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Cartagena News - September 2009

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  • The exhibition "Diversity in you" has been inaugurated this morning (30/09/2009)
    At the inaugural event has highlighted the importance of social integration and the value of multiculturalism
  • The Family Album of Cartagena at the Palais de Molina (30/09/2009)
    The exhibition features a total of 320 individual photographs of Cartagena, which will be open from tomorrow until November 30
  • The Department of Education began the year with new facilities and a new awareness campaign (30/09/2009)
    "We All In Education"
  • The new students will join the UPCT student-teacher mentors and tutors (30/09/2009)

  • Local police takes stock of Carthaginians and Romans (30/09/2009)
    During the past holiday was a greater number of aid and accident benefits due to the rains
  • The Council offers print to flood victims for the harm (30/09/2009)
    His goal is to process them against the Government Commission to study the possibility of opening a line of support
  • 12 prototypes confirm their presence in the test cars powered by renewable energy organized by the Community (30/09/2009)
    Race-display 'Solar-Murcia Race' is held on Saturday at 12:00 hours at the Cartagena Circuit Speed free admission
  • Start the course at the Escuela Municipal de Teatro de Cartagena (30/09/2009)
    On Monday, October 5 at the Auditorium of the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy, at 20 pm and will perform the official presentation of the new academic year 2009-10 Graduate School Francisco Rabal Teatro Municipal People's University of Cartage
  • 59 people were rescued in Cartagena during the past rainy (29/09/2009)
    The mayor of Cartagena takes stock of the day in which they receive some 2,350 emergency calls and 11 people were resettled
  • Environment gives away 1,500 seedlings in the Plaza Juan XIII (29/09/2009)
    The Department of Sustainable Development and Agenda Implica2 made last Saturday's regional campaign Clean Up the World 2009, with a large number of users.
  • 300 children participated in the classroom del Rosell Hospital in Cartagena Naval and last year (29/09/2009)
    The Rosell hospital manager receives the university classroom teachers in Madrid, Barcelona and Oviedo
  • Informayor Fall 2009 (29/09/2009)
    The Institute of Social Services has scheduled a variety of training activities, tourism and leisure for the elderly in the municipality.
  • XII Comedy Competition in La Palma (28/09/2009)
    December 31 the deadline for applications to participate in this event, which celebrates its twelfth edition
  • VI 11 Amateur Football Championship of Cartagena (28/09/2009)
    The registration period will remain open until 26 October
  • Free basic computer courses and a half (28/09/2009)
    The deadline for applications begins on Monday October 5 and will remain open until 9 October in the ADLE
  • Real Cartagena draws the penalty Luis Fonseca (28/09/2009)

  • The Region of Murcia, a pioneer in the signing of agreements on immigration policy (28/09/2009)
    The Commission on Integration and Social Cohesion FEMP met this morning in Cartagena
  • They refer rain and start to open roads (28/09/2009)
    Traffic has been disrupted in 15 points and 24 vehicles have been recovered
  • Several bus lines without service (28/09/2009)
    La Rambla del Portús drag a truck to the beach
  • The area west of Cartagena, the most affected by the rains (28/09/2009)
    Numerous roads cut by the overflow of the streams
  • The local police should avoid travel until the cessation of the alert (28/09/2009)
    In the last 24 hours have fallen 146 liters per square meter in Cartagena
  • About 20,000 people visit the exhibition "The Age of Rodin 'on the Muram (27/09/2009)
    The exhibition which opened on April 29 consisted of some 54 sculptures
  • Cartagena troops invade Madrid (27/09/2009)
    millennium Punctum Pinto FS 3 - Real Cartagena 7
  • Members of the Guardia Civil detected through a boat with eleven SIVE immigrants to 7 miles offshore (25/09/2009)
    The number of illegal immigrants who entered the region this year by boats has dropped by 36 percent over 2008
  • Hortiberia Group describes as "tremendously rewarding" their participation in the exhibition World Food Moscow (25/09/2009)

