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Cartagena News - June 2013

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  • Shamal, first to get to San Antonio Abad (28/06/2013)
    The Grand Soleil 37 of Shamal of Antonio José Alcaraz took the finish line in a race where there have been numerous withdrawals for lack of wind from the coast of Alicante
  • The Municipal Government will defend the maintenance of existing courthouses Cartagena (28/06/2013)
    The Vice Mayor warns that there is still no official document of the Government reform
  • Course on Cultural Heritage and Tourism in the Roman Theatre Museum (28/06/2013)
    Opened the deadline to register for this training, which takes place from 15 to 17 July in collaboration with the UPCT
  • Angel Bernal says that "no citizen will lose health care this summer" (28/06/2013)
    Health Councilman said that despite what they said socialists, health centers and emergencies will open this summer
  • The third National League archery Postal played in the Albujón (28/06/2013)
    The dispute of this sport matches the festivities in honor of San Juan Bautista that the municipality has been developing Cartagena on Saturday June 22
  • Cartagena paddlers sail for Oran (28/06/2013)

  • Old Town 2012 surplus obtained 86 000 euros (28/06/2013)
    Municipal Society gets to meet its financial commitments reducing expenses and refinancing short-term debt
  • Agricultural Researchers use honey as a natural preservative ground beef (28/06/2013)

  • The challenge kayak Cartagena-Oran enters its final (27/06/2013)
    The paddlers Cartagena Alejandro Agà ¼ was and Pedro Jesus Martinez are ready to go out this afternoon from the Yacht Club towards the Algerian city, which is scheduled to arrive on Saturday
  • Guillamón: "I feel ready to make the leap" (27/06/2013)

  • Port of Cultures expands its offer during the summer months (27/06/2013)
    The Department of Tourism program Night guided tours and visits, along with activities for the whole family during the months of July and August
  • The National Folk Festival in the District of Cartagena twenty-first birthday (27/06/2013)
    Celebrations Councillor attend tomorrow Friday 28 June at the presentation of the programming of the XXI edition of this festival to be held in La Palma from 6 to 13 July
  • The seat of St. Lucia Yacht Club celebrates its 60th anniversary (27/06/2013)
    A commemorative plaque was discovered by the president of the Port Authority, testifies to the ephemeris
  • The ALDE, instrumental in the launch of the Pajareria Laumy (27/06/2013)
    In March 2013 a new business saw the light in Cartagena, the Laumy pet store, which has had for its formalization and implementation with consulting services of the Agency Local Development and Employment of Cartagena
  • Clarification of the press release of 21 June UPyD on the experience of the Civil Protection rescuers in the city of Cartagena (26/06/2013)

  • Delivered diplomas Celador courses Health and Sport Diving Initiation of ALDE (26/06/2013)
    Employment Councilman has been commissioned to deliver the diploma to students who have benefited from these training activities of the Agency aimed at people unemployed
  • The IES Los Molinos puts music to Prom with The Mills Summer Festival (26/06/2013)
    The Thursday marks the eighth annual summer concert organized by the school for students and teachers at the school, which this time will have a starring Women
  • Sports activities for this summer in St. Lucia (26/06/2013)
    Organized by the IMSS, the sports program will run from 1 to 18 July at the City Hall of Saint Lucia, and is aimed at children aged 9 to 12 years
  • Workshop culminates Chest painting Experience (26/06/2013)
    From October 2012 until this June has been developing in the building La Milagrosa, this workshop has been well received among the largest of Cartagena
  • Three months modeling pices he now come to an end (25/06/2013)
    Made in pices à Association, this program is part of the cultural program and leisure Informayor Spring 2013 the Institute for Social Services
  • Closure of the sports season football clubs based in Cartagena (25/06/2013)
    CD clubs Algar, EF Hope Our Lady of Charity, New EF CD Cartagena Mediterranean and counted in their final acts of the company during the Councillor for Sports, Diego Ortega
  • Social Services launches Summer School for more (25/06/2013)
    On Thursday is the deadline for registration to participate in the fifth edition of these schools, which are to develop 1 to July 12
  • Mission accomplished youth correspondents Cartagena (25/06/2013)

