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Cartagena News - July 2012

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  • Opens Registration for sports activities in the municipal facilities (31/07/2012)
    The Department of Sports in his tender includes 120 groups of physical activity that will begin operations on September 3
  • The Roman Theatre Museum sneaks into the classroom (31/07/2012)
    Councillor for Culture and the director of the Museum this morning presented a tutorial that will teach students at the High School students the history of the Roman Theatre
  • A high percentage of students entering the intermediate level PCPI Professional Training (31/07/2012)

  • XLI Trophy City of Cartagena, Caravel Beach (31/07/2012)
    The Cartagena will face Hercules in a single party to be held on Wednesday 8 August at the Estadio Municipal Cartagonova, which subscribers can enter for free
  • The Socialist Party calls for the cleaning and lighting of gardens in the north of Los Belones (31/07/2012)

  • The festival celebrates its ninth edition Trovalia (31/07/2012)
    On Wednesday will be announced at a press conference at the Palace Hall, the details of this cultural event will take place next weekend
  • Cartagena Unemployment fell 4 percent in the second quarter (30/07/2012)
    This decline was particularly significant among young people, reaching 12 percent, according to data from the Labour Force Survey
  • The UIMP conducted in October its first course in Cartagena (30/07/2012)

  • Start of night tours in the neighborhood of the Roman Forum (30/07/2012)
    August 4 The guided tours start that Port of Cultures maintained for every Saturday of the month
  • Alberto and Ana Belen Gonzalez won the Fourth Cross of Cabo de Palos (30/07/2012)
    Funds raised were allocated to the recovery of Lorca, the Nursing Home and Asido Cartagena
  • The Roman Theatre Museum presents tutorial (30/07/2012)
    Councillor for Culture, Museum director and director of the CPR will be announced this new educational resource on Tuesday in the auditorium of the Museum itself
  • Students in Initial Vocational Training of the ADLE complete their training (30/07/2012)
    Employment councilor and director of the Agency will chair the Tuesday ceremony for diplomas to be held at the Palace Hall
  • The quality waves on the beaches Cartagena (30/07/2012)
    In recent days have hoisted the blue flag with which it has awarded the town's beaches, badges were delivered by the Autonomous Community to the City in the middle of this month
  • UPyD conditioning requires the City Council needed around the Mediterranean CEIP La Manga (27/07/2012)

  • A National Police deter a suicidal intention he jumped from a fourth floor (27/07/2012)
    The man went outside of a window of the home and threatened to throw himself on the floor
  • The works of local social Vista Alegre, entering the second phase (27/07/2012)
    Mayor Pilar Barreiro has visited with the council on Decentralization, local works of Vista Alegre and infrastructure polideportivas Los Belones
  • The City Council has reduced by 9 million deficit in the first half of the year (27/07/2012)
    The Mayor attributes this achievement as well as saving 32 million euros since 2008, to sacrifice all of the municipal government, citizens and businesses concessionary services
  • Students Employment Healthy, Ã practices pencils (27/07/2012)
    Employment councilor and director of the ADLE today visited the participants of the program of the Agency who are working in the maintenance of the facilities of the Association of Mental Illness
  • Concert in Cabo de Palos Habaneras (27/07/2012)
    Saturday celebrated the traditional festival, which this year will stage door of the Church of the coastal town
  • Enter into force on the Zoning Plan Cartagena (27/07/2012)
    The BORM has today published the document, which takes effect from this moment, as the Town Planning announced earlier this week
  • The fourth edition of the Cabo de Palos Cross in starting line (27/07/2012)
    The Sabbath is celebrated in traditional athletic competition that already has targeted about 1,300 runners and expected to exhaust the 200 numbers that remain free to Throughout the day today
  • Last days to pay property tax and municipal taxes (27/07/2012)
    These include waste and sewage from the Manga, the taxi license and tables and chairs, ending the period for voluntary payment on 6 August
  • The Miranda parties entering its final (26/07/2012)
    end on Sunday the festivities in honor of Santiago Apostle
  • The new colonel says AGA will be coordinated with the airport of Corvera (26/07/2012)
    Emilio John Grace, who took office on July 5, visited this morning the Mayor Pilar Barreiro
  • Cartagena vibrated with pure music and wild Juju (26/07/2012)
    Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara conjugated last night at the Town Hall Square essence of jazz, Afro blues and rock with her performance in The Sea of ​​Music
  • The Sea of ​​Music honors tonight Enrique Morente (26/07/2012)
    Carmen Linares, Evangelists and Solea Morente act to 22.30 in the Park Towers
  • UPyD considered an aberration in the location of the nursery grounds of techno music concert to be held on August 4. (25/07/2012)