  • Intercepted a boat with eleven immigrants (25/09/2009)
    He was heading to the coast of Cartagena
  • The ADLE a workshop of "Care dependency ' (24/09/2009)
    With a funding of 667,000 euros, the workshop will begin in December and 32 people will be unemployed for a year.
  • Cartagena should return 4.6 million euros (24/09/2009)
    The municipality shall have a period of a couple of years, according to the measures taken by central government
  • The city of Cartagena earmarked 3 million euros to programs of the 3rd age (24/09/2009)
    The mayor of Cartagena signed a collaboration agreement with 43 clubs, which used the aid for the maintenance of their premises and the possibility of socio- Cultural
  • Romanitas cream, best non-alcoholic brew (24/09/2009)
    The brew of the Legion of Publius Cornelius Scipio last night won the contest organized within the campaign Health Drink
  • Cartagena this National Congress Guilds (24/09/2009)
    Cartagena Two photographers show their work in a group exhibition in Ciudad Real
  • The ADLE extended the application deadline for courses of masonry and painting (24/09/2009)
    Those interested may submit their application for qualification program until Sept. 30 at the offices of the agency
  • VI cultural week Senior Alumbres (24/09/2009)
    table games, bocce, exhibition, sightseeing, theater, among the scheduled activities
  • Cartagena UPyD solidarity with the worker's family died in accident in Cabezo Beaza (23/09/2009)
    And it requires more controls on health and safety
  • Almeria is set in Cartagena to pedestrianise his helmet (23/09/2009)
    Councillor for Public Works of the Andalusian capital has met with José Vicente Albaladejo for details on the project
  • The Embassy of Colombia is working with the Sea of Music (23/09/2009)
    ambassador, Carlos Noriega Shot appreciates the invitation extended to his country and offers full support for the festival Cartagena
  • Visits, courses and workshops in the classroom teaching the Archaeological Museum of Cartagena (23/09/2009)
    Schools in the district of Cartagena may apply for participation until October 5
  • Open and rates at Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas (23/09/2009)
    The touristic consortium partners with interpretation centers on the conclusion of the Carthaginians and Romans festivals
  • XII Days of Military History (23/09/2009)
    The centennial of the War of Melilla (1909-2009)
  • The UPCT collaborate in promoting research and development of new products and cooked dishes fifth range. (22/09/2009)

  • Successful participation magic workshop 'The smile Implia2 " (22/09/2009)
    23 volunteers who participated for four hours, could enter the world of magic
  • Demand for courses ADLE (22/09/2009)
    The Agency will perform in the second half a total of 65 training activities for employees, unemployed, university, business and associations, with the aim of improving their training and facilitate access to labor market
  • Assaults a young Moroccan man for no apparent reason (22/09/2009)
    The alleged shooter, 43, attacked his victim in the street
  • Carmen Navarro and Pablo Morales win contests Roma Week (22/09/2009)
    work from different regions of Spain had competed in the contests of poetry and poster
  • Summer of joy and transformation in the 600 (22/09/2009)
    Social Care Councillor closing summer activities of the district which have involved 350 residents of all ages
  • Concerts, plays and visits to celebrate the Day of the Elderly (22/09/2009)
    The activities are organized by the Department of Social Care and the Foundation Cajamurcia
  • Fiesta-Health and potions contest without alcohol, Carthaginians and Romans (22/09/2009)
    Activities Baby Health Campaign will be held Wednesday in the festive camp
  • Lozano debut in absolute (22/09/2009)