  • E-business and its advantages discussed in the CEEIC (25/06/2013)
    A total of 160 students participating in this training organized by CECARM, in collaboration with the ALDE and CEEIC, and only developed today, Tuesday June 25, from 09.30 to 13.30 hours
  • Morgana Vargas Llosa and James Travezán exposed for the first time in Europe with the Sea of ​​Music (25/06/2013)
    Images Look Lima exposure these days are displayed in Times Square in New York, and can be seen from July 15 to August 31 in the Town Hall of Cartagena
  • A grand welcome for a great deed (25/06/2013)

  • The biggest day center Algar's work met Gabarron (25/06/2013)
    The Roman Theatre Museum hosted this workshop visit Informayor Spring Program IMSS, which will be repeated on 27 June at the MURAM which are also Gabarron exposed works
  • The murals become the Barrio del Foro Romano (25/06/2013)
    After its restoration is expected to be displayed in the Atrium building in late July
  • Plastics Cartagena Romero kicks out (24/06/2013)

  • María Dueñas: My host city officially declared me yours (24/06/2013)
    Chaired by the mayor of the city, the award ceremony Cartagenera of 2011, was held this afternoon at the Palace Hall
  • A wave of tourists arrive to Cartagena aboard the largest cruise ship in the Mediterranean (24/06/2013)
    The Independence of the Seas has made scale today for the first time in our port with 4,000 passengers who have spent the morning enjoying the leisure and culture of the city
  • The Prehistory through film opens the film cycle of the Archaeological Museum (24/06/2013)
    Professor of Prehistory and Filmmaker, Ignacio Martin Lerma, will be responsible for delivering the first keynote tomorrow, Tuesday June 25 from eight in the Later in the Cartagena Museum
  • The Virgin of Charity Hope, Champion Amateur League Cartagena (24/06/2013)
    Today, Monday June 24, and from 21.00 hours, begins the run-Cup Tournament that will put the finishing touch to XVIII championship Cartagena fans
  • Department and merchants pleased with the day's Shopping Night (24/06/2013)
    sales exceeded those of a normal Friday and the largest banks recorded between half past eight and half past ten p.m.
  • The Northwest A Football Selection 8 tournament winner I Tudela Antonio Perez of El Algar (24/06/2013)
    More than five hundred people attended the awards ceremony held on Saturday June 22 in the city of Cartagena, ceremony that also featured the Councillor for Sports
  • Andrew Lledo reprise his sporting challenge in September (24/06/2013)
    Athlete Cartagena and his team have thanked the cooperation of all the followers, while congratulated the organization of the event by the city of Yecla, Fortuna and Cartagena
  • Juan Antonio Conesa, about to fulfill his dream has already crossed Valencia (24/06/2013)

  • Fiber optic experts from around the world meet in the ICTON (24/06/2013)
    The Mayor, along with the Minister for Universities and Rector UPCT, today inaugurated the Congress, held in El Batel until Thursday 27 June
  • Calderon visited the clubhouse of Vista Alegre (24/06/2013)
    During the visit, which took place on Friday, May 21, the mayor encouraged the elderly to continue to participate in the activities planned for next year
  • School is running for Cartagena Youth Correspondents (24/06/2013)

  • Burn your car to try to launch a truck with the windows closed (24/06/2013)
    The Night of San Juan is settled with 23 containers burning eight seizures of fireworks
  • Emergency services move a child from 32 months to Santa Lucia hospital after suffering a dip syndrome Playa Paraiso (22/06/2013)

  • A gastro thwarts attempt to Andrés Lledo 160 miles in a day (22/06/2013)
    The athlete shall retire after traveling 25 kilometers since leaving in Yecla
  • 32 Man has died while playing football in Miranda (22/06/2013)

  • Relax and digital marketing, ingredients SEonthebeach opened today in La Manga (21/06/2013)
    This is the first congress beachworking of Spain will feature presentations by leading experts and more than 200 participants until Saturday June 22
  • IU-Greens denounced a new episode of "rain of soot" in Alum (Cartagena) (21/06/2013)

  • UPyD Cartagena is concerned about the safety of bathers on the beaches of the municipality (21/06/2013)
    Rescuers may not have the necessary experience for the job
  • Fiestas in honor of San Juan Bautista in the Albujón (21/06/2013)

