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Cartagena News - January 2013

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  • Renfe and the city of Cartagena promote the use of the train to visit the city of Murcia (31/01/2013)
    Renfe issue a promotional video on the channel Cartagena trains High Speed ​​Madrid - Castilla La Mancha - Valencia
  • The Batel reinforces his image as a space conference in FITUR 2013 (31/01/2013)

  • The mayor of Cartagena signs agreement with Renfe to promote the city (30/01/2013)
    Pilar Barreiro will go tomorrow and Friday to sign two agreements FITUR where to promote tourism, while the twelve collect quality certificates awarded to beaches Cartagena
  • The works cut traffic on the street Gisbert (30/01/2013)
    Since early this morning, have begun the renovation of sewage and surface remodeling, affecting over three weeks to cross the street with Duke and Charity
  • Spa and Hot Springs in the sixth edition of Municipal Hydrotherapy Program (30/01/2013)
    Social Care Councilman opened yesterday at Hotel La Manga is Entremares initiative to Cartagena over 55 years, which will run from 27 February to May 31
  • School Contest Awards are recycled Carnival Kids Carnival (30/01/2013)

  • Published times of the XIII Conference of Local Youth Football League (30/01/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 February
  • Fernando Tejero and Nieto Pepn land at the New Theatre Circus (30/01/2013)
    The actors are the stars of Half and Half, a delirious comedy that represent tomorrow from 21.30 hoars in theater Cartagena
  • Eleven groups participate in the XI Regional Competition Chirigotas Cartagena (30/01/2013)
    The entrdas for the tournament to be held on 7 (Semifinal) and 8 (Final) February can be purchased at the box offices of the New Theatre and the Auditorium The Circus Batel
  • The Singuangos and are silver (30/01/2013)
    The chirigota Cartagena, which celebrates its 25 years of existence, will be one of the eleven groups that participate in the XI Regional Competition Chirigotas Cartagena
  • The lights Carnival party invite (30/01/2013)
    On the streets you will run the big parade and lighting stands accompany festive processions, jokes and choreographic groups
  • Education continues with visits to public and Primary (30/01/2013)
    Education Councillor morning visit six schools in order to continue to monitor the maintenance needs of schools
  • T-LA Program teaches prepare and decorate cakes (30/01/2013)
    The activity will be held on Sunday, February 3 in the little things of Dedulce confectionery, from 5:00 to 20:00
  • Diving beginners course in ADLE (29/01/2013)
    A total of twenty seats are offered for this course, aimed at the unemployed, which will run from 18 February to 15 June
  • The Local Youth Football League comes to an unchanged Ecuador ranking (29/01/2013)
    Garden City UCAM, AD The Vaguada, Mediterranean CD, EF, and Torre Pacheco AF Cartagena lead their respective categories after winning all the matches played so far
  • Northern Alumbres looms as an ideal place for future ZAL Cartagena (29/01/2013)

  • On Wednesday cut Gisbert crossing with Duke and Charity for three weeks (29/01/2013)
    The action is part of the work of reinstatement of services and facilities for new water and sewer in the area, which are nearly completed for Easter
  • Alumbres prepares its Carnival parade (29/01/2013)
    will be held on Sunday February 10, with a dance and a costume contest at the Casino
  • The Secretary of State for Culture highlights the archaeological value of the city (29/01/2013)

