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Cartagena News - September 2012

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  • Success Amstel Conciertazo Carthaginenses VII and Romans (28/09/2012)
    More than 8,000 people enjoy five hours of music on the Amstel Conciertazo Carthaginenses and Romans
  • Suspended the Great Battle of Carthaginians and Romans by rain (28/09/2012)
    Rainfall in the last few hours with the forecast for this afternoon have conditioned the decision of the Federation of Festivals and the City
  • Social Services International Day of Older Persons (27/09/2012)
    The Department has scheduled a series of events to be held on Monday afternoon at the Cultural Hall of the CAM
  • The Batel presents a creative laboratory (27/09/2012)
    ​​ There will be workshops given by Mayumana, Roque Baños and Joaquin Reyes and registration will be through the web Auditorium
  • The Santa Florentina market opens on Friday Carthaginians and Romans (27/09/2012)
    Despite being lively, open their doors throughout the morning, from 8 am to 3 pm
  • Project Abraham Hall and trigger the collection of used clothes (27/09/2012)

  • The Algar homenajerá on Saturday with their pastor, Jose Maria Serrano (27/09/2012)
    At the request of the residents, the City of Cartagena open a place with the name of the religious who led the parish and promoted social and cultural initiatives for over 40 years
  • German university study the Cueva Victoria (26/09/2012)
    The director of the excavations, Luis Gibert, made on Monday to guide the team from the University of Mainz, who collected samples which disclose the chronology of the site and its climate change
  • Cartagena hosts for the third year the National Championship for the intellectually disabled Petanque (26/09/2012)

  • Successful output third edition bike Staff Romano (25/09/2012)

  • More than seven thousand cartageneros already have your tickets for the great show of Carthaginians and Romans (25/09/2012)
    will be held on Thursday September 27, in the courtyard next to the camp, with Celtic Frost and The Postal headlining.
  • Cartagena celebrates World Tourism Day with prices (25/09/2012)
    Access to interpretation centers of Port of Cultures will be cheaper on 27 and 28 September and also have organized workshops and special tours that will take place from Thursday to Sunday
  • The students have Talent project began its journey (25/09/2012)

  • Celtic Woman and The Postal caldearán festive camp in Amstel Conciertazo Carthaginenses and Romans (25/09/2012)
    More than 7000 have already achieved cartageneros your invitations for concerts next Thursday
  • The 173, the winning number in the Special Drawing Carthaginians and Romans (24/09/2012)
    The Children's Home Foundation held this morning in the traditional raffle prizes comprises of 2,000 euros to the strip
  • The program ADLE 37 workshops for the last quarter of the year (24/09/2012)
    The program affects the training section, with courses designed to facilitate the insertion desemplados in the workplace, mainly language and new technologies
  • General Melendez Pasquín farewell with good taste Cartagena (24/09/2012)
    After meeting with the mayor at the Palace Hall, highlighted the change for the better that he had detected in the city, which will be missed in the new location in Naples
  • Memory, Landscape and Planning, new exhibition of Luis González-Adalid at the Palace Hall (24/09/2012)
    This is a comprehensive exhibition project developed in environments near Cartagena in recent years by the painter
  • The jokes about the holidays and history of the city monopolize the proclamation of Juan Muñoz (21/09/2012)
    Former Cross and encourages cartageneros Raya, who have crowded the Town Hall, to make the most of Carthaginians and Romans
  • New stage of the PSOE in Cartagena, in which the Socialists will work at street to be closer to citizens (21/09/2012)
    PSRM general secretary announced that, with a strengthened party, the Socialists played the PP leadership "whose cycle political over "
  • Last places for courses Health and Welfare UP (21/09/2012)
    The People's University has also reported that there are still places for the preparation of access to the University for over 45 years
  • A bottle tree park chairs the future of San Ginés (21/09/2012)
    The new garden area of ​​the Eixample be finished in a month and will include 400 trees and four playgrounds
  • Opens Registration for the courses of the Department of Women (21/09/2012)
    Starting Monday September 24, those interested can apply for the courses and workshops included in the program from 2012 to 2013, which starts in October
  • A replica of the Nao Victoria Cartagena transported to the sixteenth century (21/09/2012)
    The boat, which is a replica of the first ship to circumnavigate the world, will be in the port city until September 30
  • The London International Orchestra operates in El Batel with a program of classics (21/09/2012)
    Tickets are now on sale, with discounts for youth, unemployed and pensioners
  • Next week open enrollment in the swimming and Pozo Aljorra Strait (21/09/2012)
    Classes begin on October 4
  • Franco Suanzes left Cartagena after improving maritime safety (21/09/2012)
    One who has been appointed Chief of Defence has said goodbye to the mayor with the feeling of accomplishment
  • XXI Swimming across the Port of Cartagena takes place this Sunday (21/09/2012)
    250 swimmers from across the region will participate in the event with a distance of 1800 meters
  • The mayor recalled that the increasing hours of staff is mandatory (21/09/2012)
    ​​ Given the possible manifestations that may occur leveraging holding Carthaginians and Romans, Barreiro has asked officials respect the festive municipal utilities
  • Red Cross volunteers will attend first aid bike helmet city (21/09/2012)

