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Cartagena News - August 2008

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  • La Manga Consortium invests more than € 100,000 on improving green spaces (30/08/2008)
    These are actions in two parks and children's areas in the municipality of Cartagena
  • The Mutua Madrilena is removed from the eighth round (29/08/2008)
    Due to its offense in the eighth round, colliding against Tau Andalucia sailing on starboard tack, the Mutua Madrilena has been forced to retreat, and fell to sixth place Trophy Region of Murcia.
  • Argentina's new leader in Cartagena Matador (29/08/2008)
    Victorias partial Ono, Matador and Rogue in the three races held today, who continue to maintain a tight classification.
  • A successful participation in the workshops I created Graph in Cartagena (29/08/2008)
    Thirty artists from all over Spain have been for two weeks, learning and sharing different artistic techniques
  • Municipal policy to get going again after the summer holidays (29/08/2008)
    After the meeting today of the local governing board, the spokesman said on topical issues such as Zinc Spanish or implementation of administrative building Calle San Miguel
  • Rocío Segura closed the cycle of flamenco recitals 2008 (29/08/2008)
    The singer from Almería on Saturday go to the Plaza de la Marina de Santa Lucia
  • Gabriel García wins poster contest of the campaign against AIDS 2008 (29/08/2008)
    The president of the Youth Council, Manuel Soler, presented this morning the winning image, which has used the celebration of the Olympics as the main reason
  • The municipal government of Cartagena thanked the great reception from the MedCup (29/08/2008)
    It is considered that the city is ready to host international events draft and hope to again host the race next year
  • XII potions without Alcohol Contest (29/08/2008)
    September 18 is the deadline to participate in the competition of non-alcoholic concoctions, convened by the Municipal Committee for Drug Dependence and the Federation troops and legions
  • The coastal race gets more excitement to the Region of Murcia Trophy (28/08/2008)
    Victorias partial Mutua Madrilena and Matador, which is located in Cartagena Leader
  • Closure of the Graph Creation Workshops in Cartagena (28/08/2008)
    will take place tomorrow at the Palace Molina, coinciding with the end of the second and last course taught by artist Narciso Echeverría
  • Last days to enjoy the exhibitions of the Sea of Art (28/08/2008)
    Tomorrow Friday will be closed to the public exhibitions Gonnord Pierre, Antoine D'Agata, Bernard Plossu, Moses Ruiz and Abdelkader Benchamma
  • Athletes of all ages run by the Urban Mile port (28/08/2008)
    Athletes held on Friday, a circuit along the marina building the atmosphere generated by the MedCup
  • Resolved protest, the Rogue is the new leader (27/08/2008)
    The jury deliberates just protest against the Swedish Artemis Rogue, Rogue gaining one point it rises to the top spot
  • The Mutua Madrilena full to two, and a leader in Cartagena (27/08/2008)
    Victorias partial and Desafio Platoon, the Rogue cut points to Artemis in the absolute and even more excitement in the MedCup
  • Amazed at lower social subtracting money from the local El Bohio (27/08/2008)
    In addition, last Friday arrested two persons, one for shoplifting at a store on Calle Santa Florentina, and another attempted armed robbery
  • Sixty children participate in the canoe voyage from the Port of Cartagena (27/08/2008)
    is planned for this evening a display of windsurfing and a gym show aesthetics, part of the activities scheduled to mark the Audi MedCup
  • Journey to swim through the port of Cartagena (27/08/2008)
    will take place on Thursday, coinciding with the celebration of the Audi Med Cup, with trophies for the top five finishers by category
  • The summer swim season comes to an end (27/08/2008)
    Next Friday are closed courses have been teaching in the outdoor swimming pools during the summer
  • Two people arrested for burglary and attempted armed robbery (27/08/2008)
    One of them was detained after leaving a store on Calle Santa Florentina, and the other at dawn, on Calle Juan de la Cosa
  • According UPyD, "confirms private management for the Cartagena municipal nursery school" (26/08/2008)