  • In late August start concreting sections of the floor of the parking lot of the Avenue of America (25/07/2012)
    Planning technicians will ensure that works very rapidly and that the underground car park will be operational next summer
  • The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and The Pepper Pots act in La Barra Libre de La Mar de Musicas (25/07/2012)
    The concert will be free port on the esplanade near the auditorium, will begin at 22 am
  • The Son Of The Seas from Fort Christmas (25/07/2012)
    The Fort will host the 3rd and August 17, two concerts by the band The Bandegoma, including the summer program in Port of Cultures
  • Soul and African rhythms combined with Faotumata Diawara in the Sea of ​​Music (25/07/2012)
    The Malian artist appeared yesterday before the large audience that gathered in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Cartagena Municipality seeks to become Entrepreneur (25/07/2012)
    INFO City Council and have agreed to sign a cooperation agreement to implement measures to support entrepreneurial projects in the line that has been developing in the city ADLE
  • Oumou Sangare tonight will receive the first prize in The Sea of ​​Music (24/07/2012)
    The artist, who will act in the Batel, has been honored for his advocacy of the rights of African women
  • Veracruz, in film history and adventure of the Archaeological Museum (24/07/2012)
    Under the title What a peripeteia, the projections of this cycle have taken place on Wednesdays in July in collaboration with the Regional Film Archive Cinema
  • The General Plan of Cartagena, on the verge of entry into force (24/07/2012)
    The text, which is characterized as the result of high participation, and has received the approval of the Autonomous Region and is scheduled for publication in the BORM and entry into force before the end of July
  • The Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars reggae filled the Town Hall (24/07/2012)
    The group, one of the best known of Africa, performed last night in La Mar de Musicas
  • The Sea of ​​Things at the Casino de Cartagena (24/07/2012)
    Parallel to the Sea Music Festival has been launched this week a market alternative that offers clothing, accessories or jewelry, with the help of young craftsmen and designers
  • The Hotel prices fall in August and they give guided tours of the sites of Port of Cultures (24/07/2012)
    offer accommodation and tours for 35 or 40 euros a night throughout the month
  • The City Council will place containers on the streets to reciclaropa used (23/07/2012)
    The measure, which 40 zones are enabled to deposit articles from September due to a collaboration agreement signed with the Association Consistory Project Abraham
  • Detainee five people responsible for a wave of robberies in La Manga del Mar Menor, Cartagena (23/07/2012)
    The detainees were camped in an area close to where they have committed the robberies
  • The service line FEVE Cartagena-Los Nietos not be affected by Royal Decree of the Government (23/07/2012)
    Councillor for Infrastructure has said that the decision of the central government, with which LVEF becomes dependent on ADIF and RENFE, will optimize costs and improve levels of debt that drags
  • Cartagena sell its tourism excellence in Russia (23/07/2012)

  • SPCT: "The PP government surcharges up companies and freelancers who are late in paying fees of Social Security" (23/07/2012)
    SPCT considers to be inappropriate and disproportionate increase in charges
  • Santa Ana pours in its employer (23/07/2012)
    The neighborhood festivals began on Friday with the opening of the exhibition center and the crowning of the queens of the holidays
  • The Plaza de la Ermita del Rincn and Francisco Solano Garcia called (23/07/2012)
    Saturday held the act of nomination of this public space with the assistance of councilors à ngel Nicolas Bernal and Diego Ortega
  • The T-LA program leads young people to Sierra Nevada (23/07/2012)
    There are still places available in Youth for traveling to Mulhacen
  • UPyD believes that conditions of neglect in the nearby fields has led to a plague of flies in Los Urrutias (22/07/2012)
    Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) proposes to carry out the actions necessary to ensure sanitation and welfare of all their fellow citizens, who enjoy these holiday dates
  • The Socialist Party denounced the lack of disabled access in the Pine Creek (20/07/2012)

