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Cartagena News - March 2013

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  • The Risen Guild thanks all (31/03/2013)

  • Rejection Template NH Hotels Spain to layoffs and cutbacks Free (27/03/2013)
    CCOO concentration convenes next Tuesday for April 2, 2013, from 17.15 hours to 19 hours, in support of workers / NH Cartagena as in C / Real.
  • The Beethoven Eroica reaches El Batel (27/03/2013)
    The Symphony Orchestra will play Murcia on Thursday April 4, Symphonies 3 & 4 of the German composer in the Municipal Auditorium
  • The works of twenty artists come together cartageneros a charitable purpose (27/03/2013)
    The Casino of Cartagena will host the exhibition of twenty artists of the city, whose proceeds will go to the soup kitchen, The Good Samaritan
  • Pilate washing hands again this afternoon (27/03/2013)
    The staging of the Praetorian Drama will be at 17.45 hours, in the main facade of the Palace Hall
  • Buses extend their hours for the Easter processions (27/03/2013)
    On the occasion of parades magnos Wednesday and Friday, ALSA CITY increased services in both urban and transportation lines in the vicinity of La Manga
  • The barracks Castillito celebrates its first anniversary with four thousand gigs (27/03/2013)
    From the base of Sorrows, Local Police covers the different neighborhoods and towns northwest of Cartagena
  • The CEEIC ADLE and are launching a new edition of the Hall Company (27/03/2013)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Universities, Enterprise and Innovation attend Monday at the Palace Hall to the presentation of this seminar series
  • Opens Tuesday deadline for Municipal School Children (27/03/2013)
    Councillor for Education presented on Monday the opening of this period, at a press conference to be held in the Palace Hall
  • ADAS will not enter this year's Tribute to Cartagenero Absent (26/03/2013)
    Personal Health Issues of the organizers prevent the next act is Holy Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • The fall Batel a host International Conference on pest control (26/03/2013)
    Organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, is expected to attract over 600 people involved in agriculture and phytosanitary
  • The mayor greets Artillery colonels linked to San Juan Californio (26/03/2013)
    The Chief of Staff of the Army has been present at the event, along with other leaders who are colonels honorary presidents of the group California
  • Next Tuesday starts the Initiation to Short Course (26/03/2013)
    The FICC works with the Youth Council in this workshop, projecting the resulting works for the next edition of the Festival, the number 42
  • Open Enrolment of Photography Competition II Archaeological Museum (26/03/2013)
    Until April 11 can register applications, with a cap of 200, to participate in this competition which is organized in collaboration with Carthaginians and Romans
  • UPyD is interested in the number of investments and projects that will go to districts and county of Cartagena (26/03/2013)

  • Isaac Peral Submarine will be open in September at the Naval Museum (25/03/2013)
    After meeting with the mayor, the new director explained that from April will be done to repair the outside of the submarine, after completion of studies technicians
  • Ten top teams will meet in the Football Festival 8 (25/03/2013)
    On Sunday March 30 will be held on IV Football Tournament August Benjamin Gomez Meseguer Sports City, which has the support of the City of Cartagena
  • The workshop Emotion-UP Art brings together fifty students (25/03/2013)
    Painting and Sculpture focused the theme of this course which was held last week at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy and will have a new session on April 4
  • The Quarries Youth Center opens its space for musicians (25/03/2013)
    La Cantera is a laboratory of artistic production, which has five rehearsal rooms and a recording studio, in whose management the Youth Council works
  • Approved admission criteria PAIS and CAIS for the course 2013-2014 (25/03/2013)
    The term open next April 2 and enumeration precedence in the town, both spouses work and family income
  • Úlitimos days to pay the vehicle tax (25/03/2013)
    On Monday April 1 is the deadline for voluntary payment of this tax, which the City expects to raise about 13.3 billion euros from the more than 140,000 vehicles counted in the municipality
  • The Governing Board approved an expenditure of over 17 million for the maintenance of gardens for four years (25/03/2013)
    With the new contract, due out soon for bids, will triple the surface of parkland preserved and expanded by 25 percent the services
  • Success in the City Council of the Risen Monas (25/03/2013)
    The Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen held its council of Monas, on Saturday
  • Traditional chocolate for penitents of the Association of Child Holy Cross Triumphant Angel (24/03/2013)

