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Cartagena News - April 2013

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  • The bus, Colombia closer to you, did station in Cartagena (30/04/2013)
    Social Care Councillors and Employment mobile unit visited the Consulate of Colombia that was installed in the forecourt of Cartagonova 28 and April 29
  • The ALDE helps to create 24 new companies so far in 2013 (30/04/2013)

  • Convened festivals grants (30/04/2013)

  • The Santa Florentina Market will open on the holiday of May 1 (30/04/2013)
    The opening hours will be the usual, from 8 am to 3 pm
  • Councillor for Education Received by Comenius Project Let's Play Together (30/04/2013)
    This program strengthens the European dimension in education, while trying to recover the traditional games and show the harmful effects of the misuse of video games
  • Garden City, Algar and the trough A and class B pacifier, the first to reach the play off for the title (30/04/2013)
    In Amateur League, Fashion and EF Rachid in mourning Hope tied for first place championship
  • The Sea of ​​Music sounds more this year in Cartagena (30/04/2013)

  • The Little Sisters of the Poor welcome the colaboarcin of all Cartagena (30/04/2013)
    After meeting with the mayor, the superior of the congregation said that the rehabilitation works are nearing completion, which is expected after the summer the adults can return to the asylum
  • Four councils will benefit from a surplus of 1.6 million euros from previous budgets (30/04/2013)
    The Finance Committee also gives green light to amending the ordinance that affects mobile phone companies and reductions in rates Nursery Schools
  • The Aquagest Monitoring Commission approves a social fund for needy families (30/04/2013)
    A proposal from the Department of Social Services, 157 000 euros will be allocated annually to help pay for water and sewerage
  • The XXV School Theatre will close in El Batel (30/04/2013)
    Between 6 and 23 May, twelve schools in thirteen works represent the hall of the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramon Alonso, through this initiative organized by the Department Education
  • Exaltation of the Cross of May in Alum (30/04/2013)
    The Brotherhood of the Virgin of Charity honor sister appoint Councilwoman Maria Jose Roca
  • Visit of Mayor artificial pitch at Circle of Santa Ana (30/04/2013)
    will be accompanied by Director General of Sports and President of the Football Federation of Murcia, next to the Municipal Government Coordinator, Councillor for Sports and School responsible for Football
  • Control of the local police to motorcycles and mopeds (30/04/2013)
    On Monday, the campaign began pathways monitor increased traffic volumes and will run until Sunday
  • The final verdict about between strings and brass 2013 (30/04/2013)

  • Cartagena prepares to mark the Gesta del Dos de Mayo (30/04/2013)
    The Port will become the stage on Thursday of the traditional ceremony, the Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment 73 commemorates the lifting of the captains and Velarde Daoz against troops Napoleon
  • Cooperation and promotion of multiculturalism focused the work day in Fuente Alamo (30/04/2013)

  • NP The Risen Jesus Grouping visit museums fraternities and Lorca Easter by the kiss (30/04/2013)

  • The young ficus Plaza San Francisco are transported to their final destinations (29/04/2013)
    addition, the Parks and Gardens of Ayunatmiento of Cartagena has proceeded this morning to withdraw five of the central square palms affected by the weevil red
  • Court of Sighs street traffic by repairing a sewage pit (29/04/2013)
    The fault occurred during the last rains and cutting affects the section between Avenida Juan Carlos I and Aljorra Road, until Thursday
  • The mayor receives Association of Reservists and Veterans of the Armed Forces (29/04/2013)
    Recently created, is to promote and foster the culture of Defense and maintain a hold on the military traditions
  • Memories that unite generations (29/04/2013)

  • The rain did not stop Marchapanda reach the goal (29/04/2013)
    About 3,000 people braved the weather and made it to the forecourt of Cartagonova and complete a joint test that started with 8,000 participants
  • The Bishop Jose Manuel Lorca appointed Honorary Guild of Solitude (29/04/2013)
    The appointment came on Friday at the Eucharist in the Chapel of Calvary, which was attended by the Councillor and District Councillor for District 6 of the City of Cartagena
  • The Finance Committee meets Tuesday (29/04/2013)

  • Members of the Royal Yacht Captains Assembly visited the Palace Hall (29/04/2013)
    The Spokesman Team, Jose Cabezas, received on Friday at the Captains of yacht in the lobby of the Town Hall
  • The Patchwork conquers the city (29/04/2013)

  • New Wellness workshop at the University Popular (29/04/2013)
    The activities will be on Mondays and Wednesdays and will start on May 6
  • The film 'The Flight', in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (29/04/2013)
    The film starring Denzel Washington, will be screened on Tuesday in the cycle The film returns to the center, in three passes with 4 inputs and 3 euros
  • The 98 percent of drivers Cartagena respect speed limits (29/04/2013)
    Only 188 of the 8,466 vehicles last campaade controlled traffic were reported
  • Served four thousand cap on the first weekend of Top Road Los Belones (29/04/2013)
    The 22 participating restaurants are satisfied and expect this figure to rise this week due to the upcoming holidays
  • The Socialist Party denounced the increased poaching in marine reserves Ants Islands and Isla Grossa (27/04/2013)

