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Cartagena News - April 2008

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  • The City Council receives the proposed demolition of the factory zincs (30/04/2008)
    The Town Planning, Joaquín Mowing, recalled that Spanish Zinc has absolute priority in the processes which concern the City
  • The local police handled 63 complaints for speeding (30/04/2008)
    End the control campaign in April for which they have spent a total of 4058 vehicles
  • Held successfully organized by Career Guidance Mundobici Riders Club (30/04/2008)
    The sporting event that took place last Friday in Tentegorra, had over 65 participants
  • Two lanes of Avenida Juan Carlos I will cut off to traffic for one month for Works (30/04/2008)
    From April 29 to May 29 due to the installation of new storm drains in the area
  • Successful participation at the 25 th anniversary of the School of Parents (30/04/2008)
    The event was celebrated with a training day held at Hotel Las Gaviotas, La Manga, on Saturday
  • Renewal and new allotment of seats in weekly markets in the municipality of Cartagena (30/04/2008)
    Bureau of Markets.
  • San Jose Obrero celebrates Grandparent's Day (30/04/2008)
    The Cartagena neighborhood on Friday scheduled a series of activities to honor our seniors
  • Finnish Art Hall in the Palace (29/04/2008)
    The exhibition includes over sixty works of thirty authors and will be open from 30 April to 13 June
  • The Sea of Music presents its programming (29/04/2008)
    The Minister of Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz, presented this morning in Madrid the fourteenth edition of the festival will bring together Asha Cartagena Boshle, Alpha Blondy, Ute Lemper, Benjamin Biolay, Milton Nascimento and Camile , where Franc Special
  • 38 French students visiting Cartagena (29/04/2008)
    Thanks to an exchange with students from Cartagena, the group of French students, who have been received by the councilman of Youth, know the main attractions of the city
  • Opened Days of equal opportunities between women and men (29/04/2008)
    The council aims to raise awareness and to reflect on issues such as domestic violence or labor arbitration
  • Hungarian and French Students know Cartagena (29/04/2008)
    Youth Councillor has welcomed a group of students at the Palace Hall
  • Cartagena receives a mobile recycling center for waste collection in the districts (28/04/2008)
    The truck, which will visit the districts and councils of the municipality collect waste such as oils, batteries, electric cables or small appliances, among others
  • The ADLE taught a course on "Practical techniques of social and market research ' (28/04/2008)
    is aimed at college students and aims to promote UPCT entrepreneurial vision and entrepreneurial young people
  • The Wall cannons roar again (28/04/2008)
    A salute from the old parts of the eighteenth century, located on the front of Batel, have signed this morning's nomination of Artillery Street Adarve
  • Madrid, scene of the official presentation of the festival La Mar de Músicas (28/04/2008)
    The Minister of Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz, presented tomorrow at the capital program this fourteenth edition of the festival Cartagena
  • The clinic in the neighborhood of 7,000 people will attend Concepcion (28/04/2008)
    The new toilet facilities, which the Health Department and the City has invested nearly one and half million euros, was inaugurated this morning with the presence of authorities and neighbors
  • The Governing Board approved the listing of renovation and the award of 1,611 posts in the markets (28/04/2008)
    For the award of vacancies has been taken into account the place of residence, length of the application and those applying for the first time Plaza
  • The II Memorial 'Devesa Hernandez' face the regional team and to Elche Cartagena (28/04/2008)
    The event, which will be held on Thursday 1 May at the Sport City Gómez Meseguer, wants to reclaim and remember the figure of the referee
  • Marist Brothers will build a nursing home next to the school (28/04/2008)
    The Board of Governors has been informed of the planning permission granted in the last two weeks worth nine million
  • The City Council gave two lots for the parish cemetery Pozo Estrecho (28/04/2008)
    also approved the specifications for awarding a place in the park of Los Juncos
  • More than two million euros for social services (28/04/2008)
    The agreement signed with the Ministry of Social Policy includes performances in domestic help, in the accompanying program for social inclusion and social centers for primary care services
  • The Escuela Municipal de Teatro working on a documentary about the May 2 (28/04/2008)
