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Cartagena News - August 2013

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  • The City restored sculptures festive camp entrance (30/08/2013)
    In the tasks has collaborated Cehegín company has implemented an innovative product that simulates copper
  • Closure of courses municipal swimming pools (30/08/2013)
    activities participated in 2,000 people, including children and adults
  • The summers of El Batel are consolidated within the cultural offerings of Cartagena (30/08/2013)
    Concerts scheduled in the first edition have hosted about 8,000 people in the different areas of the Auditorium
  • The ALDE starts a gardening occupational workshop (30/08/2013)
    The deadline for submission of applications will open on Monday, September 2
  • The Carthaginians and Romans machinery starts (30/08/2013)
    The presentation of promotional activities of the celebrations marking the start of all the preparations
  • The UPCT shape urban gardens ecological specialists (30/08/2013)

  • The Roman Theatre in the light of the moon, also in September (29/08/2013)
    In addition to the nightly visits small group of 25 people, will be offered other hand theatrical architect Vitruvius
  • Granted by 24,100 euros chairs Carthaginians and Romans, Kings and Carnival (29/08/2013)

  • El Llano del Beal starts on Friday its festivals (29/08/2013)
    Ahead, ten days of celebrations that will be touted by the Councillor for Women, Clara Hall
  • UPCT Students create a Web search engine sporting activities in the municipality of Cartagena (29/08/2013)
    The idea of ​​the junior company won an award for Best Entrepreneurship business idea
  • San Juan and the White Pass exceeds ten thousand visitors (28/08/2013)
    The exhibition on traditional embroidery silks the archicofradía Lorca and his involvement in the Easter of Cartagena, will close on Sunday, September 1
  • The Civil Guard detained two people for the theft of copper wire lighting in Miranda and The Albujón (28/08/2013)
    acted during nap and left large areas of unlit populations
  • Carthaginians and Romans are promoted on the terrace of the Corte Inglés (28/08/2013)
    In an event open to the public, the leaders of the parties presented the official magazine of the year, next to the poster, comic vignette and other promotional material
  • The rural and ecological tourism in Cartagena can generate wealth and employment (28/08/2013)
    SPCT proposes that the Department of Tourism launch a reservation center
  • This weekend festivities begin in La Aparecida (27/08/2013)

  • All set for the twentieth Rise to Toad Fountain Algar (27/08/2013)
    850 runners partiparán in all three tests, 400, 1,400 and 8,800 meters, which will be held on Saturday
  • Alarcón reiterates that Rosell Hospital "is a needed center for the area of ​​Cartagena and is not going to close" (27/08/2013)
    The manager Murcia Health Service Health insists he has never had the idea of ​​closing the second hospital area of ​​Cartagena
  • UPyD committed to maintaining specialties and services at the Hospital del Rosell (27/08/2013)

  • The Queen Victoria brings 2,000 tourists to Cartagena (26/08/2013)
    Up to six in the evening in which the cruise depart, shops and bars have filled the City Centre, encouraging the streets
  • Industrial School UPCT employment creates a website with job opportunities and practices for their students (26/08/2013)
    Students find on page for updated offers engineers, scholarships abroad and selection channels corporations
  • The Tower of Nicolas Perez celebrates its patron this weekend (23/08/2013)
    activities, including dances, raffles, chocolate and a procession with the saint, will be held in the gardens of the Old Hacienda
  • More than one university studied every day in the library at the opening UPCT extraordinary examinations (23/08/2013)

  • Citizens Movement welcomes the consolidation works in San Gines de la Jara (23/08/2013)
    After two months and seven days of hiatus, the works have returned to the monastery
  • Torreciega neighbors already enjoy the renewed image of Didio Tito Avenue (23/08/2013)
    The mayor visited this morning the refurbishment of the pavement of the avenue, and new playgrounds have been installed in the adjacent streets
  • The Bike Lane in the Mar Menor, a "pending" the PP since the demise of the Commonwealth of Mar Menor (23/08/2013)
    UPyD effort to relaunch a project with mixed bike and pedestrian lane and make an extraordinary plenary session involving all collective
  • Beach volleyball is also played this summer in Los Urrutias (22/08/2013)

  • The summer sport brings together 5,000 people on the beaches of Cartagena (22/08/2013)