  • Less traffic accidents in the first eight months of the year (22/09/2009)
    During this period there were 281 claims below those produced in 2008
  • Days in the School of Telecommunications (22/09/2009)
    The Workshop presented all projects financed by the ministry in the field of services for the Information Society
  • Diversity in Ti, interactive exhibition about the prejudices of other cultures (21/09/2009)
    The exhibition will be open during the month of October at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luuzy
  • Cut of water in Cabo de Palos (21/09/2009)
    The cut starts at nine in the morning and affect several streets of the coastal area for about five hours
  • The City of Cartagena is maintained by workers Zins (21/09/2009)
    intenvendrá Mayor on Wednesday in Congress, where Chavez will ask the minister answers on New Financing Plan Muncipal
  • Allen Toussaint, Poveda, Béla Fleck, Brad Mehldau, Fernando Rubio, Ryuchi Sakamoto and Imelda May, in the 29th Cartagena Jazz Festival (21/09/2009)
    The complete program of this edition will be released on October 2
  • Water cut in Barrio Peral de Cartagena (21/09/2009)
    Start from the 9.00 hours and will affect some of the streets in the neighborhood for about five hours
  • Clean Up the World 2009 will give away 1,500 seedlings (21/09/2009)
    Trees Saturday in the plaza Juan XIII, in the international campaign led by the United Nations Environment Programme Environment
  • Two detained by the Immigration Law (21/09/2009)
    same day, Saturday 19 September, local police also arrested a suspected perpetrator of a robbery
  • 350 people apply for one of the 45 seats of the project courses WORK (21/09/2009)
    The ALDE has concluded the selection tests whose results will be published on Wednesday
  • The Legion of Honor Mayor Argentum (21/09/2009)
    The Roman group of parties has given the award at the Palace Hall
  • Run for firefighters (21/09/2009)
    The 132 candidates who remain in contention in the opposition have done this week endurance race
  • Cartagena represented at the XXII National Congress of Guilds of Ciudad Real (21/09/2009)

  • Veni, Vidi, Vici (20/09/2009)
    The impressive courtyard of the University of Cartagena, Antiguo Hospital Militar, last night hosted a gala dinner and awards official Audi MedCup 2009
  • Brooch Gold for Kiwis and Canarios, Champions Audi MedCup 2009 (19/09/2009)
    After the last round of Trophy Region of Murcia Caja Mediterráneo, Emirates Team New Zealand and Puerto Calero Canary Islands are proclaimed winners of the Champions Race and Audi MedCup 2009
  • Three men of the candle (19/09/2009)
    José Cusi, Alberto Roemmers and Pedro Mendonça are more than owners, are ambassadors, innovators and sport in its purest form.
  • Javier Cardenas and his team of Dare promise to return if the amount to Cartagena First (18/09/2009)
    Thousands of people jam the second consecutive year the Town Hall Square to witness the proclamation of Carthaginians and Romans
  • González Tovar notable increase by 32% of the staff of Police Station police Cartagena (18/09/2009)
    The Government Delegate in Murcia go to the presentation of the Prevention and Response Unit of Cartagena
  • Sports and unite party Carthaginians and Romans (18/09/2009)
    Various activities such as football, sailing, motorcycling and swimming will be developed in parallel, at parties, from 18 to 27 September
  • Social Care partners with the Little Sisters of the Poor (18/09/2009)
    delivery Councilman Antonio Calderón EUR 21,750 nursing homes in the neighborhood of the Conception
  • GUIAD2 Cartagena accompanied by volunteers Young European Space (18/09/2009)
    The hosts have shown them the city and the atmosphere of the port with the Audi Med Cup
  • The program promotes healthy PMAD groups and associations (18/09/2009)
    Social Care Councillor signs collaboration agreements with six institutions
  • The City offer 156 training and employment for the quarter (18/09/2009)
    They cover 38,000 hours teaching to be carried over this last quarter, coordinated by the various councils, with the aim of improving the employability of citizens
  • Training Courses Youth Employment Space and UPCT (18/09/2009)
    Open Enrolment of the training that will take place from October to December
  • Javier Cardenas and his team open the celebrations tonight Carthaginians and Romans (18/09/2009)
    Dare recording the show on Thursday was a success, with performances by the artist Chenoa and a theater full of fans Circus
  • 2.7 million for the second phase of renovation of the residence tanks Cartagena Source (18/09/2009)