  • Local Police and Civil Protection escort the march on Saturday cyclist mobility (21/09/2012)
    Lead to participants from the districts to the city and along the route generally between John XXIII and Heroes of Cavite
  • Running the Occupational Classroom course to prevent truancy (20/09/2012)
    Councillor for Education hopes to repeat last year's numbers and that 95% of the students continue their studies
  • 307 people found jobs through ADLE January-June (20/09/2012)
    During the first half of the year, about 10,000 users were assisted by the guidance department and Employment Agency
  • Juan Muñoz promises a proclamation in which parodiará fun to Carthaginian and Roman (20/09/2012)
    Former Cruz y Raya recognizes that Cartagena will be the first major city in which solo deliver a speech
  • Red Cross unit creates a socio bikes (20/09/2012)
    The initiative was presented on Friday, the mayor, the president of Red Cross Regional Assembly Espalika Cartagena and director of the company that has donated bikes
  • Youth will learn to design organic urban gardens (20/09/2012)
    Youth and Environment have jointly developed a program of Leisure and Environmental Sustainability which includes seven training activities to be conducted during the months of November and December
  • Chick Corea, Patti Smith and Melody Gardot, star of Cartagena Jazz Festival XXXII (19/09/2012)
    The event, which will be a lot of jazz, but also pop, folk and rock, being held from October 24 to December 1 at the New Theatre Circus and The Tender, and fertilizers and tickets are already on sale
  • The residents of Isla Plana delivered over a thousand euros to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (19/09/2012)
    The money, which will go to help the sick in hospitals, comes the first Youth Festival was organized in August at the site
  • Reduced rates at Port of Cultures during the holiday Carthaginians and Romans (19/09/2012)
    The bus tour will stop at the camp and costumed revelers will go free in interpretation centers
  • A Mass and a procession commemorating the day of the Virgin of Chilla (19/09/2012)
    The Ecuadorian community in the municipality held on Saturday Aljorra acts in honor of its patron saint, which were attended by the Councillor for Social Care
  • After the deadline to participate in the XV Comedy Contest La Palma (19/09/2012)

  • Youth announces grants for partnerships and youth groups (19/09/2012)
    Stakeholders have until October 9 to apply for these grants to support initiatives that encourage youth participation in social life active
  • The camp festive, ready for battle (18/09/2012)
    The mayor visited this morning the Carthaginians and Romans enclosure, which has been partially fenced to improve security and changed the lighting system to avoid blackouts
  • The Festival Isla Plana Young meets its goal integral (18/09/2012)

  • Last places to travel to Port Aventura with the T-La (18/09/2012)
    The Youth Council has organized the trip to the theme park for 28, 29 and September 30, using the Carthaginians and Romans festival
  • Cartagena wants to be Puerto Home (18/09/2012)
    City region and boost the statement that the city become the starting point and destination of cruise
  • The Civil Guard intercepted three boats with 42 immigrants in the Calblanque (18/09/2012)
    All crew members are men, Algerian nationals and are in good health after being properly served by Red Cross
  • Parade and march to the end of festivities (17/09/2012)
    Marfagones Mills, La Manga, Los Dolores and El Algar culminated last weekend its festivals
  • Education, Sport and Employment, again starring the full City (17/09/2012)
    municipal groups their motions debated this morning during a session in which it approved the 2011 General Account and the nomination of the Canyons in Plaza Antonio Bolea La Palma
  • The autonomous parliaments are postulated as benchmarks of democratic quality and are committed to providing solutions to the deep economic crisis in Spain (17/09/2012)
    In the extraordinary meeting in Cadiz to mark the bicentennial of the Constitution of 1812
  • The parties undertake to rearrange traffic in streets (17/09/2012)
    The Mayor has issued the usual side which relate the streets affected by cuts and parking ban during parades and celebrations
  • ... (17/09/2012)