  • Call for grants to organizations and sports associations for 2013 (22/08/2013)
    Sports Department.
  • Bikes in Cartagena (22/08/2013)
    Article and tips offered by Victor J.
  • Mansions remains among the top four corners of Spain (22/08/2013)
    The old battery Tiñoso Cape Coast does not get the necessary support to pass the final played, the Jewish Quarter of Hervás in Extremadura and the Cave of Pozalagua in the Basque Country
  • Motion of the Municipal Joint Citizens Movement (22/08/2013)

  • Last Week of Summer School activities in the slum Virgin of Charity (22/08/2013)

  • A researcher from the University of Stuttgart, Doctor Honoris Causa by the UPCT (22/08/2013)

  • Ten days of festivities at the Llano del Beal (21/08/2013)

  • The Pilgrimage of San Ginés de la Jara turns 30 (21/08/2013)

  • SPCT proposes the creation of the brand "Product of Cartagena" (21/08/2013)
    "The council should encourage the establishment of agricultural cooperatives in our municipality"
  • The three-time Mentalism Spain, Javier Luxor, perform this Saturday on the terrace of El Batel (21/08/2013)
    Admission for this show to start from midnight is 6 euros, while for attendees who want to enjoy the performance Luxor and a great dinner is 36 euros
  • Diana Navarro put the finishing touches on Saturday at The summers of El Batel (21/08/2013)
    The Malaga returns to its roots with them flamingos and flood the auditorium
  • Night walks at sunset on Tourist Boat (21/08/2013)
    The last two outings, enlivened with Spanish guitar music, will take place on Friday 23 and August 30
  • Nearly eight miles of route, gravel and asphalt, in the People's Mining Cross IX El Llano del Beal (20/08/2013)

  • Well Strait announces its Music Composition Contest XXII Pasodobles (20/08/2013)
    The deadline is open until November 16, 2013
  • Child Dismantled band formed by 13 children dedicated to burglary, establishments and schools (20/08/2013)
    Operation Smurf in Cartagena
  • The good performance of the works of the Plaza San Francisco allow completion in November (20/08/2013)

  • Secrets will review on Friday, the best of his career in El Batel (20/08/2013)
    After 35 years on the stages of Madrid is the band with the same force on the first day
  • A thousand people in the finals I Sun Tournament in La Manga Beach Volleyball (19/08/2013)

  • The music of the 80s and 90s landed at furt Christmas (19/08/2013)
    The numbers one of these two decades rang on Friday in the old fortifications of the port, with a total success of public
  • The Mining Sports and Cartagena FC will play the two derbies of the season in the Cartagonova (19/08/2013)

  • The Cartagena-Dolorense and a selection of the Region of Murcia Trophy played on XVII Silver Caravel Youth (19/08/2013)
    The meeting will be held on Friday August 23, from 18.30 hours, at the Ciudad Deportiva Gomez Meseguer.
  • 810 gulls least the last four years in the skies of Cartagena (19/08/2013)

  • UPyD commitment urgent measures to decontaminate the conflict zones (19/08/2013)
    Cartagena has an unfortunate image in your post this on the highway after 18 years of the PP government
  • Died a woman inside a swimming pool in Isla Plana Cartagena (18/08/2013)

  • More than 5000 people visit San Juan exposure and the White Pass in the first 16 days of it (17/08/2013)
    This event has become one of the most important exhibitions of the city in the month of August
  • "The PP uses the car as tax collection formula" (17/08/2013)
    UPyD complaint to the ORA of Cartagena is discriminatory, and supports a substantial reduction in prices and free parking in August
  • Mexico and soul in the musical evening on Saturday in El Batel (16/08/2013)

  • From the Evening Trovera the XX National Song Festival in Mill Derribao Spanish (16/08/2013)
    After completing his festivities, the residents of this town of Cartagena have today, Friday 16, and on Saturday August 17, a date with the conclusion of a festival which celebrates 20 years
  • More than 3,000 cruise passengers disembark this weekend in Cartagena (16/08/2013)
    Saturday August 17 will double scale with Quest for Adventure cruises and Arcadia, while Sunday will ship the third port of the weekend, the Crystal Symphony
  • Brokers solidarity against cancer Perín (16/08/2013)

  • The ARQVA organized the First International Competition underwater photography (16/08/2013)

