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Cartagena News - February 2013

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  • Cartagena City Council denies neglect the person who committed suicide earlier this week (28/02/2013)
    In the month of January will be processed the insertion basic income and the social worker did not detect any personal situation then especially anomalous
  • IU-Green says the suicide of an unemployed in Cartagena should be reacted to Government (28/02/2013)

  • 1st Gymkhana Carriage "City of Cartagena" (28/02/2013)
    On Sunday March 3, hitches Club Cartagena resumes operations, starting the 2013 season with the celebration of the 1st Gymkhana Carriage "City of Cartagena"
  • Major associations of visiting Cartagena Murcia (28/02/2013)
    The mayor will receive their representatives on Friday at the Palace Hall, in the course of the day to spend in the city to choose the Queen of Over the coming Spring Festival
  • Published times of the XVII Conference of Local Youth Football League (27/02/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March
  • Prevention and awareness key to combat gender violence (27/02/2013)
    Councillor for Women, Clara Hall, today held the second table home against gender violence, and has been accompanied by the other institutions involved in this initiative
  • The German course students receive their diplomas Basic (27/02/2013)
    Employment Councilman and New Technologies has received this morning at thirteen students who participated in this training of ADLE
  • The Ballet Folklorico Nacional de Cuba celebrates the 50th anniversary of its creation in Batel (27/02/2013)
    act in Cartagena for the first time in the region of Murcia
  • Jara Street will be closed to traffic for ten days (27/02/2013)
    The project for laying of new concrete pavement printed, moves to the second phase of works beginning with the said street and continue for Campos
  • The school's Vaguada, regional champion Athletics female youngest category (27/02/2013)
    ​​ The young athletes of school Cartagena won first place in the final held in Cieza February 6
  • The ADLE possible placements to 200 unemployed (27/02/2013)
    During the past year, 33 percent of people who participated in the internship program found jobs in companies
  • The Future of Rhythmic Gymnastics shines at the XXXIII School Championship (27/02/2013)
    A total of 90 teams from schools and sports facilities in the city, participated Tuesday in the event that took place at the Central Pavilion Sports
  • Space Young attended last year to 10 percent more foreign (27/02/2013)

  • Students in the General Air Academy visit the Palace Hall (27/02/2013)
    During the reception at the Palace Hall, the first deputy mayor, Joaquin Segado, has encouraged students to explore the city of Cartagena and surroundings
  • The Municipal School of Theatre announces the Improv Match XI (27/02/2013)
    The contest will be held on March 21 at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The Cross of San Leandro, to benefit the Foundation Chinguetti (27/02/2013)
    Local Police delivered the collection of inscriptions to NGOs has reduced the rate of women and children during childbirth
  • Regio Project GIP commitment to prevention of gender violence in Primary (26/02/2013)
    The councilors of Women and Education have received this morning Bulgarian participants of this project are in the region doing a teacher training seminar
  • Workers Boluda Maritime Corporation formed in the Integrated Training Center 'Hesperides' Cartagena (26/02/2013)
    The Minister highlighted the benchmark training which has become the educational center specializing in family Sea-fishing
  • Podium for Aesthetic Gymnastics Cup Cartagena in Spain (26/02/2013)
    regional teams that participated this weekend in the second phase of the championship, held in Getafe, won two golds, a bronze and a fifth place
  • The Academy of Pharmacy promotes the dissemination of knowledge among society (26/02/2013)
    The mayor of Cartagena has received this morning the new leadership of the Academy of Pharmacy Spain St. Mary of betting, among other things, for the prevention and health education
  • Social Services and coordinate efforts CEPAIM interculturalism (26/02/2013)
    Social Care councilor and director of the Foundation held a meeting Monday in which new projects were discussed and resources for the city
  • The UCAM-Cartagena puts the city at the head of the table tennis (26/02/2013)
    The UCAM-women's team table tennis Cartagena, recent winner of the Queen's Cup, today held a meeting with the mayor of the city , Pilar Barreiro, at the Palace Hall
  • Futsal MacroADE Cartagenaa (26/02/2013)
    The home team and the Department of Sports will try to bring together 500 students in training on Friday
  • Fire in the kitchen of a professional office paper used as storage (26/02/2013)
    The fire originated from unknown causes on the second floor next to the old prison of San Anton
  • Easter Concert in aid of Caritas Sauces (26/02/2013)

