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Cartagena News - December 2008

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  • A football match to mark the refurbishment of the municipal area of El Algar (30/12/2008)
    The Department of Sports has invested in several light towers, new locker rooms and improvements to the playing field
  • More than 80,000 people have visited the Museum and the Roman Theatre since its opening in July (30/12/2008)
    Almost half of visitors is of foreign origin
  • The regional government makes it easier for Spanish workers Zinc may charge a little more than a thousand euros (30/12/2008)
    Salvador Marín said that "despite the difficulties, the regional president meets, once again, the compromise reached with the workers and the trade union "
  • Success in the sixth edition of the Christmas Tournament Grassroots Cartagena City (30/12/2008)
    Cartagena selection could not be imposed on different categories, despite the good impression left
  • The City Council signed two agreements to put the headquarters of Sorrows and the training of police (30/12/2008)
    The total amount of both conventions amounted to almost 400,000 euros
  • The House approved the rebate companies BICES (29/12/2008)
    The Municipal Corporation has discussed this morning, the submissions of the tax ordinance of 2009
  • Three million for facilities Auditorium and Convention Center of Cartagena (29/12/2008)

  • The Governing Board approved the first eleven for the State Fund projects (29/12/2008)
    In These include the paving and improvement of signage from the old N-332 from Cartagena to Los Urrutias, and renovation of roads and lighting in several neighborhoods
  • Interview with Reke, Idol contestant 2008 (27/12/2008)
    Reke give a concert in Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena, on 4 January at half past 7 pm, with live musicians, singers, dancers and other surprises
  • Pilar Barreiro, a speaker at the Open Forum I PP (26/12/2008)
    The national representative will be responsible for preparing the text on Coexistence and Security policy document Values and Principles
  • All San Silvestre ready for more solidarity (26/12/2008)
    The Twenty-seventh edition of the race more popular of Christmas, the San Silvestre, again held the last Sunday of the Year
  • Naviduero in the Sports Pavilion (26/12/2008)
    The Children's Park Christmas with characters and attractions can be visited on 27 and 28 December.
  • The mayor encouraged to confront the crisis with confidence in his Christmas message (23/12/2008)
    Barreiro has also reminded those who are no longer as José Mata and Rosario Juaneda
  • More than 2,000 people have gone through the ski slope (23/12/2008)
    The success of the Christmas activities is completed by the workshops, each day brings dozens of children.
  • Social Care, with the most disadvantaged at Christmas (23/12/2008)
    The councilman attended Wednesday at Christmas dinner of Hospitality Santa Teresa and the Home of the Good Samaritan.
  • Local police perform security checks on citizens during the holidays (23/12/2008)
    The checks will be made, especially in rural areas of Campo de Cartagena.
  • The popular characters mature in Cartagena Deportivo IV Trophy Charity (22/12/2008)
    Athletes and bullfighters were part of the combined use of popular characters that participated on Friday in this event whose proceeds will go to the House of Elders and the AECC
  • Middle hundreds of swimmers participating in the Christmas Swim across (22/12/2008)
    swimmers endured a water temperature of 13 degrees
  • Information Day for immigrant groups (22/12/2008)
    About 60 people who work with immigrants attended this conference to learn how to justify the grant received and perform the activities report 2008
  • Full unanimously approved the creation of the Foundation of the City of Cartagena (22/12/2008)
    is responsible for promoting the image of the city and the democratic spirit of the city councils
  • Christmas Concert Iuvenis Chamber Choir Music (22/12/2008)
    will be on Saturday December 27 at the parish St. Vincent de Paul
  • The buses will have special hours on Christmas holidays (22/12/2008)
    On 24, 25 and 31 December and 1 January the city bus line and Cartagena-La Manga have a special
  • Implica2 volunteers assist the campaign to collect toys (22/12/2008)
    Citizens may wish to deliver his toys solidarity until the next day 2
  • Hundreds of Cartagena participated in the "First Blood Donation Marathon" (21/12/2008)
    Donating blood is a gift of life and therefore hundreds of Cartagena did not hesitate to go on Thursday December 18 at Palace Hall to donate blood
  • ... (20/12/2008)

  • Christmas in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad (19/12/2008)
    During these days of Christmas programming, there will be children's festivals, performances by dance groups and holiday living, with tasting of typical Christmas sweets and desserts
  • The full debate on Monday on the Statute of the Foundation of the City of Cartagena (19/12/2008)
    This is the last regular meeting of the year, following the same members of the corporation will make a toast to Christmas with Spanish wine
  • The Real Street and the square of CIM will be remodeled in 2009 with funds from the state (19/12/2008)