  • On Monday cut traffic on the street Wssell of Guimbarda by the works of Aquagest (26/04/2013)
    The cut will last a month and affects the section that runs between Calle Carlos III and the Paseo Alfonso XIII, during replacement works Aquagest pipes
  • The work of Gabarron stars in the new activities of the Roman Theatre Museum (26/04/2013)
    Special tours for adults and cultural centers, and children's painting workshop, are the activities planned by the museum for the coming months Cartagena around the work of this artist Murcia
  • Internet as a job search engine (26/04/2013)
    The ALDE advises users on how to prepare and send a resume to job boards, while offering advice on the use of e-mail
  • Cartagena's population grows in 246 people in the last year (26/04/2013)
    Statistics data published on the municipal website show a national increase, while foreigners descend to the Ecuadorians and Colombians march
  • Tourism for people with visual disabilities (26/04/2013)
    The City of Cartagena and ONCE collaborate in the training of tour guides has allowed about sixty people, from the province of Alicante, visitasen this morning the Palace Hall
  • Open enrollment period I Cross People's Alums (26/04/2013)
    It is expected the participation of 300 runners in the race to be held on May 25 in the mountains that surround the council of Cartagena
  • El Batel reinforces its image as conference space (26/04/2013)
    On Wednesday in Madrid participated in the Summit Meeting & Incentive
  • Distances, the culmination of Paper April 2013 (26/04/2013)
    The event, aimed at seniors and students of 1 Mastia Public Primary School, will be held on Monday, April 29, at 10.00 am at the Cultural Center Ramn Alonso Luzzy
  • Environment recovered in three months more than ten tons of used clothing for recycling (26/04/2013)
    Since this waste collection service was launched in September 2012, the result of a collaboration agreement between the City and the Project Abraham, have collected more than 30,000 kilos
  • Groups and Associations Aljorra address the importance of community work (26/04/2013)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services Cartagena organized this meeting to be held tomorrow at 09.30 hours at the headquarters of the Association Columbares
  • City of Cartagena and restore the sands of Anse Mont Blanc of La Manga (26/04/2013)
    The intervention involved the removal of waste accumulated over several years and replacing native species exotic acacias
  • Art as therapy for Parkinson patients (25/04/2013)
    The workshop is held every Wednesday at the local office of the parish of St. Vincent de Paul and is organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • Opposites harmonize the work of FCG (25/04/2013)
    Artist The joint exhibition Murcia, Antagonia Materica, you can see from today until September 29 at the MURAM and the Roman Theatre Museum
  • Theatre to bring a smile to the children of the Youth Association Sherpa (25/04/2013)
    Municipal School Alumni Theatre will perform on May 4 in the Neighborhood Association Garden City for the kids in the neighborhoods of San Anton and Villalba
  • Marchapanda 2013 and over 10,000 street dorsal (25/04/2013)
    With these figures, the participation to date exceeds that of the 2011 and it is expected that in the three days until the conclusion of the test, yet can increase by another 3,000 registered
  • Sixteen bodies and associations installed Cruces de Mayo (25/04/2013)
    The initiative, to be held between 3 and 5 May, have joined fifteen bars around the town
  • The pilgrims of Solitude Calvary Guild named the bishop of Honor (25/04/2013)
    The event, held in the Chapel on Friday, is included among the activities organized during the Pilgrimage of the Virgin and will be attended by the Councillor District Mara Jos Roca
  • 200 experts in the art of Patchwork will meet this weekend in Cartagena (25/04/2013)
    The Pavilion Espada host on Saturday to the participants, from both within and outside the region, I will attend the National Meeting held in the city
  • Lessons basic computer and Internet in San Anton (25/04/2013)
    About twenty people are participating in this workshop undertaken by the Parish of the neighborhood, with the help of the Association EducoYa
  • Day of solidarity for the benefit of cystic fibrosis in Plaza Juan XXIII (24/04/2013)
    The Cystic Fibrosis Association of Murcia made this morning an information campaign, accompanied by a fair trade market, which has benefited from the presence of the council of Health and Women.
  • The palate IV Prepares for Top Road Los Belones (24/04/2013)
    The culinary event will run from April 26 to May 15, and will feature 22 restaurants, to 2.50 euros a drink lid
  • Bars, hotels and galleries are turning to Cartagena Museum Night (24/04/2013)
    During the Night of Museums, time lines, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the buses, will run until three in the morning of Sunday May 19
  • Juan Ramn Lucas Cartagena recorded in blocks of a program on entrepreneurship (24/04/2013)
    This afternoon has been with his team at the Roman Theatre where he has made an interview
  • Published schedules XXI Day Local Youth Football League (24/04/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 27 and Sunday April 28
  • The best shots of the Half Marathon receive recognition (24/04/2013)
    Sports Councilman delivered on Tuesday their corresponding prizes to the winners of the First Competition of Photography Media City Marathon Cartagena
  • The neighborhood of Charity celebrated the Day of Major (24/04/2013)
    Social Care Councilman Antonio Caldern, attended the tribute ceremony yesterday held in the Local Social, within the activities of the Week of Constrast of Cultures in the neighborhood
  • The ALDE 600 helps students decide their future careers (24/04/2013)
    Through DECIDES program, developed by the guidance department and employment, has given talks at several centers in Cartagena during the months of February and April
  • Social Services gives talks host to immigrants in the process of family reunification (24/04/2013)
    Through the Immigration Unit, IMSS technicians inform newcomers about the environment and the society in which they now reside, and their responsibilities
  • IMPLICA2 Volunteers will participate in the Seventh Week Health Cultural and IES Politecnico (24/04/2013)
    On Thursday, volunteers program the Youth Council VII attend the Health Fair in downtown Cartagena, while Friday will be Poli-partakers of the Healthy Start
  • The tin art is Aljorra (24/04/2013)
    Fifty women participated Tuesday in the tin initiation workshop which was held in the council Cartagenera within the Intercultural Encounters organized by the Department of Women
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures seeks the best images from the Night of the Museums (24/04/2013)
    The tourism body launches a photo competition which will be translated the opening night of the city of art and culture next May 18
  • Cartagena UPyD requires that the City College flea disinfect La Aljorra (24/04/2013)