    In the documentary, filmed in the Plaza San Francisco and the Casino, three actors involved in the School 'Francisco Rabal'
  • The Governing Board initiated the records to the appointment of two public spaces (28/04/2008)
    Park San Diego Felix Calvo called Clemente, while the Day Care Center in El Algar take the name of Alfonso Escamez Liarte
  • XXIII convened the International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmas (26/04/2008)
    is endowed with 12,000 euros and publication of the work
  • Much More May (25/04/2008)
    this year's festival, held from 9 to May 18, includes more than 60 activities and fourteen workshops
  • Paul Delegido, Paula and Marta Huertas Pérez Cuadrado earn school drawing competition on May 2 (25/04/2008)
    355 work from seven schools participated in the call which awards are presented Sunday at the Military Museum of Artillery
  • Opens its doors on Primary Care Center in the neighborhood of Concepción (25/04/2008)
    The opening ceremony of the new building, which replaces the current practice will be held on Monday 28 April
  • The Local Government Board meets on Monday (25/04/2008)
    Among other things, seek the nomination of public spaces, the granting of planning permission worth more than nine million euros and the renewal and allocation of positions in markets
  • Social Care provides a guide to drug addiction (25/04/2008)
    Aimed at parents of preteens, will be released on Saturday April 26 in La Manga
  • Miguel Paz received the first prize of the First International Short Story Competition 'Ciudad de Cartagena' (25/04/2008)
    The awards ceremony took place last Thursday at the Palace Hall, in the presence of writers Juan Manuel de Prada and Espido Freire
  • Presentation of II Memorial 'Devesa Hernández' (25/04/2008)
    The event, which takes place on Thursday, May 1, is presented to the media on Monday, April 28
  • Weight in the City by the death of Antonio Madrigal Gutiérrez, Adopted Son of Cartagena (25/04/2008)
    The funeral will take place tomorrow Saturday at 11 am at the funeral Estavesa
  • The Senior Fair will be held permanently in late May (25/04/2008)
    will take place on 30, May 31 and June 1, and the esplanade of Alfonso XII dock will be located in the Plaza Juan XXIII
  • Presentation of Mucho Mas Mayo festival (24/04/2008)
    Youth Councillor will announce tomorrow the details of the final schedule of this festival
  • Inauguration of the exhibition SICARM 2008 (24/04/2008)
    From today until Sunday the citizens can enjoy technology demonstrations in the tent at the Place de Jose Maria Artes
  • Photo exhibition 'Welcome to the mouth' (24/04/2008)
    A typical day on a beach in Cuba, far from tourism is the main theme of the exhibition of Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos Cartagena, which can be visited at the Palacio Molina
  • IX Erotic Story Contest (24/04/2008)
    The event is organized by the Office of Information Space Youth Sexual Young of the Department of Youth, to promote 'Reflection on affective commitment and sexuality'
  • The Klan of the tour remains Dedet China (24/04/2008)
    Despite the cancellation of the band's concerts in Beijing Midi Festival will continue with the initiative to make much more in China in May
  • Final contest in Pozo Estrecho pasodobles (24/04/2008)
    Five pasodobles choose the first prize of this contest, in a final which takes place this Saturday 26 April at the Civic Center Pozo Estrecho
  • The Ministry of Culture Award recognizes the work of Mandarache (24/04/2008)
    The General Directorate of Books, Archives and Libraries provide 20,000 euros for the 2008 edition in its national plan for Promoting Reading
  • Return program participants Leonardo Da Vinci (23/04/2008)
    Top ten young participants in the program Leonardo Da Vinci mobility, managed by the ADLE, end their practices this week
  • Presentation of the exhibition of Diaz Burgos 'Welcome to the mouth' (23/04/2008)
    The media will meet Thursday in the Palazzo Molina, in a press pass before the opening
  • The work of Diaz Burgos stars in a photo shop (23/04/2008)
    Under the title 'An experience', will be held throughout the day on May 17 at the Palace Molina
  • Internet and new technologies available to the public (23/04/2008)
    2008 SICARM Fair stops in Cartagena this weekend to offer the ultimate Cartagena, in a tent that will house workshops, contests and games, which opens on Thursday 24 April
  • 25th anniversary of the Parents School (23/04/2008)
    The anniversary of the creation of this program will be held on Saturday April 26 with a training day about emotional education
  • Start the IX Fair of Youth Associations (23/04/2008)
    68 youth organizations and more than 170 activities in leisure time will meet from tomorrow, Thursday through Sunday at Pier Alfonso XII