  • Head hard struggle in qualifying playoffs to play the title in the junior category (26/02/2013)
    ​​ In the AD group I Vaguada, Garden City UCAM EF, and AD Franciscans win fight for the top two positions that entitle the dispute to take over the local soccer league database
  • The Local Police detected four new cases of truancy (26/02/2013)
    Within the campaign in which Public Safety and Education collaborate, agents have increased their presence around the schools to prevent young people from jumping classes
  • The Comedy Contest XV La Palma threw the curtain (26/02/2013)
    Saturday was the closing of this edition, with the awards ceremony attended by councilors Decentralization and District, Nicholas Angel Bernal and Isaiah Camarzana
  • There is a new edition of Café Cantante in La Palma (26/02/2013)
    The House of Folklore of the town of Cartagena will host from next Saturday until March 24, a series of musical, which will be accompanied by the best gastronomy
  • The visibility of the invisible in Cartagena Easter (26/02/2013)
    Julian Contreras opens Friday his photo exhibition at the Palacio Molina
  • The Regional Writer Guest, new category Mandarache Project (26/02/2013)
    Antonio Parra Sanz will be the first guest author of this section, whose purpose is the promotion of contemporary literature for young readers Cartagena
  • Moncho Borrajo returns to Cartagena with Golfus Hispanicus (26/02/2013)
    Room A of the Municipal Auditorium hosts the comedian's performance Friday, with tickets at 25, 20 and 15 euros
  • Start the discussion phase of the Awards Mandarache (25/02/2013)
    Last Thursday was ended meetings with author, after the talk that the writer, Alfredo Gómez Cerdá, remained with youth Intercultural Centers Old Town and Los Dolores
  • The Department of Education clarifies the alleged irregularities in the Infant School Our Lady of Charity (25/02/2013)
    The casualties of one of one of the mentors following an irrigation pregnancy causes a written protest by a group of mothers
  • The new street pavement Air will be ready later this week (25/02/2013)
    The works are apace, were executed and 425 square feet of stamped concrete in the streets Príncipe de Vergara, Canyon and Air, and now works will move to the street Jara
  • The VHS Project launches EMOTION @ TE (25/02/2013)
    On Tuesday opens the registration deadline to participate in this free activity, consisting of a series of workshops related to psychology, art and science
  • Countdown to the arrival of entrepreneurs Cartagena (25/02/2013)
    The Startup Weekend III Murcia, organized by AJE, in collaboration with the City of Cartagena ADLE, will teach participants how to start a business project in just 54 hours
  • The romantic drama The Deep Blue Sea, film returns to the center (25/02/2013)
    It is planned Tuesday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo in three passes at 18:00, 20:15 and 22:30, with tickets to 4 and 3 euros
  • The councilors of Education and Women welcomes participants of the Comenius Regio Bulgarian (25/02/2013)
    Develop a project with partners in the region of Murcia on conflict resolution and equality between women and men in schools
  • He opens Campano Club de Futbol (25/02/2013)
    The Evangelical CF, newly created, has the support of the City of Cartagena and will participate in next season's League soccer Local database
  • Enrique Rodriguez wins Barrero XL Floral Games of Campo de Cartagena (25/02/2013)
    El Centro Cultural y Deportivo de La Palma organizes this event whose only prize Natural Flower and 1,300 euros, will be delivered on Saturday, March 9 at the Civic Centre in the town
  • The Socialist Party demands the creation of a dialogue to unlock the agreement between the State Ports and unions (23/02/2013)
    The Port of Cartagena's 150 workers affected
  • The control campaign trucks and vans is settled with 15 complaints (22/02/2013)
    Local Police reviewed a total of 403 vehicles over the past week on the roads of the municipality
  • The Municipal Auditorium continues towards tourism promotion conference (22/02/2013)
    This week, The Batel has been present in Congress Organizers National Conference in Las Palmas, which was attended by over one hundred professionals nationwide
  • The spell of Sara Baras arrives in April at The Batel (22/02/2013)
    The artist will present his latest show, La Pepa, which pays tribute to the two hundred years since the birth of the Constitution of Cadiz, 1812
  • The Panoramic Lift Refuges and the Civil War, a tour desk again (22/02/2013)
    The objective of the Department of Tourism to this new location hoarario expand customer service in the busiest seasons of visitors to Cartagena
  • The Region Batel presented in the amazing story of Mr. Snow (22/02/2013)
    The young illusionist Antonio Diaz offered Saturday at the Auditorio their particular journey into the world of magic
  • A simple and free to learn how to conserve Garbancillo of Tallante (22/02/2013)
    The City of Cartagena and the Technical University organized this course environmental awareness whose registration period ends on March 1
  • Water Court in El Algar and Los Urrutias on Tuesday February 26 (22/02/2013)
    The supply will be interrupted on Tuesday, as reported Aquagest, due to the work to be carried out to place a counter next to the reservoir supplies the area
  • The XX Half Marathon Cartagena City slashing a thousand registered (22/02/2013)
    The initial run of this test, the deadline for registration is Wednesday 27 February, has been modified due to the works that are being undertaken in the downtown streets the city
  • Application period to renew the green card of ORA (22/02/2013)
    Neighbors of the parking areas have orange, have until March 15 to pay the annual fee of 25 euros which allows them to park their vehicles in the same
  • The ADLE extends the application deadline for one of his courses entrepreneurs (22/02/2013)
    As of Wednesday February 27 stakeholders may formalize registration for the course Innovation for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Self-Employed, held in March
  • The City digitize the records chapter XVIII century (22/02/2013)
    will join other historical documents of the Municipal Archives so they can be viewed via internet
  • A tide of photographers Copara on Saturday the streets of Cartagena (22/02/2013)
    The second edition of Photographic marathon, organized by The Truth, in collaboration with the city of Cartagena, with the participation of 260 people willing to take the best shots of the city
  • Green light modified the new Health Center Barrio de la Concepción (22/02/2013)
    The work is expected to be completed in early 2014
  • 25 more containers for collecting clothes, toys and shoes (22/02/2013)
    The Governing Board approved the extension of this service, which will go to disadvantaged sectors of the population
  • EL IMSEL with EALSA rescinds Unpaid wages of workers (22/02/2013)
    will seek another company to take over the service and the workers until May, pending the outcome of a new contest
  • The San Francisco Square is pedestrian the next Christmas (22/02/2013)
    The Local Government Committee approved the renovation project whose construction is scheduled to begin after Easter
  • The Escort and Honors Band Announce Resurrexit (22/02/2013)