  • Literary flights around the historic center of Cartagena (23/04/2013)
    On the occasion of World Book Day, the Municipal Library Network Board along with Carmen Conde, have made this morning by Cartagena Literary Route, which has toured the main streets of the city ​​
  • Last destination of the largest, Fort Christmas (23/04/2013)
    The visit is part of the program, Discover your city and its customs, organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • Charity Gala Municipal School of Theatre (23/04/2013)
    was held on May 11 at the New Theatre Circus to raise funds to be used in activities and improving rehearsal
  • Repsol sponsors the Night of the Museums of Cartagena (23/04/2013)
    Councillor for Culture and the director of the Refinery tailings sign partnership agreement
  • The teams rush their choices in the final league championship (23/04/2013)
    In Category chupeta, Garden City UCAM EF, DA The Trough A and B qualify for the playoffs for the title
  • Alum is aimed at the fashion of racing with his I Cross Popular (23/04/2013)
    Starting Thursday opens the registration period for this test, which is celebrated on May 25 and is organized by the Minerva Society and Neighborhood Board the town, with the cooperation of the City
  • 18 IES students enrolled Cartagena Polytechnic half of their training in Repsol (23/04/2013)
    The Minister of Education, Sotoca Constantine presided over the establishment of the Monitoring Committee of the FP Dual
  • Novel patching technique for Futsal Cartagena (23/04/2013)

  • The King Alfonso X the Wise returns to the town of Cartagena (23/04/2013)
    King Alfonso X El Sabio will star in all the activities taking place at the Castillo de la Concepcin during the months of May and June, which will be aimed at all ages
  • The biggest rush to climb El Calvario and San Julian (23/04/2013)
    Social Services has prepared for Friday Route 46, 13 miles within the program and Healthy Active Tourism aimed at elderly and disabled
  • Begin professional practice for plasterboard workshop students and Electricity of the ALDE (23/04/2013)
    The purpose of this training is the reinstatement of the twelve students to the labor market, for this purpose are receiving theoretical and practical classes at the Youth Center and Quarries Training
  • The history of Cartagena De Plaza Square (23/04/2013)
    TLA Youth Program has organized an activity for Saturday that will travel the city center for their most significant places
  • Health began a new campaign against colonization of seagulls in Cartagena (23/04/2013)
    The initiative is made to coincide with the nesting season of the birds of terraces and roofs of buildings
  • The Willows Musical Association, in San Diego Friday (23/04/2013)
    On Friday give a concert in the church of the historic works of Wagner and Verdi
  • The neighborhood of Charity Day commemorates the Mayor (22/04/2013)
    The Social Care Councillor, Antonio Calderon, will attend tomorrow the tribute will take place at 18.00 in the Local Social
  • CB Triumph of Cartagena in the play-off handball Regional Child (22/04/2013)
    The sports council, Diego Ortega attended the meeting and chaired the ceremony trophies
  • Sports Show Cala Cortina (22/04/2013)
    Councillor for Sports, Diego Ortega, was on hand to present the prizes to the winners of each of the six categories contested
  • 260 runners in the V Exhibition Cycling School of Sorrows (22/04/2013)
    Sunday was held on a street circuit in the neighborhood with the Councillor for Sports
  • El Castillo de la Concepcin us to the Middle Ages (22/04/2013)
    The City and Port of Cultures will present on Tuesday, in the Castle itself, the activities to be enjoyed in this tourist interpretation center in the coming months
  • A very Cartagena San Jorge (22/04/2013)

  • More than three thousand people finish a record Strengths Path (22/04/2013)
    Raul Guevara managed to complete the journey of 51 miles in four hours and four seconds
  • Sorolla and Audrey Hepburn come together in the sign of the Sea of ​​Music (22/04/2013)

  • Called the XXVII International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belms (22/04/2013)
    The original deadline will end on October 17
  • THE Hannibal CEIP Los Mateos held tomorrow Book Day (22/04/2013)

  • There is a new book April issue important new (22/04/2013)

