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Cartagena News - April 2010

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  • UPyD claim indifference to the neighbors of triols "Area by the City of Cartagena (30/04/2010)
    The works to be carried out, culminating with a roundabout at the entrance to La Manga del Mar Menor, let the neighbors and owners triols output without access to their homes, businesses and farms.
  • Public Works provides a vehicle adapted to the Asylum Shop Foundation to ensure the mobility of persons with disabilities (30/04/2010)
    The Ministry has funded with 10,800 euros adaptation of a car that will serve the agency's headquarters is in the neighborhood of Santa Ana Cartagena
  • The Ministry of Education distinguishes two technical engineers UPCT Public Works with the first and third national award limit (30/04/2010)

  • Begin employment workshops and drywall carpentry (30/04/2010)
    On Monday May 3, the Agency of Local Development and Employment started these training activities at the center of Quarries, aimed at unemployed
  • Guatemala's ambassador asked to participate in the Festival of the Sea of Music (30/04/2010)
    Ana Maria Dieguez had a meeting with Pilar Barreiro in which current issues are addressed and the situation in Cartagena
  • Water cut for four hours in El Llano del Beal (30/04/2010)
    The outage was recorded on Monday, May 3 and will affect the residents of the area
  • Essay in Cartagena a novel method to eradicate red palm weevil (30/04/2010)
    As of Monday, up to a fungus predator of this pest in some 70 palm trees of the Heroes of Cavite
  • On Monday begins a course of medical guard in Adle (30/04/2010)
    Only 10 of the 300 people who applied to participate in this course for unemployed and will last two months
  • Five of the PIFC Carlos III students perform internships in companies in Norway (30/04/2010)
    It is the European Erasmus Fellows, which the Department of Youth have been given financial assistance through the Youth Space
  • The young people are interested Albujón Gardens (29/04/2010)
    The meeting, which will be held on April 29, will be a replanting of various trees as in-Fructis Moreras, Tarys, Greville, and Ficus Nitida Jacarandas
  • The largest of El Algar travel Caravaca (29/04/2010)
    On May 4, within the activities organized by the Municipal Social Services, visit the city of the Cross to win the Jubilee
  • Caritas and the brotherhoods put in place the social economato The Loaves and Fishes (29/04/2010)
    The new charity will attend, from Thursday, May 6, more than 50 families each month
  • 2,000 visitors fill the city of Cartagena on the occasion of Darts Championship (29/04/2010)
    The socioeconomic impact than mere sport in the celebration this weekend of the Championship of Spain and the International Open in the form of Cricket, to be held in Hall Cabezo Beaza
  • Private Mediterranean and New Cartagena regain their communication Amethyst Street (29/04/2010)
    This weekend will open part of the new roundabout built on the Rambla, while on Monday it will cut the current access road to allow Ruby work progress
  • Calendar 2010 Vela Latina Yacht Club Santa Lucia (29/04/2010)
    From May to November, held a total of 22 competitions in two categories of 21 spans and 42 spans, with the novelty of the race in July Santa Lucia-portman- Santa Lucia in two stages, with participants evening at Portman
  • The school of José María Lapuerta celebrates its 40 anniversary (29/04/2010)
    The Radio Show Being Sports and Sports Council honored the sporting career center over the years
  • Volunteers to explain museums Cartagena (29/04/2010)
    40 young Implica2 program are prepared to help better understand the artistic richness of our city during the Night of Museums
  • The UPCT celebrates the Day of the Student (29/04/2010)
    Sara García's deputy and eight other former students of the UPCT reviewed his career since leaving the classroom
  • Students of Waiter courses for immigrants and hotel clerks, with their diplomas (29/04/2010)
    Social Care Councillor presided over yesterday afternoon closing and delivery of diplomas of these training activities organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • About 300 schools will be actors in the School Theatre Festival XXII (29/04/2010)

  • Local Police extensive training to improve service to citizens (29/04/2010)
    During the month of April are held at two courses ESPAC Reconstruction of traffic accidents and CPR taught by experts who have participated in two dozen agents Courses
  • UPyD denouncing the abandonment of Calle Juan Fernández (27/04/2010)

  • Results of the twentieth day of the Football League Base (27/04/2010)
    Equipment of the trough AD, EF The Belones, AD EF New Cartagena Franciscans and the first to qualify for the final four of the juvenile category A
  • IU Viudes urged to withdraw the draft The Gorguel because "you have too many reasons" (26/04/2010)