  • The FICC Youth collaborates with the Initiation to Short Course (21/02/2013)
    The resulting works will be screened during the next edition of the Festival, the number 42
  • The program decides commitment to school counseling and student labor Cartagena (21/02/2013)
    The ALDE has launched this program, to be held at the schools in the city from February to May, and that will benefit most from one thousand students
  • The proximity with the public key to the success of Alfredo Gómez Cerdá (21/02/2013)
    A reference in juvenile literature, the author of The Shadow's face, visited Cartagena to present his novel about 800 city teen readers
  • Start by replacing printed concrete pavers (21/02/2013)

  • Andres Lledó face the challenge of completing the Grand Slam 4Deserts 2014 (21/02/2013)
    The Athlete Cartagena, specialized tests, today announced the schedule of activities in preparation for this initiative, which has the support of the City of Cartagena
  • Return Easter in mobile version (21/02/2013)
    The City Council is again available to residents and tourists an adaptation for smartphones and tablet with information about the processions and itineraries of the city
  • The Board of studies raise collection bins for clothes, shoes and toys (21/02/2013)
    The meeting, which will also address the digitization of records chapter XVIII century, will be held on Friday morning at the Palace Hall
  • The Art of González Beltrán through touch (21/02/2013)
    A group of blind ONCE Cartagena, Tocarte participate on Saturday, the guided tours organized by the Museum of the Roman Theatre and the Foundation González Beltrán for Saturday February and March
  • The opera Nabucco arrives at The Batel Verdi for the Year 2013 (21/02/2013)
    A Company "2001 will be responsible pear to stage one of the greatest works of the first stage representantivas creative Italian artist on Tuesday March 5
  • Documentary about the Black Cave of Caravaca in the Municipal Archaeological Museum (21/02/2013)
    Made by Integra Foundation will screen on Thursday 21 and the digital animation is shown by how the region was a million years ago
  • Joseph Rives Cabezos replicates "the mayor if the concern has been the disappearance of the Commonwealth to the Congress of Deputies" (20/02/2013)
    Municipal Party spokesman has said Barreiro asked about her future Commonwealth Environment Minister of the February 11
  • UPyD Cartagena Manifesto presents the regeneration of democracy and the reestablishment of the state (20/02/2013)

