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Cartagena News - October 2011

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  • The Mayor welcomed members of Neighborhood Councils (31/10/2011)
    Barreiro acknowledged their commitment to reach a more active participation in public affairs during the training day held on Friday at the social club of El Algar
  • The program chooses the ADLE starts its journey (31/10/2011)
    Offers job search workshops, interview preparation, or communication skills and techniques, which begin this week at the Neighborhood Association of Santa Barbara Ports
  • Students of the ALDE performing maintenance at the Civic Center of El Algar (31/10/2011)
    As part of its training practices, as of today carry out works of masonry, painting, plumbing and electricity for the maintenance of these urban facilities
  • The local police monitor not dropping eggs during Halloween (31/10/2011)

  • More than ten thousand people visit the Auditorium in the two open days (31/10/2011)
    Carthaginians and tourists came during the weekend to see the new building, the rooms and scenarios that will be uploaded soon artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Raphael
  • Foreign tourists discover the handicrafts of the region (31/10/2011)
    The demonstration of gold in the Chamber of Commerce caught the attention of visitors who came on board two large cruise this weekend
  • UPyD believe that the abandonment of the proceedings in Isla Grossa shows how little weight the environmental area in a regional government that makes arbitrary cuts (29/10/2011)
    UPyD believes that the environment has been cornered with a structure of little relevance
  • Real Cartagena 2 to 9 Puertollano FS (29/10/2011)
    A flood drowns a goal Reale who failed to do more
  • The Mediterranean school known professional table tennis across the ADE (28/10/2011)
    They held a meeting with the athletes Floymape UCAM-male and female UCAM Cartagena City Hall Pearl District
  • Demonstration of craft to cruise this weekend (28/10/2011)
    At the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce will see a small jewelry shop and a sample of products in the region to promote them among visitors
  • The city is preparing for the celebration of All Saints' Day (28/10/2011)

  • The UNED-Prize joins Cartagena Mandarache (28/10/2011)
    This year there will be live chats with writers finalists and reading new virtual clubs that will participate in the project to more students through Internet
  • Cartagena give a qualitative leap in university education through the UIMP (28/10/2011)
    The mayor, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and the rector of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo today signed an agreement to establish a permanent headquarters of the latter in the City
  • Convened the XXXIX edition of the Poetic Field in La Palma Cartagena (28/10/2011)
    Papers must be submitted in the form of poetry and be about the theater
  • Carthaginians and Romans displayed for cruisers (28/10/2011)
    The troops made a fight of gladiators in the spring pto receive the 3,000 visitors who will come on board the ship Mariner of the Seas
  • The PP criticized the PSOE cynicism of Parkinson patients (28/10/2011)
    Segado remember that the Socialists refused service center would have the sick
  • Students of the Sacred Heart ran with ADE Athletics Track (28/10/2011)
    sports program on Wednesday met school pupils of Sorrows with athletes of Elcano Clubs and UCAM Cartagena
  • The ADLE teach a trade to youth who have not completed their studies (28/10/2011)
    In November starts the Initial Vocational Training Program, which has received a grant of 89,000 euros from the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment
  • End gateway district's office will cost 300,000 euros Conception (28/10/2011)
    The Governing Board approved the appropriation of funds by the beginning of giving up two records for entertainment in the Park of La Rambla and the windlass
  • UPyD alert for multiple robberies that are occurring in Isla Plana and denounces the impunity with which the thieves operate (27/10/2011)
    the alien's friends have left in recent days a trail of misdeeds in the area of ​​Isla Plana and especially in the Cairn, where they assaulted multiple property
  • Luis Fonseca: "the best player I have right now is our love" (27/10/2011)

  • The largest municipality learn the story of Carthago Nova (27/10/2011)
    Municipal Institute of Social Services has organized a workshop to visit exhibitions such as the sample Asdrubalis Arx in the Municipal Archaeological Museum
  • Young entrepreneurs have the keys to success in Internet (27/10/2011)
    The CEEIC ADLE and organized this day to be held on November 7 in the cycle of classroom seminars Company
  • The City hiring will bring the operation of two entertainment in the Park of La Rambla and the windlass (27/10/2011)
    The Governing Board will address tomorrow, Friday the start of these two files, along with various programs of the Department of Education for this course
  • Training day for members of Neighborhood Councils (27/10/2011)
    The Mayor will be responsible for the opening of this event which takes place on Friday in the clubhouse of The Algar
  • Postponed by bad weather the coast of Cartagena Trolling Open (27/10/2011)
    National Championship, which was scheduled to be held from 28 to 30 October, will be held next weekend
  • Contentpolis sets in motion a nursery of talent and a Digital Lab (27/10/2011)