  • The Mayoress rescues the importance of solidarity in the Grande de Cartagena Day (22/03/2013)
    The Day of Good Friday morning began with the procession of the Christ of Socorro, which has led to the proclamation of Easter offerings to the Virgin of Charity and the latest processions of the Day
  • The Cristo del Socorro, the first to meet his penitence (22/03/2013)

  • Agreement with the Foundation for Training and Research in Public Sector Audit (22/03/2013)

  • Agreement with Repsol and Sksol to train operators petrochemical plant in Cartagena (22/03/2013)

  • Between Strings and Metals choose the finalists in Guitar mode (22/03/2013)
    The jury of the competition, organized by the Youth Council and the Conservatory of Music, has released the names of the performers who perform in the Final of 9 April
  • Twinning Group Santo Ángel Triumphant Cross Association and California Association of Holy Angel kiss (21/03/2013)

  • The Californios present the coupon commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Coronation of Thorns (21/03/2013)
    Social Care councilor was present at the presentation ceremony of the ONCE coupon that will go on sale on March 26
  • The center of Cartagena Astum Prolam visited by those responsible for the IMAS (21/03/2013)
    Social Care Councilman accompanied the representatives of the Institute of Social Care Murciano during his visit to the center of Cartagena
  • Bastarreche have open access to the two Captains Ripoll track (21/03/2013)
    Local Police yesterday removed the plastic barrier that narrowed passage, placed on the occasion of the works of American Avenue parking
  • Online sale begins Easter chair (21/03/2013)
    Following agreement of the company with the City Chairs Gil and guilds, some chairs located in the streets Carmen and Soap for processions of the big days can be purchased by internet
  • The Roman Theatre extended opening hours and days at Easter (21/03/2013)
    thus joins the Port of Cultures initiative to extend visitation until 8 pm and stay open on Easter Monday
  • The Governing Board moved to Easter Monday (21/03/2013)
    The usual Friday meeting rescheduled for the feast of the Virgin of Charity
  • El Mercado de Santa Florentina opens Easter holidays (21/03/2013)
    opens on Good Friday, and on Thursday and Friday, in regular hours, from 8.00 to 15.00 hours
  • Nine young musicians into last Final Piano and Strings Between Metals (21/03/2013)
    The jury of the competition, organized by the Youth Council and the Conservatory of Music, has released the names of the performers who perform in the Final April 18
  • San Anton also joined the celebration of International Women's Day (21/03/2013)
    It was last March 16, when the district Coordinator organized a day together, in collaboration with the Municipal Social Services City of Cartagena and CEPAIM Foundation
  • The Empty Tomb Angel Message appoints Belén Marín, Godmother of Tercio (21/03/2013)

  • Almost two hundred thousand caps and over ten thousand Asian success guarantee cover routes and routes asiáticobas (20/03/2013)
    The Restaurant Tapería Ego `s and the Pizzeria Croissanteria Carrefour, and Asian tapas, respectively, were the winners of this latest edition organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena
  • ... (20/03/2013)

  • The City Council is launching an Action Plan Social Disabled (20/03/2013)
    Social Care Council member today met with representatives of social organizations for sharing ideas for the development of this plan
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures aims to celebrate Holy Week (20/03/2013)
    The Good Friday Open Day will begin operating and the tourist information center in the port.
  • Cartagena Young presents its new office in Buenos Aires Villa (20/03/2013)
    The commercial, involving the City, with construction companies and financial institutions, has moved its offices to Marfagones mills, where they are building the new development
  • Language teaching is presented as one of the pillars formative ADLE (20/03/2013)
    Jobs councilor and director of the Agency have delivered this morning the diplomas to the trainees of the Leonardo da Vinci and students Basic English Course
  • Cartagena preparing acts of your big day (20/03/2013)
    The Day of Good Friday morning will begin with a procession of Cristo del Socorro, and will allow for the rest of the day the Easter proclamation, offerings to the Virgin of the Charity and processions
  • The proclamation and Easter processions become Internet and social networks (20/03/2013)
    From Good Friday to Easter Sunday there will be continued broadcasting from municipal web and facebook, in collaboration with TELECARTAGENA
  • UPyD Cartagena doubt the political capacity of local groups to the defense of the MCT (19/03/2013)