  • UPyD think is an important step, but you can do more to save, and expected to be so (20/07/2012)
    About saving measures adopted by the municipal government of Cartagena
  • Miranda, celebrations until 29 July (20/07/2012)

  • St. Lucia held a Triduum in honor of Santiago Apostle (20/07/2012)
    The Eucharist by the patron saint of Spain and the neighborhood, will be 22 to 24 July
  • Full unanimously approved cuts in the salaries of councilors and officials (20/07/2012)

  • The mayor considered a gesture of solidarity lowering the salaries of councilors (20/07/2012)

  • The House approves the proposal of the PP to lower wages and eliminate extra councilors and officials (20/07/2012)
    Mirror points out that the officers and their salaries were voted in favor by PSOE and IU
  • Alpha Blondy celebrated 30 years on stage with The Sea of ​​Music (20/07/2012)
    The African act tonight at the Auditorium of the Park Towers with The Skatalites and Shangaan Electro
  • The Corner Sumiedo celebrates in honor of Santiago Apostle (20/07/2012)
    Neighbors have prepared dances, performances and a Mass in honor of its patron
  • Gypsy Festival in El Batel (20/07/2012)
    Punk Opera Emir Kusturica the audience goes wild at the opening of La Mar de Musicas
  • IU-Green urges Viudes to "stop selling smoke" with The Gorguel (19/07/2012)

  • The developers of the region discuss the VPOs in the Auditorium (19/07/2012)
    The association has held its last meeting before the holidays in Cartagena, which was attended by 25 people
  • Baobabs floating in the Batel (19/07/2012)
    The photographer Elaine Ling opens his discussion of these trees in the ancient African art section of The Sea Music
  • A marine paradise to discover and caring (19/07/2012)
    WWF Solar has now reached the port of Cartagena with a campaign to raise public awareness about the need to protect and conserve the ecosystems of our coast
  • The folklore of La Palma travel to Oviedo (19/07/2012)
    City of Cartagena The group will share the stage Saturday with groups from various countries will Siero Festival
  • Santa Ana's neighbors celebrate their patron (19/07/2012)
    Among the scheduled activities, which begin Friday and last until Sunday 29, include a pilgrimage, a route from the top and various gatherings and musical performances
  • The youth of the Ruta Quetzal landed in Cartagena (18/07/2012)
    The expedition already in the city, where he has spent traveling the main archaeological sites and significant historic sites
  • Civil Protection notice on the beach of the sea state and the presence of jellyfish (18/07/2012)
    Public Safety Councilman Mariano Garcia, met this morning with the staff of Civil Protection to discuss their performances for the summer on the coast
  • Kusturica opens Thursday the curtain of The Sea of ​​Music (18/07/2012)
    Festival kicks off with punk opera Time of the Gypsies, the Serbian filmmaker, whose assembly has begun to take shape this morning at the Auditorium The Batel
  • The campaign Paradises Discover Your Marine arrives at the port of Cartagena (18/07/2012)
    will arrive on Thursday aboard the solar boat of WWF Spain, in a ceremony will be attended by the Councillor for Tourism and Environment, Palazn Carolina
  • The tragedy of the Bounty, film history and adventure of the Archaeological Museum (18/07/2012)
    Under the title What a peripeteia, the projections of this process take place on Wednesdays in July in collaboration with the Regional Film Archive Cinema
  • Pedro Cano, guide his exhibition at the Museum of the Roman Theater (18/07/2012)
    The White painter is Thursday responsible for leading the tour of the IX Mediterranean temporary exhibition hosted by the museum
  • Students Employment Healthy program finish their practices in Los Urrutias, Alums and Torres Park (18/07/2012)
    With this action, the Agency of Local Development and Employment in the workplace includes people with mental illness and drug addicts
  • The local police at 905 detected 7 positive breath tests performed (18/07/2012)
    established agents last week 150 controls to drivers in the campaign conducted throughout the municipality in collaboration with the DGT
  • UPyD says that is nonsense Antiguones eliminate parking and leave the center without more options (17/07/2012)