    Half of the 36 million who come to Cartagena emplerarán in districts and county performances, including heated pool and Pozo Estrecho Aljorra
  • The Moscow Ballet is the Swan Lake in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (19/12/2008)
    This cultural event in aid of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, will take place on Monday and is organized by the Department of Culture, the AECC and Sonora Productions
  • Christmas Concert by the choirs and orchestra of the Elcano Institute (19/12/2008)
    will be held Monday at the Church of Santo Domingo, with the assistance of Councillors for the Youth Festival and the City of Cartagena
  • IV Cartagena Trophy Charity (19/12/2008)
    The round of shootout decided the victory for the team of bullfighters, as the previous result was a 8-8
  • More than 300 donors at the First Blood Donation Marathon (19/12/2008)
    A throughout the day yesterday, many caring citizens, including sportsmen and politicians, approached the Palace Consisitorial to donate their blood, many of them first time
  • I Bottle Inter-Schools Tournament Soccer Category 2004 (19/12/2008)
    will be held starting this weekend in the field of Drying of Alum
  • FC Cartagena encourages acts Christmas Soccer School New Cartagena (19/12/2008)
    Throughout this week there have been a number of activities attended by about 250 participants including students, instructors and parents of the School
  • Nearly two million euros to boost employment in the industrial sector (19/12/2008)

  • The president announced the creation of a new business promotion service to Cartagena and its surroundings (18/12/2008)
    Valcárcel says that enhances the presence of the Institute of Development in the region and provide technical advice specific new business opportunities that generate employment Quality
  • The Cartagena Deportivo IV Trophy for Charity will take place tomorrow (18/12/2008)
    Athletes, like Nicolas Almagro, and bullfighters, as Rafaelillo will integrate the popular characters combined on Friday to participate in this eventeo whose proceeds will go to the House of Elders and AECC
  • Salvage organized an exhibition to mark the 15th anniversary of the Society (18/12/2008)
    Located in the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (ARQUA) from day 18 to 21 December
  • It closed cycle Promotional Concert Strings and Metals Among (18/12/2008)
    On Saturday, held at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy concludes the series with a concert that will feature the winners of the previous edition of the contest organized by the Department of Youth and Conservatory of Music
  • 3000 years of history to reach (18/12/2008)
    Annual Bonus Through the Friends of the Museums and workshops in the classroom teaching of the Roman Theatre Museum, the City Council about the culture to the citizens for free
  • More than fifty people are interested in the course of literary (18/12/2008)
    will take place from 23 to 25 March, given by the desktop Espido Freire, within the celebrations of International Women's Day
  • The First Blood Donation Marathon at the Palace Hall takes place today (18/12/2008)
    Of the more than 140 caring citizens who have come this morning to the Palace Hall, 52 are new donors who have come through this initiative that continues throughout pm
  • The young Italian scholarship by Leonardo Da Vinci was fired from Cartagena (18/12/2008)
    fourteen weeks have been making and marketing practices in tourism
  • The Mayor welcomes Christmas to children and the elderly (18/12/2008)
    In dates as indicated and as is traditional, Pilar Barreiro has visited the Nursing Home and the Creche
  • Presence of fighters in the IV Trophy Charity "Cartagena for Charity" (18/12/2008)

  • Valcárcel says the recovery of the Roman amphitheater will be "an ambitious and dramatic dialogue between history and modernity" (18/12/2008)
    regional Chief Executive presides over the establishment of the Roman Amphitheater Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art, which is responsible for managing this project, and has appointed as manager José Vicente Albaladejo
  • Sabic assists in the arrangement of the sports of The Aljorra (17/12/2008)
    The new owner of the factory plastic keeps the line of support to the neighboring community begun by his predecessor, General Electric
  • High demand for Classroom courses Sets (17/12/2008)
    I have developed two of these courses, with fifteen participants each, and between planned for next January's most popular test is the selection of personnel and basic occupational risk prevention
  • The Children's House Charity Raffle labor integrate disabled (17/12/2008)
    municipal Foundation has signed an agreement with Astus to employ people with intellectual disabilities
  • Tourism free guided tours at Christmas (17/12/2008)
    Other attractions of the city for the holiday season include workshops for children and a craft fair and food with 17 seats distributed downtown streets to promote trade in the old
  • No Child Left without toys this Christmas (17/12/2008)
    Under the slogan Your toy and one more, Social Care and Youth Council have launched a campaign to collect toys, with the collaboration of six entities in the city
  • 128 women with learning computer courses to the Department of Women (17/12/2008)
    This morning we have proceeded to the presentation of diplomas at the Ceremonial Hall of the Town Hall