  • The ALDE advisor to 34% more companies than last year (17/09/2012)
    The Agency for Local Development and Employment provides a customized itinerary covering everything from business idea, business plan and its legal form, opening and consolidation Business
  • Water Court on Wednesday in the Port of Santa Barbara (17/09/2012)
    The replacement of a valve in a tank will cause service disruption since eight in the morning until two in the evening
  • The Archaeological Museum expands its range of school activities with two new workshops (17/09/2012)
    Ludi Romani and the clock of history, for Primary and ESO and the theme-wit in the service of beauty, for ESO and Bachillerato
  • Creative cuisine in El Algar (14/09/2012)
    Nearly fifty women participated in the XXIX edition of the cooking contest
  • The police device, ready for Carthaginians and Romans (14/09/2012)
    The City Council and the Government Office coordinate their efforts to ensure the safety of revelers, tourists and visitors
  • The 15th birthday CRONO Calendar (14/09/2012)
    True to his appointment in 1998, the publication that helps the Department of Sports City of Cartagena, was presented this afternoon to the media
  • The gateway works well underway pink (14/09/2012)
    Pavasal The company has already placed the handrail one side
  • The UP committed to recycling and job placement in their new programming (14/09/2012)
    On Monday opens registrations within the different courses and workshops
  • On Monday registrations open access to university for over 25 years (14/09/2012)
    The 50 selected by lottery may enroll through Wednesday, September 19
  • On Monday there will be regular full at City Hall (14/09/2012)
    The Municipal Corporation will address the approval of the general account of 2011, with prices of public and ESPAC Bolea Antonio Square in La Palma
  • The City expects to save 250,000 euros with the new hire and internet telephony (14/09/2012)
    The Governing Board approved for this multiyear spending 600,000 euros per year
  • The ADLE form since January about 300 unemployed (14/09/2012)
    The Agency for Local Development and Employment has taught courses in computer science, languages, swimming instructor and employment, among others
  • AJE supports the initiative of the municipality of Cartagena de doing some streets pedestrian Historical Center (14/09/2012)

  • New sidewalk outside car dealerships Avenida Juan Carlos I (14/09/2012)
    The works to delimit a crosswalk in this area is progressing well
  • Theatre, environment and music, activities focus schools (13/09/2012)
    Education offers this course 23 training activities for school
  • Truancy in the town descends 0.7% (13/09/2012)
    The Classroom Occupational Education Department gets reintegrated into the education system to half its students
  • More than 30,000 people have visited IX Mediterranean to exposure of Pedro Cano (13/09/2012)
    Sunday September 16 will be the last tour to sample
  • The bank collects books 2860 copies before the start of the course (13/09/2012)
    Classes began on Monday as normal in Primary Schools and Children
  • The City Council will lift hiring fixed communications service for voice, data and mobile (13/09/2012)
    The Governing Board will address on Friday multiannual spending authorization for this service by the call for grants to youth groups
  • Miguel Poveda presented on Friday at his recital Batel Sing (13/09/2012)
    Tickets for the concert cost 35, 30 and 25 euros
  • The Archery Club Cartagena City opens registration within their courses (13/09/2012)
    Tuition can be formalized until 15 October at the premises of the club
  • The City Get notified more than 5,000 traffic fines through Testra (12/09/2012)
    Using the DGT Electronic Board is required when communicating not get the fine in the home of the citizen and the Department of Public Safety is to promote knowledge
  • La Virgen de Chilla out in procession on Saturday, at the El Albujón Aljorra (12/09/2012)
    A Acts, starting at six in the evening, attend Councilman Antonio Calderon
  • The Manga starts tomorrow its thematic feasts (12/09/2012)
    The festivities, which begin with a day Caribbean will last from 13 to 16 September
  • Antonio Bolea Barrancos have a place in La Palma (12/09/2012)
    The Finance Committee and the Interior reported favorably to the proposal by the ordinance regulating public price ESPAC courses
  • The City publishes electoral lists for the election of juries (12/09/2012)
    Citizens may refer to the Statistical Office from 13 to 19 September, the number that has been assigned for the draw to be held later this month in the Provincial Court in Murcia
  • The Blackout with Gabino Diego and Don Juan Tenorio added to programming The Batel (12/09/2012)
    Both works will be represented in the audience at the beginning of novimiembre
  • UPyD Cartagena requires the government team to face a realistic economic stagnation Cartagena (11/09/2012)
    local economic stagnation
  • The Mauritanian delegation cartageneros entrepreneurs looking to invest in your country (11/09/2012)

  • The last mayor with councilors and works projects worth four million euros (11/09/2012)