  • The platform 'Learn' courses twenty-four offer free on-line (23/04/2008)
    This is an initiative of the City for citizens to approach new technologies at home and free time
  • Between Strings and Metals reaches its final (23/04/2008)
    Last Monday was the last final guitar and May 9th will be the closing ceremony of the contest
  • The municipal land Marchamalo environment 'are not for sale' (23/04/2008)
    Town Hall is the answer to the offer to purchase city land ANSE in this protected area to develop an environmental recovery program
  • The Rhythm Club Cartagena represent Spain at the World Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (23/04/2008)
    junior and senior teams in this Club women will compete next May and June
  • School gymnastics practice with elite (23/04/2008)
    The ADE program takes students from primary and Santa Ana Asomada the flag of St Anton to learn this discipline
  • Awards of the First International Short Story Competition 'Ciudad de Cartagena' (23/04/2008)
    The Vizcaya Miguel Paz received on Thursday 24 April, the first prize of this contest at the Palace Hall, a preliminary conversation with the writer Juan Manuel de Prada
  • Cartagena collaborate Fire extinguishing a fire in the range of Tentegorra (22/04/2008)
    The fire broke out at around 12 noon and managed to control a couple of hours later
  • The school Our Lady of the Sea, winner of the triangular side football in the Olympics Children's Services (22/04/2008)
    This morning they started the first scheduled sporting events because of these Olympics, held until 25 April
  • The Parents School celebrates 25 years (22/04/2008)
    Councillor for Education, Josefa Maroto, presented Wednesday morning training seminar to be held on the occasion of this celebration
  • Presentation of SICARM 2008 (22/04/2008)
    Technology demonstrations again Cartagena citizens through a program of activities to be presented on Wednesday 23 April
  • Homage to Alfonso Saura 'The Fisherman', the patron of football in the Albujón (22/04/2008)
    The local sports take from now his name in recognition of his work on behalf of football
  • The libraries take to the streets to celebrate World Book Day (22/04/2008)
    Friday April 25 activities will be developed in the Plaza Juan XXIII with play areas and street entertainment for children
  • The course "Entrepreneurship Dissemination 'university attracts 140 (21/04/2008)
    The Agency of Local Development and Employment and the Technical University are pleased with the great success that has taken the lead among young students
  • The writer Gustavo Martín Garzo Mandarache wins 2008 (21/04/2008)
    'My dear Eva' novel has been the most votes from the 2,000 young people who comprise the jury for this prize
  • More than 200 sailboats will stop in Cartagena during the Med Cup (21/04/2008)
    This prestigious event from the Port of Cartagena from 25 to 30 August accompanied by a full program of entertainment for the public
  • Don Juan Tenorio L'Om Imprebis seen in the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena (21/04/2008)
    The performance will be tomorrow, Tuesday April 22 at 21:30 hours, at a price of 18 and 15 euros
  • New workshops in the program COLLEAGUES (21/04/2008)
    This weekend has started new activities in theater, graffiti and percussion in El Algar and San Anton
  • A deposit of ten thousand cubic meters regulate wastewater contributions Cabezo Beaza (21/04/2008)
    The Governing Board approved the project of 3.7 million euros to implement the Water Directorate of the Autonomous Community
  • The City Council is still waiting to know the industrial project zincs (18/04/2008)
    This week has been a follow-up meeting in the city of Cartagena, which will be repeated next week
  • On Monday presented the Med Cup sailing (18/04/2008)
    The mayor, along with the Minister of Culture and Sport, presented the prestigious event that will reach Cartagena in August
  • Special Governing Board on Monday (18/04/2008)
    Approve the proposed mill wastewater Cabezo Beaza
  • The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Murcia last the needs of future judicial campus Cartagena (18/04/2008)
    Juan Martínez Moya, with the president of the Provincial Court, Andrés Pacheco, have been received this morning by the mayor
  • The Sea of Music will present the 2008 program exploited much more in May (18/04/2008)
    May 17 will hold a joint night both festivals with street performances Plasticiens Volants company and the French DJ Wax Tailor
  • Cut the Alfonso XIII walk for several hours by the rupture of a pipeline from the Commonwealth (18/04/2008)
    The 45-inch pipe has ruptured section at the height of the Regional Assembly and has flooded the road