  • Ascension Carreño: "The rejection FOGASA office is the last punishment of the PSOE to Cartagena" (27/10/2011)

  • The UPCT host the XIV Meeting Defenders State University (27/10/2011)

  • Natalia Millán stars Five hours with Mario in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (27/10/2011)
    actress Carmen Sotillo brings to life on the stage adaptation of the novel by Miguel Delibes
  • Jara says goodbye to Reale (26/10/2011)

  • The Auditorium opens its doors to the public this weekend (26/10/2011)
    Its high technology and innovative design elements plagued by sea to Cartagena will be discovered during the open house on Saturday and Sunday
  • Cartagena is full of tourists (26/10/2011)
    As of Monday will call at the port five cruisers with 14,000 passengers on board, among them is the i>Liberty of the Seas/i> ship, considered the second largest in the world
  • Comprising eleven municipal Neighborhood (26/10/2011)
    Last Friday was the last, that of El Llano, headed by the Socialist Carmen Soto
  • I Fair Associations and Groups (26/10/2011)
    Organized by Social Services will be held Saturday at Our Lady of Charity Neighborhood includes juggling workshops, exhibitions, sports and dance
  • Arden three vehicles and the low of a building this morning in Los Nietos (26/10/2011)
    The losses were recorded in two fires located in the streets of Pillar Station and at an interval of one hour and a quarter
  • Cartagena will continue to support the victims of terrorism (25/10/2011)
    The mayor has received this morning the president of AVT, Pedraza Angeles, with which it has agreed to renew the existing agreement and the continued support to victims of the city
  • Support for students to believe UPCT technology-based companies (25/10/2011)
    In launching a new edition of the font size=2 face=Tahoma>Innovative Entrepreneur/font> c font size=2 face=Tahoma>urso Entrepreneurship and R + D + I/font>
  • In March the seventeenth Amateur Championship Soccer City (25/10/2011)
    On Monday we celebrated the first day of the season, as new, premiere modality, Soccer 8, with 28 teams that will compete in a league until May, 2012
  • Short Horror Marathon with the program of T-LA (25/10/2011)
    Cultural Center will host this event for two hours is celebrated on October 31st, Halloween Night, with free entry until all seats
  • Local Police oversees the operation of taxis in the municipality (25/10/2011)

  • La Virgen de los Remedios back to the cemetery of Saint Lucia (25/10/2011)
    The carving can be seen again in the church cemetery after 15 years away
  • "The SPCT show our disgust with the tax increase" (24/10/2011)
    "We call on officials to reduce pp and official cars"
  • Defense ISEN Foundation grants the use of the building of the Naval Museum in Cartagena (24/10/2011)
    The Navy will have a new theme Naval Museum on submarines in the former headquarters of Seamanship Instruction
  • Fifteen students entering the course glassblowing (24/10/2011)
    Councillor for Employment, the director of the ADLE and senior officers of the Association of Artisans of Santa Lucia Glaziers, have welcomed the selected unemployed youths
  • Cut total traffic on the bridge of Quitapellejos (24/10/2011)
    vehicle traffic will cut both ways, on Monday and Tuesday, between eight o'clock and eight o'clock in the afternoon for the pruning of eucalyptus
  • The region leads the way in innovation in the food industry (24/10/2011)
    Over 250 representatives of public and private organizations from 15 countries meet in Cartagena at the V International Symposium on Food technology
  • The U-18 bet by Alex (24/10/2011)

  • Some 30,000 people work in volunteer programs in the region (24/10/2011)
    This morning Universitour to Cartagena, a project that crosses the Spanish universities to foster solidarity between youth activities
  • The government team defends tax increases, which will reactivate the economy Cartagena (24/10/2011)
    Full today approved Amendments to the Tax Ordinance 2012, with the votes for and against PP PSOE, IU and the Working Group, and has given the green light to two motions unanimously UI
  • The new technologies draw star in the polls for the 20-N (24/10/2011)
    The mayor has presided over an extraordinary plenary session in which the draw has been released computer chairpersons and members, which replaces the traditional extraction system kick balls
  • III Senior Week Cultural Club of Slum Lady of Charity (24/10/2011)
    The program includes activities such as exhibitions, sports competitions, musical performances and cultural tours
  • The children go to the theater (24/10/2011)
    The Department of Education and Cajamar Foundation put in place for second year running a specific program to which have already signed up 40 schools and 6,200 students
  • Chain of Secrets, in the Byzantine Walls (24/10/2011)
    Iván Araujo stated in the municipal hall a complete sample of staff work that moves in the figurative metaphysics
  • Begin the course in the Intercultural Center and Old Town Los Dolores (24/10/2011)
    The activities are aimed at young people aged between 11 and 16 years
  • Cartagena hosts the largest forum tomorrow European food technology transfer (24/10/2011)
    The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research is organizing the 'Murcia Food' as a framework for discussion and the meeting between food businesses
  • Death of a 32 year old man in a car accident (23/10/2011)
    The driver of a car died this morning in traffic accident on the highway CT-32 (Cartagena-The Beat), at the height of the exit Escombreras
  • Marfil Santa Coloma 5-3 Reale Cartagena (23/10/2011)
    Royal Ivory grants occasions that has not missed
  • Luis Fonseca, "we are aware, connected and eager, we only have the results" (21/10/2011)