  • 225 youth in the Ruta Quetzal visit Cartagena (17/07/2012)
    The expedition will arrive this afternoon in Cartagena and tomorrow will be touring the major historical sites in the port city
  • Death of a swimmer in Cala Dorada after hitting a rock (17/07/2012)

  • 22085 Cartagena stand charged 30 euros less subsidy from August (17/07/2012)
    SPCT requires the deputy Pilar Barreiro who opposes this fall, not announced by the government of Rajoy
  • A good level of English for the commercial sector (17/07/2012)
    employment councilor, Diego Ortega, handed diplomas to the 22 students who conducted the course of the ADLE
  • The dream of every immigrant entering the CIM (17/07/2012)
    Photographer Clement Bernard reconstructed in an exhibition of La Mar de Musicas the last day of Malika, a young Moroccan who died on arrival by boat to a beach in Motril
  • Access to Calblanque drive will be limited during the summer (17/07/2012)
    During the week, vehicles to pass freely, while weekends and holidays from 11 in the morning, can only be accessed through the service Free buses provided for the purpose
  • Alfonso Santos presents his collection of movie posters with the Sea of ​​Music (17/07/2012)
    The New Theatre projectionist Circus has made an exhibition of Africa, a country that is dedicated to the festival as a backdrop
  • The City Council renew the street lighting in the area of ​​Pern (17/07/2012)
    From Friday are working sixteen new points of light spread across Pern, Galifa and Cuesta Blanca
  • The fishermen celebrate their day at sea (17/07/2012)
    After a Mass in honor of its patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen, performed the traditional sea procession
  • The advantages of international cards available to young people (16/07/2012)
    The Youth Council, through the Youth Space, informed of the benefits of these cards, such as discounts on lodging, entertainment, culture and transport
  • SPCT supports the abolition of privileges of politicians published in the BOE (16/07/2012)
    Socialists for Cartagena requires the President of the Regional Assembly to abolish the system complementary to that enjoyed by regional deputies and fixing compensation for stoppage of work for 30 days salary per year of service
  • Declare Cultural Well the archaeological site of the Quarry Hills (16/07/2012)
    The resolution, published in the BORM the July 12, 2012, encourages landowners to prevent deterioration of the area
  • The Pepper Pots replaces Ben L'Oncle Soul Free La Barra La Mar de Musicas (16/07/2012)
    A problem in the vocal cords has caused changes to the evening of Wednesday 25 July, which will perform at the Tokyo port Ska Paradise Orchestra
  • The city charities receive 300 kilos of fish per Day Carmen (16/07/2012)
    The Fishermen's Association continues this tradition to celebrate the day of its patron.
  • A good level of English to enter the labor market (16/07/2012)
    The 22 students in the course of English Commercial Management on Tuesday ADLE receive evidence of his training diplomas in a ceremony to be held at the Palace Hall
  • Photography lessons for youth (16/07/2012)
    T-The program of the Youth Council has organized this evening course is held from 19 to 21 July in Room Access Free Pearl District
  • The grandmother of the bluff meets 102 years (13/07/2012)