  • Suspended by the strong wind the inauguration of the II Resources and Services (18/04/2008)
    The fair was scheduled to open at noon Friday in the spring of Alfonso XII
  • The strong winds forced to suspend the opening of the Second Exhibition of Resources and Services (18/04/2008)
    The fair was scheduled to open at noon Friday in the spring of Alfonso XII
  • The festival 'Moving, Encounters with the New Dance' signs off with seven shows in the streets of Cartagena (18/04/2008)
    The historical center is filled contemporary on Saturday to say farewell to the longest edition many have been held
  • The strong winds will reach 80 kilometers per hour until tonight (18/04/2008)
    The Fire Fighting Service urges caution for the people of Cartagena and the measures envisaged by the strong gusts
  • A group of European students visit the Palace Hall (17/04/2008)
    Youth Councillor has welcomed 25 young people from UK, Norway and Belgium, which will remain in Cartagena until Sunday
  • 25 foreign military attaches, visiting Cartagena (17/04/2008)
    The Mayor will have received this morning at the Palace Hall
  • The forty Township Senior clubs participating in the Second Exhibition of Resources and Services (17/04/2008)
    Mayor opens on Friday the event will remain in the spring of Alfonso XII during the weekend offering craft shows and performances, featuring over
  • Banned performance (17/04/2008)
    Bad Hair acts on Friday at the Teatro Circo.
  • Visit of President of the Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Murcia to the mayor (17/04/2008)
    will take place on Friday 18 April at the Palace Hall
  • The Federation of Neighborhood Associations invited the mayor to inaugurate its new headquarters (17/04/2008)
    Pilar Barreiro has today received the visit of the new board of directors following his recent reelection FAVCAC
  • Final Four of the regional stage of Men's Junior Championship in Spain (17/04/2008)
    The event is being held this weekend in Hall Urban and faces the Polaris World team, Capitrans, Cartagena and Obralia Capuchin Basket
  • The mayor receives 25 military attaches, visiting Cartagena (17/04/2008)
    The visit will take place Thursday in the Reception Room of the Town Hall
  • We present the Final Four Men's Junior Basketball (16/04/2008)
    Sports Councillor on Thursday presented the details of this sporting event to be held this weekend
  • Access to the University over 25 years is repaid with good results (16/04/2008)
    On September 1 deadline will be opened for registration for the next course offered by the Universidad Popular
  • 'Youth Training' offer 190 beds designed to monitor and educators (16/04/2008)
    The Youth Council has organized seven specialized courses, four more than last year, starting in May and end in November
  • The mayor meets with the president and board of the FAVCAC (16/04/2008)
    The visit of the neighborhood leaders will take place on Thursday 17 April, from 11 am
  • 25 European students visiting Cartagena (16/04/2008)
    Youth Councillor receives on Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • Five pieces of music they choose the first prize in Pozo Estrecho pasodobles (16/04/2008)
    The final of this event, who have attended 42 pasodobles of authors from all over Spain, will be held on April 26
  • Two lanes of Avenida Juan Carlos I is closed to traffic for a month works (16/04/2008)
    From April 22 to May 23 due to the installation of new storm drains in the area
  • 2,000 young readers looking for author (16/04/2008)
    Friday April 18 ended the week Award voting official Mandarache
  • The school is close to taewkondo with elite athletes (16/04/2008)
    Narval school students met with taewkondistas of PMD Martial Arts Club, of which is Samuel, who represented Spain at the World Championships
  • Young Space participate in the conference "Europe, a dialogue between cultures" (16/04/2008)
    this service technicians will explain the experiences carried out within the European program "Youth in Action 'on volunteering
  • Six hundred women in the neighborhood of 'the 600' in Much More May (16/04/2008)
    Juan Carlos Campos is responsible for taking pictures of these neighbors, to be exhibited during the festival at the House Dorda
  • An anthology contains eighty poems by Carmen Conde (16/04/2008)
    The presentation of the new book about the author Cartagena will be held on Friday, April 18 at the Palace Hall
  • The students visited the players in the UCAM Table Tennis (15/04/2008)
    Elementary Students of CP Francisco Javier de Los Barreros met yesterday at the recent champions of Spain and performed at the gaming tables in a visit by the ADE
  • Presentation of Composition Competition Well Pasodobles Strait (15/04/2008)