  • The mayor and the municipal spokesmen attend Mass in honor of the sailors killed in Haiti (26/04/2010)
    The ceremony was officiated this morning at the military church of Santo Domingo
  • A brilliant organization puts the finishing touch to the Regional Final Junior School Sport (26/04/2010)
    250 participants competed for their respective matches on Saturday and took advantage of his stay in Cartagena for a tour of the city
  • The Legend Seabourn ship calling at the port of Cartagena (26/04/2010)
    With this there are now six cruise ships have called at the port city during the month of April
  • Day Get Going (26/04/2010)
    The Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia, in collaboration with the ADLE, organized this meeting and spread the entrepreneurial culture courses for pupils of the SEF, vocational training, college and university
  • Statements by the delegate of the Government after the Mass celebrated today in Cartagena in memory of the four soldiers killed in Haiti (26/04/2010)
    "The pain we feel for your loss can not dampen the pride in the mission they have done"
  • University Employment Forum Cartagena 2010 (26/04/2010)
    UPCT will be held at on Wednesday 28 April, with the aim of bringing the business to university students and recent graduates courses
  • The local police arrested three persons suspected of theft inside vehicles (26/04/2010)
    The events were recorded in Los Dolores and Luis Pasetur Street Station sector
  • On Tuesday the jury meets the Second Voluntary Commitment Award (26/04/2010)
    The decision will subsequently be made public, after completing the nomination phase
  • A comedy indefinitely to benefit Alzheimer's patients (26/04/2010)
    The work is represented by the Art Society in two afternoon sessions at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Fifteen Editor workshop students receive their diplomas Scaffolding (26/04/2010)
    have participated in the fourth edition of the course conducted by the ADLE in collaboration with the company ThyssenKrupp has already hired 40 percent of workers trained
  • Open the deadline for the poster Easter 2011 (26/04/2010)
    The topic is any reason required to collect the characteristics of the processions and the original Mako may be submitted until 28 May
  • Tonight fail to Sport XXX Annual Awards Cartagenero (26/04/2010)
    Convened by the Department of Sports, the jury, composed of municipal experts and media will meet at the Stadium Cartagonova
  • The Socialists claim that "the council has made no investment to the most tourist del Mar Menor" (26/04/2010)

  • Public Works rehabilitating various residential buildings of architectural interest in the historic center of Cartagena (25/04/2010)
    The plan has an investment of over two million, is currently running and has already led to the renovation of seven buildings in the city
  • The Australian research center invented wireless technology distinguishes a professor UPCT (25/04/2010)
    José Luis Gómez Tornero has developed a smart antenna applied to treat cancer by microwave
  • Local Council Elections Cartagena (24/04/2010)

  • VII Olympiad Company at the Polytechnic University (24/04/2010)

  • The biggest turn their gaze to the past with an anthology of short stories (24/04/2010)
    coincide with the day off, showed up at the Park of Artillery this publication by a group of students from the Regional Centre of Adult Education
  • UPyD denounced the deplorable state it is the public park "The Buñola" (23/04/2010)
    Cartagena City Council does not apply to the European Standard on Safety of playgrounds.
  • UPyD denouncing the waste of public money on vehicles and personnel by the Mayor of Cartagena (23/04/2010)
    The councilor Pilar Barreiro is unrelated to the debt of the City of Cartagena.
  • The Partnerships Fair Youth XI meeting in Cartagena to 69 groups (23/04/2010)
    The exhibition will remain until next Sunday in the Paseo de Alfonso XII and Cavite Heroes Square
  • The Mayor opened the Partnerships Fair Youth XI (23/04/2010)
    The contest counts this year with the participation of more than 18 associations, compared to last year, and cultural activities, arts and sports
  • Cartagena celebrates its scientific and research favorite (23/04/2010)
    María Cascales excited Narrow received the highest distinction awarded by the City Council in the Palace Hall
  • The Book Day is celebrated on the street (23/04/2010)
    Performances, markets, lectures and presentations are some of the activities to be completed today in different parts of the city
  • Cartagena receives Azamara Cruises ship with 710 tourists (23/04/2010)
    With this now has five cruise ships have stopped in the city during the month of April, visitors fill the shops, bars and places of historical tourism
  • Traffic Court Sagasta street setback for a pylon (23/04/2010)
    Access to the parking lot of Carmen will be held in the streets of La Palma and loading and unloading the Gates of Madrid
  • The application for admission to the Spain Convention Bureau, in the Plenary of the Corporation (23/04/2010)
    On Monday held a regular session in the Plenary Hall of the Town Hall under the chairmanship of the Mayor
  • The City proposes the investment of 3.5 million euros through neighborhoods and county (23/04/2010)