  • Hitchcock, one of the hits of the summer movie season, in the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena (22/04/2013)
    The film is projected in three passes Tuesday at 18:00, 20:15 and 22:30 hours, and tickets cost 4 and 3 euros
  • Excursion to Tallante for the Garbancillo (22/04/2013)
    The event is free upon registration at the Youth Resource Centre
  • The ALDE Portuguese teaches students will practice professional qualification in Lisbon (22/04/2013)
    The City of Cartagena agency is the first in the region to which it has been awarded a mobility program for people in initial vocational training
  • The FCG sculptor can be visited at the MURAM and the Roman Theatre Museum (19/04/2013)
    The show, Antagonia Materica, will open on Thursday, April 25, at 20.00 am in the MURAM, and then the Roman Theatre Museum.
  • An educational experience, shared by young and old, in Los Dolores (19/04/2013)
    The activity forms part of the Spring 2013 Informayor Municipal Institute of Social Services City of Cartagena
  • Los Panchos act this Sunday at El Batel (18/04/2013)
    will offer in Cartagena Reunion tour, involving the last members of the Mexican training reunited after 20 years apart
  • Councillor for Education welcomes students and teachers of the European Comenius Project on Air (18/04/2013)
    The event will take place at 11.00 hours in the Reception Room of the Town Hall
  • Cartagena will be present at the 5th Meeting of the Spanish Network of Intercultural Cities (18/04/2013)

  • Everything is ready for the arrival of Scout groups in the Region (18/04/2013)
    During this day preparations were completed the camp located in the industrial area of ​​Residencial Santa Ana will host the presence of about 3,000 young people in the region over the weekend of week
  • The streets of the town moving in his set-up (18/04/2013)
    Works of San Antonio Street the Poor, in the town, ending next week, in Juan Carlos I have to wait for the end of May, and Titus Didius in Torreciega, could be finished in mid-June
  • The Path of the Strengths observe a minute of silence for the attacks in Boston (18/04/2013)
    The countdown to the conclusion of the test begins Friday, with the collection of numbers along all day, and the celebration in the port , and at night, the Festival I Strength Pop
  • Takes his book Antonio Parra Pozo Opposites Strait (18/04/2013)
    The writer based in Cartagena, will be on Monday at the premises of San Fulgencio Housewives of the town of Cartagena, an activity that is part of the new section on regional authors Project Mandarache
  • The April Fair reaches Tallante (18/04/2013)
    Will this Sunday when the town Cartagena hold its first fair that will feature performances of Madrug Flamenca, while there is provided a paella for attendees
  • Some 2,500 young people enjoy the Greco-Roman theater in Cartagena (17/04/2013)
    The Department of Culture contributes to the realization of the XIX European Youth Festival Greco-Roman Theatre which aims to present the classics among students
  • La 2 of TVE preparing a documentary on El Batel (17/04/2013)
    The auditorium and conference center in Cartagena appear in a series on contemporary architecture of our country
  • Learning and Fun In School Recycling (17/04/2013)
    Cartagena Around 700 students visit the facilities of this mobile bus installed in Plaza Juan XXIII to know the importance of the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment
  • A suitcase full of social and work skills (17/04/2013)
    The Association has closed this morning Rascasa this training Synergy Project with the presentation of diplomas to the fifteen students who participated in this workshop
  • The First Municipal Athletic League and has teams that play the final (17/04/2013)
    Today has been closed the previous phase, in which three teams are classified by category, male and female, who will advance to the final on 30 April
  • Published schedules XX Day Local Youth Football League (17/04/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 20 and Sunday April 21
  • Eight thousand seven hundred people watched the processions of Holy Week in Cartagena online (17/04/2013)
    was a loyal audience, which followed an average of five parades in the days that were active retransmissions on the municipal website
  • UPyD requires that the City Cartagena explain exactly what the measures implemented to save on street lighting (17/04/2013)
    "There is a clear and disturbing uncontrolled by the administration"
  • The Councillor for Tourism receives the second great cruise of the season (17/04/2013)
    The Eurodam, with capacity for 2,100 passengers and 1,000 crew makes its first stop in Cartagena
  • The Housewives celebrates XXXIII Cooking Contest (17/04/2013)
    The City is working with this event, held on Thursday at the Hotel Alfonso XIII
  • Cultural Week San Gins de la Jara (17/04/2013)
    Exhibitions, sports tournaments and masses of activities included in the program which will run from 19 to 21 April
  • The Local Police has respect for animals and road safety at schools (17/04/2013)
    Last week visited the Virginia Perez of El Algar, where 200 students were treated to a dog show and learn the steps to follow in case of loss or traffic accident
  • The police action in crisis situations, new course SPACE (17/04/2013)
    Taught by expert psychologists, is intended for managers and personnel, including 25 members of the local police in Cartagena
  • "A drop of water is equivalent to employment in the Shire" (16/04/2013)
    The Socialist leaders of Campo de Cartagena have come together to make a common front against the disproportionate increase in the water reservoir in the headwaters of the Tagus
  • Social organizations abandon the Bureau meeting of the Sectoral macropuerto Gorguel (16/04/2013)

