • Pérez Casanova and Rome in Cartagena rediscover the light of two cities (16/09/2011)
    The Minister of Culture and the Mayor, accompanied by the painter Cartagena on Thursday at the opening of the exhibition and can be accessed at the Palace Hall and the Roman Theatre Museum
  • A tasting every twelve meters (16/09/2011)
    already been made 35 of the 80 surveys that will determine whether there are archaeological remains in Avenida de America
  • From tourist trail bike in the city (16/09/2011)
    On Saturday will be held the initiative of the Sustainable Development Department, Via Libre, Puerto MURAM and Cultures, to travel by bike key points in the history of the city
  • The ADLE opens the application deadline for the Classroom FIXED (16/09/2011)
    As of September 19 can submit such requests for access to the 18 workshops scheduled during the Agency's second half of the year
  • The Legion troops and more than 150 events scheduled in and out of Camp (16/09/2011)
    games, music concerts, wine tastings, sporting events or historical dramatizations of Carthaginians and Romans, can enjoy free of charge from 15 to 25 September
  • All ready for the start of the holiday Carthaginians and Romans 2011 (15/09/2011)
    The President of the Federation council and festive, have traveled this morning the camp this year but repeated structure design and renewed up to seven houses decorated
  • The regional government expresses its interest in the restoration of normality at the headquarters of the Open University in Cartagena (15/09/2011)

  • The Language Exchange prepares new course (15/09/2011)
    From Youth Space is developing a calendar of activities aimed at exchange of languages ​​in which the European Youth in Action Volunteers play an important role
  • The Miserable Life, be redrawn in La Palma (15/09/2011)
    Theatre Cultural Association reset now 15 and October 16 his successful musical adaptation of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo in the local Civic Center
  • The School of Industrial and UPCT work together to facilitate access to employment of newly qualified engineers (15/09/2011)

  • Fans are encouraged to walk to the meeting between Cartagena and Alcorcón (15/09/2011)

  • San Felix has new lighting (15/09/2011)
    Through Investment Plan 2010/2011, the City of Cartagena has given the neighborhood of 17 new points of light that came into operation last week
  • They claim that "the UNED acts arbitrarily in the firing of 7 workers" (15/09/2011)

  • Pilar Rubio touts parties on Friday Carthaginians and Romans (15/09/2011)
    The popular actress and TV presenter will kick off the festivities from the balcony of the Palace Hall
  • The tour bus' Cartagena Port of Cultures "will come to the camp festive (14/09/2011)

  • The tourist bus will reach Puerto de Culturas festive camp (14/09/2011)
    Starting Saturday, the usual route adds a new stop for visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of the day Carthaginians and Romans
  • Carthaginians and Romans repeated safety device (14/09/2011)
    The Local Board has coordinated the personnel who are responsible for regulating the traffic, avoid incidents and petty theft during the holidays
  • The Escuela Municipal de Teatro de Cartagena begins a new course (14/09/2011)
    The enrollment period for the three groups of children, youth and adults is 19 to 30 September
  • Pérez Casanova teaches his work in the Museo del Teatro Romano (14/09/2011)

  • Is extended until Friday, registration for the guided tours by bike (14/09/2011)

  • Open enrollment for the course monitor football and Futsal (14/09/2011)

  • A course in the Universidad del Mar study the latest developments in the treatment of scoliosis (14/09/2011)

