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Cartagena News - April 2014

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  • The Risen Guild prepares the Cruces de Mayo in their finery (30/04/2014)
    The bullfighter Pablo Murcia Belando be the harbinger of this year
  • Eight young Russians perfected his English and Spanish in Cartagena. (30/04/2014)
    Led by Funcarele and Kaliningrad Association yesterday were welcomed to this group of students conducted an intensive course of our language and visit the sights of municipality
  • The Association Asido exhibits his work in Sensation 12 (30/04/2014)
    Once again, this shows again that opens next Monday at 18 hours.
  • The workshop A Walk Through the History of the City faces a new edition (30/04/2014)
    Nearly fifty major part in the activities planned for this workshop, which began on day 3 and runs until June 12
  • Eight unemployed extended curriculum classes Woodworking (30/04/2014)

  • Culture and entertainment for everyone in The Night of Museums (30/04/2014)

  • Health includes this year in their campaign tiger mosquito pest control (30/04/2014)
    The growing presence of the insect in the area of ​​Cartagena since last year, has led the City Council to launch a public awareness campaign to prevent and prevent proliferation
  • "Historical Fact in the City" for the first time will be discussed at the request of the Opposition, a proposed law aimed at the Regional Assembly (30/04/2014)

  • Universities asked to exceptional measures which affect the study, teaching and research activity (30/04/2014)

  • Older La Puebla tell their stories to younger (30/04/2014)
    On the Day of Solidarity, the Department of Social Services organized an event that brought together the young and old of La Puebla
  • Augusto work this May Bank (30/04/2014)
    The Roman emperor accompany visitors on different routes prepared by Cartagena Port of Cultures these days
  • Our elders learn to healthy aging (29/04/2014)

  • Eight young Russians perfected his English and Spanish in Cartagena (29/04/2014)
    Led by Funcarele and Kaliningrad Association today welcomed them to this group of students conducted an intensive course of our language and visit the sights of the town
  • A conference dedicated to teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (29/04/2014)
    The days were developed on 9 and 10 May in the Faculty of Business UPCT
  • Eight unemployed complete their training classes Woodworking (29/04/2014)

  • Best Spanish footwear comes with Shoepping Cartagena (29/04/2014)

  • All set to begin on Friday, May Crosses (29/04/2014)
    This year increases the presence of restaurateurs, with thirty bars.
  • MC CSIF and agree to shield the public service attacks and political appointees (29/04/2014)
    Both formations opt for independence based on a zero subsidy approach any trade, business organization or political party
  • SPCT complaint "downtown restaurateurs to three days of the Cruces de Mayo have received municipal approval" (29/04/2014)
    Underreporting brings merchandise supply problems employers
  • The EPA first quarter sprayed PP optimism, according to IU-Green (29/04/2014)
    1.9789 million households in Spain have all their members unemployed and Murcia stands at 28.98% unemployment rate
  • A euro for the finale (29/04/2014)

  • Five hundred people cycled for Red Cross (28/04/2014)

  • The UPCT emphasizes safe handling of chemicals (28/04/2014)
    at the World Day for Safety and Health at Work
  • IU-Greens accusation perform witnessing as the cause of Novo Carthago (28/04/2014)

  • Session Band at the National Festival of Sauces (28/04/2014)
    A total of four bands in the region and other parts of Spain CIM took the stage last Saturday before hundreds of people and groups
  • Opened the local office of the Barrio San Gins (28/04/2014)
    The facility is located in the Park Mayor Bernardo Garcia Pagn and involves an investment of 280 thousand euros
  • Leo Harlem and Dani Delacmara bring the best comedy the audience El Batel (28/04/2014)
    In his new tour of theaters and auditoriums will stop at Cartagena on May 2, which will attempt to answer the question Can a human being enduring, endlessly laughing for 90 minutes?
  • Woman March this year in solidarity with the dining Jesus Master and Shepherd (28/04/2014)

  • Older leave trails. (28/04/2014)
    More than 60 seniors performed last Friday Road 33 comprises 17 kilometers of hiking program leading city by the Department of Social Services
  • The project Creating Networks continues to promote associations (28/04/2014)
    On Saturday the second meeting of 2014 this program developed in Cartagena CEPAIM Foundation in collaboration with the City Council was held
  • The Comenius Regio new technology takes students from Isaac Peral (28/04/2014)

  • Hundreds of neighbors walking with Rascasa I March for neighborhoods (28/04/2014)

  • The Murcia boxers get silver in Cartagena (28/04/2014)
    They did last Saturday in the finals of 86 ° Championship in Spain this mode that housed the port city.
  • Raffled in the tables for the European Elections (28/04/2014)
    The corporation has today met Monday in an extraordinary session to attend the appointment of chairmen, members and alternates of the 202 ballot boxes that will be installed in Cartagena on Sunday May 25
  • San Cristbal who doubles at the tournament Cup Base (27/04/2014)
    The Championship 200 meetings with sportsmanship both on and off the field was held
  • Carreno asks the central government a Yacht Group of the Guardia Civil in Cartagena (26/04/2014)