  • I Blood Donation Marathon at the Palace Hall (17/12/2008)
    Your Blood for a Cause will be open to all citizens on Thursday, 18 December, partit of ten o'clock
  • Large families have until March 31 to apply for the rebate IBI (17/12/2008)
    The BICES companies will be reduced by 1.3 to 1.1 taking the current economic situation
  • The drawing of the Casa del Niño renewed image coinciding with its 90 anniversary (16/12/2008)
    The usual strip of ten coupons to 0.40 cents is replaced by another five coupons to 0.80, sold in seven parts of downtown and in as many districts
  • In progress digital album of images of bicycles in the city (16/12/2008)
    All persons wishing to participate can send their photos on the rider mobility through an e-mail
  • A Guide to Help Against Gender Violence through mobile (16/12/2008)
    The Department of Women has made available to its users and stakeholders to help guide developed by the Institute for Women, which can be downloaded at Mobile phone
  • Seventy thousand tourists come to Cartagena aboard 55 cruise in 2009 (16/12/2008)
    closed port 2008 as a finalist for the Seatrade awards and an increase in the number of visits, which shows the rise of the tourist and cultural city
  • A broad program of events to commemorate the centenary of football in Alum (16/12/2008)
    Photo exhibitions, soccer games, lectures and conferences complete the program of an event to be held from 2 to 10 January
  • II Trofeo Ciudad de Cartagena base Futsal (16/12/2008)
    three teams from each of the categories benjamin and fry
  • The Christmas Swim across celebrates its fourth edition (16/12/2008)
    The course of the test is 200 meters and the end will be invited to a hot chocolate and pastries for participants
  • Social Service Agreement with the Gypsy Forum (16/12/2008)
    The City Council € 14,600 subsidize various integration activities
  • Doctor Louis Street Grille will be renovated with more than four million euros (16/12/2008)
    The mayor has signed an agreement with the Community, under the Special Plan Basic Municipal Infrastructure, to deal with this intervention
  • The proposed demolition of the building out to public information Profusa (16/12/2008)
    About 6,000 square meters entering the DPMT
  • Mass in honor of Our Lady of Hope on his name day (16/12/2008)
    Will the next December 18 at 20:00 pm in the Parish of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza
  • Three vehicles reported by misusing a parking reserved for disabled (15/12/2008)
    Cartagena Local Police started a campaign last month to control these special parking permits
  • The ALDE Workshop organized by Jobs Small Infants II (15/12/2008)
    This project is designed for 32 unemployed women over 25 years
  • Zincs workers willing to employment regulation (15/12/2008)
    local and regional administrations and unions seeking ways to ensure that employees receive the wages they are owed
  • The mayor announced the creation of a foundation for projecting the image of the city abroad (15/12/2008)
    The honorary president of the Foundation will Sabino Fernández Campo, former Chief of the Royal House
  • Chats, police bullying and intrigue mix in the first novel finalist Hache Youth Literature Prize (15/12/2008)
    Andrew Martin, author of the novel Chats, held this morning a meeting with young people aged 12 to 14 who make up the jury This new project award Mandarache
  • The Birth of Thomas Mendoza, will be the municipal Christmas greeting (15/12/2008)
    Cartagena The young painter has donated this painting to the City, made to order, continuing the tradition of using works of artists from the ground to frame the congratulations of the Mayor by these dates
  • The San Silvestre becomes more cohesive on the last Sunday of the Year (15/12/2008)
    The 27th edition of one of the most popular careers in the region will be held on the innocent and one euro allocated for each entry to the Spanish Association Against Cancer
  • The program participates in the Teen Peer Festival (15/12/2008)
    Organized by the CAM in conjunction with the City of Cartagena, was held last Saturday in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad
  • 1350 involved over the Christmas day of coexistence (13/12/2008)
    There were competitions and gave the club solidarity contribution to the Bethany Home and the residence of the Sisters of the Poor
  • The Jacobean Floral Games of Santa Lucia distinguish the mayor (13/12/2008)
    Pilar Barreiro received the gold badge during the awards ceremony of the LXII edition, held in the Parish of Santa Lucia
  • Stopped the author of two robberies inside vehicles in Eixample (12/12/2008)
    The involved broke the windows of cars with a large stone
  • Daily Thoughts and Peach, contest winners erotic stories IX (12/12/2008)
    The authors of the stories, Fresno Trinidad and Sara Garrido, will receive a prize of 500 euros each
  • Great success of ADE with the display of BSR Peinsa Union (12/12/2008)
    About 800 students from nine schools filled the stands of the central building by encouraging these wizards of wheelchair basketball
  • The City Council Administration Building sold for 6 million euros to UPCT (12/12/2008)
    The Board of Governors approved this morning a three-way agreement whereby the University will purchase and sell municipal headquarters Alberto Colao internal to the Assembly by same price.