  • 132 candidates go forward in opposition to fire (18/09/2009)
    On Monday, begin at the athletics track scoring sporting events
  • Cartagena UPyD articulate demands that procedures and protocols for the investigation of illegal dumping (17/09/2009)
    The PP rejects the Regional Assembly to open a file for the discharge of sewage of Isla Plana
  • Show in Cartagena (17/09/2009)
    After two days with little wind to start the Trophy prevented Caja Mediterráneo Murcia, now Aeolus has given 25 knots the fleet
  • Luis Fonseca "never play to tie" (17/09/2009)
    This week has taken place in the staff room of Guimbarda Wsell Pavilion, the press conference after the coach of Real Cartagena, Luis Fonseca
  • Recommend going to walk to the meeting between Cartagena and Castellón (17/09/2009)
    can only be parked on the grounds of the former camp festive, the party occupying the parking of Cartagonova
  • All ready for the start of the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans (17/09/2009)
    The Federation of troops and legions registered mark Carthaginians and Romans, in order to protect their image rights for the benefit of the parties
  • Rosique: "Because of the regional government and Zins will lose 90 million needed to ensure the industrial project" (17/09/2009)
    The Socialist Group calls appearing in the Assembly the Minister of Agriculture and Public Works and explain their shortcomings in relation to Zins land
  • Course scaffolding erector (17/09/2009)
    The ADLE start the application deadline for this course begins tomorrow and will remain open until 24 September
  • Puerto de Culturas celebrates the Feast of Carthaginians and Romans (17/09/2009)
    On Friday 25 Open Day will be the interpretation centers and reduced fares on other days
  • SETEX manage the ORA in Cartagena during the next eight years (17/09/2009)
    The City will monitor the collection and retailers work with solar energy
  • The UPCT hosting the Second Conference of European Projects (17/09/2009)
    The Second Conference of European Projects will be held tomorrow, at 10.00 h.
  • SHOWROOM Eduardo Pérez Salguero 0809, the Byzantine Wall (17/09/2009)
    The sample on the contemporary violence is characterized by the use of icons of the comic and popular culture, embodied in a painting by pop drifts
  • The return of European volunteers to the Department of Youth (16/09/2009)
    This year involving four young foreigners of different nationalities, the program launched by the council Youth Space
  • The Socialists in La Manga congratulate Dr. Manuel García Ferré (16/09/2009)
    recently elected as a preacher of the celebrations of La Manga
  • IU says the purification of Isla Plana comes two years later (16/09/2009)

  • Fiesta-Health 'Night Alternative' (16/09/2009)
    Wednesday September 23 is the party-Health 'Night Alternative', where various activities will take place at Camp festive
  • Last posts in the workshop of magic and laughter (16/09/2009)
    will be held in the afternoon of Friday in the neighborhood of José María de Lapuerta
  • Three arrested for attempted robbery (16/09/2009)
    local police officers on Monday arrested two youths, a Bulgarian national, for attempted robbery as a youth for alleged burglary
  • XX Football Trophy Carthaginians and Romans (16/09/2009)
    23 teams will compete in categories juvenile, child, youth and cadet of 12 clubs
  • Young people enjoy concerts in the leisure holiday alternative (15/09/2009)
    Health Drink The campaign has been filed this morning with the aim of promoting responsible alcohol consumption among young people, with reason and the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans
  • 400 students enrolled in the September session of selectivity at the headquarters of Cartagena (15/09/2009)

  • Workshop introduction to the Spanish Sign Language (15/09/2009)
    The activity takes place on Friday in the program T-La, in collaboration with ASORCAR
  • The Archaeological Museum launches a website aimed at tourists and citizens (15/09/2009)
    The new site is accessible and easy for every user may know the exhibitions, activities and news related to archaeological work that contains
  • Congratulate the City Council this summer after inspecting distinguished beaches with blue flags (15/09/2009)
    The European Foundation for Environmental Education included the effort made to improve the quality of our coast
  • Rogue, without complexes (15/09/2009)
    train's race of the TP52 Series, preamble Trophy Region of Murcia Caja Mediterráneo, was dominated with authority by Rogue, today was an exceptional witness on board: the player Ruben de la Red
  • First training of the participating boats in the final circuit candle 'Audi MedCup 2009' (14/09/2009)