  • Summer Gala at the Auditorium El Batel with MClan, The Secrets and the Moscow Ballet (21/06/2013)

  • The Plaza San Francisco leaves behind its old image (21/06/2013)

  • The City Council launches summer safety device (21/06/2013)

  • The management of information is no age limit (21/06/2013)

  • The Roman Theatre will open on Monday to more than 4,000 cruise passengers who arrive at the port (21/06/2013)
    The monument, usually closed on Mondays, open from 9 am to 2 pm to offer tourists who come to the edge Independence of the Seas
  • Start the ultimate challenge Lledo with final stop at Cartagena (21/06/2013)
    will be at four in the morning of Saturday, when the athlete begins his journey Cartagena-Cartagena Yecla, with 160 kilometers long and only two stops supplies in the municipalities of Fortuna and El Valle
  • The show José Luis Martínez reach the Festival El Batel MásGuitarra (21/06/2013)
    This concert sextet led by guitarist Madrid, is part of the Festival program MásGuitarra 2013 and will take place on Friday June 28th at 20.30 am in Room B Auditorium El Batel
  • The writer Maria Duenas receives Cartagenera Monday of the Year Award (21/06/2013)
    The event, open to the public, will be held at eight pm in the Town Hall
  • Relax and digital marketing, SEonthebeach ingredients that starts Friday in La Manga (20/06/2013)
    Tomorrow Friday and Saturday is taking place in La Manga del Mar Menor the SEonthebeach, the first congress of Spain beachworking will feature presentations by leading experts and with over 200 participants
  • The summer solstice from the Castillo de la Concepción (20/06/2013)
    On Friday last and privileged opportunity to see the stars from the Castillo de la Concepción.
  • Coexistence intercultural youth MOVES-T Project in Terra Natura (20/06/2013)

  • First kilometer bike Cartagena Juan Antonio Conesa (20/06/2013)

  • The People's University honors the poet Antonio Hernandez (20/06/2013)
    The Letters Bazaar UP this afternoon closing the course and Fire Verse, a poetry that will take place in the square next to the Cultural Center
  • Recycled eyeglass cords and solidarity (20/06/2013)

  • Tribute to The Beatles at the Municipal Archaeological Museum (20/06/2013)
    Liverpool Cartagena group will voice the letters of the British formation, in a free concert to be held tomorrow, Friday, June 21, at ten o'clock in the evening, in the garden of Museum
  • El Batel presented on Friday its summer programming (20/06/2013)
    Councillor for Culture and businessman Enrique Cornejo attend the press conference to be held at 12.15 hours on the terrace of El Batel
  • Specials and activities on Friday, on the Feast of Commerce of Cartagena (20/06/2013)

  • End of the course of the Municipal School of Dance at the Ramon Alonso Luzzy (20/06/2013)
    was held on June 25, with the participation of over 200 students and students who will perform choreography classical Spanish dance.
  • Pediatric Nephrology Unit at the Santa Lucia performed 2,256 clinical events in 2012 (19/06/2013)
    The Minister of Health and Social Policy emphasizes the "high standard" implementation of Nephrology Pediatric Health Area II-Cartagena
  • SPCT Barreiro complaint submission to the dictates of PP (19/06/2013)
    "Rajoy's government punishes without AVE Cartagena until at least 2018"
  • The Cartagena-Ibiza reaches its 24th edition record breaking participation (19/06/2013)

  • Cartagena formed Grassroots coaches with the possibility of leading teams in the UEFA (19/06/2013)

  • More than two hundred boats compete for the Championship Youth Sailing Spain (19/06/2013)
    On Friday, June 21, will be held the race for teams that will be broadcast live on the city of Cartagena, while the mayor afternoon all participants receive of the competition
  • A familiar veterinary clinic that was in its infancy with the services of the ALDE (19/06/2013)

  • Cartagena UPyD ensures that increases inequality and insecurity in neighborhoods and county (19/06/2013)

  • San Anton prepares games and music for the Night of San Juan (19/06/2013)
    On Sunday there will be the Fair neighborhood associations and organizations, with the traditional bonfire to cap
  • Seven out of ten students use their mobile UPCT to study (19/06/2013)