  • The T-The Spring proposes a trip to Teruel (16/04/2013)
    The visit will be held on 25 and 26 May and inscriptions, to 60 euros, can be made at the Youth Resource Center
  • New qualified for the final of the Municipal League Athletics I Intercentros (16/04/2013)
    Six new centers have participated this morning in the qualifying round of the competition organized by the Sports Department of Sports
  • Discover Your City Cycle and Their Custom reaches Ecuador with Jose Manuel Chacon (16/04/2013)
    Today is the fourth conference held this led to higher cycle, which has been made by the architect and has been on the barracks of prisoners and slaves Cartagena
  • New traffic courts by the progress of the works for Avenue of America (16/04/2013)
    As of Thursday, the entrances to the Plaza de Mexico will be cut, one lane will be enabled to access from Bastarreche area Lidl and will reserve a space for locating taxis
  • Youth Festival Begins XVIII European Greco-Roman Theatre in Cartagena (16/04/2013)
    The Department of Culture Support this classical theater festival to be held on 17 and 18 April in the Auditorium of the Park Towers
  • SEF and ADLE collaborate to provide job search (16/04/2013)
    The mayor and employment minister signed two agreements that establish meaningful partnerships in this area and in the youth labor practices in companies in Cartagena
  • The Slum Lady of Charity celebrates its eighteenth week of Contrast Cultures (16/04/2013)
    The Municipal Institute of Social cultural organizing this conference under the theme, Step by Step, will be held in the neighborhood of Cartagena from 22 to 28 April
  • UPyD Cartagena moved to the promoters of the concentration of a Decalogue Aljorra proposal on security (16/04/2013)

  • Judaism and Medicine, discussed in the Palacio Molina (15/04/2013)
    The City collaborates with the Foundation in celebration Beitenu Sefarad, on Wednesday, a conference about the figure of Maimonides and its relevance in today's world
  • Start the qualifiers of the Municipal League Athletics I Intercentros (15/04/2013)
    A total of 19 schools and 400 athletes will participate in the preliminary stage of the first edition of this sporting event organized by the Sports Department
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a boy band dedicated to stealing homes in La Aljorra (15/04/2013)
    We have arrested nine people, including five juveniles, on charges of burglary and receiving stolen
  • Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg of in Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena (15/04/2013)
    The film, starring Robert Pattinson, will be screened on Tuesday in three passes, 4 or 3 euros
  • Region Scouts celebrate their centenary and its pattern in Cartagena (15/04/2013)
    More than 2,500 kids will camp this weekend in the Residential Estate Park Santa Ana and participate in events organized by the Federation with the support of the City
  • Colleges, associations and groups are updated with INFORM-ADLE (15/04/2013)
    The Agency continues in April with the dissemination of guidance programs and job search in the neighborhoods and the municipal councils
  • The older children narrate stories of Sorrows (15/04/2013)
    On Thursday, the biggest in the Club of Santa Ana visit the nursery of the town of Cartagena, in the Spring Informayor Program
  • Úšltimo day deadline to participate in the Festival of the Crosses of May (15/04/2013)
    Until Monday can request the installation of Crosses in public spaces, which this year is authorized another day, from Friday 3rd to attract more Visitors
  • Cala Cortina Sunday will become a circuit Trialbici (15/04/2013)
    The Sports Department assists in the implementation of Murcia Open this sport to be played on Sunday beginning at ten o'clock
  • Contracting received the Quality Certificate ISO 9001 (15/04/2013)
    Consistory This service is unique in the region of Murcia in owning this quality, handled 150 cases of recruitment in 2012
  • The Gala joins the senior tourism offer (12/04/2013)
    The Mayor has received this afternoon the area director Servigroup hotel group that manages the establishment of La Manga
  • The Magic of Jorge Blass envelop Cartagena in June (12/04/2013)
    The artist will perform in Madrid Auditorium Room A The Batel on Saturday June 1, which will stage its latest show, The Art of Magic
  • The ALDE responds to the demands of unemployed Language Courses and Computer (12/04/2013)
    During the month of April, the Agency will teach four courses, German, English, Computer and Middle level Management in Occupational Training Center Quarry
  • Clara Sanchez and Alfredo Gmez Cerd, Mandarache Awards winners and Hache 2013 (12/04/2013)
    What hides your name and the face of shadow, books are voted for by 3,558 young readers that make juradode these literary awards organized by the Department of Youth
  • Inauguration of photo exhibition of the Third Path Strengths (12/04/2013)
    The exhibition, which brings together 58 snapshots which reflects the hardness of the test held last year, will be open from 12 to 21 April at the Town Hall
  • The Path of the Strengths reach 3,500 participants in its fourth edition (12/04/2013)

  • The restoration of the mosaics of the pier last month and a half (12/04/2013)
    The Department of Culture repair the tiles containing the illustration and the text of Cervantes on the port of Cartagena
  • 1.9 million for the construction of wastewater discharge from the pumping station to the neighborhood Severo Ochoa Peral Cartagena (12/04/2013)

  • 2.3 million for 204 places for people with intellectual disabilities in the municipality of Cartagena (12/04/2013)

  • Josefa Garcia Urrea, two decades dedicated to the major ports of Santa Barbara (12/04/2013)