  • Fell by 25 percent in the number of crimes during the summer (11/09/2012)
    registering a downward trend in the number of offenses relating to public safety as compared to 2011, due to increased police presence
  • The Department of Women creates a local table to control coordinating GBV (11/09/2012)
    Along with this action, Women performed within the program of activities 2012-2013, development workshops, computer courses and meetings among associations
  • The Committee on Finance and Home Affairs meets on Wednesday (11/09/2012)
    The ordinance of public money for courses ESPAC nomination and a place in La Palma, make its agenda
  • The choreographer Aida Gomez will offer a master class at The Batel (10/09/2012)
    The artist will come to Cartagena on October 4 to chat with students and dance professionals, admission is free
  • The sheltered housing to be operational in October Asido (10/09/2012)
    The association has launched a project to teach adults with Down syndrome to fend for themselves
  • The Muram claimed Aboriginal art with an exhibition of 71 contemporary paintings (10/09/2012)
    The show, which was presented this morning to the media, comes from the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno and will be at the museum until 28 October
  • The version of Carmen, Opera 2001, will arrive in October to The Batel (07/09/2012)
    The show will be accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of Pleven and Spanish ballet of the sisters Rubio
  • The sailor cartagenero Antonio López dreams and participate in the next Olympics (07/09/2012)
    The 13 year old this morning visited the mayor after winning the European Team Championship Optimist
  • The People's University opens registration for courses University Access (07/09/2012)
    be offered 120 seats to be allocated by lottery among all registered
  • Avalanche of requests for the Contest Gastronomic Algar (07/09/2012)
    The organizers have received over 200 requests to join the event which will be on September 13 in the afternoon
  • A hundred different councils bolilleras exhibit their work in El Algar (07/09/2012)
    Women will meet on September 11 at the civic center of the council for the III and Embroidery Bobbin
  • Internet and how to seek employment in social networks (07/09/2012)
    The Youth Council organizes two training courses to be developed from this month in the ALA Youth Resource Center and neighborhoods and councils
  • The parties Algar begin this afternoon with the novena to the Virgin of Los Llanos (07/09/2012)
    The festivities end on 23, the date on a pilgrimage that will
  • The City Council granted new tax breaks to companies that create jobs (07/09/2012)
    The mayor announces that budgets are being developed next year, with those who seek to maintain services, pay debts and boost employment
  • The centers and Primary, ready to start the course (06/09/2012)
    The mayor has visited with the Councillor for Education Early schools Lopez Pipiripao and Stella Maris, which like other centers, have already completed their maintenance work
  • The Sea Music does promote Cartagena to almost 300 million people (06/09/2012)
    That's the audience that had the news appeared in national media and international festival referred to the past
  • Mental disorders in the XXI century in a course at the University of the Sea (06/09/2012)
    The event will provide tools to combat depression, bipolar disorder and phobias
  • II Festival of Bands Mill Marfagones (06/09/2012)
    Next to the host band Our Lady of Solitude participate on the Alhama de Murcia
  • The sailor Diego Fructuoso Cartagena, Cartagena proud again after participating in the round the world sailing (05/09/2012)
    Mayor Pilar Barreiro received this morning to congratulate him on his success
  • Juan Muñoz, Cruz and Raya, proclaiming this year's parties Carthaginians and Romans (05/09/2012)
    In the XXIII edition of the holidays, 99% of the acts were on stage to be placed on the esplanade of the port
  • Open enrollments within Municipal Theatre School Cartagena (05/09/2012)
    As new students in the past year may make entries via internet
  • From volunteers to weather the crisis (05/09/2012)
    Space Youth the Youth Council this year received over 200 applications from young graduates to participate in the European Voluntary Service
  • The mayor receives cartagenero sailor Diego Fructuoso (04/09/2012)
    The reception is Wednesday, day 5, at 12 pm
  • Begins pylon restoration Burros (04/09/2012)
    The area is covered with raffia so you can work safely on the curb of the pylon placement
  • 16 checkpoints on the beaches remain open cartageneras (04/09/2012)
    The balance of performances during the summer months yields a decrease in the number of saves and an increase in cures and first aid
  • More than two thousand young people having fun in summer with activities of T-LA (04/09/2012)
    So far, the workshops have had more acceptance have been to Mandarin, the water and the trip to Almuñecar
  • Sports, music and fun at parties Mills Marfagones (04/09/2012)
    The celebrations, which begin Friday, will continue until Sunday 16
  • Cartagena, an international table tennis (03/09/2012)
    The city will host tomorrow, September 4, the first match of the European Nations League to be played between the Spanish and Czech
  • The gateway Pink Rambla has already put half the railing (03/09/2012)
    The company Pavasal, project manager, installed last week railings walkway access
  • Divert fecal collector of works of parking Avenue of America (03/09/2012)
    Some of the work was carried out for two nights to avoid cutting the Paseo de Alfonso XIII
  • Guide neighbors prepare for a weekend of festivities (03/09/2012)
    The festivities, which begin on Friday and will have a procession and several performances, will run until September 9
  • The festivities begin on Friday Sorrows (03/09/2012)
    Councilman Francisco Espejo will be responsible for reading the inaugural proclamation

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