  • I Healthy Food Week (23/04/2010)
    Casino is held in Cartagena from 26 to 29 April and will cover topics such as feeding the children, overweight and obesity
  • The PSOE proposed alignment Cartagena circuit for Formula I (23/04/2010)
    Begoña García Retegui raises the signing of an agreement between the parties to ensure the activity and ensure public profitability of this investment
  • Results of the first phase of the Second City Petanque Championship Senior (23/04/2010)
    After the first leg of the championship on April 6 began the second phase in which computers are embedded to May, which will be known Winners
  • II Memorial Miguel Donate youth soccer (23/04/2010)
    The Department of Sports collaborating in organizing this event which takes place on Saturday with a friendly match between Dolorense and Elche in the field San Juan Bosco de Los Dolores
  • The PSOE proposes the immediate withdrawal of the cross with the yoke and arrows of the square of the Church of the Aljorra (22/04/2010)

  • High School students will compete in the VII Olympiad Company UPCT (22/04/2010)

  • María Cascales get the title on Friday Favourite Daughter (22/04/2010)
    In a ceremony that will preside over the mayor in the Plenary Hall of the Palace Hall, the scientific and research receive the highest distinction awarded by the City Council of Cartagena who have excelled beyond our City
  • The memory of our ancestors, in the anthology of stories Returning the Gaze (22/04/2010)
    On Friday, World Book Day, is presented in this publication Artillery Park by a group of students from the Regional Centre of Adult Education
  • UPyD denounced the deplorable state it is the public park "The Buñola" (22/04/2010)
    Cartagena City Council does not apply to the European Standard on Safety of playgrounds.
  • The Plaza Molina will be a meeting place and a lookout and integration into the port (22/04/2010)

  • Ouka Leele National Photography Award 2005, created the poster for the festival La Mar de Músicas, 2010, Special Colombia (22/04/2010)

  • Colleagues play football in El Algar and San Anton (22/04/2010)
    The program that promotes the Councillors for Social Care, Education, Sports and Youth preteen promote intercultural harmony among young people of different cultures through cultural, recreational and Free time
  • Cartagena will host the Regional Final Junior School Sport (22/04/2010)
    On Saturday, this event is celebrated with the participation of 250 youth in the ways of Basketball, Handball, Futsal and Volleyball
  • Detained two young men after stealing stealing a hotbed of Quarries (22/04/2010)
    The implied it will take seven sacks of fertilizer and a pot of clay
  • Summer Swim Campaign 2010 (22/04/2010)
    May 10 deadline will be opened registration for classes will be held during the months of June, July and August in the pool of Casa de la Juventud
  • The CD Primi Sport, champion of Spain for the intellectually disabled Futsal (22/04/2010)
    The Cartagena club participated last week with two teams in the championship held in San Fernando (Cádiz)
  • Awards I Photo Competition 'The Cartagena Modernist' (21/04/2010)

  • Cartagena receives tourist ship Oceana 2022 (21/04/2010)
    With this there are now four cruise ships have called at this month in the port city during the month of April, visitors fill the shops, bars and places of historical tourism
  • Cartagena seeks to establish itself as a destination for congresses across the Spain Convention Bureau (21/04/2010)
    The Finance Commission also ruled favorably on local holidays for 2011, which will be the Friday of Dolores and Carthaginians and Romans
  • The books are going to market (21/04/2010)
    On the occasion of the celebration of Open Book this week to mark World Book Day Friday, the local libraries have books out into the street with Reading Carts that are covering these days markets in the city
  • Interculturality comes to schools and institutes during the month of April (21/04/2010)