  • CF Union takes home the VI Memorial Ginés Cartagena Pagan after beating FC on penalties (16/08/2013)

  • I Race / meetup solidarity against cancer Perín (16/08/2013)
    On Saturday August 17 at 19pm from the church where they will travel 20km Perín.
  • Emergency services begin searching for a young kayaker disappeared in Cape Tiñoso and El Portus (15/08/2013)

  • Popular games among young people succeed in the neighborhood Virgin of Charity (14/08/2013)

  • M Clan celebrates his twenty years on stage with a tour that will call on Friday in El Batel (14/08/2013)
    The cultural program, The Summers of The Tender, brings to Cartagena to Murcia components of this band in a concert that will start at 22.30 hours in Room A of the auditorium
  • Continue summer workshops for children in Cartagena Port of Cultures (14/08/2013)
    During the month of August will be two workshops for children: The Sea of ​​Colours, every Friday at the Museum of the Roman Theatre, and Small spies.
  • In less than two hours was drowned out a fire on the hillside of San Julián (14/08/2013)

  • The fans of Cartagena devise the campaign poster of fertilizers 2013-2014 (14/08/2013)
    Plastics Cartagena Romero takes another step towards his liking granting the relevance it deserves
  • The FC Cartagena and CD Alcoyano rivals Trophy Silver Caravel XLII (13/08/2013)
    The meeting will be held on Saturday August 17 at Municipal Stadium Cartagonova at 20.00 hours, and will also serve to introduce the template albinegra to your hobby.
  • The Sun Tournament I gather the best Spanish beach volleyball at La Manga (13/08/2013)

  • Spct proposes the implementation of participatory neighborhood assemblies (13/08/2013)
    municipal Neighborhood councils are bodies inactive closed
  • Young Germans came, they played and ripped a loud applause at the Town Hall Square (13/08/2013)

  • "El Capi" say yes (12/08/2013)

  • Sold out tickets for the concert this Friday at the Fort Christmas (12/08/2013)
    Da Vinci Group, which versionará the most popular songs of the 80s and 90s, will be responsible for your enjoyment on Friday August 16 at Fort Christmas from the ten p.m.
  • The Festival of Carthaginians and Romans receive 113,000 euros Hall (12/08/2013)
    The subsidy, which has the same value as that granted in 2012, has been approved this morning during the meeting of the Local Government
  • One dead and one seriously injured in road accident in Gran Vía de La Manga del Mar Menor, Cartagena (10/08/2013)

  • The quality Q waves and Playa Paraiso (09/08/2013)

  • Derbi friendly 3rd Division in the VI Memorial Ginés Pagan (09/08/2013)
    This sixth edition, which pits two teams of the Region of Murcia, the Cartagena FC and FC Union will be held on Thursday, August 15 in the sports Gómez Meseguer, from 18.30
  • Essen Youth Orchestra will give its first concert in Cartagena summer (09/08/2013)

  • Virginia Saturday Labuat presents his latest album, Night and Day, on the terrace of El Batel (09/08/2013)
    Fourteen are the issues that make this jienense third album, all composed by her, and that can be heard on Saturday August 10 , from 23.30 hours on the terrace of the Municipal Auditorium
  • The National Song Festival Mill Spanish Derribao twentieth year (09/08/2013)

  • Easter in Cartagena and Lorca is about more than a thousand people (09/08/2013)

  • New schedules and beaches to free aerobic classes (08/08/2013)

  • Tear tonight the festivities of La Azohia (08/08/2013)

  • The City Council awards 109.000 euros to social action organizations to tackle the summer (08/08/2013)
    Since last July, the Department of Social Services has delivered aid to organizations with which it collaborates through agreement
  • The Roman Theatre expands its opening day in August (08/08/2013)
    The Museum will open on Monday 12, during the bridge of the Virgin of the Assumption and Monday 26, by the arrival of cruise ships to the port of Cartagena
  • "Cartagena has to promote a new model based on research" (08/08/2013)
    SPCT proposed that the hostel Camachos Polygon of the City of Innovation and Research
  • The mayor encouraged to continue voting Mansions, and in the semifinals as Best Corner Spain 2013 (08/08/2013)