  • V International Symposium on Food Technology (21/10/2011)
    will be presented to the media at a press conference to be held in the building of the former CIM
  • The Municipal Corporation held two plenary sessions on Monday (21/10/2011)
    Along the draw of the polling stations will be a regular session in which they discussed among other issues the update of taxes
  • Cartagena UPyD solidarity with the Navantia Works (21/10/2011)

  • Research and inspiration are the keys to becoming a writer of historical fiction (21/10/2011)
    Lola Artacho, Vanessa and Mary Montfort Zabay put the finishing touch to the twelfth week of the historical novel of Cartagena
  • On Monday reached Cartagena Universitour (21/10/2011)
    Its aim is to promote volunteerism among college
  • Mayors of Ecuador take the model home tour Cartagena (21/10/2011)
    An Ecuadorian delegation this morning visited the institutions of the consortium Port of Cultures, which consider such tourism management and imitate to get the economic development of their province
  • The tenth Cross of Artillery wears long (21/10/2011)
    Increases the course and the issue is presented as more supportive, and to allocate a portion of the proceeds to the victims of the earthquake in Lorca
  • The first houses young, ready for delivery (21/10/2011)
    The mayor has visited the 192 flats being built in Marfagones Molinos will have swimming pools
  • Barrios-ADLE enters its fourth edition and Barrio Dolores Peral (21/10/2011)
    Participants will receive a scholarship and made urban maintenance practices facilitate training and employment
  • Fifteen students will be trained in foreign trade with the ADLE (21/10/2011)
    The Agency set up on Monday the course of 100 hours free, aimed at both unemployed and employed workers, which ends on December 21
  • The Youth Space teaches three courses on job search tools (21/10/2011)
    's open enrollment period for these courses to be held during the month of November, aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years
  • The ADLE renews its Quality Certificate (21/10/2011)
    For the fourth consecutive year, complies with ISO 9001 and attests to the highest standards in quality management and training activities of all
  • Úšltimos days to present posters of Carnival 2012 (21/10/2011)
    The period ends at 13:30 pm on Friday, October 28
  • ... (20/10/2011)

  • The José María Lapuerta visit the Race Track with ADE (20/10/2011)
    70 school students have been enjoying the intricacies of racing
  • Stop when you stole a car radio of daylight (20/10/2011)
    The young man had forced the back door of a van that was parked in the forecourt of the Plaza de Toros, across from the University
  • Surprised as he was the bridge to a car (20/10/2011)
    am A neighbor alerted the local police that, after locating the individual by the description given by himself, got arrested after a brief chase
  • Antonio Madrid Yuste, new president of the Neighborhood Council Municipal Perín (20/10/2011)
    This afternoon and tomorrow will take place the acts of La Puebla, La Aparecida and El Llano del Beal, which will make up all the neighborhood councils of the municipality
  • Sold 80 per cent dues of Cartagena Jazz Festival (20/10/2011)
    Ryuichi Sakamoto, Fleet Foxes, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Pat Metheny, the most requested
  • October Safe Crossing is settled with five drivers fined (20/10/2011)
    One of the significant data detected by the local police during the campaign, which took place last week, is the large number of pedestrians crossing inadequately
  • The Fort Christmas becomes astronomical observatory (20/10/2011)
    ​​ On Friday night visit will take place within the activities of the tenth anniversary of the Port of Cultures, with the collaboration of the Astronomical Society of Cartagena
  • The Roman Theatre hosts a scientific congress on Spanish architecture (20/10/2011)
    About twenty experts from all over Spain today and tomorrow will discuss the architectural elements of the great Roman public spaces, including the results of the excavations of the Archaeological Park of the windlass
  • Cut total bridge traffic on Monday and Tuesday Quitapellejos (20/10/2011)
    vehicle traffic will be stopped in both directions between eight o'clock and eight o'clock in the afternoon for the pruning of eucalyptus
  • UPyD calls for more measures to control and UI supports the initiative to demand an immediate investigation by emissions of sulfur dioxide (19/10/2011)
    After these episodes UPyD necessary preventive measures of accountability and Cartagena, October 19, 2011
  • Assent of the Finance Committee to update tax (19/10/2011)
    Government Team brings forward the proposal to reorganize the municipal accounts with the votes against the opposition groups
  • The PP rejects the PSOE's main proposal to balance the deficit because it involves dissolving autonomous bodies lay off staff (19/10/2011)
    municipal group spokesman says the socialist response to the dialogue of PP with a declaration of war
  • Comprising the neighborhood councils and Mills Strait Well Marfagones (19/10/2011)
    José Manuel Valdés Campillo and Canute Cañavate Conesa, respectively, have taken over as new president
  • Cartagena comes from the outset in the major European networks (19/10/2011)
    The Mayor is satisfied with the decision of the European Commission to include the port city on the rail route
  • The Planning Commission gives green light to some 500 homes in the Partial Plan CO.5.1 (19/10/2011)
    also has ruled favorably on the commitment of the Covenant of Mayor to reduce 20 percent of Co2 emissions
  • No delays in aid dependence (19/10/2011)
    A technical committee met this morning at the headquarters of Social Services to assess the implementation of the Act which benefit more than 2,000 people in the municipality of Cartagena
  • Luis Merlo and Maria Barranco star in Woody Allen's work Play It Again, Sam (19/10/2011)
    The comedy directed by Tamzin Townsend will be on Thursday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo de Cartagena
  • Local Police perfect reconstruction techniques of traffic accidents (19/10/2011)