  • The Madrid Murcia visit more than the tourism website of Cartagena (21/04/2010)
    The number of page views doubling in the first quarter of the year, noted that this increase is related to the development of promotional campaigns for various cities in Spain
  • The Department of Youth, in the 4 th edition of the Youth Debate Europe (21/04/2010)
    European Space Volunteers Youth participate in Thursday's journey toward a new economic and social model in Europe, held in the auditorium of the UPCT
  • More than 300 young people will discuss tomorrow in Cartagena Murcia on economic and social models in Europe (21/04/2010)
    The Minister of Presidency and Public Administration, María Pedro Reverte, inaugurated the fourth edition of 'debatejoven.eu', held at the University of Cartagena
  • Kiko Amat and Cesar Award winning Mallorquí Mandarache / Hache 2010 (21/04/2010)
    Rompepistas and calligraphy are the novels secret vote by the 3,000 readers who make up the jury awards
  • Improvement of public lighting in Mills Marfagones (20/04/2010)
    The work has been carried out in villages and population centers with a total of 12 points of light
  • She collapses in a housing cover of Sorrows (20/04/2010)
    The roof collapsed when workers placed a tile
  • Meets Jury Prize of the Voluntary Commitment II (20/04/2010)
    The decision will subsequently be made public, after completing the nomination phase
  • Lighting and new street furniture for Los Urrutias (20/04/2010)
    Decentralization Councilman visited last weekend the works that have led to improvements in the infrastructure of this area of Mar Menor
  • The new network of storm del Barrio de la Concepción work in two months (20/04/2010)
    The project, being executed by the company Acuamed will force cut traffic on the streets Peroniño and Pius XII, as previously reported sources Local Police
  • Award winners and Hache Mandarache be unveiled tomorrow (20/04/2010)
    25 students of IES Isaac Peral open the envelope with the results of voting at an event with the press
  • Medieras Street, ready for the ride in two weeks (20/04/2010)
    Completed the work in the north corner of Main Street and after the parenthesis of the Easter holiday, Infrastructure resumed acting with the flagstones of the street ends nuisance to neighbors and passers
  • Caregiver Course Pool Public Use (20/04/2010)
    Organized by the Municipal Sports and Ministry of Health, was held in the Classroom Center Cartagena Health Area, located in the Plaza San Agustín
  • I Luis Guarch Football Tournament 7 on Aljorra (20/04/2010)
    The sporting event will be held from 14 to 23 May with the participation of 16 teams
  • The Board notes the spokesman legal report on the compatibility Juan Luis Martínez (20/04/2010)
    According to the opinion, the council could be ascribed not committed a crime of misrepresentation by failing to declare in the Register of Activities and Interests of the City of Cartagena existence of a corporation of which he was administrator
  • IU + LV calls for a commission of inquiry to investigate the causes which led to a gas leak in Cartagena (20/04/2010)

  • Experts from around the world know the UPCT the latest agro-techniques (20/04/2010)

  • Cartagena Convention seeks to be destination through the Spain Convention Bureau (20/04/2010)
    Commission Information and Home Finance study the proposed request on Wednesday by the Department of Culture for admission to this body under the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces
  • Antigone Youth Festival closed the XXVII European Greco-Roman Theatre (20/04/2010)
    A great success of public participation and has endorsed the conclusion last week of this contest has had in the organization with the Municipal School of Theatre
  • Results of the nineteenth day of the Football League Base (20/04/2010)
    The EF Esperanza, FC Cartagena, EF New Cartagena, UCAM Garden City, EF and DA Algar Franciscans, the only unbeaten teams in the League Local
  • Students of Antonio Ulloa premiere Library (20/04/2010)
    After the reforms and improvements that have taken place on school premises, the Councillor for Education on Monday presided over the reopening of the same with the participation of students representing the center
  • Closing ceremony of Specialized Care for People with Alzheimer's (20/04/2010)
    The 17 students who participated in this activity on Friday received his diploma from the hands of Social Care council at a ceremony held in the building of the Miraculous
  • Four institutions spread over 60,000 euros in aid for soup kitchens (19/04/2010)
    The City Council has saved elsewhere to collect the money and intended to cover expenses in recent years are being produced by the growing demand for places in these centers
  • False alarm at the smell of gas in the city this weekend (19/04/2010)
    Citizen Security Council member wanted to move the public tranquility before the incident that occurred Saturday afternoon, ensuring that there was no gas leak none of the industries that handle this material in the city
  • 50 new businesses in Cartagena by the Service Opportunity (19/04/2010)
    The mayor has accompanied the Minister of Enterprise in the annual report of the advisory service has also maintained contact with 1,700 companies and has identified 15 new niche markets
  • Performance art workshop and International Shows Much More Performance in May (19/04/2010)
    will be held on 12, 13 and 14 May and is aimed at students, artists and general public interested in the practice of performance
  • The Student House opens its doors (19/04/2010)
    The Student House organizes its R Open House to present their services and activities to all students
  • Dani closed Pannullo Removals 2010 (19/04/2010)
    The closure of airspace prevented the representation of the street show in Nicanor Gate Elia Murcia
  • The mayor of Cartagena expresses its condolences to the family of the Carthaginian military died in Haiti (19/04/2010)
    Marine Corps Lt. Francisco Forné was on the stricken helicopter while conducting a humanitarian mission
  • The Advisory Service Business Opportunities concrete Cartagena 150 new businesses or expanding existing ones in a year (19/04/2010)
    The Ministry of Universities, Research Enterprise and had contacts with more than 1,700 enterprises and detected 15 new potential niche markets
  • The mayor receives representatives of associations of Parkinson Region (19/04/2010)
    The executives who visited Cartagena on Saturday, held talks with Pilar Barreiro at the Palace Hall
  • More than half of the participants passed the challenge of Route I Strengths (19/04/2010)
    The Cartagena Miguel Ángel Fernández Roca was the first to finish the 50 km route in record time, four hours and eight minutes in a day which was marked by the successful participation and organization
  • The eighth edition presents in Cartagena Telecofórum technological developments of the Year (19/04/2010)
    The Minister of Economy has opened this technical conference to be held within the activities of SICARM
  • The director general congratulates the UCAM Cartagena Sports Table Tennis League triumph in women (18/04/2010)