  • Luis Leante meetings program opens with author Mandarache Award (12/12/2008)
    2,100 youth in the municipality was constituted as the jury for this prize, which is extended by two further categories with a greater number of participants.
  • Court of the water supply in the north of Cartagena (12/12/2008)
    will occur on Monday morning for six hours and is due to maintenance work on the Canal Taibilla Aljorra.
  • The local police station of Sorrows open in summer (12/12/2008)
    City Hall is the forecast today following approval by the Governing Board of a grant of 375,000 euros from the Autonomous Region for the adequacy of the building.
  • The Slum Lady of Charity have a business incubator for women (12/12/2008)
    The Institute for Women has awarded the City a grant of around 600,000 euros, which is devoted to the construction of a building in town that promote self-employment and business orientation.
  • Andreu Martín inaugurated on Monday a meeting with author Hache Youth Literature Prize (12/12/2008)
    His work, Chats, is one of three finalists for the newly created Youth Literature Prize Hache, for youth 12 to 14 years.
  • José María Rubio Paredes assign its documentary to the City Council (12/12/2008)
    The Municipal Archives will be responsible for preserving over 1,000 books that have been accumulated over the life of our city of Cartagena historian.
  • 'The Castillito' of Sorrows will host for the local police in Cartagena (12/12/2008)

  • The City of Cartagena folk group presents a CD of traditional songs about the region (12/12/2008)
    The ceremony will take place on Saturday with live performance by members of the group of La Palma in the Palace Hall.
  • INSERSO, ONCE and City Council will invest in improving accessibility to public buildings (12/12/2008)
    signed an agreement worth € 125,000 to carry out actions in the neighborhoods, completing a process begun infrastructure improvements for years.
  • March caring for the environment (12/12/2008)
    The sport and nature come together on Saturday in a march that starts from the stage towards the EcoPark Cartagonova of the valley where over a thousand trees planted.
  • The payment of wages to workers zincs, the main concern of the authorities (12/12/2008)
    The mayor, along with the Minister of University and Research Company, has today held a meeting with representatives of workers.
  • The new Plan of Action on Drug Dependence will focus more on preventing drug (11/12/2008)
    Text for the next four years, still in draft form, was approved yesterday by the City Commission of Drug Addiction and must pass through the House for final approval
  • The City participates in the Consortium of State Organizations for Integral Action for Immigrant (11/12/2008)
    Social Care participates with € 19,000 in this fund various programs that promote integration and citizenship
  • I Blood Donation Marathon on Thursday (11/12/2008)
    On Thursday, December 18 citizens may go to the Palace Hall from 10 am to make your blood donation action
  • A Christmas thought for the children (11/12/2008)
    The Department of Jubilee has developed a wide range of activities and entertainment on the streets, distributed from 19 December with the opening of the Bethlehem municipality, until January 5, with Traditional riding of Kings
  • Wish caring for people with disabilities (11/12/2008)
    The City Council and Repsol, together with associations of people with intellectual disabilities in the city have made bookmarks for books to give to citizens in addition to installing the traditional Bethlehem in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The Artillery Cross raises € 2,000 for the fight against cancer (11/12/2008)
    sports event organizers have made delivery of the check of solidarity that will be used primarily to prevent disease
  • Former Socialist councilor dies José Mata (11/12/2008)
    Member of Municipal Corporation between 1995 and 2003.