  • The mayor initiates the process of dedicating a square to Antonio Brufau (20/02/2013)
    The record has been initiated at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena to distinguish the president of Repsol for the expansion and modernization of the refinery Escombreras
  • Segado ZAL clears doubts on the neighbors of Alums and The Borricén (20/02/2013)
    The Town Planning have met today with a representation to that statement that currently there is only one study in an area with no specific location
  • Published times of the XVI Conference of Local Youth Football League (20/02/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February
  • The City Council is to collect the vehicle tax receipts (20/02/2013)
    On April 1 is the deadline for voluntary payment of this tax, which the City expects to raise about 13.3 billion euros from the more than 140,000 vehicles registered in the municipality
  • Alquibla Theatre brings his version of The House of Bernarda Alba at the Nuevo Teatro Circo (20/02/2013)
    Directed by Antonio Saura, the function will be Thursday at 21:30 and tickets to 18 and 15 euros
  • Whitney Houston, The Musical of a star in the Batel (20/02/2013)
    The show, directed by Andreu Castro, will be displayed on 5 and 6 April in Room A of the Municipal Auditorium
  • The prepared ADLE 60 unemployed to obtain food handler card (20/02/2013)
    During the months of February, March and April, the Agency will give free two separate courses of 8 hours at the Training Centre of Quarries, training activities to which 240 applications have been filed
  • Andres Lledó presents your training plan to meet the challenge 4Deserts 2014 (20/02/2013)
    The Athlete Cartagena, intended cross the deserts of Atacama, Gobi, Sahara and Antarctica, explained Thursday at the Palace Hall and in the presence of the Councillor for Sports , the details of your project
  • Cartagena will host the Technical Conference on Fire Protection (20/02/2013)
    Public Safety Councillor of the City of Cartagena inaugurate the workshop on 13 March at the Graduate Hall of the Faculty of Sciences of the Company
  • South Korea in the region seeking quality products and projects in which to invest (19/02/2013)
    The ambassador to Spain has been received this afternoon by the mayor in order to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation with China
  • Day of athletics for the school's students Vicente Ros (19/02/2013)
    jump height or length and weight tests are some of the disciplines of athletics that students have made through the ADE Program of the Department of Sports
  • The comedian joins Dani Martinez programming Nuevo Teatro Circo (19/02/2013)
    The actor will bring his Martínez you're no good!
  • AD The CD Vaguada and Mediterranean, the best in the categories of first year of benjamins and fry (19/02/2013)
    It is followed by EF New Cartagena as best runner in the local football league database
  • Conference on the Barrio Carmen Conde Peral (19/02/2013)
    Sunrise Women's Association has organized this week a series of activities around the figure of the academic, collaborating in the Department of Women and UP
  • Theatre to benefit the Alzheimer's Association (19/02/2013)
    The Federation of Mediterranean Women's Association has organized for Thursday staging the play in the local Duets multipurpose Barrio de la Concepcion
  • Alfredo Gómez Cerdá closes Prize literary meetings Hache (19/02/2013)
    The author of The Face of the shadow visit Cartagena on Thursday to meet with hundreds of readers
  • Will they swear flag 50 years later (19/02/2013)
    The Marine School has organized for the March 16 renewal of an act of oath, especially dedicated to those who made the military in half a century ago Cartagena
  • Cartagena continues with regional policy reusing (19/02/2013)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water has said that, thanks to these works of sanitation and purification, the Region of Murcia is a national benchmark in terms of water use
  • Renewal of the works of the neighborhood health center of Concepción (19/02/2013)
    ground instability forced to change the foundation of the building project to be completed in early 2014
  • A manifold connects more than 2.5 kilometers from the hamlet cartagenera The Camachos to the sewage (19/02/2013)
    The Ministry of Agriculture and Water has also completed work on the collector-spillway Algar, allowing the collection of water Street washing by rain for the sewage treatment
  • Cegarra Dolores Acosta, winning Christmas window (18/02/2013)
    The Graceful received this morning in his prize of a window full of items and valued at 2,000 euros of the 38 businesses that participated in the second edition of this event
  • Courses begin Entrepreneurship Program at the University (18/02/2013)
    In March four actions will start free training, aimed at the general public, in which the city of Cartagena collaborate through ADLE, INFO and UPCT
  • The Choir of the Belarus National Philharmonic will perform Carmina Burana at The Batel (18/02/2013)
    The Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra will accompany the group in Belarus concert scheduled for next Wednesday, March 20, the entrance costs 30 euros
  • Victor Beltrí, star of the Regional Awards Building V (18/02/2013)
    La Casa Zapata, Llagostera and Cervantes were the three buildings of Cartagena awarded on Friday 15 February, highlighting, as the main feature, the excellent condition of all
  • Theatre solidarity in the neighborhood of the Conception (18/02/2013)
    Algameca The theater group will represent, on Thursday January 21, Duets, whose proceeds will go to the Alzheimer's Association
  • Gisbert Street back in service (18/02/2013)
    On Tuesday will reopen to traffic from eight in the morning
  • The best photos from the Women Photography Workshop will be exposed to the public (18/02/2013)
    Last Friday ended this course, launched by the Youth Council, giving diplomas on Thursday, March 7, coinciding with the opening of the exhibition
  • Margarita Paloma Dominguez and bring the world of swimming CEIP students Beethoven (18/02/2013)
    activity this morning has had within the ADE program of the Department of Sports
  • Technical Services, in the working day of the program PAIN (18/02/2013)

  • The language tourism opens a new door for growth in Cartagena (18/02/2013)
    Councillor for Culture has received at 36 Italian students who arrived in Cartagena yesterday in order to learn Spanish through the curriculum offered by the Foundation FUNCARELE the city
  • Woman had to be, slogan of International Women's Day (18/02/2013)
    For the first time, the Auditorium and Congress Centre will host The Batel Awards March 8 in the Region of Murcia, as explained by the Councillor Women, Clara Heredia
  • In The House, Franà § ois Ozon of, in the New Theatre Circus Cartagena (18/02/2013)
    The winner of the San Sebastian Film Festival will screen on Tuesday in three passes and tickets to 4 and 3 euros
  • The Thirteen Principles of Faith by Maimonides, the Sephardic communities conference at the Palacio Molina (18/02/2013)
    Medical Spanish rabbi and Jewish theologian, its medieval philosophical thought holds great relevance even today
  • ... (18/02/2013)