  • The Youth Council closes the summer in Miranda (14/09/2009)
    More than 150 young people participated in the intergenerational camping
  • Three arrested for attempted robbery with violence (14/09/2009)
    The people involved, aged 18, assaulted the victim on the street
  • Troy, in the Municipal Archaeological Cartagena (14/09/2009)
    large audience gave appointment Friday night in the museum gardens in the representation of the classic play by Ditirambo
  • Manchester University Press publishes While men die, Carmen Conde (14/09/2009)
    The publisher has included this amount in Texts Hispanics collection, which included authors such as García Márquez, García Lorca, Neruda and Lope de Vega
  • Women offers over 70 courses and workshops for 2009/2010 (14/09/2009)
    Last year, the most popular courses were those relating to new technologies, with a participation of 600 women
  • 213,000 euros for the consolidation of the hill on the street Gisbert (14/09/2009)
    The City Council will carry out strengthening works to prevent landslides on the Office of Traffic and an adjoining building
  • The City Council regulates the use of local social order to unify criteria in their management (14/09/2009)
    The text has been agreed with the Federation of Neighborhood Associations
  • The university will enjoy flat rate of Cartagena on buses for 20 euros a month (14/09/2009)
    Students, faculty and staff from regional universities can make an unlimited number of trips in urban and interurban lines in Cartagena with a single monthly charge
  • A microcredit allows the reopening of a seafood restaurant in the old quarter (14/09/2009)
    loan, of 25,000 euros, was awarded in the promotion of self-employment program carried out by the CAM and ADLE
  • Cartagena dresses (13/09/2009)
    The city welcomes Trophy Region of Murcia Caja Mediterráneo, which concludes and decides the Audi MedCup 2009.
  • YW 5712, the flying aces (13/09/2009)
    Flight YW5712 moved last night to 40 sailors from Sardinia to participate in Murcia Trophy Region of Murcia Caja Mediterráneo.
  • An amusement park in the heart of Cartagena (12/09/2009)
    Trophy Region of Murcia Caja Mediterráneo dismiss the Audi MedCup Circuit 2009 with a strong sporting and social program that does not leave a spare minute between now and next Saturday
  • The UPCT presents a project to create a Campus of Excellence (11/09/2009)
    The UPCT Social Council, which met today, has addressed the UPCT report has been prepared as a draft call for participation in the International Campus of Excellence
  • The crews of the Audi Med Cup coming this weekend (11/09/2009)
    all ready on the ground for the start training Monday in the waters of Cartagena
  • Carthaginians and Romans receive 143,000 euros from the City Council (11/09/2009)
    The mayor has presented this morning the president of the Federation of regular troops and legions of municipal financial assistance for the development of the Parties
  • The Stock Exchange 136 languages linguistic exchanges facilitated last year (11/09/2009)
    The agenda for the Department of Youth begins a new voyage that will take place between October 2009 and June 2010
  • Roman Theater Foundation sponsors the team FC Cartagena (11/09/2009)
    The football team shirt bearing the name of the resource most important tourist and archaeological city in different stages of the second division
  • Education moved to the old building in Round Urban Union (11/09/2009)
    will share with Statistics and Consumer units will be installed soon
  • Nearly 59,000 euros for the service of day stays in the center of Cartagena El Algar (11/09/2009)

  • Arrested for violating a restraining order (11/09/2009)
    The involved was caught sleeping in a park next to his girlfriend.
  • Offering to the patron and travel to Madrid (11/09/2009)
    Players of Real Cartagena visited in the afternoon yesterday the patron saint of Cartagena
  • Detainee attempting to sell in an establishment a stolen gold chain (11/09/2009)
    The alleged perpetrators, four young, she had stolen just before another young man in the street
  • A drumming goes through the neighborhoods of Los Mateos, Lo Campano and Santa Lucia, encouraging young people in the back to school (10/09/2009)

