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Cartagena News - December 2011

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  • Garland and shepherds, in the best showcases of Christmas (30/12/2011)
    The Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Commerce selects eight establishments in the city as a decoration contest finalists Windows
  • The City exceeds expectations with the campaign to collect toys (30/12/2011)
    Volunteers have finished sorting the gifts, over 1,500, and started handing them out to the associations of social action
  • The animated film Carthago Nova receives six nominations for the Goya 2012 (30/12/2011)

  • David Marin and Javier Aparicio, the new coach of Real Cartagena (30/12/2011)

  • The smallest rebuild a city of the first century (30/12/2011)
    number of families participating in the workshops organized the Roman Theatre and Museum in which they explain the areas of the Roman cities
  • The Magic of Christmas environmental center (29/12/2011)
    inflatable attractions, children's workshops and theater daily filled the streets of Cartagena
  • The police NGO delivers almost a thousand pieces of clothing to charity (29/12/2011)
    Involved donate the items seized in street trading controls and those who have contributed to Caritas agents and Santa Teresa Hospitality
  • Theatre of the 30s in Refuge (29/12/2011)
    Ditirambo The company is on Saturday December 31 and January 7, a play that recreates the atmosphere of the past eight decades Cartagena
  • Timeline of the windlass and vicinity (28/12/2011)
    Fifty people know the importance of buildings and sites of the city to participate in the guided tours organized for the holidays the Department of Tourism
  • The Magi loaded bags in San Miguel (28/12/2011)
    The City Council meets the objectives and includes the campaign Mountains to the illusion, no child without toys, join, 1240 gifts for underprivileged children
  • Children surfing history Qart Hadasht (28/12/2011)
    The company has represented La Murga Arqueonautas this morning in the archaeological museum to teach in a fun way to smaller origins of Cartagena
  • Allow left turn at the intersection of Carmen Conde Jorge Juan (28/12/2011)
    The Department of Public Safety supports the proposal of the drivers to avoid having to twist in the rotunda of Juan Fernandez
  • Local Police intensified their control over illegal parties on New Years Eve (28/12/2011)
    has detected two cases deal through social networks
  • The Corporation held on Thursday, his last full year (28/12/2011)

  • Origami for understanding the Civil War (27/12/2011)
    Children 6 to 12 years learn through play in a workshop in Port of cultures as was the help of other countries to Spain from 1936 to 1939
  • Children's Theatre in the Municipal Archaeological Museum (27/12/2011)
    28 and 29 December and 3 January 4 represent the company's Murga Los Arqueonautas
  • The football league base bids farewell to the January 14 (27/12/2011)
    AD the valley, EF Hope, Garden City UCAM, AD Vistalegre Franciscans and EF-Los Mateos best at the close of the championship in 2011
  • The ADLE teaches how to find employment to 174 persons (27/12/2011)
    Since last October has held 16 workshops in which they have shown the techniques best suited to their skills, social skills and how to successfully pass a job interview
  • Immigrant's Day in San Anton (27/12/2011)
    The celebration took place on day 20 at the Casino under the theme Building a Participatory and Integrated District
  • The UP change management model to join the Department of Culture (26/12/2011)
    will not decrease in the contracts of workers who will be working staff of the City
  • The program helps ELIO three hundred unemployed to find work (26/12/2011)
    The ADLE drives in 2011 a project that teaches unemployed Europeans to develop curriculum using the Internet to seek employment
  • The T-LA organizes a visit to Madrid to see the musical The Lion King (26/12/2011)
    The trip, organized by the Alternative Recreation program d ela Youth Council, is scheduled for 30 and March 31, the deadline Registration is now open
  • They just orientation workshops professional ADLE (26/12/2011)
    Local Development Agency has offered 16 courses this year in which they have taught the unemployed to develop their personal skills
  • The elderly represent Millionaire School (26/12/2011)