  • Guided tour of the Multiverse sample (25/04/2014)
    begin at 12 am in the Town Hall to see first hand the work of Jos Carlos Ã'guez photographer and painter Enrique Navarro
  • Monday begins widening Ports Avenue (25/04/2014)
    The works will force cut traffic for two weeks, in which access to the residential development is recommended Tentegorra Quarries
  • The Comprehensive Care Network Shared Cartagena role model in the Region (25/04/2014)

  • Five hundred school cited in the Municipal League Athletics Intercentros (25/04/2014)
    Will begin on 28, 29 and 30 April with the run and on May 6 the final will be held.
  • Diet and Exercise for Diabetics starring Talks (25/04/2014)
    These days, serving their 31 th anniversary, held from 3 to 9 May at the Cultural Hall of Caja Mediterrneo.
  • The city will host the draw on Monday the tables for the European Elections (25/04/2014)
    presidents, members and alternates of the 202 ballot boxes to be installed in Cartagena will be chosen on May 25
  • The permanent exhibition Treasury will inaugurate the Mercedes before shifting (25/04/2014)

  • The mayor defended the legality of Novo Carthago (25/04/2014)
    Although considered not pleasant news, Pilar Barreiro has shown calm and composed at the request of Judge Manuel Abbey for possible complaint in the case
  • 125 students of institutes of Sewell, Bullas and learn to Cartagena carnation cuttings transplanted Thomas Ferro (25/04/2014)

  • Small and adolescents can now sign up for the Summer School of Theatre (25/04/2014)
    The deadline for seat reservations and registrations, housed and open.
  • Cartagena prepares to host the 2014 Cup Spain Snipe (25/04/2014)
    About 60 boats have already registered to participate in this sporting event held 1 to 4 May, organized by the Real Club de Regatas
  • Older Santa Ana and PROLAM climb on stage (25/04/2014)

  • The Contract will increase its presence in the Cruces de Mayo (25/04/2014)
    Thirty bars has requested to participate in the festival in the village
  • The Recreation and Historic Events meet in Cartagena Spain (25/04/2014)
    Will this Friday and Saturday when the Annual Meeting of the Association is held.
  • The new director of the UNED is optimistic his arrival at the institution (25/04/2014)
    The mayor reiterated her support for the formal City Council meeting Thursday remained at the Palace Hall
  • MC states that the notice to booksellers could mount your speakers on the street was late (24/04/2014)
    Report that the Department of Safety resolved to authorize the occupation of public roads for 21, 22 and 23 April, conveying the Released the same Book Day
  • SPCT warning of risk of a street Barreros (24/04/2014)
    SPCT municipal government requires it acts immediately on your property
  • Rascasa it will run for St. Lucia, Los Mateos, Santiago and I Campano (23/04/2014)
    It will be this Saturday when hundreds of Cartagena traveling on these neighborhoods, from 9.30 pm, to know the various attractions in the area
  • School of Cartagena put voice to Platero y yo (23/04/2014)
    homenajeaban So this morning with a small reading chained from different schools one hundred years of this classic of literature on World Book Day
  • El Batel makes networking in Madrid (23/04/2014)
    Cartagena Auditorium this morning showed its potential in the capital before executives of national associations
  • Boxing returns to Cartagena with the National Championship à ‰ lite (23/04/2014)
    Will this Friday and Saturday when the semifinals and finals will be held in the Pavilion Wssell Guimbarda.
  • Masclet balloons to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis (23/04/2014)
    On the occasion of the national day of the disease, the Plaza Juan XXIII hosted a commemorative event in which reported on this topic in a stand that has been enabled
  • Lledo about his challenge of 4Deserts students from Isaac Peral (23/04/2014)
    300 boys and girls participate in a meeting Thursday in which athlete will explain his experience and hard training
  • Thus always celebrated in El Batel his 20 years in music (23/04/2014)
    The new tour of Seville vocal group will go through Cartagena on Saturday April 26 to review the best of his career at a concert
  • The City Council will seek land to build a residence can Assido (23/04/2014)
    The Mayor is committed to continue working with the projects of the association during the meeting he had today with its new president, Juan Carrasco
  • The Snipe Spain Cup will be held in the waters of Cartagena (23/04/2014)
    The championship will be presented to the media on Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • The ALDE managed 66 contracts during the first quarter (23/04/2014)
    Data from the first three months of 2014 on the website of the Employment Agency, show an increase in the number of hires by 13 percent over the same period last year
  • The City will invest 330,000 euros in 22 new asphalt streets of seven neighborhoods (23/04/2014)
    In hiring is also the completion of the bike lane for 105,000 euros La Manga
  • Sailors from all over Spain gathered in 420 smaller islands dinghy took place (23/04/2014)
    Last Easter National Championships this mode involving a total of 74 vessels held
  • Culture he summons the XXVIII International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belms (23/04/2014)
    The deadline for submission of original will be open from today April 23 to October 17 and the jury's verdict, which is chaired by the mayor, will be released before the end of the year
  • Sauces celebrated Saturday their first National Festival of Bands (23/04/2014)
    The Faculty of Business UPCT will host this event.
  • The UPCT boost eco-tourism in the East Zone of Cartagena (23/04/2014)
    Four universities will participate in the conservation program to boost Tallante garbancillo of actions related to rural architecture and agronomy
  • IU-V demand total excavation of the area of ​​Monte Sacro (23/04/2014)
    before boarding an Urban Plan
  • The Roman Theatre joins the party with a visit to book antiquity (22/04/2014)
    Scripta Manent is a journey through time to learn the operation of libraries of that time, as well as the culture and training of those years .
  • New season Vela Latina in Cartagena Cove (22/04/2014)
    The St. Lucia Yacht Club organizes the schedule this year with a total of nineteen races to be held from May to October
  • All set for Cartagena hostel Championship Boxing Spain (22/04/2014)
    The city hosted an evening not the sport for 20 years.
  • The youngest of Granada are made with Football Tournament 8 (22/04/2014)