  • Selected finalists Among Ropes and Rope in Metals (19/03/2013)
    Eleven young performers qualify for the final to be held on April 15
  • The Local League takes a break for the Easter holidays (19/03/2013)
    The championship will resume on 13 and 14 April.
  • The Batel organizes guided tours to see first hand the importance of the Auditorium (18/03/2013)
    Experts UPCT Architecture will be responsible for guiding visitors in this edgy style building on 23 and 30 March
  • Leonardo Fellows prepare to go abroad (18/03/2013)
    On Wednesday receive their diplomas by the preparation Linguistic who has taught the ALDE, before leaving for Berlin, Krakow and Prague, where he will practice in companies
  • Onda Cero is circulated his Easter Guide 2013 (18/03/2013)
    The Cartagena station last week introduced this pocket guide that includes programming every single day of the Passion Week in the city
  • The Easter device once again reinforce security in the city and on the coast of Cartagena (18/03/2013)

  • Carlos Garranzo about his experiences on Everest IES students Ben Arabi (18/03/2013)
    The climber has spent the day today with these young students who have shared their experiences in this extreme sport, activity within the ADE program
  • The Dentibús made oral revisions in Cartagena Free (18/03/2013)
    Located in El Corte Ingles, the mobile unit responded to all those citizens interested in learning about dental health, while being taught how to perform good oral cleaning
  • Diabetes Prevention is always better than cure (18/03/2013)
    Sodicar is making over today a new information campaign and early detection of diabetes in the English Court, with the cooperation of the City of Cartagena
  • Torres Park on Saturday off Earth Hour (18/03/2013)
    Cartagena City Council shall support WWF's journey again on climate change
  • Dolores Saturday in Tarragona 2013 (18/03/2013)
    The councilmen Antonio Calderon and Isaiah Camarzana accompanied this weekend to Cartagena based in Tarragona in the traditional homage to the Virgin of Charity
  • Finally there plaza outside the Basilica of Charity (18/03/2013)
    The Supreme Court returns to study the case, as the Supreme Court ruled, and into the heart of the matter with other arguments, giving the reason the City
  • The PP regrets that "sacrifices opposition unity in the Taibilla by partisan interests" (18/03/2013)
    recalls that Acuamed The PP is a blunder of the PSOE
  • Grastronoma the III international Top Road Los Urrutias (18/03/2013)
    Held from 22 to 31 March, coinciding with the feast of Easter to invite visitors to taste and drink lid for two euros
  • The XXVII Trophy Cartagena City Athletics will be held at Easter (18/03/2013)
    On the evening of Holy Wednesday, as is tradition, this sporting event is held to bring together runners of all ages and categories in the Municipal Athletics Track
  • Alumbres trumpeted its Easter (18/03/2013)
    Maria Dolores Ruiz, president of the San Juan Risen, was commissioned to exalt the tradition of the town procesionista
  • Teatro Municipal School honored the Cartagena Isidoro Máiquez (18/03/2013)
    The child and adult group performed, street-theater in the Plaza San Francisco, within the program of activities to commemorate the World Theatre Day 2013
  • The Escort and Honors Band held a dress rehearsal and a day together (18/03/2013)

  • Firefighters used nine hours to extinguish a fire at a scrap the Aljorra (18/03/2013)
    The high flammability of the material stored vehicles and generated a great smoke visible from the entire field of Cartagena
  • Helicopter DGSCE and nurse of CEIS come in support of the Cartagena firefighters to extinguish the fire of a car scrappage (17/03/2013)