    The sixteenth edition of this event will be announced on Wednesday, April 16 at the Palace Hall
  • Youth presents its range of training for this year (15/04/2008)
    The courses run by the council will be announced at a press conference Wednesday at the Palace Hall
  • The ADLE participates in the University Employment Forum (15/04/2008)
    morning is celebrated April 16 in the Campus Alfonso XIII and will have a booth next to the Youth Space to the Department of Juvetud
  • The photographer Joan Fontcuberta makes the lineup of La Mar de Músicas 2008 Special French (15/04/2008)
    The programming of the fourteenth edition of the festival will be presented on April 29 in Madrid
  • A total of 164 university students attending a course of diffusion of entrepreneurship (15/04/2008)
    The initiative, which begins on Wednesday April 16 is the result of an agreement between the University and the Agency of Local Development and Employment
  • The soccer player and swimmer Leo Margarita Dominguez, Best Athlete of 2007 (15/04/2008)
    The jury of the XXVIII Annual Awards of Sport Cartagenero unveiled yesterday the names of the winners in each of the nine categories
  • The mayor said that the drought emergency is so serious in the countryside of Murcia and in Catalonia (15/04/2008)
    Pilar Barreiro was speaking before a possible transfer of water from the Ebro River to Barcelona
  • Lo Ferro Festival will pay tribute this year to the city of Cartagena (15/04/2008)
    The mayor has received this morning a flamenco festival organizers
  • The T-LA takes us into the world of clowns (15/04/2008)
    Youth Resource Center hosts a clown initiation workshop taught by Anthony Valen, from 18 to 21 April
  • Opens the deadline to apply for a place in the municipal nursery schools (15/04/2008)
    From 16 April to 7 May, interested parties can access some of the 500 seats available for next year in the nine centers under the City
  • Cocemfe Famdif and reality of the disabled closer to the college (15/04/2008)
    The last weekend was held in La Manga the holding of the XV Conference on Education and Violence organized by both organizations
  • The zoo we live (15/04/2008)
    Paintings by Salvador Torres in the Byzantine Wall
  • Visit school to the players of table tennis UCAM (15/04/2008)
    Elementary Students CP Francisco Javier de Los Barreros met yesterday at the recent champions of Spain and performed at the gaming tables in a visit by the ADE
  • More than 500 participants Marchamujer 2008 (14/04/2008)
    Solidarity Day organized by the Department of Women hopes to raise around $ 3,000 each to be allocated to the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Cartagena
  • The mayor meets with the organizers of the Festival Flamenco de Lo Ferro (14/04/2008)
    The interview was held on Tuesday 15 April at the Palace Hall
  • A new off-road tanker facilitate the work of firefighters in difficult access (14/04/2008)
    The vehicle has a new water pipe system that protects the car against possible overturning emergencies
  • New wastewater projects in the Azohía and El Algar (14/04/2008)
    The Board of Directors gives its approval to the actions of the Autonomous Region for $ 2.1 million
  • Work on the roundabout Mandarache culminate with the burial of medium voltage overhead lines (14/04/2008)
    The Board of Directors today approved an agreement between City and Iberdrola to carry out this change of power lines affecting the extension of Bruna Angel
  • Poster Presentation XII edition of the Sea of Music (14/04/2008)
    The Mayor and the Councillor for Culture April 15 morning show the new image in this year's festival
  • ... (14/04/2008)

  • Gold badges for outgoing presidents of the Strait Well Neighborhood, and The Mills Aljorra Marfagones (14/04/2008)
    The mayor has received this morning to the neighborhood at the Palace dirgentes Hall
  • The next year will Vaguada Care Center for Children with 94 seats (14/04/2008)
    has also been given approval to the request for a grant to the Ministry of Education to build a center in the Mediterranean Construction
  • Days of equal opportunities between women and men (14/04/2008)

  • The City Council still does not know even the technical project of the new factory zincs in Los Camachos (14/04/2008)
    Next Friday will be a meeting between the Works Council, the Directorate General for Environmental Quality, the INFO and the City Council to establish the steps to follow in building the new factory
  • II Resource Fair and Senior Services (14/04/2008)
    On Tuesday he presented the media to be held this weekend at the port
  • An agreement with the Association of Unemployed People over 40 will review the services to the City of Cartagena from May (14/04/2008)