  • The City of Cartagena, in the Volunteer State Congress (10/12/2008)
    Merida Held under the title For a company with values, was attended by the Councillor for Social Care, Antonio Calderón
  • Pedro Saura: "The solution to the problem of the zincs have to lead the region and the info" (10/12/2008)
    The Socialist Party demands that it be the regional government who is responsible for presenting endorsements of the metal to the Official Credit Institute and the Commission Securities
  • Caught stealing 200 kilos of artichokes (10/12/2008)
    Those involved were intercepted by local police on a farm in La Puebla
  • Arrested for driving without a license with a stolen moped (10/12/2008)
    Young, 19, was hit by the local police after a chase through Los Mateos.
  • Repsol and the City presented with Dreams Reading Points Solidarity (10/12/2008)
    Together with associations of people with intellectual disabilities in the city have made bookmarks for books to give to the people, action that will be released Thursday at wheel press.
  • I Blood Donation Marathon (10/12/2008)
    The presentation of this charity event will take place on Thursday at the Palace Hall in the presence of promoters.
  • More than a hundred homes will be rehabilitated in St. Lucia (10/12/2008)
    The Town Planning in Murcia on Thursday endorsed the funding agreement for 1.4 million euros with the Ministry of Housing and the region.
  • Selection of Cartagena is imposed in the XII Memorial Juan Buendía (09/12/2008)
    was a youth soccer triangular between the Regional Selection, Selection of Cartagena and Dolorense CD to mark the upcoming centenary of football in Alumbres
  • Boost Fish consumption during Christmas Cartagena (09/12/2008)
    City Council and Fishermen's Association have launched a campaign to carry the Blue Label all households
  • March caring for the environment in Cartagena (09/12/2008)
    The sport and nature come together on Saturday 13 in a march that starts from the stage towards the EcoPark Cartagonova of the valley where over a thousand trees planted
  • Teen Festival, youth gathering in the street (09/12/2008)
    Organized by the CAM in conjunction with the City of Cartagena, young people can enjoy sports and leisure activities in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad
  • Christmas Exhibition Workshops Volunteer San Vicente de Paul (09/12/2008)
    This is a craft show opened today, which will be from 9 to 14 December in a place prepared for this event in Queen Victoria
  • Guides and rescue dogs in Spain participating in a conference held in Cartagena (07/12/2008)
    Organized by the Canine Unit of the Directorate General Rescue Emergency
  • Cartagena UPyD supports the request of the Coordinator of the winch which calls for digging and reclaims the hill area not covered by the Directorate General of Culture (06/12/2008)

  • The Department of Public Works enhances the security of access to Llano del Beal (06/12/2008)
    The works to clean a stretch of accident concentration, serve the Department's initiative to reduce accidents at these points
  • The coordinator calls Pinwheel archaeologically excavate and put in value in money of the Municipal Investment Fund hill area not covered by Culture (06/12/2008)
    The president of this group of groups and individuals requested that the City of Cartagena devote part the money they receive from the Central Government for public works to extend the provisions of the Archaeological Park Arxs Asdrúbalis
  • Bus for free every Sunday from December (05/12/2008)
    Cartagena citizens can travel free on city and intercity buses through the regional campaign 'eldíade'
  • The Christmas market opens its doors (05/12/2008)
    will become operational from 6 December to 6 January and repeats located in the Alameda de San Antón after the success of last year
  • The Friday takes place over the Rambla del Canar (05/12/2008)
    This walking trail closed today for fall performances of the municipal Tourism Active and Healthy.
  • Market Works Santa Florentina begin after Christmas (05/12/2008)
    The second phase of the renovation of the building was postponed until January 12 at the request of traders not to interfere with the Christmas season.