  • Juan Rodríguez Sánchez receives his award as Procesionista the Year 2013 (15/03/2013)
    The event has been embraced by civil and military authorities, with older siblings and representatives of the brotherhoods
  • Checked on fire in a bush area near the refinery Escombreras (15/03/2013)
    The operation of aircraft has been instrumental in quelling the flames that have affected some 12 hectares of the Sierra de la Fausilla
  • Part of Easter chairs can be purchased online (15/03/2013)
    Chairs Gil The company has reached an agreement with the City and Guilds to offer for sale on line some of the streets chairs for Carmen and Soap processions of the big days
  • The Easter Guide Radio Cartagena, on paper and mobile app (15/03/2013)
    have been printed five thousand copies that you can pick up at the Tourist Offices of the city, in the station and partner establishments
  • Suspended music comedy `Tonight I'm not for anybody ' (15/03/2013)
    The money will be returned to all those citizens who have already purchased the ticket for this show scheduled for April 12
  • Marchapanda, We're back! (15/03/2013)
    The solidarity march organized by Apanda and the city of Cartagena, will be held on April 28 and will depart from the Town Hall Square
  • The phone captures the largest number of complaints in Cartagena (15/03/2013)
    Consumer Councilman, Alonso Gomez, on the occasion of Consumer, said that in 2012 the information offices of the city attended the requests of some 2,600 citizens
  • IU-Greens invites the Community to investigate the causes of fire in the Sierra de La Fausilla (15/03/2013)

  • The Civil Guard detained suspected of a robbery in the market at El Algar (15/03/2013)
    Addressed to an elderly person and he was carrying stolen jewelry
  • English students visit the Palace Hall (15/03/2013)
    participate in an exchange with students from IES Los Molinos de Cartagena
  • Solemn hand kissing the Virgin of Solitude Calvary (15/03/2013)
    It will take place on Saturday, at the St. James Church of Santa Lucia, and the event was attended by councilors Maria José Roca and Francisco Espejo
  • New Sodicar information campaign on diabetes (15/03/2013)
    On Monday 18 March there will be an information table installed in the English Court of Cartagena from 10.00 to 20.00 hours
  • The Brass modality and knows his finalists (15/03/2013)
    The panel of judges organized by the Youth Council and the Conservatory of the city, has released the name of the young musicians who play the final on April 17
  • The Cartagena de Tarragona pay homage to the Virgin of Charity (15/03/2013)
    Councillors Antonio Calderon and Isaiah Camarzana attend Saturday in Tarragona land each year to act iCUE association organized to commemorate the patron saint of Cartagena
  • Declared a fire in a bush area near the refinery Escombreras (15/03/2013)
    Fire In the incident involving the City of Cartagena and Repsol, environmental agents, forest brigades and a helicopter
  • Effective Infomur target of a forest fire in the Sierra de la Fausilla (Cartagena) (15/03/2013)
    Qualified "level 2" the severity of the
  • This afternoon the streets open for traffic affected by the Historic semipeatonalización (15/03/2013)
    After the completion of the works can be printed cobblestone recirculated by Duke, San Francisco, Campos, Jara, Air and Canyon
  • Fire on Mount annex to the Cartagena refinery (15/03/2013)

  • Touching again offers González Beltrán exposure for the blind (15/03/2013)
    The Roman Theatre Museum and the Foundation González Beltrán again organize an activity on Saturday that will allow a group of blind ONCE Murcia recognize by touch the works of sculptor
  • Norwegian Fellows program Leonardo Da Vinci visited the Palace Hall (15/03/2013)
    Councillor for Education hosted the students who practice in the municipal nursery schools
  • Firefighters rescued a manhole to a man who had accidentally fallen (15/03/2013)

  • The Mayor of Puerto Lumbreras received the Medal of Risen (15/03/2013)