  • The Rogue is imposed on the first day of Cartagena (26/08/2008)
    An intense northeast 18 to 20 knots allowed to play the first two tests the Region of Murcia Trophy, the Circuit where the leaders have shown their credentials
  • The T-LA Summer organizes a weekend sailing (26/08/2008)
    Activities include hiking, windsurfing and diving and are aimed at young people between 14 and 35
  • The Minister of Social Policy at La Manga to visit children in care of Children's Home of Cartagena (26/08/2008)
    Most children came from municipalities in the region but also about Ecuador, Bolivia, Morocco, Romania and England
  • The port hosts a gymnastics display aesthetics (26/08/2008)
    Cartagena Rhythmic team held tomorrow choreography dedicated to the sea within the program of activities organized during the Med Cup
  • ANSE asks the Autonomous greater control of the trawler fleet (26/08/2008)
    Ask a regulation requiring all trawlers in the region to carry the tracking device "Blue Box", the drag marks have been detected unless 20 m depth at the coast of Cartagena
  • The easterly wind surprising Cartagena (25/08/2008)
    The official training race has exposed a race course that offers many irregularities that lead plentiful tactics
  • Lithography Workshop on aluminum plates at the Palace Molina (25/08/2008)
    Narciso Professor Echeverria responsible for providing all week this course organized by the Department of Culture and Bartlett School of Architecture Editions
  • Jara Street will cut this week by the works of pedestrian (25/08/2008)
    will be used to match this performance with Telefónica works are carried out with the installation of new lines in the area
  • The Andalusian Rocío Guerra wins first prize at the XV Festival of Song Spanish Derribao Mill (25/08/2008)
    The contest, whose final took place last Saturday, was spiced with performances by Juan de Juanes, Antonio Carrión, Miguel de Tena and Blondie Son
  • Region of Murcia Trophy starts tomorrow Monday (24/08/2008)
    The race officer training will enable participants to carry out the 14 ships first contact with the race course in Cartagena
  • Employment signs agreement with two companies from Cartagena to host trainee welders (24/08/2008)
    The Department of Employment subsidize students with up to 10.5 euros a day for carrying out these practices
  • La Manga Consortium enables a new park in the west of Playa Honda (23/08/2008)
    There are playgrounds and provides residents access to the beach
  • Cartagena could become the permanent headquarters of the Med Cup (22/08/2008)
    The organization of the regatta was delighted with the city and from the regional administration works for the sports event to be held next week could be repeated in the future
  • Sergio Gomez 'Coloraíto' this weekend in St. Lucia (22/08/2008)
    Granada The singer will be the penultimate concert included in the cycle of flamenco performance, which closes on Saturday 30 with the performance of Rocío Segura
  • Cartagena, fifth stage of the Audi MedCup, next week (21/08/2008)
    Fourteen boats from nine countries will compete in the Region of Murcia Trophy, the fifth round of the Audi MedCup 2008 to be held in Cartagena, a Spanish naval headquarters in the Mediterranean
  • Jara Street will be closed next week for the construction of pedestrian (21/08/2008)
    will be used to match this performance with the works that Telefonica will take to install new lines in the area
  • The flags at half mast in mourning for the accident of Barajas (21/08/2008)
    The banners will remain so until Saturday
  • They go into service 17 new points of light in Los Puertos de Santa Barbara (21/08/2008)
    The installation had been requested by the neighbors and an investment of 40,000 euros
  • The Youth Council of Cartagena teams provide free music for youth groups (21/08/2008)
    Thanks to collaboration with the Live Music Association, about forty bands can benefit from this new service from September
  • I Memorial Francisco Ayala football (21/08/2008)
    is held this Saturday and will be a posthumous tribute to the late ex-college of the District of Cartagena referees
  • XV Spanish Song Festival in Cartagena Derribao Mill (21/08/2008)
    Tomorrow Friday will take place the first phase of this contest, with a total of thirteen participants, who will vie for the top prize in Saturday's final
  • The Hall adorns the port with 2,616 units to receive the MedCup flower (20/08/2008)
    On the occasion of the sporting event crews are planting Parks and Gardens Chinese carnations, Vint and zinnias that will color the environment of the pier to the submarine Peral
  • Arrested two people involved in thefts in shops of downtown (20/08/2008)
    For the detainees were seized clothing, sunglasses, cologne and other gadgets
  • The Youth Council of Cartagena opened a new service dedicated to promoting youth music groups (20/08/2008)
    The prime minister, Manuel Soler, introduced this new service on Thursday at the Youth Resource Centre
  • The Crossings to swim and canoe and Milla urban atmosphere to the port during the celebration of the MedCup (20/08/2008)
    The Sports Department has organized a series of activities and exhibits for the enjoyment of Cartagena and Visitors
  • A man arrested in La Manga for alleged armed robbery (20/08/2008)
    The incident occurred early this morning in the area of the Plaza Jessica
  • Two young men arrested for attempting to rob a store in La Casera (20/08/2008)
    Local Police withdrew their shock apparatus that had hidden in his underwear
  • Detainee two teenagers in La Manga for an alleged robbery at another girl (19/08/2008)
    The events did last Thursday in the Bohemia Plaza area and had to speak the local police in Cartagena
  • Local police made two arrests during the weekend by two offenses of threats (19/08/2008)
    In the first case the individual tried to beat their parents, and the second to his wife
  • Open to Santa Florentina street traffic in the opposite direction because of the downtown pedestrian works (19/08/2008)
    La Calle Real, Plaza Port address in Spain, will be closed to traffic for these works for about a week
  • Cut to Royal Street traffic for the works of pedestrian center (18/08/2008)
    The interruption of the passage of vehicles, for acting on the shaft Castellini, Puerta de Murcia Santa Florentina, started Monday and will last approximately one week
  • XXV Anniversary Grand Procession San Ginés de la Jara (18/08/2008)
    The procession will leave from the church of Charity and pass through the suburb of San Ginés, Torreciega, La Aparecida, Roche and The Camachos, ending with a great general camp on the esplanade of Cartagonova
  • Pavel Albert teaches a course on color intaglio printmaking (18/08/2008)
    Start today and is included in the graph-building workshops organized by the City of Cartagena and Bartlett School of Architecture edits
  • UI Cartagena PP blames sewage discharges in Isla Plana (18/08/2008)