  • The mayor believes that the city is ready to welcome visitors (22/04/2014)

  • The gyms this weekend please join Red Cross (22/04/2014)

  • MC asked the Ministry of Culture moved its headquarters to Cartagena (22/04/2014)
    Appealing to the decentralization of the Autonomous Community, political education states that "there is sufficient reason to consider Cartagena as the cultural capital of the region" and that "should be countersigned "
  • "A landmark in the historic ruin corner street Faquineto" (22/04/2014)
    SPCT committed to a comprehensive recovery plan over the town
  • A thesis studies how UPCT multiple reduce accidents by sending alert messages to nearby cars (22/04/2014)

  • Cartagena UPyD proposes the creation of a "more efficient" system of urban management (21/04/2014)

  • The processions also lived on internet (21/04/2014)
    Nearly 6,300 people followed assiduously through live broadcasts of evolution shows passion Cartagena
  • The police tightened security coordination in a procession without incident (21/04/2014)
    This was highlighted this morning the mayor in this competition, Mariano Garcia, who valued the coordination of the various police forces, government and services during Holy Week
  • Villarreal and Almeria highlighted in the IX Inter-Schools Tournament Soccer New Cartagena (21/04/2014)
    More than 500 athletes participated in the competitions held last Saturday Santo
  • MC asks the Augustan era ninfeo found between the streets Martn Delgado Merganser and is protected (21/04/2014)
    Report that the City does nothing to encourage equity in guarding "a major public works of the ancient city of Carthago Nova"
  • Open Book Renewed patients Santa Lucia Hospital approaches (21/04/2014)

  • Easter visits to museums in Cartagena grew 18 percent (21/04/2014)
    More than 153 thousand visitors bought tickets between Good Friday and Easter Sunday
  • Courses imaging surveillance and police data protection (21/04/2014)
    Both will be held this week at the School of Public Safety of the City of Cartagena to unify criteria under existing legislation
  • Four researchers UPCT give the key to winning basketball games (21/04/2014)

  • The Brotherhood of the Risen Jesus NP appreciates the great placement shown by all attendees (20/04/2014)
    Big Brother Toms Martnez Pagan frowns and appreciates the care for all attendees
  • The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen presents innovations for Easter Sunday procession (19/04/2014)
    Lady's mantle by a design that include the emblems of all groups is replaced
  • Young 14 years died in La Manga after falling from the ninth floor (18/04/2014)

  • The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus made this Holy Saturday Risen dressed the Virgin of Beautiful Love Sta (17/04/2014)
    The Clothed take place at 10:30 pm in the Chapel of the Brotherhood of the Risen
  • The Holy Encounter cartagenera Week (17/04/2014)

  • All set for the big day of the Californians (16/04/2014)

  • Augusto Carthagonova again to commemorate its anniversary (16/04/2014)