  • Health care for three cyclists injured in La Palma (17/02/2013)

  • The inscriptions of the IV route Strengths are finished in two hours (16/02/2013)
    The general test exhausted the quota of 3,200 enrolled minutes before noon, although there are still children and youth site
  • Dies Pedro San Martín Moro, former director of the Municipal Archaeological Museum (16/02/2013)
    It was the main precursor of Archaeology in Cartagena with Antonio Beltran
  • UPyD Cartagena proposes that the City make a query about renaming a street in La Puebla (15/02/2013)

  • Twenty unemployed start in English with the ADLE (15/02/2013)
    In total, fifty people showed up to this action free informative classes ending next March 15 at the Youth Center and Training Quarries
  • More than five hundred more danced on Valentine (15/02/2013)
    The event, organized by the Department of Social Affairs, brought together more than six hundred more like dancing in the Botanical Garden of The Albujón
  • Local police surveillance strengthens against truancy (15/02/2013)
    The increased presence of agents around schools and colleges has resulted, in the last week, with the detection of 19 children who were outside of class school
  • Social Services and ACCEM, united in the social integration of immigrants (15/02/2013)
    The director responsible for the IMSS and NGOs met Thursday to coordinate efforts and continue to work on new projects
  • III Startup Weekend show how to turn an idea into a business in 54 hours (15/02/2013)
    The Auditorium and Convention Center will host the Batel, the next 1 and March 3, a new edition of this event which aims to bring together entrepreneurs fifty people willing to learn how to create a company
  • The Carnival continues in the Slum Lady of Charity (15/02/2013)
    On Friday February 22, the neighborhood celebrated the holidays cartagenera that besides the traditional parade, will feature performances by the joke Acho and carnival Pijo Renacer
  • Santa Ana celebrates first craft market (15/02/2013)
    Many artisans from the region will meet on Sunday in the town of Cartagena to offer their creations to visitors who come to the market, which is open from 10.00 until 17.00 Hours
  • Countdown to the IV route Strengths (15/02/2013)

  • The Batel scenario becomes the last campaign of Mercedes Benz (15/02/2013)
    Besides hosting shows and conferences, the Municipal Auditorium is now seeking to expand market attracting major international automotive companies to shoot their spots
  • Countdown to Cap Roads and Asia in Cartagena (14/02/2013)
    A total of 77 establishments, ten more than the previous year, participating in this edition to be held from 20 February to 17 March
  • More than 750 students participate in the XXXIII Competition Gymnastics Sets School Sports (14/02/2013)
    Gymnasts from 16 facilities and town centers will participate in the event to be held in the central pavilion of Guimbarda Wssell
  • Local police renewed part of their wardrobe (14/02/2013)
    The City Council has awarded Uniform Insignia, SL supplying jackets, polo shirts and caps, garments presented some variations in the design of the elements identifying the agents
  • The Night of Museums 2013 opens to the proposals of artists (14/02/2013)
    The City Council convenes a selection of projects to be shown on stage will be installed May 18 at the Plaza del Rey
  • What hides your name, a novel impunity (14/02/2013)
    Mandarache Award finalist Young Readers, Clara Sanchez, held this morning in a meeting with 600 students in UPCT to present their work, which hides your name
  • Celebration announces the floral offering to the Patron (14/02/2013)
    The deadline to participate in the traditional parade that takes place on Good Friday, will be open from today until March 8, can enroll stakeholders in the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • David DeMaria stop in the Batel (14/02/2013)
    PS present his tour has traveled the scenarios in Spain
  • La Torre Llagostera Prize awarded Regional Building Quality (14/02/2013)
    The Town Planning Archena attend on Friday to collect the award, corresponding to the V Awards organized by the Ministry of Public Works and Planning
  • Health care and the hospital moved to a road cyclist injured in Cartagena-La Palma (14/02/2013)