  • The management and conservation of the underwater heritage, discussed in Cartagena (14/03/2013)
    About 300 professionals involved in the First Congress of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Spanish held from today through Saturday in the ARQVA
  • An archaeological journey through the soul of Cartagena (14/03/2013)
    The Archaeological Museum commemorates this exhibition, open to the public until October, the seventieth anniversary of its foundation
  • D'Genes attend to rare diseases in Cartagena (14/03/2013)
    The Association has opened office in the city with the dual purpose of providing information to families and provide direct care services in the hands of medical professionals
  • Juan Rodríguez Sánchez receives his award on Friday Procesionista 2013 (14/03/2013)
    The event will take place in the lobby of the Palace Hall and will be accompanied by civil and military authorities, with the older brothers of the fraternities
  • Mayor makes the traditional side of traffic rearrangement during Holy Week (14/03/2013)

  • UPyD Cartagena City Council calls for noise control in Mar de Cristal (14/03/2013)
    8 Noise affects paddle neighbors
  • Malena Alterio and Diego Martin star in `The children are asleep ' (14/03/2013)
    The work will be on Friday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo, within the program of the Department of Culture
  • Doctors of Arrixaca visit The Batel (14/03/2013)
    The Cartagena Convention Bureau has today invited a group of professionals who know the Municipal Auditorium facilities ahead of the upcoming celebration of conferences
  • Lyrics thrilling in the VHS (14/03/2013)
    About forty people participated Wednesday in the activity held at the Cultural Center
  • City of Cartagena and outline new projects ACCEM (14/03/2013)
    Among them is the assistance to victims of racial or ethnic discrimination and intercultural mediation
  • Cartagena on Friday celebrated World Consumer Day (14/03/2013)
    Consumer Councilman attend at 11.00 hours at the Plaza Juan XXIII where informational booth will be installed on consumer rights
  • Sanitary Services serving four injured in a road accident in Cuesta Blanca (Cartagena) (14/03/2013)

  • The Local Police recovered more than 5 kilos of stolen cable lighting (14/03/2013)
    The incident occurred in the Old City of Cartagena, where the author of twelve cut wiring boxes
  • On Friday rise three cents bus fare (13/03/2013)
    Updating rates approved by the City Council last December now become effective after approval of the Autonomous Community
  • First Congress of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Spanish (13/03/2013)
    The National Museum of Underwater Archaeology ARQUA, on 14, 15 and 16 March
  • Rhythm and color XXXIII end the School Competition Gymnastics Sets (13/03/2013)
    The event, held Tuesday in the Central Hall, attended by over 550 participants divided into 95 teams and assistance of 2,500 people in the audience
  • The happiness of children behind a story (13/03/2013)
    ​​ The Valencian author, Carles Cano, held a meeting with students of Cartagena Childhood Education to present his work Mamááá ...!, Which addresses fears that prey on smaller
  • Julian Contreras guide new visitors to his exhibition The visibility of the invisible (13/03/2013)
    Between 16 and 30 March, the author made five visits as of last Saturday, attended by over 30 people
  • A survey of local police international generates an alert consumer (13/03/2013)
    It concerns two models costumes sold in Chinese trade city and can cause strangulation
  • The Roman Theatre of Cartagena will open the bridge of San Jose (13/03/2013)
    Tourists visiting the city during the upcoming holidays can visit the monument, including Monday, day of the week that usually remains closed
  • Industry professionals meet in Cartagena to address fire protection (13/03/2013)
    Public Safety Councilman inaugurated this morning these days, with a duration of two days, and that seek to reduce the loss of life and tangible goods
  • Fifteen hundred people were running in the Patron wreath (13/03/2013)
    The cortege will leave on Good Friday at 17.30 hours from the Town Hall Square to the Basilica of Charity
  • Volunteers wanted for Museum Night (13/03/2013)
    Implicad2 program opens enrollment for all persons wishing to participate in the sessions of May 18
  • The program ELIO ADLE expands the schedule (13/03/2013)
    From now on, the computer space may be used on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the morning
  • Between Strings and Brass and Woodwinds has finalists (13/03/2013)
    The jury of the contest organized by the Youth Council and the Conservatory of Music, have released the names of the nine young performers who have passed the final
  • Today is closing in Cartagena the course on Cultural Tourism (13/03/2013)
    It takes place in the Museum of the Roman Theatre from the perspectives of marketing, communication and Assessment
  • Opens Thursday in Cartagena the First Congress of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Spanish (13/03/2013)
    Batel be held on 14 to 16 March, with the idea of ​​spreading knowledge about underwater heritage and conservation
  • St. Thomas presents the book "Dominus et Deus meus meus" on its 50th Anniversary 1963-2013 (13/03/2013)