  • More than 500 gifts in the mountains solidarity Hall (26/12/2011)
    Volunteers receive more toys for children from 0 to 5 years, the campaign of the Department of Social Services ended the day 28 at two pm
  • Guided tours and free (26/12/2011)
    The Department of Tourism for the holidays offer two routes from the Palace Hall to the windlass, which will be held on December 28 and January 4
  • They pose as volunteers from Social Services to obtain personal data and your home (26/12/2011)
    The Department of Social Services advised the elderly living alone at home that appointments are always made at the request of stakeholders and are concluded with due advance
  • Christmas visit to the charities of the city (23/12/2011)
    The councilman of Social Care, Antonio Calderón congratulates Christmas at The Huertica, the Casa Cuna and the center of El Algar Day
  • The City Council will soon open the time for requesting facilities on beaches (23/12/2011)
    As of January 3 instances may be submitted for placement of beach bars, sunbeds and umbrellas on the shore
  • Growing toy mountain San Miguel (23/12/2011)
    Representatives of nonprofit organizations nationally and internationally have accompanied this morning by Social Care Councillor and left gifts for needy children
  • The Language Exchange celebrated Christmas (23/12/2011)
    Thirty people gave more than ten nationalities for the holidays
  • The New Football Club closes for Christmas Cartagena more sport (23/12/2011)
    Over three hundred students have participated in activities organized in collaboration with the Department of Sports
  • The UP change management model to join the Department of Culture (23/12/2011)

  • Application period to request mobility twenty scholarships of Leonardo da Vinci (23/12/2011)
    Those interested have until Jan. 13 to request the aid granted annually universitariospara ADLE graduates work abroad
  • The mayor asks strength, cohesion and generosity to the Cartagena out of the crisis (23/12/2011)
    Christmas Speech in Pilar Barreiro fired from a difficult year in which emblematic works have been opened to ensure the future
  • Morata Francisco Andreu, Cartagenero the Year 2010 (22/12/2011)
    The jury, which met this afternoon at the Palace Hall, chaired by the Mayor, has chosen to nominate APIC President, who was councilor to the cantonal Ayuntamieno
  • The Mayor will open the cycle with business breakfasts (22/12/2011)
    Barreiro met this morning with the president of AJE, Teodora Guillen, which retrieves this series of lectures from January
  • Godinez honors the world of bull Toreros Solidarity in Cartagena (22/12/2011)
    The photo exhibition will be at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy until 30 December
  • The new larger pattern of the Fishermen's Association is submitted to the Mayor (22/12/2011)
    In the first visit Bartolomé Navarro makes Barreiro, has asked for help to keep the brotherhood lose the concession dock
  • The downtown merchants selling calendars to help families Lorca (22/12/2011)
    The Department of Commerce is working with the city of Lorca in the initiative launched today to raise funds for those affected by the earthquake last May 11
  • The good-natured dealerships savings plan provides the City (22/12/2011)

  • Luis Fonseca: "Three points would be a good Christmas" (21/12/2011)

  • The mayor congratulated the parties for the balance of the year by journalists (21/12/2011)
    Continue to promote tourism, employment work and seek savings through austerity in the budget are the main challenges imposed Pilar Barreiro for year 2012
  • Carols Recital students ElCano (21/12/2011)
    The choir has organized a Christmas concert, which will be tomorrow at noon in the church of Santo Domingo
  • The mayor recalled in the side of the ban on Christmas celebrations in non-authorized (21/12/2011)
    also set out the different cuts and traffic restrictions will occur these days, especially by the Three Kings
  • E-cards to promote Cartagena (21/12/2011)
    The councils of New Technologies and Tourism creates a platform on the municipal website to send animated cards sites representing the city
  • Music, opera, theater and symphonic cycle, opened in 2012, the curtain of the Auditorium (21/12/2011)
    Actors like Jorge Sanz and Amparo Larrañaga, or musicians like Dani Martin and Michael Nyman, Cartagena as protagonists go through the programming of the Department of Culture for the months of January through May
  • On Thursday Cartagenero elects the Year (21/12/2011)
    The jury will deliberate at noon at the Palace Hall on the various applications submitted by citizens and institutions
  • Special bus timetable for the holidays (21/12/2011)