  • The City maintains no aid cuts processions despite the crisis (13/02/2013)
    The traditional Easter call hundreds of people gathered at the Palace Hall
  • The elders join in celebrating Valentine (13/02/2013)
    More than six hundred elders will meet tomorrow at the Botanical Garden of The Albujón to celebrate Valentine's Dance, organized by the Department of Social Affairs of Cartagena
  • The Batel Circus prepares for Eoloh (13/02/2013)
    A feast for the senses, with aerial choreography, video projections and special effects of snow, water, fire and wind
  • The Carnival of Cartagena check the curtain until 2014 (13/02/2013)
    The gala awards to the winning groups and the burning of Don Carnal were the culmination of ten days of celebrations in the streets of the city
  • The march Petanque Championship 2013 (13/02/2013)
    This is the V edition of the tournament, which is included among the cultural activities organized by the Department of Social Services, and will take place between February and May
  • The English point between Cartagena and Norway (13/02/2013)
    Councillor for Youth has received this morning at fifteen Norwegian pupils as part of the exchange program with the Institute Jiménez de la Espada
  • Learning and fiction come together in the work of Ana Alonso, Steam Castle (13/02/2013)
    The Catalan writer held this morning in two meetings with elementary students in the Municipal Library Manuel Puig Campillo Peral section
  • Published times of the XV Conference of Local Youth Football League (13/02/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of February
  • Three entrepreneurs opt cartageneros loans without guarantees of Caixa (13/02/2013)
    The ADLE reported favorably business projects for opening a franchise of clothing and footwear, a butcher and a bakery cafe, with funding difficulties
  • The Cartagena based in Madrid on Thursday celebrated Ash (13/02/2013)
    Councillors Antonio Calderon and Isaiah Camarzana attend Thursday at the Eucharist and Brotherhood Dinner every year organizes the Brotherhood Virgin of Charity in the capital
  • Carnival workshops to young and old together in El Algar (13/02/2013)

  • Mayor published the Edict of facades traditional Easter (13/02/2013)
    To mark the arrival of Lent, the City Council aims to provide homeowners the city cleaning and exterior building decoration to improve the aesthetics of thereof
  • The work of the nursing home could be finished in March (13/02/2013)
    Social Care Councillor, with the Superior of the Sisters of the Poor and technicians responsible for the works, on Tuesday visited the state of the reforms that have been made in the building
  • UPyD Cartagena wants to clarify whether the City Auditorium and Congress Palace meets all safety standards (12/02/2013)

  • Education and coexistence, identity Comenius Project (12/02/2013)
    The IES San Isidoro de Los Dolores participates, along with other centers out of eight countries in this European project that promotes the study of advertising and the English practice among youngsters
  • Jobs, scholarships and training for young people in a single click (12/02/2013)
    Youth Councillor said that the platform has been well received among young people because they provide practical information and dynamics
  • City and Port Authority work together for Puerto Home (12/02/2013)

  • The Morning Call mark the countdown of the processions (12/02/2013)
    With the start of Lent, the older brothers played on Ash Wednesday ritual, first visiting the City and then Charity
  • Torre Pacheco and UCAM Garden City, featured in category B Pre-Benjamin local league (12/02/2013)
    Some categories took the last day off to recover postponed matches
  • The IES Los Molinos deliver two tons of food to the neighborhood parishes Peral (12/02/2013)
    This donation is part of the program that the school celebrations planned to mark the tenth anniversary of its opening
  • The Burning of Don Carnal Carnival ends the Cartagena (12/02/2013)
    The Queen and Ladies of Carnival, along with other winning groups, attend the awards gala to be held tonight at the Pavilion Jiménez Institute of Sword
  • The Mayor Nazarene has the medals and four fraternities (11/02/2013)
    Older siblings and the mayor were handed over on Saturday so you can wear them in different activities that start on Wednesday with Call
  • Peter Pan on Ice, this weekend in El Batel (11/02/2013)
    twenty artists on stage, with a show designed for children and the whole family
  • ACETUR promotes the natural setting of the Campo de Cartagena (11/02/2013)
    During the past weekend, a conference held ACETUR promotional Eroski shopping center of Cartagena and San Javier in order to raise awareness of the natural wealth of the region
  • The feathers, dancing and music staged the Carnival Parade Cartagena (11/02/2013)
    Groups choreographic, parades and participated in the traditional jokes Carnival parade that drew thousands of people on the streets of the city on Saturday
  • Younger also enjoyed the Carnival (11/02/2013)
    Hundreds of families gathered at the Plaza Juan XXIII in yesterday morning to participate in the celebration of Carnival Kids
  • Juan Carlos I, single lane to get to Los Dolores (11/02/2013)
    Due to construction of new storm water collectors, traffic will be detoured down to Cartagena by Castillitos
  • Fofó clowns Los Belones triumphed in the Senior Carnival (11/02/2013)
    Isabel Garcia of the troupe of The Aljorra, was elected Senior Carnival Queen 2013, while Vera Fina, the troupe's Salerosas and Pilar Serrano, Life Group, first and second lady, respectively
  • Mandarache Prize 2013 comes to visit Ecuador with Clara Sanchez (11/02/2013)
    What The present writer hides your name more than 800 readers from 13 to 14 February
  • Begins Cinema returns to the center, with a screening of Snow White (11/02/2013)
    Pablo Berger's film, with Maribel Verdú, can be seen on Tuesday in the New Theatre Circus in three passes and tickets to 3 and 4 euros
  • Encounters with author Ana Alonso at public libraries (11/02/2013)
    The Catalan writer will be on 12 and 13 February in Cartagena with his book The Castle Steam
  • The Stand ye Beniaján, winners Chirigotas XI Regional Competition Cartagena (09/02/2013)
    The Robinsons Island, Los Singuangos, The Chochonis and The Preppy Acho, came second, third, fourth and fifth, respectively, in the Grand Final Cartagena contest
  • The City requires the holders of 125 positions the markets to settle their debts with the municipality before renewing their licenses (08/02/2013)
    The edict has been published today in the online bulletin board, giving a deadline of 15 days to concerned
  • The Carnival Kids take to the streets of Cartagena (08/02/2013)
    On the occasion of the celebrations of Carnival, many schools have celebardo Cartagena along the popular day parade, marching through the city streets
  • Traffic restrictions from Monday on Avenida Juan Carlos I (08/02/2013)
    For 15 days will affect the stretch between the road and the roundabout Sigh streets and Floridablanca Conesa Calderon
  • The Path of the Strengths also promote the city (08/02/2013)
    The popular poster civic-sport race organized by the Navy and the City, which celebrates its fourth edition on April 20, as shown Cartagena The Treasury depository Mercedes
  • The Civil Guard recovered the stolen jewelry in a jewelry store and arrested the alleged perpetrator (08/02/2013)
    The head of the jewelry made paid with an envelope full of papers, which simulated cash
  • Five jokes into last final tonight (08/02/2013)
    The Robinsons Island, The Preppy Acho, Los Singuangos, The Chochonis and the joke of Beniaján are the five groups that will contest the Final Contest tonight at Chirigotas The Batel
  • The MURAM show the children how they lived the carnival in Cartagena Palacio Aguirre (08/02/2013)
    It will do so through visits and workshop on Saturday 9 and February 16
  • The Community appoints a new member of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Cartagena (08/02/2013)