    A total of eight drivers and two coordinators will oversee is the status of works and services carried out in public roads and cleaning the city
  • Primary Students with FC Cartagena (14/04/2008)
    The College Santa Joaquina de Vedruna has visited the football team at the stadium Cartagonova within the program visits Approach to Sports Elite
  • New views of ADE (14/04/2008)
    The Department of Sports program new school visits to the city teams
  • More than 4,000 people have visited the exhibition of Guimbarda Usella (14/04/2008)
    The exhibition, which opened on February 21, closes its doors on Sunday 20 April
  • The Governing Board approved on Monday an agreement for unemployed people over 40 years carried out inspection work in public (11/04/2008)
    The session will also be given the green light to construction of the center of childcare in the trough- Canteras
  • The mayor receives outgoing presidents of the Strait Well Neighborhood, and The Mills Aljorra Marfagones (11/04/2008)
    The visit will take place on Monday April 14 at 12 pm
  • On Monday I will meet the winner of the International Short Story Competition 'Ciudad de Cartagena' (11/04/2008)
    Councillor for Culture, Rosario Montero, will announce on Monday April 14 the jury's verdict
  • Health and the promotion of reading in the Barrio de la Concepción (11/04/2008)
    The Workshop involves several associations in the city
  • Moving out to meet the citizens (11/04/2008)
    The contemporary dance show goes on Saturday to the streets of Cartagena and closes with a performance by Dani Pannullo 'Desordances_3' at Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The Klan of the Dedet and Group 3 will be in China with the World Urban Project One (11/04/2008)
    already been sold seven thousand tickets for the performance of groups of Cartagena in Beijing, where the festival will be announced in May and Much More objective promote urban culture
  • Presentation of One Urban World (10/04/2008)
    It is an activity included within the urban culture festival Much More May
  • More evidence of sizing for the new local police officers (10/04/2008)
    Measurements took place this morning at the municipal pool facilities but will be repeated next Monday
  • The economic recession forced the government to prioritize municipal (10/04/2008)
    Mayor reaffirms that does not touch the projects already underway, but has instructed his cabinet not to acquire new commitments
  • Is seeking participants in a study to employment promotion in the Region (10/04/2008)
    Stakeholders participate in discussion groups and must be between 30 and 40, be active and have family responsibilities
  • The mayor receives UCAM Cartagena Table Tennis (10/04/2008)
    The women's team, winner of the tenth league title, has been honored at the Palace Hall
  • The company Mudances city talks about her new show Larandland (10/04/2008)
    Friday April 11 Abbey Omran Mostafa teach a dance workshop Dervish
  • Called the Jacobean Floral Games XLII Santa Lucia (10/04/2008)
    Participants in the form of prose and poetry may submit their work until 24 October
  • AES Corporation meets their expectations after a year of operation (10/04/2008)
    The new head of the combined cycle plant located in tailings was presented today to the mayor
  • The People's University encourages its Nature Workshop (10/04/2008)
    Among other activities he has planned a course for the identification and study of birds for Friday April 11
  • International Football at La Manga Club (09/04/2008)
    kick off the tournament I Hispano-Norwegian youth category, which began yesterday, and the IV International youth football tournament that starts Tuesday
  • The new director of AES be presented tomorrow to the Mayor (09/04/2008)
    The meeting will be held at 11 am in the Mayor of the Town Hall
  • Two companies have already started because the check Entrepreneur (09/04/2008)
    It is a program of advice to those developed by the City Council in collaboration with professional bodies and associations
  • Seven young people go to the woodwind final in the competition between strings and brass (09/04/2008)
    Two dozen candidates demonstrated their musical skills in the hearing held Tuesday
  • A human chain shows that Cartagena is integral (09/04/2008)
    Around five hundred people gathered Saturday in the Plaza Juan XXIII to celebrate the Day II 'Cartagena Solidarity' and participate in workshops and competitions
  • Sports collaborating on a project on physical activity in diabetics (09/04/2008)
    It takes place in the municipal flag-Barrio Peral Four Saints for three days a week and lasting six months, in collaboration with the Service Team Primary Medical Center Barrio Peral
  • The mode of Guitar Strings and Metals Between now has eight finalists (08/04/2008)