  • The Comedy Contest XV arrives in Palma (29/01/2013)
    The town Cartagena celebrates a new edition of this contest will open on February 2 at the Civic Center Township
  • The 25th anniversary Singuangos with Carnival Cartagena (29/01/2013)
    On Friday February 1 this joke present the photo exhibition and the book commemorating the 25th anniversary of his birth
  • The Treasure of Mercy ARQUA be discussed in later this year (28/01/2013)
    Secretary of State for Culture has today confirmed the exhibition will be prior or parallel to another traveling by other museums in Spain and Latin America
  • Lassalle ARQUA visit to see the restoration work of the Patrimony of the Mercedes (28/01/2013)
    In February ARQUA will meet in a commission of international experts to determine the treatment to be applied in the currencies
  • New Cures for Seniors Program (28/01/2013)
    The event, to be held at the Hotel Entremares between March and May, will be presented by the Social Care council on Tuesday to different clubs Township
  • The Cartagena scenes Carnival (28/01/2013)
    The Paradise choreographic group and was born nine years ago on 3 February will be a participant in the XI edition of Regional Groups Choreography Competition in infant and adult category
  • The City promotes an institutional statement in defense of the Commonwealth Taibilla (25/01/2013)
    The mayor also plans to present an initiative today in the Congress of Deputies
  • Comenius Regio program promotes individualized instruction (25/01/2013)

  • Open Country REGISTRATION within English course for basic ADLE (25/01/2013)
    The period for filing applications for registration for this course for unemployed ends on Thursday 31 January
  • The FC Cartagena trains with students in Concepcin Arenal Cartagonova (25/01/2013)
    The team met today to students at Municipal Stadium as part of ADE program activities of the Department of Sports
  • Cartagena on a toy, also in Carnival (25/01/2013)
    Port of Cultures has designed an activity on costumes and masks, directed to the family and to be held the weekend the Carnival at the Museum of the Civil War Shelter
  • The City manages to save 150,000 euros in insurance (25/01/2013)
    The Governing Board approved the hiring of an expert to advise the City Council and provides grants of 35 percent of the rate tables and chairs to 78 catering establishments
  • Cartagena in FITUR intensify their contacts with tour operators to sell their tourism realities (25/01/2013)

  • De Lima, the Museum of the Roman Theatre of Cartagena (25/01/2013)
    The Club Alianza Lima footballers, who are doing their preseason in Spain, visited the museum yesterday Cartagena by the Councillor for Tourism
  • The Museum of Modern Art organized a workshop for children Cartagena on Gonzlez Beltrn (25/01/2013)
    The activity is aimed at children aged 5-12 years and is held every Saturday from 11:30 to 13:00
  • A thousand young scouts will gather in the Port of Cartagena (25/01/2013)
    Youth Councillor morning to attend the Centennial Celebration of the Federation of Scouts Scout Region of Murcia, taking place on the esplanade of the Port of Cartagena
  • David Fernandez Sifres met with young readers of Sorrows and the Old Town (25/01/2013)
    The writer Leon, Hache Awards finalist, presented yesterday his novel, The Lighthouse absent woman, held in an intimate encounter with the readers of Intercultural Center City
  • UPyD Cartagena required to repair the pavement of the street tables Adarve (25/01/2013)

  • The highest final preparations for his debut in the Carnival (24/01/2013)
    The Carnival of the elderly, organized by the Department of Social Care, will be held on Friday, February 8 at Hall Jimnez de la Espada
  • The success supports the II edition of the Christmas Shop Window Competition (24/01/2013)
    Trade Councilman has delivered this morning the awards to the winners of this year, which involved a total of 38 shops in Cartagena
  • The ADLE expanded its offers language training and nautical tourism sector (24/01/2013)
    Employment Councillor and Director of the Agency presented the 91 training, guidance and advice to entrepreneurs, to be set up during the first half of the year
  • The Councillor of Commerce believes that opening Sunday is an opportunity for growth and business Cartagena (24/01/2013)