  • The ADLE focuses its efforts on promoting entrepreneurship (08/02/2013)

  • Cartagena City Council adheres to the Social Housing Fund created by the Government and the banks (08/02/2013)
    The consistory prepare social reports of the petitioners, who must be evicted families subsequent to January 1, 2008 and pay a rent hire between 150 and 400 euros
  • "The Neverending Story of the School of Music of Pozo Strait" (08/02/2013)
    SPCT not expected to lower the quality of the building and equipment
  • UPyD Cartagena City Council requires measures to increase transparency and citizen participation (08/02/2013)

  • Tourism Councillor calls "political myopia socialist criticism to attract European tourists convention for over 55 years" (07/02/2013)
    Palazón remember all destinations in Spain have to subsidize this kind of tourism, including regions such as Andalusia and the Costa Brava
  • Cartagena City Council will adhere to the Social Housing Fund created by the Government and the banks (07/02/2013)
    The agreement will be adopted on Friday by the Local Government Board, which also extended by a few days the contract chairs Easter
  • Rosa Lopez will bring his latest hits record at Municipal Auditorium (07/02/2013)
    The Batel hosts the March 8 concert singer in his tour 2013
  • Nine troupes participate in Carnival Senior (07/02/2013)
    Besides the competition, during the gala to be held on Friday at the Pavilion Jimñenez of the Sword, will elect the Carnival Queen and her ladies and dance will Piñata
  • The CEIP La Concepcion joins the celebration of Carnival (07/02/2013)
    On the occasion of the celebrations of Carnival, and disguised as rats and mice, the students and teachers at the school tomorrow cartagenero desfilazarán the streets of La Concepcion
  • Twenty students discover the importance of having a pet at home (07/02/2013)
    Asomada CEIP The center was the first of a total of twelve, in visiting CATAD within this initiative for school and launched by the Councils of Health and Education
  • On Monday it will announce the name of Procesionista the Year 2013 (07/02/2013)
    The makers of the award organizing association today met with the mayor to inform him of the announcement and the other acts who are preparing for Lent
  • "The Cartagena UNED blocked by lack of income" (07/02/2013)
    The huge debt that the government maintain the UNED Associated Center in Cartagena, puts the operating limit his chances
  • Poetry and painting come together in Urbanization Mediterranean (07/02/2013)

  • The Campo de Cartagena, natural tourist destination (07/02/2013)

  • More than 300 people attend the First Congress of Zumba Fitness in Cartagena (07/02/2013)
    The event, to be held on Sunday at the pavilion Cabezo Beaza, has the support of the Department of Sports
  • Aureliano Gomez tonight Vizcaíno receive the gold badge Cartagena Association Future (07/02/2013)
    The Warden of AFORCA criticizes that the city "nothing is done about the recovery of military architecture"
  • Futsal Cartagena child the best costume award (07/02/2013)

  • Five arrested for crimes simulation Cartagena Police Station (06/02/2013)
    The commission of this crime usually aimed at defrauding insurance companies
  • Cuentra back to the XI Regional Competition Chirigotas Cartagena (06/02/2013)
    The organization has sold about 3,700 tickets, leaving about 500 still available to those left behind in the lockers of Batel, Nuevo Teatro Circo or internet.
  • Published times of the XIV Conference of Local Youth Football League (06/02/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 February
  • The Day of The Center celebrates its fourth anniversary Algar (06/02/2013)