  • Back Cures municipal program for the elderly in the Hotel Spa Entremares (10/09/2009)
    After the summer break, more than 200 people will enjoy this activity in the messes of September, October and November
  • Mar Sáez photographer presents her vision of Chinguetti (10/09/2009)
    The exhibition of photographs of the Mauritanian town will be open until Oct. 21 at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • II Urban Mile Race Audi Med Cup Cartagena Archaeological (10/09/2009)
    Proof will be held on Friday 18 September on a circuit in Marina
  • Ecologists in Action provides a copy of the Black Flags, 2009 at Pilar Barreiro (10/09/2009)
    responding to recent statements by the mayor, which literally asserted that "Al Mar Menor do not need to save because it is already saved"
  • Wide range of cultural programming to the Department of Education for 2009/2010 (09/09/2009)
    school year opens with cultural activities for students in the Audi Med-Cup circuit and features educational exhibits on Intercultural Diversity
  • Mar Sáez photographer presents his vision of tomorrow Chinguetti (Mauritania) in an exhibition (09/09/2009)
    The exhibition will take place at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Open day at the Senior Day Center of El Algar (09/09/2009)
    The activity was held on Monday in the festivities of the town
  • Lowers absenteeism in Cartagena (09/09/2009)
    According to data collected by the Department of Education, 25,189 students registered, 789 children will be absentee
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas improve tourist signs in the city (09/09/2009)
    The new posts and information are already set plans this weekend, ahead of the Audi Med Cup
  • The Real Cartagena is reunited with the pillbox (09/09/2009)
    Wsell of Guimbarda Pavilion last night received a renewed Reale Cartagena under the watchful gaze of his hobby
  • A score of activities and entertainment will accompany the celebration of the MedCup (08/09/2009)
    The esplanade of the port of Cartagena will host exhibitions, exhibitions, shows and concerts during the regatta
  • Start the new school year 2009/2010 (08/09/2009)
    The Councillor for Education inform the media of the programs will be launched
  • The City of Cartagena invests 260,000 euros in development cooperation projects (08/09/2009)
    Social Care Councillor presented the activities, workshops and exhibitions to be held in the city, on the occasion of Aid Worker
  • Success in the First European Cricket Tournament in La Manga Club (08/09/2009)
    The Spanish team won the third after commanding the table for several days
  • Troy, in the Municipal Archeological Museum of Cartagena (08/09/2009)
    The classic play Cartagena Ditirambo group brings the story of Troy to the museum grounds on Friday
  • Cartagena is a feast for the Audi Med Cup (08/09/2009)
    The esplanade of the port will host exhibitions, exhibitions, shows and concerts during the regatta
  • It keeps deteriorating air quality in Cartagena, according to a report Ecologists in Action (08/09/2009)

  • Trekking from the Portús to Cartagena with the program T-La (08/09/2009)
    The activity will take place this Sunday and includes a tour of the port to board the Catamaran Resort
  • Course of masonry and painting for over 16 years without the ESO (08/09/2009)
    The filing deadline this program activity professional qualification ADLE will remain open until 18 September
  • The Region is organizing the first national race for displaying vehicles powered by alternative energy (08/09/2009)
    'Solar-Murcia Race', held in Cartagena Race Track on October 3, aims to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge between universities and business
  • The 2009 Audi MedCup will be resolved in Cartagena (08/09/2009)
    In exactly one week, Cartagena will host the Trophy Region of Murcia Caja Mediterráneo, the final round of Audi MedCup 2009.
  • UPyD reiterates its call for the return of subsidies provided by the Community to the owner of the Salinas de Marchamalo (07/09/2009)
    The Department now requires only the return of 13,500 Euros, 10% of total
  • María Cascales Narrow, near Cartagena Favourite Daughter (07/09/2009)
    The City Council opened the period for joining the granting of title to the first woman to hold a place in a real Spanish scientific academy
  • Florentina Garcia Vargas, herald of the Fiestas de La Aparecida (07/09/2009)
    Celebration Councillor initiated play activities in Cartagena council will continue until 13 September
  • Cartagena is prepared to receive the Audi MedCup (07/09/2009)
    The Minister of Culture and the second deputy mayor inform the media of the latest event details
  • 752 young people aspire to get one of the 15 seats firefighter (07/09/2009)
    selective tests begin on Tuesday, September 8 at the Park Security
  • The Reale Faro Cartagena, hand a year (07/09/2009)
    The right sleeve of the shirt albiazul continue wearing the badge of the newspaper
  • Arrested for threatening with a knife to his girlfriend (07/09/2009)
    The 55 year old man was arrested by local police in the victim's home
  • Arrested a young man for attempted robbery in a bank (07/09/2009)
    There was broken glass with a stone and was caught by officials within the entity
  • First title inclusive team 'Alex course you' (06/09/2009)
    Half of the crew have some type of physical disability
  • More than 142,000 euros for the new Day Care Center of Los Dolores de Cartagena (04/09/2009)