  • After reunited with his family, Carlos Garranzo thanks his fans for the support received (07/08/2013)
    The mountaineer and Cartagena firefighter landed yesterday, Tuesday August 6, in the Barajas Airport where his family awaited him, ending his solo expedition
  • New culminate the renovated gardens Torreciega road (07/08/2013)

  • The Calatrava Brothers humor in the festivities of Alum (07/08/2013)

  • Cartagena and Peru, two corners together in August for the seven exhibitions of the Sea Art (07/08/2013)

  • 50 years with the Dynamic Duo El Batel (07/08/2013)
    The legendary group is celebrating half a century with a tour that will go through Cartagena on Saturday August 10, at 22.30 pm in Conference Room A of the Municipal Auditorium
  • Risk in social networks (07/08/2013)
    Article and tips Victor J.
  • The Guardia Civil arrested a driver who was three times the legally permitted rate of alcohol (06/08/2013)
    Hours before had hit three cyclists, absenting the site
  • Nova Karthago, the first commercial and tourist magazine about Cartagena (06/08/2013)

  • Seven holidays in Campillo de Adentro (06/08/2013)

  • Anni B Sweet, Spanish indie voice, this Friday in El Batel (06/08/2013)
    The Malaga reaches Cartagena to present his latest album, Oh, Monsters!, In a concert to be held on Friday, August 9, at 22, 30 hours in Room B Auditorium El Batel
  • The Flat Share service is activated for the new course (06/08/2013)
    Around a dozen ads a day, mostly students, are incorporated at this time in the service that manages the Youth Council
  • The 70 triumph at Fort Christmas (06/08/2013)
    Stolen 70s band hung the poster in full Friday for his performance in a unique setting with background port
  • Emergencian health services cater to a cyclist who has suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest Crta respiratory Christmas Lighthouse, Cartagena (06/08/2013)

  • Eight UPCT students study this course at Napier University in Edinburgh to achieve a double degree (06/08/2013)

  • Alberto Gonzalez was the first to cross the finish line in Cabo de Palos (05/08/2013)

  • The Master V Volleyball Championship attracted a hundred athletes in La Manga (05/08/2013)
    The pairing of Carmelo Lucho Molina Modia and became champion of this fifth edition, held throughout the day on Sunday August 4 in La Manga, and which were played over two hundred games
  • Roberto Sanchez and Alejandro Blazquez, XIV Open champions City of Cartagena de Futvoley (05/08/2013)

  • More summer in Cartagena Port of Cultures for the whole family (05/08/2013)

  • Local Police launches cameras at intersections conflicting (05/08/2013)
    There are five parts of the city chosen by experts for its accident rate, where the devices detect vehicles exceeding those red lights
  • The I Belones Shopping Night celebrates next to Mar Menor (05/08/2013)
    Shops, barres and restaurants in the town, seize the night of Saturday to promote their premises and offer special discounts, combined with all kinds of leisure activities
  • A Master of Entrepreneurship facilitate the generation of new business (05/08/2013)

  • Unemployment falls in Cartagena twice July the best month in ten years (02/08/2013)
    Although unemployment has fallen by a thousand people, the municipal government look at the numbers carefully and but remember that the seasonal factor has worked better this year
  • SPCT proposes a municipal scholarship program for college without resources (02/08/2013)
    Economic status should not be an obstacle to study
  • Small's Home for Children enjoy summer in La Manga (02/08/2013)
    The mayor center this morning visited the Sisters of Charity have in the coastal town, which currently houses 16 children aged between 0 and 6 years
  • Running in DST city buses and ORA (01/08/2013)
    As every year, ALSA has reported changes in the schedules of urban lines, which will be valid for the month of August.
  • The mountaineer Carlos Garranzo begins way back to Cartagena (01/08/2013)

  • Travel to Tabarca and the city of Elche with the T-LA Program (01/08/2013)
    The Youth Council has organized this visit to Valencia on Sunday August 11.
  • Riders finalize their fitness before the start of V Cross Cabo de Palos (01/08/2013)

  • The Cartagena Convention Bureau Association sympathizes with FORIIN St. Lucia (01/08/2013)

  • Laughing Renewed Square will be ready in mid-August (01/08/2013)

  • Mansions achieved the pass to the semifinals of the Best Corner of Spain 2013 (01/08/2013)

  • UPCT students will have air-conditioned spaces, on demand, to study for 24 hours in August (01/08/2013)


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