  • The immigrants, some cartageneros more (21/12/2011)
    The councilman of Social Care presented the diplomas to the 25 workshops aliens who have participated in courses where, among other things, have learned the composition of the City
  • Toreros Solidarity in Cartagena (20/12/2011)
    50 Exposure compose photographs by Luis Godinez, of bullfighters who have participated in the various editions of the campaign Cartagena, for Charity
  • The hospital of Saint Lucia Fire tests (20/12/2011)
    Staff of Fire Station today participated in a simulation unit 32 of the enclosure sanitary action that marks the end of the introduction of Self-Protection Plan to the center
  • Begin the workshop to build a Roman city (20/12/2011)
    The course has organized the museum for children to learn the ancient architecture begins Thursday
  • EF San Cristobal, CD Algar and FC Cartagena, prominent leaders of the League (20/12/2011)
    This week a special event takes place before the Christmas holiday
  • The simplification of procedures, for the full list (20/12/2011)
    Planning Commission reported favorably proopuesta Government Team for licensing in ten days
  • The band of La Union prepares its Christmas performance (20/12/2011)
    December 30 will be in the Plaza de San Francisco, the musicians will play several issues known composers
  • Cartagena, among the biggest save in Christmas lights (20/12/2011)

  • The City halved its contribution to the Planning Department in the last four years (20/12/2011)
    will be three million, in a budget to the governing council has been set at nearly 8.7 million euros for 2012
  • Five finalists in the contest XX Well Pasodobles Strait (20/12/2011)
    paso doble, Sunday, Solera, Highlands and Sonia will compete on January 28th in this event that has received this year thirty compositions
  • Half-price tickets at the Nuevo Teatro Circo de Cartagena with youth card to see Broadway Spirit (20/12/2011)
    The 22 to December 23 in addition to the theater will host magic shows
  • The coral Iuvenis Music acts at the Archaeological Museum (20/12/2011)
    Among the works that emphasize sing Adeste Fideles Thursday, Jingle Bells and known compositions of the Beatles
  • The local police made nearly one breath tests last week (20/12/2011)
    controls are part of the Christmas campaign aimed at improving traffic safety
  • The largest recall the First World War (20/12/2011)
    Two hundred retirees attended the screening of the film Merry Christmas, part of the Christmas program at the Municipal Institute of Social Services
  • The Planning Commission deals with the simplification of procedures for granting licenses (19/12/2011)
    The proposed ordinance recently adopted by the Governing Board, began his process for next full City
  • A student of the Polytechnic won the contest RAP (19/12/2011)
    Jorge Arilla has competed this morning with eight young people more in the music festival which has been convened to celebrate Youth Day Human Rights
  • Local Police improved defense (19/12/2011)
    The actors learn new techniques for self-protection and utility the gun during an arrest in a course that taught the Saturday in the Park Security
  • Coffee Asia, Cartagena icon (19/12/2011)
    The company's promotional campaign aims to capture Jose Diaz tourists through a culinary tradition that has its origin in the port city
  • Two local teams earn medals in Phase III of Spain Cup Final 2011 Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (19/12/2011)
    The event was held this weekend in the Central Hall of Cartagena with the assistance of over a thousand people
  • A sign full of magic and joy Carnival Announces 2012 (19/12/2011)
    The festivities, which begin on February 11, already have image and its most representative, Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma, who give life and Clara Gomez Ricardo Ortiz , the troupe Renaissance
  • Young promises fuel efficiency (19/12/2011)
    The Department and the Association of Housewives reward the work of three schools that participated in the training program under the theme Consumers efficient and new technologies
  • Aging and fibromyalgia affected learn techniques to improve your memory (19/12/2011)
    ​​ Fifty people completed the training course Thursday memory and organized by Social Services that has developed between October and December
  • The chestnut trumpet the arrival of Christmas in day care centers (19/12/2011)
    Senior Clubs municipality revive this ancient custom and disclosed in schools and nursing homes, thanks to the larger program of the Institute of Municipal Services Social
  • Closing of the course a showcase for the ADLE (19/12/2011)
    The 20 participating students have received their diplomas at the Palace Hall
  • Cartagena City Council launches the Traffic Safety Plan Christmas, New Year and Reyes (17/12/2011)