  • International exchange for other cultures (18/08/2008)
    Youth Space offers, within the European Programme Youth in Action, three exchange trips to France, Turkey and Latvia during the months of October and November
  • The city of Cartagena and the Autonomous Community are launching a cleanup campaign in Calblanque (18/08/2008)
    will take place on September 20 to coincide with International Day Clean World
  • The Government of Murcia shows sympathy for the bus accident in Castellón (17/08/2008)
    The General Directorate of Civil Protection of the Autonomous Community provides psychological assistance to the family of the deceased driver
  • Tourist Arrested in La Manga for drug possession (15/08/2008)
    The implied he had collected from the beach of Las Amoladeras a package with half a kilo of cannabis resin
  • Starts In Actu, the new festival of contemporary music (14/08/2008)
    This evening takes place the first of four scheduled concerts in the Casino de Cartagena, after 21 hours
  • About 5,000 people will gather in Cartagena during the celebration of the MedCup (14/08/2008)
    Cartagena hosts, from 25 to 30 August, the fifth stage of the Audi MedCup, the largest annual regatta circuit in the world
  • The bus arrives at Murcia Big Brother (14/08/2008)
    A Team TV casting Zeppelin held next Tuesday 19 August in Cartagena selection trials for the tenth edition of GH
  • XXXVII Carabela Silver Trophy City of Cartagena (13/08/2008)
    The traditional trophy is contested on Saturday August 16 at the municipal stadium Cartagonova, after 20 hours
  • The T-LA Summer travels to Hollywood Mini Sorbas and Almería this weekend (13/08/2008)
    Sorbas Visiting will be Saturday, departing from the neighborhood José María Lapuerta, and Sunday will travel to the desert of Tabernas
  • ANSE Popon rational management of the Mar Menor "project rather shocking" (13/08/2008)