  • Lifeboat rescues 11 crew of Second Coastal fishing is semihundido to 23 miles SE of Cartagena (06/02/2013)
    They were in two liferafts when the boat were located by Sea Rescue Salvamar Mimosa
  • The Taekwondo, a sport on the rise in Cartagena (06/02/2013)
    Councillor for Sports, Diego Ortega, on Monday went to the ceremony and diplomas to students of this specialty arbitrators who increasingly has more fans in the city
  • A revamped version of Prince Hamlet will be performed at the Roman Theatre Museum (06/02/2013)
    The theater group of Cartagena, ImproVivencia, premiere, on Friday February 15, this adaptation of the popular play Shakesperae
  • The Best Kept Secret Carnival Cartagena (06/02/2013)
    Groups choreography, jokes and extras finalize their costumes to celebrate the Grand Carnival Parade on Saturday February 9
  • The desired city of Javier Lorente, Byzantine walls in the room (06/02/2013)
    The exhibition, which opens Friday, offered through the artist's works cartagenero a tour around the streets and the city
  • Traffic Court in Round Union by a broken water pipe (06/02/2013)
    affect several days to two lanes to Mandarache between the roundabouts of the six hundred and Severo Ochoa
  • The Cartagena Convention Bureau presents the medical sector (05/02/2013)
    Heads of Service of the Hospital of St. Lucia on Friday visited the Auditorium and Congress Palace The Batel
  • AD La Union, AD The UCAM Vaguada and lead the Garden City prebenjamín A (05/02/2013)
    This category, the most participatory of all, make up 39 teams split into three groups of competition
  • The lighting focuses the debate on full municipal (05/02/2013)
    Inside Agenda, has finally adopted the General Budget of the City for 2013, with votes against opposition groups
  • Starts the Connect program to prepare middle grade access (05/02/2013)
    The ADLE performs this initiative that started Monday with 22 students, selected from over 100 applications
  • The long-term unemployed will benefit a social tariff water (05/02/2013)
    Infrastructure Councilman announces that it is considering how to apply this measure from Legally
  • The Local Police reinforces their devices for the Carnival (05/02/2013)
    In addition to addressing the activities of the parties to be monitored costume shops if the standards of quality and safety
  • SPCT denounced the deterioration of the remains of the wall of Charles II in the northern slope of Monte Sacro (05/02/2013)
    The council is obliged by law to bic conservation of earth wall street
  • The public school San Isidro de Los Belones receives the elite table tennis Cartagena (05/02/2013)
    Maria Xiao Zhu Fang and the female UCAM and Daniel Loureiro and Jose Antonio Montalbán the male FLOYMAPE, shared a very special and unprecedented morning with students primary
  • The City of Cartagena, against the merger with Commonwealth Acuamed (05/02/2013)

  • Parks and Gardens prepares the transfer of three ficus from Plaza San Francisco (05/02/2013)
    ​​ These are of smaller size, planted in the Square in 1985.
  • The Fifth and Sixth Beethoven ring at The Batel (04/02/2013)
    Symphony Orchestra of Murcia offer on Wednesday at the Municipal Auditorium, the second concert of the series devoted to German composer
  • The ADLE teaches how to develop a curriculum and the benefits of telematics (04/02/2013)
    These two modules guide that will help students improve job search, will begin on February 13 and will have a biweekly
  • Magical Tales Amorós Marcos, at the Cultural Center (04/02/2013)
    This afternoon painter opens exhibition of Cartagena, which will be open on the ground floor of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy until 22 March
  • The formation, a hallmark of the new classroom courses FIXED (04/02/2013)

  • The full City Council on Tuesday finally approved budgets 2013 (04/02/2013)
    The Corporation shall study the report on the implementation of the 2012 budget and discuss 16 motions, three prayers and nine questions, including a joint Commonwealth support of Channels Taibilla
  • The families are stunned, with sculptures of González Beltrán (04/02/2013)
    On Sunday workshop began visits to the exhibition of sculptor Roman Theatre Museum, activity will continue every Sunday of the months of February and March
  • The Palace exposes Molina, 50 Years With Doubt (04/02/2013)
    The exhibition, which opened on Friday, is one of the activities that the grouping of the aparción of Jesus to St. Thomas, of the Brotherhood of the Risen Lord, celebrating its 50th anniversary
  • ... (04/02/2013)

  • ANSE transform the old treatment plant of El Algar, near the Mar Menor, in a wetland for aquatic fauna (01/02/2013)

  • Primi Sport awards its gold badge and José Antonio Calderón Cabezos (01/02/2013)
    The awards ceremony of the awards will take place on Saturday at the Naval NCO Club

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