  • The Holy Jeves, II Indoor Soccer Tournament in La Aljorra (16/04/2014)
    The championship will be held at the Civic Center deputation from 9:00 to 21:00
  • The kids Youth in Action come to Cartagena coexistence (16/04/2014)
    A total of thirty-six young people from Hungary, Germany and Spain landed Sunday in the city for all kinds of activities such as hiking and talks.
  • Cartagena Spain will host the Championship Boxing (16/04/2014)
    The city hosted an evening not the sport for 20 years.
  • El Mercado de Santa Florentina opens Thursday and Friday (16/04/2014)
    The posts will serve customers during these two holidays at the usual time of 8 to 15 hours
  • The CEAC wholly or partly estimated one in three tax claims (16/04/2014)
    The municipal body responsible for settling disagreements citizens by paying taxes, fees and penalties, recorded in 2013 178 resources
  • Cartagena will host the next National Congress of Surveyors Insurance (16/04/2014)
    The event takes place in September.
  • Cartagena UPyD urges the City Council "to develop a Strategic Plan for the promotion of sport base" (16/04/2014)

  • The ALDE commitment to enterprise integration of immigrants with DELI project (15/04/2014)

  • The Roman Theatre organizes a summer course on the classical heritage (15/04/2014)
    examples of Cartagena and Tarragona Ampurias be addressed.
  • V Football Tournament youngest 8 Santa Week (15/04/2014)
    The championship Saturday, April 19 is celebrated sports facilities Cabezo Beaza, with the participation of foreign teams and first division youngest category and prebenjamn
  • Former Navy football team will have its place in Los Juncos (15/04/2014)

  • A spring tango in Cartagena (15/04/2014)

  • Winners of the Ruta de la Tapa and Asian and enjoy your prize (15/04/2014)

  • Longtime Athletics Challenge returns this Holy Wednesday (15/04/2014)
    Over two hundred athletes will participate tomorrow in the twenty-eighth edition of Cartagena City held in the Municipal Tennis starting at 16.45 hours
  • Celebrations mantiena abrierto to organize within Cruces de Mayo (15/04/2014)
    Until 22 April shall ask associations, groups and entities for public spaces
  • The Glass Google are presented in Teleco LAN Party 6 coinciding with the commercial launch (15/04/2014)

  • IU-green and Cabezos rate Barreiro as "compulsive liars" (15/04/2014)
    in defense of the interests of the PP and against the interests of Cartagena
  • IU-green Viudes invited to deliver the keys of the Port after the general decline last January freight (15/04/2014)
    The descent, in some types of goods reached 100 numbers and 75%, is estimated at 13.29% and demonstrates the requirement for a megalomaniac projects chairman of the Port Authority
  • Between strings and brass chose the winners in Percussion (15/04/2014)
    The ruling will be made public on 9 May, at 20.00 pm in the Auditorium and Congress Palace of El Batel.
  • Neighbors, infrastructure and culture monopolize the bulk of the initiatives discussed in full (14/04/2014)

  • "The PP continues to support the Cartagena ninguneo exposure in Treasure Our Lady of Mercy" (14/04/2014)
    According to IU-Green
  • Murcia and Cartagena are at the top of the Championship of Spain of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (14/04/2014)
    The weekend event was held at the Central Pavilion with large crowds
  • The partial debt repayment save over two and half million euros in interest (14/04/2014)
    Councillor of Finance defends the destination not the municipal surplus, which give oxygen to the municipal accounts of the next seven years
  • Ends Dance Therapy workshop for people with fibromyalgia (14/04/2014)
    On Thursday April 10th saw the closure of Dance Therapy workshop, organized by the Department of Social Services, which has been developing throughout this semester
  • A group of British students get to Cartagena to learn Spanish (14/04/2014)

  • Easter Concert 2014 in Batel (14/04/2014)
    The Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia becomes Holy Wednesday Auditorium El Batel to offer the room of your cycle tour Feed
  • After Easter will begin work on the trap and Sebastian Feringa (14/04/2014)
    The Governing Board agreed to take over the second tranche of the service road and the agreement with the Taibilla to improve the avenue to Tentegorra
  • The City subsidize 85.000 popular festivals this year (14/04/2014)

  • Contest winners Saetas today dedicate their songs to La Piedad (14/04/2014)

  • Water cut in the Eixample area (14/04/2014)
    Hidrogea reported that on Tuesday, April 15 the water supply is interrupted for six hours on several streets around Round and Round Ferrol Union City, due to work maintenance
  • Jos Lpez (MC) makes donation to Charity Hospital through traditional capacha (12/04/2014)

  • The bishop encouraged to live Holy Week from faith in the Great Day of Cartagena (11/04/2014)
    The proclamation this year fell on her figure was held this morning, Good Friday, along with several acts that pay homage to the patron.
  • ... (11/04/2014)

  • Cartagena and live Holy Week 2014 (11/04/2014)
    The first procession of Spain, the Cristo del Socorro, marked the start this morning ten days filled with parades and transfers
  • At Easter we work together (10/04/2014)
    Advice offered by Victor J. Navarro, Local Police, criminologist and security expert
  • Cabo de Palos Holy Week begins this Saturday with the opening (10/04/2014)