  • Treasury subsidizes the installation of terraces (24/01/2013)
    The Governing Board approved the measure on Friday along with other concerning hawking plan by 2013 and an agreement with Renfe to promote as a tourist destination Cartagena
  • Firefighters rescue a woman who had been locked in a ninth floor (24/01/2013)
    During the past thirty years conducted performances of this type, particularly with older people living alone as protagonists
  • Snacks endearing at the Roman Theatre of Cartagena (24/01/2013)
    Accompanied by volunteer home help service the city, fifteen elderly living alone, visiting the site of the hand of the Department of Social Care
  • More than two hundred special swimmers flock to the municipal swimming pool Pozo Strait (24/01/2013)
    Twelve centers throughout the region and eight competing clubs participated in the Regional Conference Swimming Adpatada corresponding to the XXV edition of the Special School Games
  • More than two hundred fry athletics play (23/01/2013)
    Cartagena Twenty schools participated in school sports activities organized by the Department at the Central Pavilion
  • Water cut in Llano del Beal (23/01/2013)
    Aquagest reports an interruption in the supply of drinking water in the area for Thursday morning, which will last about twelve hours
  • The Family of Pascual Duarte, in the New Theatre Circus (23/01/2013)
    The price of general admission tickets will cost 15 to 20 euros, while reduced, for groups of ten or more persons, cost 8 euros and 12
  • The UP offers training to find employment (23/01/2013)
    As of February will launch free language courses, tourism and new technologies, aimed at women and young people, whose registration period will be open while remaining seats
  • Award Ceremony of the Christmas Shop Window Competition II (23/01/2013)
    The Oasis florists and Flori and the Blue Whale receive their awards on Thursday by decorating their establishments during the past holiday
  • Tolerance finds its way into the novel by David Fernandez Sifres, Hache Award finalist (23/01/2013)
    Alandar Prize winner 2011 and 2012 Delta Wing, presented this morning in his work, The lighthouse of women absent, to 600 students in the auditorium of the UPCT
  • Published times of the XII Conference of Local Youth Football League (23/01/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 January
  • UPyD Cartagena requires the City Council to immediately repair street lighting in Los Belones (23/01/2013)
    9 months without alumbradopblico Suman
  • The Band's "Holy Cross Triumphant Angel" held Portapasos Boards and Penitentes this weekend (23/01/2013)
    Meetings of the Association of the Holy Cross Triumphant Angel of the Brotherhood of the Risen
  • Inclement weather prevented the normal development of the youth football league (22/01/2013)
    The strong winds affected the game and causing the suspension of nearly half of meetings in the municipality of Cartagena
  • Elderly and disabled enjoy a healthy walk through Cartagena (22/01/2013)
    Participants visited on Friday the Moorish Castle, where they could see the landscape of the city and its surroundings, thanks to this event organized by the Department of Social Care
  • Begin testing to eliminate hazardous crosswalks city (22/01/2013)
    Of the half dozen crosswalks the Department of Public Safety plans to retire, that of Victor Avenue Beltr has ​​been chosen to start work and check results
  • Students of Stella Maris, budding athletes (22/01/2013)
    This morning viewing municipal Athletics track with the Outreach Program at à ‰ lite Sport organized by the Sports Department
  • Aires of our land, Goyesco and Sacromonte, contest finalists Well pasodobles Strait (22/01/2013)
    The winner of this edition, which will be held on Saturday, January 26th, will receive a prize of 2,500 euros
  • Alums also choose your poster for Easter 2013 (22/01/2013)
    The members of the board of her sorority elected in yesterday's work for the Roco Fernndez Siljestrom processions this year
  • Prize Meetings continue David Hache Fernandez Sifres (22/01/2013)
    Alandar Prize winner 2011 and 2012 Delta Wing, kept between Wednesday and Thursday in three games that will see 800 readers
  • Andres Lled begins his preparation for the 4Deserts (22/01/2013)
    Athlete Cartagena participated last weekend in Valencia in the race GR10Xtrem mountain, 93 kilometers
  • The Storyteller families congregate at the Cultural Center (22/01/2013)
    On Friday there llenazo.
  • A composite photograph of Moses Ruiz announced Cartagena Easter 2013 (22/01/2013)
    The representatives of the Board of guilds commissioned the artist made, be forfeited after public competition, and combines an image of Jesus of Nazareth, with another meeting along the crowded the Palacio de Aguirre
  • Futsal Cartagena for albiazules Role: fill the stands of La Bombonera (21/01/2013)