  • Love, religion and the role of women in times of plague today starring Historical Novel Week (19/10/2011)
    German writer Christiane Gohl, known by their pseudonyms Sarah Lark and Ricardo Jordan, today announced his latest novel, Dr. Mainz, in the Cultural Hall CajaMurcia
  • Luis Merlo and ravine swept star in the work of Woody Allen Play It Again, Sam in Cartagena Nuevo Teatro Circo (19/10/2011)
    The comedy directed by Tamzin Townsend will be on Thursday at 21:30 pm
  • Open the application deadline of Professional English courses in the ADLE (19/10/2011)
    As of Friday October 21 interested parties may register for access to both courses taught by the Agency in November, one in the field of Hospitality and another in The Trade
  • The ALDE currently know of tour guides on Modernism (19/10/2011)
    The course began last Saturday and includes theoretical and practical fomación in order to provide better information for visitors
  • Four tales of passion and XII turbulent times open the Historical Novel Week (18/10/2011)
    Silvia Grijalva, Mary Gudin, Juan Antonio Garrido Vilches and his works have been presented this morning at the Cultural Center Cajamurcia
  • Walking to the poplar Rio World (18/10/2011)
    Sunday, 23 will be held in two stages, with a distance of 21 km
  • The Professional Futsal Reale, through ADE (18/10/2011)
    Franciscan Students have shared the morning with the players at the Municipal Hall where the students have had the opportunity to conduct various sports
  • Paintbal outdoors in El Algar (18/10/2011)
    Fun, strategy, adrenaline and team play, secured by the program T-La
  • Trip to Fajardo Battery (18/10/2011)
    is organized by the coordinator José María Lapuerta associations and will take place on Sunday
  • The tourist industry provides business opportunities for women entrepreneurs (18/10/2011)
    Sixty new companies have been created this year in Cartagena, of which 66% were initiated by women
  • Franciscan Students know the elite football (18/10/2011)

  • The mayor gives his support to the Mediterranean corridor reaches Algeciras (18/10/2011)
    Speaking to the media, Pilar Barreiro, also announced it will soon open to the public Roman baths to complete the archaeological park of the windlass
  • Auto scale to the tenth floor at zero cost (18/10/2011)
    Cartagena Firefighters have the new vehicle that reaches 37 meters high and has been funded by insurance companies
  • About thirty boats will contest the Open Coastal Trolling Cartagena (18/10/2011)
    host port 28 to October 30 sporting event for the first time, is held in our city organized by the Club de Regatas with the cooperation of the City
  • The ADLE renewed as placement agency (18/10/2011)
    Only two municipalities in the Region, Cartagena and Molina de Segura, have achieved this certification validate the entry into force of new legislation
  • The PP is asked in what capacity Sara Garcia visited the Museum of Glass (17/10/2011)