  • Cartagena Port of Cultures opens the new tourist season (12/03/2013)
    Councillor for Tourism has announced that as of March 16 expands the hours of museums and, during the bridge of San Jose, will open on Monday 18 special
  • Cartagena adds to Run for Parkinson's (12/03/2013)
    It will be a fun run and solidarity to be held on April 14 in Murcia, organized by various associations of the disease in the region
  • Cartagena Red Cross improve their services by the first field hospital (11/03/2013)
    Repsol Foundation has donated this module rapid intervention aimed at emergency action, as well as preventive and educational actions
  • Controls on the use of seat belts (11/03/2013)
    The Local Police will deploy a campaign these days in the city of Cartagena in collaboration with the DGT
  • The drawing, a central element of art, stars in the latest exhibition of The Batel (11/03/2013)
    The exhibition, Drawing as a strategy in the Spanish contemporary art, a revision of the drawing from the 50s to the latest trends and will be open until April 3
  • The Elders also opt for the Environment (11/03/2013)
    Throughout this morning held an awareness day aimed at older, which have addressed issues such as recycling or preservation of Tallante Garbancillo
  • The Municipal Theatre School celebrates World this art (11/03/2013)
    Between 14 and 21 March, will be held various activities involving child groups, youth and adults in the school, with honor and Isidoro Maiquez Improv Match, Featured
  • El Nuevo Teatro Circo projected Fraud (11/03/2013)
    The movie, starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon, will be seen on Tuesday in three passes, in the cycle Cinema returns to the center
  • Open again on Monday, the inscriptions on the IV route Strengths (10/03/2013)
    The organization will offer 439 new jobs, after expanding to 3,500 the number of participants and debug the first batch of registered
  • SPCT warning that "the PP government cuts threaten the health of the people" (10/03/2013)
    "The ambulance takes 66 minutes from the first call to 112"
  • A Walk in the origin of women's suffrage in Spain (08/03/2013)
    The Patio of the regions of the Regional Asamablea permancerá hosts this show that is open to the public until March 15
  • Cromm Alba, a groundbreaking story on the responsible use of Internet (08/03/2013)
    After the visit of the writer, Vicente Luis Mora opens the deliberation period for Prize Mandarache Hache and involving more than 3,000 young readers Cartagena
  • Murycya from the Palace Hall (08/03/2013)
    The morning program Onda Regional de Murcia was issued from Cartagena where he spoke about the Women's Day, Easter and the Treasury Mercedes
  • Conference on Jews in the history of Cartagena (08/03/2013)
    It will be on Thursday March 14 at the Museum of the Roman Theatre and the teacher taught at the University of Granada José Ramón Ayaso
  • Firefighters interventions data recorded in 2012 lowest in the last decade (08/03/2013)
    Concidiendo with the feast of the patron saint of firefighters, the Councillor for Public Safety said that last year there were a total of 1331 interventions
  • Decommissioned a new edition of the training for active citizenship (08/03/2013)
    Social Care Councilman Thursday handed diplomas to the participants of this activity, which is aimed at the immigrant population of the municipality
  • The Major and the Environment (08/03/2013)
    On Monday held an awareness day for more on environmental issues such as recycling and waste medicines and preservation of Tallante Garbancillo
  • The Roman soldiers makos announced Easter Sunday (08/03/2013)
    The group will hold its traditional parade in participating as a sponsor and Tribune, councilors and Joseph Cabezos Palazón Carolina
  • Admission to municipal kindergartens will open on April 2 (08/03/2013)
    The Governing Board approved the selection criteria in prioritizing the following enumeration in the municipality and the employment and economic status of the family
  • UPyD Cartagena again claim the Holy Week Museum (08/03/2013)
    The project is delayed for 9 years
  • Fellows Leonardo Da Vinci program start Linguistic immersion (07/03/2013)
    The ADLE taught language courses, which first performed before the start of the 22 participants to the host countries
  • Mexican Trio Los Panchos perform in April in the small boat (07/03/2013)
    Cartagena offered in their Reunion tour, involving the last members of this formation reunited after 20 years apart
  • Emilio Perez Pujol received the charge of the Order of Isabel la Católica (07/03/2013)
    The mayor has been responsible for delivering this award recently granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Cartagena Firefighters on Friday to celebrate his employer (07/03/2013)
    The Basilica of Charity will host the morning holding a Mass in honor of St. John of God
  • Tourism sells the charms of Cartagena at the International Berlin (07/03/2013)
    Councillor is meeting with operators who organize thematic trips, cultural tours and study tours
  • The semifinals begin between strings and brass on Monday Woodwinds (07/03/2013)
    The event, organized by the Youth Council and the Conservatory of Music in Cartagena, has this year with the largest number of participants in all editions, 156 young musicians
  • New breathalyser test campaign in Cartagena (07/03/2013)
    Local police made 150 preventive actions in a week
  • The PP asks Castejón to force the Socialists to withdraw the initiative introduced in Congress to divide the treasure (06/03/2013)
    Cabezos asks the secretary general of the PSOE had Simancas what position when "pushed" the construction of Arqua
  • Published schedules eighteenth Day of Local Youth Football League (06/03/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 March
  • Bastarreche Square will be fully open to traffic at Easter (06/03/2013)