  • The Risen Guild celebrates the traditional Cabildo Monas (10/04/2014)
    The event, in which whites proclaim their appointments and make their awards and distinctions, Saturday will be held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Business, former CIM
  • Neighbors Albujn preparing their Easter (10/04/2014)
    The cartagenera council already has ready the two thrones come out in procession on Holy Thursday, which involved children and neighbors
  • Small Hispania know their basketball idols (10/04/2014)
    Today Thursday held a meeting with players UPCT Basket Cartagena within the ADE and Health Week and Sport this school
  • Seven young musicians show their voices in between strings and brass (10/04/2014)
    This group of entries passed to the end in the form of the popular singing contest that was held Wednesday in the Auditorium of the Conservatory.
  • TLA launches course Resetting Work with Youth (10/04/2014)
    will be held on May 10 interested can enroll for 15 euros with lunch at the Youth Resource Centre
  • Forty unemployed get their diploma English and German (10/04/2014)
    Jobs Councilman Joaquin Mowing, today closed Thursday both courses which develop from the ALDE to facilitate their return to work
  • Inspira Cartagena, Juanmi Snchez Nieto, Byzantine walls in room (10/04/2014)
    The painting exhibition of artist cartagenero opens to the public on Saturday 12 abruk and will run until June 10
  • The Intercultural Center closed down the Green Homes Program (10/04/2014)
    On Monday, the last day of this activity aimed at immigrant women was held, aimed to update this group on recycling and energy saving
  • City buses to extend their hours for Holy Week (10/04/2014)
    ALSA CITY has reported that on the occasion of processions, expand its service lines in both urban and in suburban La Manga
  • Arte Sana is open during Holy Week (10/04/2014)

  • The Championship of Spain of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics celebrates its tenth year in Cartagena (10/04/2014)

  • The New Cartagena interschool football tournament returns for a good cause (10/04/2014)
    Five hundred kids will meet on Saturday, April 19 to raise funds that will go to UNICEF and awareness of inequality in the world.
  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena has signed an agreement with Orange (10/04/2014)
    will allow students eligible for scholarships for Master's Thesis
  • Municipal archaeologists should determine if there is damage to the sites inventoried in the area (10/04/2014)
    MC asked the City Council as a debt by the restoration of Mount Fireplace
  • The sports court of Charles III will be closed from 10 pm to 10 am (10/04/2014)
    The City agrees with neighbors installing a system decommissioning facilities to avoid current discomfort
  • Iu-green and spct support citizen protest in defense of the corner of solitude (10/04/2014)
    also require the completion of the recovery of the Roman Theatre with the completion of the work of valuing porch area
  • Local center received with open arms to new cruisers (09/04/2014)
    A total of 47 establishments adhere to the new campaign Amigo Cruise Commerce.
  • Cartagena hosts an exhibition that explores the expulsion of the Moors (09/04/2014)
    The exhibition, which was inaugurated this morning, will be in the Municipal Archive Artillery until the Night of Museums, the May 17
  • The most unique trees in Cartagena are collected in a catalog (09/04/2014)
    This morning this dossier which contains seventy-five tree species and two sets were presented to the media.
  • The Cartagena beaches get ready for Holy Week (09/04/2014)

  • Cartagena, present throughout Spain with pre-Easter promotions (09/04/2014)
    Contests, wedges and advertisements in media have spoken in recent weeks of the excellence of Cartagena offer
  • Older, now closer internet (09/04/2014)
    Social Care Councilman closed today computer courses in which thirty elderly have expanded their computer-related knowledge
  • The Theatre Festival del Barrio de la Concepcin presented awards to its fifteenth edition (09/04/2014)
    The Sunday awards ceremony of the contest organized by the group of women Algameca, in collaboration with the Department of Women, held in which has been awarded and special mentions
  • Adorers students tread the red carpet to present his film (09/04/2014)
    Telepatio is an activity that is to develop a short to promote tolerance and mutual respect.
  • The TLA is launching a new edition of the Course adr (09/04/2014)
    Those interested in participating in this training, held from 26 April to 28 June on two levels, beginner and advanced, can register at the Center Youth Resource
  • Intense day for meetings and processions on Good Friday in Cartagena (09/04/2014)
    The Day of the Patron Saint of the City mark the start of the procession, with the departure of dawn one of the first in Spain
  • Telefnica distinguishes 'app' a graduate of the UPCT it easier for deaf people to communicate with the 112 (09/04/2014)