  • Three women subtracted clothing and jewelry worth $ 5,000 in shopping center (12/04/2013)
    Hull Unit of the local police managed to arrest those involved who had disabled the alarm systems garments
  • L-scratch you, a look current and universal in El Batel (12/04/2013)
    The exhibition of this artist collective founded in 1990 in Seville will be open to the public until May 15 at Municipal Auditorium Cartagena
  • Arde a candy store in Pozo Strait (12/04/2013)
    The fire affected a neighboring house and a butcher, recording the death of a pet smoke inhalation
  • The Aljorra, such as women's associations in the Campo de Cartagena (12/04/2013)
    Women's Association of the deputation cartagenera yesterday held its traditional annual dinner attended by over 150 people, and in which the Queen was chosen, bridesmaids and collective Godmother
  • A person served by smoke inhalation in a fire at a home in Pozo Strait (12/04/2013)

  • Breaking the myths of Parkinson (11/04/2013)
    On the occasion of World Parkinson's, Parkinson Association of the District of Cartagena has organized an information day in Plaza Juan XXIII which was attended by the Councillor for Social Care
  • Verdict of the awards Mandarache and Hache (11/04/2013)
    On Friday made public the results of these prizes youth and children's literature
  • The major also point to waste recycling (11/04/2013)

  • The Cartagena Rhythmic junior team, ninth in the final of the Gymnastics World Championships Aesthetic Group (11/04/2013)
    After the test in Sofia, cartageneras gymnasts remain in fifth place in the world rankings
  • The Civil Guard detained six people for theft of copper wire (11/04/2013)
    Two of the detainees stole half ton of electrical substation facilities Cartagena
  • The musicians Quarry Cartagena (11/04/2013)

  • Takes off I Intercentros Municipal League Athletics (11/04/2013)
    be held in two phases, during the second half of April, and will involve about 400 kids from 19 schools of the municipality and its region
  • A hundred activities are cast in the T-The Spring (11/04/2013)
    Travel Teruel and Granada, language training and outdoor activities, highlighted in programming Youth presented today for the last quarter of the year
  • The Provincial Court confirms the legality of the actions of the City Council on the windlass (11/04/2013)
    The court rejected the appeal of the Citizens Movement for an alleged attack against property
  • The exhibition presents Batel Team L-scratch you (11/04/2013)
    The inauguration will take place on Friday at the Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Auditorium, attended by the Councillor for Culture and artists who are part of this group
  • The Flying Gang will be on July 20 in The Sea of ​​Music (11/04/2013)
    The SuperCombo rumba and rock consists Muchachito, Albert Pla, Lychees, Tommy and The Canijo
  • I know, do not know, walks around the city (11/04/2013)
    The program team of four, led by Juanra Bonet, is filming this week in Cartagena selecting contestants from passers Hull
  • The Local Police put 63 fines for dog feces in three months (11/04/2013)
    A unit consisting of plainclothes diciembrelos controlled from city parks, with special attention to the area and the Greenway Benipila
  • New lifeguard course for Civil Defence volunteers Cartagena (10/04/2013)
    The ESPAC impart this training you will learn about the different techniques of search and rescue in the water world and will begin on April 13
  • The Ballet Folklorico de Cuba offer a technique class before the show in The Batel (10/04/2013)
    The class, taught by dancer and director of the Cuban company, Manolo Micler, start at 18.00 hours at the Municipal Auditorium
  • The Doctor Palos, Moliere, in Tallante (10/04/2013)
    The theater group will represent the work Acrebla Saturday in the clubhouse local municipal Cartagena
  • The XXVIII Individual Chess Championship Regional will be played in Cartagena (10/04/2013)
    The tournament will be developing every Saturday, from April 13 to June 1, in the Multipurpose Room of the Willows Neighborhood Association, and has the support of City of Cartagena
  • The biggest visit the Ecopark The Vaguada (10/04/2013)

  • The constellation of the Night of the Museums 2013 (10/04/2013)
    The poster and website are already available, while the Councillor for Youth has advanced children's programming, and parade routes this edition, whose registration period begins tomorrow
  • UPyD Cartagena requested the establishment of a municipal WiFi network (10/04/2013)
    "There is no bar on the part of the Commission's Telecommunications Market"
  • The school sport prepares for the Municipal League Athletics I Intercentros (10/04/2013)
    presented Thursday at the Palace Hall event organized by the Sports Department within the ADE program with the Elcano Athletic Club
  • Published schedules XIX Day of Local Youth Football League (10/04/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April
  • The Local Police speed checks performed on urban roads and convecionales (10/04/2013)
    All this week, and in collaboration with the DGT, developed a campaign around the town and in different time zones, to raise awareness of the importance of leading an appropriate speed
  • The good theater has no borders (10/04/2013)
    Tanit theater group, the Council of Women, Angelina released tomorrow the work or the honor of a brigadier, whose proceeds will go to Cartagena Asido
  • Mission Oblivion, Maria Duenas, brought together more than a hundred cartageneros (10/04/2013)
    Culture Councillor attended the meeting organized by the Municipal Library and the University of Cartagena Popular
  • The elderly, visiting the Old Cathedral of Cartagena (09/04/2013)
    The activity is part of the `Discover your city and customs', and is organized by the Municipal Social Services Cartagena
  • The Local Employment Commission agrees to the creation of a technical working group in the Campo de Cartagena (09/04/2013)
    Councillor for Employment, Diego Ortega, said that the City will work with the internship program nonprofessional Regional Employment Service and Training
  • On Thursday is the deadline to enroll in the Photography Competition II Archaeological Museum (09/04/2013)
    The registration is free and the total number of places to participate in this second edition amounts to two hundred
  • Table tennis engages students Salesians (09/04/2013)
    A group of students of ESO today visited the municipal flag this sport where they have shared time with clubs and Floymape UCAM, ADE program within the Department of Sports
  • Los Amigos de la Zarzuela in Cartagena and Julia premiere, joining the New Theatre Circus (09/04/2013)
    On May 16, the film will premiere Ivan Campello, to benefit the Cancer Association, and on June 1 will be represented Katiuska opera
  • Project EMOTION @ TE continues with a new workshop, Sexuality and Emotions (09/04/2013)
    The People's University is organizing this new course to be held tomorrow, Wednesday, from 18.00 pm, at the Cultural Center Ramn Alonso Luzzy
  • They propose that the Santa Ana Park is called the Explorers of the Region of Murcia (09/04/2013)
    The Mayor has initiated the nomination dossier to commemorate the centenary of the creation of this movement in the city
  • The Patchwork Meeting in Cartagena to meet more than 300 participants from all over Spain (09/04/2013)