  • The Community invests 2.7 million in improving access to the industrial zone of Cartagena Cabezo Beaza (18/04/2010)
    The conditioning of the RM-F35 road, which connects the cities of Cartagena and San Javier, increasing security in a way in circulating more than two million vehicles a year
  • The Civil Guard has arrested four people in the act by the removal tool construction (17/04/2010)
    were surprised when they performed a second transport of stolen effects
  • A professor and a Mexican artist UPCT create a cyber plant that transforms polluted water into energy (17/04/2010)
    The robot is able to move biotechnology to find liquid waste
  • Seven UPCT students, scholarships to research "green" solutions for industrial architecture (16/04/2010)

  • Culture organized a conference in Cartagena to promote the use of new materials (16/04/2010)
    The Centre of Design and Architecture in the Region of Murcia calls this activity, which has 120 registered
  • 67 people and 42 vehicles are now working to perfect beaches (16/04/2010)
    June of this device for the maintenance and cleaning of the coast, will be reinforced with 37 other employees
  • Dani Pannullo The company closed on Saturday after visiting Removals institutes (16/04/2010)
    With Desordenances 5, its break-dance show makes a review of urban culture and puts an end to the festival organized by the Department of Culture, The act also Nicanor de Elia and Iker Gómez for closure
  • The city conditioned a place for residents of La Manga (16/04/2010)
    The mayor, along with Councilman Decentralization, visited the new Multipurpose Center facilities that have had a budget of 87,000 euros
  • Six new bicycle parking facilities add to the existing city (16/04/2010)
    The City Council continues its work to promote cycling by providing locations where to park, reaching the 598 seats
  • The libraries are on the street with Open Book (16/04/2010)
    The Department of Culture, through the Municipal Library Network, has scheduled a series of activities to promote reading to celebrate next week Book Day
  • New artistic projects Mucho Mas Mayo Festival for the Barrio de la Concepción (16/04/2010)
    The local residents have participated in the selection of sculpture projects at the Faculty of Fine Arts, which will join the already selected by public competition.
  • Martínez Cache presents Gentle Ways of the municipality at the Third Congress of the Bicycle in Lleida (16/04/2010)

  • Spring Programming Language Bag, online (16/04/2010)
    Users of this service Youth Space will continue to enjoy the most successful activities, such as Babel and gathering Book Clubs
  • The mayor closed the conference today on women, health and quality of life (16/04/2010)
    In two days have been addressing issues such as self feeding, fatigue syndromes, misunderstood disease and the prevention of cervical cancer and breast cancer
  • Dani Pannullo Dancetheatre Cartagena Removals Company closed its review of new urban culture in Desordances 5 (16/04/2010)
    In addition to street performances and Iker Elia Nicanor Goméz for closure
  • The new clinic in La Palma will be able to serve 8,000 inhabitants (15/04/2010)
    will have an area of 507 square meters, consists of 6 visits, 7 lounges, two entrances and two service areas, one for disabled
  • Buildings and Cartagena, referring to contemporary architecture to university (15/04/2010)
    Students and teachers at the school in Valencia visit on Friday and Saturday the works of the auditorium, panoramic lift and the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • 2038 registered and a large waiting list attest to the popularity of the route I Strengths (15/04/2010)
    Among the curiosities of the test organized by City Hall and Navy held on Saturday, noted that the oldest participant is 79 years old and about 200 enrollees have asked for overnight accommodation in the city
  • The director of the Institute for Women reiterated in a conference in Cartagena his condemnation of male violence (15/04/2010)
    At the conference "Women, Health and Quality of Life 'has held a minute's silence for the seven women killed in April in Spain
  • The Tour of Cartagena will be released on Saturday from the Paseo de Alfonso XIII (15/04/2010)

  • Ecologists in Action: Macropuerto of Gorguel: over what and who " (15/04/2010)

  • Free entry to Puerto de Culturas for ending the route I Strengths (15/04/2010)
    Over the weekend there will also be reduced rate for all visitors
  • Symmetry and Identity, winner of the contest of short limit 18 (15/04/2010)
    Of the 258 films presented at the Festival Short Week More Than the jury has selected May 19 for its projection
  • UPyD urges the City Council and Port Authority of Cartagena to increase and enhance the entertainment of Muelle Alfonso XII (15/04/2010)