  • The Peral Submarine opens to the public (18/06/2013)

  • The Classroom Umay Senior University of Cartagena dismisses the work during Comic (18/06/2013)
    will be represented on Friday June 21 at the Cultural Hall of the CAM, on Main Street, at 20.30 hours, and its Free admission with limited capacity
  • The Spare Time coming to an end with particiapción more than seven hundred people (18/06/2013)
    Literature, theater or recycling have been some of the courses that have been offered since last April for elderly and disabled, and is are deployed in the Spring Informayor Program
  • The Wing Tsun lands in Cartagena (18/06/2013)
    This form of defense imported from China, will hold its first Teacher Seminar aimed at the local police, for the 21, 22 and June 23 at City Hall Cabezo Beaza
  • The biggest Marfagones Mills celebrate their Cultural Week (18/06/2013)
    Social Care Councilman Monday inaugurated this week of festivities that will run until Sunday, June 23
  • The older you get in shape for the summer (18/06/2013)
    On Wednesday Gymnastics Energy completes the course organized by Social Services, which is included in the program of Care for Elderly and Disabled
  • The Feast of Commerce stores remain open until midnight on Friday, with important descuentosn Cartagena remain until midnight (18/06/2013)

  • Acuamed tests performed on Wednesday in tanks storm (18/06/2013)
    The channel of the Rambla de Benipila bring water from the district of Conception to its mouth in the Algameca
  • Ten complaints of mobile phone use behind the wheel in the last campaign of the local police (18/06/2013)
    During this performance, which took place from 3 to 9 June, it controlled a total of 6,467 vehicles, of which 735 were unemployed, staying in now the number of complaints overall distracted driving
  • Fire asks neighborhood associations collaboration to prevent incidents during the bonfires of San Juan (18/06/2013)
    has sent a letter to the presidents with recommendations for installing and using fires rockets and firecrackers
  • The Community Cartagena donated to Caritas refrigeration van to deliver food (18/06/2013)
    The vehicle will go to humanitarian work of collection and distribution of food among Caritas parish units
  • Sports prepares a Self Defense course for local police (17/06/2013)
    On Tuesday will be presented to the media at the Palace Hall's first Summer Seminar Masters of Wing Tsun
  • The largest of El Algar enjoy painting and modeling clay (17/06/2013)
    Last week took part in a creative workshop
  • The Naval Museum teaches media restoration work Peral Submarine (17/06/2013)
    On Tuesday at 11 am will be offered specific press pass before the start of the guided tours for citizens
  • Bloggers Andalusian gastronomic punctuate with 10 to Cartagena (17/06/2013)
    recently held a meetup in the city, which have been marveling
  • From theory to practice, from the classroom to the company (17/06/2013)

  • The Gerontogimnasia reduce inactivity and prevents diseases (17/06/2013)
    The thousand students involved in this course of the Sports Council celebrated the end of the program with a day of living in which conducted numerous outdoor activities
  • The ALDE convene Leonardo ten scholarships for students from FP (17/06/2013)

  • Eight thousand people celebrate the closing of the Football League Base (15/06/2013)
    Cartagonova Municipal Stadium has welcomed this morning the trophy with a new record attendance
  • SPCT proposes that El Cuco will become the health center of St. Anton-urbanization Mediterranean, New Cartagena, Fuente Cubas and Media Room (15/06/2013)
    SPCT will present the idea to the federation of neighborhood associations and groups in the area
  • All set at the Port for the first Fair Cartagena Rociera (14/06/2013)
    This afternoon took place the kick-off of this I Rociera Fair, which has the support of the City of Cartagena, and is presented as a new tourist attraction and commercial for the city
  • Grassroots Festival at Municipal Stadium Cartagonova (14/06/2013)

  • The mayor is visited by the Marine Corps colonel and the new director of La Opinion de Murcia (14/06/2013)
    protocol The two meetings were held in the morning on Friday as mayor of the Town Hall
  • Pedaling Apanda from Venice to Cartagena (14/06/2013)

  • Open day to round at the Municipal School of Tennis (14/06/2013)

  • Three days of festivities in Pozo de los Palos (14/06/2013)