  • Running the V edition of the ADE of the school year 2011-2012 (17/10/2011)
    More than 2,000 schoolchildren in some 30 schools in Cartagena
  • Bolillero Meeting at the ports of Santa Barbara (17/10/2011)
    More than a hundred women gathered Friday to celebrate their annual living
  • Established the neighborhood council of Isla Plana with Francisco Mula front (17/10/2011)
    Friday was elected president and Strait Well tonight will be constituted that the inauguration of its nine members
  • The program begins with the Reale ADE Cartagena (17/10/2011)

  • Steal 200 kilos of mandarins of an estate Well Strait (17/10/2011)
    The authors, a man and two women, were arrested after a dramatic chase on the highways of transfer
  • The students of ADA, on the Day of the entrepreneur (17/10/2011)
    On Thursday, Lorca traveled to participate in scheduled activities and thus promote entrepreneurship among the 40 participants of the workshop organized by the ADLE
  • Women entrepreneurs tell their stories in the technology sector (17/10/2011)
    On Tuesday held at the Faculty of Sciences of the Company's Conference on Women Entrepreneurs, a free activity that includes a coaching workshop in creativity and innovation
  • Barreiro participate in today's parliamentary defense Mediterranean Corridor (17/10/2011)

  • Face starts sale of fertilizers in the Nuevo Teatro Circo for the Cartagena Jazz Festival (17/10/2011)
    As of November 1 will also be open to the public the Auditorium box office and Conference Centre The Batel
  • The Experience Chest teach older people to lead their clubs (17/10/2011)
    The IMSS begins on Tuesday a course Training Boards in the Hall of Elders of the Miraculous, to improve the daily functioning of the clubs adapted to new technologies
  • The X Cross of Artillery has opened the registration period (17/10/2011)

  • Real Cartagena 2-2 Talavera OID (16/10/2011)
    Luis Fonseca, "deserved a draw? Maybe yes, but not this way"
  • UPyD Councilman calls on Decentralization to manage local social rationalization criteria (16/10/2011)
    To improve the efficiency of scarce resources available to the City
  • The European Business and Innovation promotes the entrepreneurial culture in Cartagena with the creation of 24 companies in 2010 (16/10/2011)
    The Institute of Development, and through CEEIC, promotes innovative and technology among entrepreneurs of the region
  • UPyD Cartagena considers tax increases a robbery to the citizens of Cartagena to the pagans used as measures of their adjustment (15/10/2011)
    UPyD condemns the exorbitant price of water and waste services, the arbitrariness of the service concessionaire water and no PP management to control the billing of services
  • Improvised choreography will dance for the integration of persons with disabilities (14/10/2011)
    The new Inclusive Leisure Services, in collaboration with the T-LA of the Department of Youth, have organized a flashmob this evening at the Gates of Murcia
  • The windlass is full of visitors in its first day (14/10/2011)
    Cartagena Tourists and tour the park has now opened its doors as a new green lung of the city and open-air museum of the archaeological history of Cartagena
  • The new park will occupy 14,790 meters Ensanche (14/10/2011)
    The Governing Board adopted its draft urbanization and FFRM awarded to the World 82
  • Hall and Conservatory announce the fifteenth edition of Between Strings and Metals (14/10/2011)
    The deadline for registration to participate in classical music competition for young talent will remain open until January 18, 2012
  • The City Council will recover the taxes and fees CPI in 2012 (14/10/2011)
    The update of taxes be made without undue pressure on families and provide benefits to the entrepreneurs who create jobs in Cartagena
  • "Children's Day" at the Bombonera (14/10/2011)

  • The government delegate visits the Museum of Glass Santa Lucia (14/10/2011)
    The building has been built with state funding of Plan E, for an amount exceeding half a million euros
  • Pedro Obradors, reelected president of the neighborhood council of La Palma (14/10/2011)
    Yesterday evening was held the inauguration and establishment of the board and is now the turn of Isla Plana-La Azohía
  • The ADLE get 58,125 euros for the project Leonardo Da Vinci mobility-Euro Experience (14/10/2011)
    For the eighth consecutive year, twenty people in the municipality will benefit from scholarships for professional internships abroad
  • New course on traffic accidents in the ESPAC (14/10/2011)
    On Monday begins a showing the advantages of surveying software aimed at making local police crowded
  • Cartagena evicted Rugby Club (13/10/2011)
    Cartagena Rugby Club this week has been found with the non-availability of municipal facilities Athletics Track
  • UPyD requires the government team to accelerate the cleanup of debris from the land of potash and derivatives (13/10/2011)
    The PP is the sole responsibility of the state of neglect that has been the area that still does not decontaminate
  • The cars of the future awaiting the starting gun (13/10/2011)
    The young engineers and pilots have put the finishing touches to sustainable vehicles from tomorrow roll on asphalt racing circuit in the Solar Race 2011
  • Test the strength of the pedestrian walkway Barrio de la Concepción (13/10/2011)