  • The Carthaginians and Romans parties get in the pocket (13/09/2011)
    City Council, through the Department of New Technologies, has developed a software application from which all information can full suction of the festivities for free on mobile phones
  • The City Council has to collect the IAE by raising more than nine million euros (13/09/2011)
    This amount will come from the 2417 companies with sales over one million euros, and in particular those based in the Valley of tailings and the Aljorra
  • VI Conciertazo Carthaginenses Amstel and Romans (12/09/2011)
    September 23, six pop rock groups, most notably Celtic Woman, will star in the sixth Conciertazo Carthaginenses Amstel holiday and Romans.
  • The Headquarters of the Force Protection Navy installed in Cartagena (12/09/2011)
    The mayor has received this morning the General Manager Luis Melendez Pasquini, from Madrid, who has under his command to coordinate security at the naval base
  • The guided tours through the old town to raise € 800 Lorca (12/09/2011)
    More than 200 visitors participated in this activity during the months of July and August
  • Councilman Job, Diego Ortega, elected Miller Year (12/09/2011)
    Cartagena de Molinos The council celebrates its Marfagones in honor of the patroness Our Lady of Solitude
  • The Chief of the Submarine Flotilla goodbye to the mayor (12/09/2011)
    Duelo Menor Antonio has held the lead during the last two years and will be relieved by Captain Martinez-Merello
  • The ALDE launches 83 performances for 12,000 users in the second half (12/09/2011)
    Councillor for Employment and the Director of the Agency this morning presented the program of activities aimed at the unemployed, workers, students, entrepreneurs and merchants of the town
  • Real Cartagena Room 10 Zaragoza 4-3 (10/09/2011)
    The first three items are left at home
  • UPyD reminds the Mayor that has the responsibility of making proposals for young people in our region find a decent job (10/09/2011)
    UPyD claims that it is time to take initiatives in Parliament to fight youth unemployment and labor injustice
  • Taking Quart Hadast (10/09/2011)

  • Feriae Latino 2011 (10/09/2011)

  • Josefa Maroto notes that "the PSOE upset that the school year normally starts in the city of Cartagena" (09/09/2011)

  • Hire 40 unemployed people to work in formal home care and social institutions (09/09/2011)
    The ALDE and the Institute of Social Services City of Cartagena will be launched this year, this initiative through the House Staff Employment Workshop
  • Carthaginians and Romans receives EUR 128,700 check from the City Council (09/09/2011)
    The mayor has presented this morning the president of the Federation troops and legions direct financial aid this year has been reduced by ten percent on crisis
  • UPyD Team responsible government "of the bad economic situation of the town hall" that leads to a "major adjustment" (09/09/2011)

  • The circumvents UP Application Form from more than 200 seats available on the Access courses to college (09/09/2011)
    120 students will begin classes for ages 25 and 45 years old on September 19
  • 340 students selectivity are examined from next Monday (09/09/2011)

  • Luis Fonseca: "I have a team of gladiators, Spartans football players" (08/09/2011)

  • The master Eclipse Celebrity cruise ship docked in port (08/09/2011)
    some 2,800 tourists have arrived this morning to the city aboard this ship is among the largest in the world and whose silhouette could be seen from anywhere in the vicinity of the pier
  • The schools in the municipality, prepared for a new school year (08/09/2011)

  • Barreiro announced an important adjustment to the situation get any worse (08/09/2011)
    The mayor says there will be extensive work by all the departments to adjust spending to revenues rather than raising taxes
  • Patron of Sorrows 2011 (08/09/2011)
    Cartagena celebrates the neighborhood these days many activities and religious ceremonies in honor of its patron
  • Work continues at the Palace of Sports (08/09/2011)
    The penultimate pitch of the roof is 40 percent while in the interior have been covered with tile pools
  • Open day and rates at Puerto de Culturas during the holidays (08/09/2011)
    The consortium will repeat this initiative a year for Carthaginians and Romans with reductions of 25 percent of the fare for the enjoyment of visitors and festive
  • CCOO considers it unacceptable that illegal dismissals take place in schools supported with public funds (07/09/2011)

  • International experts analyze the latest developments in Industrial Engineering (07/09/2011)

  • The FICC receives more than 400 short of its 40th anniversary, a few days of the closing of the deadline for submission (07/09/2011)
    The best works will be screened during the week film festival in December
  • Bike routes to discover the history of Cartagena (07/09/2011)

  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas receives 226,000 visitors so far this year (07/09/2011)
    Only in July and August, interpretive centers and museums in the consortium which is celebrating its tenth anniversary, welcomed 85 000 tourists, mostly foreigners
  • AJE Repsol Cartagena and employers will offer discounts on the purchase of fuel (07/09/2011)
    Both entities have signed a collaboration agreement to make it happen
  • The City intensified cleaning of drains before the rainy season (07/09/2011)