  • "The city changes the use of an educational plot in Los Barreros to transfer her to a religious organization" (09/04/2014)
    SPCT maniesta opposition to file a claim
  • Boleros at dawn to the Employer (09/04/2014)
    The Troubadours of Cartagena begin at 12 pm on Thursday its traditional Serenade at the Basilica of Our Lady of Charity, thus beginning the events of Good Friday in honor of the patron
  • 300 students from seven Spanish provinces participate in the new telecommunications marathon (09/04/2014)
    Cybercrime, the Google Glasses or a hybrid vehicle will be presented at the Teleco LAN Party with 120 hours
  • A sample of the expulsion of the Moriscos reaches Cartagena (08/04/2014)
    On Wednesday will open at 12:30 pm in the Municipal Archives, Artillery Park
  • Guided tours, exhibitions and games to commemorate the Emperor Augustus (08/04/2014)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures is organizing a series of activities for cross her figure, as well as developments that can already be seen at the Augusteum on Calle Caballero
  • Soto-Gonzlez Jumabeda condition the way siphon (08/04/2014)
    The Tenders Committee has awarded the work to this joint venture that includes improvement in the project as an island which to access the Bohio and lighting of roundabouts
  • Arturo Fernandez returns to Cartagena scenarios Rehearsing Don Juan (08/04/2014)
    Under the direction of Albert Boadella, arrive at El Batel this twist on the mythical character of J. Zorrilla
  • EF La Manga La Liga champion proclaimed in Youth (08/04/2014)
    The Championship takes break for the Easter holidays and will resume its activities with the Tournament Cup
  • The restaurants, hotels and galleries, with their finery in the Night of the Museums (08/04/2014)

  • The category 420 Spanish sailing appointment will this Easter in Minor Islands (08/04/2014)

  • Chairs Easter and take their places in the path of the procession (08/04/2014)

  • The Finance Committee favorably dictates the budget amendment for investments in new neighborhoods and the city railway station (08/04/2014)
    It has also been realized for implementing the 2012 accounts that it reaches a good level, around 90 percent
  • The key phenomenon Angry Birds Day University Entrepreneur UPCT (08/04/2014)
    One of the creators of the successful application for mobile participates morning on the second day of talks on business opportunities to launch projects
  • The youngest of the Region XI Tournament held his Manuel Pascual Segura (08/04/2014)

  • The interview multinational Indra UPCT ten students to choose two interns (08/04/2014)

  • A pilot project of the ALDE reinserted young people in the classroom (08/04/2014)
    Twenty-five students from participating this April in group dynamics and individual to define their professional profile and rejoin the formal education system
  • "Rare Diseases Filled Life" visit the school Hispania Cartagena (07/04/2014)

  • Go to Rascasa by the Santa Lucia, Los Mateos, Santiago and I Campano (07/04/2014)
    The association has organized for April 26 march aimed at promoting this area of ​​the city and will raise awareness of environmental care
  • History in clay attracts about four thousand people in a month (07/04/2014)
    The Plastihistoria Sample Site, which remains on display at the Archaeological Museum Municipal Enrique Escudero de Castro since 6 March, can still be visited until late June
  • The Butler closes the cycle back to the New Theatre Cinema Circus Center (07/04/2014)
    The screening of the film will be Tuesday, April 8 in two passes, at 18 and 21 hours
  • After the registration period for trips to Toledo and the Lion King musical (07/04/2014)
    Those interested in participating in these activities in the T-The Program the Youth Council can make their entries in the Youth Resource Centre
  • Hotels, galleries and bars add to the Night of Museums 2014 (07/04/2014)
    The participating establishments will be presented Tuesday at a press conference
  • The Day of the Entrepreneur University in UPCT (07/04/2014)
    UPCT University celebrates Day Entrepreneur with two seminars on entrepreneurship on 8 and 9 April
  • Media League honored coach Ángel Pagn, The Hare (07/04/2014)
    The game of football was played on Sunday prebenjamines to fifty attendees who do not want to miss the tribute to his neighbor
  • Mozart's Requiem in El Batel for a good cause, morning (07/04/2014)
    will be Tuesday in a charity concert whose funds will go to Caritas, in addition to row 0 enabled.
  • Roma women join forces on your big day (07/04/2014)
    The Department of Social Affairs, along with several entities, organized a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of training for this ethnic group.
  • The Finance Committee on Tuesday discussed the implementation of the 2013 budget (07/04/2014)
    a change for 2014 was also dictate
  • The consultant UPCT Evaluate and collaborate to increase research and innovation projects for companies (07/04/2014)

  • The Los Urrutias Rutapa back around Easter (07/04/2014)

  • MC states that if this year the incidents of the night of the meeting will be repeated as disadvantaged as last Easter (07/04/2014)
    Report how to "cook" the numbers, because there will be only 31 players from 4 : 00 hours Marraja the big night and not the 57 that sold the mayor Security
  • Statistics from Monday exposes the census for the European Elections (07/04/2014)
    Up to April 14, citizens may consult in person or online, its inclusion in the electoral roll, comprising 151,445 people
  • Manuel Carrasco celebrates decade on stages in El Batel (07/04/2014)
    Ten years have passed since he began his musical adventure, now reviews the best of his career with this new tour confess I've felt
  • The Cartagena de Tarragona celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Charity (07/04/2014)
    Councilman Antonio Caldern attended this past Saturday in Tarragona the event organized each year by the association ICUE
  • The Society of Southeastern Pediatrics select Cartagena for XLI Scientific Meeting (07/04/2014)
    The meeting, which will bring together pediatricians across the region, will be held on 11 and 12 April in the old CIM
  • The municipality will pay more than 1,200,000 euros for the construction of the auditorium and casino space mediterneo (07/04/2014)