  • The michirones and the Cauldron, in a country to eat (13/10/2011)
    TVE program tonight discover the gastronomy of the region of Murcia on the basis of the 23.30 hours, after the series Tell Me
  • Constituted neighborhood joints aches and Aljorra (13/10/2011)
    lick and Francisco José Antonio Conesa, respectively, have taken over as president
  • Seriously injured after colliding with a taxi and fire his moped (13/10/2011)
    The accident occurred this morning in Cabrera Street near the Health Center Our Lady of Charity
  • III Award for Voluntary Commitment (13/10/2011)
    The Department of Social Services announces the award with which recognizes the work of people
  • Begin Friday of March for the largest of the municipality (13/10/2011)
    Fifty people involved in the trekking route programmed by the Municipal Social Services runs morning 13 km between Cartagena and Quarries
  • The sale for the 31 ° Cartagena Jazz Festival (13/10/2011)
    It can be purchased over the Internet and next Monday will begin the sale in person at the box office of the New Theatre Circus
  • The michirones and the Cauldron, in a country to eat (13/10/2011)
    TVE program tonight discover the gastronomy of the region of Murcia on the basis of the 23.30 hours, after the series Tell Me
  • The Civil Guard rescues three bodies on the beach Calblanque (12/10/2011)
    could be the body of the three immigrants who disappeared last October 8
  • The new regional director for Cope is presented to the mayor (11/10/2011)
    José Manuel Cuenca RAs had a brief encounter with Pilar Barreiro protocol in his office at the Palace Hall
  • Calderón recalled that PSOE has forgotten seniors and families and has provided Cartagena Insertion Basic Income to 241 families (11/10/2011)

  • The voices of housewives ring at the Palace Hall (11/10/2011)

  • They start to become the new local neighborhood councils (11/10/2011)
    The Department of decentralization process began yesterday with the election of president on the boards of alum and Albujón and continue the rest of this week and next
  • Court of total traffic on the bridge of the Conception (11/10/2011)
    Conducting load tests require interrupting the flow in both directions between 9 and 18 hours
  • Young Space renew its certificate of quality (11/10/2011)
    It is one of the first municipal services of the City of Cartagena in retaining his card for another three years
  • The UPCT presents the prototype to compete in the Solar Race 2011 (11/10/2011)

  • Two vehicles Cartagena Polytechnic Institute compete in the Solar Race 2011 (11/10/2011)
    The IDEAS program of the Youth Council has supported projects that are measured in the racing circuit with 23 other participants from five countries
  • New technologies come to the elders (11/10/2011)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services began on 14 October the computer support course for seniors will be given until December 2 in the building of the Miraculous
  • Note sun on the 50th anniversary of the first spaceflight (11/10/2011)
    The activity of the Alternative Recreation program (T-La) is Saturday October 15, in collaboration with the Astronomical Association of Cartagena
  • Visit the Hermitage exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of Alicante with the program T-LA (11/10/2011)
    The activity will be on Sunday 16 and the trip includes admission to the temporary exhibition "Treasures of Russian Archaeology" and a visit to the castle of Santa Barbara
  • The ADLE facilitates the employment of students (11/10/2011)
    The program has encouraged the business community work experience and recruitment of young people after receiving her training
  • The Reale already in Santiago (10/10/2011)
    Luis Fonseca, "The failures are for those who do not try and we're going to try"
  • Is back with 2,800 foreign tourists Eclipse (10/10/2011)
    The Cruise, considered one of the largest in the world, has made stops this morning picking up the image of terraces, shops and streets filled with visitors center
  • The City Council puts an end to landslides in the street Gisbert (10/10/2011)
    The demolition of the promontory which stood on the Mount of the Conception have been completed and, with them, the dangers that were produced in the surrounding buildings in the days of strong Rain
  • Round City of Union without footbridge (10/10/2011)

  • The windlass is open to the public Friday (10/10/2011)
    The archaeological park can be visited by the public after completion of the works that have lasted a year
  • The Councillor for Education visits the public schools at the beginning of the course (10/10/2011)
    Josefa Maroto tour the school facilities 'San Antonio Abad', 'Beethoven', 'Mistral', 'José M ª de Lapuerta', 'Fernando Garrido', 'The Asomada' and 'Virgen del Carmen'
  • The New Cartagena FC opens the sports season (10/10/2011)
    On Saturday the course was inaugurated with a football trophy 8 in which the kick off was given by the Councillor for Education
  • Adrian Dominguez wins the Trofeo Ciudad de Cartagena II sailing Optimist (10/10/2011)
    Young validates the Galician Federation title in a race where the wind but it lacked emotion
  • Julia Moreno gives voice to time in fifty fotopoesías (10/10/2011)
    The artist exhibits until December 15 at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Begin leisure workshops for more (10/10/2011)
    Christmas, theater, carnival, arts, popular traditions and environment, comprise the range of activities in different districts and councils
  • UPyD criticized the high number of unemployed in Cartagena, and proposes a single contract with compensation fixed progressive (08/10/2011)