  • Vista Alegre wins the City Championship Petanque V (14/06/2013)
    Councillors Social Care and Sports today presided in the Barrio de la Concepción, the awards ceremony of the tournament, which is organized by the Federation of Associations of Township Senior
  • The audience tucked the last play of the biggest of the group Sainete (14/06/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor representing attended We troll them and Cultural Center Luzzy Ramon Alonso, cultural initiative Informayor Program Spring 2013
  • The Capoeira rhythms slip in the Santa Lucia (14/06/2013)
    Organized by the Graduate Sereia, in collaboration with neighborhood groups Cartagena, the III Festival in La Isla Capoeira begin this afternoon and lasted until Sunday June 16
  • The Book Drugstores, a commitment to social integration through reading (14/06/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor visited yesterday The centers Campano and José María Lapuerta in activities that develop cultural and social promotion for all ages
  • Over 800 students showcased their talent at the close of the Municipal School of Gymnastics (14/06/2013)
    Gymnasts from 16 schools in the municipality will participate in the ceremony to be held in the central pavilion of Guimbarda Wssel
  • SPCT requires education counseling to clarify whether it is true the closing of "Cuckoo" San Anton (14/06/2013)
    SPCT requires the council to clarify whether they will be dismissed concierge and cleaning staff Cuckoo
  • The curtain rises FICC to enroll in its short film competition (13/06/2013)
    From today until September 13 the deadline will remain open for the 42nd edition of the International Film Festival of Cartagena to be held in the city from the 9 to 14 December
  • Labor prevention begins in the classroom (13/06/2013)
    Councillor for Education has delivered this morning at fifteen pupils in Cartagena their awards as local finalists Drawing Contest Campaign Security Grows
  • Jose Carlos Martinez back in July for summer program in El Batel (13/06/2013)
    Next to the National Dance Company, include performances by Carlos Piñana and the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia
  • Food and Andalusian music at the seashore in Cartagena I Rociera Fair which opens on Friday (13/06/2013)
    was held in a tent on the esplanade of Muelle de Alfonso XII, where no shortage of covers, and sevillanas rebujitos
  • IU-Green calls "obscene, corrupt and obscurantist" the draft port project Gorguel presented by the Port Authority (13/06/2013)
    Cayetano Jaime Moltó and Victoria Rodriguez, local coordinator and responsible for regional environment, presented the arguments presented by the formation of left the project
  • Funcarele renews its quality certificate Instituto Cervantes (13/06/2013)
    It is a major support for Cartagena position as a destination for learning Spanish
  • The New Construction Cartagena Fiestas (13/06/2013)
    Councilman Alonso Gomez is Friday the Festive Proclamation manager with which starts a week of leisure, cultural and sporting activities, which will take place in the neighborhood of Cartagena
  • Calderon visited the foster home of the Good Samaritan in Molinos Marfagones (13/06/2013)
    After renovations and upgrades that have been undertaken, has capacity to accommodate about thirty people, while it has offices, food store and a trail of objects second hand
  • The Californios of à "won the VI muscle Cofrade Canoe Polo Championship (13/06/2013)

  • Three hundred students of the Schools Sports ODE celebrated their end of course (12/06/2013)

  • Jose Carlos Ibarra was proclaimed champion of chess in La Palma (12/06/2013)
    About fifty chess players participated Sunday in the seventeenth edition of the Open, organized by Chess Club Trovero Marin
  • Presentation of local awards Security Grows Campaign (12/06/2013)
    15 school will receive their awards on Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • Learning to be good pedestrians, to be better drivers (12/06/2013)

  • Diving, a new career opportunity because of the ALDE (12/06/2013)