  • The Assembly adopted SPCT 97.3% concur in coalition with IU-green in the 2015 municipal (05/04/2014)

  • Juan Antonio Escudero wins Merono Route Fortresses V (05/04/2014)
    The corridor of San Javier has employed more than four hours to cover 53 kilometers.
  • MC finds deficiencies in the pavement outside wooden auditorium was as predicted occur (05/04/2014)
    The subsidence that are not marked or even could cause injury to passers
  • Salvador Martnez Navarro received the title of Procesionista the Year (04/04/2014)
    Butler risen and colleague for 47 years, has been honored at the Palace Hall
  • Five hundred school cited in the second phase of rhythmic gymnastics (04/04/2014)
    Municipal Pavilion Wssell Guimbarda held Thursday competition sets in which small showed their potential on this track
  • Pupils from Our Lady of the Sea St Lucia Athletics play (04/04/2014)
    The ADE of the Sports Department organized a meeting on Wednesday of school athletes and monitors Elcano and UCAM Cartagena clubs, held on site the school
  • Encounters with Author David Fernndez Sifres bring to public libraries (04/04/2014)
    The writer Leon is on 8 and 9 April in the Rafael Rubio Library and Cultural Center in
  • Easter, step by step, is already in the street (04/04/2014)

  • Celebration opens the deadline to apply holding Cruces de Mayo (04/04/2014)
    Until 18th April shall ask for public spaces, associations, groups and entities
  • Road and other activities will involve road closures in the historic town during the weekend (04/04/2014)

  • Iberians, Carthaginians and Romans protagonists of a seminar at the Teatro Romano (04/04/2014)
    The activities focus on the stages of the Second Punic War, began yesterday in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the Federation of Festival of Carthaginians and Romans
  • Young and old united by music (04/04/2014)
    Senior Club St Anta and Sorrows School Children have Friday held an intergenerational activity, the musical planet, to explore the world of sound
  • The Youth Guarantee pilot program is already in full swing (04/04/2014)
    In this first meeting organized by the ALDE program involved 70 young people, from Monday, attend group training sessions designed to focus future employment
  • Javier Cercas and Juan Ramn Barat Mandarache and takes Hache (04/04/2014)
    Laws of the border and Leave the dead alone books are voted by the four thousand young readers who make up the jury.
  • Alums today announces its Holy Week (04/04/2014)
    The Brotherhood Lady of Charity of the Cartagena city tonight celebrates the act of proclamation in the church of San Roque, where the company also will honor Repsol
  • LAN Party Teleco rewarded with five months of work experience at winning programming hackathon (04/04/2014)

  • One hundred high school students walking Agricultural Experiment Station Thomas Ferro (04/04/2014)

  • The Enterprise Foundation University and Polytechnic University of Cartagena celebrate the University Employment Forum (03/04/2014)
    Contacting students and graduates with leading companies in the Region is the main objective of this meeting
  • Many students leave their curriculum UPCT in forum University Employment (03/04/2014)

  • Ray Davies and Bobby Womack are uploaded to the Sea of ​​Music (03/04/2014)
    These two great artists are added to the list of forty-three groups to perform at this festival that celebrates twenty years in style.
  • Celebrations and outlines the floral offering to the patron (03/04/2014)
    Some 1,400 people have registered to participate, dressed in the typical costume Cartagena, in the acts which are to be held on April 11, Feast of Good Friday, in honor of Our Lady of Charity
  • Salvador Martnez Navarro received his title Friday Procesionista the Year (03/04/2014)
    Butler risen and colleague for 47 years, will be honored at the Palace Hall
  • On Friday Mandarache Hache and prizes will fail (03/04/2014)
    The reading of the minutes will take place at ten o'clock at the Palace Hall
  • Countdown to the path of the Strengths V (03/04/2014)

  • VII Work Session on active and healthy aging (03/04/2014)

  • Zarzuela returns to The El Batel Revoltosa (03/04/2014)
    Gender kid will be the protagonist in the Auditorium with this new version of one of his masterpieces, which will be performed on Sunday, April 6
  • The end of the premiere guitarists between strings and brass (03/04/2014)
    On Wednesday held the first and last phase of this mode, the winner will be announced on May 9.
  • The Local Police perfected their skills in the use of arms (03/04/2014)
    The ESPAC runs till May 6 edition of the first practices to be shot mandatory for operators in the shooting gallery School
  • Students of mixed program of employment and training of the ALDE start their practices (03/04/2014)