  • The Civil Guard intercepted another small boat south of Cape Tiñoso (07/10/2011)
    9 males travel in them in good health
  • Viento a favor to the young promises of the candle (07/10/2011)
    This afternoon has given the green light for the 97 participants from 17 clubs across Spain to compete this weekend the city of Cartagena Trophy II Class A "ptimist
  • New campaign Pedestrian Security Local Police (07/10/2011)
    The latest outrage in the city registered reactivate the preventive steps in zebra
  • Ramon y Cajal opened to traffic this afternoon (07/10/2011)
    A lack of finishing touches, with the installation of benches, litter bins and garbage cans, the operationalization of the road will alleviate traffic in the area
  • Visit to Portugal with the Department of Women (07/10/2011)
    It remains open the deadline to register for this activity will take place from 17 to 21 October and will cover the most significant places in the neighboring country
  • The ADLE extends the registration period for courses of Foreign Trade and Job Search (07/10/2011)
    Those interested can register for these offers free training to the next October 17
  • The Rural Women's Day opens the Department's activities (07/10/2011)
    For the commemoration of this day, held on Tuesday, has organized a walk healthier rural area Azohía
  • The voter remains exposed until Monday (07/10/2011)
    Available via the Internet, in the building of Statistics, the Office of Citizen Services and the SKIP neighborhoods and councils
  • The Roman Theatre and Puerto de Culturas open their doors to celebrate Hispanic Heritage (07/10/2011)
    The Museum will extend its visiting hours on Sunday and Monday open, normally closed, an initiative that will also take place in other tourist resorts of Puerto de Culturas
  • Rural women advocate equality of opportunity in the sector (07/10/2011)
    Councillor for Women, Clara Hall, participated in yesterday's National Day celebrated in Pozo Estrecho, organized by the Confederation CERES, Land and Water Association and COAG
  • The UPCT patented a filter that reduces interference to satellites in space (07/10/2011)

  • Luis Fonseca: "I do not want give away anything, I just want respect for me and my Club" (06/10/2011)

  • A PICES exhibits his painting and ceramics at the UNED (06/10/2011)
    The exhibition, North and South, reflecting on the dualism of wealth and poverty, health and disease
  • The Mina honors the Virgen del Rosario (06/10/2011)
    The people belonging to the deputation of the Albujón, held from 7 to 9 October, the feast of its patron saint who dedicated paths to mass on Friday and Sunday and a procession through the local streets
  • Six centuries of sailing history took refuge at Fort Christmas (06/10/2011)

  • II Cartagenero Theatre Festival in La Palma (06/10/2011)
    The Civic Center will host this October for the actions of the groups now Theatre, The Snail and Latin America
  • Barreiro participates in a roundtable on education at the National Convention PP (06/10/2011)

  • Music and images of the seabed in Plaza Bohemia (06/10/2011)
    On the occasion of Nafosub 2011, on Friday there will be a group performance and projected Trailer Pictures
  • II Trofeo Ciudad de Cartagena de Vela à "ptimist (06/10/2011)
    hundred sailors from all over Spain participate in the event of 7 to 9 October
  • On Sunday chords ring together under Lorca (06/10/2011)

  • The Civil Guard detained the perpetrator of the theft in a sealed after abscond (05/10/2011)
    snuff was stolen, money and a tight van owner
  • New court of traffic on the bridge of the Barrio de la Concepción to complete the pedestrian walkway (05/10/2011)
    From this afternoon and for one month, will be closed to traffic lane in direction toward Calle Real
  • Transplantation of the ficus avoid possible accidents in the Avenida de America (05/10/2011)
    The forty copies have already begun to bud in its new location on the extension of the Pearl District Greenway
  • The plenary adopted a joint statement in defense of the Mediterranean corridor (05/10/2011)

  • Presentation to media exhibition tracing the Puerto de Culturas (05/10/2011)
    On Thursday there will be a guided tour of the exhibits to be open to the public this Saturday at Fort Christmas
  • Calderón Rives reminded that his party "is the only one that has endangered the welfare state" (05/10/2011)