  • The wind causes temporary interventions fifty Cartagena (21/01/2013)
    Falling tree branches, blinds, awnings, facades or cable detachment and withdrawal of neon signs were the most common incidents that occurred during the weekend
  • The Aljorra held its eighteenth meeting of crews (21/01/2013)
    Along Gang cartagenera deputation, the crews acted Marfagones Mills, Tallante, the Auroros of Lorca and the Gang Reyllo Caves
  • Leading the kitchen and computer workshops for adults (21/01/2013)
    Are some Informayor 2013 program activities of the Department of Social Care
  • The T-La climbs to Castle Atalaya (21/01/2013)
    The program of the Youth Council has organized for Saturday this activity, you will leave the nursing home's Barrio de la Concepcin, includes official guide and costs one euro
  • The UN includes Hull urban transformation in his Catalogue of Good Practices (21/01/2013)

  • Gonzlez Tovar, Castejn and other socialist leaders walking the neighborhoods of New Cartagena and Urbanization Mediterranean (20/01/2013)
    During the tour could see the main concerns of the neighbors, as well as the state of neglect in which the PP has to neighborhoods and councils
  • The strong winds force field of sealing the trough during the weekend (19/01/2013)
    The weather has also affected the development of the game and led to the suspension of a dozen meetings in the town
  • The wind knocks down a wall in the Beal and kills two men (19/01/2013)
    Firehouse Effective immediately went to the town without being able to do anything to save their lives
  • Andres Conesa Pealver, an example on how to recycle better (18/01/2013)
    This neighbor Cartagena won the draw made on Thursday 10 January by the Councillor for the Environment among 460 participants of the talks Ecoembes campaign
  • Ends a new edition of Active Citizenship Training (18/01/2013)
    The workshop, led by the Department of Social Services, has been aimed at the immigrant population in order to facilitate their integration in the city
  • Record participation in the eighth edition of the Prize Mandarache (18/01/2013)
    Nearly 4,000 people participated in one of the three modes of these awards, the highest figure since this initiative was created in 2004
  • An individual arrested for the robbery of a kiosk in Queen Victoria (18/01/2013)
    Local police have also charged two women for two separate thefts of clothing shops in Park Street Mediterranean and Carmen
  • More parades and street environment for a carnival full of news (18/01/2013)

  • Food and spectacle merge in the Hotel Alfonso XIII (18/01/2013)
    The first of the evening, called Lyric, will be held on February 9, and will feature, among others, with a performance by tenor Peter Squares Diego Murcia
  • The City Council adopts new measures against the red palm weevil (18/01/2013)
    Besides removing dead stumps of palm trees, the brigades of Parks and Gardens will soon begin to apply exemplary Hull City, a product based on a fungus that attacks the insect
  • Trials of the Association of Roman Soldiers of the Risen (18/01/2013)