  • Mansions battery, Best Corner finalist Spain (12/06/2013)
    The old battery Tiñoso Cape Coast has been selected by the Repsol Guide along with sixteen other sites of national geography
  • Cocktail charity Cancer Association (12/06/2013)
    was held on Friday afternoon in the Batel, open to as many people want to collaborate
  • The 4th round of the Open de Murcia MTB 90 cyclists gathered at the Roland (12/06/2013)
    Adam Ismael Sanchez was the winner of the race held on Sunday, organized by the Cycling Club Sorrows with the collaboration of the Department of Sports
  • Cartagena received in Madrid the flags of his eleven beaches with Quality Q (11/06/2013)
    Councillors Tourism Infrastructure and have collected the badges in a ceremony presided over by the Minister, José Manuel Soria
  • The Asylum of the Little Sisters of the Poor will open after the summer (11/06/2013)
    The mayor and council of Social Care have visited this afternoon the refurbishment of the Nursing Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor, whose total cost is around fifteen million euros
  • The transfer kiosks playground and work began on the Plaza San Francisco (11/06/2013)
    ​​ on Thursday is scheduled to begin a performance that will lead to the pedestrianization of the area, remodeled both inside and outside of the square, and is expected completed before the end of the year
  • The league reaches its final stretch with the final pre-baby B and A, Benjamin A, B and A juvenile (11/06/2013)
    The Championship closing be held this Saturday June 15th open in the morning at Municipal Stadium Cartagonova
  • Cartagena remains a stranger to the biggest city (11/06/2013)
    The workshop, Discover your city and customs, of the Department of Social Services, which has had the participation of about forty largest, has been closed this morning at the Palace Hall
  • Juan Carrasco, new president of Asido (11/06/2013)
    This morning he met with the mayor to discuss the needs of the association
  • Closing of Driver Education course and delivery of membership card to participating students (11/06/2013)
    councilors attend Education and Public Safety, in a ceremony that will begin at ten o'clock in the Park Cartagena Driver Education
  • Employment Councilman visit the underwater driving course and introduction to scuba diving for unemployed (11/06/2013)
    The activity has been developing since February in the waters of Cabo de Palos
  • Last places for star gazing from the Castillo de la Concepción (11/06/2013)
    It is one of the summer deals of the Department of Tourism in its program Codices, Sages and Knights starting on Friday June 14
  • Suspended water cut on Thursday in the West (11/06/2013)
    For 24 hours is going to be affected Tallante, Ports, Perín, San Isidro, La Magdalena, La Corona, Galifa, El Portus and Lily
  • The port prepares for Cartagena Kayak Crossing I-Oran (11/06/2013)
    On Wednesday he will announce the details of this new yachting event, at a press conference to be held at the Yacht Club, organizer of the event
  • Cartagena received in Madrid the flags of his eleven beaches with Quality Q (11/06/2013)
    Councillors Tourism Infrastructure and collect the badges this afternoon in a ceremony presided over by the Minister, José Manuel Soria
  • Coming of Age Social Project Home Torre Nazareth (10/06/2013)
    The Haven Foundation San Pedro Store tutelage four projects, one of them is the Home Tower Nazareth host the only place in the region of Murcia for AIDS
  • The course of higher Discover your city and its customs come to an end (10/06/2013)
    The closing ceremony, which will be attended by Councillor Social Care, will take place on Tuesday at the Ceremonial Hall of the Town Hall
  • Eduardo Chordá, the fastest triathlon Cartagena (10/06/2013)

  • The City will face in the coming days urgent repair more than 175 potholes (10/06/2013)

  • Cartagena, a city committed to universal accessibility (10/06/2013)
    After completing the training seminar organized by the ONCE in collaboration with the city, the ten city guides have received this morning the diploma at the Palace Hall
  • Cartagena and the Marine Corps, united under one banner (07/06/2013)
    The City General School delivery Fuster Albacete and its national flag in an emotional ceremony in the spring of Alfonso XII
  • Five days in which children sail reign in Cartagena (07/06/2013)

  • The Comenius Project, Believing in Humanity, promotes civility among students (07/06/2013)

  • Water cut on Thursday in the West (07/06/2013)
    For 24 hours will be affected Tallante, Ports, Perín, San Isidro, La Magdalena, La Corona, Galifa, El Portus and Lily
  • Juan Antonio Calabria faces overall coordination proudly Security (07/06/2013)

  • Cycle route and walk for the Garbancillo of Tallante (07/06/2013)
    About 200 people have registered to participate in Saturday's I-hiker Cycle Route, which is included in the program of local festivity of Cartagena
  • The Night of Museums 2013 in pictures (07/06/2013)

  • The end of course also reaches of Leisure Social Services (07/06/2013)