  • Jaison returns to father (06/09/2011)

  • Calendar CRONO the 2011-2012 season is already available to fans (06/09/2011)
    is published for the fourteenth consecutive year in 84 pages and includes competitions involving teams Cartagena football, football, basketball, table tennis, others
  • The first ficus arrive at their new location (06/09/2011)
    About ten specimens have been transferred from the Avenue of the Americas until the seventeenth century, where they are transplanted in the extension of the Pearl District Greenway
  • 26,000 students will join on Friday with all completed works in the schools of the municipality (06/09/2011)
    Councillor for Education submitted the course schedule which will maintain the activities of other years in an effort to optimize resources
  • Local Police made about 2,000 operations this summer (06/09/2011)
    Most incidents during the safety campaign between June and September due to accidents, provision of relief and breach of bylaws
  • Young Space teaches job search on the Internet (05/09/2011)
    The course, which has opened its registration period, is aimed at young job seekers to bring them into professional social networks and tools 2.0
  • Blunt 1-6 to Real in their final pre-season friendly (05/09/2011)

  • On wheels Cartagena (05/09/2011)
    Thirty-three skaters participated yesterday afternoon on Route skating program organized by the T-LA Department of Youth, in collaboration with skaters Murcia, the streets of the center
  • Hannibal and Himilce touted parties Aparecida (05/09/2011)
    Characters Carthaginians were wrapped by several aldermen of the City of Cartagena that gave the go-ahead to the celebrations of the deputation Cartagena
  • ... (05/09/2011)

  • UPyD Cartagena denounces the lack of sensitivity and commitment demonstrated by the Ayuta to the Carthaginian and Roman festivals (04/09/2011)

  • Jspct denounces the destruction of a work of art (04/09/2011)

  • Official presentation of the real tie to two before the Oxipharma Granada (03/09/2011)
    Real Cartagena 2-2 Oxipharma Granada
  • Cartagena UPyD criticized the inefficiency of the Mayor in his duties as president of the Commonwealth of tourist services of the Mar Menor (02/09/2011)
    Since the beginning of the summer holidays have been numerous complaints from neighbors and visitors by poor water and loss of quality in the bathroom
  • Firefighters put out a fire in a vehicle (02/09/2011)
    Tourism started to burn in the Paseo de Alfonso XIII when the driver tries to start
  • The ADLE are available to immigrant groups (02/09/2011)
    Councillor for Employment and Guidance Coordinator of the Association visited the ACCEM to inform the Agency's services in finding employment and training
  • Mary of Loreto Lloret triple wins the draw of the Week Huerta Los Alcazares (02/09/2011)

  • 52 000 tourists visit Cartagena on 40 cruises to the end of the year (02/09/2011)
    AIDAvita The German ship with 1,200 passengers, has opened this morning the season of cruises from September to December
  • Points adapted toilet on the beach served more than 400 people (02/09/2011)

  • Residents of Urban Mediterranean Marfagones Mills Corner Sumiedo and promote the nomination of public spaces (02/09/2011)

  • Reale's players pick up their tickets for this season (01/09/2011)
    "La Bombonera" opens its doors tomorrow to host the official presentation
  • The high season on the beaches just less rescues swimmers (01/09/2011)
    Civil protective effects have been less than 72 saves last summer, which responds to public awareness and initiative to punish those who do not comply with the directions of rescue
  • Mary of Loreto Lloret, winning the draw for the Week Huerta Los Alcazares receiving an award (01/09/2011)
    In a ceremony at the Palace Hall will be delivered to the prize of a night at the Hotel Alfonso XIII, a double entry for the Grand Parade of Carthaginians and Romans and a credit to Puerto de Culturas
  • Councillor Clara Heredia, favorite daughter of the brotherhood Roman Bona Dea (01/09/2011)
    The Roman Senate will give this award to the Councillor for Women's Hall of Cartagena to be an example of a woman twenty-first century and its integration into the holiday Carthaginians and Romans

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