  • The residents of Isla Plana regain their social club after two years of work (16/12/2011)
    The Mayor opened the facility in which they have invested some 200,000 euros
  • 250 athletes participating in the Championship Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (16/12/2011)
    Central Sports Pavilion this weekend hosts the finals of this competition in a sport in which Cartagena is a pioneer in the region and across the country
  • The sailors Lucia and Fatima Reyes received at City Hall after his return home (16/12/2011)
    Both athletes have today held a meeting with Pilar Barreiro after participating in the Olympic Classes Championships 2011 in Perth
  • Pérez Casanova sheets signed his paintings in the Roman Theater (16/12/2011)
    Palma's artist will be at the museum on December 18, where it is exposed by the Palace Hall, the sample in the light of two cities
  • More than one hundred artists exhibit in archaea by the Multiple Sclerosis Day (16/12/2011)
    Municipal Institute of Social and ARQUA organized by the association Cartagena various activities to report on this disease, which affects 50 000 people Spain
  • The neighbors of Jose Maria Lapuerta transform a garden into a cultural space (16/12/2011)
    inaugurate Sunday Tales Forest of the World, a project that has emerged from the Botica del Libro, an initiative of the Youth Council
  • Six thousand people participate through social networks at the opening of Agrifood Forum (16/12/2011)
    Experts warn that the food in Spain is increasingly dependent on imports
  • Little Red Riding Hood and Dynamite Perez visited the New Theatre Circus (16/12/2011)
    This weekend, the theater welcomes Cartagena shows the two young people
  • The students say no to Ben Arabi abuse (16/12/2011)
    A group of high school art students depicting scenes of gender violence rejection by the Human Rights Day
  • Cartagena, Ciudad de Congresos, is promoted throughout the world (16/12/2011)

  • Francisco Martinez, a lifetime dedicated to AIDS patients (16/12/2011)
    The president of the Foundation of San Pedro Store Asylum yesterday received the Award for Voluntary Commitment III
  • Four hundred fourteen people came to donate blood at the Palace Hall (16/12/2011)
    The figure sets a new record in the campaign towards Christmas organizes the City along with the Regional Blood Donation Centre and Radio Cartagena
  • The Marathon IV Blood Drive donor receives five hours 159 (15/12/2011)
    Nurses Regional Blood Donation Centre 17 people have rejected for various reasons, up to 21 hours will be held at the Palace extractions Hall
  • Begona Oro awareness of the value of privacy to readers and Hache Mandarache Prize (15/12/2011)
    The writer has presented Grapefruit and Lemon, the piece that won the last prize Wide Angle, more than six hundred students
  • Performance on gender violence in the IES Ben Arabi (15/12/2011)
    The Youth and Women councilors will attend on Friday staging that have been prepared on this subject a group of students of visual and performing arts high school and high school musical
  • Port of Cultures for the whole family for 60 euros per year (15/12/2011)

  • They arrive early Christmas present to San Miguel (15/12/2011)
    Councillors leave toys in the courtyard of City Hall administration building so that no child is left without presents this Christmas
  • The opening of Bethlehem and the lights will welcome Christmas (15/12/2011)
    The mayor, along with other members of the municipal corporation, will attend the Friday afternoon events to be held in the Plaza San Francisco with which begin the festivities in the city
  • 30 people get the food handler card with ADLE (15/12/2011)
    The Agency has had to make a selection from the hundreds of requests that were submitted for this training, which took place yesterday at the headquarters of the COEC
  • Concert Band Christmas Sauces (15/12/2011)
    will be offered on Saturday December 17th at 12:30 pm in the Plaza de San Francisco in the programming of the Department of Festivities
  • Queues to participate in the Marathon IV Blood Drive (15/12/2011)
    Early risers expected early in the morning at the gates of the Palace Hall to participate in this charity event organized by City Council, Regional Blood Donation Centre and Cadena SER
  • The Chapel of Perpetual Adoration, "the heart of the Diocese of Cartagena" (14/12/2011)

  • The students of San Gines de la Jara, motorcycling fans (14/12/2011)
    The school visits the racing circuit through the outreach program to the sport's elite Department of Sports
  • The students of the AGA landing at the Palace Hall (14/12/2011)
    Accompanied by their teachers, have been this morning in Cartagena where they greeted the first deputy mayor, who has been given a memory box
  • More hands to care for dependent people (14/12/2011)
    The 40 students of the Workshop on ADA Employment Agency and Employment Local Development today have received their diplomas after a year of training, in a ceremony presided over the council and the Deputy Director Employment General SEF
  • As children in the third contest of Carols (14/12/2011)
    Nearly two hundred seniors have participated this morning in the festival which has organized the Municipal Social Services
  • Francisco Martinez will receive her award on Thursday Voluntary Commitment (14/12/2011)
    The award given by the Department of Social Services of the City of Cartagena will be delivered in the afternoon in the classroom of the CAM in the High Street
  • The Palace hosts the fourth Marathon Hall Blood Drive (14/12/2011)
    After the success of previous editions on Thursday, is expected to exceed the number of donations last year, 391, and 400 extractions reach
  • Start the campaign or a child without toys this Christmas (14/12/2011)