  • The restoration of the mosaics spring Cervantes nearing completion (07/06/2013)
    work is expected to end next week with sanitation and repainting the wall on which it is installed
  • Published dates, times and pairings of the Day XXVII of Local Youth Football League (06/06/2013)
    The matches, which correspond to the consolation playoffs and the league title will be played between Saturday 8 and on Friday June 14
  • Seniors celebrate its traditional prom in Los Urrutias (06/06/2013)
    Clubs for the Elderly and the Department of Social Services have closed this morning the program of activities 2012/2013 with a day of living held in Los Urrutias which has assisted Antonio Calderon
  • National and international specialists discuss preventive medicine in El Batel (06/06/2013)

  • The troops are finalizing details for the delivery of the flag of the Marine School (06/06/2013)
    The event promoted by the City will be held on Friday afternoon in the courtyard of spring
  • Death of the official Department of Education, Manuel Diaz Garcia (06/06/2013)
    The funeral of the Chief of Infrastructure, Conservation and Custody Cartagena Teaching will take place tomorrow June 7 at 10.30 pm in the chapel installed in Funeral Hall 4 Estavesa
  • The Governing Board shall appoint on Friday Juan Antonio Calabria as new general coordinator Security (06/06/2013)
    The former commissioner of the National Police will take office at noon at the Town Hall
  • Guitar Week XIII Conservatory of Music in Cartagena (06/06/2013)

  • Music as educational learning bridge (06/06/2013)

  • The theater group returns to scene Tanit `Angelina or honor of a brigadier 'for a united purpose (06/06/2013)

  • New courses this summer at the Municipal School of Theatre (06/06/2013)

  • Tallante celebrates its festivities in honor of San Antonio (06/06/2013)

  • Cartagena UPyD calls for the resignation of the Mayor Pilar Barreiro (06/06/2013)

  • SPCT: "The PP punishes the west this summer with the closing of offices" (06/06/2013)
    SPCT considered reckless leave seniors without health care this summer
  • The project "European Student'm" connecting the city of Kaliningrad with Spain. (06/06/2013)
    "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the second largest circulation national newspaper of Russia; circulation of over 20,354,000 copies a day
  • Presentation of Yecla-Cartagena Transianica NONSTOP (05/06/2013)
    Sports Councilman chair the press conference in which in addition to explaining the course of this test preparatory Andrés Lledo, shall be appointed ambassador to La Manga Club
  • Opens the deadline to pay property tax and other local taxes (05/06/2013)
    Until 5th August, the City Council has to collect a total of 212,900 bills for an amount exceeding 66 million euros
  • A euro per visitor at the Palace Hall (05/06/2013)
    From today has begun to exact the guided tours of the old town hall
  • Procession of the Virgen del Carmen in Los Urrutias (05/06/2013)
    The Township Residents Association organized for Sunday June 9 this festive day for which many activities are scheduled first thing in the morning
  • Sport in the region, discussed in Playa Paraiso (05/06/2013)
    Sports Councilman attend Thursday at the round table organized within the program of the Sports Week which is being held in the town of Mar Menor between 1 and June 9
  • The City of Cartagena delivery of Allegiance to the School of General Marine Albacete and Fuster (05/06/2013)
    The mayor will act as sponsor of the ceremony in a ceremony to be held Friday afternoon in the courtyard of spring
  • The plastic arts find their place in the exposure of workshops UP (05/06/2013)
    On Tuesday opened at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramon Alonso, the sample of the work done by the students of Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics and dressmaking of Popular University
  • Music, Theatre and Entertainment, in Cultural Week XXXII Vista Alegre (05/06/2013)

  • The aljorreñas demonstrated their culinary expertise (05/06/2013)
    The festivities of the town Cartagena yesterday devoted to women, that after the food offered for tasting the desserts for the contest
  • A healthy and competitive business thanks to the advice of the ALDE (05/06/2013)