  • Large families can now apply for subsidies of IBI for 2009 (05/12/2008)
    Although the deadline is December 31, the Municipal Government intends to extend until March to facilitate access to aid for all eligible beneficiaries
  • Culture expand the Regional Museum of Modern Art, Cartagena (Muram) (05/12/2008)

  • The Community gives a plot of 2,000 square meters to the City of Cartagena (05/12/2008)

  • Conditioned access to Calblanque (05/12/2008)
    The investment amounts to € 300,000 and has taken special care to interfere as little as possible in the Natural Park, replacing motor vehicles with donkeys to transport materials
  • Signatures and congratulations to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Constitution (05/12/2008)
    The Regional Assembly president, the mayor of Cartagena and the spokespersons of the three local political groups have been the first to sign the paper installed in front of the Palace Hall
  • The City Council extends the Park bus service on Sundays and holidays Mediterranean December (05/12/2008)
    In addition, coinciding with the regional campaign 'eldíade', Sundays are free
  • The mayor greets participants Cartagena National Taekwondo Championships (05/12/2008)
    The boys competed in Combat, being champions of Spain for equipment, and technical and Child Show, which took third place
  • They give away hugs to celebrate International Volunteer Day. (05/12/2008)
    The campaign has involved more than a hundred young students of secondary schools and volunteers throughout the city
  • Giving away hugs to celebrate International Volunteer Day (04/12/2008)
    activity in young students of secondary schools and young and older volunteers throughout the City
  • New lights for the Avenue of America (04/12/2008)
    In total they have installed 22 luminaires with a budget of 40,000 euros
  • The Byzantine Wall displays the work of Casilda Matrán (04/12/2008)
    Twenty paintings make up this exhibition, characterized by its vitality and colorful Mediterranean
  • Secretary of State for Infrastructure opened the works of the Duplication of the access road to the tailings basin (04/12/2008)
    The conversion of the old road to a single carriageway road dual carriageway is a significant improvement of road safety
  • The ADLE count in 2009 with nearly 4 ½ million euro budget (04/12/2008)
    The Board of Directors of the Agency has approved allocations for next year, to be allocated to employment workshops, training in skills and enhancing the spirit entrepreneur
  • Deleted Adif a level crossing in Cartagena (04/12/2008)
    investment exceeds 3.5 million euros
  • Arrested a minor for armed robbery in the park of Los Juncos (04/12/2008)
    The suspect took off to another clock, threatening with a knife
  • The 36 million euros that will be used to upgrade Cartagena city (04/12/2008)
    The mayor believes that this amount is insufficient given the state government but the team is already working to invest in improved public works infrastructure
  • Five minutes of silence in protest of the latest attack by ETA (04/12/2008)
    Mayor calls for unity to all the Spanish to stop terrorists who are against democracy
  • The Youth Council pays tribute to the Spanish Constitution all together (04/12/2008)
    This project will be developed in secondary schools and high schools in the county and aims to expand young people the values of the Constitution
  • Fourteen projects culminate in the Business Plan Entrepreneurship Program Cartagena 2008 (03/12/2008)
    This initiative of the Ministry of Universities, Business and Research through the Institute of Development, is part of the diffusion of entrepreneurial culture
  • FAMDIF works in a course at the Polytechnic of Cartagena (03/12/2008)
    FAMDIF representatives participated in the Monday afternoon in one of the activities of the Volunteer Course for Universal Accessibility in Architecture and Engineering
  • Opens the deadline for submission of projects for the festival Mucho Mas Mayo Cartagena, for 16 to 35 (03/12/2008)
    work from any artistic discipline can be individual or collective
  • The Juan Buendia XII Memorial commemorates the centenary of football in Alum (03/12/2008)
    be a youth soccer triangular between the Regional Selection, Selection and CD Dolorense Cartagena
  • A plane Calblanque guide offers alternatives to sun and beach tourism (03/12/2008)

  • The Language Exchange promotes cultural exchange between young (03/12/2008)
    Foreigners enrolled in the Youth Space Program have the opportunity to practice Spanish while knowing the most characteristic monuments of the city
  • Begin a new edition of the Know Your Sport (03/12/2008)
    Thursday will be held the first of the competitions, including the CD Vistalegre-Los Mateos and EF Albujón, to be issued by the SER from 15.30 hours
  • Success of eco-efficient driving courses passenger (03/12/2008)
    The twenty-six drivers participated in the course managed to save, on average, 15% of fuel
  • In progress Much More Festival in May 2009 (03/12/2008)