  • The local police arrested a man for alleged crimes against intellectual property (13/08/2008)
    The detainee was caught in the Paseo Alfonso XIII selling imitation products like sunglasses, shirts and cd's
  • Cartagena will feature new Civil Guard troops (12/08/2008)
    This week has been submitted the new agents in the barracks of Cabo de Palos
  • The number of visitors to Puerto de Culturas has grown by 23% last year (12/08/2008)
    The most significant increase occurred in July, with nearly 18,000 more visitors compared to the same month last year
  • Dover put the finishing touch to Carthaginians and Romans (12/08/2008)
    The group will perform on Saturday September 27 at the old place festive, and will be accompanied by two openers: the Murcia and Valencia Manolo Breis Sickno
  • The merchants and restaurateurs of Cartagena to the race will turn Med CUP (12/08/2008)
    Tourism Councilman Javier Herrero has met this morning with representatives of the commercial sector and city services
  • XV Spanish Song Festival Mill Derribao (12/08/2008)
    The contest will take place on 22 and 23 August, thirteen participants from various parts of Spanish territory, although the opening gala will be on Saturday 16
  • A young man arrested for alleged death threats against his ex-girlfriend (12/08/2008)
    The detainee was involved a large machete in the area of the roundabout at The Tejeras
  • The local police arrested two people for alleged burglary and theft (12/08/2008)
    The incident occurred in two shops, one located in the Plaza Mexico in Cartagena and one in Gran Vía de la Manga
  • More than 20,000 people visit the Roman Theatre in Cartagena Museum in its first month open to the public (11/08/2008)
    More than half of the public who have visited this set comes from tourism and national cultural
  • Quality Soccer Sports City Gómez Meseguer (11/08/2008)
    Today, there have been two triangular tournament of the summer, I Ginés Pagán Memorial football fan, to be held the next day 23, and XII Trofeo Youth Carabela de Plata, will take place on August 30
  • Peinsa and Playas de Castellón played on Carabela V Silver Trophy football (11/08/2008)
    The competition will take place on August 21 and will be the presentation of the team for next season Cartagena
  • La Manga renews its pedestrian route and shot (10/08/2008)
    The consortium has earmarked more than € 200,000 for this activity
  • IX Tournament futvoley City of Cartagena (08/08/2008)
    The event is held during this weekend at the beach Cavanna in La Manga
  • La Terremoto de Alcorcón closes tonight Theater of the Sea (08/08/2008)
    Some 10,000 people have enjoyed to date of the proceedings of this fourth edition of the festival that ends today and has been all about humor in all its forms
  • The Youth Council of Cartagena and Murcia University signed a cooperation agreement in education (08/08/2008)
    The agreement facilitates the practice of university students in the field of associations and youth participation
  • The older grandchildren and have a larger local (07/08/2008)
    The new headquarters is a low-rent between the City and the Association of Senior Citizens of this town, with more space to develop activities that are organized by the Department of Social Care
  • The mayor meets with the commander of the Italian ship San Marcos (07/08/2008)
    This vessel has been at school in Cartagena, where his crew take the opportunity to do some sightseeing and professional visits
  • The closing Alcorcón terromoto Theater of the Sea of Cartagena with Popular Prices show, directed by Antonia San Juan (07/08/2008)
    La Terremoto de Alcorcón and Feldene return to the classic boards of a large hand, Antonia San Juan
  • The City of Cartagena cleaned every day the beaches of Mar Menor (07/08/2008)
    Thirty people look after the health of the coast from Mar de Cristal to Los Urrutias
  • The local police arrested a youth for alleged burglary (06/08/2008)
    The detainee was caught this morning forcing the door of a vehicle in the Paseo Alfonso XIII
  • The new residence 'Source Cubas' will offer 120 new places for elderly dependents (06/08/2008)
    The director of the Institute of Social Action Murciano, Miguel Angel Miranda, checked the status of works being carried out in the center of Cartagena
  • Millán Salcedo sold out, recalling his humorous biography I got on a green piano at the Teatro del Mar (06/08/2008)
    The show will be on Thursday, August 7 at 22:30 pm in the Parque Torres
  • Development calls for tenders for lighting Cartagena access to the N-301 (06/08/2008)
    The tender budget amounts to eight hundred thousand euros
  • Seven streets of La Manga have new sidewalks and lighting (05/08/2008)
    The works have been awarded 237,000 euros by and belong to the council of the Department of Neighborhood Relations
  • The new cultural local Pozo Estrecho enters its final stretch (05/08/2008)
    The City Council has taken to hiring the last phase of construction of this center that will be used mainly to house the School of Music as a defendant in this council
  • Sit, the importance of the chair in human life will be counted in the Theater of the Sea by Tricicle, the second largest Tricicle (05/08/2008)
    show entries, 6 August at 22:30 hours, cost 10 euros
  • Complete works of repainting of road markings on the highway to La Manga (05/08/2008)
    A new system has allowed quick drying repaint at night, avoiding congestion and improving safety of the operators
  • Labor approves the list of holidays for the year 2009 (04/08/2008)
    April 3, Friday of Sorrows, and on 25 September, Carthaginians and Romans, are designated as local festivals
  • The change artist Ennio Marchetto will forty-five characters in the Theater of the Sea festival in Cartagena with all the costumes of paper (04/08/2008)
    entries show, Tuesday 5 August at 22:30 hours, cost 10 euros
  • Traditional Habaneras concert on the esplanade of Cabo de Palos Lighthouse (01/08/2008)
    will be held this Saturday with the participation of various corals and the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop
  • The Municipal Institute of Coastal Services Opens Office in Los Nietos (01/08/2008)
    With an area of 50 meters, will cover the area between the Sea of Glass and The Urrutias
  • In Actu, a new festival of contemporary music (01/08/2008)
    The new cultural initiative will offer four concerts on 14, 16 and August 17 at various venues in the city
  • Close to a thousand users have taken the courses in July swim (01/08/2008)
    The Councillor for Sports on Wednesday presided over the closing ceremony in which he presented the diplomas to the participants
  • Actions to improve for the development of the Valley Escombreras (01/08/2008)

  • Agreement with the European Industrial Maintenance Company for non-work internships (01/08/2008)

  • Accepted the transfer of a plot by the city of Cartagena to build a health center in San Anton (01/08/2008)

  • The Governing Board gives green light to the expansion of the parking lot of the Plaza of Spain (01/08/2008)
    Among other matters, the meeting this morning has also resulted in the award of the management of CAI de La Aljorra and daycare Estate Industrial Cabezo Beaza
  • ... (01/08/2008)

  • Neighbors of the Rambla de Los Barreros will have 7,000 square meters of green areas and leisure (01/08/2008)
    Local Government Board today approved the proposed underground and conditioning of the area which now goes to the Governing Council of the Autonomous Community to approve the bidding process
  • Intercepted at sea two boats with 22 immigrants (01/08/2008)


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