  • Outstanding computer for adults of San Antón (04/06/2013)
    About twenty people attended this workshop undertaken by the Parish of the neighborhood, hand EducoYa Association, and has been developing since March
  • The Straits Well JUVENIA champion in childhood (04/06/2013)
    The Franciscans and EF AD Albujón complete the podium disputed category winners at the Sports City of Torre Pacheco
  • Galúa San Ginés Zeus and open your surveillance (04/06/2013)
    are the top three in the summer, which will add another on June 15
  • Amancio Prada perform on Saturday for the first time in Cartagena (04/06/2013)
    The singer presented at the Auditorium Room B El Batel, work three Libertarians
  • The Cartagonova Swimming Club Regional Champion proclaims Promises (04/06/2013)
    His team won seventeen medals on Saturday in the Championship, held at the pool in Torre Pacheco
  • Cut of water in the well of the Palos and adjacent hamlets (04/06/2013)
    On Thursday interrupted the supply in the area during the morning, due to maintenance of MCT, as reported Aquagest
  • The urban landscape with green corners renewed (04/06/2013)
    The Department of Infrastructure is undertaking actions to improve small green areas, as is the case of the garden area of ​​Monte San Leandro Street, Los Popos
  • A leadership tool for entrepreneurs Cartagena (04/06/2013)

  • Summer nights come to the Roman Theatre Museum (04/06/2013)

  • Cannon and Principe Vergara closed to traffic for concrete repair your printed (04/06/2013)
    The contractor bears the cost of stripping and refinishing with resin tread, defective resulting moisture problems
  • Local police monitor this week using mobile and GPS at the wheel (04/06/2013)
    In collaboration with the DGT, the agents involved in the campaign of surveillance and control of distractions while driving, which is developing 3 to June 9 on the tracks of the municipality
  • Cartagena UPyD requires compliance with the Regulations of the Municipal Council (04/06/2013)
    and convene the plenary for general discussion on the performance of the Board of Governors
  • ALDE, UPCT and CEEIC help companies maintain their competitiveness (03/06/2013)
    On Tuesday presented the first of a series of plans requested by enterprises facing difficulties or want to grow
  • Closing School Program Parents 2013 (03/06/2013)
    Education Councillor attend tomorrow, Tuesday June 4, the closing ceremony will be held at six in the afternoon at the Museum of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena
  • Effective communication and good practices, new challenges formative SPACE (03/06/2013)

  • David Martinez proclaims absolute regional champion Chess (03/06/2013)
    Sports Councilman attended on Saturday June 1 at the awards ceremony of the XXVIII Regional Absolute Chess Championship in which more than a hundred players
  • End of season at the Municipal School Basketball Salvador Rosillo (03/06/2013)
    Sports Councillor attended the closing ceremony along with about three hundred players who attended the awards ceremony of the season 2012-2013
  • Cartagena still present in Tarragona (03/06/2013)
    The Mass Choir Tomas Luis de Victoria Cartagena gave a concert on Saturday in the town of Vilaseca, who attended Cartagenero Cultural Circle of Tarragona
  • The City is committed to the design of strategies to revive small businesses (03/06/2013)

  • T-LA program heads to Asturias (03/06/2013)
    The Youth Council has opened the registration period for this new journey which will take place from 24 to 29 July, and whose total price is 220 euros, although you can pay in two installments of 110 euros split
  • New Classrooms hours Free Youth Internet Access (03/06/2013)
    Starting today, Cartagena twelve classrooms will be open between 8 and 20 hours a week, and its opening will depend on the number of registered users in recent years in the neighborhoods in the city
  • The excitement takes hold of the recent graduates of Nuria Mas Dance Studio (03/06/2013)

  • Cartagena Cemeteries close the cycle Discover your city and customs (03/06/2013)
    This activity forms part of the IMSS Informayor 2013, like the Dawn group stage performance on Thursday May 30 at the Association of Residents of Sorrows
  • Dozens of couples danced to tango in Cartagena (03/06/2013)

  • Cartagena Taste closes with tapas served 40,000 (03/06/2013)
    The Fair closed last night at the port distinguished the San Roque neighborhood restaurant for its chocolate toast meat skewer
  • A Europe closer to young Cartagena (03/06/2013)

  • The importance of knowing how to respect the house rules (03/06/2013)
    About sixty people attended on Wednesday, May 29 at the second session of working with people grouped within the Immigration Program of the Municipal Institute of Social Services City of Cartagena

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