    The next stage of the competition will be held on April 21 at the Conservatory of Cartagena
  • ZONE-MU, the region in dance (08/04/2008)
    A benefit of associations fighting against AIDS in the Region of Murcia (CASMU and Active Support)
  • The Third Week Short Shorts Cartagena receives 248 participants (08/04/2008)
    Those selected will be screened from 14, 15 and 16 May in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad and the Plaza San Francisco
  • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor creates a reorganization of his government team (07/04/2008)
    Agustín Guillén occupy this new area and will coordinate all municipal
  • The T-LA program more than one hundred activities to enjoy spring (07/04/2008)
    The cruise sailing on Cape Tiñoso, cultural tours and participation in the program T-LA in the IX Fair of Youth Associations are some of the highlights for next month
  • Football elite schoolchildren (07/04/2008)
    Two groups of college students Santa Joaquina de Vedruna shared a sports day with FC Cartagena
  • The program organizes a workshop Implica2 strokes (07/04/2008)
    Implica2 program organizes a touch
  • Twelve volunteers participating in the conference Implica2 Cartagena Solidarity (07/04/2008)
    With this participation is inaugurated a new service called Volunteering in municipal activities, thanks to which also participate in the IX Youth Partnerships Fair and the Festival Much More May
  • The plenary adopted the Statute of the Foundation Anfiteatro Romano (04/04/2008)
    The House also approved changes in urban and Los Molinos Marfagones Dolores, allowing the construction of more than 3,000 homes
  • A new bus line will link the towns of the west to Cartagena (04/04/2008)
    The City is designing a specific line that services the cities, like La Magdalena, Tallante, Cuesta Blanca or Pozo Los Palos
  • Ten young, at the end of rope between strings and brass (04/04/2008)
    The final in this form will be held on Thursday, April 17
  • Social Services is launching a workshop to improve the integration of immigrants in the neighborhoods (04/04/2008)
    The project, called 'Creating Spaces of Participation and Violence', is aimed at neighborhood representatives and is built around workshops and activities
  • The competition between strings and brass and has finalists in the category of Singing (03/04/2008)
    Final Phase of this kind will take place on April 14
  • Diabetes under control (03/04/2008)
    The City Council, in collaboration with the Federation of Neighborhood Associations and sodium launches information campaign on the disease prevention
  • Start the marketing of sheltered housing Mills Marfagones (03/04/2008)
    Those interested in applying for housing will go from Monday, April 7 at the offices of the company Cartagena Young SL, located in the Plaza Castellini
  • The five workshops in the seventh edition of the festival Removals, Encounters with the New Dance, have covered their positions (02/04/2008)
    On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 April, the Cambodian Yiphum Chiem taught the first workshop in the pavilion Jiménez de la Espada
  • The City Council and the Community of Irrigators cooperate for the settlement and marking the paths of the transfer (02/04/2008)
    The agreement, which envisages investments of approximately 80,000 per year, will repair the pavement and road signs from all walks of shipping service in the municipality of Cartagena
  • Cartagena have a special role in the thirteenth edition of the Chamber of Commerce, Leisure and Tourism of Lorca (02/04/2008)
    Cartagena, Tourist Destination Community
  • The Social Graduates Association of the District of Cartagena is expected to become the Official College (02/04/2008)
    The mayor has received this morning a portion of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association of County Social Cartagena
  • Implica2 organizing a Basic Training Course for Volunteer (02/04/2008)
    will take place on Saturday April 5 and is open to all those volunteers enrolled in the program of the Department of Youth
  • Pozo Estrecho premiere lighting (01/04/2008)
    Throughout the day will be operational twenty new points of light in the streets Águila Azor
  • Chambao, Amparanoia and Cartagena The Klan of the Dedet, in Mestizos'08 (01/04/2008)
    Mestizos The concert is included in the Festival Much More May, will be held on May 10 at the esplanade of the UPCT
  • Planning extends the provisions of services in the Buenos Aires Villa where 1,800 houses will be built protected (01/04/2008)
    The committee also gave the green light to another action in Dolores where 1,500 homes will be built

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