  • The program encourages unemployed connects back to school (13/07/2012)
    Employment councilor has given you this morning diplomas and has been very pleased that 11 students have passed the entrance exams Intermediate
  • Mamadou Dia presents La Mar de Musicas the book 3052 (13/07/2012)
    The Senegalese told in the book, to be presented in the literary section of the festival on July 23, his journey by canoe to Spain to finance development projects in the village
  • The Residencial Buenos Aires will have more green spaces and sports (13/07/2012)
    Mayor today delivered the first titles Resident owners deeded the 51 houses and have begun to live in the area
  • Music home against stress (13/07/2012)
    Several adults participating in the pilot workshop that teaches the Youth Council on Music Therapy
  • SPCT considers it essential that politicians lead by example in this very difficult time (13/07/2012)
    SPCT propose elimination of releases of regional councilors and deputies during the crisis, except for speakers, Mayor and Assembly Speaker
  • Fishermen at sea processions to the Virgen del Carmen (13/07/2012)
    events begin today in honor of the Virgin which each year conducts the Fishermen's Association of Cartagena, which will culminate on Monday, the feast of Carmen, with great sea procession
  • Ending Summer Schools more (13/07/2012)
    In two weeks, thirty elders have fought the heat acquired knowledge, as city history, crafts and design
  • The town of Los Urrutias celebrates its patron (13/07/2012)
    La Virgen del Carmen will be on Monday from various commemorative events in the town of Low, which will assist the District Councillor, Juan Jose Martinez
  • The Association of Journalists of the Murcia region of their headquarters located in Cartagena (12/07/2012)
    The new board has met this morning with the mayor and have raised their proposals to relaunch the journalism in the city
  • Malick Sidib's magic returns to the Sea of ​​Art (12/07/2012)
    La Mar de Musicas recovered in an exhibition photographs that sold African artists during their stay in 2001 in the port city
  • Pedaling for a good cause (12/07/2012)
    Sports Councillor has received today at the Palace Hall to the two cyclists solidarity that travel throughout the peninsula collecting aid for victims of pedophilia in a village in Cambodia
  • The Indian military impressed with the ancient Cartagena (12/07/2012)
    The mayor has received today at the controls of the Indian fleet consisting of four warships of the Asian country, which will remain until Saturday at the port of Cartagena
  • The neighborhood of the Roman Forum with Mark and Octavia (12/07/2012)
    on Friday is scheduled within the activities of Cartagena Port of Cultures, the theatrical route Pleasures Roman World, which runs several centers of tourist interpretation of the City
  • The mayor sees a need for major reform of local government (12/07/2012)
    Pilar Barreiro believes that the tough measures taken by Rajoy are the result of an exercise of responsibility and that all sectors of society must be united in this sacrifice
  • The Indian Navy is started to beat rock (12/07/2012)
    A musical unit of the sailors found this week in Cartagena, offered yesterday a concert at the Town Hall Square
  • Fun music in the classroom (11/07/2012)
    Two hundred children enjoy and rush the most recent days of the Colonies of Music and the Summer Schools
  • The Municipal Archives website is renewed to approach users (11/07/2012)

  • Malick Sidib Pedreo enters the Palace with The Sea of ​​Music (11/07/2012)
    Thursday presented to the media exposure on the figure of the photographer from Mali, which will be open until 31 August
  • The Christ of Faith again returns as the Carmelite church (11/07/2012)
    Height was restored for three months at the Restoration of the Region of Murcia., Where oxygen has been removed and has tried to preserve their Conservation
  • Councillor for Sports welcomes cyclists solidarity (11/07/2012)
    Two Vitoria NGO Solidarity Pencil that travel throughout the peninsula to seek support to build a home for child victims of Pedophilia in Cambodia
  • The Batel in November will host a conference on Research in Care (11/07/2012)
    About 600 professionals will participate in the 6 to 9 November at the international meeting is organized by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Policy
  • Culture restores the image of "Christ of faith 'by Mariano Benlliure (11/07/2012)

  • Cabo de Palos and Islands Ants Best Corner aims to Spain 2012 (11/07/2012)
    The place Cartagena is among the seven best games to date by the users of the Repsol Guide in the contest organized through its website, which will end on 26 September
  • Patty Smith, Chick Corea and Melody Gardot, among the artists who will be in Cartagena Jazz Festival (11/07/2012)
    The event, which this year celebrates its 32nd edition, held from 24 October to 1 December in the New Theatre and Circus The Batel
  • Cartagena firefighters instruct gunners in techniques of release Tentegorra and rescue of injured (10/07/2012)

  • Cartagena Firefighters are training military Tentegorra a course in Health Transport (10/07/2012)