  • Cartagena City Council this year will save about 370,000 euros to phone (06/03/2013)
    The Contracting Committee awards Telefónica voice systems, mobile data and 368,000 euros
  • The secret egg blue and the importance of telling the truth (06/03/2013)
    The writer Catherine Gonzalez had this morning the first of the three meetings that mantedrá with students at public libraries Cartagena
  • A firefighter from Cartagena, Spain runner's high jump master 45 (06/03/2013)
    Jose Pardo Fernandez won the silver medal at the National Championships for veterans held this weekend in Zaragoza
  • Welcome to the companions of defense attaches from foreign embassies in the Palace Hall (05/03/2013)
    Councillor for Tourism, Palazón Carolina, has received about 50 people who are in this day visiting Cartagena
  • The full works enabled to EUR 1.7 million from other exercises (05/03/2013)
    With them will be undertaken including improving Siphon Road, reform of the Plaza del Lago and the resurfacing of streets in neighborhoods
  • The full solidarity with workers ERCROS (05/03/2013)
    All groups have signed this morning in an official statement that, unanimously expressed their opposition to the file layoff affecting the Workforce in Cartagena
  • UCAM EF and AD Garden City La Union, scorers of its categories (05/03/2013)
    The AD the valley, in the form of football 5, and Cartagena Féminas in football 8 teams are fewest goals in the League
  • The joint exhibition, ¨ te Femmes flat and half the sky, marking the International Women's Day (05/03/2013)
    This sample is the result of a photographic experience on equality and dignity of women in our society and will be open to public until Thursday March 21
  • Encounters with author brings to Cartagena Catalina Gonzalez Vilar (05/03/2013)
    The writer will hold a series of meetings with students of Primary School 2nd public libraries in the next 6, 7 and 8 March
  • The biggest Discover Cartagena through their processions (05/03/2013)
    This morning took place the first conference on the Jesus Nazareno in Easter
  • The Night of Museums 2013 open to the participation of artists (05/03/2013)
    The City Council convened until March 15 a selection of projects to be shown on stage will be installed May 18 at the Plaza del Rey
  • The resignation of the current contractor caused the temporary closure of the Classroom Free Internet Access (05/03/2013)
    The cessation of service for a few weeks, will not affect the six free access points located in local libraries
  • The Treasure of Mercy, starring in a luxury gastronomic journey (04/03/2013)
    Students of FP Integration Center of Hospitality and Tourism has prepared a menu with which to demonstrate their skills before the almost ninety profesioanles guests attending the appointment
  • Enric Lluch argues that humor and the study of history can go together (04/03/2013)
    The author kept Valencia morning meetings with three other students of the 3rd year of primary school at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Double session of the Municipal Corporation on Tuesday at the Palace Hall (04/03/2013)
    There will be first an extraordinary plenary session on the draft reform of the local administration and then a regular full debate in which fifteen local groups initiatives
  • Vicente Luis Mora closes the cycle of meetings Mandarache Prize (04/03/2013)
    On 7 and 8 March presented in Cartagena, Alba Cromm, hundreds of young readers
  • Pupi and the monster of shame helps children to play with language (04/03/2013)
    The writer Maria Menendez, Ponte has held two meetings with elementary students from various centers of Cartagena in the activity, Encounters Author
  • Women's associations, honored for his social work towards females (04/03/2013)
    With this tribute, opened on Friday acts prepared by the Department of Women to celebrate the March 8 International Women's Day
  • Laughs insured with the program T-La (04/03/2013)
    On Friday March 15th will be a night of laughter therapy workshop in Youth Resource Center
  • The essence of Easter, black and white (04/03/2013)
    On Friday at the Palace Molina opened the photographic exhibition The visibility of the invisible, of Julian Contreras, act in which the artist was accompanied by Councillor for Culture
  • La Palma, the meeting point of Bolillo Lacemakers (04/03/2013)
    About 600 women and men gathered Sunday in this cultural event, which included the participation of regions such as Andalusia, Valencia and Extremadura
  • Nabucco arrives Tuesday at The Tender, Verdi for the Year 2013 (04/03/2013)
    A Company "2001 will be responsible pear to stage one of the greatest works of the first stage representantivas creative Italian artist
  • The poster resurrected back to Easter 2014 (04/03/2013)
    Guilds Board and City Council announce the contest which is endowed with 1,500 euros
  • Futsal Cartagena enjoys the visit of more than five hundred school (01/03/2013)