  • The writer Begonia Gold opens the cycle of meetings and Hache Mandarache Awards 2012 (14/12/2011)
    Submit your work Grapefruit and Lemon (SM, 2011), which won the last prize Wide Angle
  • In stores in the Roman Theater (14/12/2011)
    The Museum for Christmas with a space where art and can be purchased as accessories, jewelry, textiles and publications
  • Students of Early Lopez, visiting the Palace Hall (14/12/2011)
    Accompanied by their teachers have made this morning a guided tour of the building units noble
  • Last days for many families to apply for property tax rebate. (14/12/2011)
    The period will close on December 31 and discounts ranging between 30 and 60 percent of the tax
  • Middle hundred more visit the Security Park (14/12/2011)
    On Thursday municipal facilities can meet through a tour of Mimas, and will receive a talk on Security and Local Police
  • Students of Jose Maria Lapuerta, motorcycling fans (14/12/2011)
    The school visits the racing circuit through the outreach program to the sport's elite Department of Sports
  • The residents of the six hundred energize the neighborhood this holiday (14/12/2011)
    adorn the streets of the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood and enjoy Christmas with more than a dozen activities
  • Santa Lucia is encouraged for Christmas (13/12/2011)
    Carols, contests and games will bring life to the neighborhood of fishermen from December 19 to January 8
  • The Cross of Artillery delivered to 3,000 euros and 6,000 euros AECC Lorca (13/12/2011)
    The Councillor for Sports and Colonel Chief of RAAA 73 have been responsible for giving these gifts today as part of the collection of the tenth edition of Cross, held last month
  • Tour the estate of Saint Lucia (13/12/2011)
    The local residents have been organized by the Municipal Institute of Social Services until 15 activities to celebrate the day of its patron saint
  • Security Park, an example of solidarity (13/12/2011)
    Fire, police, administrative and Security mayor this morning have donated blood for the campaign Your blood always takes
  • Santa Lucia and chairs the new hospital (13/12/2011)
    The Minister of Health and the mayor inaugurated this morning the statue of Juan Jose Quiros, who have given the residents of Santa Lucia to the medical center
  • The sixth day of the championship is settled with 937 goals (13/12/2011)
    The team leaders are sending steadily in the rankings, highlighting the change in leadership in the junior class who happens to be the EF Aljorra
  • The Consumer Training campaign reaches 35 schools in the municipality (13/12/2011)

  • The UPCT work with the Brotherhood of the Risen Lord in carrying out activities that benefit Easter Cartagena (13/12/2011)

  • The ADLE is formed to facilitate access to labor market (13/12/2011)
    Students of the courses of Foreign Trade and Job Search Social Networks, today received their diplomas at a ceremony held at the Palace Hall
  • El Mercado de Santa Florentina open three evenings in December (13/12/2011)
    Sellers of food market have decided to extend the hours on 16, 23 and 30 for easy holiday shopping
  • Justice believes that the City has not damaged the historic heritage of the windlass and files the complaint Citizens Movement (13/12/2011)
    To the Town Planning, the court ruling confirms the municipality's interest to protect and preserve archaeological remains
  • Toreros Solidarity in Cartagena (13/12/2011)
    50 Exposure compose photographs by Luis Godinez, of bullfighters who have participated in the various editions of the campaign Cartagena, for Charity
  • In January start cleaning and reforestation of the Sierra Minera (12/12/2011)
    Work in the area affected by fire last summer will last throughout the spring
  • Traditions Cartagena in Bethlehem (12/12/2011)
    The neighbors opened yesterday Albujón Birth of 1,800 pieces that recreate the Campo de Cartagena customs of the First Meeting of Crews
  • Lights, carols and street, Cartagena again for Christmas (12/12/2011)