  • The mayor wishes you happy summer Sahrawi children during their stay in Cartagena (10/07/2012)
    The 47 youngsters from the Tindouf Refugee Camps, along with their host families have been welcomed today by Pilar Barreiro and Antonio Calderon at the Palace Hall
  • Grabbed launch a floor for the disabled in October (10/07/2012)
    The president of the association visited today to thank the mayor for help in implementing this project, which seeks to teach children with Down syndrome to live independently
  • Concert of Musical Unity of Indian Navy in Cartagena (10/07/2012)
    will be on Wednesday afternoon at the Town Hall Square, at the gates of the Palace Hall
  • The Monty Python, in film history and adventure of the Archaeological Museum (10/07/2012)
    Under the title What a peripeteia, the projections of this process take place on Wednesdays in July in collaboration with the Regional Film Archive Cinema
  • Michael Fructuoso merges African nations in a mural (10/07/2012)
    The Murcian artist participating in the Sea of ​​Art with his work Fuking Beauty, which will be exhibited at the Maritime Museum until 30 August
  • Cycling, kayaking and canoeing in the Mar Menor (10/07/2012)
    T-LA program has scheduled a multi-adventure activities for this Saturday at the Mar Menor, there are still vacancies
  • Africa smiles at the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy (09/07/2012)
    media presentation to be held Monday at the Cultural Center Ramon Alonso Luzzy
  • Cartagena will join the network of Local Government Biodiversity + (09/07/2012)
    The Governing Board also approved the award of two years of the bars of the Sea of ​​Music at the Cathedral and has incorporated a Repsol grant of 50,000 euros for the festival
  • The House passes a resolution that supports the popular demand of the City of Cartagena in New Gate (09/07/2012)

  • The City agrees to cooperate with justice through civil proceedings in the case of New Gate (09/07/2012)

  • Skip Press Fructuoso Miguel installation, Fucking Beauty, at the Naval Museum (09/07/2012)
    The Murcian artist presents to the Sea of ​​Music 2012, a large-scale mural
  • James Ausern Zebda replaced the French group in the Sea of ​​Music (09/07/2012)
    will present his new project John Dog & The Sarabande, hand in hand with Vinicio Capossela, on Friday, July 27
  • There are still places in the program travel T-LA (09/07/2012)
    program Alternative Leisure and Recreation (T-LA) has organized visits to Port Aventura, Aqualandia and the City of Sciences in Valencia
  • The Folklore Festival of La Palma closes with an overview of the customs of the Spanish people (09/07/2012)
    Five groups acted on Saturday at the closing, which was also attended by the council of Celebration, Florentina Garcia
  • The T-La is about the art of Chinese writing (09/07/2012)
    Those interested in learning this ancient writing system can register the six-week course included in the program of summer activities organized by Youth
  • Waiter and full-time travel agent (06/07/2012)
    The ADLE way to 16 restaurateurs to serve other than in bars or restaurants showing what places tourists can visit in the city
  • The V Beam will host the Beach Soccer Championship Bluesport (06/07/2012)
    The sporting event with the participation of ten teams from throughout the Region, will be held from 17 to 22 July
  • More than 300 people in four months receiving training in the workshops of Classroom Set (06/07/2012)

  • Half of the students who carried out the practices lifeguard course get jobs ADLE (06/07/2012)
    Last year this training recorded a 43% recruitment
  • The local police made 150 breath tests in one week (06/07/2012)
    This is a new road safety campaign sponsored by the DGT, which is going to develop from 9 to July 15, with control points in both the city and neighborhoods
  • Murcia and Cartagena are betting boards for the High Speed ​​Region (06/07/2012)

  • Court of the Ramon y Cajal street paved for final (06/07/2012)
    Monday to Friday will stop the passage of vehicles between Juan and Miguel Hernandez
  • Mirror: "The Government believes criminally irresponsible to open a difficult charge to New Gate" (06/07/2012)

  • The XX Festival of Folklore of La Palma celebrates his big day on Saturday (06/07/2012)
    Over the week have been developing cultural activities related to the traditions of the Campo de Cartagena, as the exhibition on Traditional Games, open every night of the festival
  • The City defends the civil action to collect the debt to New Gate (06/07/2012)