  • Improvement of lighting at the crossing of Pozo de los Palos (04/09/2009)
    In the coming days will be operational 26 points of light with an investment of 100,000 euros
  • Lozano preset to wear "red" (04/09/2009)

  • The ADLE opens the registration period for new courses of the Labor Project (04/09/2009)
    is aimed at training and employment of unemployed and people with difficulties in finding work.
  • Physical activity and health in a course at the University of the Sea (04/09/2009)

  • Arrested seven illegal immigrants (03/09/2009)

  • More than 397 palm trees of setups (03/09/2009)
    specialized staff of Parks and Gardens Brigade are carrying out maintenance work in the area of the Port of Cartagena, which ends on September 14
  • Patron Saint of La Aparecida (03/09/2009)
    La Aparecida begins its celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows
  • The Cartagena unemployment is below the average for the Region (03/09/2009)
    The service sector is the biggest loser in the month of August, but also generates more contracts in the city
  • Public Works will invest 10 million euros to improve the road to Cartagena to Almeria (03/09/2009)
    The project includes the creation of a new variant of eight miles, to remove a black spot and build eight roundabouts
  • Everything is ready for the start of the school year in Cartagena (03/09/2009)
    Community and City investing EUR 4.6 million in construction, maintenance and repair of schools.
  • Javier Cardenas proclaim Carthaginians and Romans (03/09/2009)
    TV presenter and radio broadcaster and his team liven Dare program on September 18 the start of the holidays.
  • The Chrono sporting calendar is now twelve years (03/09/2009)
    The publication, of which 5,000 copies have been printed, the competition brings together teams participate in Cartagena this year.
  • The Implica2 smile, laughter and magic shop (03/09/2009)
    will be developed on 18 September and he will be taught tricks and laughter therapy techniques to improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Underwater Medicine Course at the University of the Sea (03/09/2009)

  • The family business to an ongoing debate at the University of the Sea (03/09/2009)

  • The football team Cartagena Reale calls his hobby (02/09/2009)
    The Caravelle VI Silver Trophy presentation will futsal team in the league
  • The Child Education Center Expands Range Cabezo Beaza Enrolment (02/09/2009)
    The school continues to expect to cover the number of students required
  • Cartagena Civil Protection operates over 10,000 operations on the beaches during July and August (02/09/2009)
    The device in the water rescued 274 people during the two months of summer
  • Begin in September, and Navigation diving courses at the University of the Sea (02/09/2009)

  • Patron Saint of Sorrows (01/09/2009)
    The district of Cartagena held many activities in honor of its patron
  • Cartagena UPyD increasing demand for places in the municipal nursery school (01/09/2009)
    30% of applications for next year are excluded
  • The program Magnificent '7 'arrives in Cartagena (01/09/2009)
    Project regional TV channel 7 do a casting to find new talent in the city
  • The People's University began its new academic year (01/09/2009)
    This year, the UP offers a variety of activities for all ages and subjects ranging from languages to astronomy
  • Adif invests more than € 330,000 on improving road infrastructure in the terminal Escombreras (01/09/2009)
    Inside the Special Fund for the Revitalization of the Economy and Jobs
  • XVIII Swim across Puerto de Cartagena II Audi MedCup (01/09/2009)
    The event is on Saturday 19 September with two rescorridos 450 and 1,800 meters, according to categories.
  • Closed course swimming in the pool Casa de la Juventud (01/09/2009)
    At the event, held during June, July and August, 1,000 users participated.

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 - ER-0131/2006 Región de Murcia
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