  • Dani Pannullo approaches two institutes Desordenances Cartagena 5 (15/04/2010)
    The breakers of the famous choreographer on Friday will delight young people with the hand break dance festival removals
  • Proposed fines for twelve spectators of the match between FC and Real Murcia Cartagena CF (15/04/2010)
    The penalties range between 3,500 and 5,000 euros, in addition to the prohibition of access to sports facilities for a period of between 6 and 12 months
  • The University opens its doors to prospective students (15/04/2010)

  • Health will invest half a million euros to build the new office in the hamlet of Cartagena de La Palma (15/04/2010)
    The new center will have capacity to serve a population of 8,000 people
  • The company's choreographer Dani Pannullo approaches two Cartagena institutions to demonstrate their Desordances 5 (15/04/2010)
    The Pannullo breakers will delight young people with his break dance
  • 68 establishments obtain certificates for their commitment to quality tourism (14/04/2010)
    Commercial centers, tourist attractions, hotels, travel agencies, guides and restaurants as well as the Department of Tourism are the players who are committed to the municipality of Cartagena
  • The ADLE opens the application deadline for the carpentry workshops and Pladur (14/04/2010)
    From 19 until 23 April, may apply to participate in these occupational courses aimed at unemployed people who will run for two months
  • The computer courses, the most requested by the elders (14/04/2010)
    Social Care Councillor presented the program of activities for elderly and disabled for the months of April, May and June
  • Change of movement in the Avenida Pío XII of the district of Conception (14/04/2010)
    The work on improving the network of storm force to divert traffic through the streets Rosa and Dalia, from Monday 19 April
  • III Ruta de la Tapa de Cartagena (14/04/2010)
    Cartagena 43 establishments participating in this year's contest offering as a new chance to vote online and drinks to 2.50 euros, drink Inclusive
  • The latest details of the route of the Strengths (14/04/2010)
    makers of the City and the Navy in charge of organizing the event will give all the information on Thursday at a press conference to be held at the Palace Hall
  • Conferences on Women, Health and Quality of Life (14/04/2010)
    will address issues like self-esteem, nutrition, fatigue syndromes, disease prevention misunderstood and cervical cancer and breast cancer
  • The figure of Carmen Conde, in the Palau de Reus Bofarull (14/04/2010)
    On the centenary of his birth, the author was featured on Friday in a conference organized by the Cultural Circle Cartagenero de Tarragona
  • New furniture for hospitality courses of Social Services (14/04/2010)
    The catering company Perín Sea Castle has given the City a cabinet Cava and a cutting table for catering courses that take place in La Milagrosa
  • Telecofórum presents the latest developments in the field of information technology (14/04/2010)

  • Aracaladanza Removals brings his universe inspired by Magritte (14/04/2010)
    The show for all ages will be performed twice on Thursday
  • Closure of Specialized Care course to Alzheimer (14/04/2010)
    On Friday it will terminate the course of vocational training for unemployed organized by Social Services
  • Intercultural Week in IES El Bohio (14/04/2010)
    Councillors Education and Social Care on Wednesday visited the institute to participate in the Cultural Week activities being developed in the same city within a school program open to other cultures
  • Ready to Route I Strengths (13/04/2010)
    2,000 people will participate this Saturday in military civic walking test, which will travel at 50 kilometers leading batteries and castles Cartagena
  • 106 people show up to the entrance examinations for those over 25 and 45 years in the UPCT (13/04/2010)

  • 38 shops in the city ready to cater to the 100,000 cruise passengers this year (13/04/2010)
    The average expenditure of each visitor is estimated at around 40 euros
  • The residents participate in the selection of projects for Much More May (13/04/2010)
    Residents in the district of Conception known proposals of Fine Arts students have prepared to perform in public spaces
  • XXIX Elite Tour of Cartagena Murcia Sub 23 (13/04/2010)
    It is celebrated the weekend with two stages with the participation of 16 teams and 4,200 euros will be distributed in prizes
  • French students and the institute The language and culture exchange Hut (13/04/2010)
    After the stay of the Spanish students in France last March, now the French who are in Cartagena, where they were received today by the Councillor for Youth
  • The Roman Theatre, the Canal Plus Day After Real Madrid-Barcelona (13/04/2010)
    The national television last night issued a parody focused on the similarity of rivalries between Carthaginians and Romans
  • Descent of youth unemployment (13/04/2010)