  • The ESPAC train security guards in the clubs (05/07/2012)
    The CARM has authorized the City of Cartagena to deliver courses Controller Access to Public Entertainment, recreational activities and facilities
  • The City Council is the Committee on Monitoring and Control Aquagest (05/07/2012)
    Team Government wants to increase the controls you have on the various dealers of municipal services
  • Students of hospitality courses begin their placements (05/07/2012)
    Social Care Councillor closed today the three courses at a ceremony to be held in the Aula of the building of La Milagrosa
  • Waiter and travel agent rolled into one with a course of ADLE (05/07/2012)
    Students who have participated in the training organized by the Agency will receive their diplomas Friday in a ceremony to be held at the Palace Hall
  • Starts Summer School Driver Education Park (04/07/2012)
    Monday began the activities that will develop from Monday to Thursday during the months of July and August
  • The T-LA organizes a music therapy (04/07/2012)
    The classes, which begin on Monday 9, aim to reduce the stress of participants
  • A La Mar de Musicas car sharing (04/07/2012)
    Amovens.com The festival, put back up the campaign to promote eco-practice sharing to help offset the use of them and cut well, pollution
  • Immigrants in the municipality are formed as citizens (04/07/2012)

  • Land of the Pharaohs begins historic movie programming and adventure in the Archaeological Museum (04/07/2012)
    Under the title What a peripeteia, the projections will take place on Wednesday in July in collaboration with the Regional Film Archive Cinema
  • Machining and Diesel Celdrn JJ Cartagena win the league and cup Cartagena Amateur Football (03/07/2012)
    In the championship, organized by the Department of Sports, 500 athletes participated
  • The return of the night walks in the tourist catamaran (03/07/2012)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures this activity is scheduled for Thursday and Friday during the months of July and August
  • The businessmen are united in the Roman theater to promote tourism and cultural projects (03/07/2012)
    About 80 people participated today in Europe day Simple, Culture and Tourism, which aims to enlighten the workers on EU funding for cultural projects and tourism
  • The Fourth Cross Cabo de Palos expected 2,000 runners gather for various charitable causes (03/07/2012)
    The money collected by the Athletic Club will go to La Manga Lorca, Grabbed and the reform of Nursing Home
  • Summer activities in the Neighborhood Virgin of Charity (03/07/2012)
    During the months of July, August and September will develop a full program of entertainment, sports and games organized by the Neighborhood Association and the City
  • Unemployment in Cartagena down to levels last December (03/07/2012)
    The number of unemployed lower than regional averages and Spanish
  • The greatest learning and develop such popular dishes (03/07/2012)
    This morning the Social Care Councillor visited the workshops of cooking terms and summer school
  • Solange Triger is inspired by Morocco for display Paper (03/07/2012)
    The Moroccan artist exhibits his work from July 5 to August 31 in room Byzantine Wall
  • Implica2 farewell video during the Night of the Volunteers (03/07/2012)
    Lurdoscopa Made by the group, incorporating the work of young volunteers during the Night of Museums and will be presented Thursday at the Loom Bar
  • The largest settle their unfinished business in the summer (02/07/2012)
    About thirty retirees learn cooking, design, art and history at Senior Summer School organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • The students will get credit UPCT participate in a course of literature from the Sea of ​​Music (02/07/2012)
    The workshop will address African literature, beginning on day 18
  • The City Council launches a new management model for Sport (02/07/2012)
    Full Municipal Corporation approves the dissolution of the Municipal Sports and rejects the creation of a commission of inquiry into New Gate
  • The summer schedules of the buses are in operation (02/07/2012)
    Alsa City from today increases the frequency of passage of the lines of the beach areas and the start of the bus line Cala Cortina
  • Mirror: "The commission of inquiry is only a political maneuver wear" (02/07/2012)

  • Europe Easy, Culture and Tourism, held Tuesday at the Roman Theatre Museum (02/07/2012)
    The Day will be opened by the Director General of Tourism.
  • Published in the municipal website first quarterly settlement of the budget (02/07/2012)
    Referred to March 31, 2012, gives revenue figures 18.58 percent and 14.30 percent a concerning charges
  • The credits ADLE 17 students as monitors swim (02/07/2012)
    The Councillor for Employment and New Technologies delivered the diplomas on Tuesday at the Palace Hall

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