  • More than 70 percent of operating licenses shall be granted through prior communication (12/12/2011)
    The Board of Governors approved initial processing of an ordinance to simplify procedures in the granting of licenses will be available within ten days
  • The Palace Hall on Thursday to host Marathon IV Blood Drive (12/12/2011)
    After the success of previous editions on Thursday, is expected to exceed the number of donations last year, 391, and 400 extractions reach
  • The Carthaginians and Romans quarry gives the face (12/12/2011)
    Nestor Giuliodoro Molinaro, Federation Press Troops and Legions
  • Security Park adds to the blood donation campaign (12/12/2011)
    On Tuesday 13 December will be a removal at municipal with the participation of local police, firefighters and administrative staff
  • The FICC MURcine opens today in Cajamurcia (12/12/2011)
    In addition to this short section devoted to the filmmakers of the region in feature films, will also screen, but in the Nuevo Teatro Circo, The Artist, one of the cinematic gems of the year
  • Complete the courses of Foreign Trade and Employment Search (12/12/2011)
    Employment Councilman, Diego Ortega and the director of the ADLE, Francisco Garcia-Valenzuela, diplomas delivered tomorrow
  • The Agribusiness Forum starts its activities (12/12/2011)

  • A group of swimmers will celebrate the start of Christmas with a bathroom - voyage, on the beach of Cala Cortina Cartagenera. (10/12/2011)
    Will be the Sunday, December 18, 2011 from 12:30 pm
  • They place the first Christmas lights (09/12/2011)
    The City will save more this year in light of the low award of the installation of lights, most led bulbs, the lighting will be December 16
  • The ADLE hopes to build and employ 150 people per year (09/12/2011)
    The City Council on Wednesday will present a project to Training and Employment Service to reduce unemployment in the city
  • The Corporation expresses its sorrow at the death of Pedro Lopez Lorente (09/12/2011)
    Socialist councilor was in the municipal corporation chaired by José Antonio Alonso from 1991 to 1995
  • The Bethlehem of the Albujón open on Sunday for the First Meeting of crews (09/12/2011)
    The choirs will come in the evening to sing the birth, although the opening is not until day 24 after Midnight Mass
  • The Civil Guard seized more than 40 kilos of fish caught illegally (07/12/2011)
    fish - grouper, redfish and sea bass - was captured lacking the necessary permits
  • I find the crews in the Albujón (07/12/2011)
    The present residents of this town on Friday December 9 Christmas programming
  • The theater group The Straits Well Aurora is Nazareth, the Top (07/12/2011)
    The work, which includes the passage of Herod and the Massacre of the Innocents, will be represented in the parish hall of the Church of San Fulgencio on 10, 11, 17 and 18 December
  • Grandparents storytellers, sportsmen and caring at Christmas (07/12/2011)
    Senior Clubs participating in the Christmas program organized by the City Council December 12 to January 5
  • City Garden and Vistalegre-Los Mateos dominate the overall grassroots (07/12/2011)

  • LED bulbs and shorter hours to save on the Christmas lights (07/12/2011)
    The City Council this year will spend 30 percent less for the low in the award of the installation of lights that will light the 16th of December
  • The Patache Regional Champion is proclaimed Vela Latina (07/12/2011)
    The St. Lucia Yacht Club last week hosted the awards ceremony that closes the season lateen 2011
  • The glass takes shape in the hands of students of the ADLE (07/12/2011)
    The fifteen participants Glass Blowing Course organized by the Agency, presented Saturday at the Museum of Santa Lucia jobs that have developed as a result of this training
  • Oxipharma Granada Real Cartagena 6-5 (07/12/2011)
    The Reale is eliminated in overtime
  • Adoration students, actors for a month (05/12/2011)
    students 2 of the ESO workshop have made communication with the collaboration of the Municipal Drug Commission and the Association for Family to prevent drug use
  • More than a thousand people go through the Roman Theatre in the first weekend of the bridge (05/12/2011)
    special schedules festivities scheduled for the Constitution and the Immaculate harvest a good response from the public
  • Kind of Easter at Grandma's Kitchen (05/12/2011)
    Social Care Councillor participated this morning in the sweet shop and old Christmas recipes
  • College of Christmas in the Park Road Education (05/12/2011)

  • Carrasco Real Cartagena dissociates amicably (05/12/2011)

  • Great quote at the Oxipharma (05/12/2011)