  • San Antn dresses to bless animals (17/01/2013)
    The procession of the patron saint at 18.00 closes this great day of the feast of San Anton which will conclude on Sunday January 20
  • The Cartagena Diego Fructuoso, ambassador honor of La Manga Club (17/01/2013)
    The sailor known to depart Miami on Saturday, Mapfre in the Challenge, which will run for two months and intends to carry out the Road Columbus
  • Learn how to design a children's story with the Program T-LA (17/01/2013)
    The Child Illustration Course will be held every Saturday in February, from 10.00 hours to 14.00 hours, at the Youth Resource Center
  • Barreiro participates in the table "The future of cities" at the 20th Inter-Union Popular (17/01/2013)
    The Popular celebrate the 20th Inter Popular Union on 18 and 19 January, in the city of Almeria
  • The Aljorra hosts this weekend its XVIII Meeting crews (17/01/2013)
    Held on Saturday afternoon, at the local Civic Center, and in the same act, in addition to the host, crews Lorca, Reyllo Caves, Mills Marfagones and Tallante
  • The ADLE teach a new course of German basic level (17/01/2013)
    Starts on January 21, with a duration of one month, and is aimed at 20 unemployed people were in the waiting list for the previous edition of the course
  • The Hotel Alfonso XIII will host a themed Gastronomic Experiences (17/01/2013)
    On Friday presented the initiative at the Palace Hall, at a press conference to be attended by the Councillor for Tourism, the hotel manager and the director of the theater company La Murga
  • More than two hundred children enjoy the game of athletics (16/01/2013)
    The School of sixteen centers have had a great time practicing various disciplines at the Central Pavilion Sports
  • There are still places for courses Health and Welfare VHS (16/01/2013)
    The workshops, which begin in January, will perform at the Cultural Center Ramn Alonso Luzzy and priced between 44 and 55 euros
  • On Thursday, San Anton celebrates the traditional blessing of animals (16/01/2013)
    The mayor of the city, Pilar Barreiro, and corporate members will attend the traditional blessing of animals to be held from 12.00 in Church Square
  • Published times of the day of the League XI Local Grassroots (16/01/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 January
  • Touching, an experience for the blind in the Roman Theatre Museum (16/01/2013)
    exposure visits, Gonzalez Beltran.
  • Cartagena Santi Rodriguez brings his monologue on the use of new technologies (16/01/2013)
    With this show programming starts from January to May of the Department of Culture in the New Theatre Circus
  • The ADLE Launches Free Lifeguard Course in Aquatic Facilities (16/01/2013)
    The deadline to register for this training will be open from January 28 to February 1, targets 15 students and will take place between the months of March and May
  • Manuel Rivas opened the eighth edition of the Prize Mandarache (16/01/2013)
    The Galician writer has presented this morning, all is silent during the meeting mantendio with 600 students in the auditorium of the UPCT
  • A joint injection of 18 000 euros for the needy (16/01/2013)
    The Hospitality of Santa Teresa, the Good Samaritan, the San Diego Dining and Food Bank today received money from the collection of New Year Concert held at Batel
  • CD El Algar and EF UCAM Garden City lead the lower category of lollipops (15/01/2013)
    The Amateur Championship, leads the standings Rachid Fashions with its last victory over Olympic Brussels
  • Maria Dueas, Cartagenera Year (15/01/2013)
    The jury praised the merits of the novelist Puerto Llano settled for years in Cartagena
  • Social action organizations will receive the proceeds from the concert New Year (15/01/2013)
    At the awards ceremony, to be held on Wednesday at 11 am at the Cultural Hall of Caja Murcia, Councilman attend Social Care
  • Pozo Strait Celebrates Big Day (15/01/2013)

  • Theatre and Drama loft who read it will act in favor of the Grenadiers Marrajos (15/01/2013)
    In collaboration with the Department of Culture, will stage the musical The Lion King Storyteller, Feb. 8 in the Neighborhood Association Garden City
  • The Civil Guard seizes 4,000 packs of contraband snuff (15/01/2013)
    have been seized 4000 packets of snuff from Andorra, without the required seal
  • UPyD Cartagena requires the City Council to repair the fences of the Skate Park (14/01/2013)

  • Annie, The Musical arrives at the Apollo Theatre-Circus Algar (14/01/2013)
    The play will be performed on Saturday 19 January from 21.30 hours in the town of Cartagena
  • Discover Úbeda and Baeza hand T-The Program (14/01/2013)
    The trip is scheduled for the next 23 and 24 February, with the share of 60 euros inscripcion
  • A photographic workshop explores the role of women today (14/01/2013)
    The ongoing Women, organized by the Youth Council, will be held on January 31, and 1, 14 and 15 February at the Youth Resource Center
  • The Language Exchange, example of good practice (14/01/2013)
    The recognition of this educational program, part of the Youth Council, the European Project comes NELLIP, which ensures the proper language learning community space
  • Some 7,000 young people participate in the First Cup SafeGoal Spain (14/01/2013)
    The sport, tourism and training will meet in the first edition of the football tournament to be held in the place of the Mar Menor, from 1 to 6 July
  • The City collects in three months more than 22 tons of used clothing and toys (14/01/2013)
    These data are from the last quarter of 2012, a period that became operational the 25 containers placed in the city from the collaboration agreement between the City and Project Abraham
  • La Virgen de la Luz's neighbors took to the streets Tallante (14/01/2013)
    Chocolatada, Mass and rondallas, succeeded on Sunday to celebrate the traditional pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin
  • Children Pinocchio become a day (14/01/2013)
    The Museum of the Civil War Shelter Cartagena hosts theatrical visits for children, every Sunday until March 31
  • Some thirty young people from across the region participate Monitor during football and futsal (14/01/2013)
    Councillor for Sports, Diego Ortega inaugurated on Friday this training taking place in the Municipal Sports Pavilion
  • SPCT requires quick action plan oldest schools in Cartagena (13/01/2013)
    The case of the collapse of the College of Santa Pola forced to become aware of this situation
  • Hostecar commitment to improve tourism in Cartagena and Mar Menor (11/01/2013)