    This year the festival's duration is 21 days and this time will be the district of Santa Lucia, the protagonist of the artistic
  • Is finalizing preparations for the tribute to the victims of terrorism (03/12/2008)
    The mayor has received representatives of the Association of Victims of Terrorism Cartagena and the Region to determine the inauguration of the monument to the victims in a ceremony scheduled for next month March
  • Ctpedia One year with 170,000 visits (02/12/2008)
    The online encyclopedia launched by the city of Cartagena has saved more than 1,000 images during this time
  • Talks on the Aljorra career guidance and job search (02/12/2008)
    Organized by the Department of Youth through the Youth Space, in collaboration with the neighborhood association
  • The most emblematic buildings of the city, collected in a book (02/12/2008)
    eclecticism and modernism in Cartagena, Jose Godoy, shows the flowering of Cartagena and its urban image with the bourgeoisie of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • The XXXVII Cartagena Film Festival is adapted to the crisis (02/12/2008)
    This edition, the Festival will be less glamorous and more quality films for all audiences
  • ADLE and Youth Space, the first to receive ISO 9001:2000 (02/12/2008)
    These quality certifications given to the mayor, credited good management in the services offered
  • Sol Murcia will be the mark of quality retail (02/12/2008)
    The Ministry of Universities and Research Company in Cartagena presented the distinction to be awarded to establishments which meet a decalogue of good business practices
  • Health training workshops for working with the immigrant community (02/12/2008)
    This project, which began last week and will run during the first quarter of 2009, is included in the Migration Program of the City of Cartagena
  • The Ministry of Research co-financing a project of investment in latest technology from a company Cartagena (02/12/2008)
    The director of the Instituto de Fomento (Info) today visited the new facilities Perfilacero
  • Inauguration of the local office of New Cartagena (01/12/2008)
    Located in the Sierra de Gredos street, the city has invested 400,000 euros in construction
  • The Dinner, a satire on the "business" of climate change in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (01/12/2008)
    Joglars put it on stage on Tuesday, part of the programming of the Department of Culture
  • The City assumes the supply of water to Los Camacho and Blessed (01/12/2008)
    About 250 subscribers receive up along this week drinking water from Cartagena, after 30 years supplying the municipality of La Unión.
  • Two new substations will serve the area and West Mandarache (01/12/2008)
    Enrique Pérez Abellán explained in Parliament that have invested two million euros in the resort of La Asomada, which has allowed an increase of 133% of capacity.
  • The House will ask the ICO to study Spanish projects Zinc (01/12/2008)
    The Corporation also has finally adopted the Cartagena Partial Young Plan and has taken steps to appoint Rosario Juaneda Adoptive Daughter.
  • The Young and Space ADLE morning received the quality certificate ISO 9001:2000 (01/12/2008)
    morning Mayor receives this certification, with the first two services of the City of Cartagena to receive it.
  • 27 correspondents begin their work in schools (01/12/2008)
    Over the weekend, correspondents have attended an intensive course for his work better information.
  • 240,000 euros of solidarity for developing countries (01/12/2008)
    The mayor has delivered aid to seven NGOs that go to the promotion of education, training, equality and improving health in countries in need.
  • Presentation of the XXXVII International Film Festival of Cartagena (01/12/2008)
    The program of events and films to be projected during the event will be announced Tuesday morning press conference at the Palace Hall.
  • The Christmas market opens its doors this weekend (01/12/2008)
    will become operational from 6 December to 6 January and repeats located in the Alameda de San Antón after the success of last year.
  • AIDS is not a Game (01/12/2008)
    This weekend a series of activities held to commemorate today the International Day against AIDS, bringing the information on this disease and ways to prevent the younger ones.
  • They give away hugs to celebrate International Volunteer Day (01/12/2008)
    the activity involves young students in secondary schools and young people and older volunteers throughout the city.
  • The most emblematic buildings of the city are collected in a book (01/12/2008)
    writer José Godoy presented Tuesday in the Palace Hall the Eclecticism and Art Nouveau work in Cartagena.
  • Rodríguez (IU) criticizes "the lack of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in schools" (01/12/2008)

  • Agriculture and Water invests 11 million euros in upgrading the promenade Barreros-Los Dolores (01/12/2008)
    Cerdá and Barreiro announced the "immediate bid" works to improve the urban stretch of the northern city of Cartagena

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