  • Suitable for receiving tourists (05/12/2011)
    The ADLE has delivered the diplomas to the 22 students in English courses for staff and hotel trade
  • Cartagena and Lorca A, first hitch horses (05/12/2011)
    Twelve horse riding fans I competed yesterday in the regional tournament organized by the club to promote the sport Cartagena
  • Not a child without toys this Christmas (05/12/2011)

  • I-Prolam Sportsbook Days Astus (05/12/2011)

  • Municipal providers will be paid the December 23 loan ICO (05/12/2011)
    The Board of Governors approved this morning the conclusion of three operations of this credit line officer with BBVA, La Caixa and Banco Santander amounting to 8.6 million euro
  • Open the registration deadline for the next courses of the Department of Women (05/12/2011)

  • Francisco Ramon Sanchez, is again elegigo, president of the Association of Stma.Virgen (04/12/2011)

  • Firefighters found the charred body of a higher floor in a Canal Street (03/12/2011)
    The municipal troops rushed to the scene this morning after receiving notice of a strong smell of smoke by the National Police
  • Real Cartagena 4-4 Renewable Rivers Ribera de Navarra (03/12/2011)
    A tie that is never enough
  • One person died in a fire happened tonight housing in downtown Cartagena (03/12/2011)

  • A total of 51 entrepreneurs from all over Spain want to develop an application for smartphones in the Cloud Incubator Hub (02/12/2011)

  • A tree, a life (02/12/2011)
    Students of the Institute of El Algar plant a hundred native species by the Human Rights Day, in a ceremony which was attended by the Councillor for Youth and Education
  • Activities and special openings in Port of Cultures on the bridge of the Constitution and the Immaculate (02/12/2011)
    schedules will be extended interpretation centers and shelters Gisbert Street will host workshops, micro micor stories and Theatres
  • Christmas with family in Cartagena Nuevo Teatro Circo (02/12/2011)

  • The old returns to the Middle Ages (02/12/2011)
    The mayor has inaugurated this morning the Medieval Market which opens with a hundred craft positions, some of Cartagena, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary
  • Workshop and Cooking Grandma Candy (02/12/2011)
    Municipal Institute of Social Services has organized in its Christmas program this activity in the clubs that work over the town and to be held on 2, 5.7 and 9 December
  • Authorized ICO operation for payment to suppliers (02/12/2011)
    After the approval of the central administration, the Governing Board approved on Monday the signing of three credits with other banks so worth 8.6 million euros
  • The Minister Palacios held in Cartagena together with users of the Centre for World Day Canteras Disability (02/12/2011)
    The head of Health and Social Policy commitment to the coordinated effort to achieve social integration of people with disabilities
  • The end ADLE English courses for staff and catering trade (02/12/2011)
    The diplomas will be presented on Monday at the Palace Consistrial
  • Medieval Market Opening (changed time and place) (02/12/2011)
    Mayor's visit will open the tenth edition of the market, this year will be a hundred places and events
  • Luis Fonseca: "This club deserves stability from the outside has not been given" (01/12/2011)

  • Cartagena, Spain sustainable city (01/12/2011)

  • The doors open ADE table tennis students of Hispania (01/12/2011)
    Sportsmen's elite clubs UCAM UCAM Cartagena Floymape and shared the day on Wednesday with more than 70 schools in the city hall table tennis Pearl District
  • Úšltimos ladder touches on the Sea Wall (01/12/2011)

  • The elders point to the computer (01/12/2011)
    Forty retirees learn to handle basic computer and use programs in a course organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • More than one thousand native species for Human Rights (01/12/2011)
    The main event will be Friday at the IES Peñalver of El Algar, where as in other secondary schools of the township will be planted species such as pines and junipers view
  • The traders learn to sell better (01/12/2011)
    Two dozen attend the course dependent showcase that provides free Local Development Agency and Employment
  • There will be alcohol tests with a view to Christmas (01/12/2011)
    Local Police working with the DGT road safety campaign which will run from 12 to 18 December, at points located both downtown and in neighborhoods and county
  • Kiko Gaviño Opera performed at Dance Club (01/12/2011)

  • Medieval Market Opening (01/12/2011)
    Mayor's visit will open the tenth edition of the market, this year will be a hundred places and events
  • The Roman Theatre will open during the bridge of the Constitution and the Immaculate (01/12/2011)
    extend their hours to Sunday afternoon, not close on Mondays and other days will have an uninterrupted open 10:00 to 18:00

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