  • The T-The spring will provide graffiti decorate the skate (13/04/2010)
    Between April and June will develop more than 100 activities, highlighting the XI Youth Fair Association to market the festival Much More May with workshops such as graffiti and travel and water sports
  • Lysistrata by Aristophanes in the Archaeological Museum (13/04/2010)
    The representation is part of the XXVII European Youth Festival of Greco-Roman Theatre
  • Results of the eighteenth round of the League Grassroots (13/04/2010)
    The Local Youth Football League resumes with a blast of goals, but leaders remain firm
  • High-level Piano Strings and Metals Among (13/04/2010)
    The contest for young performers of classical music these days choose the winners of its various forms
  • José León elected the new secretary of the Communist Youth of Spain (12/04/2010)

  • City Council and Chamber of Commerce began working together visiting the Auditorium (12/04/2010)
    To the mayor and the president is an infrastructure that more business opportunities and development will imminently
  • UPCT students design a campaign to promote equality (12/04/2010)

  • Maria and Antonella De Vinco Sirgnano in Sentimiental mood (12/04/2010)
    The artists arrive on Thursday, April 15 at the Palace Hall in Cartagena to deliver the show of the artist Leoncavallo
  • The residents of Barrio de la Concepción participate in the selection of artistic projects for Much More May (12/04/2010)
    Students of Fine Arts presents the artistic interventions have been developed for the neighborhood
  • Cartagena with its own stand at the International Tourism Fair of Barcelona (12/04/2010)

  • The Ambassador of Hungary offers a conference tomorrow in Cajamurcia (12/04/2010)

  • The ADLE entrepreneurship has 1,000 students in the secondary (12/04/2010)
    Starting Monday, the Agency set up a course that will both public and private schools, beginning with the Hispania and Narval
  • Youth Festival XXVII European Greco-Roman Theatre (12/04/2010)
    The representations will be held at the Instituto Jiménez de la Espada, except the closing to be held at the Cultural Center by the Municipal School of Theatre
  • More than 600 people in 2009 used the car-sharing service on the Internet (12/04/2010)
    The move allowed the streets to remove about 83 cars a day and stop emitting atmosphere around 59.3 tonnes of Co2
  • Route of the Strengths divided 20,000 euros in donations (10/04/2010)
    The Little Sisters of the Poor, Good Samaritan and Hospitality Santa Teresa picked up their checks at a ceremony held at the School of Marine Corps
  • 160 photographs portray the Cartagena modernist (10/04/2010)
    are exposed to 25 April at the Regional Museum of Modern Art
  • ... (09/04/2010)