  • Gonzlez Beltrn sculptures available to older (11/01/2013)
    The Roman Theatre Museum has opened the registration deadline for this free event which will run from February 5 to March 21 and is directed special visits to seniors Age
  • UP Free courses targeting women and youth (11/01/2013)
    begin in February and will focus on recycling of clothes and the internet, one of them, and the use of new technologies for language and job search, the other
  • Úšltimas places for the workshop Introduction to Informatics, University Popular (11/01/2013)
    The course, which starts on January 16 offers, from scratch, basic to make the most of the computer
  • The governing board finally approved the noise map of the city (11/01/2013)
    has also been given approval to a collaboration agreement between the City and the SEF in counseling and job training
  • UPyD Cartagena calls for a ban and punish the use of sulfur in public (11/01/2013)

  • SPCT requires the local government to take measures to improve air quality in the area Aljorra (11/01/2013)
    SPCT proposes the implementation of an action plan to reduce pollution in the area
  • Getting started in English, at the University of Cartagena Popular (10/01/2013)
    The course, which will begin classes on January 18, offering a total of twenty squares
  • The health and welfare, to debate the VHS (10/01/2013)
    The price of the workshops, held at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramon Alonso, ranging between 44 and 55 euros
  • In the Sea, with Marisa Jimenez (10/01/2013)
    The paint sample may visit at the Cultural Center Ramn Alonso Luzzy until next January 25th
  • 450 people eat daily at the Good Samaritan (10/01/2013)
    cartagenera social entity has received this morning 500 kilos of food from the hand of the woman councilor and president of the Federation of Associations of Women of Cartagena
  • Andres Conesa Pealver wins a bicycle recycle better (10/01/2013)
    Neighbor neighborhood of Our Lady of Charity was the winner in the draw held this afternoon the Environment Councillor among 460 participants in the talks Ecoembes campaign
  • Caar Pilgrims prepare for their big day (10/01/2013)
    Tallante and Isla Plana celebrate this pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Light on Sunday, January 13th
  • Training and Youth leisure thanks to T-LA Program Winter 2013 (10/01/2013)
    Views of the city of Cartagena, travel, dance workshops and language courses are among the 75 activities that make up the new edition of the program organized by the Department Youth
  • Wins Oasis Florist Christmas Shop Window Contest II (10/01/2013)
    Florist Dlori and blue whales have been awarded the other two shops
  • Manuel Rivas presents all is silent readers Mandarache Prize (10/01/2013)
    The Cartagena visit Galician writer to present the novel after the release of the film of Jos Luis Rope
  • On Thursday opens enrollment for courses of instruction of Intermediate ADLE (09/01/2013)
    Being a job seeker, lack of graduate school and be at least 18 years are eligible to participate in this training course
  • The Monitor during football and futsal brings together students from across the Region of Murcia (09/01/2013)
    The sports council, Diego Ortega, will attend his inauguration on Friday at the Municipal Sports Pavilion Cartagena
  • Kick-off for the holidays Carthaginians and Romans 2013 (09/01/2013)
    The new president of the Federation of Carthaginian and Roman Festivals, Javier Imbernn, has expressed his desire to get for 2013 increased citizen participation
  • Published X times the day of the Grassroots Local League (09/01/2013)
    Games will be held between Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 January
  • The Regional Assembly and I UPCT days promote security and defense policy (09/01/2013)
    Titled "Serving society"
  • Hiking, workshops and tourism for older Informayor Program 2013 (09/01/2013)
    The activities, which will take place between January and March, are organized by the Department of Social Care
  • The artificial turf field Municipal Urbanization Mediterranean bears the first matches and training (09/01/2013)
    400 athletes from 18 teams weekly and use the new facilities
  • Antonio Orozco and Tamara and Moncho, upcoming musical performances at the New Theatre Circus (08/01/2013)
    will be the first of a series of concerts and dance performances that the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena scheduled until May at the New Theatre Circus
  • Drawing of a bicycle among the participants of the talks on recycling (08/01/2013)
    Environment Councillor attend the draw to be held on Thursday, January 10 at the Press Room of the Palace Hall
  • Relay in the Repsol refinery in Escombreras (08/01/2013)
    The new director of the Cartagena refinery, Juan Antonio Carrillo, said that continuity is the key to its management policy
  • The government delegate congratulated the National Police of Cartagena that seized more than 100 kilos of cocaine (08/01/2013)
    Joaqun Bascuana stressed that this operation demonstrates its commitment to society and the magnificent work done
  • UPyD Cartagena take their proposals to all councils in Cartagena (04/01/2013)