  • Leisure and offer up the training activities of the Department of Women (05/10/2011)
    The mayor and the councilors of Women and Culture on Tuesday presided over the presentation ceremony and inauguration of the course which was held in the auditorium of the Cultural Center
  • Photography and poetry come together in The Voice of Time, Julia Moreno (05/10/2011)
    The artist exposes the sample fotopoesía Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy 7 October to 15 December
  • Begin swimming activities in Pozo Estrecho pools and La Aljorra (04/10/2011)
    Starting Wednesday October 5, the Department of Sports launches free swimming activities, swimming lessons or water aerobics, to be held in both municipal facilities
  • The mentally handicapped want to have fun with other people (04/10/2011)
    Astus and ASID are launching a service that will facilitate their participation in leisure activities organized by other institutions
  • The twentieth-century Art Nouveau outlined in Cartagena Craft Centre (04/10/2011)
    The show, which can be seen until November 30, has more than 50 pieces made by craftsmen in the region where visitors can take affordable home
  • The full City Council on Wednesday held Cartagena (04/10/2011)
    The Corporation will discuss the adoption of the 2010 general account by the sanctioning authority ordinance and statutes of the permanent center at the University Menéndez y Pelayo
  • Three new volunteers Europeans arrive in Cartagena (04/10/2011)

  • Share car over 800 users in September (04/10/2011)
    This service offered by the Department of Sustainable Development has been compensated and the decline experienced during the summer, a trend also seen Sharing Parking, which last month touched the 300 visits
  • 6,300 students participated in the activities of Road Safety Education Park last term (04/10/2011)

  • The T-LA hits record summer participation (04/10/2011)
    More than 4,000 young people enjoyed the hundreds of activities scheduled for the summer months by the Department of Youth, today introduced a T-LA expects to continue increasing the number of participants this Autumn
  • Jesus Garcia: "No one is indispensable but everyone is needed" (04/10/2011)

  • All ready to sail with the stars at Fort Christmas (04/10/2011)
    starting this weekend at Fort theatrical workshops and visits organized by Cartagena Puerto de Cultura for children, on the occasion of the celebration of its tenth anniversary
  • Success paddle championship organized by AJE Cartagena (03/10/2011)
    The couple who represented the Relay Group, composed by Jorge Soto and Enrique Rizo, won the championship on a day where he held numerous business contacts
  • The Community will hold its annual forum on the cultural heritage of the Region (03/10/2011)

  • Exhibition of Art Nouveau in Cartagena Craft Centre (03/10/2011)
    The exhibition includes over 50 pieces handmade by artisans in the region
  • The Liquor Factory 43 in Los Camachos will be ready in late 2012 (03/10/2011)
    Group Chief Executive SL Diego Zamora, Emilio Restoy, this morning the construction project which will invest 9 million euros
  • The Museum of Glass Santa Lucia, past, present and future of an official centennial (03/10/2011)

  • Cabo de Palos welcomes Nafosub 2011 (03/10/2011)
    More than twenty teams will participate in the championship of Spain to be held underwater photography in the marine reserve of the Island of the Ants
  • The PP asks for explanations of the Government Delegate of the transfer of personnel and resources of the Anatomical Forensic Cartagena Murcia (03/10/2011)
    Popular Speaker afraid that behind these moves is the decommissioning of the facility
  • Very serious woman struck by a vehicle Menéndez y Pelayo (03/10/2011)
    The incident occurred this morning when the victim took her son for four years, on a stool, the school of the Casa del Niño
  • Driver Education Park discusses his activities for this course (03/10/2011)
    The Governing Board will meet on Tuesday and will take stock of their training activities, which in the last decade has seen double the number of students who received lessons on traffic rules
  • The Municipal School of Theatre extends the registration period (03/10/2011)
    Thursday took place at the Cultural Center the official launch of the new course with a documentary overview of the work done last year and the staging of a music video show
  • Two grandparents centenarians honored at the International Day of Older Persons (03/10/2011)

  • The grandparents centenarians receive a tribute at the International Day of Older Persons (03/10/2011)

  • Bernal Martinez regrets that the regional government again took umbrage with the interests of Cartagena (01/10/2011)
    regional deputy says he does not understand the socialist regional government decision to sell the land to widen the MURAM and that would accommodate the collection and Squares Marifi growth of the museum
  • The Community about Cartagena entrepreneurs new technologies and Internet tools to improve their competitiveness (01/10/2011)
    The European Business and Innovation starts Cartagena, from October 4 to November 29, a new edition of the cycle seminars 'Aula Company'
  • Luís Fonseca: "It is easier to expel me than Rafael, Pola and Eka" (01/10/2011)


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