  • Record participation in XX City Half Marathon Cartagena (01/03/2013)
    Output, scheduled for 10.00 hours, was delayed for 20 minutes is representative of the Brotherhood acts Marraja
  • The mayor receives major associations of Murcia (01/03/2013)
    major associations of Murcia are visiting for Cartagena, on a day when the Queen elect Over the coming Spring Festival
  • They start UP activities in collaboration with the Federation of Popular Universities (01/03/2013)
    The offer covers a wide range of courses, workshops and competitions
  • The Tapas Trail this weekend in The Albujón (01/03/2013)
    Cartagena City Council works in this gastronomic event in which the attendees, only nine euros, will enjoy six different tapas
  • This spring, Ana Belén in concert at The Batel (01/03/2013)
    May 17 presented at the Municipal Auditorium Room A of his latest album that I loved men
  • The Well Theatre Festival celebrates its nineteenth edition Strait (01/03/2013)
    Held from March 2 to April 14 at the Civic Center of Cartagena council
  • NASA reach of eight students from IES Jiménez de la Espada (01/03/2013)
    The Department of Education is working in this development effort to arouse interest in space research among students, which will take place on March 7 in Robledo de Chavela
  • Demonstration of skills of students of Hotel and Tourism (01/03/2013)
    entrepreneurs will present a themed lunch around the Mercedes Treasury
  • Enric Lluch visit Cartagena to participate in meetings with author (01/03/2013)
    The Valencian author will talk about his work, Nari-Zotas Pharaoh, with students of the 3rd year of primary school on 4 and 5 March
  • Two new initiatives benefit from microcredit managed by ADLE (01/03/2013)


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