  • The Second Punic War today reaches the Roman Theatre Museum (03/04/2014)
    At 7 pm begins the course organized by the Museum as part of activities marking the 25th anniversary of the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans
  • The T-The Spring comes loaded with activities (03/04/2014)

  • Media League organized a football tournament to honor Ángel Pagan, The Hare (03/04/2014)
    The meeting will take place on the morning of Sunday 6 on the football field in the neighborhood
  • MC blamed the local government lack of foresight in having to go the route of the Strengths through an area under construction (03/04/2014)
    Participants will transit by road from the square of the island to the lighthouse of La Curra, currently narrowing, spaces and soil laced up
  • Two two thousand three hundred cruise tourists arrive at the Port of Cartagena (03/04/2014)
    Cruise passengers have flooded from early in the morning the streets and establishments in the city
  • UI question in the House of Representatives by exposure Treasure Our Lady of Mercy (03/04/2014)

  • More than 131,000 euros to replace the canopy cover infant school in Cartagena Los Barreros (03/04/2014)

  • Agreement with UPCT to develop a volunteer program in information technology aimed at adults (03/04/2014)

  • Guillamn "who risk win" (03/04/2014)

  • Checked on fire in a former car dealership next to Polygon Santa Ana (03/04/2014)
    Fifteen firefighters were involved in extinguishing the fire originated inside one of the ships for unknown reasons
  • Madrid to Cartagena for twenty euros by train (02/04/2014)
    RENFE is the campaign launched promotional discounts of up to 60% to facilitate movement to travelers over Easter
  • Cartagena will host courses federal Football coach and Territorial Base (02/04/2014)
    Approved by UEFA, it is intensive courses that will be football coaches with the possibility of leading European teams
  • Hall and Government Delegation reinforce security at Easter (02/04/2014)

  • The announcer Óscar Martnez presented concerts Fortaleza Pop (02/04/2014)
    The Plaza de San Francisco is hosting this event to be held this Friday and Saturday in the second edition of this event organized by the City and Cadena 100
  • The Walking Gibralen over the treasures of Cartagena (02/04/2014)

  • Implica2 assists in Paperless Billing Campaign (02/04/2014)
    Volunteers program of the Youth Council are working with the Department of Environment and Hidrogea in Paperless Invoices campaign
  • Cartagena in March experienced the largest drop in unemployment in nine years (02/04/2014)

  • The Civil Guard detained three people carrying more than half a kilo of hashish hidden in 'bottoms' of tourism (02/04/2014)
    In the hamlet of Cartagena Camachos
  • Taking forward the S-80, the main objective of the new director of Navantia (02/04/2014)
    July Jos Manuel Sanjurjo has today submitted to the mayor in what was his first official meeting since the recent appointment to head the shipyard in Cartagena
  • Emergency Health Services serving girl serious injury when hit in the face with the door of a car (01/04/2014)

  • UPyD Cartagena asked the City Council to "ask the health cent to the region" (01/04/2014)

  • Older deepen the Prince through the workshop Read To Dream (01/04/2014)
    For four consecutive Tuesdays, participants used the work of Saint Exupry, the workshop organized by the Department of Social Services which closed Monday
  • Soccer, basketball and volleyball, in the quarterfinals regional final (01/04/2014)
    On Saturday, of course competed seven schools in Cartagena in Murcia cited were in the categories of youth and cadet
  • The naval activity and influence in Cartagena, on Tuesdays Museum (01/04/2014)
    The lecture series organized by the Municipal Archaeological Enrique Escudero de Castro and UPCT will focus today on the track that has left the shipbuilding industry in the city
  • The EF Aljorra Champion League cadets (01/04/2014)
    In the absence of several days for the completion of the class, clearly leads his closest rival, Atletico Corvera
  • The families of people with autism morning celebrating World Day for Autism Awareness (01/04/2014)
    Tomorrow there will be events in schools in Murcia and Cartagena at 12 AM on Saturday May 1 festival in Plaza Juan XXIII of Cartagena.
  • Mayor announces more than 600 thousand euros in additional districts and councils (01/04/2014)
    The Department of Decentralization works in the relationship of actions that reinforce already committed investments in municipal budgets
  • MC requires wren Urbanism that all public sanitation network of the complex Young Cartagena (01/04/2014)
    Got report an architectural visa by CO Architects of Murcia, where the irregularities that have come to cause problems detailed on a private plot
  • The ALDE taught pills Orientation to seek employment (01/04/2014)
    From this April and throughout the year, the Agency will organize sessions four to six hours, to be attended by twelve students per group and the deadline for registration and is Open
  • Cartagena UPyD proposed the "creation of the Museum of Underwater Weapon" (01/04/2014)


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