  • El Cau de L'Unicorn represents Cartagena his show EUREKA! (09/04/2010)
    The black theater company will stage at the Cultural Center this puppet musical for schoolchildren
  • End transfer to the new administrative headquarters of San Miguel (09/04/2010)
    Procurement Service will be the last to leave the old building Francisca Armendariz Sr. on Friday
  • City Hall and Community renew agreements for Women and Families (09/04/2010)
    With them are serving victims of domestic violence and children at risk and the operation of local employment centers
  • The municipal spokespeople requesting a report on legal services on Juan Luis Martínez (09/04/2010)
    PP, PSOE and Citizen Movement have signed the application for registration has passed this morning to determine the alleged incompatibility of mistake that the council not assigned and consequences the same
  • Contemporary dance again flooded the streets of Cartagena (09/04/2010)
    On Saturday, April 10, four pieces of street will be the protagonists of removals
  • Straight Between the end of Ropes & Metals (09/04/2010)
    12 to April 20 will be held at the Conservatory of Music in Cartagena the final concerts of all the procedures called
  • The Socialists denounced the insecurity that support the school's students and the Institute of La Manga (09/04/2010)
    That bikes and moving as pedestrians
  • Radio Marca gives its program from the Palace Hall (08/04/2010)
    With Voices of Sport, the Ceremonial Hall of the City of Cartagena is once again an interim study of radio
  • MPLICA2 preparing a workshop paper flowers (08/04/2010)
    Tuesday will be developed, is free and is intended to prepare volunteers for this program the Department of Youth towards the conclusion of the Partnerships Fair Youth
  • Marine Cartagena take Route Strengths (08/04/2010)
    Some 400 infants were tested this morning the device deployed on Saturday April 17th over 50 km
  • The fight against social exclusion focuses the Manifesto Gypsy (08/04/2010)
    The International Roma Day is celebrated today with a series of events organized by the IMSS who have started reading the manifesto to the doors of the Town Hall
  • The local police on Sunday recommended to go walk to Cartagonova (08/04/2010)
    The entrances to the stadium will be cut to ten in the morning at the top rivalry game between Cartagena and Murcia
  • The Civil Guard returns to stop three robbers in the Campo de Cartagena (08/04/2010)
    The three individuals suspected of committing several robberies, were committed in the same company and with the same modus operandi in less than a month
  • The course held ADLE Health Celador (08/04/2010)
    13 to April 16 will open the registration period in this training activity for the unemployed to start in May with a duration of two months
  • Guitar Week exhibition prepares the traditional Lutheria (07/04/2010)
    In Ecuador this event, held at the Conservatory of Music, professional guitarists of Spain and other countries participating in the series of concerts, courses, workshops and exhibitions
  • Playing Final youngest Athletics (07/04/2010)
    Held at Central Hall has brought together 250 athletes from 22 schools
  • This confirms the slowdown in unemployment in Cartagena (07/04/2010)
    In March, the number of unemployed grew by 29 people, below the regional average and national
  • UPyD complaint that the rate of job destruction in the region exceeds 34% (07/04/2010)
    and suggests ways to reverse it, "the PP with the Milestones Project 2020 has failed to implement"
  • International Roma Day. (07/04/2010)
    Organized with the collaboration of the Council, held on Thursday, April 8 with the traditional reading of the manifesto at the Palace Hall and various performances of song and dance at the Cultural Center
  • ADE program resumes after the Easter holidays (07/04/2010)
    More than 3000 students will accompany the FC Cartagena Friday in the final training session at Estadio Cartagonova facing the regional derby
  • They place bicycle parking at schools in Los Belones and La Manga (07/04/2010)
    The Department of Sustainable Development addresses the demands of students and teachers who daily use this means of transport
  • Akram Khan inaugurated on Thursday Removals (07/04/2010)
    The company's prestigious festival opens choreographer with the deployment of all the scenic beauty of the show Bahok in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The City offers 776 places in nursery schools (07/04/2010)
    The period opens on April 8 for the 9 centers filed, and ends with the type of application that demands
  • Open Registration period in the CAI for next year (07/04/2010)
    From April 8, you can apply for a place in the centers of the Aljorra, The Albujón, La Aparecida, La Puebla and Industrial Park, Cabezo Beaza
  • Infrastructure put artificial turf in the middle of Sebastian Feringa (07/04/2010)
    This will improve the image of the avenue, while make significant savings on maintenance
  • The SEF ADLE and set in motion a course of metal erector (07/04/2010)
    Of the 90 applications have been selected 15 students who begin this training activity on Monday
  • 25 artists are mobilizing against cancer (06/04/2010)
    The Herd A Solidarity Campaign, which seeks to raise funds for the AECC, will be open to the public until April 22 in the House Pedreño
  • Puerto de Culturas recorded more than 20,000 visitors during Holy Week (06/04/2010)
    The extended hours during the holidays, the open day of Good Friday and theatrical visits to Fort Christmas have been the keys to the large number of visitors reached this year
  • Surprised they tried to steal 300 kilos of oranges (06/04/2010)
    Four men had loaded the fruit into two vehicles that would be a property of El Algar
  • The new technologies succeed in Easter (06/04/2010)
    Broadcasts live on the Internet doubled the number of users exceeding 50,000, while the downloads were around the 2,800 mobile phone
  • Course in the care of elders (06/04/2010)
    The training will last three months, with theory and practice, and will target unemployed
  • Course processing techniques centerpieces (06/04/2010)
    Social Services has opened registration deadline for this course for more of the city
  • March is settled with 689 reported vehicles speeding (06/04/2010)
    traffic during the campaign of the local police, we have found an increased number of cars also reported because of the increased number of controls has been 119
  • Ars Magna Cartagena records in his short 60 seconds (06/04/2010)
    Audiovisual Producer Madrid took advantage of the Easter holiday to record their second album in the hall of the Municipal School of Theatre
  • The Roman Theatre award at the Europa Nostra Awards 2010 (05/04/2010)
    The jury praised the integration of the monument in the urban fabric and its recovery by the construction of the museum
  • Last touring workshops Removal (05/04/2010)
    The festival begins next Thursday, April 8
  • Two and a fire rescues, major interventions at Easter (05/04/2010)
    Fire, Local Police and Civil Protection reported about 475 incidents during the holidays, mostly of small-scale
  • Water cut from five hours in El Algar (05/04/2010)
    The outage was recorded on Wednesday and will affect several streets of the town
  • Immigrants learn basic plumbing (05/04/2010)
    Social Care delivers diplomas to 15 students
  • Twenty-four teachers of this course UPCT participate in an innovative teacher evaluation program (05/04/2010)
    Students scoring with a remarkable teaching
  • The PSOE complained that "the first power outage of the season leaves important parts of the manga up to an hour and a half in the dark" (01/04/2010)


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