  • Delivered public advocacy seven homes in La Palma (04/01/2013)
    The average monthly income of the seven properties leased to 176 euros asciede
  • Classical and popular meet at Christmas Cartagena (04/01/2013)
    The Plaza de San Francisco and Batel provided a backdrop for concerts and New Year Crews
  • The Community delivers seven public housing development in the hamlet of La Palma cartagenera (04/01/2013)
    The Institute for Housing and Land Development Ministry and financed its construction, with a budget of 496,000 euros more
  • Cultural Tourism, discussed in the Roman Theatre Museum (04/01/2013)
    A total of 60 seats are offered for this training workshop whose registration period ends on February 12
  • The contracting municipality achieved ISO 9001 (04/01/2013)
    Recognizes the quality of management and transparency for citizens and contractors
  • Nineteen businesses are shortlisted in the Christmas window contest (04/01/2013)
    Among them, many of the historic places, the Eixample and neighborhoods
  • The Cope and confectioners organize Roscn Party (03/01/2013)
    The event will begin at 19:30 at the gates of the Palace Hall
  • More than 1,500 underprivileged children enjoy toys Twelfth Night (03/01/2013)
    Social Care Councilman, Antonio Calderon has delivered this morning collected 2,430 toys during the Christmas season to 23 social action organizations
  • Social skills for conflict resolution (03/01/2013)
    The People's University registration period opens in two workshops that will begin this January
  • The Magi landed Saturday in Cartagena (03/01/2013)
    There will be child receptivity morning at the Palace Hall and during the Parade of 5500 kilos later throw candy and stuffed animals distributed 16,000
  • The Community earmarked 525,000 euros for the restoration of eight facades in Cartagena in 2012 (03/01/2013)
    Public Works and Planning has a program to recover the value, meaning and character of the envelope properties
  • New traffic courts by the progress of the works of parking America Avenue (02/01/2013)
    Lope de Vega and Luis Braille will end as of January 8
  • Crews and Aguilandos for Thursday afternoon in the Plaza de San Francisco (02/01/2013)
    ​​ Christmas programming continues the council of Celebration in Historic Downtown
  • The T-La organizes a trip to Madrid to attend the Cirque du Soleil (02/01/2013)
    It will take place on March 22, Good Friday, with a fee of 100 euros, including transportation, lodging and admission to the show Kooza
  • 38 shops participating in the II Christmas Window Dressing Competition (02/01/2013)
    It will be made public on January 10
  • Futsal Cartagena is convened for a special mission (02/01/2013)


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