  • More than a hundred cultural and educational activities with the program Informayor Spring (09/04/2013)
    Activities aimed at elderly and disabled, will take place between the months of April, May and June, and are organized by the Municipal Social Services the City of Cartagena
  • The Local Employment Commission of Campo de Cartagena meets on Tuesday (08/04/2013)
    It will study the proposals developed by the participating entities
  • The Gypsy Manifesto 2013, calling attention to discrimination (08/04/2013)

  • Security issues are made with full debate (08/04/2013)

  • Guided visits to Batel (08/04/2013)
    free and will be held the last Saturday of each month
  • Students Employment Program Healthy continue their practical training in Quarries (08/04/2013)
    Fifteen people involved in this course of ADLE aimed at the social integration of people with mental illness and substance abuse associated with psychic pathology
  • Small Well give a lesson environmental Strait (08/04/2013)
    The Child School students cant perform, on Saturday April 13, reforestation in the municipality, which will attend the Councillor for the Environment, Palazn Carolina
  • Blow, starring Clint Eastwood, film returns to the center (08/04/2013)
    be screened on Tuesday, April 9th ​​at the Nuevo Teatro Circo and there will be three passes, at 18.00, at 20.15 and at 22, 30 hours
  • More than 3,500 students participate in meetings with public libraries author (08/04/2013)

  • The City entered and spent in the first quarter of 2013 less than 25 percent of the budget (08/04/2013)
    Councillor of Finance explains these data recalling that the main taxes are collected in the third and fourth quarter
  • The full City of Cartagena supports workers Navantia (08/04/2013)
    The Corporation unanimously approved an official statement calling the opening of new markets and work in the regional economy reverts
  • Located two missing persons in the vicinity of Peas Blancas, Cartagena (07/04/2013)

  • Doubles appliance mining and trough in the Cup Tournament (06/04/2013)
    Sports Councillor, Diego Ortega, accompanied the teams all day
  • UPyD Cartagena calls asphalting Trafalgar Street (06/04/2013)

  • The Flashes, from the soundtrack of The Lovers Passengers, will play in The Sea of ​​Music (05/04/2013)
    The group will be part of Cumbia All Stars, made up of other legendary groups of this Peruvian rhythm, and whose performance is scheduled for July 24
  • Cutting works Torreciega traffic expands to Cairn Street (05/04/2013)
    Given the progress of the renovation of water infrastructure and urban services in Didio Tito Avenue, beginning Monday for two weeks and may not pass vehicles by Seneca Street
  • The road Siphon and pains, among the most immediate projects of Infrastructure (05/04/2013)

  • The mayor will be the first member of honor of the Association of Friends of ARQUA (05/04/2013)
    This appointment is in recognition of work promoted by the Council on the protection of underwater cultural heritage
  • ONCE will sell five million coupons Roman Forum (05/04/2013)
    The Daily coupon Wednesday, April 10 will be dedicated to this site Cartagena, part of the series, Best of our land, which is next week dedicated to Murcia
  • On Monday starts the flag of The Albujn (05/04/2013)
    The Sports Decentralization and councilors were yesterday visiting the sports facilities in order to complete its startup
  • The implementation of the budget and municipal initiatives focus groups full of Monday (05/04/2013)
    be held starting at half past ten in the Palace Hall
  • The T-La organized an induction course for dubbing (05/04/2013)
    It's open enrollment period to participate in this training, which takes place from April 26 to June 28 at the Youth Center and will be taught by Canteras actresses dubbing professionals
  • Begins Between the end of strings and brass (05/04/2013)
    Between 8 and 18 April, the young musicians played various modalities finalists Contest and selected winners will be honored at the closing ceremony held on May 3 in The Batel
  • Taxi drivers call for a rise in rates (05/04/2013)
    The Local Government gives green light to the proposal yet to be approved by the Regional Board Price
  • Learn to love, a new workshop VHS (05/04/2013)
    The Self-Esteem Course, organized by the Department of Culture, will be held every Monday and Wednesday, from 6 May to 26 June
  • 3500 readers will vote and Hache Mandarache Awards next week (05/04/2013)
    The voting period begins next Monday and runs through Thursday, April 11, while on Friday, a group of young reporters unveil the winners of this latest edition in the Palace Hall
  • The mayor encourages gymnasts to go to World Championships Aesthetic Group (04/04/2013)
    The young members of the competing teams have held a meeting today with Pilar Barreiro in the Palace Hall
  • The winners of the Top Road VI and the Second Asian Route collect their prizes (04/04/2013)
    A total of 193 273 and 11,650 Asian tapas were served by the participating establishments in the last edition of this initiative gastronomic and tourism
  • Cartagena will become your I Japanese Manga Hall (04/04/2013)
    More than a hundred activities are scheduled for the next 4 and May 5 in El Batel, which is awaiting the arrival of more than 5,000 young people willing to enjoy the manga and Japanese culture
  • The 30,000 euros National Restoration Award will go to the diffusion of the Roman Forum (04/04/2013)

  • Invisible Dance and La Guardia enliven the eve of the IV route Strengths (04/04/2013)
    Free of charge, the Fortaleza I Pop Festival, organized by the City, will be held on April 19 at the esplanade of ARQVA
  • Hitchcock, The Fly and rebirth, new feature films returns to Centre (04/04/2013)
    The series, which takes place in the Nuevo Teatro Circo, dates expands and maintains three passes and ticket prices, 4 and 3 euros
  • Maria Dueas Cartagena presents its Mission Oblivion (04/04/2013)
    The author will be at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramn Alonso to discuss aspects of his latest novel
  • The Department opens the deadline to participate in the Festival of the Crosses of May (03/04/2013)
    facilities may be authorized for another day, since Friday, to attract more visitors
  • Cartagena will add another year to the celebration of International Roma Day (03/04/2013)

  • An encounter with the role of women in film (03/04/2013)

  • More than 16,000 people visited Port of Cultures at Easter (03/04/2013)

  • The group Tanit Angelina represent or honor of a brigadier in the New Theatre Circus (03/04/2013)
    The collection of the work, organized by the Council of Women for April 11, will go to Cartagena Asido
  • Gonzlez Beltrn says goodbye on Sunday the Roman Theatre and the MURAM (03/04/2013)
    The exhibition takes a journey through one of the most important exponents of the sculpture of the past decades
  • UPyD urges the City Council to create an ordinance of transparency and access to public information (03/04/2013)

  • IBI, and vehicles focused ICIO claims before the ECAC in 2012 (03/04/2013)
    The independent body of the City of Cartagena to meet desavenecias of citizens paying taxes and penalties, last year recorded 207 cases and resolved 157
  • Double scale cruise in the Port of Cartagena (02/04/2013)
    Councillor for Tourism says it is one of the most important seasons for the city, as it is expected the arrival of more than 140,000 tourists
  • The Culture Committee of Congress will boost the assets of Cartagena (02/04/2013)
    Both the President of the Commission as the spokesmen of PP and PSOE in it, consider it necessary to reform the Spanish Heritage Act to suit international standards
  • A lesson on the importance of recycling clothes, shoes or toys (02/04/2013)
    The City works with the educational campaign not throw it, give it to me, that the Partnership Project Abraham is doing by different centers Cartagena
  • The Cristo del Socorro, Discover Your City cycle and habits (02/04/2013)
    Organized by the Municipal Social Services, includes lectures and visits are held on Tuesdays of the months of March, April, May and June
  • Best of the ONCE and its Foundation visit Cartagena (02/04/2013)

  • The tournament begins Friday Cup XX Grassroots Local League edition (02/04/2013)
    takes place this weekend in all categories in onces headquarters of municipalities of Cartagena, Torre Pacheco, La Union and San Pedro del Pinatar
  • Painters cartageneros to benefit the Good Samaritan (02/04/2013)
    The Casino of Cartagena hosts this exhibition of twenty artists from the city until April 7, targeting its revenue to social dining
  • A line charter this summer will bring tourists to La Manga Serbs (02/04/2013)
    The Department of Tourism Brings a tuoroperador Cartagena open this line of business you operate every ten days, between 22 June and 15 September
  • The Assembly published the statements of assets and income of the deputies (01/04/2013)

  • Peru, guest of the XIX edition of The Sea Music (01/04/2013)
    Susana Baca will be awarded artist festival La Mar de Musicas, which will run from 19 to 27 July in Cartagena, on the work of disseminating Afro-Peruvian rhythms internationally
  • Over The practice Algar Horticoterapia (01/04/2013)
    Last week participated in a workshop organized by the Social Services day center Alfonso Escmez
  • Opens admission within Municipal School Children (01/04/2013)

  • Cut at San Roque for cleaning a facade (01/04/2013)
    will occur on 3 and 4 April, from 8 to 20 hours
  • The Minister for Universities and Research Company presents the eighth edition of the training program 'Aula Company' (01/04/2013)
    The initiative is the result of collaboration between the regional government and the city of Cartagena
  • Entrepreneurs and businessmen have a new appointment with the eighth edition of Classroom Company (01/04/2013)

  • `Do not throw it, give it to me 'new environmental education campaign (01/04/2013)
    The initiative will be presented on Tuesday to the media in Garden City College
  • UPyD asks why the bad management of the City of Cartagena safety (01/04/2013)
    Easter incidents are added to those of Carnival

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